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  President Trump on Jobs the Economy at West Virginia Rally  CSPAN  August 21, 2018 7:13pm-8:34pm EDT

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is what eight years of barack obama did for this country. host: thanks for the call. we go to martha in cypress, texas, independent line. from the "washington post" -- "paul manafort convicted on eight counts, and 10 other charges thrown out. the jurors unable to reach a conviction on those charges." the headline from the "washington post." martha, go ahead. caller: i think it is an absolute joke. robert mueller is a joke. if he cared about the russian collusion, why doesn't he look about obama the great and killary. host: from charleston, west virginia, the president of writing about an hour and a half ago and addressing supporters at a make america great again rally. live coverage here on c-span and c-span radio app. also posted on our website at
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>> ♪ younger than the mountain rolling like the sea country road take me home to the place i belong west virginia homeme country road round memories gather modest lady stranger to bluewater. dark and dusty, painted on the sky mistake case of moonshine oades op in my
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take me home to the place i belong west virginia west virginia mountain mama homecountry roads take me home country roads i hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me the radio reminds me of my home far away and driving down the road i get a feeling that i should have been home yesterday yesterday country roads take me home ♪ pres. trump: thank you very much. that is so beautiful. thank you.
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that is a great song, by the way. do we like that song? i think so. i think so. i would like to use it all the time, but i think it only works well in west virginia, right? withthrilled to be back all of my friends in the great state of west virginia. thank you. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: this is a big victory. we won by 42 points. that is pretty big, right? over a democrat, right? over a democrat. and did not do too well, the people of west virginia, they are loyal, they are hard-working, they are true american patriot. remember that. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: they are great. they are great people. and my friend -- thank you very much. i love you, too. it is a guy, a guy, but i love
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you, too. we are proud of our country, you are proud of our history, and honor the nfl, you always and cherish our great american flag. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: it was just announced by espn that rather beautiful,ing our beautiful national anthem in defending our flag, they decided they just will not broadcast when they play. [crowd booing] pres. trump: and we like that. so while the players are kneeling, some of them, not all of them, you are all proudly standing for our national anthem. thank you. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the espn thing was
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terrible. it just came out. under our administration, america is winning again, and america is being respected again. all of the world, it is america first. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: this is the greatest economy that we have had in our history, the best. our steel mills are back. they are roaring back. we are making steel again. united states steel announced a massive infusion of cash. they are opening of seven different plants. arer steel companies opening up plants. people said steel will never be back. it is back. it is one of the hottest industries in our country, because of what we have done
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with our tariffs. dumpinge steel alone the country, destroying our business. they are not dumping steel anymore. if they are, they are paying a lot. our military will soon be stronger than it has ever been before. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are taking care of our amazing veterans. and i know this does not matter to you, but we are putting our great coal miners back to work. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting] pres. trump: great people. great people.
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brave people. i don't know how the hell you do that. you guys have a lot of courage. but we love clean, beautiful west virginia coal. we love it. it is great. and you know, indestructible stuff. in times of war, in times of conflict, you can blow up those windmills. they fall down real quick. you can blow up pipelines. they go like this, and you are not going to fix them too fast. you can do a lot of things to those solar powers, but you know what you can't hurt? coal. you can do what you want to call. it is very important. we are working now on a military plan that will be something very special. i am honored tonight to have a friend of mine.
