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tv   Campaign 2018 Virginia Senate Debate  CSPAN  September 27, 2018 4:17am-5:14am EDT

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total cash prices, including a gap prize of $5,000. this year's deadline is january 20, 2019. for more information, go to our website. >> next, a look at the u.s. senate race in virginia between senator tim kaine and corey stewart. they met for a debate that focused on immigration, health care, and the coal industry. this is under one hour. good evening, and welcome to the virginia senatorial debate between senator tim kaine and corey stewart. it is made possible by the northern virginia chamber of commerce, george mason university and the northern virginia technology council. this debate is airing on stations across the commonwealth. nationally on c-span and streaming live online. what is happening is that typically people will find me through email, through social media, that kind of thing. typically i gather enough information for the mainline
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customer service team and i will pass it on to them. >> why is it important to you to stay involved in that way? >> i have seen company founders have issues in two different ways. one is founders syndrome, people who are good at starting something, but they are not good at continuing it. that is why in 2000, after people helped me understand that i suck as a manager, i turned it over. yeah, and the other thing is that, when you drift away from every day kind of company functions, when you drift away from your customers, that is like drifting away from reality. you just lose touch and that's not good for anyone. >> was there any one major event that was the catalyst for a let me welcome our panelists.
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aaron gilchrist, he spent 20s. years covering virginia here and in richmond. julie carey, news 4 is northern bureau chief. so now, let me introduce the candidates. republican nominee, corey stewart. and the democratic incumbent, senator tim kaine. and, as determined by coin toss, corey stewart has the first opening statement. stewart: thank you all. i would
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like to thank my wife maria and our two sons for their support. the united states senate is broken. they are not talking with one another. they are yelling at each other. republicans are blaming democrats and democrats are blaming republicans. nothing is getting done. including with senator kaine. he is an automatic no to everything president trump proposes. when the president proposed increasing our military budget, senator kaine voted no. when president trump proposed increasing the modest housing allowance for military, senator kaine voted no. and when the president successfully fought for a tax cut for all of you, senator kaine voted no. senator kaine votes no on everything. i, on the other hand, have a long track record of 12 years, in the second-largest locality in
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virginia, the most diverse locality in northern virginia, of actually getting things done. working across party lines, working across racial and ethnic lines, to drop houses, to -- a drop of taxes, rebuild public safety, to build schools and roads. that is why i ask for your vote. thank you very much. >> thank you. kaine: thank you for doing this. i want to thank the sponsors for hosting. i am happy to be joined by my wife, my son and daughter-in- law. i am especially thrilled to be joined by my friend, former senator john warner. john, we are very proud of your service. elections are about choice and there is a clear choice virginians face in november. it comes down to our very themes. i am running on an upbeat theme, a virginia that works for all. my opponent is working on an angry and divisive
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theme, take virginia back. in my 34 years in virginia, i am proud to work with senators and administrations of both parties to get things done. expanding medical research. building ships to create virginia jobs and keep us safe. fighting the scourge of opioid addiction. recognizing virginia tribes. his theme is divisive. bitter attacks. trafficking in bizarre conspiracies. we want a virginia that works for all or do we want to take virginia back? that is what is at stake. >> all right, thank you both. you're good at keeping the time
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so far, let's see if we can keep it up. all right, i want to begin with you and the big story in the nation's capital. there are multiple allegations now against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. christine blasey ford has brought the most significant accusations. is there anything that she or judge kavanaugh could say tomorrow that would change your mind about her? brett kavanaugh. christine blasey ford has brought the most significant accusations. is there anything that she or judge kavanaugh could say tomorrow that would change your mind about her? >> this is the thing. this is beneath the dignity of the united states senate. it is not just democrats, republicans as well. that needs to end. we have dragged america through this horrible spectacle in the united states senate. and who is doing it? 100 and the senate, 435 in the house.
