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tv   Washington Journal 09302018  CSPAN  September 30, 2018 7:00am-10:03am EDT

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alex, president of the latino victory fund. alex, president of the latino victory fund. "washington journal" is next. host: good morning. with 37 days before the midterm elections, the house in recess for the next month, leading up to the november 6 elections. the senate is back tomorrow as the clock ticks for an expected final vote later this week on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh for the u.s. supreme court. tomorrow marking the first monday in october, the third in the new term. gathering for the traditional roadmaster we begin with the capital nomination -- red mass.
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we begin with the kavanaugh nomination. its impact on the upcoming house and senate races. we want to hear from you. our phone lines are open. , that's our line for democrats. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. tweet us. join us on our facebook page. good sunday morning. thank you for being with us. a lot to talk about, including your calls and comments on the midterm election. we want to begin briefly with the situation in indonesia and share with you some of the drone footage courtesy of the daily mail. devastating impact of a huge tsunami in indonesia has revealed a natural disaster estimated to have killed 830
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people with the death toll expected to rise. it was triggered by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake which crashed into palu at 500 miles per hour, causing widespread destruction. fears are mounting in neighboring towns. access impossible to digital destroyed roads and disabled medications. that tragedy taking place in indonesia this morning. closer to home, the situation with president trump, his pick for the supreme court and how it will play out in the midterm elections for politico has -- elections. politico has this headline for this story. white house officials cautiously optimistic over the weekend, admitting the situation was confident. while the president is not looking for an alternative to replace his nominee, some more
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realistic about it now, in which in not -- about an outcome which kavanaugh does not make it through the nomination. deborah ramirez accused capital of sexual misconduct, is cooperating with the fbi probe. that story is available online at the president was asked about his supreme court nominee. [video clip] president trump: i think it is fun. this could be a blessing in -- is fine. i think this could be a blessing in disguise. having the fbi doing an investigation, less than a week, a thorough investigation will be a blessing in disguise. it will be a good thing. i will see you. >> do you have a backup plan?
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president trump: i don't have a backup plan. i don't need a backup plan. i think he will be fine. one of the most respected men and one of the most respected jurists in the u.s. host: that is from the president. the headline from politico, blessing in disguise, the president optimistic about kavanaugh. matt is first up from pennsylvania, line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. republicans this is an unmitigated disaster. i really do. first of all, i think it has been a total the asko for the republicans. iasco for the- f republicans. these republicans did not have the courage to interview dr. ford. .hey had to outsource it
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you have the histrionics of lindsey graham. judge kavanaugh is toast. he is going nowhere. wasthey are saying that he prone to alcoholic blackouts when he was drinking. maybe that is why he doesn't remember anything. this is the headline from cq weekly, midterm migraines, the president threatening the gop majority. let's go to jim, delaware. good morning. caller: good morning. the reaction of my friends, many of them were going to vote republican. i think trump and this whole hearing has exposed the fact that no matter who they put up, they would draw people out of the room works -- woodworks to
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testify against the nominee. this has become a standard tactic of the democrats to trumpthe agenda. in delaware, i believe our senators are complicit in this whole conspiracy against keith l oranybody -- kavanaugh anybody to keep them off the courts. host: let me ask you. senator chris coons had worked with jeff flake friday. what was your take on what senator flake did, saying let's proceed to but also let's require an fbi investigation? if they do an fbi investigation, i want them to investigate everybody, all the associations that feinstein dealt with, all the associations
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had over the years with democratic operatives. them to talk to the people on the beach in san francisco, everybody she talked to donna the beach. i want everybody -- down at the beach. i want everybody talked to. that is the only way an fbi investigation is going to satisfy me. i have a feeling that there are so many rino's on that committee that are so sensitive to being criticized in the press for being anti-woman that they are not going to push as hard as they should. this is a big issue. no matter who is appointed, they were going to face this. i am sure there is a war room somewhere in this country where they strategize on how to destroy this individual, that individual. it does not matter whether you
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are liberal or conservative or moderate. if you are put up by trump, there is a target without a doubt. host: thank you, jim. responded, saying it is professor ford who does not remember everything. bk denies everything. matt from the independent line. what impact will this have on your vote? caller: it is not really going to impact my vote. i consider myself independent, but i have a tendency to vote republican. when i was watching the hearings, i have a four year degree in independent studies from cleveland state. i hate to sound judgment of them but i have had a lot of experience with professors. people with phd's can be a little goofy. there is something she does not seem to make sense.
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she is not credible. host: thank you for the call. code red is inside cq weekly. republicans in trouble a month before the midterms. let me count the ways, referring to the president, midterm elections, and other issues facing the gop. we go next to debbie. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i love c-span, you know that. judicial temperament. look it up. it is a thing. brett kavanaugh has not. he indicated that later on in his speech when he was talking about his biases towards the clintons, the democrats, anything left of center. you cannot put this man on the supreme court. butel bad for dr. ford, this guy before me is criticizing her phd.
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you know why the republicans don't want people to be educated, because uneducated people are easier to herd aroun d. if somebody has had the misfortune of running into one of these creditors, that is what they do when they are caught. -- predators, that is what they do when they are caught. they cry. they point the finger at you. they say it is a travesty. they are screaming at people. they have no right to scream at those democrats. the democrats, who everybody says they were so mean to brett kavanaugh, they never raised their voice. it was a travesty. who were all those old white men , who do they think they were yelling at? when you are yelling at democrats, your yelling at half the country. host: thank you. let me go to the hill newspaper, memo, gop risking disaster with
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kavanaugh and the midterm elections. here are the details. the problem for republicans as they press forward with brett kavanaugh is whether they risk alienating female voters for years just in time for the midterms. progressives are certain the gop will end up on the losing side, .ointing out intense outrage say, therees on to moreew subjects unwelcome to gop candidates than whether the president's nominee to the spring court sexually assaulted a high school student years ago. james, independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning. first-time caller. i keep hearing people say the fbi investigated six times, but the thing is i heard somebody else say they never went into the school years.
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that is one comments. inething happened to me 1947. i remember every detail of that. my house caught on fire, third floor, 4:00 in the morning, snowstorm. i cannot get in the hallway. the neighbor before that pushed his wife down the stairs. myself and my sisters went out the window. i remember every detail. i remember what clothes i wore. i remember. there was a huge snowstorm. remember whether it was the beginning of the year or the end of the year. i remember the event, every detail. i know it was 1947. sounds like a long time ago, but i was born in 1931. thank you for the call. --host: thank you for the call. in, good just tuning
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afternoon to those of you watching in great britain. we will go to joan in south carolina. we are asking about the kavanaugh hearings and what impact it will have on your midterm election vote. caller: good morning. it does have an impact. usually when i go to the polls, i pick and choose who i want to serve me. bes time when i go, i will doing straight republican. another thing, these people that call old white men, i resent that because what would happen if they called in and said old black men? you have to think about things like that. host: thank you. let's go to howard, republican line, florida. go ahead. caller: good morning, steve. this has been a headache because
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, since the inauguration, since the inauguration of donald trump, the lawyer representing ms. ford was at the women's march. she stated on that stage that she is going to do whatever it takes to take down this president and everybody that he nominates. this woman said that. there is also a word that ms. ford was also at that women's march. this has nothing to do with the rights of a woman. if that happened, by all means, she deserves justice. if kavanaugh did not do it, then he deserves to be heard. you cannot just say you are guilty because this woman said 36 years ago. that is stupid. that is not the way the u.s.
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works. it is not the way our laws work. it is not the way this country needs to be read. -- ran. kavanaugh is an innocent person. yes, he is going to be upset. i will be upset if somebody accused me of something like that, not because i am not going to get to be a judge. the reason they don't want him in there is because he is the tiebreaker. , democratsh gets in will no longer be pushing gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage, gay rights, all this stuff that is really sins of god. we have to live our life the way we want to live it. you cannot go through life forcing people to believe what you believe is right and what you believe is wrong. that is not going to happen. kavanaugh, yes, i think he needs to be nominated so that he can
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take the democratic party, put them to the side like they are supposed to be. all it is is the group of women that want power of the world because they think that the old white men did a bad job. host: howard, we should point out that he has been nominated. the vote scheduled to take place if all goes as planned later this week. the committee voted him out of committee on friday with the caveat from jeff flake and senators susan collins and lisa murkowski. the fbi and the station is now underway. -- investigation is now underway. mocrats are the party of poverty and lawlessness. the democrats follow senate rules? of course not, they are democrats. don't vote for democrats." about her feare of flying?
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why did she talk in such a baby voice? she is not credible. she's not -- she is not credible." campaign 2016, that is why they are freaking out. people inany of those the month of october going to be doing town halls or only fundraisers?" there are debates. we will be covering all of them in the month of october. you can find schedule on our website. let's go to your phone calls. north carolina, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i thoroughly enjoy your shows. you are the best out there. but i thinklican, forgaveime republicans regai
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dr. ford. i don't believe her. she just doesn't have credibility. pary for -- pray for her. she has a lot of trouble ahead of her because she got involved in this. wase she believes that that kavanaugh, but it wasn't. host: thank you for the call. newspapers,hy republicans worry about the political cost of kavanaugh whether he is confirmed or not. dean says i will vote for backers of president trump's america. kelly is joining us, democrats line, florida. good sunday morning. caller: good morning. yes, it will impact my vote. there is an issue people are forgetting.
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it will impact my vote because i remember the eighth years of bush and cheney. when condoleezza rice was sitting behind kavanaugh at the beginning of the hearing. i almost fell over. they want the records, the democrats, the records that come out of the bush administration when kavanaugh was there. inhelped push in the -- bush the 2000 election in the florida vote count. he is pressuring the senate to vote for kavanaugh. absolutely not. bush, the worst presidency, the lies, the coverups. i believe the professor. she put a lot on the line to come out with her integrity and her whole life. spoiled little boy. host: thank you for the call. we want to share with you the front page of the new york times
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. as people were watching the kavanaugh hearings, nine hours of it, we carried all of it. analysishat is an covered by alexander burns and jonathan martin, the gop takes a big gamble. also on the new york times website, here is what they write. party leaders have concluded that supporting judge kavanaugh's nomination will all but assured republicans lose control of the house in november even as their fortunes may improve in some tough senate races. the nomination may cause inklash among women voters dozens of house races, many of which have already been slipping away. if republicans are able to
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narrowly seek judge kavanaugh, they would quite likely thrilled their party's activist base and give a sense of momentum weeks before the election. by muscling forward with a floor vote next week on they would also imperil several senate democrats from strongly conservative states that have opposed judge kavanaugh were expressed ambivalence about his nomination." that story is online at sarah, republican line. caller: good morning. i am glad that you are talking to me. ford has say that ms. phd, well-educated, to act like she did, i think she was a disgrace to women. i believe kavanaugh. i think republicans are not strong enough. they don't put back as hard as they could. the democrats are strong. they fight back for everything they believe in.
