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tv   Sec. Pompeo UN Amb. Haley and Adviser Bolton News Conference  CSPAN  September 25, 2018 3:07am-3:30am EDT

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in rural america. secretary of state mike pompeo, u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley and national security adviser john bolton held a news conference on the sidelines of the un's general assembly in new york city. they preview the president's schedule and priorities and answered questions on plans for a second u.s., north korea summit. they were also asked about rod -- deputy attorney general general -- deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. this is 20 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. it is an honor to be here for the 73rd united nations general secretary pompeo: good morning, everyone. it is an honor to be here for
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the 73rd united nations general assembly. my first as secretary of state. kind of the super bowl of diplomacy. americans can be proud of the deal we are negotiating. americans expect the united states to serve bold leadership on the world stage that reflects our values and under president trump, we are leading from the front. this was clear from the first meeting which we issued a call for the global drug problem. the scourge of drug problems, and substance abuses is intensifying on a global scale. within the united states, president trump is leading a massive and effective counterattack against it. it is now time for every country to follow our lead. to follow our lead. later today, the president will hold meetings with president moon of south korea, the president of egypt and president , mccrone of france. whether security issues, economic issues, human rights, or, anything else the president , is asking for countries to exert their sovereignty to solve challenges and listen to what americans can do to help. this emphasis on sovereignty was the theme of president trump's
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speech in the general assembly last year. that theme will in due are in his speech tomorrow along with a recap of his call for every nation to do its part as paid dividends for the united states and the world over this past year. for example, president trump's leadership, combined with efforts of countries to enforce the pressure campaign has the -- the escalated tensions with north korea and brought us closer to our final goal. the final verified denuclearization as agreed to by chairman kim jong-un. last week's summit between president moon and chairman tim dashcam yielded another positive step forward. the president remains resolute. now is not the time to ease pressure. -- kim yielded another positive step forward. the president remains resolute. now is not the time to ease pressure. as you have heard, president trump will address the threat of nonproliferation of the security council on wednesday.
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and the need for responsible nations to stop the spread of weapons and technology. among the topics, north korea, syria, iran. you can bet the president will have well deserved strong words for the iranian regime. they are among the worst violators of un security council resolution. if not the absolute worst in the world. he will call on every country to join our pressure campaign to thwart the torrent of destructive activity. whether it is venezuela, south sudan, burma, china, we estimated 25 million victims of modern slavery around the world can also count on america's support. today is shaping up as a great first day. lots more work to come this week. president trump and our entire diplomatic corps look forward to the days ahead when we achieve shared victories for all. ambassador haley? >> good morning. we got a great start today with the president event on counter narcotics. really to understand this event is to understand the fact that it was not just a bunch of people getting into a room,
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every country that attended had to sign a global call to action, which basically said that they were going to implement something within their own countries that dealt with how they were going to deal with the supply and demand of drugs. the international cooperation they were going to do with other countries to stop illicit drugs, also, treatment that can be done within their own countries. the idea that the president was able to get 130 countries to sign on means that we are now having a global drug conversation that needed to be had for a long time. as we go through, you are seeing over 140 heads of delegations that are here at the united nations. we are looking forward to the president's speech tomorrow. as you can tell, last year, we started and it was trying to figure out what the u.s. president was going to be. this year, we are here with a bang. not only is the president during his speech, he will be doing a security council meeting. secretary pompeo is also doing a security council meeting. the vice president is doing an event on venezuela. it is all hands on deck by the united states.
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he will be meeting with the secretary-general. it has been an interesting time knowing that since the secretary general meeting last year, we have pulled out of the paris accord, we have pulled out of the global contact we have , pulled out of the iran deal. all of that is to say that the united states is determined to, obviously, be involved in multilateral organizations where we see it, but not in a way that they are mandated on what the united states does or that infringes on the american people. with that, he will be hosting a reception tonight with the heads of delegations and tomorrow night, he and the vice president, and the secretary have agreed to host our security council members as well as their foreign ministers. you know, with everything we have been able to get accomplished, whether it is the arms embargo with south sudan, the idea that we were able to get three sanctions package is -- packages passed in north korea, that we have gotten massive reform efforts that were done this past year, and peacekeeping mandates completely
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rolled over. we would not be able to do that without the security council. that meeting will be very important. we look forward to a great week. everyone is excited. the united states is always very happy to host this. new yorkers may not be. we will make it great. thank you very much. >> thanks. i am delighted to be here. [laughter] everybody have a copy? i have got mine. a little worn. i still have it. i wanted to take a second and talk about one of the themes in the president's remarks tomorrow. i have been around long enough to know that i'm not going to step on any of his lines. he is going to talk and elaborate on his views on sovereignty. i just wanted to explain that this is why this is so important for americans. because many people consider sovereignty an abstract concept.
