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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea  CSPAN  September 18, 2018 11:53am-12:07pm EDT

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on c-span's q&a. >> what does it mean to be american? that is this year's studentcam question.n we are asking middle and high school questions to answer it by producing a short documentary about a constitutional right, national characteristic or historical event, and explain how it defines the american experience. we are awarding $100,000 in total cash prizes, including a grand prize of $5,000. this year's deadline is january 20, 2019. for more information, go to our website. the un security council held a meeting yesterday at the request of the u.s. on the latest efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula. in this portion of the meeting, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. rebukes russia for what she says were violations of the u.n.
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backed sanctions against north korea. this is about half an hour. >> good morning, the meeting is called to order. the provisional agenda is nonpe -- nonproliferation, democratic people's republic of korea. in accordance with rule 37 of the councils provisional rules procedure, i invite the representatives of japan and the republic of korea to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 of the councils provisional rules , i invite miss rosemary carlow to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin item two of the agenda.
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i now give the floor to miss rosemary decarlo. rosemary: thank you. there have been several new developments of the democratic people's republic of korea. on april 20, the dprk announced immediate halt of certain longer-range ballistic missiles. on may 24, the dprk reportedly dismantled its nuclear test site. the dprk also reportedly dismantled missile related .nfrastructure international experts woulere not invited to witness any of these activities. in the meantime, there continue to be signs the dprk is maintaining its missile programs.
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agencyernational atomic remains unable to access the dprk. the agency continues to monitor development through commercially available satellite imagery where possible. in its regular reports to the iaea board of governors in the iaeaonference, director general reported that the agency had observed signatures consistent with the continued operations of the plutonium production reactor, radio chemical laboratory, and a legend radium enrichment -- a legend radium enrichment facility. -- to realize the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. it is hoped the positive
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thelopments together with leaders of the dprk and the u.s. will contribute to an atmosphere conducive to advancing sustainable peace and complete and verifiable denuclearization on the korean peninsula in accordance with relevant security council resolutions. security council unity helped create the opportunities to engage diplomatically. a year ago, the korean peninsula piece ofost intense security in the world. a foundation has been did -- established to make tangible progress on the issues. we encourage all member states of to support the parties in a diplomatic efforts and to ensure the full implementation of the relevant security council resolutions.
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been president, i have asked to brief today on the united nations command, which is also referred to as the unified command. july 7, council 84 of 1950 recommended all member states providing military forces and other assistance to the republic should make such forces and other assistance available to a unified command under the u.s.a. and requested the united states to designate the commander of such forces. the same resolution also authorized the inside command at its discretion to use the united nations flag in the course of of operations concurrently the flag of the various nations participating. in its first report to the security council on the operation of the command, the united states informed the security council that on july 25, 1950, the unified command was established in the security
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council first use the name united nations command on november 8, 1950. notwithstanding its name, the united nations command is not a body, nor does it come under control of the nations. furthermore, it was not established as a subsidiary of the security council and not funded into the united nations budget. there are no reporting lines between the united nations command and secretariat. madam president, the secretary-general in the upcoming high-level week of the united nations general assembly will discuss how he and the united nations system can for the support the party and how steps can be taken for peace, security and verifiable denuclearization of the korean council resolutions. it's a hope that the korean summit starting
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in a few hours in the plan summit between leaders of the united states and the dprk will further contribute to this process, thank you. i thank miss decarlo for her statement and i shall now make a statement in my capacity as representative of the united states. whether international sanctions succeed or fail, depends on the difference between words and deeds. sanctions are just words on a page unless they are effectively enforced. russia originally called for this meeting to discuss the implementation of sanctions against north korea. then they evidently changed their mind. but we thought the issue was important enough to bring forward and have a briefing. the united states welcomes the chance to examine the difference between words and deeds. we welcome the opportunity to see whether security council's efforts to eliminate north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs
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are being honored and enforced and if not, why. the measures we adopted last year are something the security council should be very proud of. we achieved historic unity implementing historic sanctions. the security council unanimously adopted three major sanction packages creating one of the most restrictive sanctions regimes in history. together, we have also have plummeted sanctions against dozens of specific north korean individuals and entities supporting regimes nuclear and ballistic missile programs. all of us pledged a ban on north korean exports and 30% of its imports. all of us thomas to uphold the expulsion of all north korean overseas laborers and stop all joint ventures. we supported a cap on north korean
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imports of oil and other refined petroleum products at 500,000 barrels per year. and a total ban on the exports of north korean coal. we all promised to expel north korean overseas financial representatives. we agreed north korea should not able to obtain chemical and biological weapons related material. and we all agreed to stop international scientific engagement with north korea. these sanctions were put in place for a very specific reason. to cut off funding and materials for north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs because we know that the cash revenue going to north korea is used to build its weapons programs, not to help the north korean people. the difficult and very sensitive talks with north korea are ongoing. -k the trumpim summit has set us on a path of complete denuclearization but we're not
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there yet and until we get there, we must not ease the powerful worldwide sanctions that are in place. it is important to note that like the rest of the security council, russia voted in favor of all of the sanctions i just described. despite this, and despite not having yet come close to the achievement of denuclearization, russia is now asking to ease the sanctions. russia originally requested this meeting for the purpose of criticizing the united states for blocking rail projects it wants to pursue with north korea. russia plan on asking the security council to begin to remove sanctions on north korea so it can pursue a project for its own economic benefit. the question one should ask is why. why, after voting
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for sanctions 11 different times, is russian out tacking away from them? we know the answer. it's because russia has been cheating. and now, they have been caught. despite its repeated support for you and sanctions, russia is actively working to undermine the enforcement of the security council sanctions on north korea. it's five relations are not one off. they are systematic. russia has not simply looked the other way as its nationals and entities engage in activities explicitly prohibited by you and sanctions. russia has engaged in a concerted campaign in the security council to cover up violations of sanctions whether they are committed by russia or citizens of other states. the
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united states has evidence of consistent and wide-ranging russian violations. this should offend every current and former member of the security council who knows how difficult it was to gain passage of these sanctions. it should offend every country that has felt the looming threat of north korean nuclear weapons. one of the main ways north korea cheats is through ship to ship transfers of banned items, mainly oil but increasingly, coal and other goods. they import inspections, oil tankers come together over the high seas. north koreans use hoses to transfer refined petroleum products to their ships to bring back home. many tankers are willing to provide oil to make a quick buck. one russian vessel called the patriot was captured on film transferring refined petroleum to a north korean controlled vessel in april of this year. it is you enlisted. the patriot helped the north koreans evade
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sanctions by allowing them to obtain oil on the high seas without having to dock into a port since the north korean boat was subject to a global port entry been. -- entry ban. the united states has evidence of many more ships we have uncovered providing oil illegally through ship to ship transfers. just this year, the united states tracked at least - cape fear river in pender county.


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