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the republicans need to learn that we need to fight back. we control the house, and we haven't done anything. nobody supports trump. he has done a lot for our country. it is time the american people realize we need to stand firm, and we need to fight for what we believe in. when i was a young girl in high school, boys are made to cry, and girls are made to say no clear that is from the time -- to say no. that is from the timely begin. wake up, america. we need to be strong for the american flag. we need to believe what america stands for. stand up, america. stand out for the united states of america. we are strong. we need to be number one. host: thank you for the call. the new york times sunday review, fury is a political weapon. some of the demonstrations outside the u.s. capital the day
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kavanaugh was testifying. that is also available on the new york times website. this tweet, "delay, delay, delay. it is all about getting brett kavanaugh withdraw." nancy pelosi had this to say last week. [video clip] >> let me say, if it benefits democrats politically, it is a bonanza we don't want, that we do not want. what we want is integrity on the supreme court, a justice who upholds the constitution of the united states. what people really want are the facts. why can't we have appropriate tting of a person who is going to get a federal appointment? why? that is the question for the 11 -- i want to be as respectful as i can in the circumstances, there -- the 11th republican
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senators who just don't want to know the facts. for us, it is much bigger than politics or elections. it is about america and who we are. it is about women coming forward. there are women out there, including my own daughter, who think what the president is trying to do is break the me too movement, to just say we don't care what you have to say, we don't want to know anything further. if you think you're going to come forward, understand the odds you're up against. it takes great courage to come forward. as you know, it is an invasion of privacy of your family in a way that is very scary. as one who has been the subject of so many insults from the aults from the people that want to go after you, it is very scary. there is violence involved. there is a crudeness about it. that is probably what her family
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is going through. it is not for us a political issue. it is not something we fan the flame of. we just want them to have the investigation so the integrity of the court is upheld and the respect for the woman making the allegation is there. that should be in every case. the house democratic leader nancy pelosi met with reporters. the house is now in recess for the month of october. this tweet from dean, this process is reinforcement of of the democrats will do to stop donald trump and his agenda. from time magazine, the cost to the court, the battle over brett kavanaugh's nomination is another blow to america's third branch of government. carol, democrats line, new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a woman. i am a lifelong registered democrat. i have some problems with the
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situation going on with kavanaugh and dr. ford. i am glad to have an investigation. i would like to investigate dr. ford and go into her drinking habits on the night or day of this occurrence. i would like to know how she got to the house and how she got back. i would like to know what her parents thought of her behavior that they. i would like to know about the money -- that day. about the money dr. ford was talking about. immediately afterwards she has $500,000 in her gofundme page. where did that come from? what is the trail of that? how did she get $500,000 so quickly. flaked like to thank mr. for encouraging more and more protesters to trap our legislators in elevators and
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scream at them. there is going to be more of that. those two women are heroes. this has nothing to do with the me too movement. men, just my share of with the era was back then. i don't like it. i am glad of me too. me too has nothing to do with common sense. this is one particular incident, and this needs to be done as you are innocent until proven guilty. i would like to wait this out. she needs to be a little more investigative into her drinking intoround -- investigated her drinking background. maybe when she was pushed from behind, she is not correct on who pushed her into that room. i have a lot of questions. thank you. host: this is from the opinion page of the washington post. kavanaugh disrobe, writing about his drinking in
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high school. close to an irrational week. jaclyn is joining us next, republican line from philadelphia. thank you for waiting. caller: i was questioning dr. ford. i love to people watch and watch their reactions. first of all, if i have doctor in front of my name, i don't think i would be speaking in that tiny voice. i am a kindergarten teacher. i don't talk to my kindergarten children that way. i speak firmly. i speak up. i noticed that readily. i don't know if she is guilty or innocent. as far as brett kavanaugh, i'm not saying i like that he was crying. wase people watching -- i people watching. i don't know if i like that. i kept the sound off on some of the things.
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host: there is a governor's race, senate race, and congressional races in pennsylvania. vote,his impact how you especially with the republican candidate challenging senator casey the democratic nominee? caller: no. host: thank you. republicans fear the political fallout in the midterms from the kavanaugh fallout. now to bonnie from maryland. caller: yes, i am republican. what really worries me is one day trump says he believes her and goes through this. blah, blah, blah. the next day, he opens up. fury.ns up senator graham saying when we get him through, this will be paid back. that is what cavanaugh said. once i get in there, this is
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payback. that should disqualify him. this is not about four or or kavanaugh.ord this is hate now. trump should not have gotten into it. he had a meeting with counsel. he was not worried about that. he was worried about getting kavanaugh picked so he could pay back the democrats. it is sad. god help us all if he gets it. host: thank you. this is from rebecca, a sense of the political back-and-forth with barack obama, merrick garland, president trump, and brett kavanaugh. "why should republicans be surprised that the democrats want to stop brett kavanaugh? didn't the republicans want to make barack obama a one term president?"
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"why can't we just let boys beat boys?" that is inside today's new york times. good morning, don. caller: good morning. fiasco that the democrats put out in three dimensions. host: how so? caller: i call this delirious delusional democrats. i think both dr. ford and judge are victims as lindsey graham stated. the democrats have stooped to new lows. just today, it was announced that all republican congressional peoples phone --ords and even on dresses
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email addresses. in my 52 years voting as a republican, i have never seen extreme left democrats stoop to such a low level, including ,ccosting people in restaurants on the street, and on elevators. it is a sad state for our country. nevada, thank you for the call. this is the headline from reuters. we covered it live last night. the president in west virginia, "trump uses kavanaugh delay as rallying cry for the midterm election." here is part of what the president said. [video clip] president trump: on thursday, the american people saw the brilliant and incredible character of our nominee for the united states supreme court,
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judge brett kavanaugh. [applause] president trump: a vote to confirm judge kavanaugh is a vote to confirm one of the most accomplished legal minds of our time, a jurist with a sterling record of public service. guy,0 years, he is a young but for 10 years they have been talking about. i did not know him. i have heard about him a lot. they are all saying he should be on the united states supreme court. that is why i put him up. i will tell you, i will tell you, i will tell you he has suffered the meanness, the anger. host: make america great again rally for the republican senate nominee who is being challenged by senator joe manchin, seeking a second term. that is one of those four
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senators, three republicans and one democrat trying to hold off on a vote this week. he mentioned that because 60 minutes with this tweet, how did the senate judiciary committee arrive at its last-minute compromise to continue the nomination process of judge brett kavanaugh? senator jeff flake and chris coons tell their inside story on 60 minutes. hat airs tonight on the 60 minutes. caller: congress wants to relinquish all of their responsibility. kavanaugh, the biggest problem i have with him is i am afraid he wants to expand already too broad presidential power. this goes back before any question of his sexual proclivities then or now arose. i believe that whole thing was a distraction.
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people forget about his testimony before dr. ford was even introduced to the equation. , outd trump has suggested of his mouth, that he admires kim that, for example, when speaks, his people stand up at attention. he would like to have that. it is too numerous to go into itemize,zed -- or but people who have observed this president know what i'm talking about. a man wants to be an emperor. kavanaugh may help assure that possibility. there is too much power vested in the presidency right now. i am afraid that we're going to lose our democracy. our three wings of government
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are going to simply be an executive form of government. host: at the top of the program, we mentioned the fbi has contacted a second accuser in the fbi probe. the fai contacting people as part of an additional background probe into judge brett kavanaugh. they have contacted deborah ramirez, who alleges that he showed his general these -- shoved his genitals into her face at a party at yale. let me go back to the new york times story cowritten by alexander burns and jonathan headline, kavanaugh could help gop in senate midterms, but not house races. while judge kavanaugh may be a powerful motivating tool to the left, the degree to which democratic candidates elevate the issue remains in question. he will be far away from any competitive house races where
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judge kavanaugh could hurt a republican candidate. vivian, virginia, democrats line. big senate race in virginia, what do you think? caller: it is not going to change my vote. good morning. thank you for taking my call. i keep hearing he is such a great man. why are they hiding his papers? why do they rush it through so quick? it was not a problem with gorsuch. he got right in. there is something wrong with this man. before he went out and had that break, he was very, very mean. he came back, and so did lindsey graham, and they was not hostile anymore. he must have had a swig. i just want to know, what is he doing on a program of what has donald trump done for these people? gas is up.
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food prices is up. the rent is up. home prices is up. what has he done? there are massive job vacancies. why are there so many job vacancies? the debt clock keeps rising. why? you all need to do a show on this. what has he done for them? host: thank you for the call. elizabeth warren, i will take a hard look at running for president after the midterms, pointing out that the massachusetts senator had previously more forcefully ruled out a presidential bid. now, the democratic massachusetts senator opening the door for a possible 2020 run . the boston globe also has this story this morning. joe, republican line, good morning. caller: no difference on the vote.
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up.le's minds are made my position is republicans will lose 10 seats, especially in california and new york in the house and gain five seats in the senate. host: that is a big gain. caller: huh? host: that is a big gain. the democrats are defending 23 seats and the republicans fewer than a dozen. caller: say again? host: i say that would be a big gain. the republicans are defending fewer seats than the democrats. caller: maybe i said it wrong. republicans gain five seats in the senate. host: thank you for the call. we will go to alan in washington, d.c. good morning. caller: i have moved to
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maryland. i am taxation with representation. this confirmation hearing is so disturbing because i know people like this that drink in high school, that drink in college that blacked out. i think it is clear that he did these things. that is why he cannot remember. it is just his personality was so belligerent against sitting senators, people who were elected by their representatives, there situates -- their statuettes. i have never seen anyone -- constituents. i have never seen anyone react this way. it was so unbelievably disrespectful. that to court in him, he would put them in contempt. you don't do that. i have never seen the temperament so poor for any federal judgeship, whether the
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supreme court or district court. it is shocking. he has that personality of a belligerent drunk. host: thank you for the call. you mentioned senator klobuchar. she is also a potential candidate for 2020. big cap,, exposing shortcoming, trying leading to be like hillary clinton without appealing to the left democratic base. let's go to wendy in maryland, republican line. caller: good morning. the one thing i wish america, every single person in america, would do right now is to stop and think about everything, just forget about what has gone on in the last two weeks and think
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about basic jurisprudence law. not one of these women have gone to the county of the occurrence of the crimes they are accusing him of. nobody is filing charges against judge kavanaugh. no one. this is an innocent man who has been tried in the press with innuendo, accusations, and rumors. host: thank you for the call. this photograph from outside the supreme court, kavanope. one of the signs adjacent to the supreme court. inorrow, the first monday october, the justices will gather. it will be eight members of the supreme court until the nomination process is completed with the vacancy of justice anthony kennedy. we will have live pictures at about 9:30 this morning, covering the ceremony parts of
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this ceremony for the c-span network. this is how one democratic super pac is focusing on the nevada senate race and the kavanaugh nomination. it is a short video. [video clip] >> this situation with brett kavanaugh is not simply a hiccup. you did mean every single woman in nevada who has a sexual assault story. this is unacceptable, and we deserve more from our senator. host: that's from a democratic super pac. we go to carol -- actually, steve in baltimore. good morning. caller: i want to know, why won't kavanaugh take a lie detector test like ford did? party. find a neutral i don't think you will have to take one. host: thank you. now we go to carol, who has been waiting, democratic line. caller: good morning.
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briefly, i put myself in dr. ford's place. ago i was at, use teenager in the 1950's. boys will be boys. you know what i am about. i would have let sleeping dogs lie. a long time ago. putting myself in her place, it is possible she wanted the fbi or somebody to investigate to see how he felt about women today and if he was still drinking or whatever it was that made her come forward because she is probably not stupid. seem to be. she would know she would be in the public eye. i am very glad they did not just spoke quickly and that trump did take a little step back and see if other women are going to come forward as this is a lifetime
7:45 am
judgeship. trump this could hurt very badly if they did not feel it was investigated sure thatjust to make when these issues come in front of him at the supreme court that he is past whatever he was if he was in high school. the least thing i want to say is, believe it or not, his wife knows. i think they should interview her also. she knows what kind of man he is behind closed doors. thank you for listening. host: thank you. this tweet from liz, "if drinking as a high school kid means you can never hold office, guess you can shut down offices all over the country? because this is all your finding wrong with brett kavanaugh."