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he was a democrat, and i do not want to say because of me, let's say because of policy, he decided to become a republican, and he is a great republican. and i want to bring him up if i could. can i bring up your governor? he is the largest, most beautiful man, governor jim justice. [cheers and applause] gov. justice: thank you. ok. i deputized you, did i not? the other thing i know, you as west virginians are an
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appreciative people. just think, we know what this great man right beside me has done for us. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting] gov. justice: now, let me say this -- it is time for us to show that appreciation and deliver back. we have to reelect our house members, and we cannot, whatever we do, to go above, we cannot this.jetta on [cheers and applause] but it goes:
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further than that. morsi is a little behind right now. he needs you, he needs all of you, he needs you to go out and do warriors and deputies for him. and the planis, needs him. i would say god bless this great man, god bless this great country, and thank you for having me. pres. trump: he is a big man. he is all man. 6'11". i won't talk about the weight. i don't know. i don't know what the weight is. i won't go there. but he is a big man, he is a great man, a wonderful friend of
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mine. that was really great when he set up a man you want to be your next senator. we also have a special friend of ,ine, she loves your state shelley moore capital. . congressman david mckinley, alimony, and evan jenkins. evan, you put up one hell of a fight. thank you, evan. boy, you or something. in your state gop chairwoman melanie potter. melanie, thank you. thank you, melanie. tremendouss is a
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senator, somebody that has helped us throughout our agenda, which is make america great again, pretty much, and we have a lot of different names. did you see promises made, promises kept? they are copying it now, the democrats. promises made, promises kept. they are copying it. but what are you going to do? this is a man who makes a promise, he is hundred percent good. he is from a place called colorado, and he is helping to lead our campaign. cory.ardner, thank you, great job. doing a great job. thank you fo.
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and we are thrilled to be joined by house members from west virginia's third congressional district, a woman that works very hard for you, carol miller. carol. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: thanks, carol. finally, it is my great honor to introduce the person that we are here to or tonight, a tremendous gentlemen. i got to know him during the campaign. he has got an energy. it took me a little while to figure out, i have to be honest, and once i got to see what is theening, and evan would be first to tell you, too, he was so tough, he was so smart, and he does not stop. he is going to fight for you like nobody ever thought for the people in west virginia, your next senator patrick morrissey.
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come up here, patrick. mr. morrissey: how is it going? hey, guys. i want to start out by thanking the president for coming back to wonderful west virginia or the sixth time! pres. trump: thank you. hey, how about this guy? west virginia has never seen anything like this. mr.ove you, wes president, and we will tell you this -- we know that president trump is making america great
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again, but even more importantly, president trump is making west virginia great again. look, tonight we are joined by some of the mountain iners.s finis coal m can you stand up and give a round of applause for the finest coal miners? [cheers and applause] i. morrisey: donald trump and are fighting every day for our coal miners and the hard-working men and women of our receipt. he is trying to get the man off your back, and i and i am working every day to help you do it. >> amen! mr. morrisey: amen! [cheers and applause] mr. morrisey: but i tell you what, one of the best ways i can help president trump is to have you send me to the u.s. senate,
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where i will be a big ally of this president. [cheers and applause] virginiasey: west needs to send a conservative fighter to the u.s. senate to help drain that swamp. now -- thatd chanting "drained "]amp mr. morrisey: pretty good. now, let me tell you a little bit. race. an opponent in this his name is "dishonest liberal joe manchin," and let me be clear, liberal joe is no supporter of this president. manchin strongly supported and voted for hillary clinton after, right -- ahang on.
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hang on. after she said "we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work." pretty bad. even called hillary warm, compassionate -- can you really believe that? [boos and jeers] joe's got to go. joe has to go. joe no longer has west virginia values. let's go through the record. manchin was for obama. hillary,as for radical gun control, he shills for epipen, and he opposed the
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trunk tax cut -- trump tax cuts. pretty bad, right? remember, this is west virginia. we benefit more than anyone from the trump tax cuts. >> [cheers and applause] mr. morrisey: joe manchin no longer has west virginia values, period. ien i get to the u.s. senate, will be a strong ally of president trump. i will be the conservative fighter you can rely on to stand up for coal and miller energy resources, and we will tackle -- and we will tackle this opioid epidemic more aggressively than anyone. >> [cheers and applause] mr. morrisey: it is my honor to be here tonight on the same stage with the president. mr. president, thank you for your leadership, your work, and
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for standing up for west virginia. amen. >> [cheers and applause] mr. morrisey: together we are all going to help this guy make sure not only that we make west virginia great again, we continue to make west virginia great again. best way to do that, liberal joe has got to go. joe's got to go. go"]'s got to mr. morrisey: now i will turn this back over to the big man, who you are here to see. amen, brother! >> [cheers and applause] president trump: thank you. he's got energy. he's got a lot of talent. he loves the people, and he's
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going to be fighting for them. he doesn't sleep. i said, how many days are you campaigning? the last 60 days of my campaign, we would go out every single day, as many stops as you could make -- humanly, humanly. he is not going to get tired. he has the same thing every single day. he has that special spark. he has done a hell of a job as your a.g. you've got to get him with us. he has to bring it back on for the people of west virginia. so this november, voters in west virginia will face a very simple choice. isote for patrick morrissey truly a vote to make america great again. he is going to vote. >> [cheers and applause]
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president trump: and i like joe, but joad just -- joe just doesn't vote for us. it is a vote for nancy pelosi. >> [boos] president trump: their new leader, maxine waters. >> [boos] president trump: but between they are notlosi, in favor of west virginia. they don't know that west virginia exists. they don't like coal, they don't like energy. >> we don't like you! president trump: they don't like her. when you cast your ballot in congress -- for congress in november, you are voting for which party controls the house and which party controls the senate. i'll tell you, we have to get
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there. i am going to be going now as many days as i can and i am allowed to. service andecret all these fantastic people, but it holds you back. maybe i will do a few trips without them. to a lot of different states. i will be coming back before the election. >> [cheers and applause] and it is a very close election. people don't realize it is a six-point spread. six points could be ended this evening. we had a good record of adjustments. -- of endorsements. in georgia, a man was down 10.