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they are guilty in my perspective. here is what they are doing. they spent $17 million to quash accusations of sexual harassment against them, and now they are going after judge kavanaugh .36- year-old allegations, when he was in high school? who are they to judge? who are they to judge? 268 separate allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and other misdeeds by the united states senate and they are covering it up. >> let me tell you, when doctor ford came out with her allegations, you said they were a bunch of --. you waited a day and then tweeted this out, what's next, will someone find that judge kavanaugh pulled a girls pigtails in first grade?
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there is no equivalent. to minimize the seriousness of these allegations. there are now four accusers. you are going after the accusers, as you always do, trying to demean them. we have young people watching us tonight. people who have suffered from sexual assault or are suffering from it. they need to know if they bring forward a charge, we want to help them. we will take them seriously. we will get to the bottom of the charge. they don't need to be shut down by the kind of name-calling you have done against doctor ford. >> talk about demeaning women, what about the $17 million you paid in hush money for the complaints against you and other members of the united states congress? that didn't happen 36 years ago, that happened as late as
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last year. senators like al franken and others. he is gone, thankfully, but there are others. how come you want release the list of all of these allegations of the senators and members of the house that sexually harassed women, for who you paid $17 million in hush money to shut them up? >> you are trying to make it sound like there were complaints against me, and that is completely false. you just think you can make it up, without any facts. >> who is making things up? >> i have been working to reform what is an antiquated policy to make it better and i have been the one that forced the senate ethics committee to release the information about the settlements that have been paid. any settlement that has been paid should be on the table and i have been on the front of that. >> not only do you oppose brett
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kavanaugh, but you voted against neil gorsuch. doesn't it proof that you are making an ideological decision over a basic qualification decision when it comes to supreme court nominees? >> here is what i do when a supreme court nominee is out there. i take everything they have written. articles and judicial opinions. i have them come to my office, i look them in the eye and ask them questions i have. i wait until the hearing is over. based on all of that, i make a decision. i have appointed judges to the virginia supreme court. i have tried cases in all courts, including the supreme court. i take this very seriously. with justice gorsuch, i was concerned he had an -- had a habit of going out of his way on one particular topic. women's freedom and healthcare decisions. he would go out of his way to
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be a judicial activist and i didn't think we needed him on the court. what i did was i did my homework. you don't see me coming out of the gate and trashing somebody for calling them a name, before i even know the fact. >> 60 seconds, mister stewart. >> it is not just judge gore search and judge kavanaugh. it is 17 appointments by the president of the united states to the cabinet and other appointments. tim kaine automatically points -- automatically votes no. when i say this, politifact, which is not a friend of mine were most republicans, even they say it is true. tim kaine votes automatically against the president of the united states. when the president wanted to reduce taxes, he voted no. when the president wanted to
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improve salary for the military, he voted no. you voted no and now you are lying about it. you voted against it on january 19, senator. people can see through this. you are voting against every single thing that president trump does, even if doing so hurts virginia and virginians. >> let's have a hoed -- have a whole debate on that. i have voted for many of president trump's nominees. many of them. president trump assigned about 17 pieces of legislation i have written. he has signed six pieces of legislation i have written since we last debated at the homestead. i will advance with president trump everywhere we can. career and technical education.
