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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May Statement  CSPAN  July 9, 2018 7:49pm-9:02pm EDT

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announcer: after the resignation theresa maynson, gave a statement about the brexit deal and was asked about infighting and the current state of negotiations. this portion includes remarks from jeremy corbyn. statement of the prime minister -- [cheering, jeering] am sureinister may: i that the house will send condolences to the emily and the friends of don sturgis.
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the police in the security services are working to ts in the the fac murder investigation. i want to pay tribute to the staff at the hospital for the tireless work in responding to the crime and our thoughts are with the people of salsbury and amesbury and we will continue to provide support throughout the difficult time. i want to brexit, picture view to my honorable friend -- [laughter] for their work over the last couple of years. we do not agree on the best way of renewing the shared
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commitment and i want to recognize the work of the former secretary of state to establish a new department and steer through parliament some of the thertant legislation and passion the foreign secretary --onstrated in promoting unseemlyis an atmosphere. i want to hear about the important matters and the house should. : we arenister mayl promoting a -- --lso want to welcome the [jeering] there is ater may:
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comprehensive and ambitious proposal that provides a basis for the negotiations for the e.u. towards the new relationship after we leave next year and it is a proposal that will take back role of the our laws and allows us to protect jobs and allows an independent trade policy and keeps the people safe and the union together. before i set up the details, i want to explain why we're putting it forward. settled allion has of the withdrawal agreement and there is an implementation time that provides an opportunity to care for the future with the e. u. e.u. isrs from the not acceptable.
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this amounts to a standard free trade agreement for great britain. no prime minister of the united kingdom could ever have accpet epted this betrayal of the union. while i know that this is rough theree u.k. as a whole, should be no hard border between northern ireland and ireland. is the economice area and it goes further and rem ains in the customs union and it means continued free movement for market access and a continued obligation to follow
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e.u. law and no ability to around thee deals world and i do not believe that this would honor the referendum result. so, if we continue on this course, there would be no deal would have a forbearance on the future relationship. the range of potential outcomes possibility ofe no deal and, given the short time before the conclusion, the cabinet agreed that the preparations should get set up.
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there is a disorderly no deal u.k. deservesthe they need to present a new model. they can accelerate to the negotiations insecure the new andtionship in the autumn inve the european union 2019. avoidvement is the way to the border between northern ireland and great britain and the only way to protect the uniquely integrated supply chain were millions of jobs and livelihoods prepare. avoid the time to
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delivering this would have a sovereign choice to commit to the harmonization and necessaryr only those at the border. service ornot cover ensure the free flow at a border. would have that we leave. the regulations are stable and are a large share of the manufacturing business and we rolecontinue to play a in shaping the standards that shape them. leave, we will leave and
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all the laws will be passed in westminster and belfast and there will be a rejection of that includes market access and the second will ensure a fair trading environment. we will commit to the consumer protections and join the institutional framework with the agreements from both parties and this will get done by the courts areas where they
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apply the common yearbook -- rulebook and this would have an appropriate resolution of would respectt based on thend get fundamental principles that they cannot resolve the disputes there is am and facilitator customs arrangement becauseld move checks we would have customs territory policyre is the trade goodsthey would apply intended for the european union get noinesses would
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tariffs at the border and there burden and they would then if it. systemsion, it makes trade and those who can'tave suggested they do the trade deals. to do tradeability and we are able to pursue with seeking the transpacific partnership. our plans for britain respects what we heard from businesses about how they want to trade and make sure that we are best
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positioned to capitalize with the strategies and the proposal includes a far-reaching security partnership with allies and operating the policy that is not just good for british shows, but will at home and in europe. consistent and the won't be said that we members of the customs union, agreements have the with the proposal they are looking to achieve and what we are proposing is challenging.
