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tv   Campaign 2018 President Trump Sen. Ted Cruz Rally in Texas  CSPAN  October 22, 2018 7:30pm-9:42pm EDT

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friends, family. take everybody out to vote. it is the most important thing we can do for this country. on november 6. [applause] >> >> has anybody ever heard of eric trump? he is here today and wants to talk to you guys, too. [cheering] >> do i not have the greatest wife in the world? [cheering]
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she is the best. [indiscernible] they are watching the enthusiasm and do not know what to do anymore. it is fun to watch. we are winning everything we do. my father is winning for the country. we have an economy, the likes of which we have never seen before. you have the best employment in the world. it is amazing, that is what you do when you take hang caps off the military and let them do --t they do best, caleb bad bad guys.guys --
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they are protecting the second amendment. father,me, under my nothing will happen to the second amendment. [cheering] this country is the right thing. we are doing so well. consumer confidence is at an all-time high. companies are coming back. everywhere i went, they were and do -- empty factories, no cars. there is light now. america is back. america has come back. [cheering] this is only after two years. imagine what he will do over the next six. [cheering] we are going to end this thing
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in 2020. the pain in 2020. he will win in 2020. we love you. thank you for being here. we love you. [cheering] ♪
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>> he is a liar. e-groups woman. -- he gropes women. he is groping her daughter. plus will enough then, plus hillary clinton. [cheering] we need everyone to get out and
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vote for ted cruz. keep him in the senate to help president trump make america great again. 2020 to keepck in america great. [cheering] hello texas. we are both happy to be back home in texas. [cheering] i want to explain something. everybody is the army of the trump. this is how donald trump will say president for four more years. everyone in this room is the army of trump. i want you to pull out your texas 288022 and you can win free trump signed a gear.
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this phone is how we connect with you and turn you into the army of trump and talk to people and get you involved. wants to be involved to help donald trump win for four more years? it is important for you to take your phone out and dial. i do not see a lot of phones out. there they are. texas 2880 22 and we will pick a winner's tonight to get trump here. i imagine you are ready for us to get off the stage and see trump. [cheering] we have senator cruz coming out. we are all going to vote for him because we need to increase the majority in the senate and hold the house so the trump agenda can attend -- continue and we have two more years of the record pacing agenda he has done. i want everyone to take their hats off and give trump the texas hello i know you can.
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let's practice one time. take off your hat and i want to hear how loud he will be for my boss, president trump. [cheering] i want to hear it that allowed the whole time. i want all of the media to know how much texas loves donald trump. we are going to give away free gear. to a 8022. thank you, everyone. [applause] [chanting usa] >> ladies and gentlemen.
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ted cruz. [cheering] senator ted cruz: god bless texas. god bless president donald trump. [cheering] we are living in extraordinary times.
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today is the first day of early voting in texas. [cheering] there is a fundamental choice for our state. do we continue on the road to prosperity? or do we turn back to obama's stagnation? [booing] do we defend freedom? [cheering] or do be given to tyranny? [booing] do we embrace jobs? or do we give into mops? -- mops -- mobs? here in texas, the senate race provides a contrast. we have had a couple of debates.
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with as clear a distinction as anyone could hope for on every issue. , i am proud to have worked hand in hand with president trump to pass the biggest touch -- tax cut in a generation. [cheering] on small businesses , job creators, farmers, ranchers, and working families throughout texas. [cheering] want higher taxes. he voted against the tax cut, he voted repeatedly in favor of higher property taxes. [booinjg] --[booing] he even voted for a rain tax and
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el paso. i do not even know what that is. in texas, we celebrate when it rains. we do not tax you for it. [cheering] on regulations, i am proud to have worked with president trump to repeal job killing regulations that were hammering texas. [cheering] my opponent supports higher regulations, hammering oil, gas, and of the state of texas. [booing] my opponent voted in favor of a $10 a barrel tax on every barrel of oil produced in texas. boat if yourrific want to raise money in san francisco. [laughter] -- votea terrible boat
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if you care about jobs in texas. because there are millions of jobs in texas that depend on a vibrant oil and gas industry and energy industry booming and the state of texas. [cheering] the combination of the tax cuts and cutting job killing regulations, the economy is booming. [cheering] we are producing 33% more oil than we did in 2016. unemploymentowest nationally in 49 years. [cheering]
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we have the lowest african american unemployment that has ever been recorded. [cheering] we have the lowest hispanic unemployment ever recorded. [cheering] we have the lowest asian-american unemployment ever recorded. [cheering] young people, we have a whole lot of young people here tonight. [cheering] we have the lowest youth unemployment in 52 years. look across the center, where they are used to seeing the rockets when, they are going all the way this year. [cheering]
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this is houston, this is texas, this is in adversity of our city and state. we want jobs, freedom, opportunity and a we are delivering on all of those. we are getting there. amendment.nd i am for it and my opponent is against it. he tweeted how proud he is to have an f rating from the nra. [booing] not a d-, but an f. i think every tweeted it. [laughter] elections are about choices. if you want a big government gun
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grabbing liberal, the democrats will give it to you. [booing] on israel, the u.s. embassy is in jerusalem. [cheering] president trump made the courageous decision to move the embassy. to be in jerusalem for the opening of the embassy of a savvy and -- 70th anniversary of israel. my opponent has the most anti-israel record of any democratic senate nominee in the country. in 2014, when rockets raining on israel, my opponent was one of eight members to build against
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funding israel's iron dome defense system. [booing] virtually every republican voted yes. virtually every democrat voted yes. nancy pelosi voted yes. [booing] maxine waters voted yes. [booing] voted no and not stand with the people of israel. i am proud to have helped lead the effort to confirm justice neil gorsuch and justice brett kavanaugh. [cheering] [chanting usa]
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for every one of us who cares about the constitution and the bill of rights and free speech and religious liberty and the second amendment and the 10th amendment rights for the federal government to leave us the hell alone. [cheering] matter.dges for the record, i am not spartacus. [laughter] that if mysure opponent had been in the senate, he would put on the toga. [booing] that is not texas. is no rateion, there in the country with a stronger divide on the country than the
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u.s. senate rate in texas. honored to have the endorsement of the national border patrol council, the union of man and woman who risk their lives keeping the borders safe and protecting our country. [cheering] we need to build the wall. [cheering] my opponent not only opposes the wall, but says we have too many border walls and fences and need to tear them down. [booing]
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sanctuary cities. tohas said he is open abolishing ice. [booing] reckless, andl, not texas. this, he is the only democratic senate nominee in the country to come out explicitly for impeaching president donald trump. [booing] he said he would vote right now today to impeach president trump. [booing] he is running to the left of elizabeth warren, bernie sanders.