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battling opioids. but i will defend the values of the country and the commonwealth when i need to. >> quickly, would you have voted to confirm justice roberts or justice alito? >> you know, i would do the same thing. >> you don't want to say? >> i have a big one on my head right now. we have a huge decision about the supreme court that we need to make right now and i have been clear where i am on judge kavanaugh. >> let me turn to the topic of transportation. president trump promised a massive job creating road and bridge fixing infrastructure plan that would benefit virginia and other states. it has gone nowhere. the president says he is the dealmaker. where do you think he went wrong on this and if elected would you be in favor of direct federal funding of virginia projects? >> yes i would. you know something, when tim kaine was running for
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governor, i thought he is a democrat, but i can work with him. he has a local background, maybe he will be reasonable. he campaigned in 2005 on infrastructure, especially here . you know how much infrastructure was built under his watch? zero. not a single nickel for transportation, road construction or anything else got done in virginia when he was governor. now, after six years in the united states senate, not a single nickel for virginia infrastructure. we are still stuck in gridlock in northern virginia and across the state, because he didn't get the job done in his 10 years as governor and in the united states senate. 10 years. what a missed opportunity. all he did is give away the toll road and shut down the rest stops. >> well, if you walk out of this building, there is something called the silver line that you will see, right
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when you walk out. that is something. that is something. when i came as governor, that was on the drawing board and had been for 20 years. i told my secretary of transportation, for the good of the economy, we will have that thing under construction by the time i am done. as a senator, i worked to get the funding developed and beyond. down through prince william, you can see the extension. i worked on all of those projects. we can do transportation in washington, if the president would stop trying to repeal everybody's healthcare. if he decided to devote to infrastructure what he has devoted to taking away the healthcare of millions and millions of people, we could do a transportation bill. but you are cheering him on at every occasion. >> there you go.
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blaming republicans, blaming the president, blaming everybody else and getting nothing done. now he is trying to take credit for what others accomplished. when he was governor, he tried to raise taxes four times. republicans wouldn't go along with it. not even democrats would go along with it. so what he did was shutdown the rest stops, out of pure spite. now we have $40 poles, because he refused to do his job. >> that is the next question. senator kaine, when asked in a poll what concerns them the most about democrats in congress, gridlock was the top answer. if democrats gain control, would you work to block president trump's agenda or lead democrats to work toward compromise? >> what a great question. my goal will be to do what i have been doing. i have a lot of legislation to
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president trump's desk, battling opioids, recognizing virginia indian tribes. i wrote the bill to expand the navy and got that through to create jobs and improve national security. i will continue to do what i have been doing. i am one of the senators who is always working across the aisle to try to find partnerships to get bills to president obama and now to president trump. that is what i will continue to do. if the president proposes things that are bad, sure i will stand up against them. if they are bad for virginia or the country, i will stand up against them. what we need to see is people who know how to work together across the aisle. that is not what my opponent does. he looked at the democrats and call them all socialists. you can't call the other side names and expect them to work with you. >> he is going to do what he
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has been doing for the last six years. that means nothing is going to get done. nothing. he talks about working across the party aisle, but all you have heard tonight is blaming the other side. blaming president trump. blaming the republicans. that is what he did as governor. he said there was no money left for transportation in virginia. the governor was elected, he comes in, and my predecessor, the director of the virginia department of transportation did an audit. they found out his administration was sitting on road improvement money. he would not spend it on road construction. he kept it hidden. we finally started getting some road projects moving in virginia after he was out of office. the senate gets nothing done. you want to take credit for the navy? the one you voted against on january 19?
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>> i wrote the bill and help to get a budget deal done to fund the 365 ship navy in march. corey stewart said to president trump, please veto that bill. veto the bill that funds the navy. veto the bill that increases pay to our troops. look, it is about working across the aisle. that is why when i was governor, i was able to do it so we were the best managed state in america. the best state for business. the best state to raise a child. but under your watch, class sizes are going up. slashing the health department. >> if democrats take control of congress, particularly the house, and impeachment inquiry might begin. how will you work across the aisle if they are working on impeachment and you think they should be?
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>> we need to protect the mueller investigation. protect it so it can pursue any evidence of criminal culpability by anyone, but also to tell the story of what happened so we can protect our election. i don't think it should be jumping to a conclusion before the investigation is done. on this i differ from my opponent. my opponent has called the investigation a witchhunt, again and again. he said it needs to be terminated and that would be a disaster. >> since you invoked him, i will give you 30 seconds. >> you heard what he will do. democrats take control of the senate, you know what you will find? nothing is going to get accomplished. they will totally stop the president's agenda of making tax cuts permanent. you will find a total stop on rebuilding the military. building a wall for the security at our border. dianne feinstein will be chairman of the judiciary committee.
