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tv   Supreme Court Nominee Rally  CSPAN  July 10, 2018 1:52am-3:27am EDT

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progress held a rally outside this in court following president trump's announcement that he is nominating judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. several senators spoke including bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and cory booker. >> thank you so much for being here. justiceere to fight for , for equality, for health care, for choice. i want to turn it over to the president and ceo of the center for american progress. what have we learned tonight? trump has nominated an extremist who would damage
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our country for decades. his nominee will undermine marriage equality, voting and give many benefits to wealthy and big corporations. we know that the supreme court of the united states is not a game. tonight, trump and his allies will try to eliminate the last checks on the president by ramming through a judge who will strike down roe versus raid -- roe versus wade and cater to corruption. we cannot let this stand. brett kavanaugh will bring -- will destroy all this country's
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work in the supreme court. brett kavanaugh has a terrible record that should disqualify him. he will be a rubber stamp for donald trump. he will detain immigrants and force women to carry children against their own well. underminingctive in the ada and he has shown a shocking indifference to presidential immunity and basically will give donald trump a free pass with the mother investigation. -- is at is a risk risk with the kavanaugh nominee. it's an outrageous patterson power grab against women and all americans by historically
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unpopular president and we cannot let it happen. they must fall the mcconnell rule and we must ensure that we kavanaugh.t all our rights are at stake. roe v. wade, health care, democracy itself. it is now my great honor to introduce a champion for all our rights, kiersten gillibrand. >> everyone here knows what is at stake. woman here knows what is at stake. what is at stake is women's freedom.
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our freedom to make our own decisions, our freedom to decide when and how many children we are going to have. what is at stake is freedom for lgbtq americans, equal rights, civil rights, voting rights. all the values. president trump did exactly what he said he would do. he has avoided some -- he has nominated someone who will not protect a woman's right to make decisions about her life, health care, and reproductive freedom. neil gorsuch should not become the next justice of the supreme court. what will take as all of us fighting as hard and long as we can. our voices, our stories will make the difference in this nomination. we should do everything we can to fight back.
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never give up, never given. it's about our values, it's about our country, it's about the history of this nation and we will fight. we will not give up, we were not grow weary, we were not given tell your story -- give in. tell your story. tell everyone you know. fight against this president's coercive and oracle agenda. agenda.ive and horrible tell your story, be heard, do not give up. we must convince the senate to do the right thing and stand against kavanaugh.
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stand against kavanaugh. standouts instead of and all. -- stand against kavanaugh. our next speaker. >> everybody, let's talk about the issue of justice. let's talk about the future of the united states. tonight, it's all about power over the people. how about instead we have people over the power. i can tell you this is the most
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political appointment. this is a nominee that wants to pave the path to tyranny. he says the president can do anything, basically. that sitting presidents should not be investigated. that we should not have the power to appoint a special prosecutor. everything is at risk. the worker is at risk. roe versus wade is at risk. we have to stand together. this is the moment that we have to protect our country. thank you very much.
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>> thank you all for being here. i'm the president of pro-choice america. allies forll of our being here to protect our most andamental right to freedom keep judge kavanaugh from gutting roe versus wade and criminalizing abortion. there could not be more at stake in this fight. to onlyrump promised nominate justices to the court who would criminalize abortion and punish women. he campaigned on that promise. he won political support from radical anti-choicers with that promise and we know for sure he will deliver on that promise. kavanaugh is a surefire vote to kerry that promise out.
