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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Murphy on U.S.- Russia Summit  CSPAN  July 16, 2018 10:43pm-10:59pm EDT

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united states. the problem today is not the russian people. the problem that needed to be .amed today was vladimir putin instead, our president decided to advance a fake moral equivalency the place right into the hands of vladimir putin's bloody hands. everybody in this body should be disgusted by what happened in helsinki today. i yield the floor. announcer: democrat chris murphy also spoke out against the summit on the senate floor. murphy:: madam president, in my lifetime, no american president has ever had more disastrous overseas trip than the one that was just concluded by president trump. five days of disaster after disaster, insult after insult, capitulation after capitulation.
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today, donald has america weaker in the world the end at any time in recent memory. let's start with what happened today that has the whole world reeling. to the shock and horror of the american public, president trump stood on stage with vladimir putin and told the world that he believes putin when putin insists russia did not try to interfere in the american election and trump's favor in 2016. presidente fact that trump wants us to believe these things, there are still some truths left in the world. not everything is political spam. not everything in the world today is up for debate. russia did attack our elections in 2016. they plan on attacking our elections in 2018. in 2016, they did so with the explicit purpose of trying to elect donald trump.
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all 100 senators agree on this. every u.s. intelligence agency agrees on this. every law enforcement agency in the country agrees on this. everyone in donald trump's national security cabinet agrees on this. now, we actually have specific names of specific russian individuals who carried out these attacks. they've been indicted by donald trump's department of justice. there's simply no question, no debate over whether the russian government engaged in a massive, willful, illegal campaign to push the 2016 election to donald trump. it is a fact. likes thisp no doubt fact. there is an investigation handing over the question of whether he knew it was happening and whether his campaign was being coordinated with the russians to make that happen. there is increasing evidence this might be the case.
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we will have to wait for the mueller report to know. without theuse russian help it is possible donald trump might not be president. we do not know that. and the swing margins that prevailed in certain states, we surmise without russia's illegal help may be donald trump might not of been elected president. regardless of whether cap coordinated with russians, regardless of whether there is support tipping the balance. it does not explain what just happened in helsinki. when asked if trump agrees with the staff, every member of the senate, every member and intelligence agency in this government, or russia -- he chose russia. let me say that again. when asked whether the president of the united states believed his own government or russia, our president said he believed
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russia. he took sides against american national security interest, and whyre left with question of . we raise that question because frankly, the expectations for this summit, this meeting between the american president veryhe russian leader were low. all he had to do was offer some mild push back and acknowledgment of russia's interference in the election. and in mild terms offer america's support for the sovereignty of ukraine. he did not do any of that. we are left with question of why . i do not know what mueller knows. i do not know what vladimir putin knows. but americans should be freaked
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out today. that there is some explanation we do not know for why our president is so friendly to russia's national security to ourts and so hostile own. today was just the icing on the cake. don't forget what happened on the first four days of this trip. trump announced to the world that after several days of meetings and consultations with our european partners, he could definitively say that europe was an enemy of the united states. union ad the european "faux" and he announced his meeting would be a whole lot easier with president putin then they were what europe. first, europe is our most important friend and ally and it has been that way for a long
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time. nothing has changed. you know where the first place we turn to when we need help his? europe. they share our democratic values. they are our most important trading partner. the post-world war ii order which was ushered in with the spirit of relative global stability never before seen in the world was reliant on the continued alliance of the united states and europe. we have always had our grievances. we may want them to spend more money on defense. they might when asked to shoulder more burden on world crises and not leave it all on them. relationship is just as important, europe is just as important a partner is it ever has been. the other thing to make clear, donald trump is attempting to theh nato and smash
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european union relationship. they may show up to hearings on capitol hill. they may say all of the right things about the strength of the transatlantic alliance and america's rock-solid commitment to nato. i for them say that. i heard that said on television this weekend. i watched secretary pompeo come to the senate foreign relations committee and testify as such before congress. that people who work for president trump do not set u.s. policy. the president does. and, the president has made it clear over and over that nato is temporarily functionally irrelevant. that sounds like a radical thing to say, but let's just admit it is true for the time being. trump has made it crystal clear that if russia ever perpetuated a ukraine-style attack on a nato country, one that was in plain
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sight for everybody to see but that was officially denied by the kremlin -- does that sound familiar question mark that is what happened in ukraine. clear russian invasion but officially denied by the kremlin. ?ound familiar 2016 attacks on american elections are for everyone to see, denied by the kremlin. happened on aer trump hasry, telegraphed to russia that if you simply deny the invasion or the attack, we will be leave you not our own government. not our own intelligence and security agencies. that is what he told them today and that is likely what would happen of europe was attacked. that is why we are so much
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weaker today, because that message to the europeans comes with a price. at the europeans do not feel we're going to have their back, having watched the president insult them over the last four doubt as tonow in whether they would come to our defense if we asked, as we did after the attacks on september 11. now, none of our european partners will say that. they are going to try to save face. they are going to try to be the bigger party to the contest and say the strength of the alliance is a strong is it has ever been. and if it has not, there are consequences for the united states. as that is shaped as the president left nato, the e.u. is in no better condition. it is an tatters in large part because of a president who continues to cheerlead those who
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want to break apart the e.u. there are people who understand the genius of the european union who are working hard to get together and i am going to cheerlead them. while president trump spends his time in britain telling anybody who will listen including the press that if the united states carried out a clean painful break from the e.u. there would be consequences for the united states. our policy should be the opposite. that if britain and the e.u. want to reconcile, america will be there to assist. let's bring it back to vladimir putin again. his top priority, his number one goal, is the dissolution of the european union which is his main livelihood on the european continent. the breakup of nato is right up there as well. his chief ally in the
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deconstruction of the e.u. and nato today is the president of the united states. america so much weaker today than we were just five days ago and that is saying a lot. our nation and the world has never seen a more cataclysmic foreign trip than the one that we just witnessed. this country can survive a lot. we are resilient. like, president trump is making this country a laughingstock. we used to be a pillar of strength, an example to be looked up to. now we are the but of jokes. we are seen as weak. a total pushover. all you need to do if you were desperate or not a cracked or an enemy of america is to get in a room at the united states president and he will give you everything you want with no price tag. that is america in the world
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today and i could not be center about it. -- be i could not the sadder about it. i yield back. announcer: tuesday, changes to the 2010 dodd-frank regulation law. on c-span2, the senate continues work on judicial and executive nominations get a for the week. c-span3, federal reserve chairman jerome powell testifies before the senate banking committee about monetary policy and the economy. that is five at 10:00 a.m. eastern. you can watch all of the websiteg online on our or watch it on the c-span radio app. booktv and american history
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about the alaskan centennial and a 1944 film "alaska highway." watch saturday and sunday on the c-span network,, or listen on the free c-span radio app. warner, theark intelligence committee's vice rubioand senator marco lead member of the community, took part in a discussion earlier today on russia's interference in that 2016 election. they were followed by a panel about broader efforts. posted by the atlantic council, this one's about one hour and 50 minutes. [indiscernible]


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