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the state of texas is not going to stand for it. [chanting] in texas, the support law enforcement. in texas, the support our veterans. in texas, the -- we stand for the national anthem with our hand over our heart and we salute the people in uniform. that is who we are. i am going to make a prediction to each and every person here. trump will bed overwhelmingly reelected as president of the united states. [cheering] i am honored that president
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trump is here endorsing and supporting my campaign and i look over to campaigning alongside him in 2020 for his reelection as president of the united states. [cheering] it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to give to you the 45th president of the united states. man who has presided over record jobs, record unemployment. the president of the united states. president donald j trump. [cheering]
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[applause] president trump: wow.
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[chanting usa] president trump: do we have a great country or what? great country. hello, houston. i am thrilled to be back. you treated me very well during a certain election two years ago. all my friends from the lone star state, a special place. thank you for being here. this is a record crowd. [cheering] they told me we broke the
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record. we could really break it if we got all the people outside in here. we would break it by three times. it is true what they say, everything in texas is just bigger. [cheering] days, texas will be elect a man has become a really good friend of mine. we had difficulties. remember, in the .eginning, it was a love fest the fake news cap saying -- cap , when are they going to break up? and they say it will pick up. we had a rally in washington,
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d.c. together. they said what are you doing? we had a rally together. then we said it is time and it got nasty. then it ended and i will tell you what. nobody has helped me more with tax cuts, regulation, and all of the things we're doing, including with the military and veterans, then senator ted cruz. he defended your jobs. he defended your borders. we are defending the order, by the way. in case you haven't noticed. we are defending the border. he defends your families. , with defending together a lot of other great republicans, your freedom. [cheering] early voting is underway.
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get out there and vote. if you would like to leave now, go ahead. go vote and come back. get behind 50,000 people. them.g screens out for let's waved to them. wave. [cheering] you got a better location. congress for more tax cuts. i just left kevin brady. how great is kevin brady? [cheering] he is here. cut forutting a 10% tax middle income families. it is going to be put in next quarter. 10% tax cut. kevin brady is working on it. we have been working on it for a few months. that is in addition to the big
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tax cuts you have already gotten. this one is for middle income. no business. areness is good and they coming back and jobs are coming back. plants and factories are coming back like never before. this is for middle income people. 10%. [cheering] the democrats -- i can't speak, i'm sorry. instead of a tax cut, a tax rate. you do not -- raise. they are for open borders, meaning crime and massive tax cuts. they are against law enforcement, against ice. they are against the military and they are not good to
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veterans. how do you win on that platform? have done the biggest regulation cuts in the history of the country. i am only here for almost two years, ifs than two you think about it. we have already done more tax cutsand more regulation than any other president in the history of it there for years. 12 years. -- we wantre doing people to come into our country. we have different 7% unemployment. we have 3.7% unemployment but they have to come and legally and they have to come in through merit. [cheering]
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build the wall] we started the wall. they have another billion six and a third billion six. ast is happening right now -- is a caravan. [booing] do you know how the caravan started? democrats had something to do with it. they are saying, i think we made a big mistake. people are seeing how bad it is, how pathetic it is, how that our laws are. that is an assault on our country.
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[cheering] in the caravan are some very bad people. we cannot let that happen to our country. i was just talking to your andrnor and senator attorney general, who i will be introducing. a lot of your people are going wall, a different kind, until we get it built. we need a well-built fast. we have to protect our border. not have borders, we do not have a country. saw, did aobably beautiful job in staring down an angry left wing mob in our recent supreme court battle victory. [cheering]
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he was great. ted, and other great republicans. we had no help from the other side. we have a brand-new member of the united states supreme court, justice brett kavanaugh. [cheering] also, this is an honor because you have had many presidents and they never get to put a justice on this in. lives.ry of our i have been there less than two years and i have two of them. have a fantastic new justice and neil gorsuch. just confirmed.
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we have a record number of circuit court judges. [cheering] we fully expect that to go to an all-time record. percentagewise it is up there. morentagewise, has justices, federal judges appointed, than any other president? who is it? appointed the highest percentage of justices? [cheering] no. hillary clinton did not make it. remember. you will never guess. george washington. after george washington. why?
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because he is. he did 100%. nobody is ever going to break the record of george washington. [applause] george. he never told a lie. that is what they say. he never told a lie. he did 100% of the judges. we are getting close. what the radical democrats did to justice kavanagh and his beautiful family is a national disgrace. they were on a ruthless submission to obstruct, resist, delay, demolished, and destroy. and are lousy politicians have horrible policy but they stick together. thing they have. they always stick together. other than that, they are not doing too well.
