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tv   White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on Trade...  CSPAN  August 16, 2018 12:21pm-12:39pm EDT

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>> this morning, the director of the national economic council talked with reporters outside the white house about trade policy. upcoming talks with china and the economy. they spoke for about 13 minutes. talks, how did this all come about?
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>> i spoke with the sick -- with secretary mnuchin about it. i can't say anything about it, i cannot speculate, but my mantra is talking is always better than not talking. we have not had a sit down with them in quite some time at any level. who knows? it has to be a good thing. >> if you are not involved and the secretary -- the treasury secretary is not involved, how should we characterize this? >> we are always involved. -- is a smart guy and he will lead our team. deputies, iteople, is the trade team if you will. delegation,nging a maybe one spot below the top top . this is good. talking has to be better than not talking. >> why did the president way to
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lists ife steel tariff they are for national security? >> they are not connected to that story. i think that the president is dissatisfied with turkey on trade. these steel and aluminum tariffs are subject to constant negotiation with respect to the tariff rate or the quantities. i think he wanted more and their response has been inadequate. >> and yet he did not do this until both he and the vice president started talking about this pastor who is under house arrest. how can reasonable people not draw the conclusion that they are connected? >> policy wise, they are not connected. personally, i think they ought to release the pastor but that is not part of the steel discussion.
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i don't want to anticipate anything. the president will keep everybody up to speed. close -- >> we have our trade meetings earlier this week. i very dear and old friend of mine. we were kids in the reagan administration and you can hear a little optimism every now and then. those talks are hot. they are heated and they are going well. i do want to say any details or timetable, but things look better on that front and things look better on the eu front as well. i think the president's and itives are in process am an optimist. i don't have anything more to say on turkey. >> not on turkey but in general.
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lots of american manufacturers are commenting that they will get hit hard by these. even though the president says the u.s. steel industry is , the steel industry does not make some of the specialized products that our manufacturers make and they are not intending to start making them. >> i don't know. you are right, there are elements of this that have to be sorted out and will be sorted out. indications with the commerce department. some people are asking for carveouts. i don't want to get into any details. i am aay generically, free trader in the building. the president's efforts here to reform trade, people like to go potus.and blame ptou -- don't blame him.
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blame the breakdown of the global trading system. china is the biggest culprit but not the only culprit. wtopto is a culprit -- the is a culprit. the president believes it is in the american interest for both workers, farmers, the whole economy, we have to clear away all of the existing protectionism that he inherited and start over and turn a new leaf and we are gaining on it. he wants free trade, he would love to see zero tariffs and tariff barriers and quotas. for example, this idea of zero tariffs came up specifically in two weeksu bilateral ago and we are actually making progress on that. europe would like to do the same and all of us know that we have simply got to say no to china because they are perhaps the biggest culprit of all.
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i don't want to prejudge this china talk but my point is president trump is determined to generate reciprocity, level the playing field and government a zero tariff policy. people should not underestimate his determination to do this. >> is pulling out of the wto on the table? >> no, certainly not in the present time. what i am hearing is from the g7 communique is to reform the wto. likees the president the his harley-davidson boycott calls are making any progress -- feel like his harley-davidson boycott calls are making any progress? >> i think the workforce wants to stay. i am not an expert on harleys.
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just as a thought. i understand some companies have to make business decisions and maybe go overseas even though we don't like it. i get that. business -- we have given them 100% expenses -- we have made it so much easier for them to repatriate their cash back to the united states. this is easier. we are the most hospitable investment business environment. i think those things should be paramount in the decision of any ceo with respect to where you are going to play ball and set up in the years ahead. president trump has completely changed the business environment for the better and that is why we are crushing it on the economy. my message today is very simple. the biggest political event this thatis the economic boom
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virtually no one expected could happen. we are growing. half, 4% in the second quarter. is sustainable, the workforce is growing, unemployment is falling, business and consumer confidence is rising. leave, this is the hottest economic environment in the world today. i hope they say -- they stay. >> they are making a business decision. they say the tariffs mean they have to produce motorcycles sold in europe in europe and that is why they have to move overseas. harley. i cannot tell you that. all i'm saying is president trump has given the best
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business environment. look at the trillions of dollars of capital inflows into the united states. the data shows it. want zero sum, i do not want to damage other countries. i am saying, right now america is crushing it. -- howologize if this long can these trade battles go on, if there is a negative impact on the economy? >> i do not know what you mean, trade battles. we have trade disputes. >> how long can they go on before the economy feels it? >> the economy is growing at 4%. i do not see the downside. one area that has come up, where we will be protective of our farmers. we do not know how that story will play out.
