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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Part 2  CSPAN  August 17, 2018 9:38am-10:04am EDT

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interracial intimacy in america and the threat to what the premises. and davis, selena xina provoke is "the great revolt," inside the body collision reshaping american politics and author frank williams with lincoln's hero. join us live saturday beginning at 10:30 eastern for the mississippi book festival on book tv on c-span two. >> "washington journal," continues. host: the capitol n washington, d.c., the senate working someday within the month of august in the house out on recess and this is open phones. republicans, call (202) 748-8001, democrats, call (202) 748-8000, independents, call (202) 748-8002. our facebook conversation
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continues through this program is .com/c-span, and the associated press reporting that turkey's state-run news agency says a higher turkish court has rejected an appeal for the release from detention of american pastor who was at the center of the turkish u.s. spat in the agency said the high court upheld a lower court's decision earlier this week to keep andrew brunson under house arrest and also rejected an appeal for a travel ban to be lifted and his continued detention is aggravating the feud between the nato allies and triggered a currency crisis and for the donald trump administration on thursday signaled new sanctions against turkey over his attention and turkey said it would reciprocate. that is just breaking out as far as the news that is taking place. you can comment on that and other things on this open phones. from santa fe, new mexico, independent line, tony. good morning. caller: good morning. mine was for your last guest.
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i keep thinking they are putting the cart before the horse. they're always talking about electoral college everything else, but until we get the money out of politics from citizens united supreme court decision, that our votes are not going to count. i would be one person one vote, 21 corporation, one vote. we should do this week from the president when it comes to the parade in his cancellation of the military parade he was working for, he started off saying the local politicians who run washington, d.c. he adds no windfall when they see it. surprise for give holding a great salvadoran military parade they wanted a number so ridiculously high that i canceled it. instead contends the big parade already scheduled at andrews air force base and it goes on from there. as the president's tweet regarding the parade, the 92
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plus million dollar cost associated with that. it garnered a response from the d.c. mayor saying that the response to this plan was sad according to this headline in "washington post," and that is just some of the responses, we were region more of the actual statements from that. already getting reaction there in washington, d.c., harry in homestead, florida, democrats line. caller: good morning, mr. pedro. thank you for everything that you do. and you guys it c-span are doing a great job. like the previous color, he said he wanted to ask a question about professor lessig. i did too, but that's besides all about getting back to what the constitution says. to have a morer
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that's theon and if premise behind the constitution, then the electoral college goes against that principle. and this goes to the collars, anybody else wants to respond to it, the reason and the premise behind the electoral college explains that. just look at the history behind it. there's no reason, and it goes -- [no audio] host: we finally got through the reality star the white house
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that figure $21.69, and trump america, then she added that. from arizona, we hear from john yan. good morning. i have three things i would like to say i will say the real quick. you don't let us republicans speak too much. host: that's not true, but i'll let you speak now. caller:you don't let us republis speak too much. they want to have these museums and all they represent me of thed it amazes civil rights movement started with the civil war. and you people never say thank diedo the 60,000 men that for the civil war to free the slaves. reasons we let the confederates have their
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monuments is because they're losers and as far as this voting is concerned, the american taxpayer, not russia, not anybody else, the american taxpayer voted out the democrats because all they do is talk, talk, talk. and the american people wanted action. and then you say you are for the working class, but the only way our president, donald, is if we pay per view news. the above us, you broken on a program. host: ok. democrats line. caller: thanks for c-span. i want to talk about the trump tower meeting and its aftermath the attendant russian was wired in an
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activation signal was agreed to in trump's active involvement was openly discussed. leveragerding became in all future decisions. phone line encrypted failed, a one-on-one resulted it turned out to be one and three quarters hours of lab request which were not request. unlike a damaged merry-go-round at the end of a hitchcock ruler, shaken donna continues -- a shaken donald continues to careen out of his control. host: this is usa today story health officials that at least 51 people were killed, 40 of them children from the saudi led coalition from the iran backed bombe level -- rebels device in northern yemen last thursday. the united states, united kingdom and france provided logistical and intelligence was for -- support to the campaign. the saudi led coalition first said the strike was quote legitimate and later said it