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how many of the presidents appointments will get through then. bernie sanders will be the chairman of the budget committee. how much good policy will be accomplished with a socialist in charge? >> next question. >> in my conversations with virginia republicans, including david ramadan, they mentioned the two different corey stewart's. the one who entered as a pro- business figure and the other who has made immigration and confederate statues his focus. he tells me the second corey stewart is an act. is he right? and who is the real corey stewart? >> you know why so many are supporting him? because they know he won't change anything. i will. i will change things up. that is the difference. i had to twist a few arms,
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maybe even break a few to get things done. but i got things done. in my term as chairman, we hired hundreds of new firefighters, hundreds of new police, thousands of new teachers. built billions of dollars of new roads and schools. the way i got that done was not through partisanship, it was through working with democrats and republicans. in fact, one of the people on my board i work with most closely is a democrat. i can get things done and i will in the senate, because it needs it. at the end of the day, i can work with anyone to get things accomplished. >> people who know you best are the republican supervisors who served with you on the prince william board. they worked with you for years. when you ran for governor in a primary, not a single one of your republican colleagues would support you. not one. one stayed neutral and all of
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the others decided to support someone who had never held public office. ed gillespie over you. when the people who know you best look at what you have done in their county and say we don't want that at the state level, i think all virginians should pay attention to that. driving per-pupil spending down while class sizes are going up. trying to eliminate the health department and slashing spending. cutting gang prevention. crime stats lagging behind the state average. that is your record and that is why your own republican colleagues would not support you. >> your insulting my county, prince william county, and i will not tolerate it. during the last 12 years, we work together to get things done. we have a larger roadbuilding program in prince william county
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than in fairfax county and we are half the size. we have put additional money into schools to keep up with growth. we have over 95,000 kids in our schools. the kids in our schools are good. your insulting our schoolteachers. we are hiring thousands of new teachers. you got nothing done as governor and we had to fend for ourselves. >> senator kaine, i want to ask you about something. democratic activists and some of your colleagues are calling for i.c.e. to be abolished. my question is, one, what is your view of that position? and two, where would you draw the line? >> the problem with our immigration laws is not the agency, it is the people in power. we have not done immigration reform since 1986 and it is well past time to do comprehensive immigration reform.
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i was proud to be part of a sizable bipartisan coalition to do an immigration reform that was about a path to citizenship, border security, visa reform. it went to the house and did nothing. i think if the house were democratic, we could put this bill on the president's desk. what i won't do is demonize immigrants, like my opponent. again and again and again, he takes an anti-emigrant line in a way that is brought controversy to his county and made it more difficult for prince william to attract some of the businesses that, when i was governor, were choosing to come to fairfax rather than prince william. >> i don't think the senator understands the difference between an illegal alien and an immigrant to this country. that is what he doesn't understand. i love immigrants.
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my wife is an immigrant. i am hosting exchange students at my home because i love cultural diversity. but we have to enforce our laws. last year, a 16-year-old, killed by an illegal alien. a couple weeks ago, a 4-year- old, killed by an illegal alien. how many kids have to die, senator, before you agree to secure the border? >> i am the only one on this stage who has voted for border security, multiple times. the problem with the approach is immigration. he always leads with crime and bad stuff. i look at immigration is fundamentally about opportunity. capital one was cofounded by an immigrant. when we sit down at board meetings, there are immigrants who have come to our country, built businesses.