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it derives, obviously, from the word sovereign. meaning monarch. it is one of the reasons, i think, america's exceptional. that is we understand sovereignty, not to be vested in the head of state. we understand it as the framers said in the constitution, itself. we the people. we the people are sovereign in america. so that infringements on our sovereignty are not infringements on abstractions or infringements on the government. they are infringement on the people themselves. we express our sovereignty through the constitution. through our political processes. that is why that is so important. that is also why we believe, i'm speaking in secular terms, the constitution is the highest authority that we recognize. in a number of different ways, the president will address this issue, and it is a continuing theme of his. secretary pompeo said it was the
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theme in his last address that the general somebody will be this year, a variety of other contexts that you will see. thank you. >> with that, we open up the questions. >> a question raised with the russians, the escalation of sending these missiles to syria. >> those are many topics that we will talk about with the russians. i'm confident that their latest decision will be amongst them. one ambassador said the most recent conversation, when he met counterpart, three weeks ago, four weeks ago, yesterday, we are trying to find everyplace we can weather is common ground where we can work with the russians. we are finding places where we are working against american interests. we will hold them accountable. i am sure we have our time together. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sure sergei and i will have our time together.
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>> when you talk about doereignty and the threat, you expect president bolton to repeat that and what is the prosecuting?or >> as i said, i am not going to say anything specific about what he will comment on. the authorities that i referred to my speech in the federal society are drawn from the american servicemembers protection act of 2002. >> two questions. the first is not exactly a new , butme -- in your purview as you spend time with president trump [inaudible] ,>> i don't have anything to say
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on that one. >> how long do you leave the door open to north korea before we decide this is not working? >> you have to remember there is a process. we will move forward. to set a date would be foolish. make no mistake, the conversations that we are having are important. they are putting the opportunity to complete the denuclearization in place. we will continue at every level to have those conversations. some of them, you will be aware of, some of them you won't know are taking place. there is lots going on so that we can get to the place. the place this week. the place of the un security council resolutions that amended this north korea give up its nuclear weapons program. even more broadly, its nuclear capabilities. those of the united states demand. they are the united nations demands.
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we will help chairman kim to get to the right placed on a promise he made. >> are you optimistic? >> yes. >> to follow up on that president trump said the second point, meeting will take place soon. my question is what does north korea need to do before securing that meeting? or, has it already achieved that privilege? >> i'm not going to get into details. i'm confident that will happen. i expect i will be traveling before too long. travel to make the final preparations for the second meeting between the two leaders. >> that is before the end of the year? >> yes, lord willing it will be before the end of the year. >> [inaudible]
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what would the united states you willing to give up to north korea? >> i have said repeatedly, i shall remain steadfast, we will not talk about the state of the negotiations. it would be inappropriate for us to do that. or for our north korean counterparts to talk about particulars of deals. the fundamental principles remain the same. we expect the full complete, verified denuclearization of new korea. until such time as that occurs the economic sanctions will , remain in place. that is the core proposition that the president agreed to in singapore. it is the one we will continue to honor through the whole process. justin trudeau is among the allies not getting a private sit-down. what does that say about the relationship between the united states and canada and the
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possibility of securing a trade deal with canada? schedule isdent's very compressed. there were a lot of requests and a lot of desires by the president to have bilaterals that could not be accommodated. he speaks with prime minister trudeau by phone all the time. it is always possible here in new york that they would have time for a pull aside. there is full and open complete communication between prime minister trudeau and president trump. >> this is for ambassador haley or secretary pompeo. [inaudible] there are rumors he could be released next month. is that true? >> he could be released this month. he should have been released
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last month. he should be released today, in fact. we have talked to the turks. they know the expectations. the pastor and the other u.s. persons being held by turkey all need to be released by turkey. that needs to be done immediately. i'm sure there will be conversation this week. there will be nothing that we share with them here that we have not shared with him already -- with them already about president trump's demands that these instant people who have -- these innocent people who have done nothing wrong not to be detained wrongfully. >> [inaudible] [inaudible]