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i endorsed him for governor. and he won 70 to 30. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: so i guess he picked up 40 points. in ohio recently, he was up, then he went down a little bit. he won there, you know that. congressman balderson now, he won. we won eight out of nine special elections. they don't talk about it. eight out of nine special election, and they don't want to talk about it. >> [boos] president trump: man, i don't boy to brag about it, but do i have a great record of endorsements. in florida, ron desantis called me and asked whether or not i could endorse him. he was at three.
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this was a few months ago. i gave him a nice shot, a nice tweak -- bing bing. and he went from like three to 20 something. then i gave him my full and total endorsement. like,now leading by 19 points. good man, and so many others. congressman dan donovan was down before the election. we endorsed him. i think he won by 21 points. all my life, i have heard endorsements don't mean anything. if you get an endorsement from ronald reagan -- we like ronald reagan. it was a wonderful thing to have, but it didn't move the needle. is that a correct statement?
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it was nice to have it, it didn't mean anything. from my standpoint they are going 20, 30, 50 points. it's crazy. news, "wiou watch the ll this endorsement mean anything?" i don't care, we just have to get senators in. we have, really, no majority. if you look at it, we could say 49-49, 51-49. we have some people that aren't able to vote. we have some people that are a little unreliable. they don't exactly like what i have done to their career. they don't love what i've done, and that's ok. and i don't like what they've done either. six,e need to elect five,
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or even seven more senators, and i think we can do it. we have to start with patrick morrissey. he is going to be fantastic. if you vote for joe manchin or any other democrat in november, you are voting for the party that really wants to destroy the coal industry. joe endorsed hillary 100%. and he got along with her even better after she came out with a statement that she wants to destroy coal and coal companies. that is a bad thing. >> [boos] president trump: the democrats want to turn america into one big fat sanctuary city for criminal aliens. >> [boos] president trump: honestly, they are more protective of criminal
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aliens than they are of the people. they want to take away your second amendment -- you see what's going on. i don't think you want your second amendment played with. they want to take over american health care and abuse our courts to rewrite our constitution. and how do you like the judges i had the pointing? -- have been appointing? >> [cheers and applause] president trump: there is no worst nightmare for west virginia this november than chuck schumer running the senate and nancy pelosi, with financing waters -- with maxine waters, running the house. that is why you have to vote republican. they keep talking about a blue wave. i don't see it. we have the greatest economy we have ever had. joe manchin always voted for
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keep thed he voted to disaster known as obamacare -- and i will tell you, it is being chipped away. we had it beaten. , shockingly. no surprising to a lot of people, because he campaigned on repeal and replace. we really knocked it out, including the individual mandate, the most unpopular part of obamacare, where you have the privilege of paying a fortune for not having to pay a fortune for really bad health care. we got rid of it. that came along with the biggest tax cuts in our history. and joe manchin voted no on the tax cuts. here, i sawe i was signs along the highway, "joe,
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you voted no on tax cuts and voted no on our president." and he's going to no. -- to vote no. i'm not going to knock him, but schumer is the boss. he should give us a vote on justice kavanagh. everyone should. this is a great, brilliant man, but joe is just not voting with us. he voted against your tax cuts. he voted against repeal and replace. he votes against the things that we want. he votes against the people of west virginia. you can't team that. -- can't do that. all, and he the w opposed the travel ban. that wall is coming along. it is over $3 billion. it is moving along very nicely. >> [cheers and applause]
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president trump: and if you think it is easy these people, it is not easy. we are getting the wall built. it is going up. and we have a big number in right now. "built that wall"] president trump: shelley and corey, you hear that tharight? we have $3.2 billion. we are looking for $3.5 billion this year, and it is going to be finished, and it will be very effective. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: you heard out today with the illegal alien coming in, the recently -- very sadly from mexico.