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invested in virginia. invested in america. do we have to deal with crime? yes. i was a crime-fighting governor, that we will not make our society better by demonizing immigrants. >> the president almost cut a deal with his friends on giving the doctor recipients -- giving the daca recipients citizenship in exchange for the wall. would you support that? >> we have to support the law. these kids came in when they were young. one of these kids that came in when he was young killed a nun in prince william county in 2010. my job as an elected official on the local level, and when i am on the federal level, is to protect you and your families and your rights. it is not to look after people who are trying to come across
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the country illegally. >> what a smear about dreamers. there are 14,000 dreamers in virginia and corey is going to talk about a horrible case. crime should be prosecuted, but to senior emigrants and dreamers by focusing on crime instead of the workforce and the opportunities in this wonderful state that of been so benefited by new american talent, this just shows this takeback virginia theme you are running on is angry and divisive. in a we need is leaders in this debate hosted by the northern virginia chamber of commerce. >> so we will continue. senator kaine, i have the next question here.
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we will keep it lively. keep moving. there is a proposal to rename the senate office building. right now it is named after the late senator richard russell of georgia. while he was part of the new deal with fdr, he was an advocate of white supremacy. if it came up for a vote, would you vote for russell or mccain? >> i would vote for renaming it for john mccain, absolutely. i think the senate rules committee is going to work on the proposal and there is another proposal on the table that i think is interesting. it would name the visitor center complex after senator mccain. i could easily vote for either of those proposals. >> but is his name something that should be on there or not? >> i don't think we need to make a decision that is
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permanent for all time. there is a role in the capital, for example, about statues. you have to get the design approved by the architect, but the statue can be changed after 10 years. the original idea was that names would change. you honor different people over different periods of time. honoring senator russell was fine, but i would be very happy voting for that building to be the mccain office building. >> well, you could say you got something done i suppose. here is the thing. the democrats and media keep bringing this up. this is what it comes down to. he wants to bring them down, i want to keep them up. it is a matter of history. we have to focus on what matters. we have a lot of problems. when you are literally trying to cause a racial divide in this country at every single opportunity.
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trying to demonize virginians or simply proud of their heritage. proud of the past. that is not right. that is not where we need to go. are you sick of the division and everyone obsessing over these issues of race all the time? leave the name on the building and move on to other things. we need to protect our history. leave the names alone. leave the statues alone and let's fix our healthcare. let's secure the border. let's make sure we have an economy that is thriving. let's build some infrastructure. that is what we should be focusing on. >> if you are looking at the world through bitter colored glasses, it is you, not others. bitterly partisan denotes a change from a democratic name to name my building after a republican senator? is that bitterly partisan? now, john mccain deserves to be honored and recognized. he is an american hero.
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i had the pleasure of serving with him. i have the office he was in for 20 years. if anyone deserves to have something named after him, it is john mccain. >> chairman stewart, you mentioned confederate statues. you support having them and believe every undocumented immigrants should be deported. minority groups have taken issue with your positions . in a state with more than 30% of the population as racial minorities, how do you convince on the will represent them, too? >> i have been leading as the at-large chairman of the second largest county in virginia for 12 years. it is the first majority- minority community and all of virginia. i have been doing it and i have been elected and reelected, four times. now if i were all these things that the left wing media and senator kaine and the democrats
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say i am, i never would have gotten elected and reelected. i know how to get things done. and this obsession with race. look folks, problems in our country are not due to racial differences. they are not due to race and we are not going to solve the problems in our country by focusing in on race. we need to get together. we need to take away that-, for all americans. let's get together and focus on what we can all agree on. that is what i have done at a local level. schools, et cetera. not divisive issues like senator kaine wants to focus on. >> when you choose as your campaign theme, take virginia back, you send a message to people, especially racial minorities. when you bash immigrants, you send a message. when you question whether president obama's birth certificate is a forgery, you
