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tv   Israeli Prime Minister Remarks at U.N. General Assembly - General Debate  CSPAN  September 29, 2018 10:38am-11:19am EDT

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america for the statement made. may i request representatives to , after which the meeting will stand suspended before resuming to hear the next speaker.
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announcer: on thursday, prime minister benjamin netanyahu delivered his country's annual address at the united nations general assembly in new york city. this is 40 minutes. prime minister netanyahu: distinguished delegates, ladies , when i spoke your three years ago, israel stood alone among the nations. thate nearly 200 countries sit in this hall, only israel opposed the nuclear deal with iran. because itit threatens our future, even our survival. dealposed it because the
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to a nuclearpath arsenal and by lifting the sanctions, it has fueled the campaign of carnage and conquest throughout the middle east. we oppose it- because the deal was based on a lie. iran is not seeking to develop nuclear weapons. israel exposed that light earlier this year -- that lie earlier this year. last february, israel conducted an's atomicr archive. ed over 100,000 documents and videos that had vaults in a
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building. in may, i presented a summary of what we obtained to the media. of plans tovidence build nuclear weapons and its plans to deceive the international community. entered -- israel share this information and even more evidence to be found. and with the international atomic energy agency. months have passed. aea has not taken any d aion, it has not pose single question to iran. it has not demanded to inspect a single site discovered in that
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archive. given this inaction, i decided to reveal today something else that we have shared with the iaea and a few intelligence agencies. has not about to say been shared publicly before. today, i am disclosing for the hast time, that iran another secret facility, a secret atomic warehouse for materiel from the secret nuclear weapons program. may, we exposed the site of
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archives,ret atomic it is right here. , i am revealing the sites of a second facility, iran's secret atomic warehouse. it is rate here. it is three miles away. you exactly what the secret atomic warehouse looks like. here it is. see, it is another innocent looking compound. for those of you at home, using google earth, this no longer myert warehouse is on
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street. you can try to get there and for those of you who try, it is 100 meters from the rug cleaning operation. i hear they do a fantastic job there. by now, they may be radioactive rugs. this is the second secret site. countries with satellite capabilities may notice increased activity in the days and weeks ahead. the people they will see scurrying back and fourth are , trying to finish the job of cleaning up that site. since we rated the atomic the atomicraided
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archive, they've been busy cleaning out the warehouse. just last month, they removed 15 kilograms of radioactive material. do you know what they did with it? that radioactive material, they had to get it out, they took it out, and they spread it around teheran in an effort to hide the evidence. the endangered residents may want to know that they can get a geiger counter on amazon for $29.99. just 4oday, that is million iranian reals. they took this material and spread it around. the officials cleaning out that
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site still have a lot of work to do because they have had at containers full of nuclear related equipment and materials stored there. hold each of those can 2010s of material, this means this site contains as much as 300 tons of nuclear related equipment and material. right here. distinguished delegates, you have to ask yourself a question. secret iran keep a atomic archive and a secret atomic warehouse?
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after all, when south africa and libya, when they gave up their nuclear programs, the first thing they did was to destroy both of the archives -- both the archives and the equipment. the answer is simple. did not destroy its archive and warehouse is because it has not abandoned its goal to develop nuclear weapons. it planned to use both of these sites in a few years, when the time would be right, to break out. ladies and gentlemen, rest assured, that will not happen. it will not happen because what iran hides, israel will find.
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ladies and gentlemen, i have a .essage to the head of the iaea i believe he is a good man. i believe he wants to do the right thing. do the right thing. go inspect this warehouse, immediately, before the rainy and spanish clearing it out -- before the iranians finish clearing it out. do you remember when we were promised that inspections could take place any time, anywhere? remember that? how about inspections regime, -- right here, right now? [applause]
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and, while you are at it, inspect the other site we told you about. once and for all, tell the world the truth about iran. i also have a message today for the tyrants of tehran. israel knows what you're doing and israel knows where you are doing it. regimewill never let a that calls for our destruction to develop nuclear weapons, not now, not in 10 years, not ever. [applause] and israel will do whatever it
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must to defend itself against iran's aggression. we will continue to act against you in syria. we will act against you in lebanon. we will act against you in iraq. were andct against you wherever to defend our state and our people. -- whenever and wherever to defend our state and our people. [applause] distinguished delegates, three years ago, a few weeks ago after ,he nuclear deal was completed i asked this question. does anyone believe that flooding iran's theocracy with weapons and cash will curb its appetite for aggression?