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dodo not know that it will the damage some people speculate that we are prepared to pony up, as much as $10 billion. >> [indiscernible] >> technically, it will be reauthorized next year, to go back to the $25 billion reauthorization. that is not what we want. trade, not aid is what we hear from the ag people. again, i do not see the damage. what i see is confidence soaring. i think a lot of people believe that the president, -- not only is his quest for reciprocal free-trade and lower tariffs -- not only is it a just one -- but that he will succeed. we have only been on this a few months. after the tax bill was completed last year.
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all i will say is -- here's the story -- i do not want to write your story but here's the story an economic boom, virtually no one expected to happen. that is the story. not the other things we have to talk about. that is the story. it is a great story. trade, we're going to try to help the workforce. any other questions? sorry. >> what is your sense of the president's mood. >> terrific. in great humor, happy, optimistic, honestly. things have been going well. top of his game. i do not know if you are at the bedminster dinner last week. he was awesome. when he did a q&a, unbelievable.
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what is not to be optimistic? mine, inls, friends of the democratic party, good, strong people, nonetheless, their advice was -- right now, we are at 4%. virtually no one outside the administration expected that. the other point i will make is income,real disposable that is the economic term, let's call it take-home pay, after-tax inflation, growing better than 3% per year on a 12 month basis. any political scientist will tell you, that is a very important election predictor. technically it is called real disposable income. it is more important than gdp numbers. i think the president is upbeat
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and optimistic and has every reason to be so. it is so hot folks and i have so many meetings. >> [indiscernible] >> john brennan's security clearance? >> i'm comfortable with the national security decisions of the president. >> is it an abuse of power. >> i'm not your guy. >> what did you and the president talk about? >> let's roll. construction and you all better be careful and i do not anyone to get hurt -- i do not want anyone to get hurt. >> [indiscernible] >> do you agree with him that the media is -- [indiscernible] [inaudible] >> tonight at 8 p.m. on c-span,
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senators joni ernst and kiersten gillibrand at the senate finance committee hearing on paid family leave. >> we have been exploring how new parents can receive a benefit through social security. in return for receiving benefits, participants would defer collection of social security benefits upon retirement. we are still working through complexity but i am hopeful we can craft a policy that will benefit most families and those who need it most. >> the family act, the way we have written it, is affordable. it is the cost of a couple coffee a week. two dollars a week on average for all employees. that is not a great deal of money to know that if your mother is dying, you can be by your side or if you have a new infant or special needs child, that you can be there when you're needed. >> friday at 8 p.m., the white house correspondent, talks about covering the trump white house.
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>> the relation between this white house and the press, you can watch one of these press briefings whether sean spicer or sarah sanders on television, they are combative. fuedal, and they are transitioning from what has always been the adversarial nature of the media, into something more openly hostile. >> watch on c-span and and listen on the free c-span radio app. wealso tonight on c-span, will show the senate homeland committee hearing that just ended on protecting unaccompanied immigrant children from human trafficking and abuse. we will have that at 9:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span. sunday night at 8:00 eastern on q&a, historian john furling talks about his book, apostles of revolution, jefferson, paine,
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monroe and the struggle against the old order in europe. >> if they can see america today, and see that the most important play on broadway now and for the past several years has played, lionize hamilton, vilifies ne andson and ignores pai sees the maldistribution of wealth in the united states and the amount of money's of using american politics today, they would fear that many of these things that are going on in the united states today bore uncanny resemblance to the england they had revolted against. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a. >> in the seventh congressional
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district of massachusetts, incoming congressmen michael capauno debated the boston city councilmember ayanna pressley ahead of the september 4 primary. from boston, this is a half-hour. ♪ greater boston, the final debate between michael capauno and ayanna pressley , for the seventh congressional district. with the september 4 primary around the corner, this is it, the final chance for the democrats to make their case to the voters in an election that has drawn national attention. we would like to welcome our listeners on radio and our viewers online. let us get to it. congressman michael capauno has represented the district since 1999. >> good to see you.


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