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send a very divisive message. when you skip a prince william county board of supervisors meeting, where they are discussing opioid addiction, to campaign for roy moore in alabama, after he had been outed as someone who prayed on teenage girls, harkening back to days gone by, you are sending a message. everything you do. when you pal around with jason kessler and noted white supremacists and choose to associate with them, you send a message. this isn't about the divisiveness of others, this is about the choices you made. >> there you go again. there you go again. reading race into everything. you know, it is damaging. damaging to this country. he is okay with discriminating against asian americans. asian americans in this country, when they try to go to a good school, harvard, yale, uva, they have to score on
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average more than 270 points higher than other students to get into the same school. that is not right. we have to and state-sponsored racism and stop this obsession with race. >> i never supported discrimination against asian americans in any line of work. >> you are okay with using race as a factor in college admissions, aren't you? >> do you want to respond? >> sure, i believe college classes should look like society. >> so, discriminating against asians -- >> i am against discriminating against anybody. >> you're not answering it. >> let him finish and then we will move on to a different question. >> of course we want to see asian americans well represented in every area of
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life. elected office, our universities. that is why there are so many asian americans in my cabinet, when i was governor. that is what we need to do. everyone needs to see themselves so they have role models another is a path to success. >> thank you gentlemen, let's go on to the next question, on healthcare. >> what you believe should be the future of the affordable care act, particularly in light of the commonwealth of virginia's decision to join the medicaid expansion program, and what changes would you urge democrats to make if they win control of congress in november? >> i support the affordable care act. i support medicare expansion. the act. we need to stop the trump administration sabotage against the affordable care act. cutting out the individual mandate. cutting down enrollment periods cutting down marketing to enable people to enroll.
4:54 am
the insurance companies are saying the rates are going up, because the administration is trying to sabotage the program. president trump even bragged about it himself, i couldn't get it done with votes. first we have to stop the sabotage and second my proposal, medicare offered for americans to buy if they choose, an insurance policy that covers the essential health benefits, that would be very strong. we should not eliminate the aca and got medicaid, which my governor days which my opponent what's -- which my opponent wants to do. >> what happened you? you changed a lot. you have become a very, bitter, partisan figure. you are against everything the president is trying to do. let's look at what he wants to do. he and bernie sanders wanted medicare for all.
4:55 am
that means he wants to take it all, out of your wallet. it is a $32 trillion cost over 10 years. that would mean your income taxes would have to double. how many of you are willing to pay double your federal income tax right now? how many of you could afford it? the last time they said they would fix it, they said our premiums would go down. they went up by 105%. americans didn't get more. that is less for all. they said deductibles would go down, they went up. americans are getting less under your program. >> when corey stewart says he wants to appeal the reportable care act and support plans to take health-insurance away from millions or got medicaid, you better believe him. that is what he did in prince william county. he tried to eliminate the public health department and cut public health funding by 35%. and no, corey, i am not a sponsor of bernie sanders bill.
4:56 am
i think americans should have the option to buy, on the exchange, a policy medicare covered. it would be an affordable additional choice for every american. >> virginia is poised to become the 38th state to ratify the equal rights amendment first approved in 1972. if that happens, the ball is back in congresses court. where do you stand on this issue and should it be part of the constitution? >> no, it shouldn't and let me tell you why. it failed many years ago. left-wing liberals like tim kaine try to bring up a failed idea. you know why it failed? because women would have been subject to the draft. they would've been drafted in the military whether they had a choice or not. they would not have a choice. we already have federal, state and local laws against
4:57 am
discrimination. we need better enforcement of those laws. it is good for the litigators and lawyers, but it is bad for america. it is bad for america. it would mean that men would be able to sue to get into women's athletic programs. do we want that? think of the unintended consequences of adopting this amendment, because it would have very bad ramifications for this country. >> good for lawyers, good for litigators? how about good for women? how about good for women? of course the e.r.a. should be ratified. i hope virginia is the state that puts it over. what we have to fear from putting the equality of women in the constitution, when we are a nation that has embraced as our north star, the jeffersonian quality. of course we should do it. i think women should be valued. i don't think doctor ford
4:58 am
should be attacked when she puts allegations of serious sexual assault on the table. i don't think her allegations should be demeaned. i don't think you should've gone to campaign for roy moore after he was outed as a predator, a serious predator, of young, teenage girls. these actions do not suggest respect for women and that makes your opposition to the e.r.a. pretty easy to understand. >> let's talk about women, close to home. right in the body that you serve in, senator. united states senate. 268 allegations of sexual harassment against you and other members of the united states senate and the house of representatives. why hasn't that come to light? >> it has. >> know it has not.