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if you want the fake news media to finally investigate -- [booing] by the way, -- [chanting] [cheering] don't worry. i do not like them either.
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look at this. here we are doing a rally for ted and it is great and there are a lot of people. look how many made it. awards,the academy which has gone down the tubes. look how many. look how many. look at them. [cheering] do you recognize many of those happy faces? i know every one of them. and 15%veryone of them of them are great. [laughter] i know everyone. every one. if you want the news to finally investigate hillary clinton -- [cheering]
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man. [cheering] i did not do it. i didn't do it. i didn't do it. ,f you want them to investigate we will have to nominate hillary clinton to the u.s. up in court. how do you like -- supreme court. how do you like that? let's see how she does. if judge kavanaugh had to go through what he went through -- he is a fine man -- can you imagine hillary up there? that would take 3-4 years of questions. [laughter]
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election isthis whether we continue the extraordinary prosperity we have achieved or whether we let the take a democrat mob giant wrecking ball and destroy our country and our economy. rate fell toent the lowest level in more than 50 years. five oh. here is one hard to beat. the number of americans working -- the number of americans working has reached the highest in the history of our country. all time high. [cheering] we have eliminated a record number of job killing regulations. that is one of the reasons are
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companies are coming back. republicans passed the biggest tax cut and reforming history with massive tax cuts for the middle class. the are adding 10% to those adding 10% toare those numbers. we have saved family farms, ranches, and small businesses from the estate tax, also known as the death tax. [cheering] love your children. some of you don't. [laughter] the ones who don't, don't listen to me. if you don't love your children and if your children did not treat you good, do not leave them anything. [laughter] give it to charity or somebody else. for those of you who would like your small businesses, farms,
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ranches left to your children instead of having your children go out when you kick the bucket. saturday. two or three dave later they are happy as how. forget it. [laughter] go out andhave to borrow a tremendous amount of money to pay the estate tax. they don't have to borrow anything. there is no tax. you will be able -- nobody talks about it. that was in our tax cuts. a lot of small business, farms, ranches -- there will be no tax. that is great. only if you love them. anybody in here does not love their child? anybody? [cheering] a couple of you.
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two people. my administration also ended the fourth of war on american energy , something you people know a lot about. he withdrew the u.s. from the unfair one sided harris climate -- harrisich was climate accord, which was putting us out of business. on day one, i approved the keystone and the code access pipeline. day one. yearspent years and trying to get these pipelines built. we are speeding up the process for your pipelines that you desperately need in texas to get the oil to its
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destination. we are speeding it up. i have heard so much. with texas leading the way, the -- this happened over a short. of time -- the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. [cheering] we are the number one energy producer in the world. who would think that? we are going to get the pipelines rapidly. i called the agencies and said get them approved. let themis a problem, know about the problem immediately. we do not take 20 years and say we cannot approve it. let them know immediately. in more than time 60 years, america is an exporter
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of it natural gas. here is good news for texas. just today, germany is chancellor angela merkel has announced her country will purchase massive amounts of lng. great news for your state. [cheering] i told all of the european nations it is not fail -- there all of the horrible trade and balances. they are not taking advantage anymore. under republican leadership, america is winning again. america is a respected again because we are putting america first. [cheering]
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we are putting america first. it hasn't happened in decades. ourselvesing care of for a change. [cheering] thank you. i like that guy. radical democrats want to turn and the clock and rule corrupt power hungry globalists. you know what a globalists is, right? a person who wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much. we cannot have that. old-fashioned, a nationalist. we're not supposed to use that word.
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i am a nationalist, ok. i am a nationalist. [cheering] nationalist. use the word. [chanting usa] they reported yesterday that donald trump is unpopular with the nation, one of the most unpopular presidents in the history of polling. i said, of course i am unpopular with foreign nations because they are not letting them rip us up anymore. they meant it to be banned.
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to this the 30% and why would they vote for them? honestly, you are treating everybody good. we have to be reimbursed for the protection. we are protecting the wealthiest nations in the world. we are subsidizing them. they take advantage of us. those days are over. time to be fair. [cheering] the most unpopular president. think of that. i am one of the most popular presidents in this country. [cheering] in our country.
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a couple of polls came out today that were very good. they did not want to announce them. they paid for the polls. we have a new poll out. let me see. let's get to another subject. [laughter] the democrats want to replace freedom with socialism. [booing] they want to replace texas values with nancy pelosi values. [booing] and they want to replace the rule of law that the rule of the mob. that is what is happening. democrats would rather destroy american communities then defend america's borders. got to vote for ted cruz. [cheering]
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democrats are a big risk to the american family and our country. we cannot afford to take those kind of risks. this will be the election of the , kavanaugh, law and order, tax cuts, and common sense. [cheering]
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ted opponent in this race is a stone cold phony. [booing] he pretends to be a moderate. he is actually a radical open borders left winger. i know texas well. do not forget, they tried to convince you on election night that texas is in play. remember the lies? you, i think the lies are bigger tonight than two years ago. because i produced. [cheering] because i produced. tonight and bigger it is easier. , i had to say,
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people give you tax cuts, cut regulations. it was all words. now i have produced so this is easily. [cheering] in fact, some of those guys will say i produced more than i promised, which is true. which is true, actually. orville -- over voted against the tax cuts and went against tax cuts with job killing regulations and taxes that were really hurting jobs and companies. supports a socialist takeover of health care. it will triple your taxes and it will not be a lot -- enough. will end up waiting for five weeks to see a doctor. that he gotsay
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enough rating from the nra. means they want to take away your guns. do we love lily -- will be -- louie? look at him. iso not know what his rating but i assume it is in a class. -- a plus. a plus plus. he has guts. .hey defend you and they defend your second amendment. , the secondnot win amendment will be in trouble.
