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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer and Sen. Mc Connell on Kavanaugh Nomination  CSPAN  October 7, 2018 12:43am-1:00am EDT

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opportunity to commend her for her remarks, but to tell those who don't know her that this was far from the course. her performance was magnificent, but not out of the ordinary for senator colleagues bird -- senator collins. >> thank you, mr. president. senator schumer: in a short time, the senate will take a vote on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. the road that led us here has been bitter, angry, and partisan. it has been deep with hypocrisy and hyperbole and outrage. from start to finish, president trump's nomination of brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court has been one of the saddest moments in the history of the senate. when the history of the senate is written, this chapter will be a flashing red warning light of what to avoid.
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truly, judge kavanaugh's confirmation is a low moment for the senate, for the court, and for the country. the republican majority has conducted one of the least transparent, least fair, most biased processes in senate history. slanting the table from the very beginning to produce their desired result. why do i say this? because they withheld over 90% of the nominee's records from the senate and american people. because they refused to allow dr. ford to call a single cooperating witness. including the other eyewitness to the incident. because they refused to have an independent investigation of the
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facts before the hearing in in order to inform the questioning. because they hired an outside prosecutor to question dr. ford as if she were on trial. because the white house kept the fbi investigation on a shortly, -- on a short leash, dictating the scope, and even the kinds of questions the fbi was allowed to ask. because republican senators sensing after dr. ford's testimony that a debate about the truth and fact was not working, they adopted a cynical new strategy to shout, pound the table, and portray judge kavanaugh as a helpless victim of unseen partisan conspiracy. because the president of the united states, stooping to new depths, even for him.
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he chose to stand before a crowd of thousands and cruelly ridicule a survivor of sexual assault. and because this grossly distorted, biased, unfair process run by the republican majority, the senate is about to elevate a nominee who does not belong on the nation's highest bench. why doesn't judge kavanaugh belong on the bench in the nation's highest court? judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because he obscured his views, shrouding his jurisprudence and smoke so thick, the american people would never know what he really believed. judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because he was chosen by a president and a far
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right organization, both dedicating to overturning and undermining roe v. wade. he did not a thing to refute the presumption that he would work to overturn it too. judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because he was chosen by far right organizations that are bent on repealing health care protections for americans with pre-existing conditions. he did nothing to refute the presumption that he would too. judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because he believes the president should not be subject to investigations of any kind while in office. the distortion of our founding principle that no person is above the law. judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because his jurisprudence is deeply skeptical of environmental protections, consumer
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protections, workers rights, civil rights, lgbt rights, and rights of treaties with native americans and others. judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because he has repeatedly misled the senate, putting into serious doubt the credibility and a judge must be credible, believable, and honest, above all. judge kavanaugh does not belong on the bench because he is an extreme partisan. something we have seen from his earliest days in his career and reconfirmed when he gave one of the bitterest, most partisan testimonies ever presented by a nominee. judge kavanaugh does not along on the bench because of his injudicious demeanor, his partisan screed will go down in
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history and made it clear it would be virtually impossible for him to rule impartially on the supreme court. judges must be temperate, judicious, evenhanded, judge kavanaugh is anything but. republican leaders knew before he was nominated that judge kavanaugh was a very flawed choice. once president trump selected him, republicans decided they had to rush him through. they became a steamroller over truth, fairness, and our traditions of i partisan -- bipartisan cooperation. any means necessary to reach the desired end. they blamed the dr. ford and democrats for judge kavanaugh's flaws.
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they were intent on shrouding the truth because they knew that if the truth came, judge kavanaugh would be exposed as a truly flawed nominee. my colleagues, my fellow americans, what is the appropriate response? our country needs a reckoning on these issues, and there is only one remedy, change must come from where change in america always begins. the ballot box. to americans and so many millions who are outraged, there is one answer. vote. if you believe dr. ford and other brave women who came forward and want to vindicate the sacrifice, vote. if you believe the supreme court should uphold women's rights, vote. if you believe the supreme court
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must protect health care and our pre-existing conditions that are protected now, vote. if you believe the supreme court should defend consumers, workers, the environment, civil rights, native populations, vote. if you believe the supreme court should be a check on an overreaching president, vote. if you believe the process here in the senate was a sham and you believe americans deserve better, vote. if you believe that supreme court justices should conform to the highest standards of character, impartiality, temperament, and above all, honesty and credibility, vote. i understand, i share the deep anguish that millions of
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americans are experiencing today. i say to you, my fellow americans, there is one answer, vote. i yield the floor. >> the majority leader. senator mcconnell: the constitution of the united states was made not merely for the generation that then existed, but for posterity. those are the words of henry clay, mr. president, kentucky's own. they underscore that the decision the united states senators will make today will echo in the history of our nation. the very survival of our constitutional form of government requires an expert and independent judiciary.