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you saw what happened to the incredible beautiful young woman. it should have never happened. the legally in our country. the laws are so bad. the immigration laws are such a disgrace. , bute getting them changed we have to get more republican. this is about whether we want to continue the amazing progress we have saved for america, or whether we want to surrender that progress to the forces of extremism and obstruction. their little phrase that they like, resist. that is all they are good at. they have no policy. they are good at sticking together and resistant. i have almost 400 people that haven't been approved. they are slow walking them. we have almost 400 people in our
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administration, people that gave up their careers, but have been waiting over new york -- over a year to get approved. it has never happened in the history of our country, and it is a disgrace. the democrat party is held hostage by the so-called resistance, left wing haters and angry mobs that try to tear down our institutions, disrespect our flag, dineen our law enforcement, and disparage our great country. we are not going to let it happen. governors democratic andrew cuomo even declared that america was never great. oh, i see. >> [boos] president trump: tell that to our great soldiers at world war soworld war ii, korean war,
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many others. that sentto the folks a rocket up to the moon. those that did so much great medical research in our country. he says america was never great. >> [boos] president trump: i would imagine that his career threatening. did you hear? he was speaking to a room loaded with socialists and probably others. no, not communists, but there could have been a couple of them, too. he made this statement -- america was never great. did you did oyu gea -- hear? they couldn't even believe it. his comments are an insult to
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the generations of brave andicans whose blood, sweat tears built our magnificent country. so this november, you can either vote for the party that says america was never great. that the th -- will be their theme. they copied mine. let's give them a new theme, "america was never great." that will be the democrat's new theme. can we do that? you can vote proudly for everything we stand for. you're the greatest country in the world. are the greatest country in the world. we are the greatest economy we have ever had. we have gone up tens, trillions in dollars of value since my election. >> [cheers and applause]
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[chanting "u.s.a."] president trump: we have gone up $10 trillion since the election. wasn't that great? remember i was here just before the election, and i brought a couple guys into the room. i said, fellas, supposed we teach you a new skill, how to make gadgets. these are big strong coal miners. they say, sir, we want to dig coal. i agree with you.
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>> [cheers and applause] president trump: their grandfathers did it. it is incredible. it is back. the coal industry is back. originally,me here west virginia, frankly, was down and out. it was not doing exactly well. one of the last. did you know that a few months where west virginia, on a per capita basis, is one of the most successful gdp states in our union? so we went from being down and out, you are one of the most successful in the union. very close to the top. that is some big change. i have had so many people -- i was backstage. ,eople are coming up to me
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"mr. president, thank you for saving our nation." because you understand what that means. had the other side won, they would have poured on more regulations, raised your taxes. they would have done things that were so bad. a very low gdp, when .2%. -- 1.2%. it was going to be a negative. 4.1%.quarter, we all hit if i would have hit 4.1%, people would have said, this guy -- fake news. how fake are they? >> [boos] president trump: fake news and the russian witchhunt. we've got a whole big combination.
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where is the collusion? you know, they are still looking for collusion. where is collusion? find the collusion. you want to find the collusion. at the beating heart of this election is border security. we have to have it, right? iowa officials and so many others have been reporting numbers, where they are having problems with people coming in. people are coming in. but we are getting them out. we have ms-13 on the run. they poured in here with obama, we have them on the run. because we love the men and women of i.c.e. >> [cheers and applause] a blue wave in:
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november means open borders, which means massive crime. a red wave means safety and strength. that is what it is. the new platform of the democrat party is to abolish ice. a vote for any democrat in november is a vote to eliminate immigration enforcement, open our borders and settlers violent -- set loose violent criminals. they will be praying on our communities. reying on our communities. yet while many democrats are calling to abolish i.c.e., today our officers carried out a 14-year-old deportation order against a nazi criminal who was living in new york, the last known nazi officer living in the united states.