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his opponent voted against the border wall, case law, and voted for amnesty -- obama amnesty. he voted to shield ms 13 gang members from deportation. he doesn't want to deport them. he says they are people. they carve you up with a knife, but they are people. he voted in favor of sanctuary cities resulting in the death of countless americans. today's government -- democrat party would rather protect illegal aliens than american citizens which is why democrats must be voted out of office. we need more republicans. a vote for a democrat this
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november is a vote to surrender congress to nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and the great maxine waters, that's the beauty. maxine waters. [booing] did you get that one? maxine. she would be in charge of your finances. [booing] low iq individual. [laughter] low iq. how about this one? senator dianne feinstein. [booing] mayor who did one of the worst jobs of any mayor other than the guy running for governor in florida. he was horrible.
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and a sad thing happened last week. exposed asarren was being a total fraud. i can no longer call her pokemon pocahontashe has -- because she has no indian blood. her pocahontas. she does not qualify. i've been saying for a long time. saying for a year and a half that i have more indian blood then she does, and i have none. but i cannot use the name pocahontas anymore. but i will anyways. is that ok with you? we have to keep her down.
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the people of texas will make a giant and beautiful stand. you are going to elect a republican house. they are getting a little nervous. about a month ago, they were talking about this blue wave. you do not hear about the blue wave. you do not hear it for much. the blue wave is being dissipated a little bit. are you still talking about the blue wave? [booing] coming. wave is let me tell you. you have to get out and vote. the party that has the presidency -- i do not know why. i guess you get a little sedate or something. you lose something.
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two times since the great depression, it was a positive. nobody ever had the condition of ever producing the greatest economy and history of our country. i do not understand why we would lose the house. history is against us, but the fact i with us. are with us. we can keep making america great again. [cheering] we will be changing. let me ask your advice. texas is more and tough. make america great again is the greatest slogan in the history of politics.
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what does she have? some debate slogan like stay together. like stayslogan together. i got up and said see, that is all she can talk about is herself. they paid her a million dollars for that slogan and changed it the next day. they decided not to do that. make america great again. now we are running, we are doing good. created $11eded -- trillion. we are hitting china hard. we are doing this. we have created 11 point eventually dollars. -- $11.7 trillion. it was always china is doing so
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great, everything china. what about us? we are down. we are not done anymore. we are way up. [cheering] by the way, i want china to do well, but they were down 32% over the last six months and we went way up. $11.7 trillion we created. about $20lost trillion. we want them to be happy and do well, but they had to treat us fairly. they will. they have a wonderful, great leader, and they will. the choice in november cannot because -- could not be more
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clear. republicans produce jobs. [cheering] thank you. thank you everybody. these are great people. honestly, you know we were here a lot. did we help you with that lousy hurricane? that was brutal. i never saw anything like it. it kept coming in. it was taunting us. it was and and then it went out.
8:36 pm
then it dumped and then it went out. three times. i am paying for that. is this ever going to stop or go away? that was a brutal hurricane. you know what was fantastic? the u.s. coast guard. it was a big deal and it was a lot of water. with ".ys -- the little boats. they want to go into the hurricane to show their wife had great they are? they get out there and they i am dead. let me ask you a question. saved in texas
8:37 pm
more than any other place. in texas, the u.s. coast guard saved 15,000 lives. -- 16,000 lives. think about that. these are great people. i said let me ask you a question. what happens? they want to go out and play at the edge, but there was no edge. it gobbled them up. how big is a thing like that? you are looking at -- they said butave the greatest boats, if we hit that wrong, we go down just like anybody else. crest, they come in and save a lot of people and go back out. , their brand has appreciated more than any other brand in this country. the u.s. coast guard.
8:38 pm
they did a great job. [cheering] guys come all you when there is a hurricane, do not take your boat out. get out of town for a little while. that was brutal. fema was great. first responders was great. incredible. we are honored to be joined this evening by many great republican leaders. who isnight is a man incredible. he is a man with tremendous spirit. he asked me for more money than any other human being have asked. his name happens to be governor greg abbott. where is he? [applause]
8:39 pm
where is he? he is the greatest guy. where is he? there are a lot of people in this room. .ou know greg i took pictures with him backstage. the we like him more than trump? yes. i do. he called me up. we have given billions of dollars to the state of texas. he said can i ask you one small question? sir, we would like to build a dam, and it is not much money, but it would really help us for the next hurricane to keep the waters out of houston. was a small favor, but i would like to ask you for that money.
8:40 pm
greg, how much is it? sir, it is only $10 billion. i said, state again. it is only $10 billion. i said, that is the most dam i have ever heard of. he loves texas. he is a great man. he did a fantastic job under a lot of pressure. you got all a's. governor, dan patrick. [cheering] finally, i see them. they are over here. is hard to find one
8:41 pm
person in a room of 20,000 people. guy, who is an incredible senator. he represents you so well. he is always fighting for you. he was the one who asked dianne feinstein. he was the one. he said, remember? hearing, to a .reat job -- gentlemen he goes out and he is on the committee. did you leak?