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next is joe, joining us this morning from south carolina. good morning, independent line. caller: that tweak is interesting, especially when the have the slush fund to pay off people in congress who are kind of grand rascals, as my mother would say. i will try to stay on topic. i hope you had a nice birthday. i think it may energize the republicans for the midterm elections. i would like to say a word about lindsey graham if i could. there is nothing like a confirmation hearing to highlight how divided we are as a country. you can see senate hearings and debates and other committees, armed services or what, when it comes to the confirmation hearing, it gets nasty. it has nothing to do with the senate judiciary committee, but tim ryan wanted to come forward
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and pulled the country together after the 2016 election. democrats did not want anything to do with them. they wanted the most polarizing force, nancy pelosi. the fbi investigation is going to happen. here is why i say it will energize the right. this may have been said. i got in late this morning on the show. if they come back, and he is clean, and they cannot substantiate her story, and they cannot find anything wrong with democrats,and if the if nobody changes their voting yes, that will energize republicans. logic would dictate them that the entire thing was a delay tactic. this story, i know there are gang rape parties going on, but i am still going until i get picked. ramirez, i am drunk and
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disoriented, but i remember every detail. lindsey graham made some new friends in the lower state. he is not as popular down here. he has established some seniority. people like that. have a good day. host: thank you. we appreciate, from south carolina. thank you for the wishes. vanaugh would not be human if he did not get angry to be falsely accused. he handled himself very well under those circumstances."the caller from south carolina referring to senator lindsey graham. another ad, this is in north dakota. the senate candidate heidi heitkamp seeking reelection, and the republican candidate. let's watch. [video clip] >> there is no type of intercourse or anything like that. that was my point.
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nothing happened in terms of a sexual event the on the attack -- beyond the attack. even if this is all true, does it disqualified? this case is even more absurd because these people were teenagers when they suppose it incident -- supposed incident took place. they looked silly. they were being rude. can you imagine going home in time your wife i have been faithful to you 55% of the time? are you kidding me? host: how this is playing out in a key senate race in north dakota. we are asking about the kavanaugh hearings and if it will impact your vote in 2018. diane, connecticut, republican line. caller: good morning. thank you. i want to address these who left themen
7:50 am
sensitivity and compassion -- lack the sensitivity and compassion for this man. i watched this hearing. the confirmation. if they want to hear nastiness, they better listen to the way democrats spoke to this gentleman and the way people bullied him and everything else. this is not just a one-way thing. these democrats are very nasty to him. seen how, i have devastating an accusation, and false accusation can be. i remember 1957, my first year of teaching, remember coming out of my teacher's room, holding a coffee cup, and one of our best teachers was coming down the hall handcuffed. we could not understand what was going on. a student had accused him of putting his hand up her dress in front of the kids, fifth grade
7:51 am
class. the kids denied it. they all said she lied. the mother of the girl said she was alive. house, hisst his money, his credibility, his credentials, and he moved out of state. finally, the girl came forward and said she liked. i see what it does to people. --- lied. i see what it does to people. i understand that there are women that are assaulted. i won't point do we say there was a genuine assault and there is fooling around. is that all sexual assault? host: thank you for the call. from the new york times, washington bracing for the battle as the fbi starts it's one week investigation. vox no coverage of the charthowschart -- vox
7:52 am
that shows who did and did not answer questions. who did answer questions in blue , and who did not answer in pink. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: thank you. vote, but impact my it might not be relevant for this conversation. i just feel like his temperament is not what i expect from a .upreme court judge i feel they have plenty of other people they can nominate from that federalist this that would -- list that would have higher integrity. host: thank you. this is from the new york times. mitch mcconnell exiting one of the elevators in the u.s. capitol. the gop's big gamble on an embattled nominee.
7:53 am
from cincinnati, ohio, democrats line. caller: good morning. i want to make three points if i may. the first one is not going to impact my voting, but it is going to impact by giving. i will get my retirement check to america test tomorrow, and i'm going to double what i get to democratic candidates. that is number one. i have a good friend who retired from the county bench. he and i were talking. he said, you know, if an attorney had acted like mr. ethicsgh did, those the in front of the hamilton county judge, he would have been found in contempt. republicans. what would his demeanor be in front of other attorneys? a 360d the aba make
7:54 am
degree turn? i'm trying to remember their letter correctly. they did not take any size. they saw the same thing he saw. he is imperiling the integrity of the court. basically, if the american people will still have believe in the supreme court. that is all i have to say. host: thank you for the call. we are asking about the kavanaugh hearings and whether it will impact you for the midterm elections. coming up, we'll turn our attention to the hispanic vote and how that will play out in the 2018 election. phone lines continue to be open. (202) 748-8000 is the line for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. independent, (202) 748-8002. this is the front page of the new york times. the gop taking a big gamble.
7:55 am
john is next from new jersey, republican line. caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: it is not going to change my vote. i think this whole thing is a witchhunt. think about it, we have all been through high school. some of us have even had the privilege of going to college. we all know what goes on on college campuses. if we are going to hold this to anybody, and i think every sender, congressman, -- senator, congressman, representative, anybody who works for the government should be investigated by the fbi. this is a travesty. this man has done nothing wrong. women, i support the me too movement, but i think this whole thing is out of control now. i was a democrat. i think they are out on witchhunts. chuck schumer, i would not vote
7:56 am
democrat again. that is my opinion i feel that for this man. host: thank you. the cover story of the weekly standard, climbing the trump era, bestsellers. we took a look at kevin cramer, one of the candidates in north dakota. taking an advertisement aim at heidi heitkamp. [video clip] >> president trump wants to stop illegal immigration, but heidi heitkamp does not. president trump: heidi voted in favor of a deadly, horrible sanctuary cities. >> heidi heitkamp has had a chance to crack down on sanctuary cities. each time, she voted against north dakota. when confronted with her record of failure, she dismissed issue as a scare tactic. it is time to tell heidi heitkamp, this is not just a scare tactic to it is our lives
7:57 am
-- tactic. it is our lives. host: robert in missouri, independent line. caller: good morning. i thought it was interesting that the questioner completed for there questioning ford lady. host: you are referring to rachel mitchell, the attorney hired by the republicans? caller: correct. once kavanaugh was being questioned, his voice started getting louder and louder, which tells me he is probably lying, and then all of the republicans cut her off, and she did not have any more questions for anybody. graham took over and started pointing and getting loud. it just told me that probably a lot of people on the right knew
7:58 am
that the game was up at that point. i am going to take that as a reason to not vote for any republicans come 2018. host: thank you for the call. from the outlook section of the washington post, kavanaugh is lying, his upbringing explains why. tina is next, florida. good morning, democrats line. caller: good morning, everyone. i want to speak on a personal level and the reason we need to pay attention and judges need to be more transparent is because i was personally battered by a man. he is still walking around because he personally knew the judges. nothing was done to him. when you are a victim, sometimes they make you feel like you are not the victim.
7:59 am
you are the individual, the one that has caused harm. it is embarrassing. when you do tell, you receive public scrutiny. one of the callers said why didn't anyone come forward? back in the day, women did not have the rights they have now. harm could forth, have come to you. women have more rights not. we to be mindful that there are people out there that are still afraid to come forth, because of the things that people may say to them and their family. you have to understand that i'm somebody's daughter. host: how old were you at the time? caller: this is something that happened to me one year ago. ford,when you heard dr. what did you think? when you heard her testimony?
8:00 am
i mean, someone that had someone happened to them, i can't say it, you had other women that came forth. it's not just more than one woman that came forth. ,hen you come forth and tell basically, with enough strength to say this is what happened to me. you had put everything on the to sayd be brave enough this is what happened to me. and a lot of times, back in the day, and i know women who have been abused. because they came forward, they may not have made it home if they went to the police and said this is what happened to me. it just became a conversation for them. and they had the strength through the years. so i ask people to vote for the
8:01 am
issues. host: thank you for the call from florida. from edward. is as far as midterms go, democratic party candidates are the only viable options? we need more than two viable cash wording parties. -- midterm elections and the hispanic vote. lopez tos is mark hugo give us a broad overview of the hispanic vote -- and later, gus for portela. talked about the brett kavanaugh nomination. >> how much of a disaster is
8:02 am
this for republicans if kavanaugh can't get through? >> i think the first response is very demoralizing for republicans, the way the mccain vote was demoralizing for several months. hand, what we are arguing, and i'm picking up , thisck from the field happened because the margin was so narrow. we've got to go when some of these races in the trump states, missouri, indiana, montana, dakota, west virginia. basically bring a few more republicans so it's not 51-49. i think that by election time, that will be the sentiment among republicans. what they need now is something that energizes their base. the democrats are white-hot,
8:03 am
energized in their base against trump. if something like this doesn't steel the, it will result for the republican base to say, never again. i woulde mcconnell, all them up, say do you need whole week? i would drive towards getting a vote and having this be resolved. 1 david mcintosh, head of club for growth. he's the guest on c-span's newsmakers program. 7:00 for those of you on the west coast. and on our free radio app. we want to welcome mark hugo lopez, hitting up democratic research and -- demographic research and global migration. what percent of u.s. population are hispanic?
8:04 am
guest: 18%, and the number grows every year. host: what percent are democrats versus republican? guest: democrats have a large lead, about 70% plus. it depends on the year and the state, but democrats have a large lead in terms of voter registration. host: in terms of voter turnout? midterm election years, and in recent years, it has been in decline. although we've seen record numbers. in presidential election 2016, 12 .7 million hispanics turned up to vote. that only represents 47.6% of all who could have. let me put one state in two races on the table. hurricane maria was one year ago. there have been reports of thousands of puerto ricans that
8:05 am
have fled the island to go to florida. how many people do you know from puerto rico are now in florida, approximately? about 100,000 people, though those numbers are hard to come by. guest: -- that's the challenge, we just don't know. look at voter registration data for florida, we are seeing the difference or surge -- if anything, the growth through june in florida was matching what we had seen previous election cycles. it is growing, reaching new records, but there doesn't seem to be a sudden surge. maybe because many puerto ricans who have moved have not registered. -- senate race, the bill nelson seeking another term, challenged by the current governor, rick scott. how will this play out? guest: i think it remains to be seen.
8:06 am
inshould be noted that florida, among registered hispanic voters, the democrats have a lead. that has been true for a number of years now. but the single most common party registration is no party affiliation. latinos in florida are either democrat or no party affiliation, and together make up about one quarter of the state's registered voters overall. host: can you define it, it is not monolithic. guest: the hispanic population is very diverse, as is the hispanic vote. when you talked about hispanic voters in florida, we are talking about cubans, puerto , dominicans,aguans etc.. not everyone has the same point politics, onrms of donald trump, on particular policies. we are dividing our phone
8:07 am
lines a little bit differently. if you are a hispanic voter, democrat or republican, (202) 748-8000. for all others, (202) 748-8001. what impact does president trump, his policy on the border wall, have on hispanic voters? you look at 2016, there was a lot of expectation that because of his comments, and hispanics would turn out to vote in bigger numbers than they did 12.7 million turned out to but some predicted 15 million. many pointed out they were disappointed or upset and angry with donald trump, but some had never had outreach. ask of them were just not to turn out to vote. one of the challenges is that many hispanics are not registered and need to be encouraged to turn out to vote,
8:08 am
like other voters as well. the number of young latinos make up a significant share of the electorate -- host: if you go to real clear politics's website, generally top two issues in this election are immigration and health care. is it any different with hispanic voters? guest: no, it's the same. immigration is a rising issue for the general public and for hispanics, and has long been among the top three issues. lawrence is joining us from tallahassee, florida. i'm calling in reference to the differences in the hispanic community, as it relates to issues. here in florida, having come up from orlando,
8:09 am
visiting a cousin. have family from venezuela, from cuba, and from puerto rico. so we do have a multifaceted family that make up the hispanic community. we have a cuban community of cousins who live in cuba who early 60' the these are elders for us, great ants, therefore they have different perspective of where their allegiances lie. i also want to say that they are very much still talking about the cuban issue from the 50's and 60's. host: thank you for the call. guest: at exactly right, the hispanic vote is diverse. latinos across the country have different views on many issues.