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it is requiring them to think agreed and that is the only way to meet the commitments without damaging constitutional integrity and with some the results of the large economies and this is a bullpen proposal that we expect the european union to engage seriously so that we can interests.ngs in our we have had a spirited national debate and through a for random
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and there are robust views tables andcabin and there has been many versions of brexit. leavingthe right form, in 2019 with a complete ending of free movement and the end of the jurisdiction and the united kingdom to restore the supremacy of the british ports. no more sending money to the european union and spending on the national healthcare system. no borders between ireland or great britain. and thelatory rules common agricultural and fishery
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policies. policyependent defense partnership with shared commitments to high continued security cooperation's. this is something that will deliver and it is the right brexit. corbyn.y thank speaker, i want to the prime minister for the comments and share condolences. on from theears referendum with soundbites and
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infighting that coleman ate in a series of wasted opportunities with more people losing in the government. this is just within her own cabinet. two years on from the referendum and 16 months on from article 50 triggered and only this weekend they managed to agree on the negotiation position among themselves and the allusion lasted for 48 hours. , we have a crisis in government with a couple of secretaries of state resigning on what theot clear relationship will look like. the workers and the businesses
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deserve better. it is clear the government is not able to secure a deal for living standards and the government cannot secure a good deal for britain. friday, the prime minister was so proud of her deal and she wanted to declare responsibility was fully restored. the environment secretary added words and said that this unites the compromise
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took two years to reach and a couple of days to unravel. how can anybody have faith in the prime minister getting a good deal with european governments when she cannot broker a deal in her cabinet? fair to the i think theyt would have resigned on the spot and they were faced with a long walk and they had no phone or bus service. i inc. they were wise to get a lift home in a government car.
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want to congratulate the honorable member and he becomes the chief negotiator on an issue that couldn't be more important or urgent and this new secretary of state is on record of wanting and says thathts he does not support the human rights act. leaving the union would prevent an opportunity to ease the regulatory burden on employers. is the one who negotiates on behalf of the government. is of ther, this prime minister's making. she has spent more time
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negotiating the division's on her party instead of putting focus on the needs of the economy. redlinee minister has a after redline and reality is biting and she has been backsliding. we had commitments of the government would achieve the the red linesand are now failing. would secure the deal and jump they sinking ship. overboardministers and the ship is lifting at the worst possible time. if we look at the proposals for the paper, this isn't a isn't theive plan and
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economy the people deserve. these proposals stop short of the comprehensive customs union and it is something manufacturers have and demanding. been divided have by the cabinet members as bureaucratic and unwieldy. plangreement contains no to protect the industry or our border and puts forward the idea of regulatory flexibility that we all know and that regulatory flexibility is a cold for the deregulation of our economy. the government proposals with the two workplace rights, consumer rights, food safety standards, and environmental protections falling behind the
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hasdards and none of this negotiationsted in with the checkers agreement standing as a shattered truce of the government. the future of jobs is at stake and those jobs and that investment are not a subplot in the tory party civil war. at such a crucial time for the country in this vital negotiation, we need a government that is capable of governing and negotiating for britain for the good of the country and the people. the government needs to get the act together quickly. way forcannot, make those who can.
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>> i know the right honorable joe maddon has been here in the house for a long time in the normal response is to ask some questions. i don't know that there were any questions in that. nevertheless. >> order. members of both sides need to calm down. go ands a long way to people don't need to jump up from there seats when they can speak on their feet. >> thank you. to address some of these points they, you talked about removing that wes and i said will commit to maintaining the
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regulatory standards and the consumer protections and he said that there was no plan to ensure there is an importer between northern ireland. at the very beginning of the response, he thanked me for the statement and he didn't bother to read it. that this is two years on and this is the right honorable gentleman who said trigger this and wetalks about this and deliver the implementation plan
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ready to deliver. him that therend and ien 103 resignations will take nothing from the honorable edelman. delivering onto the strong economy and the jobs for the teacher, the party that wouldn't is the labour party focuses onmic policy the loss of jobs of people. >> en duncan smith. >> whatever the view is of this plan that my friend was talking
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about, i urge not accepting any of this and nobody else in the party does. answerust urge you to this particular question? can you tell me if she believes if there will be any concessions offered? >> this is something we believe would deliver for the british people and would give us an to address the commitments around the world. when they went paper is published, my friend will see that there are a number of areas, including participation in agencies, where we are proposing a way forward and this
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is a plan that i believe focuses on brexit in a way that protects the jobs and make sure that we have protections. can i asked for the advance ?opy of the statement there is the commitment we have on the side of the chamber to work with her and i should start by congratulating the department and the cabinet secretary. i wish all look the world to his replacement. he will need it. not haveer, he should been allowed to resign. the proposals are a