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well on theugh circuit court allowed the young undocumented woman to be kept in jail rather than big -- rather than be allowed the right to terminate her pregnancy. he is a dangerous man who is dangerous to freedom. we are in for this fight. we need to control our lives and make our own decisions. keep in our hearts, deep in the fabric of america. we know all of our rights are linked. together we will prevail. we know that people are behind us. americans support abortion remaining illegal. the majority of americans support our senators voting against brett kavanaugh, who
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will got our rights. we will announce a day of action against kavanaugh. i have one message for every senator. future and our freedom are in your hands. freedomand give us our and our future. thank you so much. together we will prevail. >> thank you so much to all of you out here tonight. my name is pat griffin and i'm the president of the human rights campaign. say,here this evening to we won't stand for donald trump's attempt to use the supreme court as a weapon
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against all of our progress. judge kavanaugh be a threat to women's reproductive rights, affordable lgbth care, workers, and fuel quality. how do we know that? this nominee was pretty clear and he was sent forward and extreme anti-lgbtq and anti-choice group who want to see a supreme court that will undermine our nation's civil rights laws. prohibit to transgender troops from bravely serving this nation and want to issue a license to discriminate in virtually every aspect of american life. will not submit to this president's reckless attack on all of our communities. hrc calls of the united states senate to fulfill their constitutional duty and reject
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this extreme nominee. our fight cannot stop here. this may not be donald trump's last nomination to the supreme court and that's why we need to vote this november like our rights depend on it because they do. we need every single person who cares about fairness and cares about equality to organize, register your friends to vote, and turnout at the polls area -- polls. it, themistake about midterm elections just became the most important elections of our lifetime and together we can pull the emergency brake on the trump prints administration in november and we can ensure that the words behind me on the top of this grand building, equal
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justice under law, remain true for every single person -- in every single corner of this country. thank you very much. now we are joined by somebody who hasn't been in washington that long but an amazing champion for quality for everyone. the senator from the great state of minnesota. thank you all for being here tonight. this is a pivotal moment in our country. the person who feels this seat long held by justice kennedy will shape the course of american democracy for decades. i hope that the president would appoint a consensus choice but clearly that did not happen today. kavanaughstake, judge will not make that kind of decision. how do we know this? because president trump has been
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clear about his has for judicial nominations from the beginning. he has promised to nominate judges who would, as he said, and i quote, automatically overturn roe versus wade. and the second reason we know is the case, is that just as kavanaugh was picked from a list brought up by two far right wing special interest groups, the federalist society and the heritage foundation. these groups are dedicated to overturning women's reproductive rights. i am here tonight because i am unites a senator. but i stand before you as the only senator who is ever worked at planned parenthood. and i know that when women have the freedom to make their own choices, we are all better.
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the freedom to direct their own lies and those of their families. i trust women to make those decisions. this is such an important moment. supreme court makes decisions and saves the lives of every american -- that shape the lives of every american. remember, you have a strong voice. all of you have a strong voice. it. if you use these strong. >> hello. i am the president of the alliance for justice.
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here, we are truly united. voice abouth one the critical importance of our rights and freedoms. tonight, we heard president trump nominate brett kavanaugh. we oppose bread kavanaugh on the d.c. circuit and now 286 opinions later, we are opposing his nomination to the supreme court. tonight can be one of two things. it can be the night that sets in motion a hard right turn for our country that may be irreversible.
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night of be the first a successful movement to push back against the forces that want to strip away health care, women's reproductive rights, and so many other hard-fought wins. i believe tonight this is the first night of a successful campaign. it's the first night of the successful effort to stop this nominee from joining the supreme court. knowany people in america how high the stakes are for the country. -- i thinkryone here everyone here. thank you for coming. we stand united. >> hello. how are you.
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hell no to kavanaugh. thank you. hell no on kavanaugh. thank you very much. my name is brad woodhouse. say, we are going to oppose this nominee. president trump had two litmus test on this nominee. to overturn roe and got american health care. and to eliminate protections for 130 million americans with pre-existing conditions. we are not going to let him do it. , people said that
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the aca was going to go and we could win that fight but we defied the odds. the one that fight and we will win this fight. it's a fight we must fight. it's a fight we must win. we are going to do this work. senators, every single is going to hear about what's at stake in health care. pre-existing conditions, medicaid, reproductive rights, a woman's right to choose, and this is our message to every single united dates that are. hell no on kavanaugh. thank you. >> one more time, hell no on
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kavanaugh. thank you. loan.e is valerie -- this judge weaponize the supreme court against working people and for the wealthy and powerful. the court is mostly divided in it is narrowminded extremist confirmed, will chip away at our thets in the work lace, doctors's office, and the ballot box. working people know all too well the importance of the supreme court in upholding key american values. bad decisions on working people, bad decisions on working rights.
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we will resist. anybody ready to fight? anybody ready to fight? >> we aren't going to stand for brett kavanaugh. this is the people's supreme court. are you with me? we won't stand for any nominee. no brent cobb and all that wants to take away our constitutional rights and decide what we want to do with our own bodies. attack,ple are under what do we do? we fight back. when women's rights are under attack? what do we do? we are going to let him know. we are going to fight tonight, come back tomorrow and were
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going to be out here in november. are you with me? sure thatng to make the senate blocks this nomination and stands with the women across this country. 2 million people we serve every year and planned parenthood and were not going back now. let's fight back. let's fight back. stand up, fight back. i want to talk to you tonight about what we know about brett kavanaugh. and what donald trump knows about brett kavanaugh. we, the american people, have seen his record. decision, wehis have seen his writings, we have seen his speeches. that gives us plenty of evidence
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that he is going to be another justice in the mold of gorsuch. women, who will attack over turned health care, undermine unions, and chip away at a relative. -- chip away at the quality. donald trump knows much more. that's because he asked for his selection products as to the federalist society and the heritage foundation. two right-wing organizations pushing an enormously huge ultraconservative agenda. let me be clear. they know things we don't. has atow what kavanaugh cocktail parties and over dinner. their effortnt of was an ironclad haven't -- guarantee that kavanaugh would
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deliver for the far right. if anyone says, we don't know where brett kavanaugh stands on this issue, remind them that donald trump knows, mike pence kavanaugh tohose overturn roe. take away our health care. undermine your unions. bet your bottom dollar that's why they're going to use every trick in the book to get kavanaugh confirmed. but you know what? we won't let them. we won't let them. words, you're going to win. we are going to win. we are going to win. this is our court. we are going to win.