8:42 pm
no, we did not leak. that was the worst body language. she was so guilty. john was great. he was great during the hearing. he surprised her. she did not know what happened. the her with that beautiful texas accent. great job. always a great job. general whoattorney does not stop. and heough, smart collects more money for this date. he loves the state. ken. you,
8:43 pm
great job. we are working closely with your state leaders in the recovery effort, following the devastation of harvey. we continue to work. , it went very fast. we will never rest until the hurricane is totally out of our site and vision. very close to being finalized, but we will never rest until every last brick, every piece of asphalt and concrete is perfect. right? rest, ted cruz and john conan, and dan. they will not let me rest, will you? they will never let me rest.
8:44 pm
we stand ready to help texas respond to the storm that are continuing to cause flooding through the region. we are doing things to alleviate some of those storms. i do not know what we will do with the one that the governor asked for. would you name it the trump dam? it the trump da it is beautiful, big and expensive. i am kidding. i did not ask him that. trumpow's headline, demands his name on the dam. chairman kevin brady, what a guy. what a guy. talk about help with taxes. in nexte are putting
8:45 pm
week, the 10% reduction for income taxes. he promised in front of 22,000 people. he promised to me. what a great job. a great man. thank you, bill. great job. congressman john connor. a friend of mine, you do not vote for him- because he is so far ahead already. you do not have to vote for this guy because he is leading by 60 points. do me a favor. to have ado not want depressed man on my shoulders. go out there and vote for him anyways because he is out the ending.
8:46 pm
[cheering] -- he is outstanding. [cheering] louis. is it over? you want them to vote. go out there and vote for louis. another congressman who has been so helpful. ted. thank you. congressman pete olson. thank you. great job. congressman randy webber. thank you.
8:47 pm
great job. you have great people in this state. these are great people. badin.sman brian congressman john culberson is a great guy. get out and vote for him. get out and vote for him. get out and vote for pete sessions. he is a fantastic congressman. he is still leading, but get out. jodey arrington. she has done a great job. and congressman michael cloud. thank you, michael.
8:48 pm
great job, michael. these are great people. great patriots who love texas. you do not want to be saying the words speaker nancy pelosi. [booing] he and next two years, you need to go out and vote for these tremendous republican lawmakers. thank you. thank you. this election is about protecting the sacred values that we all share. the values that texas republicans are fighting for every day. in the right to free speech, the right to religious pretty and the right to keep and bear arms.
8:49 pm
we believe in law and order and we cherish the incredible men -- women of law in force enforcement. we believe that judges should always interpret the constitution as written. schools should teach our children to be proud of their country and to respect our great american land. prayer and we probably stand for our national american flag. we know that faith and family, not government and your accuracy -- bureaucracy are the true center. -- inall else, the
8:50 pm
america we do not worship government. we worship god. [cheering] these are the values that unite people all across the great state of texas. election, you can send a message to the radical democrat. do not mess with texas. vote for ted cruz and vote republican. democratic rule would be a total catastrophe. democrats in congress have already signed up for a socialist takeover of health care that would eliminate private insurance of more than 15 million texans. the democrat plan would destroy medicare and terminate medicare advantage for 1.4 million texas
8:51 pm
seniors who depend on it. republicans want to protect medicare for our great seniors who have earned it and paid for it for a long time. republicans will always protect american with pre-existing conditions. we protect you. the plan to destroy american .ealth care thank you very the american taxpayer. absolutely want to be able to vote. do not worry about it.
8:52 pm
the illegals -- i had -- hate to they voted anyway and they are not supposed to. got so many people voting a legally in this country, it is a disgrace. voter id. you have to put your voter id on everything. the only thing you have to do it for is when you vote. republicans believe we should protect public benefits for truly needy americans, not illegal aliens. partyspeak, the democrat is openly encouraging millions of a legal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overwhelm our nation.
8:53 pm
an democrats have launched assault on the sovereignty of our country. andsecurity of our nation the safety of every single .merican the crisis on our border as least the is the sole result of democrat laws and activists. democrat judges that prevent us from returning illegal aliens from central america and all over the world. it is called catch and release. [booing] you know what catch and release is. you have these people from border patrol. these are great people. ice and border control. a tough job. they catch them and then they release them. they say you have to come back for a court case.
8:54 pm
you have to come back in two years for a court case. number one, they never come back. that and i do not believe 3%. we release them into the country because that is what the democrats want. a lot of bad things happen when that happens. the democrats do not care what their extremist agenda will do to your neighborhoods, hospitals or your schools. they do not care that the last illegal immigration will totally bankrupt our country because all the democrats care about is regaining power, no matter how they have to go about doing it. all the witchhunts want to gain power. we will not let them gain power. democratss why the all support catch and release. that is why they support visa
8:55 pm
lottery. in a batchut name and you pick them. then you have nothing but problems. you think those countries are putting their finance? i do not think so. ?- their finest i do not think so. in -- as an example, midwest highway in manhattan. a beautiful highway. he is driving a car down and decides he is going to make a right into the park where everyone is working on exercising, running and bicycling. he knocks everything down, eight they never talk about the people who are wounded, when they lose --ir arms, legs and there their life can never be the same. they do not talk about the 12
8:56 pm
people that lost something so important. whereare people in a park they go to exercise, so they can be in perfect shape. i go home months later without their legs, without their arms. this animal, going at a very the decision to make a right into the park and run people over. he is here. it is called a chain migration. he is here. his mother comes with him, his father comes, his uncle, his aunt come his brother, his nephew, his sister. 22 people. no jobs come adjust 22 people. jobs, justin -- no
8:57 pm
22 people. no more chain migration. democrats want to give illegal aliens free welfare and the right to vote. that is why they want to abolish ice. you will see it over the next two weeks. i am stuck with it. i want to change it, but we have a tiny majority. i need the votes. senate, we need 60 votes, but we have the one. we need 60 votes. so they do not allow us to do it. hurting killing and innocent americans. democrat immigration policies allow poisonous drugs and ms 13 to pour into our country. citiest sanctuary release violent criminals from jail and straight into your
8:58 pm
neighborhoods. countryans believe our should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. common sense. the republican party will always stand proudly with the heroes of ice. these are tough people. they are great americans, but you do not want their jobs. they do not like using guns because it is too quick. ms 13 likes cutting people up and killing them like they did girls comingtiful home from school. killing them, slicing them. these are evil people. that's right. he said it. they are animals.