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the .here are two years a majority to stay in the single market and they customs union. will the prime minister work with us to make sure we can stay to deliveroms union and is in the best interest those were prepared for the loss of jobs? will she recognize that she has worked in this and the national interest of all the proposal hasrk b one official as
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the fudge of the century. i would not hold my breath. they prepared to prepare for the no deal and it is outrageous. overput economy and jobs leadership. mr. speaker, the absolute crisis that has engulfed the party is the national embarrassment and see the government and chaos there are seven resignations since the year ago. they raise the opposition party
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and will she work with the rest of us to stay in the custom gene to protect the jobs and ensure prosperity? >> the right honorable gentleman commented on the preparations is important to make preparations for every eventuality because we are in a negotiation and we are stepping up preparations for no deal to ensure we can deal with whatever comes out. the questions the gentleman asked twice is if i would work to stay in the single market and the absolute answer is no. we are leaving the single market and the customs union. how does my friend reconcile
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repeal ofent with the the 1972 act and the european court of justice and the government in this country? we ensure that we are taken to the u.k. law and the european union law such that we see the orderly brexit. the european court of justice will not have jurisdiction over the 90 kingdom and this parliament will make sovereign decisions. theill make decisions with withdrawal and implementation bills as to whether they accept and itl being negotiated
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is up to the parliament to decide if there is any changes. back control of the laws and that is what people want and what we will do. >> the prime minister effectively killed off the trade retain regulatory convergence. this to say that she has lost the support of the fundamentalists and now is the time for a national consensus because a majority in the house support retention of a single market and the original common market or whatever name she wants to attach to it. referred toeman
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staying in the single market and the customs union and we will not stay in the single market or the customs union and doing that would involve free movement. there is free movement as a result of leaving the european union. >> jeni congratulate her on the leadership. -- leadership? she said she would listen to business and she clearly did. there are concerns that there are no details about the government plan for services. what details can we expect to hear in the forthcoming white paper?
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>> there will be details in that paper and the point about services is that, for a variety we believe it is important to maintain and theity in services businesses are clear that they would meet, regardless of the positions they took because of the exports into the union and we want to be free on services to ensure that we are able to put in place what we think is necessary for key positions here with the global financial center that needs to be maintained. the prime minister welcomed the
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new minister to the post. the government has indicated that the facilitated customs abridgment assumed and it would be fully operational by the time of the next general election. househey confirmed to the this? no. the prime minister is right to and i fully support
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that. will she clear away the ambiguity of the contradiction? migration policies. >> we will be leaving free group ofwith any countries around the world. to set our own immigration laws for the people who are coming here in the european union and we will be here in the future. with regards to the court of justice, it isn't the case this will have jurisdiction in the united kingdom.
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they will not able to take cases to the court of justice and matters here will be determined by the u.k. court. fudge plan is still a with the customs-facilitated partnership that nobody understands. shown that it isn't she put a planl forward to the house of commons for approval? , she cannot a mess be here in saying that nothing has changed. it has. not say thati did nothing has changed. and i that it has evolved believe that this is a position
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that is right for the united kingdom. delivery ande ensures that we maintain commitment to northern ireland. an orderly plus the prime minister isn't dealing with the theory of leaving the european union and is dealing with the practice. can she say this allows the over the to continue last 30 years? that is good news for the future of engineering and all the other jobs. we have seen good foreign
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investment and supporting of jobs in the united kingdom that will continue in the future and i believe the plan i set out is a clear momentum for friction-less trade and it will be welcomed by businesses and investors. >> among those who agreed in the waskers communiqué, there the obligation to the backstop and kidney minister make it clear? i have heard about this. as far as this is concerned, she stands by this and there would be no constitution between northern ireland or the rest of the united kingdom in the backstop.
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i am he invited me to do, happy to reject the proposal of the backstop that was put forward by the union or the commission earlier this year and the fact that that would have carved northern ireland away from the united kingdom and caught them in the -- kept them in the kingdom -- the united kingdom would have been unacceptable. >> the compromise and trade-offs. what is the compromised position and the business and jobs of the heart of any brexit? that is in the heart of the the primenterest and minister has the ability to deliver in the national
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interest. >> can i say that i have had a number of conversations and the implication is that i feel there with theations at pace balkan summit and there is the nato summit. i believe there is a plan that is good for the united kingdom and it is a plan that the union will see is in both of our interest. the prime minister .o have rational and human fear why doesn't she save us in the country the misery and grief by -plus optione e.u.
