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tv   Washington Journal 08112018  CSPAN  August 11, 2018 7:31am-7:34am EDT

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about trump's priority for space. here, he is asked about the creation of a spaceport's and what that would mean for nasa. [video clip] >> i thought i would start with the space force. what would the creation of a space force mean for nasa? >> nasa has hundreds of millions of dollars of assets in orbit. obviously, we are dependent on space being safe and accessible. that is important for the science we do, for discovery and exploration. i have been as a member of congress a strong supporter of a space corps. we voted on it in the house of representatives, i voted on it three times, twice in committee,
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once in the full house, and it passed in the house with a big bipartisan vote. at the end of the day, all the technology and capabilities nasa , we want to commercialize those capabilities. the space economy represents $350 billion annually. that is a big economy. has made it a mission to keep it protected. the air force does this. it is a national security mission. but, there have been arguments that say we don't want the space domain having to compete with the air domain. we need a separate force that space,us exclusively on given how important it is to the american way of life and how it is becoming more contested every day. >> do you think president trump
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has mentioned nasa and the space force in the same tweet, confusing the general public about what nasa and the space force do? >> there might be some confusion there. the american space enterprise, nasa is a big part of that. so is the commercial industry. not just commercial industry in space. when you think about the way we navigate, that affects the condition of humans on earth. the way we navigate, the way we communicate, the way we produce food and energy. people are watching this on direct tv or dish network, they could be watching it online, internet broadband from space, all of those are services provided by space-based capabilities. >> "washington journal:" " continues. host:pa


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