8:10 am
on the case of florida, which has one of the most diverse as panic populations in the country -- also have a very strong cuban-american population in south florida which has traditionally leaned republican. for them, relations with cuba has often been an important issue. the caller mentioned the diversity of her own family. that is a very common experience. host: we will go to philip, on our line for hispanic voters. guest: this year, -- caller: this year, i'm going to vote for jill in -- for andrew gillum. i think he's a decent guy and he's going to do something really great for florida. i think it is racist for desantis putting the signs all over the place, when they say --
8:11 am
they are talking about him. who else would they be talking about? if you vote republican, i think donald is doing a great job, but the boys are doing a great job in helping people out there in the four neighborhoods that need medication and stuff like that. great points -- guest: great points, and i think it speaks clearly to what you are seeing in the latino population. some may split their vote on the ballot. i think it is going to be an interesting election. produced byas been the associated press, it shows president trump last year traveling to puerto rico. it became a famous moment, picking up a paper towel and throwing it to some of the residents there.
8:12 am
does this have any impact from your standpoint? how thet reflects president views latinos, particularly puerto ricans. at least that was their reaction as a result of that particular video. it's interesting when you look at latinos and their attitudes most, 70 5%,trump, disapprove of the way he is handling his job, but it does seem to be tied to politics. democratically -- democrats overwhelmingly it's approved, but republicans are more likely to approve. you do see a partisan split. to a world ing motion, trends in global migration and policy. you serve as research director. we will go to lou in baltimore. caller: thank you for taking my call.
8:13 am
antonio 12 years .nd am married to a latina lady one reason the latinos are coming to america, they want stability and want protection and safety. they want to live in an orderly society. , notshould appeal to them just because of donald trump, doesn't have anything to do with the president, it's a way of life. host: thank you. we are getting some feedback, but got the essence of your point. reasonthis is a common you hear central american migrants give for wanting to come to the united states. leaving violence, leaving behind crime, leaving behind high murder rates are why several central americans, el salvador ian's, guatemalans, have come and brought their children. many say they come to seek opportunities and a better life,
8:14 am
particularly for their children. thomas, calling on our line for hispanic voters, which is (202) 748-8000. my question is, what is it that the democrats are offering the hispanic community that the republicans are not offering? how do they differentiate, that a hispanic voter makes that call? host: and before he answers, let me ask, the president talks record low unemployment, especially among african-american and hispanic residents, and a strong economy. yes, sir. i voted republican in the last election, taste on the economy and where i thought where the president was taking the country, not just for a certain group, but for all groups. host: do you remember who you voted for in 2008 or 2012?
8:15 am
caller: mr. mccain and mr. romney. host: thank you. guest: thanks for the question. we've done surveys looking at the attitudes and views of the hispanic electorate. find that many hispanic democrats are particularly supportive of issues like a minimum wage, raising the minimum wage. ,roviding more services charging more taxes as opposed to a smaller government. in many respects, the democratic party's positions on some of thes do match those hispanic population, particularly those leaning democrat. although not everybody in that community has the same point of view. immigration, to particularly unauthorized, about 15% of hispanic adults would to be deported,
8:16 am
which is not a position that everyone holds, but at least some do. it speaks to the diversity of which is why i think there is difference in support for democrats versus republicans. one final point, we've seen in the last few election cycles that hispanics are less likely to say the democratic party has more concern for them than the republican party and a growing number see no difference. that is a change from when over 75% of hispanics who were registered to vote indicated the democratic party. younger cubans are leaning democrat, it is the older exiles who are staunchly republican. is that generally true? guest: we are seeing that in the data over the last 15 years. there is a change starting to emerge, particularly more democrat, is becoming a large part of the cuban-american
8:17 am
population. in 2016, in florida, the cuban vote did go with donald trump. about 54% of voters of cuban origin in florida supported donald trump. says the trump construction boom is going to sway hispanic voters. will it? caller: that remains to be seen -- guest: that remains to be seen. i think it points to the large number of hispanics who worked in the construction industry. i think it remains to be seen. have a call from atlanta, on the line for hispanic voters. caller: my grandmother immigrated to the united states i was raised in miami, although i'm from atlanta now. i'd like to point out is that yes, we were immigrants.
8:18 am
my relatives were immigrants. areby children second-generation, and now i'm a grandmother, an abuela. what is of most concern is that we are very family oriented. these people coming from central america, other countries, illegally, i feel for them. i understand the plight of being an immigrant. we all are, unless you are a native american. i have voted republican and i have voted democrat, but i did not vote for this president. i believe the people who are here illegally hate to go through the -- need to go andugh the vetting process, i believe that america has become so divisive, and it is an
8:19 am
embarrassment how much bickering there has been. but i understand that since the times of the greeks that politics is a dirty business and people will throw stones at one another, that we need to be united now more than ever. host: how do you respond? guest: it's an interesting set of observations. many of theflect findings in our surveys over the years. many latinos who do support providing a pathway for also feel that those unauthorized immigrants should be paying taxes. should perhaps also pay fines in order to, quote unquote, stand a u.s. to become citizen. there is a diversity of points of view even though -- even on the issue of a pathway toward citizenship. -- says how do hispanics feel
8:20 am
about deporting dreamers? guest: is very strong support among latinos for keeping the dreamer program in place and for not deporting dreamers. + tell us they support this program. bobbitt is joining us from orlando, florida. caller: one of the reasons i'm calling was a reference to donald trump and the hurricane. we had andrew, way back when there wasn't any mobilization. i don't want to take away from what happened in puerto rico with the hurricane. hurricanes are disastrous. is thing i'd like to mention that puerto rico chick the navy out. if the navy was still mobilized able, they might have been to have responded better to
8:21 am
their situation. second of all, being a lifelong resident, prior to disney coming in to florida -- host: are you with us? no, hunger, we apologize. interesting point. if you take a look at the way the u.s. has responded to hurricanes over the years, there have been different responses across time. ,ith regards to puerto rico puerto rico has certainly gone through a number of changes with regard to its government and its relationship with the united states. sorry i didn't hear the rest, but it is important to know that puerto rico, too, has been changing. host: milton is joining us from sebastian, florida. caller: good morning, i'm 93 years old. .y wife is from puerto rico i lived in miami for many, many years before moving up to sebastian, so i'm very familiar
8:22 am
with the changes in the makeup , owing to theion influx of cuban refugees, and studying in 1959 and the 60's. how the politics in miami was changed by that. i may have missed this, but i'm interested in knowing what the numerical or percentage makeup of the hispanic population in , theda is, by nationality voting population. if you have that statistic. that's a great question. it's important to note that these origin numbers, the share of people who are eligible to vote who are hispanic, have changed over time.
8:23 am
all hispanic of eligible voters were cuban. they made up about half of florida wholl in were hispanic. today, they make up only over a third. their share has slowly been in decline over the course of many decades because of the rise in the number of puerto ricans living in the state. there is now one million plus people in florida tracing their roots to puerto rico. there's many other groups, rising numbers of dominicans, nicaraguans, venezuelans. what distinguishes florida is that while there is a growing mexican origin population, unlike other states, it is not the largest group in the state of florida. that still remains cubans, although puerto ricans are now
8:24 am
rivaling them in size. host: on your website, democrats have the edge. how so? guest: if you look at voter preferences for congress overall , you'll find that for hispanics, about 65% who are registered to vote say they will vote for the democratic candidate in the local race. headline, latinos are more likely to disapprove of trump's performance as president. guest: we've seen strong disapproval in the way donald trump has handled his job as president, among hispanics, consistent with the last two years. tot: and if you go back 1986, through the 2014 midterm election -- guest: we started with about 7.5 million in 1986. that number shows about 25 million? today, we are probably on the
8:25 am
order of 29 million, most of that growth coming from young latinos who have come of age in the last four years. host: this is from 1988 to 2016, a look at the white vote, african vote, asian and hispanic vote. rates the voter turnout have been in decline since the last presidential cycle. one of the biggest declines was among african-american voters, who saw turnout drop i-5 plus percentage points almost. -- western half of the hispanic electorate turned out to vote. host: in terms of presidential preference, let's look at 2016. 2012 with barack obama and mitt romney, 2008 with barack obama and john mccain. guest: democrats have won the latino vote in each of those years. what's interesting is in 2016,
8:26 am
hillary clinton won about two thirds. according to exit polls, there's concerns about what that number is or should be. other research has suggested she won two thirds. veronica from texas area -- from texas. i am hispanic and i have always voted republican. i do support the secure borders. my grandparents are here from mexico but they became legalized. i just wanted to ask, what is the turnaround time to becoming legal citizen? host: thank you. guest: i couldn't hear the entire question. host: the turnaround for becoming a legal citizen? guest: it depends on the origin
8:27 am
country. it could take three years or more for someone to have a green card or be a legal permanent resident. from that point, it takes at least three years before they will be able to apply for u.s. citizenship. host: one of the interesting stories is that many in the hispanic population are legal, permanent residents. most hispanic immigrants are in the country legally. what's interesting is among those 5 million legal permanent residents, many have been in that status since the 1990's when many were legalized through the immigration reform and control act in 1986, that they have yet to become united states citizens. thisere is a large pool of panic immigrants, mostly from mexico, who have yet to become u.s. citizens. that is one of the pools that many of the people who register the extra votes work on to get them to become u.s. citizens and ultimately register to rate is
8:28 am
interesting that we have many hispanic immigrants who have been in the u.s. for 20 plus years, are still legal residents, but have not registered for citizenship. we are looking at the hispanic vote with an eye on the midterm elections. selina is joining us from virginia. caller: good morning. my parents are from el salvador. what we are finding is through my church and the neighborhood that i live in, there are a lot of immigrants in this country who do work. do pay taxes,-- however they cannot collect taxes for all of these reasons. we paintike when immigrants as not working, they do work and pay taxes. absolutely right.
8:29 am
when you look at the labor force participation rate of immigrants, particularly the ones without authorization, you'll find their labor rate -- labor force participation rates exceed those health -- most of them have entered the country as young people. that is part of the reason they have a higher labor force participation rate than the general u.s. public. even so, the basic fact is immigrants are more likely to be working. host: christina joins us from florida. caller: good morning. a hispanic and i just wanted to say that the immigrants that are coming in from mexico are very, very hard-working people. even though they are not here legally, they do pay taxes and in the long run, if they stay
8:30 am
here for a lifetime, when they died, they do not get social security. does.fe does not, nobody my ex-husband's family came here from mexico. half of them were born here, half born in mexico. the ones born in mexico, they are older now and passed away, and the wife could not get social security for the husband. livesy do pay with their for the errors and mistakes they made. ad i don't consider it mistake, i consider it trying to get here did make a better life. host: thank you for the call. guest: great comments. you are excellently right. when it comes to immigrants, particularly from mexico, many are coming here to work and spend their lives working. you'll find that many unauthorized immigrants, half of whom are from mexico, have been in the united states for many years and have started to raise families.