4:59 am
>> you know the numbers, you had to get it somewhere. >> every other member of the senate and the house is trying to squeeze this under the rug. meanwhile you're trying to talk to us about sexual harassment that happened 36 years ago, potentially. meanwhile you're not willing to clean your own house and expose the identities of members of the senate and house who have sexually harassed and are potentially predators in the congress. >> it should all be disclosed. when the senate ethics committee was refusing to disclose the material that the house committee disclosed, it was my pressure that led the committee to meet and decide. if there are additional facts, hey, let's have it all out there. but you cannot stand here after you just said you don't support the equal rights amendment, and now pretend you are a champion. >> senator kaine, as you know,
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northern virginia made a strong push to become the finalist for amazon's second headquarters and the thousands of jobs that would come with it. some are concerned amazon would rob talent away from existing businesses and further strain rhodes and metro. where do you stand on bringing amazon to northern virginia? >> i hope we get it. i want virginia to win any competition we are in. when i was governor, i was so proud to support things that are good for business, every year i was governor. the best state to raise a child. if there is a competition, i want to win it. will there be challenges? there will be. just like senator warner in the senate would we did the background in 2005. were there challenges, yes? days challenges, yes. we will pull together to do
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novel strategies around housing. while there will be competition for talent and everybody knows it, there will also be a magnet for talent. for talented individuals. talented institutions and talented companies. so i hope that virginia is the winner of this competition and we can figure out the problem, if we work together. >> that is all he has to offer. nothing. absolutely nothing. as the board of supervisors, i worked with the rest of my board. you know how you deal with economic growth? you give businesses and residents adequate infrastructure for roads and schools. we streamlined regulations on our businesses. the board cut in half the time it takes to open a business in my community. $1 billion worth of new roads is what i have been able to do. and we kept taxes lower today than they were when adjusted
5:02 am
for inflation 12 years ago. that is what made prince william county number one in job growth, number three in the usa. that is what we have to do at the federal level. if you look at everything president trump does, the tax cut resulted in a 22 record -- in a 22 year record for blue- collar wages going up. and he is opposed to it. >> the tax bill, what a missed opportunity. these permanent tax cuts for corporations and tiny, temporary, expiring tax cuts for people, wrong priority. adding $2 trillion to the debt, we could have done so much better. you talk about your economic background. when i was governor, we got northrop grumman, volkswagen, -- all of those who chose northern virginia chose fairfax.
5:03 am
>> and not a single road was built or funded. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> not one point >> you guys are going to get penalized. 30 seconds for the next answer, if you could. >> mister store, what is the proper role of government -- where cole is dying due to cheaper energy sources and what do you see in the future for that region? >> senator kaine went to west virginia when he was running for governor in 2005. he told those folks he was going to support them. he would support the coal industry, and then he betrayed them. he supported putting on hold, all those jobs. all those jobs. you go down there and look at those folks. you see people struggling and they want to work and they want to work hard.
5:04 am
coal is an important part of our energy resource and we have to use it.
5:05 am
>> senators need to approach all of the witnesses with respect to i do not think this is just a matter for judge kavanaugh and dr. ford. if we are going to be respectful of the seriousness of the allegations, i think you have to hear from miss ramirez. i think you need to subpoena mark judge and there may be other witnesses. the most respectable thing to do is treat the witness with respect, but to bring all of the witnesses forward. our children are watching. if an allegation of serious sexual assault gets swept under the rug, it will make it harder for people suffering sexual assault to seek help. , dos hear from everybody the fbi investigation that should be done and do it in a
5:06 am
respectful manner. >> if the senate treated each other and other members the way they are treating judge kavanaugh, they would all be in jail. harassment of against you and other members of the united states senate and congress, and you will not disclose it. don't the american people have a right to know where their $17 million in hush money that has gone to hush up these women who have legitimate claims? those were not 36 years ago. they were just last year. don't we have a right to know who among you is on that list? who among you has been charged of -- with sexual harassment.