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they have been trying to get him out for decades. president obama tried, they alt-right. -- they all tried. we got him out. he is back in germany. i.c.e. officers are heroes who uphold our laws and defend our communities like nobody you ever seen, and yes, they aren't -- they are tough, they are strong, i have great hearts. -- they have great hearts. they walk in like it is another day in the office. they are tougher they are stronger. folks and, our i.c.e. our border patrol folks, they
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have no fear. the job they do is incredible. while we are added, law enforcement -- at it, law enforcement, these are great people, and they are doing an incredible job. isry single day, i.c.e. tracking down gang members, wedators and killers, and are either throwing them in jail or throwing down the hell out of our country. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: if you want to save i.c.e., if you want to protect our border and border patrol, if you want to stop this craziness of sanctuary cities, where criminals are protected. how about the mayor of chicago? >> [boos] president trump: it's like a war zone. and it is a great city.
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this is what those policies do. last week, 62 people were shot 12 times. this is like, our country. there is no reason for this. the republican party stands proudly with her courageous i.c.e. officers and border patrol agents. [applause] president trump: you want to know who wants the wall more than any of us? i.c.e. and border patrol, because they know that will be a big factor in stopping the drugs that come in, the human traffickers, which is worse than at any time in the history of our world. human traffickers, who would believe? and it is because of the internet. this election is about security, and this election is about jobs. we have produced.
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thanks to republicans, our economy is booming like it has never bloomed before. -- boomed before. we created another number no one would have believed if i said it during the campaign. 4 million new jobs in speaking much. election.he almost 3.9 million americans have been listed off food stamps. they don't need them, because they have a job. they are even better now. they don't need food stamps, almost 4 million. almost think of it. last year in virginia, income per capita grew 40% faster than the national average. congratulation. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: i told you, last time i was here, you want
7:57 pm
happypy -- weren't so like you are now. said there is no such thing as manufacturing jobs anymore. oh, i see, we are not going to make things any more? we have companies pouring in to our country. they are coming back. these are companies that left. they are coming back to michigan, they are coming back to west virginia. they are coming back to pennsylvania and ohio. they are coming to florida . they are coming back -- not just opening, but coming back. they want to be where the action is, and the action is in the united states of american.
7:58 pm
so the economic growth, when it hit 4.1%, everyone said that was amazing except me, because it was going to go much higher than that. these companies come. i say to the european union, john called, would like to negotiate a new trade agreement with either european union. we lost $151 million over the last number of years per year. does anyone know what hundred $51 billion per year is? he respectfully said, mr. president, we are very happy with the deal. i would be happy with it if i were you, too. we weren't happy, because they have barriers up, and they have
7:59 pm
tariffs. you want to build a car and send it to your? -- to europe? how many chevrolets are in the middle of berlin? i don't think you can find a one. they are barriers. listen -- it is all about the cars. tremendously big industry. we are going to put a 25% tax on any car that comes from the european union into the united states. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: that will take our loss and trade deficit of $151 billion dollars and give us a surplus. swing.y dramatic
8:00 pm
and that will take one little signature, donald j. trump. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: and i got a call, "mr. president, when can we meet?" very respectfully, we are working on a deal. this is happening all over. in china, i have great respect for president xi. but they have taken advantage of our country for decades. we have rebuilt china. i used to talk about this. i didn't precedent initially -- press it initially because i wanted them to help us with north korea. and they did. hey, folks, they have been doing this stuff for 75 years. three months, what happens? >> [cheers and applause] president trump: i can't tell
8:01 pm
you. i got along well with kim jong-un. great chemistry. >> as a you can see, we have temporarily lost the signal from charleston with the president. we understand there is weather between the facility and theirs. we are working on that right now on c-span. president trump: and he consider it -- just read the papers. i have been there five months.
