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tv   Washington Journal Sec. Steve Daines  CSPAN  July 26, 2018 1:40am-1:53am EDT

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democrat, was when they released it. that is not bipartisanship. by the way, a lousy process usually results in a lousy bill. and the a lousy process house version is a lousy bill. the senate, to their credit, work in a bipartisan way and came up with something i think democrats and republicans can't support. i hope -- republicans can support. i hope some of the egregious provisions are put aside because they are terrible and not good for farmers in people who are struggling in poverty. host:we take our viewers back uo capitol hill to the senate side of capitol hill. we joined by senator steve daines of montana, member of the senate's agriculture, and forestry commission. farmers?on to guest: i have a listening to
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your callers and commentary. that we start by saying i have made two visits to china in the last 120 days. i was in russia just three weeks ago. i am actively engaged as it relates to global trade and the issues american farmers and ranchers face every day to get their guests international markets. you have to step back and think about the big picture. 95% of the world consumers live outside the united states. we only represent 5% of the world's consumers. we have a higher purchasing per capita, but the growth long-term for american farmers and ranchers will be access to these overseas markets. china has been consistently breaking a lot of rules related to trade. ungrateful president trump is confronted these unfair trade practices -- i am grateful president trump has confronted these unfair trade practices. and automobile to china is a 25% tariff.
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from china to the united states, a 2.5% tariff. on average it is three times the rates of u.s. tariffs. more importantly is the theft of u.s. technology going up by chinese companies and the chinese government. cyber intrusion, forced technology transfer. this is a significant threat to long-term growth and prosperity in the united states. we are the largest economy in the world, but the second largest is china. where $18 trillion, they are at about $18 are trillion, and they are at about $12 trillion. what is that mean for american farmers and ranchers? in the short term we have got some turbulence. there is anxiety in the ag community. is montana's number one economic driver. are calf -- these
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producers, wheat, barley. those announced yesterday by the president and secretary perdue, this is a short-term solution while the work of the negotiations and getting us to a better landing place long-term which ultimately is fair and free trade. i don't want a trade war. if it is a trade war, the first casualties are american farmers and ranchers. that is a big problem. we don't want that. nobody wants that. president trump does not want that. we want to see a long-term solution to fair trade, free in terms reciprocity of trading practices between the united states and china. host: is $12 billion enough for those who will be impacted? with: i am staying focused
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where we need to be long-term as it relates to hear. we have a $19 trillion economy. my ag economy in montana is $7 billion alone. this will billion dollars proposed is not going to make -- the $12 billion proposed is not going to make it better. the administration looks at this is a short-term and e short-term band-aid. -- inaction is not the solution. president trump is confronting these practices. there is a tremendous prize long-term getting to smart, fair and free trade agreements with china and other countries around the world. host: if you were listening to the callers, one of them wanted
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to know about your solution. the bestsn't short-term solution, is there a better short-term solution? guest: that best short-term solution is getting through this trade negotiation and getting the better trade policies as quickly as possible. i will be meeting with the president this afternoon. the president is open to across -- listening to what is going on and the ag states. that a solution right now is to move as quickly as possible to fair and free trade agreements. that is the right thing long-term and the right thing short-term. host: coming up on september 30 is the deadline for the renewal of the farm bill. is congress going to meet that deadline? guest: we should. i can never predict with this place can do, but all signs point to the fact we will get a
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farm bill passed in september on the president's desk before the september 30 expiration of the existing bill. host: what are your priorities going in a conference? the senate has yet to vote on going to conference. guest: we plan to get that done if not this week the next week. me, my free arteries are protecting safety net programs for the farmers and ranchers. that his crop insurance. that has been the number one issue i heard from my farmers across montana. they don't want to hand out. today's of subsidies are behind us. this is about -- the day of subsidies are behind us. we don't want a catastrophic event that will take farmers out of business. i don't have the seniority to the contrary but have a lot of imports and working with the
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chairman of the ag committee. we worked together on a lot of issues. ys ride along beside me. host: when of your former high school debate partners plans on talking with the trump administration. he plans to press the trump administration for help with moscow's harassing of former u.s. officials. i wonder your thoughts on that and whether you expected to talk about that with the president today. guest: i have been in contact with the ambassador. we played trumpet together. we played basketball together and we were debate partners at bozeman senior high in the late 70's. he is a good friend. i spoke with mike last week.
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about howy concerns absurd it is that we would take a former u.s. ambassador with diplomatic immunity and use and a poll with the russians -- use erpol with the russians in what could and doesn't like about mike. he is not in any way ever thought of as being moved to interpol for questioning. i was pleased to see the white house backing these diplomats and ensuring their protected from any of these frankly absurd requests coming from the russian government. why don't you think the white house a stronger initially? guest: they came out strongly last week. i know the united states senate voted 98-0 with the resolution standing with ambassador mcfaul
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and other diplomats being pursued by putin. let's not forget who putin is. moralis no equivalency between the officials indicted by the fbi for election interference in the 2016 election and what might be faulted as an ambassador in mcfaul did as an ambassador to russia. host: >> coming up thursday morning, -- we will discuss legislation that will advance career and technical education. be sure to watch it washington journal live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning. join the discussion.
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sunday night on q&a. substitutional lawyer david stewart on his book "impeached: the trial of andrew johnson and lincoln's legacy." >> it is absurd. be chapter on johnson should expunged from every library in the country. it calls ross' vote the most heroic moment in american history. is that was purchased. saving johnson, i think it was not a heroic moment. store, -- stewart, on c-span's q&a. there are a lot of people that say i do not want my child
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to read stories that are sad or downbeat. that is like, not a totally legitimate thing to say. i want to jews as a parent when my kid under -- understands as a -- i want to choose parent when my kid understands stuff. all of those factors swirled together to create the perfect dumpster fire of mass censorship of books by marginalized people. >> glory will be our guest on in-depth fiction edition live sunday, august 5 on -- at 3:00 eastern. interact with corey by twitter or facebook.
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sunday, august 5 live from noon to 3:00 p.m. eastern. or book tv on c-span2. >> president trump and european commission president jean-claude juncker. they had discussed their meeting at the white house rose garden. this is 10 minutes. [chattering] ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the president of the european commission. pres. trump: thank you very much. appreciate it. i appreciate all of our great senators and so many of our representatives for being here. senator john


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