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>> i am president of the national women's center in miami. we will win this fight. we will win this fight. kavanaughat judge could shape the balance of this court. we know what is at stake. it's our reproductive freedom that is at take. it is our rights that are at stake. it is our health care access that is at date. we are not going back to the days where women were considered a pre-existing condition. we know judge kavanaugh's record.
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we know from stratus it -- trump's promises. list that he picked on which was painted from the beginning. if we all joined together, we will win this fight. >> bernie. bernie. "bernie"] >> thank you. are you ready for a fight? are you ready to defend roe versus wade? are you ready to tell the supreme court that we think it's absurd that they give
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constitutional rights to billionaires to buy elections? and then tell women they don't have the constitutional right to control their own bodies? ready to tell the supreme court that we are not going to eliminate pre-existing conditions protections? look, i am not going to kid anybody. this is a tough fight but it is a fight that we can win. 70% of the american people support roe versus wade. support protection
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for pre-existing conditions and people support environmental protection and workers rights. people one american our side. state-by-statego by state to make sure senators do with their ditch once want. -- do what their constituents want. this is a tough fight but if we stand together, we can win. thank you. >> good evening, every body area i am more a kiesling and i am the director -- good evening,
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everybody. i am the director of the center for gender he policy. people thought we couldn't save the aca and we a bit over and over and over again. our we ready to save it again? not a fight about senators, it's about the aca, it's about roe v. wade, it's about protecting people's health and their lives. transgender people will not go to living with uninsurable pre-existing conditions. brett kavanaugh has promised to defend trump's wrongdoing and his wrongheaded policies and we will fight him every step of the way.
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all of us here will stand together, we will fight together, we will vote together, and we will win together. thank you all very much. [cheers] "vote"]g >> thank you so much to all of you for joining us. i'm so glad to see so many out here speaking out and speaking against trump's extremist nominee for the supreme court. simply unfitgh is to serve as supreme court justice. he will shift the balance of the court towards trump's
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ultraconservative anti-choice political agenda. policies thatorts go against our core values. his hostility towards human rights undermining women's reproductive rights, gutting our health care system, and attacks on our civil liberties make them dangerous and simply unfit. this nomination puts all of our rights at risk. tomust do everything we can block it. putting kavanaugh on our nation's highest court would threaten women's rights, environmental protection, the rights of consumers, workers, and immigrants.
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is the lastcourt line of defense for our civil and human rights and it serves as a crucial check on the other two branches of government. court, theeme american people need and deserve a fair-minded constitutionalist who values equality and justice for all. for me, this means having some of the supreme court who opposes trump's unconscionable thatiminatory policies keep my family in iran from visiting me. by appointing more extremist to the supreme court, we could create further restrictions that affect the rights and liberties of our innocent brothers and sisters and it would cut our silent system and criminalize the silence acres. the american people deserve to
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have a voice in this process and it's shameful that republican leadership are ramming this nomination through when one third of the senate is up for election this november. we need all of you to contact your senator centers them to vote no. call the capitol switchboard every day. let them know that you are holding your senators and animal and you need them to reject kavanaugh because of his inability to defend our rights and uphold american values. thank you so much. [cheers] are you fired up? are you fired up? i am here with the national lgbtq task force. representing lesbian, gay,
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bisexual, and transgender people across the country and we recognize this is a pivotal moment in our nation's history and that the future for all of us is at stake. lgbtq individuals in need of abortion, contraception, and nonwhite students who need a college education. tonight, trump had the opportunity to protect the rights of all of us by pushing forward a nominee that would interpret the constitution in a way that would interpret the rights for all of us but instead he put forward a nominee that puts forth a nominee that would legislation over the past half-century. liberty and justice for all. including my daughter.