8:31 am
they'll often have a median time of at least 14 years. who have comeny here illegally continue to stay and work. this is something we see across the board with mexican immigrants. host: last call is from rick. video, courtesy of the washington post. certainly, surveys have shown that the hispanic public is concerned about this, upset about this and disapproves of the way the situation was handled. host: we thank you for being with us. how can people follow you on the web? mark hugo lopez from pew research, thank you. coming up, gus portela will be here at the table. alex withr, cristobal the latino victory fund, serving as president.
8:32 am
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listen to hawaii weekend on the free c-span radio app location. we are featuring honolulu mayor kirk caldwell. washington journal continues. host: we want to welcome republican strategist gus portela, senior adviser with the puerto rican chamber of commerce. with midterm elections just one viewpoint, from your where does the hispanic vote but the republicans? guest: at think under this new chairmanship, the party has made significant investment in reaching out to the hispanic community. i see it as a crucial part of their strategy this year to mobilize hispanics and turn them out to vote. host: we were talking about
8:35 am
major issues that are not all that different from the average american. let me ask you about the economy. the president says the economy is strong, everyone is benefiting, especially the minority communities. guest: that is absolutely true. the economy is on everyone's minds. under this president, they have benefited greatly. a president that has created over 4 million jobs, multiple industries that directly benefit the hispanic community. median income, a that has risen to an all-time high in the last couple of decades. all of this greatly impacts the hispanic community for the better. that is something i think the republican party, in seeking to turn out the latino community and speaking to them will be talking about this. that tomot of lines
8:36 am
perez recently said -- sadly, from the start of his campaign for president, donald trump has millenials hispanic communities and smoked the flames of racism and xenophobia around the country. in an active unconscionable cruelty, his administration implemented a kryptonian policy of it separating immigrant families on the border -- dangerous, destructive, divisive and simply wrong. we are better than this as a nation. perez isthink mr. incorrect in saying this administration has been going after hispanics. the administration has simply been enforcing the laws. i think that is very important. andpresident has come in, from the very beginning, he said he would follow the law and implement the laws that protect
8:37 am
his country and enhance our border security. some of that has to be with some of the cartels around the border , some of the illegal crossing, especially of drugs, which he referred to from the very beginning when he announced his candidacy for president in trump tower in 2015. some of that was taken out of context. wants tomocratic party villanova as this president for attacking cartels and the violence they -- but he has separated families, has said it is time to deport dreamers. what that impact guest:? actually, those images are actually from a time before he became president. some of the images that surfaced early on were from 2014, and he wasn't in office. host: but the trump administration but that policy in place. guest: sure they did, absolutely. but to the president's point, he
8:38 am
wants to make sure that the laws are enforced. he's not necessarily trying to kick them out of the country on purpose or anything, that is important for the laws to be followed. what he'sg, i think encouraging people to do is to come legally and do it the right way. host: but if you look at politics and often the emotion of people and how they vote, people saw those images. won't that drive voters away from donald trump and republicans in this midterm election? need to think people see it from the prism of actual facts. some of these policies were in place beforehand. the president chose to enforce them whereas previous administrations have not. sure, i think that is something that will definitely turn out latinos to vote, but i think it is important that they view the facts first before placing blame entirely on this administration for enforcing the laws on the books. host: let's go to dennis from
8:39 am
cape coral, florida. sayer: i would just like to there's going to be a lot of puerto ricans going to vote for trump. they don't really care too much about immigration. they are legal citizens, why should they care? they are going to vote for trump, believe me. on top of that, they believe liketrump is more prophecies being fulfilled with trump. i think a lot of puerto ricans are going to vote for trump. guest: i have to agree with the color. -- with the caller. i think a lot of puerto ricans are going to go with the president in 2020. i think it is a crucial voting block. it will decide elections to come in florida. as evidenced in
8:40 am
gov. rick scott's campaign for u.s. senate, how strongly he is polling among hispanics. the importance is placed on the puerto rican vote, especially around orlando, and how many events the republican party in general, along with the party of florida, have had in that central area of orlando, not to mention the multiple investments coming from the republican party and from the rick scott campaign. he does think this voting block is crucial and will ultimately decide the election. -- guillermo is calling. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was born in puerto rico and i am 65 years old. that -- for a say while now, the united states has
8:41 am
the island as a we arem -- [indistinct] -- not receiving the money we are supposed to be receiving. so, in a way, the united states has sort of taken from puerto rico and not given back. and concerning the emigration, we do care about immigration, but the walls are a necessary part of life. of that lost part because of the cell phone, but i think we got the essence guest:. sure, it is important for people to note that puerto ricans here are seeking to do something. obviously, there are multiple
8:42 am
organizations like the puerto rican chamber of commerce that would advocate that puerto rico be admitted into the union and be allowed to receive the full benefits of other states. but i will have to issue disagreement with the caller that the united states has fully taken advantage of puerto rico. i don't necessarily think that is true. i can see where in some areas, people might be led to believe overall, ie, but think puerto rico has benefited from being a territory. however, some have said that as a state, it would benefit even more. it is easy to find a lot of ,greement there because of the obviously, people raise the issue of the debts, multiple other issues. simply put, where might potentially benefit from the multiple tools in the toolbox to address the debt if it worked to become host: the state.
8:43 am
the initial death toll was initially 64 then raise to 2975. the president tweeted the following, it was done by the democrats to make me look as bad as possible while i was successfully raising billions of dollars to rebuild puerto rico. of any reasoned like old age, add them to the list. bad politics. i love puerto rico! your response? guest: i think the president is making it clear that he does love puerto rico and cares about the islands, especially after maria. i think it is important to look at the infrastructure that has been aging there. for thecautionary tale local government as well as the national government in washington. makingr look at investments in the infrastructure of puerto rico. us onmiriam is joining
8:44 am
our line for hispanic voters in texas. good morning, i'm calling because i feel deeply offended when this person is trying to make up excuses for the president. i live here in texas and every time the president mentions generalizing all hispanics. i feel offended because i come from a hispanic community and we are not ms13. every time the president uses that tactic, he uses it to stir up his base and it is not fair. mann't like it because i am -- because i am an educator, when the president, he hispanics and calls us ms13, that is not fair. if he really cares about the hispanics, he needs to tell the president to raise the minimum
8:45 am
wage here in texas. we get paid very low and a lot of us are living in poverty. think it isinly, i important to note that with this new tax bill the president has put in place, it has greatly benefited everybody across the board. i think some companies have , andd this wage increase that is just across the board. i certainly believe that there is more to come there and more , especially hispanics in texas and those americans who have not been making enough money. i think this is the best way to lift people out of poverty. with respect to the president and ms13, i think he is, in my opinion, correct to attack ms13 for all of the problems they have caused across the border and in many states. i don't think that he is
8:46 am
i guessing, or signaling all hispanics and generalizing them as part of ms13. host: let me put two senate races on the table. one with a democrat hispanic candidate, another with the republican hispanic candidate. fromdez facing a challenge -- guest: he is a self-funded ofdidate and has a lot funding potential at his disposal. bob menendez is very unpopular and is not polling well, even against you can -- even against hugin. is right to invest a lot in infrastructure and community outreach. i think that is ultimately going to help him. however, it is a deep blue
8:47 am
state, so he starts out with a significant disadvantage because of democrat versus republican registration. and in texas, beto o'rourke is challenging ted cruz. guest: i think that ted cruz will ultimately pull it out, however, it is important to know that beto o'rourke has nationalized this race, which creates a bit of an issue for ted cruz. obviously not endeared himself, rightly so, to the left, whereas beto o'rourke has. the ability to raise money online has helped him make this campaign in the senate race more competitive. host: a follow-up on our early conversation, obama never separated children from their parents or legal guardians, but did separate those with no proof of legal attachment. that is correct, i
8:48 am
believe, but it is very important to note, what i would audiencesmind our here is that the family separation at the border happened before president trump. he did put some policies in place that the justice department has been enforcing, but a lot of the pictures that surfaced initially were from 2014 under obama. host: one of the many debates you were covering, sammy has been waiting from south carolina. morning, thanks for taking my call. by speaking start about puerto rico. one thing i find infuriating about this is that president trump is -- facts of the , wouldn'tas they were
8:49 am
have happened. this would have been a much bigger story. about the immigration, separating children from their families and putting them in cages. i just read an article in the new york times the other day and it says that the number of those now beingchildren kept in federal protection centers there has become fivefold since 2017, about 20170 children compared to . five times bigger than that number. host: response? guest: definitely. look, i think the president happening,at this is even before he came to office, and has acted on it, going as far as signing bills to prevent
8:50 am
this from happening. however, you are going to see it as tough for an administration to enforce the laws without there being issues at the border with detention centers. i think it is important to note that the government and president trump is doing everything in his power to prevent this from happening going forward. while this has happened, obviously, because of portions of the law, the president is doing everything in his power to prevent this from happening. david garcia is challenging the incumbent republican governor, doug ducey. this exchange on the issue of ice and immigration. >> you've made some comments in support of replacing ice, opposing a border wall. if there is no wall and no enforcement of immigration in that sense, does that jeopardize the public safety of arizona
8:51 am
residents? and as a follow up, do you have a follow-up plan? >> both of those statements are not true. i am against trump's wall because it is the wrong message to send to our largest trading partner to the south. in addition, we are talking about ice because of the historic cruelties that they have been inflicting. separating families. i will always stand up against the separation of families. it, let me i've said tell you what i've done. i took a note when i was 17 to join the army. defend theoath to constitution, which i take seriously to this day and i will take it with me to the governor's office. with respect to protecting arizona, what the state needs to ourthe governor needs to do job. the border sheriffs have made it clear that 24/7 patrols -- my opponent said that would be a
8:52 am
priority -- today, our highways are still left on patrol for four hours because my opponent has not provided the funding for 24/7 patrol as he said it would -- he said he would. our highway state troopers endorsed my campaign because they are a fan that we are investing in public safety. public safety safety has been a top priority of the governor's office. we deployed the national guard to the border. we are not asking to abolish ice not mr. garcia, and we are asking to remove the wall on our southern border where all of these poisonous drugs are coming through. you can hear him in his own words to see his stance on border security. our affiliate in arizona, that debate aired last week. i'm hearing, obviously, a lot of ice. a lot of democrats bringing up the issue of ice, and defunding
8:53 am
it. by contrast, his, i guess, running mate, if you will. cinema, running for senate on the same ballot, is running against abolishing ice. so i think there is an interesting conundrum within the democratic party at the moment, and a debate taking place about what wing of the party will be, ,ssentially, listened to hear ultimately. i think mr. garcia is incorrect in thinking that a border wall is not going to help, considering the fact that there has been a border wall already. not necessarily finished, but there has been fencing around the border. there's many that believe that adding technology across the border wall would be helpful to detaining these bad actors,
8:54 am
essentially, from coming across the border and potentially sneaking in drugs or whatever is the case. we are speaking with the republican strategist and senior nationalvisor for the puerto rican chamber of commerce, as we examine the hispanic vote. democrats and republicans in the midterm elections. south san francisco, california. next, jacksonville, alabama. are you with us? is, why wouldnt these people flee their ?ountries socialist, communist countries and come to america just to be slaves to the democrats and the same thing they left from. i just don't understand why you think they would want to vote for democrats, because if you theyat it, the blacks and
8:55 am
are already slaves to the democrats. why would they want to come and be slaves appear? they are fleeing the people -- i think it's a disgrace. i think the democrats are straight out -- host: response? at think it is important to note that the hispanic vote has been trending away from the democratic party. i think our previous guest mentioned that. i tend to agree. i think they are more up in the air than people think. even democrats shouldn't necessarily count them as a shirt vote -- as an assured vote for their side. i think the difference is for the hispanic community, they do care greatly about immigration but at the same time, about the economy and making ends meet. this present has created an environment for that community
8:56 am
to flourish. we've seen historically low unemployment in this community and not just them. the viewer also mentioned african-americans as well. created an environment where more jobs of been created, more take-home pay has been created. not just for the hispanic or african-american community, but everybody host:. anyonevious color and who joins in, this program works when you phone in with your own civil discourse. certainly challenging the guest. but when you use racial or ethnic or gender slurs, you are not welcome, so go somewhere else, we don't want to hear from you. connie from new jersey. my question is, is if this president is oh so good for hispanic people, i'm not puerto rican, i'm from spain. but i would say to puerto ricans
8:57 am
, this person you have there, he is treating the puerto ricans as second-class citizens, no matter right or init, left between. something he's not realized himself. represent the puerto ricans, ok? look, i will have to disagree. i don't think that is, in my opinion, factual. i think the president cares about this community just as much as any other community. has made multiple ventures to puerto rico to tour the island and has done everything in his power working with puerto rican representatives like jennifer gonzalez to ensure that puerto rico obtains the funding it .eeds working hand-in-hand with the governor, making sure that puerto rico truly has a seat at
8:58 am
the table and ensuring that the infrastructure is truly able to be repaired and making headway. randy gets the last word, from alabama. i don't mean to be a little naive about the voting process, but i would like to ask a question, to enlighten me as to when i cast my vote for a democrat or a republican, does it actually go to an electoral college who can decide either way, whether we are going to democrat republican or president? because it seems to me from the last election, there were more individuals voting for the democrat than the republican,
8:59 am
but it was down to the electoral college. can you explain a little bit about what the electoral college is or how that functions? host: thank you. absolutely. the electoral college created by our founders to current -- to provide a check, check and balances on our elections. the popular vote is taking , and you'll see that the electoral college, every state is granted a number of electors, based on a number of factors, population being one. why the democrats necessarily start with an advantage in the electoral college would be because of states like california and the west coast. states like new york that are strongly democratic states that also have a lot more electoral college electors available as well.