5:07 am
is in it for the protection of the young women who were working in capitol hill that we have a right to know who is a sexual predator? we have a situation where the sexualis in it for the protectif harassers are accusing judge kavanaugh on sexual harassment. >> many of the facts are on the table because i pushed the senate ethics committee to release what the house committee has released. the senate was slower than the house. we pushed for this information to come out. harassers are accusing judgescores and scores of inforn are out. for you to stand here after you called dr. ford a bunch of haveed, after you suggested her claim of sexual assault is like pulling her pigtails. should the filibuster come back? the 60 vote threshold
5:08 am
is right for legislation and 50 votes is right for nominations. >> you do not believe we should have a higher threshold question mark >> >> a president who gets elected does have a mandate to fill positions. you have agencies like the medicare medicaid agency. 60 votes for legislation, 50 votes for a nomination. >> they are getting nothing done . the only thing the senate has gotten done is the president's tax cut that has resulted in a 52 year low in unemployment. he even oppose that. he opposes every single thing the president proposes. everything. virginia. hurts even if it hurts our military. even if it hurts our military personnel. even if it hurts the average men and women and women in businesses who depend on those tax cuts. >> thank you. that is it for our questions.
5:09 am
now to chairman stuart, you have a one minute closing statement. >> i want to thank all of you for attending this and i want to thank my wife. it has been a long road. i want to let you know something. i know i am controversial. i have members of the board of supervisors here and they know it is true. we've been able to come together in a way the united states senate has never been able to do under senator kaine because he is an automatic note to everything the president proposes. 19, when the president proposed a 355 ship navy, senator kaine voted no. when the president proposed salary increases for military, senator kaine voted no. he votes no out of spite. he is still hurting from 2016. he has been voting no against the president. no against you, no against
5:10 am
virginia. that is why i'm asking you to vote no to senator kaine and yes to virginia's future. , in my 24 years of being an elected life, is positive and welcoming and inclusive. my theme of virginia that works for all is not just an expression of what i'm trying to do but an expression of what i hear from virginians. let's do good things for our commonwealth. that is how i have led all along. cory may think it is nothing to build a 355 ship maybe or battle opioids. virginians think it is something. when corey stewart says take virginia back, virginians do not want to go back. there is nothing in the rearview mirror that looks better than
5:11 am
what we can see in the windshield going forward. if you will continue to support me, i will continue to work for that virginia that works for all, together with you to build accomplishment and help people's lives in every corner of the commonwealth. >> thank you senator and mr. stewart. the northern virginia tech county. my colleagues at nbc for making the debate possible. and to both of you for agreeing to the conversation and having a spirited and lively discussion. thanks also to our great panel. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] with the control of congress in question, see the competition on c-span. watch the debates on key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. c-span's "washington
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journal." live every day with news and policy issues. live this morning, democratic congressman steve cohen of tennessee joins us to discuss brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination ahead of today's hearing. then virginia congressman dave brandt talks about government spending. and we are live in indianapolis for the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capitals tour with indiana attorney general curtis hill. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 this morning. join the discussion. >> here is a look at our live coverage thursday. on c-span the houses back at 10:00 for general speeches. legislative business begins at noon. on the agenda, bills dealing
5:13 am
with tax policies. two, the senate judiciary committee hears testimony from christine blasey ford, who has accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault in high school. brett kavanaugh will also testify. we will show you as much as we can on c-span two until the senate returns at noon. , we will have full coverage of the hearing with christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh that begins at 10:00 eastern. next, a look at the u.s. senate race in tennessee between marsha blackburn and former democratic governor. they are running for the seat of retiring senator bob corker. in their first debate, they discussed the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh


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