8:02 pm
i have a good relationship with chairman ken. we will see what happens. -- chairman kim. to be honest, who knows? we have massive sanctions. i want to take them off quickly, but we've got to get rid of the nukes. got to get rid of the nukes. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: but who knows what is going to happen? maybe it will work out. it started off extremely hostile. remember they said, he's going to get us into a war. my rhetoric was too strong. i don't want to say it because i don't want to offend chairman kim. you remember. >> [laughter] president trump: i don't want to insult, so not going to mention it. saidake news back there
8:03 pm
"he is going to get us into a war." >> [boos] president trump: "this guy is crazy. our president is crazy." then i went to meet the leaders of nato. and they want paying them -- weren't paying their bills. i love real estate. when someone does not pay rent, i say, you are delinquent. i met them last year, goldberg -- stoltenberg. big fan. no one was paying their bills. ago, you've got to
8:04 pm
pay your bills. we picked up $44 million. -- $44 billion. i just left recently, and we're going to pick up close to a $1 billion extra. you have to pay your bills. the united states is paying close to 90% of the costs of protecting europe. i think that is wonderful. nato is better for you folks than us. all these countries, we are supposed to protect them. it is very simple. you have to pay up, you have to pay your bill. sir, thatne calls me
8:05 pm
shows me that respect. he says, would you leave us if we don't pay our bills? i said yeah, i would consider it. they hated me. said no, i won't leave you, i promise we will always protect you, then they will never pay their bills. so i said yes, i will leave you. you can see those checkbooks coming out for billions of dollars. they paid their bills. i think we will pick up in the next short while over $100 billion. then they said, the fake news, they said "president trump "reated the nato nation leaders
8:06 pm
, who have beents president off -- " trump treated nato leaders with disrespect." i said no, they disrespected our country because they weren't paying. now they are paying . how about if we got into a conflict because the country is attacked? now we are in world war iii and protecting the country that did not pay its bills. so i got them to pay $100 billion notes, a tremendous amount. they are paying up.
8:07 pm
then they made the statement that i should great disrespect. actually i have a great relationship with all of those people. now they respect us. they respect our country again. they didn't respect our country. now they respect us. they respect us again. and you see it with china. i don't want them to go down. i want them to do well. i want to be their friend. but we had to do things we had to do. when i came, we were heading in a certain direction that would allow china to be bigger than us in a short period fo time. that -- of time. that is not going to happen anymore. >> [applause] president trump: it is a long, winding road.
8:08 pm
and i have tremendous respect for china. it is incredible what they have done. it has to the a -- to be a two-way street. ourenemies, ou friendsr, allies. i mean, our allies treat us worse than our enemies. when we get trade deals done properly -- i have people coming to the, some people in congress, "sir, can you get this done immediately?" the deal will not be good if you do that. it has to gestate. it is like when you're cooking a chicken. time, time, turkey for thanksgiving. my mother with say, eight hours. i said, eight hours? she made the greatest turkey i
8:09 pm
ever had. takes time. so when they run and say, could you do nato right now? look, i like mexico. i like the new leader. i think he is going to be terrific. a little bit different than us. i think i am doing better with him thean a capitalist. they know mexico needs the united states. canada charges us close to 300% tariffs for dairy products going to canada, which is essentially wall., we have a it is an economic wall. i said, i don't want to have too much fun with you justin, you can't do that. justin trudeau, nice guy. they have taken advantage of us for so many years that we have
8:10 pm
to take our time. that being said, we are on our way with a fair deal. i don't want a good deal, i want a fair deal for both of us with mexico. >> [applause] president trump: you have heard me say it. as an example, when china makes a car, they sell it into the united states. there is 2.5% tariff of which they don't pay, so they pay nothing. when we make a car, we sell it to china, and there is a 25% tariff, and that is just the beginning. there are others. a man was driving down a street in china, and he looked over, and it was a chevrolet-like camaro. orthink it cost 39,000 $40,000. he's invasion.