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the importance of this election cannot be minimized. this person will have an impact on my little girl, my nine month old daughter and her children. as a black, lesbian mother, my right -- myat's rights have often been decided by the united states supreme court. the legislative and executive branches have not had the courage to this right thing. it was the same court would diminish the rights of my ancestors. it was in 1896 in this court ruled that the separation of blacks and whites was legal and constitutional. they found that the internment of japanese people was legal and constitutional. when i say that my daughter and her children will be impact it
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by this person, is not hyperbole. her ability to attend good schools, her ability to marry the person she loves. these are at stake. my daughter's ability to choose when and how she wants become a modern -- a mother is at stake. and saysf she grows up to me that her body doesn't match or she is, this court will have the opportunity even perhaps next term to determine whether that reality will make it legal and constitutional for her and others across the country to be discriminated against in public races. -- public spaces. his court must choose to stand beside of love. this court must choose to love all of our neighbors. tonight is the first step in the right direction of standing firm
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that no, kavanaugh has got to go. he's got to go. kavanaugh has got to go. [chanting "kavanaugh has got tog go"] >> >> i'm president of the national partnership for women and families.
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convincedtrump is that judge kavanaugh will move wade.rturn roe v. judge kavanaugh will take away women's rights, civil rights, lgbtq writes, emigrant and worker rights that we want to protect. he expects judge kavanaugh will and healthedicaid care, make it an affordable for people with pre-existing conditions to get affordable care for themselves and their families. i have some news for you, mr. president! we are every bit as determined to block judge kavanaugh's nomination as you are to realize your anti-woman, anti-civil rights, homophobic agenda.
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we want not let you shift the balance on the court. we are fighting. ourting for our lives, for future, for our children. this will be the fight of our lives and we will win! [applause] and cheers win"]ing "we will crowd: we will witness x come -- we will win! >> good evening. i want to start by thanking the gentleman on the other side because republicans are saying
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that kavanaugh would not overturn roe v. wade, but he knows the truth. kavanaugh is a vote to end of abortion and anyone who votes for brett kavanaugh is voting to punish women. susan collins and lisa murkowski want to stand for the principles that they stand for? they know they cannot vote for brett kavanaugh! try to blur the stakes. they will try to make you think this is not a life or death fight. they will try to make it sound like roe v. wade is not on the lined, the ac is not on the line, trans rights are not on the line, rights of muslims are not on the line.
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that he is proof that all of these rights are on the line. wisdom in washington, d.c., is that this fight is not winnable. they said the same thing about the affordable care act repeal and medicare repeal. they said there was a 100% chance the republicans would win. but we did not let them stop us. we did not let them stop us! every step of the way when they came for our health care we stood and we fought. we marched on january 21, 2017. went to their town halls. we greeted them at their airports. we sat in their congressional offices. we demonstrated in writing and snow and heat.
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we protested outside the capital. although they thought they had the vote, in the final analysis, it came time to vote and lisa murkowski voted no. susan collins voted no. this time, lisa murkowski has to vote no. susan: tested vote no. chanting: kava - no! kava - no! kava - no! >> it over to state senator cory booker.
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cory: good evening everybody. saying, there is people areat some trying to put out there that we should be discouraged. but i am not discouraged. there are people trying to shut us down. i will not be silenced. there are people that want to give up. to my rights.ote we have amounted to climb. challenges ahead. but we cannot tire out. president trump has told us what he wants to do. he wants to roll back individual rights. he wants to roll back women's rights. he wants to roll back civil
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rights. i want to tell you right now, we will not go backwards. we will not surrender. we will not move. we will go forward. tonight, i want to join with everybody now. the date is not over. the date is not done. we stand convicted. let us go forward. i call upon everybody now. this will not just be decided united states senate. everybody in america must decide now. 10,e want to go backwards 20, 30, 40, 50 years? do we want to allow corporations to drown out individual voices? do we want to undermine worker rights to organize?
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if your answer is no, then let us make sure we continue to fight to say no to injustice. to say no to unbalancing the supreme court. to say yes to liberty and justice. thank you everybody. thank you. >> we love you senator! >> thank you senator booker! of -- andgal director i say -- we are here standing arm in arm with all of our brothers and sisters because we deserve better. we demand better. we object on the behalf of our children, parents, trans service members, students. we object on behalf of the constitution. every senator will hear our voice from the tip of alaska to the tip of the florida keys.
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this is an hour hands. they have overplayed their hands and they have woken up the dragon! they will hear us roar in the get youron the phones, grandma on the phone, do whatever it takes! have 40 more years of trump values on this court. this is a fight of our lives for our lives. kavanaugh, yout say we object. brett kavanaugh. we object. mitch mcconnell. we object. all of us, we stand together for liberty and justice for all. i will not stop fighting until the day is done. woooooo!