8:59 pm
when i see -- in long island, i grew up near there. these are great town. ms some reason, a lot of the 13 went after long island. i have heard from friends of mine. we put ice in there. it is like a war. those people are clapping and screaming. theirpeople and i walk in and they are tougher and smarter. none respect them because of you guys want that job. i do not want that job. i do not want that job. these are the heroes. they get them out of our country. we have removed thousands of them. they came in through the
9:00 pm
wonderful obama administration. we removed thousands of these people. the towns are liberated. you see the people clapping. it is like a war zone. , but wee great places have to cherish ice and law enforcement. we are getting the wall finished because it is an important element. even the democrats are seeing it. i got a call today. we really do need the wall. you need to have a wall. if you want to secure our and all the other things i just spoke about, go out and vote republican. america to enter -- ure as a sovereign,
9:01 pm
independent nation, go out and vote. if you want a booming economy, go out and vote republican. , weess than two years time have created over 4.2 million new jobs and listed over 4 million americans off of route stamps. we have added 600,000 new manufacturing jobs. remember the previous administration? but theot be specific, head of the previous administration -- does anybody know who i am talking about? you cannot have manufacturing .obs in these -- this country i guess we found the magic wand. the best jobs. confidence hit an
9:02 pm
all-time high in the history of our country. economic growth last quarter reached 4.2%. they said that would not happen for years. we have another great one coming up. we had an interest rate climate. give me a zero interest rates. we are being conservative. hispanic americans, think of it. media income reached an all-time high. hispanic american poverty has reached an all-time low. hispanic american homeownership recently hit its highest rates in much more than a decade.
9:03 pm
african-american, asian american unemployment has reached the lowest level ever recorded in our country's history. unemployment just fell to 3.6%, the lowest rate in 65 years. announcedis month, i that we are replacing the horrible nafta deal with an incredible new agreements. that is a great deal. our manufacturers are happy. you will not have countries leaving for other countries. i do not want our company is moving to other countries, firing all their people, making the product and putting it in
9:04 pm
with no tax and selling it back to our people. that is not going to happen. no more. we lost 35% of our automobile business. nafta was a disaster. i do not want the name nafta. hard.y people worked so we take in the toughest ever action to correct on -- crackdown on china's practices. we made a new trade deal for our farmers and manufacturers. we have taken bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. americans should not be forced to subsidize lower drug prices in other countries will paying the highest drug prices ever in the history of this world. we have gone through the process .
9:05 pm
it is a statutory process. drug prices will soon be plunging. watch. help critically ill patients get life-saving trait and -- treatments. a person is very sick and terminally ill and they want hope. they want to be able to get something. we have the greatest medical people. we have the greatest. people are told they are terminally ill. if we had a treatment that gave great hope and looked promising, we would not get close to letting the music -- letting them use it. we have something in the pipeline that looks really good.
9:06 pm
i know people who travel all over the world, looking for hope. they were looking for hope. documentsign a simple and they go out and get it. tremendous results already. , becausee other things john was very much involved. test.the ultimate it was very hard to get approval. it is done. i hope nobody has to use it. if you are really sick and they have something in the pipeline, you never had a chance to but now you get it. and we obtained $6 billion to fight the opioid epidemic, which
9:07 pm
is a big problem. tad, he was incredible. with his help, we repealed the horrible obamacare, the individual mandate that everybody hated. everybody hated it. passed veterans choice, giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor, instead of waiting in line for one month, two months, four months. and having a simple illness corrected. people stand in line so long they would have a simple problem and by the time they saw a doctor, they were terminally ill. now, they have to wait. wait,ur veterans have to they go out and they see a private doctor.
9:08 pm
we pay the bill. we get them fixed up. veterans,ssed for the the accountability law to ensure that anyone who mistreat our veterans -- you cannot fire these people. they could do whatever they wanted to do and you could not but -- you cannot fire them. securedmilitary, we money to fully rebuild the u.s. military. we are getting other countries to pay up and pay their fair share for a military protection, including nato. billions and billions of dollars. you have to pay up. they were not paying.
9:09 pm
year, we$100 billion a got it. they pay. we are protecting them. that is great. but they have to pay. the pentagon is now working to create the sixth branch of the , the spacemed forces force. so important. people love it. it is so important. it is where it is that. to keep america safe from terrorism, we have put in place the travel ban. recently upheld by the u.s. supreme court. remember that? you'll never get it approved, mr. president. we just got it approved.