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would investigate quote collateral damage. that according to the bbc. this and the democrat house and senate leaders wrote letters demanding answers about that involvement in the civil war, including senator elizabeth warren, 2 u.s. central command the chief general joseph motel for details on how the united states supports the saudi led bombing campaign the interceptor reported that fact. and it comes to washington in china relations, "financial times," highlighting the fact that trade talks said to take place between the two saying that the chinese team will negotiate with the u.s. delegation led by david malpass and china's delegation received an invitation from the u.s. commerce minister, they said yesterday that china's more senior officials overseeing the u.s. relationship were noticeably absent from the working level delegation
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indicating chinese caution over the ability of any american official to reach a binding deal. that's in "financial times," was: an independent line in wisconsin. caller: thanks for taking my call. i have a question or statement about the misleading news, like calling it fake news. fox, cnn, they all have their opinions and they are misleading, even c-span, when people call in or twitter and the senate didn't get the votes, it's not really true because they need 60 votes to win even though they got the majority. that's all, thank you. host: lawrence innovaro village, illinois. suggestion for c-span, i think a lawyer being able to speak without an opposing attorney in the room is
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a very dangerous thing. our point is the gentleman who was on previously made a lot of points that he conveniently left out part of the story. we talked about republicans getting elected because of a third-party, he conveniently brought up ralph nader, jill stein, he conveniently forgot about democrats getting elected because of candidates like ross perot or ron paul. another issue brought up was having the states decide individually about how they were going to run their state as far as electoral votes. if we had had that option hundred years ago, the civil war might not of took place. correction for the lady: about 60,000 people died in the civil war, she forgot zero, it was 600,000. host: the topic of foreign aid being discussed with the trump
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administration and the office of management and budget struck to the state department and the u.s. agency for international development earlier this month ofprovide a balance sheet foreign aid projects that are not been funded unless commerce intervenes, the money may be returned to the u.s. treasury and the end of the fiscal year on september 30, a scramble is on to allocate the money before the administration announces he expected change, which would freeze billions of dollars left in the story as is not unusual for large chunks of money to be unspent as the fiscal year winds to a close and this year the amount of top $3 billion according to officials who have been told about it. out of over $40 billion in foreign aid funding because of packages and works in progress, no specific programs have been identified as targets an administration official said the package includes as an aid package for syria, the west bank, and gaza. houston, texas, margaret is next on the democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my
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call and thank you for the last discussion, guess i didn't hear all of it, of professor lessig. he is arguing for proportional voting on just old school, i want one person, one vote. please people who are saying that clinton didn't win, he won the popular vote, democrats have won the popular vote the last six out of seven elections. i wish one of these think tanks would convene a panel, this is a really important discussion, would convene a panel on the electoral college. i have been for abolishing it for 30 years. i think what has to be brought into it is the racial and racist components of it. when it was started years and years ago, it had to do with
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these landowners and plantation owners of their large enough white people in the states and that it brought into that racist component of how a black person was only three quarters of a person. racist racialnite component. to electoral college that is old and not needed anymore. host: we are from robert and brooklyn, new york. democrats line. caller: i called on the independent line. host: my mistake. i have met our principal, people deserve representation in government, real estate does not. the coastal states ought to have more to say than the flyover states because supposedly have a state with four or five people in it. two of them would be senators and one would be a representative and the remaining one would be in a lecture. an elector.
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the government accountability office conducts research for members of congress and this is something they put out recently, when it goes to the cost of incarceration, $2.5 billion price tag according to their study saying it nearly all writer95% of those immigrants living in the u.s. illegally at the time of the crimes, were deemed deportable because of the seriousness of their offenses and the removal from their country with their sentences were, when their senses were up according to the government accountability office, 50% of those released from the login and ended up in a federal or state prison anyways according to investigators. more than 300 people managed to get rearrested for federal crimes at least three times during the five-year span. the report is the first since the beginning of this decade to look at the level of immigrants in the criminal justice system investigators said things have improved slightly since that
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2011 report, that year there were 199,100 criminal aliens in the auditisons and estimated there were 184,000. at the "washington times," this morning. calvin is next from newman, georgia. caller: good morning. i just want to comment about the electoral college in the election of the president. there's one big fallacy with mr. 's argument,is ilk and that is the president represents the people of the country. there's only one branch of the federal government that was designed to be representative in this the legislative branch. the executive branch is there to execute the laws of the country and therefore, the president as one individual can never represent all of the people in the country. that i think is the big fallacy in their argument. is from arlington heights, illinois, republican line. bill, good morning.