9:00 am
it is important to separate the two, the popular vote from the electoral college. electors are obviously elected by every state. some have different laws that multiple and there are issues here at stake as well with some reforms being prompted by the left on the electoral college and generally our electoral system but the two are very separated. in the midterm elections, the electoral college will not have anything to do with that. that is only for the presidential election. host: one final point because political slurs and calling the president names is not the case. we want it to be civil on all levels. one last thing i want to share with you. this is what the president said at a campaign rally in nevada.
9:01 am
pres. trump: democrats, i had to bring it out. democrats want to give welfare and free health care to illegal aliens, funded by the american taxpayer. how about this clown in california who is running for governor? we get a lot of people from california who moved here but how about this guy? he wants open borders. he once to give them health care, education, everything. california is going to have a billion people within a very short time. somebody has to ask, who was going to pay for this? do you know how bad it is going to be? the talking up -- you talk about
9:02 am
winning online for the vet, which we solved. you'll be waiting online for 10 years. open borders, come on in the california. all of the world they are going to be pouring into california. republicans want to protect the safety net for the truly am -- the truly needy americans, people who need help, not the illegal aliens that come and our country illegally. host: your reaction. guest: i think the president is making a big point about the expenses that come with free health care. i find it hard to believe that the state is going to be able to i find itperly and hard to believe with democrats bringycle on the left to up this proposal about medicare for all and free health care for all.
9:03 am
it sounds great on paper but there is no way to actually pay for it and democrats have had a hard time saying how they're going to pay for it. ultimately, the american people will have to foot that bill which means more taxes. it means some companies being prevented from hiring people because of the costs related to all of that. that is a great problem considering the president has worked very hard to create an environment where there is an economic boom with new job growth and unemployment at a historic low. host: we will conclude on that note. thank you very much for stopping by. we will continue the conversation and joining us in just a moment is cristobal alex with the latino victory fund, democratic strategist as the washington journal continues this sunday morning. we are back in a moment. ♪
9:04 am
c-span, where history unfolds daily. c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. and today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy events in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> monday night on the communicators, david radel, the administrator of the national kick -- national telecommuter administration discusses the trumpet administration's spectrum policy. he is interviewed by communication's executive -- >> i want to shift gears to spectrum because we all love to talk about spectrum.
9:05 am
5g is the headline every day now. is the u.s. going to win the race to 5g? >> we are in it, that is for sure. we are spending a lot of time looking at the data to see what we can do to help the private sector get where it needs to be to make sure america retains its leadership in wireless. if you ask around the world, we are the undisputed leader in 4g lte. and brought first broadband to mobile subscribers across the country. now we are trying to leverage the investments made by this similarly in 5g, but we have competition. china and korea are trying their best to be first to have nationwide 5g. it is going to be a race, but we are confident that american industry and private sector is doing the things they need to do to push us forward. >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on
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c-span2. washington journal continues. host: we will come back cristobal alex with the latino victory fund which is what? guest: we looked to build latino political power around the country by pushing progressive latino candidates. host: we are glad to have you. give us two races you are pregnant -- you are focusing on primarily, in the senate and house. guest: we have a record number of endorsements this year. we have seen a 600% increase in the numbers -- in the number of latinos running for office. a campaign called the year of the latina. we see history being made in texas with the election of the first latina members of congress. in new mexico, you are looking at -- who is running, in an
9:07 am
important race for us at the house level. for the senate, we have a number of important races. balance,ay that in the you look at florida and arizona and nevada and even texas, latino voters can make the veryrence and it will be a important reelection for senator menendez. -- covers for the politics for politico, the headline, these numbers should sound the alarm bell for bill nelson. governor scott holds a double-digit lead among hispanic voters 50 on older -- 50 and older. cuban-american backing and his handling of the hurricane maria in puerto rico. guest: it is a close race. what we know is that senator nelson has that with the latino community for years. he has been a champion for us.
9:08 am
we know this is a tough political climate. i was in for the last week. we hosted a major rally at mar-a-lago where several thousand puerto ricans came to mark the anniversary of hurricane maria devastating the island and i would say that the federal response was worse than the hurricane. senator nelson stood with the puerto ricans and has voiced his strong support for the island. we know it is going to be a tight race. i would say senator nelson is surging. the polling is going to show it is tightening and i think nelson is surging. with andrew gillam on the ticket , a true progressive, what you'll see is both getting lifted to the top of the ticket. host: are you worried about the fbi investigation into the tallahassee governor -- tallahassee mayor? guest: there have been some
9:09 am
allegations and rumors, i don't think it touches andrew. he is honest and true and he has this -- he is this incredible progressive that is going to change florida history forever. the people of florida stand with i think the investigation is in the past and i also know that what we are seeing is andrew going around the state turning out crowds by the thousands and talking about health care and puerto rico and the issues that matter to the voters of florida. host: the president has said repeatedly that we better win the hispanic vote because of all we done -- we have done of the a cap -- done for the economy and that sector of the electorate. guest: he has said that and that was laughable. he started his campaign the first day by attacking latinos,
9:10 am
calling us rapists and thieves. to the whitection house, he has surrounded himself with white to premises and now hold streamers hostage, he is abandoned puerto rico, he has pardoned america's most famous racial profiler and has separated children from their families. host: we want to share one of the debates and there was supposed to be another texas senate debate tonight but because the senate initially was going to be in session over the weekend, that debate was canceled, so will be rescheduled in the first debate with congressman or work -- congressman o'rourke and senator cruz. >> my views on immigration are simple and i have some them up many times in just for words. legal, good, illegal bad.
9:11 am
i think the best majority of texans agree with that. when it comes to immigration, when he to do everything possible to secure the border. that means building a wall, that means technology, infrastructure, boots on the ground and we can do all of that at -- at the same time that we are welcoming and celebrating legal immigrants. there is a right way to come into this country. you wait in line, you follow the rules like my father did when he came from cuba. he came seeking freedom. we are a state and nation built by immigrants, but it is striking that congressman o'rour be his focusing is to fighting for illegal immigrants and forgetting the millions of americans. americans are dreamers also and granting u.s. citizenship to 12 million people who are here illegally is a serious mistake and i think he is out of step with texas. >> i will tell you about being
9:12 am
out of step with texas. senator cruz has sponsored legislation that would have this country build a wall at a cost of $30 billion and i'll not be built on the international border between the united states and mexico, it will be built on someone's farm, someone's ranch, someone's homestead using the power of eminent domain to take their property at a time of record security on the border. we introduced legislation that would invest in our ports with a best majority of everyone and everything that comes in the this country first crosses knowing who and what comes in here makes us safer and allows us to lead on the issues of immigration reform. host: that debate from the nbc affiliate allowing us to share with you in these key senate and house races and as you look at that exchange, your reaction? guest: ted cruz is really one of these few people that are immigrants to this country that
9:13 am
turn out to be anti-immigrant. has done so much for the border and i think he is the perfect candidate for texas. he has blown everybody's expectations away. he is within striking distance and nobody thought that would happen in texas for another decade. he has tapped into an urgency and energy in texas that is incredible. i went with him when the issue of the child separation first came into the news and the trump administration was ripping children from the arms of their mothers. we were on the phone with the first latina elected to congress in texas and within 24 hours, beto brought thousands of people to march. i have never seen that before. he has the touch of a candidate -- of a kennedy, and obama.