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many of the deal supporters believed just that. they believed that the regime would become more moderate, more peaceful. wouldelieved that iran use the dollars it received in sanctions relief to improve the lives of its people, to solve the water problem, to solve the electricity problem. perhaps, many of you leaved that. -- believed that. this did not happen. fuel its the money to war machine. has past year, iran kurdsed jurds in iraq -- jamasq, financed
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and threatened freedom of navigation in the straits of forhormuz. if you think that iran's aggression has been confined to the middle east, think again. ranian agentswo i were arrested for plotting terror attacks in the united states. arrested, agents were for plotting terror attacks in europe. while the united states is confronting iran with new sanctions, europe and others are appeasing iran by helping a bypass those sanctions. -- by helping it bypassed those
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sanctions. word, appeasement. i use it reluctantly. agains what we are seeing , in europe. think about this. was caughtek iran red-handed trying to murder european citizens, leaders were rolling out the red carpet for the president, promising to give even more money. a historian's son. i have to ask. i ask it as a citizen of the world -- have these leaders
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learned nothing from history? will they ever wake up? israel, we do not need a wake-up call because iran threatens us every day. , andte the best of hopes there were many hopes, around the nuclear deal, this deal did not push war away. it brought war closer to our borders. is trying ton establish permanent military bases against us and has launched missiles and drones. is arming terror groups to launch rocket attacks
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and terror attacks against civilians. is drifting has llah to- directing hezbo build sacred sites -- secret , missiles that can target deep inside israel, within an accuracy of 10 meters. hezbollah is using the innocent people of beirut as human shields. they have placed three of these missile conversion sites along .eirut's international airport
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here is a picture that is worth 1000 missiles. beirut's international airport. here is the first missile site. water's edge, a few blocks away from the runway. here is the second site, underneath a soccer stadium. two blocks away. here is the third site. it is adjacent to the airport. ezbollah.for h israel knows and israel knows what you are doing, where you are doing it and israel will not let you get away with it.
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[applause] ladies and gentlemen, just as the nuclear deal supporters were wrong about what would happen when sanctions would be removed, they were wrong about what would happen when sanctions would be restored. they argued that u.s. sanctions alone would have little impact on iran. that is what they said. really? let us see what happened to the economy, now that president trump has forced companies to choose between doing business with iran and doing business , whosee united states
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gdp is 50 times the size of iran's gdp. a year ago, the economy was booming. now, it is collapsing. iran's currency is plummeting. inflation and unemployment are soaring. british airlines, german banks, french oil companies, and others are scrambling to get out. if that is little economic happen imagine what will with the next batch of sanctions imposed in november. the deal supporters were wrong that removinged sanctions -- that restoring sanctions would rally the people around the regime.
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but are definitely rallying not around the regime. they are rallying against the regime. they are not chanting death to america. they are chanting death to the dictator. they are not chanting export the islamic revolution. they are chanting, leaves syria, leave lebanon, leave gaza, take care of us. protests.o these i talked to the people. i get so many responses from iranians. at first, i thought these were exiles.
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paris safety of london or or los angeles. no, from iran. criticizing their regime, that is an understatement. asked my intelligence people, what is going on? protestsfter, the broke out, not because of what i said, but it was an indicator of something extraordinary taking place. the cause of these protests, the iranian people are showing .nbelievable courage from the urban centers to the outlying villages, and it is embracing the whole of the ron -- iran from the striking bazaar merchants to the young woman
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uncovering their hair. they are bravely standing up to a regime that has brutally oppressed them for four decades and has squandered their money and still squanders it in bloody wars across the middle east. here is what i say to europe's leaders and to others, instead dictators, iran's joined the u.s. and most of the arab world in supporting new sanctions. [applause] israel is deeply grateful to president trump for his bold decision to withdraw from the
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disastrous nuclear deal with iran. many of our net -- many of our arab neighbors are also grateful. anyone who cares about the peace and security of the world should also be grateful. gentlemen, i have an important confession to make. this may surprise you. the iran admit that deal has had one positive consequence, an unintended one. , it broughtg iran israel and many arab states closer together than ever before , closer together than ever before in an intimacy and not -- thathat have
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i have not seen in my lifetime and what have been unimaginable a few years ago. [applause] you know, when you form friendships around a challenge, you quickly see opportunities, not only for security, but how to bring a better life for our people, which israel wants to help do. israel deeply values these new friendships. arrivethe day will soon when israel will be able to expand peace beyond egypt and jordan to other arab neighbors, including the palestinians. i look forward to working with president trump and his team to achieve that goal. i also want to use this
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u.n., aity, here at the place i know, because i served here as an ambassador many years ago and for many years. i know something about the u.n.. i want to use this opportunity to express israel's appreciation to president trump and ambassador haley for the support they have provided israel at the united nations. [applause] they have unequivocally backed israel's right to defend itself.
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they pulled out of a history denying unesco and a morally bankrupt human rights council. they have more resolutions about israel than the rest of the world combined. iran,enfold compared to syria, you name it. not even tenfold, because you cannot multiply zero i any number. by any multiply zero number. president trump and ambassador haley stopped funding an organization that, instead of solving the palestinian refugee , --lem perpetuates it perpetuated. presidentday, the fights a battle against the u.n. who day after day, slanders
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israel. even though the revolution -- the resolution that compared zionism to racism has been removed 20 years ago. the foul stench still clings to these halls. israel airlifted ethiopian june -- ethiopian jews to freedom and a new life in israel and the jewish state. u.n., israel is absurdly accused of racism. arab citizens's vote in elections, preside over courts and have exactly the same individual rights as all other israeli citizens. yet, here at the u.n., israel is shamefully accused of apartheid.