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without fair and impartial courts of justice, as alexander hamilton put it in the federalist papers, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing. the courts guard our rights and the senate guards our courts. that, mr. president, is why today is such an important day. that is why the vote we take this afternoon, a vote to confirm a new associate justice of the supreme court of the united states represents one of the most consequential decisions a senator ever makes. the members of this body are duty-bound to confirm justices of the supreme court who are men
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and women of the highest character and the most superlative qualifications. fortunately, that is just the sort of nominee who stands before us today. the president nominated a jurist described by legal peers of all political stripes as a superstar, a serious scholar, and who is legendary for his preparation. that possesses the qualifications, the temperament, and judicial philosophy to be an excellent associate justice. the president nominated a brilliant student of the law. those who taught and knew the nominee at yale say it is hard to name anyone with judicial credentials as strong as judge kavanaugh. they describe an intellectual,
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leading thinker, and wonderful mentor and teacher. those he has mentored, a diverse group of bright and young lawyers talk about his work ethic, his honest advice, and his fundamental humility. for 12 weeks, the senate has seen this is not empty praise. we have seen the legendary preparation of a talented judge. we have seen the patience of a committed mentor and committed teacher. we've seen the humility of a true intellectual who let his record speak for itself. each of us have seen this for ourselves. every senator who came into this process with an open mind has seen that very same brett kavanaugh firsthand.
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we've seen his brilliance, his painstaking thoroughness on display in the 300 plus opinions he issued on the d.c. circuit. for 12 years, judge kavanaugh excelled on a bench that many experts see is the second most important core in our nation. -- most important court in our nation. we've seen the congeniality and kindness firsthand in private meetings. precisely the collegial approach that is necessary on the court. we have seen his professional excellence as we have reviewed more pages of documents pertaining to his career then any other supreme court nomination in our history. pages that depict a meticulous and dedicated public servant. and yet, we have cited the -- and yet, we have studied the results of seven fbi background investigations, inquiries that
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have produced no evidence to corroborate any misconduct. rather, or consistent with all we know of this nominee's sterling character. this historically tall mountain of evidence adds up to one clear message, judge brett kavanaugh is among the very best our nation has to offer. he will make the senate and the country proud. he will serve with distinction on our highest court. he unquestionably deserves confirmation and the country deserves a supreme court justice. now, mr. president, the stakes are always high. this time, stakes are higher, a lot higher than they have been in the past.
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i can't sell myself better than our friend and distinguished colleague, she put it in her historic remarks yesterday. this is where the senior senator from maine said. " it is when passions are most mostmed that fairness is in jeopardy." she said " when passions are most inflamed is one fairness is most in jeopardy." we all love the events of recent weeks that have strained the spendy's quality and partisan discord. even more importantly, our commitment to the basic principles of fairness and justice is also being tested. basic principles of fairness and
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justice being tested right here. confirm judge kavanaugh today is also a vote to send a clear message about what the senate is. this is an institution where the evidence and facts matter. this is the chamber in which the politics of intimidation and personal disruption do not win the day. membersthe body whose themselves uphold the same commitment to american justice that we seek in the judges we examine. a vote to confirm judge kavanaugh today is a vote to end this brief, dark chapter in the senate's history, and turn the page toward a brighter tomorrow.
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the chamber we are privileged to occupy is often called the world's greatest deliberative body for good reason. we are called the world's greatest when the rubber meets the road, when the hour is critical. when a historic precedent needs to be set, the senate finds its way to doing what is right. historye can honor that . we can vote to turn away from the darkness. vote to define this body for the better. we can vote to confirm an excellent supreme court


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