9:14 am
i think he can be the next an answer of texas. host: we will go to denver, colorado, dave. caller: good morning. , i am an american indian and a kind of get it from both sides, we are hated by the whites and we are hated by the mexicanos. , think they are a one-party one issue voting block in the only time they will vote for anybody is that they speak spanish, if they are mexican. store, myo the children are ridiculed for not speaking spanish. how come you don't speak spanish? iny are very racist people the only people that they are in with, you can even be for mexico but if you don't speak spanish, you are an outcast and i would like to ask these mexicanos that are talking about why don't you speak spanish, i would like to
9:15 am
ask them why don't they speak aztec? guest: thank you for your question. all mexicanos have indian blood in them. i know if i were to trace my ancestry back, hopefully we can trace back one of these days and go back as far as we can and where i grew up in el paso, we were very close to our indian brothers and sisters. language, question on i wish that i could speak spanish as well as others. i think it is a great benefit to be bilingual. i am sorry you have had those experiences. given family members have me a hard time for not being better at speaking spanish, but i am sorry you have had those my experience is not that mexicano or mexican americans are racist but sometimes people may be confused as to how we look, they expect
9:16 am
certain things, but i would not worry too much about it, i do not think there is a racist component to it. host: florida is next. caller: i have a question to ask. what is it that the latin american countries have all in common? incompetent government, corruption, low production, low why ison, high crime, that so common in the latin american countries, including puerto rico? i thought argentina would have a chance because they have mostly europeans. host: of course puerto rico is a u.s. commonwealth and not its own country. guest: puerto rico is part of the united states and puerto ricans are americans. for so long in puerto rico, they have had a great economy, a very engaged workforce, a hub for investment and manufacturing and
9:17 am
investing but they also struggled because of u.s. policy toward puerto rico and now we are seeing that strain even further as an economic crisis followed by a humanitarian crisis with this hurricane. as more puerto ricans come to the united states, we will see political ramifications for the decisions by this and administration. host: anthony from chicago, good morning. caller: good day to you. i am concerned because without giving too much detail, i am scared because the african-american community has been affected on so many different levels by illegal immigration. you look at crime, you look at education, you look at job opportunities. we are being decimated. next year would be the 400th anniversary of 20 d grows
9:18 am
landing at jamestown, virginia roes landing at jamestown, virginia. it seems like everyone is coming up and we are staying down. that is nothing against our latino brothers and sisters. i love our latino brothers and sisters, but that love is not butprocated and i am sorry, the illegal immigrants are destroying the black community. the jobs we used to have we no longer have. guest: we love you too, i will send that right back. latinos,mericans, other communities of color, we have to stay together. this is a federal government that has put us all in the crosshairs. if you look at things that latinos health -- that latinos and african-americans care about, it is at risk. if you look at other key issues,
9:19 am
the economy, there are those of the top who are doing great and the rest of us, not so much because of the tax breaks that go to the most wealthy. the rest of us are not feeling that. african-americans are in the same boat. host: these are the of steve cortez, serving on president trump's reelection campaign and council,nic advisory he said the following quote, the president's focus on real immigration enforcement resonates with hispanic citizens who are nativeborn or legal -- not only counterproductive to our economic security but also highly insulting and unfair to legal immigrants like my own father who go through a lengthy and difficult process to become legal americans. your reaction. guest: the immigration system is broken. people like to throw words like
9:20 am
wait your turn in line but there are no lines. there are lines that don't go anywhere. i think if you look at the strength of this country and the economic drivers in a few you look at small businesses, that is all being created through an immigration system that is the envy of the world. i don't see a need for trump supporters and others to attack immigrants, particularly latino furtherts and to create -- but if you strip all of the politics away, immigration is great for the economy. host: another key senate race in nevada, the republican seeking a second term being challenged by jacky rosen. ms 13, violent gang members exploit immigration loopholes and commit vicious crimes and the u.s. and jacky rosen voted
9:21 am
against -- which would close immigration loopholes and stop criminal illegal immigrants from reentering the u.s. first,osen put politics voting against tougher penalties for immigrants who repeatedly break the law. jacky rosen put washington politics before our safety. that ad now on the air in nevada. your reaction? guest: it is despicable. we saw this type of racist ad in 20 -- in 2017 in virginia. the candidate decided to borrow a page from trump's friend book and paint all latinos as ms 13 members, all immigrants as criminals and it backfired. it is going to backfire in nevada. i think people are going to see from this ad and others who stands with them and it is clear
9:22 am
that collins -- next.we will go to harry caller: i wanted to remind people that the reason we have these destabilize governments in central america is during reagan's administration, the u.s. military supported a guy who was the leader of esquire -- of death squads in el salvador and murdered hundreds of thousands of people, mostly just because they were indigenous. supported a government in guatemala who we have been controlling since the 50's and nicaraguaontras in
9:23 am
where they fought for 40 years to throw out the dictatorship, a two generation dictatorship that was foisted on them by the u.s. marines. it is our fault that these governments are destabilized and these people are living under horrific circumstances. host: do you want to respond to that? guest: we have a complicated relationship with countries in central america, south america and we hope once we take back the white house that we can improve those relations and do better with our policies in that part of the world. host: let's go to richard, our line for hispanic voters, in texas. caller: good morning. let migrants, hard-working people that want to work and put money back into the
9:24 am
economy, we should get those people, not people that want to live off the government, i don't care what race you are. we need peace, we need love. trump says make america great again. america has always been great, it is the best country in the world and there is no doubt about it. , youu have to turn to hate should do that with something else. everybody should love each other. host: thank you for the call. guest: i totally agree with you. more love, less hate. i believe immigrants are extremely hard-working people. my mom and dad are immigrants.
9:25 am
my mom was a migrant farm worker who traveled throughout the united states. settled our family in el paso. worked three jobs so my brother and i would have the chances that she never had and that is the american dream, that is the american story. she told me if you set your heart to it and you work hard, you can achieve whatever you want to. i truly believe that is the american dream. host: this is a tweet from a viewer, we were talking about president trump saying latinos did steal the income tax reduction, why lie? guest: i would love to see that data. billions of dollars going to the very top, that it has not done well even if you look at the republicans own polling, they are asking more candidates to not engage on that issue because americans know that they have been tricked into electing folks that are basically robbing them. host: jim says it seems to me
9:26 am
republicans have only considered all illegal immigrants from anywhere to the criminals. it seems that breaking the law indeed makes one a criminal does it not? guest: here is the thing. if you look at the way trump has blamed immigrants for this nation's woes, it is part of a long-standing practice by this man to paint anyone who would is -- who is not like him as the wrong side, going back to his attacks on president obama as being born in kenya and a noncitizen. it is complete and utter nonsense. guest: let's -- host: let's go in-- let's go to jose oklahoma city. caller: i am not hispanic but i have many hispanic friends and i very much support the latino community, but i also have a different view of the theory jobsthey only take
9:27 am
citizens won't do and i think that is true in some sectors but they used to be a lot of folks that work laying brick for doing and it or framing houses really depressed their wages to the point that they could no longer compete. if we have anis immigration policy, which we had an opportunity to get one through the congress some years back that had strong border security but also gave a path to citizenship, but the gop killed that my not bringing it to the house for a vote. that is very important for everyone to realize. we had a good bill. ,he reason the gop did that was and this is what i want your guest to speak to, is in my mind, the gop understands two things. ify could stop immigration they went after employers
9:28 am
ortead of locking kids up going after these employers instead of arresting people on the job. go after people that are employing them but the point is this. if the employers were having to citizens thatl came here and got on a path to citizenship, that would bring everybody is wages up and they could not get away with some of the things that they do to these workers. host: we want to give our guest a chance to respond. guest: you made great points and thank you for your question and comments. there is a very complicated situation we've got with employers oftentimes taking advantage of the most vulnerable. that has a negative impact on wages. you also make a great point about immigration reform. we were this close to passing historic immigration reform and the republicans decided not to do it and i would argue the same reason we don't have immigration
9:29 am
reform is the same reason that republicans are pushing all of these laws around the country designed to suppress the vote, whether that is voter id laws or others that disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of latinos. the reason we have those problems it because they don't want us to participate in this democracy and until we elect democrats throughout congress up and down the ballot, we're going to continue to have this problem. host: one final question from pew research. we talked about the hispanic vote and according to their of hispanicpercent voters leaning toward democratic candidates for congress in their district, 29% for republicans. does that sound right? guest: i think it is a little low. latinos are hard to measure and i give pew the greatest respect and i know your next guest is one of the leading -- one of the leading experts in the country. but when you look at the 2016 vote, there was a story that came out after the vote, a narrative that said upward of 30% of latinos voted for trump.
9:30 am
we look deeper at the data and we worked with a group that is one of the very best in looking at latina data and what they said was 80% of latinos put it against donald trump. for women, it was 86%. that is a huge number and we expect to see that again this cycle. host: last question from david in michigan. keep it brief. good morning. caller: just like he was saying, you want to change america, you need to stop voting republican. you have the tweet about the tax break. everybody got $20 extra in their check but guess what? everything went up. there is no reason that that tax break should be considered good for anybody that is poor because it was not. i have to reiterate, stop voting republican. thank you. guest: the last thing i will say
9:31 am
about that is it is not just at the federal level but the state level where we have very competitive races. our friends in the african-american community have three incredible candidates on the ballot in georgia and new york. on the latino sine, we have the chance to make history in new mexico, in texas, in arizona. these are the new vanguards of leadership, the future of our country. thank you for your call. host: cristobal alex, the president of the latino victory fund and credit strategist. thank you for being with us. we have a half hour remaining and we want to turn our attention back to our opening question about brett kavanaugh and the confirmation hearings and whether it will impact her vote in 2018. we also live outside st. matthew's cathedral in northwest washington, d.c. where funeral services were held in 1963 for president john kennedy. the traditional red mass is held
9:32 am
on the final sunday before the first monday of october. tomorrow is october the first, so we will be monitoring the scene outside as a number of the justices attend the red mass. there are a justices on the supreme court. the confirmation process continues for brett kavanaugh. we want to share with you how the story played out last night in one of the many debates we are covering. the democrat in montana seeking reelection. the state auditor is the republican committed. we will show the full debate on our website at >> the confirmation of a supreme nomination overall is one of the most important jobs in senator has to do. it is particularly important when it comes to the supreme court because this is a lifetime term. was judge kavanaugh nominated by president trump, i went into the process of digging
9:33 am
into his background to find out where he was on particular issues. i found out that he was one of the architects behind a mass surveillance program from the federal level. i found out that he backed and supported the patriot act. both of those i believe are in direct violation of the fourth amendment. i found out he supported dark money coming in the campaigns which is anybody knows, there is more dark money coming into these campaigns in there on of there campaigns than ought to be. for those reasons and all the reasons brought up last week, i made a decision yesterday to vote no on judge kavanaugh. i don't think he has the merits nor the background to meet the needs of the supreme court and i certainly don't think he understands the challenges we have in montana from a fourth
9:34 am
amendment privacy standpoint. >> thank you senator. rosendalebill -- mr. ? >> i would like to say i am disgusted with how this has progressed. here we have dr. for two clearly experienced some tragedy in her life and then we have the judge, a commendable honorable man who has served -- who has served extremely well over the past years and he was smeared as well. what disturbs me as much is that this all could have been avoided. we have the senior member of the democratic party dianne feinstein who withheld information for 60 days that this could of been conducted in a fashion that they could have gathered information, the democratic party could've gathered information and they could have kept dr. for's identity secret, they could have
9:35 am
done a lot of this research but they didn't. the washington democrats made a decision 60 days ago that they were going to obstruct this process. word nearly three months ago that he was going to take the time to meet with judge kavanaugh and he didn't. he put off the meetings and at one point john came out and said that the white house canceled your meeting and then had to retract that statement. it just wasn't so. of people a lot across this nation are very disturbed with the way this process was handled. there is a man who has a commendable record, 300 decisions he has written and he should be serving on the bench and absolutely i would vote for him. host: that debate last night, we carried it live on our c-span network. our thanks to the pbs affiliate. exchange, howhe
9:36 am
is it playing out in this senate race? guest: they are following their party lines on this one. thinkunclear because i america and montana has really split on what to believe on this judge kavanaugh issue. host: what is the latest polling in this race? this was a state that don trump won and republicans have targeted. -- donald trump won and republicans have targeted. guest: in the beginning of september, he held a seven point lead and by mid-september, they were neck and neck. the latest poll was taken last week and tester is up four points but these numbers have been all over the board. if you break it down by demographics, women definitely favor tester and men definitely favor roseendale -- rosendale. what you get to that 30 to 49
9:37 am
age group, it gets really tight. what about the political demographics across the state? can you give us a sense of where the democratic stronghold is and whether the -- and where the republican stronghold this? guest: eastern montana is definitely a republican stronghold. -- people always say montana is a red state but i consider it a purple state because you have president trump winning by 20 points but senator tester had higher approval rates than president trump. in the senate, montana has traditionally set more -- sat more democrat and in the house, montana has traditionally sat more republican. it can be really split. host: what can you tell us about matt rosen dale? guest: he has held several
9:38 am
offices in montana. he moved here quite a few years ago. he bought a ranch up on the eastern high line of montana. a lot of people accused him of being a carpetbagger and election -- and on election night, he was behind in the primary and then he came up from behind. he has had a time of support from president trump. the president has been to montana two times to stump for him. i would not be surprised if he came a third time before this general election. donald trump, jr. has been here. they say that senator tester is out of touch with montanans but tester's camp continuously points to the fact that the president has signed 20 of tester's bills and laws. host: unlike other races in florida which are very competitive and expensive, but what about outside interest groups and the advertising you
9:39 am
are seeing across the state? guest: you cannot watch tv in montana right now without being -- without seeing back to back attack ads for both the house race and the senate race. i know montanans are getting sick of it. i will tell you that both sides here say the other one is the problem when it comes to dark money. it came up a lot last night in that debate. in my opinion, the most heated part of that debate was over the outside interest groups, campaign finance laws. senator tester told matt rosen they'll that he basically accused him of taking money and funneling it from one bank account to another, breaking campaign-finance laws and matt rosen dale three times but the thatof the allegation senator tester is the largest recipient of lobbyist money in the nation. that really depends on the numbers you're looking at and which election cycle you are looking at. in 2016, tested did not make the top 25.