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wooo! wooo! we object! we object! we object! we object! chanting] >> good evening. i'm director of washington operations for the national council of jewish women. if mr. o'connell at mr. grassley think the 90,000 supporters of the national council of jewish women are not going to write like hell to defeat this nominee, then they are sadly mistaken. we have been here before. and we have been successful. will we do it again?
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will we defeat this nominee? yes! what we defeat this nominee? yes! we have been here before. we will do it again. we cannot allow politics to masquerade as constitutional law. we say hell no. we will work to defeat this nominee across the country in every state. we will work with all of you. we look forward. team!ght, win >> good evening. elizabeth. i am president of the constitutional accountability center. we are here to say we are reclaiming the constitution for the american people, for all people who come to this country looking for that american dream that we all used to have.
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the supreme court behind us is crucial to the protection and liberty and equality that are part of that american dream. trump has told us what he is giving us with his nominee. do we want a nominee who will overturn roe v. wade? no. no, we do not. who despite nominee the tragedy of gun shooting will expand the second amendment? no, we don't. but we do want a nominee who will focus on equality and justice for all and we will not have up the fight until we get that nominee. with the constitutional accountability center are fighting with you every day to make sure we get justices on the or two will raise act the whole constitution. who will respect that the right for all of us cannot be trumped by those big business interests the richrt that favors
2:42 am
and powerful. we are here to say we will not accept that. we are reclaiming the constitution for we the people. we will win this fight. thank you. [cheering] >> my name is hillary sheldon. i'm director of the naacp washington bureau. i'm fired up. and ready to go. fired up! crowd: ready to go! crowd: ready to go! >> i'm here to celebrate the constitution for it will protection for all under
2:43 am
lawful stop our nation still struggles to realize the promise regardlessportunity of race, gender, ethnicity, port of national origin, sexual orientation, sexual climate, and other conditions. all americans are to be treated fairly and equally under law. the next appointment to the supreme court is central and crucial. to rights of americans participate in our democracy and every facet of society. [indiscernible]
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>> that investigation must be completed before the senate even thinks about evaluating a lifetime appointment [indiscernible] -- brett kavanaugh is a dangerous ideologue whose views on civil rights will launch the supreme court to the extreme right. the gorsuch appointment, i cannot confirm nation would allow time to remake the supreme court in as
2:45 am
remake therump to supreme court in his own image. the naacp is ready to lead this fight for this generation. -- the -- the na doubles naacp knows judge kavanaugh only too well. sadly, after his 12 years on the bench he has proven we were we are correctd now. he is been a strong and consistent voice giving an unfair bias of protection and advantage to the privileged and the powerful. 80 and over again, he has ruled against civil rights protections, workers rights are texans, consumer rights protections, and the rights and protections of women throughout our country. he must not be allowed to be
2:46 am
confirmed. with justice kavanaugh on the supreme court, we could see the reverse of so many important decisions. see further events ration and exclusion of communities of color from full participation in our community. we could see racism continue to flourish. we could see the elimination of effective tools for proving discrimination and ending at altogether. womenld see the return of having no rights over her body. that cannot happen. brett kavanaugh does not deserve a promotion to the highest court in the land. understands the
2:47 am
importance of fair-minded justices. we helped successfully defeat herbert hoover's extremist nominee to the supreme court, a guy by the name of john parker. we will not allow this to happen either. we will define this nominee with everything we have got from our state conferences to community branches. are fully engaged to tell our senators that our civil rights and human rights hang in the balance. brett kavanaugh must be defeated. senator, weevery rightss is the civil vote of your career. watch it closely. make no mistake.
2:48 am
we're in the fight of our lives. we hope you are fired up and ready to go. fired up! crowd: ready to go! >> fired up! !rowd: ready to go >> good evening, i'm the executive vice president of the leadership conference on civil and human rights. guess what? it is my body and it is my choice. it is my body and it is my choice! it is my body and it is my choice! we are here to fight for the soul of our nation. during president's political campaign he bragged he would pick judges who would overturn roe versus wade and daca. tonight he made good on that promise. brett kavanaugh was ticked from
2:49 am
a list of nominees and we already know what kind of judge he will be. against the na aa cp. he is against the rights of workers and consumers and women. rightis too much at stake now. access to health care is at stake. axes to women's freedom is at stake. progress on criminal justice reform. immigrant justice. all of those things are at stake. let us be clear. , say no to kavanaugh. we say no. we say our bodies, our choice. thank you. cheers]e and >> my name is richard blumenthal. i am a united states senator
2:50 am
from connecticut. proud iant to say how am to stand with you tonight. to stand with you for our constitution. to stand with you for women's rights and gay rights and voted rights and civil rights. we are at a critical juncture for our nation. is, will we vote to preserve roe v. wade? and, i say no to this nominee his writing and in his record and in his passing the trump litmus test, he has shown he would overturn roe v.