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what does the u.s. plan to do to counter this? >> you are speaking about the iraqi government formation process. i wanted to make sure i had the question right. this administration took over at were runninghey rampant through five capitals in the middle east. we have engaged in significant activity that has begun to counter the iranian threat. today, they remain the world's largest state-sponsored terror. it is our effort to make sure that does not remain the case. we have put a number of restrictions in place. we will reimpose another set of sanctions come this november. our actions in and around the middle east have made clear we will not continue to accept iran's bad behavior. in iraq, we have been working to
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achieve a government that is an iraqi national government. we are hoping that the leaders, the people of iraq have spoken, they had their chance to vote. now they are in the process of , forming a government. we are working to make sure the iraqi people, the voice that they gave during their elections, is who ends up in leadership there. >> [inaudible] rudy giuliani call for change in with thes that fall trump administration's desires? >> as i have said repeatedly, regime change in iran is not the administration's policy. as mike pompeo just said, we have imposed very stringent sanctions on iran. more are coming. what we expect from iran is massive changes in their behavior. until that happens, we will continue to exert what the
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president has called maximum pressure. that is what we intend to do. haley, you have been with the administration since the beginning. in the story about rob it mentioned he was involved in circulating discussions about invoking the 25th amendment am having the president removed from office. you aware of any of those discussions and i have a north korea follow-up for the secretary. >> i said yesterday on the sunday shows that literally, i , have never once been in the white house where their conversation has happened. i'm not aware of any cabinet members that are even talking about that. it is completely and totally absurd. no one is questioning the president at all. if anything, we are trying to keep up the pace with him. in the fact that he has a lot he has to accomplish quickly.
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we will help them do that. >> before you went into the summit in singapore, you did not have an agreement in place for complete denuclearization. why should you have another summit with kim jong-un if you do not have the details in place? it seems to the layman you have the process backward. you would want the details in place before having the summit. here you are doing it for the second time. check, iings, fact have been with the administration since beginning. not that that is relevant. i will add no discussion with me about the 25th amendment. report that there are two people that have cited about the 20th of the amendment. if it is a ludicrous why does
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, the deputy attorney general have a discussion about a behind -- about it behind the scenes? >> i find that question ludicrous. i have been involved and at the center of this administration from virtually day one. i think it was day three or four. i have never heard anyone talk about it, whisper about it, joke about it in any way. i have been in a lot of meetings with a lot of senior officials. your question on north korea. remember the history. we went at this the other way for decades. north korea continues to build its nuclear program. right? we tried to do details. we tried to do step for step. trade for trade. each of those failed. we are coming at this from a different direction. we are bringing the two senior leaders, individuals who can make the decisions, move this process forward, and bring them together so we can continue to make progress toward what the un security council has demanded and what chairman kim has promised he would do. that is the effort. there remains work to be done.
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there will be some time before we get to complete denuclearization. we have been at this the other way for a long time and failed. and we put america at risk. >> wouldn't be ludicrous to have another meeting with kim jong-un if we don't have the details in place? >> absolutely not. if we can continue to make progress and have conversations, there is enormous value in that. pompeo, in your ,erms about denuclearization was that a mistake or deliberate? >> complete mistake. completely irreversible. thank you for correcting me. >> thank you for attending today. thank you for coming. >> thanks for coming. thank you.
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tuesday onp live on c-span at 10:00 a.m., we are live from the united nations in new york for remarks from president trump carried at noon eastern, the house returns for general speeches. at legislative day starts two :00 p.m., cyber security, border security, and small business development. at 10:00, we are live at phoenix where the governor's debate between arizona governor doug ducey and his democratic challenger david garcia.
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c-span2 at 8:00 a.m., the rise and risks of vaping among teenagers. in the senate, members consider the nomination of peter feldman to be on the consumer product safety commission. on c-span3 at nine: 30 a.m., the senate armed services committee considers military command nominations. at 1:30 p.m., cynthia burwell is in conversation with outgoing senator bob corker of tennessee. at 3:30 p.m., health care in rural america. c-span, where history unfolds daily. 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's television cable companies. today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington,.c


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