8:11 pm
-- he is in beijing. he says, how much did that car cost? $119,000. you understand that, right? it is all taxes. we can't do that anymore. we are a country with unbelievable potential. we are a country that has been ripped off by everybody, and we are not going to be ripped off anymore. to tellakes me a little senators and many people that your heart in their hands, it will take about period -- that period of time. every country wants to make a
8:12 pm
deal. we are like the big fat piggy bank everyone wants to rob. we are not going to let them rob us anymore. is that okay? >> [cheers and applause] president trump: every day we are keeping promises. we are canceling obama's illegal anti coal destroying regulations. the so-called clean power plan. sound nice? the paris accord, what could be better sounding? maybe the west virginian record. then i would have signed it. that would have cost us hundreds of billions of dollars. and other countries, as an example, china, did not kick in
8:13 pm
until many years in the future. we kicked in immediately. russia went back many years, which was not a clean time in terms of the environment. we all agree we want a strong beautiful, clean environment. i want clean air, i want crystal clear water. and we've got it. we've got the cleanest country on the planet right now. there is nobody cleaner than us, and it's getting better and better. i am getting rid of these ridiculous rules and regulations that are getting rid of jobs. just today we announced a new affordable clean energy proposal that will help coal-fired power plants and save consumers billions and billions of dollars. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: we have eliminated the record number of job killing regulation,
8:14 pm
republicans have passed the and reform. cuts i don't want to talk about reform, because nobody knows what that means. that could be a tax increase. why was it since ronald reagan that you got the last big tax cut? they said, i don't know. 2018 tax reform. i said, what the hell does that mean? this is what they have done for 40 years. nobody knows what it means. we have great reform, but i said nobody knows what it means. i want to put down tax cuts. what would be your favorite name, mr. president? i said, the tax cut cut cut cut
8:15 pm
bill. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: and we almost did it. in this case a couple congressman thought it was a little bit tacky, so we called it the jobs bill. it is the biggest tax cut in the history of our country, and people are benefiting by it. benefiting, and those companies are the ones that are providing all of the jobs. we are setting records on jobs. we are again protecting religious liberty. >> [cheers and applause] alsodent trump: and we're standing up to social media censorship. that is the new thing. you know, i would rather have cnn than lik -- it ise
8:16 pm
anybody, including liberals, socialist, anyone being censored. we have to live with it. there are too many fake sources. everyone is like a newspaper. you have twitter facebook. you can't have censorship you can't pick one person and say, he's out. so we will live with fake news. we have no choice but because that is by far the better alternative. because it can turn around. it could be done next. -- them next. we believe in the right of americans to speak their minds. ealed the core of obamacare, the individual
8:17 pm
mandate, because we want to get quickly ill patients --critically ill patients access. do you know what the right to try is? i have been trying to get this for 40 years. a person is terminally ill. they are really sick. theyey don't have money, die. we have the greatest scientists in the world. that is why china and so many people are trying to steal our technology. we can't let that happen. thate have so many people want to be able to give, it is a right to try. so a person is terminally ill. we have a great new drug, but it will take two or three years to have it approved, maybe longer,
8:18 pm
but the tests are looking very good. this person is sick, and this person is going to be dead in 90 days. we could not get them drunk for any person -- get that drug for any person. the insurance companies had problems, medical companies -- everybody. horrible thing. said we are going to take the right to try. a coalp of -- you are lover, right? patrick -- he is going to get it. we got it approved. that have a great drug hasn't been approved and someone has a certain illness, they will be able to try.