2:51 am
wade, which is unacceptable to me. he would turn back the clock on health care so that millions of americans would be denied protections against pre-existing conditions. he would turn back the clock to a time when abortion was criminalized, women were prosecuted. women died. access to denied contraception and life-supporting after pills. fight to gather. rights are human rights! our rights are at stake in this fight.
2:52 am
save the supreme court and our democracy against a president who believes he is above the law. allthere is something we treasure. no one is above the law. no president is above the law. and, this president should not be appointing someone who will decide whether he has to supply -- comply with a subpoena or pardon himself or others or comply with the critical anticorruption statute in our constitution. so let's say we are going to stand together, fight together, and we're going to
2:53 am
make sure that women's rights and human rights and our constitution are preserved. thank you for being here. i am going to stand and fight with you. >> held no, kavanaugh. >> save our rights! save our rights! save our rights! . citizensdent of united. we are here to stand with you to kavanaugh! to hell no to kavanaugh! hell no to kavanaugh! our organization was created in direct response to the horrible
2:54 am
supreme court decision that merged to really terrible ideas. that money equals speech and that corporations are people. they used those ideas to put a for sale sign on our government. we are here to take it back! tonightwhat is at stake . our women's rights are at stake. gay rights are at stake. our democracy is at stake. they think they can outshot us. hell no! they think they can outspend us. but we know we are stronger than they are. we know that when we join together to tell all of the senators to vote no to kavanaugh
2:55 am
, hell no to kavanaugh! !ell no to kavanaugh hell no to kavanaugh! crowd: hell no to kavanaugh! >> we will not be drowned out. ]cheers and applause >> you will not drown us out. not tonight. you will not drown us out. my name is stacia. i'm with an organization to present gun violence. , 96 people in america
2:56 am
are killed with gun violence. every day. that is for people every hour. these are not just statistics. these are real people with moms, dads, dreams, aspirations. real people are taken away from us every day. gunfire has overtaken car accidents of the leading cause of deaths or young people. anyone who cares about protecting our communities from gun violence should be deeply concerned with the nomination of brett kavanaugh. senate conferences nomination, we have every reason to believe he will prioritize an agenda backed by the gun lobby, putting government interest before our safety.
2:57 am
mistake, with this pick, the progress we have achieved will be seriously in danger. america needs a supreme court the second respects amendment but also understands reasonable regulations to reduce gun violence do not infringe on anyone's constitutional rights. america needs a supreme court justice who also understands the protecting women's rights also -- does not shoot her. noty, president trump did nominate that justice. today he chose to ignore the same people he pretends to protect.
2:58 am
remember, we have four deaths each hour from gun violence. each hour we have been standing here eight people have died. call your senator tonight, tomorrow, next week, tell them to reject the gun lobby and protect american lives. let me hear you say our court, our lives. our court, our lives. all the young people, let me hear you make some noise right now. yes, yes, yes! >> my name is cc battle and i'm
2:59 am
--.director of young people let me tell you what is at stake and who it is that stake for. we know when his supreme court justices confront they don't serve for four or eight years, they serve for a lifetime. say lifetime. lifetime! that means if kavanaugh is confirmed he could serve for decades. yes, decades! i want you all to think about that. 40 years. 40 years of a justice boating to take away our right to vote. 40 years of a justice boating to take away our health care. four-day years of a justice voting to undermine our civil rights and right to vote.
3:00 am
40 years of a justice upholding institutional racism. 40 years of a justice making lives of immigrants more devout. 40 years of justice chipping away at the rights of lgbtq people. come on now! 40 years of selling democracy to the highest that bitter. and 40 years of pretending corporations are better than people. if kavanaugh confirms, he would -- y'all.decades he al decades. and it is young people -- you noise!eople make some it is young people who has the
3:01 am
most at stake in this fight. let me tell you something, young people we not going to have it. we not good have it! we're the largest voting block and we are not going to have it. we're not going to let anyone who says they care about civil rights vote to confirm this nominee. we're not going to let anyone who says they love our country vote to confirm this nominee. we're not going to let anyone who says they care about young people vote to confirm this nominee. saywe are not going to anyone who says they care about the future of this country wants to confirm this nominee. thisse of vote to confirm nominee has about two take away our rights. nomineeo confirm this is about to take away our health care.