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today there are at least five times as many palestinians as there were in 1948, the year of israel's founding. yet, here at the u.n., israel is accused of ethnic cleansing. ladies and gentlemen, do you know what this is? anti-semitism old with a brand-new phase. that is all it it -- with a brand-new face. that is all it is. [applause] people was the jewish who were slandered and held to a different standard. today it is the jewish state that is slandered and held to a different standard. here is an example. take the outlandish attacks that have been leveled against israel
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after our parliaments recent -- declaredament recently israel the nationstate of the jewish people. mind you, israel is a free country. you can oppose this law, and people dead. you can call for different add or, or -- wording or subtract a clause. when israel is called racists, israel was called racist for making hebrew its official language and the star of david its national flag. when israel is labeled an apartheid state for declaring itself the nationstate of the jewish people this is downright preposterous. you know why? because representative in this
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hall are more than 100 -- from more than 100 countries that have only one official language, even though many other languages are commonly spoken within those countries. there are more than 50 countries here that have crosses or crescents on their flags, even though many have non-muslims and non-christians living in their midst. there are dozens of countries that defined themselves as nationstate of a particular people, even though there are many ethnic and national minorities within their borders. none of these countries are fornstrated -- are libeled celebrating their nationalities. only israel.
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what is unique about the jewish people is not that we have a nationstate, what is unique is that many still oppose us having a nationstate. , president abbas outrageously said that israel's nation state law proves that israel is a racist, apartheid state. president abbas, you should know better. dissertation denying the holocaust. your palestinian authority imposes death sentences on palestinians for selling land to jews. jew buys an apartment or a
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anywhere in the palestinian territories, the palestinian who sold them that land is executed. that is what the law says. abbas, you proudly pay palestinian terrorists her mother -- who murdered choose. the more bass slay, the more you pay. that is it -- the more you sleigh, the more you pay. that is in the law. you condemn israel's morality and call it racist. this is not the way to peace. this is not the way to achieve the peace that we all want and need and to which israel remains
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committed. not bedy should applauding the regime that pays terrorists. the u.n. should condemn such a despicable policy. [applause] u.n., which brokered a cease-fire in 2014, should arend that hamas release -- our fallen soldiers, who was kidnapped when hamas violated that cease-fire. hamas should release the two's rally -- israeli citizens that they hold captive. gentlemen, every time i stand here i feel as i do
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today. to stand here as the prime minister of the jewish and democratic state of israel. [applause] some believe that israel cannot be both jewish and democratic, this is false. israel is both. israel will always remain both. sarahince abraham and made their journey to the promised land 4000 years ago, the land of israel has been our homeland. it is the place where isaac and rebecca, jacob, and rachel carried on their covenant with god.
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it is where joshua made us a sovereign nation. david ruled and isaiah preached. it is the place from which we were exiled and to which we returned, rebuilding our ancient and eternal capital, jerusalem. [applause] the nationstate of israel is the only place where the jewish people proudly exercise our collective right of self-determination. was recognized nearly a century ago by the league of nations and over 70 years ago by the united nations, when it voted to establish and support the establishment of a jewish state. that is what it step -- that is what it says, that resolution, a
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jewish state. [applause] time, israel is a vibrant democracy. where all of its citizens enjoy equal individual rights and they are guaranteed by law. in israel, whether you are a 2 -- eight jew oren -- a jew or , your individual rights are the same and will remain the same. [applause] east, that is not obvious. that is an understatement. in the middle east, where women ,re treated as property
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minorities are persecuted, gays are hanged, israel stands out as a shining example of freedom and progress. gentlemen, i could not be more proud to represent my country, israel. i am proud that we have made israel a global technological power of breathtaking creativity and information technology, and precision agriculture. we target the fertilizer and the water down to the individual plant. not part of a field, down to the plant. geniusesd of these that bring these unbelievable developments in water
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management, cyber security, autonomous vehicles, medical devices, and so many other fields that are improving the lives of billions of people around the world. i am proud of israel's brilliant scholars, entrepreneurs, artists and devoted teachers, compassionate doctors, our search and rescue teams, who saved lives from haiti to mexico, nepal to the philippines. i am so proud of israel's courageous soldiers, the men and women who bravely defend our homeland while upholding the highest values. [applause] i am proud of the people of israel, who draw extraordinary strength from the
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deep wellsprings of our heritage. who process -- who possess an unbreakable spirit and are as determined as ever to build a secure and manage -- and magnificent future for the one and only jewish state. thank you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank the prime minister of the state of israel for the statement just made. [applause] also on thursday, the u.n. general assembly heard from the you -- the


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