9:10 pm
i withdrew the u.s. from the horrible, one-sided nuclear deal. recognized israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. together, we have made extraordinary progress, but we are just getting started. elect aote to republican house and a republican senate, we will continue to cut your taxes, cut your regulations, raise your income, help your jobs, take care of your medical problems. we will protect medicare and social security. defend the second amendment and continue to confirm great judges who will abide i our laws and our
9:11 pm
constitution. laws and our constitution. we will secure our border. we will pass kate's long. we will stop visa lottery. law.te's we will stop visa lottery. we will get them out of our country. we will lift million of our -- millions of our citizens. from poverty to prosperity. , you watched as your leaders apologized for america. now you have a president standing up or american area we
9:12 pm
are standing up to the great state of texas. to continue this incredible momentum, to protect your state and your country, you need to elect a republican house and a republican senate. you need to vote for ted cruz. he is a terrific, great senator. loyal citizens like you helped to build this country, and together we are taking back our country, returning power to you, the american people. the greatest movement in history of our country. look at this as an example. a president would come to texas.
9:13 pm
they would have 300 to 400 people in a hotel and it would be considered a success. over 100,000 people wanted to come here today. the greatest movement in history of our country. out andt laying it telling it like it is. from dallas to el paso. from the red river to the rio settled bys date was some of the toughest men and strongest women ever to walk the face of the earth. [cheering] this is the state where william kravitz and davy crockett made at the alamo.nd where a smallate
9:14 pm
band of patriots at the battle of gonzales, armed with a single cannon stared down a foreign it. and declared, and take [cheering] and take it --lm come and take it. [cheering] come on. what happened? state where generations of farmers and ranchers and oil workers and pioneers built a life and a home with their own two hands. they did not have a lot of money , they did not have a lot of luxury, but they all had one thing in common.
9:15 pm
they loved their families. they love their country and they loved their god. [cheering] these courageous texas patriots did not shed their blood, sweat and tears so that we could sit at home while others try to erase their legacy, tear down ourhistory and destroy proud, american heritage. for the sake of our freedom and for the sake of our children, we are going to work. we are going to fight and we are going to win and keep on winning. we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in or give up. we will never back down. we will never surrender, and we
9:16 pm
will always fight on to victory. because we are americans. our hearts lead red, white and blue. -- believed -- our hearts bleed red, white and blue. together, we will make america a wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. america greatke again. thank you, texas. ♪
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9:19 pm
>> c-span's live coverage part of our campaign 2018 coverage continues. two weeks before the midterm election with voting already underway in texas and a number of states. we want to get your reaction. we will show you what former president obama said to democrats in las vegas. good evening.
9:20 pm
that was an incredible speech by president trump. he is in touch with the heart of the american people. so proud of him today. inwas there something particular that struck you? >> police said to work together, i think he means it. i think it is the ideal that we share that unite us. that is the main message that i get from this. >> this is where the houston rockets player. there were several thousand outside, unable to get in. this is what it looks like as the supporters of donald trump now leave the venue. good evening. >> good evening. tonight, it is amazing.
9:21 pm
this is amazing. she said we will do this together and he is colorblind, but i do not the any of the color in that audience other than white people. is a clown. it is a shame that he is our president and she is defending him. it is all about bringing up hate and hate mongering. what we see in this country and we see going on throughout this country, we need to return. we are not coming together. we are not coming together. we are at each other's throats. you see what is going on. our leader is a poor leader. a leader brings people together. believe, hedo not brings us together, look at the audience as they walk out. i do not see not one. please do not tell me he is bringing us together.
9:22 pm
he is bringing white people together. thehe initial venue was arena, but it was moved here because of the larger venue. full capacity inside for this rally that cleated senator ted cruz. john cornyn part of the leadership. delegation from the houston area. joe is joining us from west virginia. >> good evening. i am a registered libertarian as i usually do not vote republican , but i did vote for donald trump. i believe your last caller was a bit delusional. i believe donald trump is uniting the entire country. i have family who fought in a lot of the different wars and it makes me proud to a president stick up for our nation the way
9:23 pm
he has. i am very proud that i voted for this man and i cannot wait to him run again. i want to share with you from reporters. the closing argument down to this. of thell be the election tax cuts and common sense. one other moment that we saw writing that turning to kevin round of taxns the cuts we're putting in next week. pointing out that congress is out of session until november 13th. randy is joining us. good evening from arizona. >> yes. how are you doing? i have to say, donald trump has done everything and more than he has ever promised the american people.
9:24 pm
63 years old and i live never in fear of our freedom like i was with the previous administration. >> thank you. we are outside the toyota center. let's listen as the supporters leave the venue. >> go trump. the center in houston. joining us from center valley pennsylvania.
9:25 pm
what did you see here? i was listening to most of it and i thought he could've spoken more on what ted cruz was going to do. about opening a wall and the caravan coming in, so i think he definitely could have focused more on what ted cruz would have done. as usual, i disagreed with about 98% of what he said. it is a very dangerous time. from in joining us michigan. go ahead. >> troff is awesome. if you look at the crowds earlier, there is plenty of all races leaving today. filipino, allian, kinds of cultures. trump is awesome.
9:26 pm
i am speechless because i am so in all by everything he says and does. he is uniting the people. obama separated people. when trump got elected, they said that with love comes hate. being violentnes and causing harm, not the republicans. >> thank you for the call. there were a couple people waiting overnight, as many as 2500 to get inside the toyota center. three. in -- 3000 to 4000 people. we shall not see before the rally got underway. senator ted cruz challenged donald trump for the nomination, running for a second term in texas.
9:27 pm
being challenged by o'rourke. good evening. >> good evening. it is funny how some people do not appreciate this president. he was sitting in a good position. what bothers me the most, i former president was the worst. they are showing about pre-existing. he said just now that pre-existing conditions will stay. they are advertising nonstop. they said i am going to be sick and nobody is going to help me. why are they lying? good.s as much voted for clinton, i voted for
9:28 pm
him, i vote for bush. i do not care. i love the president about america. >> get a sense of what it is like outside the toyota center in houston, texas.