3:02 am
a vote to confirm this nominee is about to turn back the process we have fought, that people have put their bodies on the line for. and let me be clear -- young people, we are not going to have it. younger people, we are not going to have it. court! our court! crowd: our lives! >> thank you. my name is rachel. on the president of americans united for separation of church and state. what is so you important about the separation of church and state. it protects religious freedom for all of us, not just for some of us. do you believe in the separation of church and state?
3:03 am
let me tell you what brett kavanaugh thinks of the separation of church and state. he says the wall of separation of church and state was the wrong metaphor with law and history. we say no. we say the separation of church and state is embedded in our first amendment, that america would not be america for were not for the separation of church and state. let me ask you a question. do you believe that the government should treat americans of all religions and nonreligious americans equally question mark do you believe public schools should not promote any religion to its students? do you believe that businesses should not use their personal religious views to deny services to lgbtq people? boss shouldve your
3:04 am
to birthyou access control due to their religious beliefs? do you believe in challenging anti-muslim bigotry? then you need to oppose brett kavanaugh with all you've got. kava - no! kava - no! kava - no! no!"ting "kava good evening. however wish i could feel that in my heart. today is not a good day. today president trump nominated judge kavanaugh to the supreme
3:05 am
court. so i say, it is not a good day. indeed, i feel sadness. sad for our democracy. i'm sad for this president who has made it clear that he prioritizes corporate profit over people. over consumer protection. safety.lic in, over the health and well-being of our children, families, and communities. sims and i amrice .ith earthjustice i'm sad this administration has sought to undo the very rights we have fought for for so long and so hard to win and protect. he has adopted' that is contrary to the very rule of law. rely on theust
3:06 am
courts to hold back an administration that is illegal ando be believe me, we have. in the last 18 months we filed over 100 cases against the trump administration. case,e one case after yes. will we keep winning? yes, we will. we are forcing agencies to take to stall.n they want we are keeping them from pulling back on the regulations and protections the clean our air and clean our water. the keeper communities safe. but i'm sad that our supreme tort needs to be committed upholding the law there is no
3:07 am
doubt it has to recognize it has to defend people's rights. constitution,his the constitutional role of the court has become a political bargaining chip. no it's not? but even that we need to ask that our nominee for this highest court is committed to defending the people of this land, committed to defending our -- theand well-being court is our court! and, this is our country. our country, our court. our country, our court. court!our country, our
3:08 am
>> judge kavanaugh has proven defend theilling to rights of the people to be in the courts of law fighting for their rights. it is willing to embrace a really restrictive rules whether people can get into courts and undermine the power of the federal agencies to protect us and fight climate change. this jeopardizes the federal agencies from doing what they need to do to protect us all and it is our country. they are our courts. our country, our court. courts!ur country, our
3:09 am
[chanting] ey hey ho ho got to go!as [crowd chanting] here on behalf of generations that are not even here to represent themselves. i'm here on behalf of generation
3:10 am
progress. goal, is to our make sure young people are taking care of. that their futures are secure. this administration has not been taking care of young people. women onheard about the border having miscarriages. shame, shame, shame! shame, shame, shame! >> the person donald trump wants to nominate is anti-health care, anti-young people, anti-everything that young people need in this country.
3:11 am
we have seen this before. we watched gorsuch be the leading vote that said they could not come her. that said that individuals -- shame! that young people graduating cannot have their family come see them graduate of their coming from a country that this president does not agree with. workers rights be dismantled because this president does not care about workers, he cares about corporations. we know what the litmus test was for this nominee. we know that kavanaugh had a sit down with this president to claim his loyalty and claim he would also overturn roe v. wade, that he would also forget this president, dismissed this president, make sure this president does document trouble if or when he is coming before the court himself.