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? >> i don't think that option is right for the united kingdom given the infractions in which the eu has welcomed a very generous offer so far, what is the date that is a dropdead talks aresay that the not progressive and we will definitely be going towards world trade terms? friendsure my honorable has been in enough negotiations to know is not possible to put a
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date on this. we have received a positive reaction so far and we will go and busynse negotiations with the european union. when this house comes to look at the withdrawal agreements, it needs to have sufficient detail over the relationship to be able to make the proper judgment. the agreement fell apart and is now called a disagreement. house how onthis earth she is going to persuade the european union to agree to have disagreements with her own cabinet does not agree with it? we have forth the u.k. government that has received the european union is something that
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can be negotiated in the future. what matters even more than is theeement reached eventual agreement this country will reach with the european union. it promotes jobs and prosperity for helping british business. can the prime minister sure the house that in the details of a we will see they want to differ on thursday, will be a clear commitment to his free-trade as possible across the board with the european union to preserve jobs and prosperity for the future of this country? >> i can assure my right honorable friend that maintaining that free-trade across the border across the united kingdom and the european union is important. that is why we want a frictionless trade. forward that the government will set out later
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this week will show how we can do exactly what we agreed on. leadersany european agreed to let the u.k. collect tariffs on their behalf? forward we are putting the customary arrangement for the future. we're putting up forward for the future plans for the relationship. can i say how much we are looking forward to the publication of the whatever's on thursday. -- white papers on thursday. can she publish the white papers ?hat were set aside can i say to my honorable friend that the way paper that
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we publish on thursday will be based on words that will be done over recent weeks and will of course, but decisions taken by the government on friday. said undere minister her plans, we would not be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of justice. the statement says the records will have disregard for the papers and will meet for ruling funding. the big difference is that after the 29th of march, there will be no english judge on the court of justice. definition the bench ? >> can i say to the honorable lady, they actually commented on this in another meeting. not be under the jurisdiction of the european court of justice. there is one of the things that people voted for.
8:35 pm the prime minister said we would not be hindered for including trade deals. in another briefing given, it was explained that citing the transpacific ownership, it was our obligation to follow the common rulebook. blamey honorable friend them in the trade and how will this work? >> there are issues in any circumstance is a united kingdom in relation to standards and the would wish to operate which convey to us being able to undertake all of the commitments that somebody made want in a free trade deal. be butt think that would we want to do and i do not think that is what the public wants us to do. as we go forward, we will be making the straight deals and specifically, the plan we put
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forward will enable us to exceed. i think the prime minister for her statement. friend inmy honorable welcoming the secretary to his place. might i ask that they find time to find elected political leaders of europe and seek support for this plan rather than just depend on the bureaucrats and muscles. -- in brussels. >> i myself are speaking to elected leaders across europe. my honorable friend, the willing brexit secretary also be out and around europe talking not just to leaders but also to politicians across europe in the parliament of a plan with. . -- about the plan the proposed. >> they will not tolerate cherry picking but what i fear is a
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plea to the wrong cherry for this reason, we fight expecting a commonwealth of goods, are into a ourselves structure in which, the eu has an overwhelming training surplus? constraint of her ability to make it more competitive and to undertake free-trade deals so that brexit will no longer being brexit, it will mean the commission what we have no vote regulating our business for over? position that he soto is not the position of the future. i will be very clear that the parliament will be able to take these decisions in the future. the reality is, to muddy said early that i am dealing not with the theory that the practicality of brexit. the practicality of exit is it our businesses that want to export the european union will continue to operate in the european union will book.