9:29 pm
>> wow. >> c-span. great rally. one of the best. >> build the wall. >> from houston, texas, the site for tonight's rally with the president and senator ted cruz. patricia, go ahead, please. >> i am calling from houston.
9:30 pm
we are not far from the toyota center downtown. this is actually ground zero. i would like to see that -- say that i am one of those people who loved donald trump when he was on the apprentice, but i do all that disrespecting of women. that turns me off. mexican-american. i think we should all be prospering, not just the anglo-saxon. all the minorities. he did not talk about health care a lot. we were paying like $800. we had pre-existing conditions. he also did not talk about raising wages. a lot of our youth are going through the pipeline at work. sometimes they do not even get
9:31 pm
paid after they work three weeks. we have mental health issues that need to be addressed. where everybody gets their medication. say, i am an american first. trump, but he could sway me if you would call him town -- call him down with all the rhetoric. >> republican leader telling the associated press, i think we keep the majority in the u.s. house of representatives. aszabeth warren was exposed a total fraud. i can no longer call her noahontas because she has indian blood. more of your phone calls. ryan on the independent mind. >> one thing i really took from his speech tonight is that
9:32 pm
america first mentality. that is why he gained a lot of votes early on and it will continue. it is that america first. there is a lot of stuff that people look at. there are points on both sides. that, care and stuff like i think people look inside themselves. what will help my family? what will help progress my life? me and swayedelps me over to why i support trump. it is important for a lot of us. raceu have been seeing the firsthand. give us a sense of what is happening in this contest. one thing -- >> you see a lot of stuff on tv. i tried to pull myself away from that. i tried to make my own decision.
9:33 pm
synnex --n what senator cruz said tonight. i think what is important to all of us to make an educated decision come election time is the fact that what is important to us and what will help our country and our state. >> the president is back on the road again wednesday. we are covering all of these events is the network. denise is joining us from wisconsin.
9:34 pm
>> most of his rallies, he talks more about him elf about what he has done, instead of the candidate and what their agenda is. rallies, his campaign when he was running for president, he said a joke about a snake. he said, you knew i was a snake, yet you let me in. this is all about him. he is a snake. people have voted for him. he lies continuously. the economy is good, the market is good. some of the wages have gone up, but what about how other people view it in other countries? and our integrity.
9:35 pm
american values. we do not separate young people from their mothers. before, that the mexicans would pay for the wall and it would be a million dollars, now it is billion of dollars -- billions of dollars. get some dynamite and blow up those tunnels. .ou have drones i do not understand why people think he is so great. some day they will wake up and find out. they will say what have we done? you can see a sense of the magnitude of the crowd. t-shirts and red hat
9:36 pm
with the make america great again logo. he is now referring to the ted cruz as useful ted. he is back at the white house later this evening. , -- we political story are airing it on the c-span network. we want to thank cnn and all of the local partners. robert is on the republican line from new jersey. good evening. caller: i would like to say, i think trump as a person does not have to do this to begin with. he's out our country going in a
9:37 pm
different -- saw our country going in a different direction than our founding fathers wanted. if you are saying he is excluding people, you are really not listening to what he is saying. the numbers are on the rise for all kinds of people in our country and he continues to work for people who believes in the american dream. reduce the size of government, bring the power back to the people so we have the right to choose paths we want to take and make our own decisions instead of having someone decide for us. to thehe power back people, which is what we were originally founded on. >> lester, you are next from indiana on the line for independence. aller: somebody made a comment that they did not see very many black people.
9:38 pm
i do not think that is fair. if the rally was in gary, indiana, it would have been a different outcome. you would have seen a lot more. they are just not being fair. trump is doing a great job. he is getting america woke up so we can get our country back. i wish they would be more fair to him in the media and i cannot help but remember obama when he was making a speech about being in the white house and he commented you are in my house now. this president has thanked us for letting him stay in our house. i think that deserves praise. i hope everybody goes out and vote and get their opinion out and realize that the minority is not the majority. we want our constitution back and our rights back. stuff that has --
9:39 pm
destroyed our country today these to get put on the back burner and everybody needs to be set their politics. let's put america first. let's put americans first and build our country strong and we can help more countries. metairie, louisiana, jim on the democrats line. caller: i was just listening to that gentleman. we need to focus on is not necessarily donald trump. all of the people supporting him in the background working tirelessly each and every day, democrats and republicans alike, tose are the people we need focus our attention on and those are the people we need to step up to the plate to do what is best for the american people. all of the focus on one individual or a handful of individuals is a waste of time.
9:40 pm
to get together as a country and focus on all of the people we are putting into office. that is what this election is all about. >> jim, thank you. outside the toyota center. let's watch for a moment in houston, texas. i got five kids at home. saying hi. hi, kids, love you. they got other people to see. i love you. by. -- bye. >> people are still leaving toyota center in houston, texas. tomorrow morning on washington journal david watson will be joining us. he has been covering the house races. washington journal is live at 7 a.m. eastern time. we continue our debate coverage
9:41 pm
beginning with new york's eight team can gust journal district -- congressional debate between john maloney and james o'donnell. followed by a debate in gaithersburg, maryland with david trone and on the hope are. maryland's six congressional district followed by the illinois 12th district debate tomorrow with mike boss and branding kelly along with the green party candidate. all of these debates are available on our website. , coverage of former president barack obama campaigning in las vegas for the democratic candidate. ofm earlier today, part c-span's campaign 2018 coverage. [applause]


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