3:12 am
up!ock him lock him up! "lock him up!"] >> we're here on behalf of young people everywhere because they did not create this month. it will be all of us who suffer from this decision. we tell senators today, you must vote no or we will come for you in november. >> no! >> vote them out! vote them out! vote them out! vote them out! >> so call your senators and
3:13 am
remind them this is going to last decades. this is for immigrants, this is for women, this is for choice, this is for health care this is for the dignity and soul of this country. this is a fight for our lives, right now! this is the most important fight we have. thank you! >> what an amazing crowd. i'm with the league of conservation voters. i'm here on behalf of our more than 200 million members. i'm here on behalf of all people in this country who want to breathe clean air. all people in this country who want to drink clean water. all people in this country who want to protect our public land! all people in this country who
3:14 am
want to fight the climate crisis. people in this country who want to participate equitably in our democracy. say hell nohere to kavanaugh! !ell no kavanaugh hell no kavanaugh! [chanting "hell no kavanaugh!" >> the right of all people to breathe clean air, drink clean water, live on a healthy planet, participate in democracy. all of that is on the line. tell the here to
3:15 am
--ate to vote no to justice judge kavanaugh. the league of conservation voters is all-and not on this fight. hell no kavanaugh! hell no kavanaugh! hell no kavanaugh! applause]d >> ok. so, president trump has announced his plan to nominate judge brett kavanaugh for a lifetime appointment to the united states supreme court. i'm not going to sugarcoat this. we are in the fight of our lives. the fight. we are in the fight of our lives. kavanaugh has been sitting on a preapproved list of right-wing nominees for eight
3:16 am
months now. i have reviewed his record, and let me tell you -- brett kavanaugh did not end up on this list because he is the consensus nominee. record as a judge and a lawyer is clear. he is hostile to health care for millions of americans. he is opposed to the consumer financial protection bureau and corporate accountability. he is opposed to the rights of women, workers, and consumers. he is hostile to just about andne who is not wealthy powerful. he thinks presidents like trump should be above the law. and, conservatives know he would overturn roe versus wade.
3:17 am
i will be voting no. applause]d >> president trump has made his pick but donald trump is not a king. no one makes it to the united states supreme court without getting a majority in the senate. and now the attention turns to the united states senate and the senate needs to hear from you. over the next few weeks and the next few months, it is clear. our job is to raise our voices. are you ready to be heard? people in the senate need to hear you loud and clear. are you ready? are you ready? are you ready?
3:18 am
crowd: yes! warren: a i know this will be hard, but we did not get into this fight because it is easy. we did not get into this fight because the odds would be stacked and our favor. we got into this fight to build a country that embodies the best in america. and building that country starts with raising our voices. voicesople raise their in a democracy it is amazing what can be done. you know, we did not have the votes to stop the repeal of obamacare. but we raised our voices together. you raised your voices.
3:19 am
you showed up at town halls. you showed up at rallies. you showed up in emails and tweets. you came to the united states congress to make your voice heard. and, in the end, because we raised our voices together we saved health care for tens of millions of americans. that is what it is going to take in this fight. the road ahead will not be easy but we will not back down. we will not give up. we will not go back. we will fight for the future of our kids. we will fight for the future of this democracy.
3:20 am
and, we will fight for the soul of this nation. yes, we are going to do this. all the way! all the way! yes! we are going to do it. we will do this. cheering] >> we will do this! all right! your constituent. [crowd cheering] >> all right! give it up for senator elizabeth warren! all right. my name is adam with the
3:21 am
progressive change campaign committee. is ready to get political for a second? to join me inou sending an important signal. would you join me in saying, susan collins? we are watching you. voters areski! watching you! senate republicans! voters are watching you! support choice! we support workers! we support health care! rights! we will fight and we will win!
3:22 am
cheering] >> we have a very important message to every single one of the 49 senate democrats. unify! to to we need you to stay together! stop kavanaugh! stop kavanaugh! >> together we have a message for every single senate democrat and every single advocate out there who is wondering if their voice can make a difference. it is very simple -- if we fight,we can win! if we we can win! ]crowd chanting >> we will fight!
3:23 am
we will win! >> thank you. >> what do we want? health care! what we want? choice! went we want it? now! when do we want equality? now! what do we want? equality! when do we want it? rights!kers what do we want? workers rights! went we want them? now! thank you everyone for being here. the fight goes on! them out!
3:24 am
vote them out! vote them out! chanting "put them out"] >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. morning former adviser ben rhodes discusses significant policy decisions of the obama administration. then, talking about president trump's supreme court nominee. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning.
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join the discussion. the c-spany on networks, members of congress return from their fourth of july recess at noon eastern. we begin work on a number of bills that 2:00 p.m.. continues debate on the nomination of mark bennett to be a u.s. circuit judge for the ninth circuit. on c-span3, the heritage foundation host a review of the supreme court decision from the 27-28 teen session live. 2017-28 teen session live. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c., and around
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the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> president trump nominated judge brett kavanaugh to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony hannity. the judge's wife, children, and parents join to matt the white house for the public announcement. [applause] him at the white house for the public announcement. [applause] pres. trump: my fellow americans, tonight i speak to you from the east room of the white house regarding one of the


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