8:19 pm
we have in thegs pipeline are amazing. worked for a lot of people, and it will give them hope, big time. we just secured $6 billion to fight the opioid epidemic. i know in west virginia that is a big deal. ofconfirmed a record number circuit court judges. it is a record, and it is going bigger and bigger. we have a lot in the line if schumer would get them approved. we confirmed the great neil gorsuch to the supreme court of the united states. and as i just said, justice kavanagh is doing great. i don't know, very tough central casting. how do you vote against him? the democrats may find a way. we secured a record $700 billion
8:20 pm
for our military this year, and $716 billion, billion with a b. our military will be stronger and bigger and more sophisticated than it has ever been, ever. and hopefully we will never have to use it. you've got a lot of good fighters out here. the one thing about a fighter, organization, the stronger your military, the better chance you have of never having to use it. we don't want to use it. all of that equipment is being built in the united states. we make the greatest ships in the world, the greatest missiles
8:21 pm
and rocketss. the pentagon is working hard to create the sixth round -- branch of the american armed forces, th e space force. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: that is very exciting. we need it. i am not just talking about sending rockets to the moon, i am talking about militarily. thanks to the leadership of nikki haley, we have reduced the by $1.3ations spending billion, saving u.s. taxpayers $350 million. just came out, but nobody wants to write it. we just passed a landmark v.a. accountability law. that is where people that don't treat our vets properly, we say
8:22 pm
you are fired, get the hell out. 45 years they have been trying to pass it. veterans choice. if our veterans cannot get the care they need, they have a right to see a private doctor. they don't have to wait four weeks, months. i withdrew the united states from the horrible iran nuclear deal. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: and this month, we reimposed tough sanctions on iran's nuclear program, and on iran. i also recognize the capital of embassynd opened a new in jerusalem. >> [cheers and applause]
8:23 pm
president trump: and i understand what happened. many presidents said, we are going to do it. we are going to move our embassy to jerusalem, it is going to be the capital of israel, and then they don't do it. politicians, they don't do it. i said i'm going to do it during the campaign. it here'm going to do in west virginia. i understand why many presidents why they understood did not do it, because i was inundated with calls from foreign leaders. please don't do it. actually, what i did -- i was about five days off, i stopped taking calls. i knew what they were going to ask me. it is much easier -- sorry,
8:24 pm
did not know you were calling for that reason. so i approved it. it should have been done years ago. and if there is ever going to be peace with the palestinians, it was a good thing to have done, because we took it off the table. every time there were peace talks, they never got passed. i said, let's take it off the table. in the negotiation, israel will have to pay a higher price, because they want a very big thing. they could never get by. you understand that. they could never get past the fact of jerusalem becoming the capital. now it is off the table. there is nothing to negotiate. but they will get something very good. let's see what happens. i have heard that is the
8:25 pm
toughest deal of all deals, that is peace between israel and the palestinians. we will see what happens. instead of apologizing, we are winning. instead of apologizing for america, we are standing up for the heroes who defend our country. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: but to continue this incredible success, we must elect more republicans. we must elect patrick morrissey. we need him. patrick. so get your friends, your coworkers, your family members. get the people that love our country and get them out to vote. you are going to see, this guy has energy.
8:26 pm
oil citizens like -- loyal citizens like you helped build this country. we are taking back power, returning it to where it belongs to the american people. from morgantown t to madison to charleston, this state was founded by tough pioneer men and strong pioneer women who created a better life for themselves and their incredible american families. they did a lot of luxuries, but they had -- did not have a lot of luxuries, but they had grit and they loved each other. they were smart. we are the smart ones, remember it. they areall the time, not elite, we are elite.
8:27 pm
they are,rter then you have more money than them. you are the super elite. i always hate when they say, the elite decided not to go to something i am doing. well, i have a lot more money than they do, i have a much better education than they have, i'm smarter than they are, i have many much more beautiful homes than they do, i have a better apartment at the top of fifth avenue. why the hell are they the elite, tell me? you are the elite. that is just a name. aren't even insulted when they say the elite? they are not the elite.
8:28 pm
you are the people, and the people proceeded you in west preceded you in west virginia, the coal miners and farmers and factory workers, they all had one thing in common -- they loved their factory, their country, and their god. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: we stand on the shoulders of generations of american patriots who knew how to fight, and they knew how to win. we are winning again. them, we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep winning and we are going to win for our nation, our families, and we will win for
8:29 pm
our continued freedom. >> [cheers and applause] president trump: i joked that i will have patrick morrissey coming to me soon. he will be your senator. he will say, mr. president, the people of west virginia can't stand when in so much. they haven't won in decades. now you are winning with coal, you are winning with everything. he is going to say, mr. president, please, they don't want to win so much, they can't stand it. please, you are winning too much for west virginia. i'm going to say, patrick, i am sorry. i don't care what the hell the people of west virginia want, we are going to keep on winning
8:30 pm
anyway, because i believe that is what they want. >> [cheers and applause] the people ofp: down.irginia never give and thk because we are america and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. together, we will make america a wealthy again. that is happening. that is happening a lot faster than the fake news ever said it could happen. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again and we will make america great
8:31 pm
again. thank you, west virginia, thank you. ♪
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