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i refer to myself as a of usn republican, some should be referred to as lincoln republicans. the purpose of my call is to encourage people to go to equal citizens website. i went there when the professor was on and it does include information regarding the issue of gerrymandering and at that website, you can sign up for more information. beyond the electoral college, he goes into the importance of looking into gerrymandering also. thank you. host: what do you think about his thoughts on the electoral college? caller: i think he's right on target and i agree with the lady to talk the other day that the electoral college was in part very much so helpful for the south, if you look at jefferson's election, she misspoke in terms of the percentage, it was the 3/5 compromise, but it's a website that people really need to look at. thank you. host: your use of a medical device known as an event, a
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generic copy being made by kazakh pharmaceuticals -- teva pharmaceuticals and will rival mylan. the service of been plagued with periodic shortages and consumers scrambling to get in recent months to find a reliable i, and fdacommissioner of the about planning to speed approval of generic products was pleased with the timing. back-to-school season on parents go out and buy these products, means ayou -- approval lower cost option as well as other approved products to help protect against potential drug shortages. rona is next in tennessee. caller: it's rhonda, that's fine.
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i grew up a democrat and voted democratic straight democratic ticket for a couple decades. and then i saw both parties going so far left and so far right that we really didn't have -- i didn't feel i had a place to be politically. the reason i go to for donald trump is because he's not a republican either. he's not a republican or democrat, in my mind, he is simply someone who wanted to fix decades of inaction. so many people absolutely despise him, but he's actually getting the economy and around, no one wants to hear that. i'm an american, i don't have a r or an him. i have two sons in the military on deeply vested in this country. onis any kind of patriotism the left, they start howling that we are warmongers. that's not true.
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i honestly don't understand what's happening to either party. and that's how donald trump in my mind was elected. i voted for him and i will vote for him again if he runs. reporting that the president's decision to declassify competing congressional memos about the validity of the so-called steele dossier means the fbi has lost its authority to rebuff the freedom of information act about the bureau's efforts to verify the reports intelligence linking the president to russia during the 2016 campaign before into a federal judge, u.s. district court judge previously blessed the fbi's decision to refuse requestrest -- such a for aspects of handling in the hotly contested dossier compared -- prepared by a former british intelligence officer for. they ruled it did not require the fbi to be more responsible public records on the issue. the judge said that the president's actions in february
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to greenlight the release of one memo from house intelligence can determine devin nunes in a from adam schiff left until the fbi's position of resisting disclosure. from georgia, democrats line, we hear from ann. a man who spoke on voting changes in the electoral process, i thought i was kind of magician. i've been thinking about the voting process for quite some time and i have a couple of suggestions that i think would apply to it. shouldf all, the voting begin with open access for all citizens without unnecessary hindrances to accessing the ballot and i think this could be accomplished if registration is automatic and citizens -- when citizens become 18, if they can do it for the draft, they can do it for elections. and in groups like citizens united should not be allowed to support candidates, get the money out of elections. we need to get all this great big money out of elections.
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we shouldn't be able to buy and iates to run congress also agree that we should have if we keep the electoral college , which are don't necessarily agree with, it does give a different waiting for different states that don't have as high populations. if we have a proportional assignment of electoral colleges for the small states, that would be a help. host: we have to leave it there, i apologize. new mexico, republican line, david. caller: yeah, i want to talk about the electoral college. we need to reformat or something, because it aint working like it's supposed to. we need to update it and have people voting to their own elections and then do the electoral college. host: david is the last call for this program but another program comes your way at 7:00 tomorrow morning. ask for watching today we will see you then. [captions copyright national
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cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: coming up we will bring you a discussion with the editor in chief of news and -- in english language newspaper published in saudi arabia. tonight, at 8:00, white house correspondent maggie hagerman talks about covering the trump white house. >> the relationship between this white house and the press is --
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whether or sarah sanders on television. transitioned from what have always been a media government into something more openly hostile. saturday, lgbtq leaders talk about issues facing their communities, including acceptance. runningve talked about for office but there is so much political work that has to happen beyond those things. weid was saying, just as have been here, policy is moving to prevent queer people from being parents, from adopting children. it is better for a child to stay then twostem then -- queer people adopting them.
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we are not going to change that by voting. we have to pay attention all the time. they have got to be hearing from us all the time. announcer: watch on c-span and rick -- listen on the radio app. coverage next week includes tuesday, officials from the state and treasury departments testify before the senate relations committee about u.s. russian relations. that is live. tuesday, president trump has a rally in west virginia scheduled for 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will have that life. -- live. next, a conversation on tensions between the u.s. and turkey and the american pastor being detained in turkey. from the washington institute, this is 90 minutes.
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this afternoon to the policy form. i am a senior fellow here at the research program and i see a lot of familiar faces around the room. we are here to join this discussion, the panel on u.s. circulations and the war of mutual sanctions. this event is on the record, it will be on social media and we have c-span live streaming the event. it's also on live stream of our website and i want to welcome everyone who is joining us online to this afternoon's important


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