9:40 am
this cycle he is in the top three but not number one. with -- are talking covering politics for nbc montana. did last night's debate move the needle? guest: it definitely got heated but i think that they really spoke to their audiences, their constituents and followers. i am not really sure. both were aggressive and pbs did a great thing where they showed two candidates side-by-side see got to see the others reaction and there were times when they were smirking and laughing and shaking their head and interrupting one another. it really was a heated debate, much more heated than the house debate. host: if people want to follow you during the midterm election, how can they do so? guest: i am on twitter. i have a professional facebook page as well. host: we thank you for being with us. let's get your phone calls and
9:41 am
reaction to where things stand with the brett kavanaugh nomination. hearing lastt the week will have an impact on the nomination. donald from new york city has been waiting, good morning. caller: good morning and thank you so much for c-span. lotteryike i hit the getting through to you guys. i have been trying all last week. you had a caller on yesterday who responded to the kavanaugh nomination, which i am also responding to. he said forget about being a democrat, forget about being a republican, be an american first. i would like everyone who is listening to me to be an streamn first and live life, liberty and -- from nine foot --
9:42 am
if we forgot about paul revere, we would all probably have a british accent today. i have been voting democrat since kennedy in the early 60's. i am no longer going to be a democrat. i wish we had an american party. that youpeople realize have to check the message from that show because it is really where it is at. we are americans and we will be americans as long as we decide to be that first. thank you and i hope everyone listening live streams that show. host: thank you for being so persistent, we hope to hear from you again. politico has the headline the president is optimistic about kavanaugh as the fbi opens its probe. white house officials were
9:43 am
cautiously optimistic about kavanaugh's chances over the weekend, admitting the situation was complicated while the president was not planning to look for now -- an alternative to replace his nominee, some realistic about an outcome in which kavanaugh does not survive the nomination process. the fbi probe seems to be broadening outside of just forward's accusations. accusations. us from york,ning pennsylvania, independent line. i am shocked that i got through today. host: go buy a lottery ticket. maybe you will win something. and i: i am 75 years old know nothing about my computer. google misse and
9:44 am
ford andoogled miss her family and they are all tied to the cia and understand why that is not being talked about. let's go to new castle, delaware. calling about the fiasco down in washington. what the democrats did was terrible and that woman just sat there and lied right through her teeth. i can't fly, i'm afraid to fly and yet she has flown all over the place and i said i want someone to tell me why a 15-year-old girl is flying to a party with four drunken men? it would not be something out allow my drunken daughter to do but evidently she did not have parents who cared everyone i can understand, she was very promiscuous in her teenage
9:45 am
years. host: how do you know that? it has come over your station time after time. host: this is the cover story of time magazine, that all men and women are created equal, a piece by dash cam we get there and also talking about the court crisis. one of a number of new ads taking aim at the kavanaugh nomination from a group called times up. >> dear judge kavanaugh. >> mr. cavanaugh. >> dear brett kavanaugh. >> we do people call on you. >> to withdraw your nomination. >> to the supreme court of the united states of america. >> we call on you. >> to withdraw. >> not as a declaration of guilt or innocence. >> but as a declaration. >> that they sanctity. >> legitimacy. >> and integrity. of the highest court in the land. >> are bigger than any one man's
9:46 am
ambitions. >> we the people. >> demand a supreme court nomination without allegations of sexual assault. >> for perjury. >> because the safety and sanctity of women. >> is no longer secondary to the needs of powerful men. >> we call on you to withdraw immediately. >> for the good of the court. >> and the country. >> your time is up. host: does any of this impact how you were going to vote in the midterm elections? teresa is next from texas as we look at the scene outside st. matthew's cathedral in washington, d.c. the traditional red mass scheduled to get underway. caller: good morning. host: you're on the air. we're getting a bit of a delay. if you turn down the volume we can hear from you. i am going to vote
9:47 am
republican because of all this. i have an issue with how everything has been dealt with because she said this was her civic duty to come out and say something now like he was a guilty man but she did not have a civic duty to do this when he was judging these cases and making those other victims if this was his character. host: this is from chris in alabama. the earlier caller who said they a deep stated is plant because her family once worked for the cia, saying lol. republicans risk disaster with kavanaugh in the midterms. the question for republicans as they press forward with brett kavanaugh is whether they risk alienating female voters for years and just in time for this year's midterms. progressives are certain the gop will end up on the losing side,
9:48 am
pointing to intense outrage over the likely confirmation of a judge to the supreme court despite compelling testimony from christine bloody ford -- christine blasey frford. next is linda, joining us from minnesota, democrats line. caller: i thought i called on the independent line. i voted for ronald reagan and i also voted for obama. this last election i did not cast a ballot for a president because i just could not. -- in every election from here on in i will vote anything other than a republican. they have not wanted to find out the truth in any of this. they have wanted to rush it through. i will never vote for a republican again.
9:49 am
one more thing about you, your coverage the other day was absolutely amazing. you were so compassionate and respectful to every woman that called you up and i just want to say thank you so much. if the republicans could do that , we would get a lot farther. maybe you ought to run for public office because i think you were amazing. thank you so much. host: we thank the people who found in because they really share their stories. it was one of those moments. we had a number over the course of our history in which we opened our phone lines and people express their emotions and that's -- and that is what this was all about. caller: thank you. host: the front page of the washington post, neighbors divided more than the cul-de-sac, a look at neighborhoods and families in this midterm election. also above hogans run despite refusal to embrace trump, the maryland governor -- maryland
9:50 am
republicans stand with the governor. the fbi has contacted a second accuser in the kavanaugh probe. just some of the headlines from the washington post. the judicial crisis network out with a new ad since the confirmation hearing reopened last thursday. service to hisf community, his church and his family. an unblemished reputation. six fbi background checks came back clean with no valid reason to block kavanaugh. democrat started a smear campaign. disgusting accusations, unproven, discredited. kavanaugh denies them and every single witness agrees with kavanaugh. it never happened. don't let a last-minute smear campaign the gate a lifetime of excellence. -- negate a lifetime of excellence. host: georgia, democrats line. good morning. caller: i am calling on behalf of dr. ford.
9:51 am
i was noticing it has been 36 years and she did not remember a , but i didthings notice she remembered drinking one beer and what she had on under her clothes. how do you remember that 37 years ago? the scenes watch outside st. matthew's cathedral as a number of the justices attending the traditional red mass here in washington, d.c.. there are eight justices on the supreme court with a vacancy, the retirement of anthony kennedy. we will show you that scene as we hear from mark in massachusetts. welcome to the program. caller: good morning.
9:52 am
i want to say i am an end -- i am an independent, i vote for character and not color. i would have to say that i am externally disappointed in the state of affairs right now, and i have to say that during blasey ford's testimony, she said that after this event, she went to the grocery store with her mom and you chose to go in a separate door and when she walked in that door, she noticed mark judge who was the other person supposedly in the room while she was being assaulted and laughing at her, not helping her of course. he did not notice her but she made a point of saying hi, how are you doing, approached him
9:53 am
and then stated that they were friendly. you figure it out. that is a message to the fbi. host: just a moment ago, we saw attorney general jeff sessions entering st. matthew's cathedral. braces for the battle as the fbi starts its one-week investigation. from charleston, west virginia. caller: good morning. i am calling because i strongly support judge kavanaugh. if my senator does not give him the yes vote, i will never vote for him again. i am a republican and i thought that was a sham, just a total sham on how they have done this. host: thank you for the call. from the new york times, kavanaugh could help the senate
9:54 am
but not the house races. george is next from ohio. comment. have a the comment is that mike -- that mark judge's ex-girlfriend can verify that he was there because she was there with him. that is your corroborating right there. host: thank you for the call. inside time magazine, the supreme court of the united states of america, a lofty pedestal of the black robes. allegations of sexual assault. the nominee declaring he had been a virgin well past high school. details available at more from outside st. matthew's cathedral in washington, d.c. for today's red mass. it will be getting underway in about seven minutes.
9:55 am
a couple more minutes with your phone calls and we are asking about the midterm elections and whether or not the hearings were judge kavanaugh will have any impact on how you vote. we will watch the scene for a moment and come back with your calls. host: diane from florida, republican line, good morning. caller: on judge kavanaugh, i am definitely in favor of his nomination. a 61-year-old mother of two daughters, both millennials. it seems to me that you have to bee evidence, you can't just
9:56 am
a compelling person, giving an emotional summary of what happened to you. maybe something did happen and that is legitimate, but you have to have some kind of evidence. you can't just accuse people and then let that be what determines what happens at the end of the day. host: thank you. we want to share the procession as some of the justices and the officiating priest entered saint matthews cathedral to do it -- before today's red mass. next caller is from north carolina. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. say i don't to think i will ever vote for another democrat, the way they have presented themselves through this hearing.
9:57 am
as far as i am concerned, it was very degrading. they have ruined a person's life. they could have gone about it in haveferent way and maybe the same results as they have gotten now. story, midterm my grains, a host of problems led by the president threatening the gop majority. the saying that the last word, from independent line in georgia. caller: good morning. judge kavanaugh did not do any more than the president did, he had been proven to abuse women his whole life and had to pay people off. int because you have a r front of you, people have their blinders on and will not look at the people who are leaving the country and -- leading the
9:58 am
country and half the people he picked to work for the white house got arrested or had to leave on account of some kind of criminal action. the republicans need to take their blinders off and look at what has happened. what president has had that many people have to leave the white house? none, not in history. go, snlfore we let you premiering last night and the kavanaugh hearings became a portion of the opening skit. >> if you have nothing to hide, would you agree to an independent fbi investigation into the allegation? >> i wanted to hearing the next day. the next day. >> that in no way answers my question. would you agree to an f the i investigation. >> you want a real investigation, then just look at my calendars. iu will see that every night
9:59 am
.as lifting weights the liberal media's going to find some way to spend. >> senator hatch. >> i just want to point out that the democrats in this committee have acted like cowards. if you excuse me, i would like to hide behind the female prosecutor who we hired as a human shield. >> all caps. -- >> ok. about 4000 newspapers -- loose papers. my name is rachel mitchell and i am here mostly for twitter.
10:00 am
although everyone will constantly be referring to me as seen a, you can just call me straight up prosecutor. -- referring to me host: we're back tomorrow with washington journal. greg store from bloomberg news, juan williams for the fox news channel with a new book, and thomas jipping to talk about brett kavanaugh's nomination. you with a scene from outside the red mass. we are back tomorrow. newsmakers is next. enjoy the rest of your weekend and a great week ahead.
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♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] journal,'s washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up monday morning, drag store from bloomberg news talks about the start of the new supreme court term. fox news political analyst juan williams on his new book. on brettas jipping kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern monday morning. joined the discussion. c-span isup today on newsmakers with, david mcintosh
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president of club for growth pac. in half an hour, highlights from this week's senate judiciary committee hearing on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. first is the testimony of christine blasey ford, followed at noon by judge kavanaugh. friday's session with the committee's vote. all of the testimony is on her website and radio app. every president, i think, the confirmed that experience. i will tell this guy off and then they go in there and there is something about the office itself and the respect that all americans and most foreigners have for the office where you don't feel like blowing up the president or taking him on the way you told her colleagues you were going to do. he was he was in china, eventually called back to run the cia.


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