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whenas, what we thought -- we signed trade deals with other parts of the world, we ensure that both parts are able to operate under the rules there. businesses will continue to fight these rules regardless by operating in this way. ensuring a frictionless border between the u.k. in the eu, the order that is important to maintain. important in ensuring that we maintain the job and rely on the integrated supply chains. mr. speaker, the prime minister has proposed a free trade area of goods but the fact is our services sectors have been let down and let behind by the government. representsich 700,000 workers in the technology sector has said that a deal that she has proposed
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will reduce access to eu markets and add to complexity for business. why is she ignoring these businesses that make up most of the british parliament? >> this is not about ignoring services businesses it is about same services as one of the areas that we have great opportunity entry does around world.t of the it is also about recognizing the importance of financial services in the city of london and the importance of entrants that we are able to have regulating operations and the freedom to be possible in these areas. morning, we have will we talkg about local politics and the we go out and campaign for a couple of hours. this week, the activists were sorely disappointed about what had happened in czechoslovakia. they said that they were dorayed and they asked why
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we go about each and every saturday to support the conservative party/ time in overfirst 10 years, that group refused to go out and campaign. what would the prime minister say to that? can i say to my honorable friend, first of all, i am very is beenat the campaign discontinued. this is not a the trial. the jurisdiction of the european court of justice, we will stop sending best sense of the money to the european union every year. common come out with an of a cultural policy.
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that is what people voted for when they voted for me and we will deliver for the british people. mr. speaker, my constituency and many other parts of our manufacturing supply chain have had their voice heard but they need to be heard more. it is not just what was in the statement that they need, they need the prime minister to say when she will go further and accept that we need more in the steel and we need to be part of the internal market? >> can i say to the honorable lady, we are very clear that we will not be members of the single market. it is because of the aforesaid requirements and it brings including, the free market. it will invest in a new manufacturing plant that will but the otherjobs
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positive announcement from the automotive sector is recognized the integrated supply chain and we recognize the need. that is what this plan delivers. >> me of the prime minister a message from sussex? to this end, in spite of the slings to our end, will she stick to our guns to deliver a brexit that is in line with the interests of our people, our prosperity, and our security? there is is aptly the aim of myself and his government to deliver a present that is for the an orderly to maintain the prospers nature of the country but also to maintain the importance of security operations for the safety and security of our nation. the prime minister said she
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wanted to bring the country but together and i believe that she has the will of us people in this house. 69% of british people now think brexit is going badly. her cabinet is horribly split. the government is split. our people will be poorer as a consequence of this. will she know commit to give the on thea second vote steel? >> know i will not commit to do that. the reason i will not commit to do that is because the british people voted appeared. and they their choice want the government to deliver on that choice. 80% of people the at the last election, the
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parties ever committed to delivering brexit were ruled out of the second referendum. my constituency voted 60% leave the eu. i received over 300 emails disheartened, dismayed, completing that democracy is dead. can the prime minister told the house how she plans to restore good faith in my constituents? >> can i say to my honorable friend, i think people across the country from wherever they voted, i understand that she received comments from people across the country, and they wanted to see the entry movement. sendingted us to stop best amounts of money to the eu and we will deliver that.
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they want to state and the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the u.k. and we will deliver on that. they want us to come out of the common policy and we will deliver that. we will do so in a way that ensures we protect jobs, maintain our commitment to the andious united kingdom, ensure we can go out and do trade deals with the world. good evening from washington, may live look at the united states supreme court in our nations capital with the vacancy coming at the end of this month following the retirement of anthony kennedy. already, the battle lines are being drawn. the president is making the announcement in about 15 minutes. we look at what is outside of the supreme court as the demonstrators continue to line up.
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>> her choice. her choice. her choice. her choice.
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>> what do we want?? >> equality. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> what do we want? >> equality. it?hen do we want >> now. what do we want? equality. roe.otect >> protect roe. >> protect roe.
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>> protect roe. [indiscernible] to seeing outside of the united states supreme court and what it looks like the beginning of demonstration for the president's nominee. based on a number of reports,
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two finalists. live outside of the supreme court 16 blocks away from the white house. 9:00 eastern time. a half into his presidency, this will be donald trump's second chance to place in individual on the high court. getting underway in about 10 minutes. you can see the room gathering with officials from the white house stuff. family members of the nominee, yet to be announced. live coverage here on c-span and to our listeners on c-span radio. following the speech, your calls and reactions. here are the numbers. 202-748-8922. this is also being streamed on our website at place,eprompter is in the president is expected to halfout in a minute and a
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after 9:00 eastern time. judge brent kavanaugh is a member of the bush administration and the circuit court of appeals. he is a graduate of yale university law school. life here on c-span. -- live here on c-span.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause]


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