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tv   Campaign 2018 Former President Obama in Chicago  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 4:56pm-6:19pm EST

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around the country, hear victory and concession speeches from the candidates. at 7:00 esday morning a.m. eastern, we'll get your reaction to the election taking phone calls live during "washington journal." c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> and next former president barack obama campaigns at a for illinois go democratic candidates. this took place on the 10th obama's ary of mr. election as the 44th president of the united states. this is just under an hour. announcer: ladies and welcome the ease next governor of the state of j.b.pritzker! ♪ ♪
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thank you!r: thank you all very much. two .b. pritzker and in days we're going to beat bruce rauner! [cheers and applause] pritzker: 10 years ago inusands gathered miles away grant park. america made history and chose hope. hometown hero was elected our 44th president of the united states of america!
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[cheers and applause] hat night barack obama told us america can change. our union can be perfected. we have already achieved gives us hope for what must achieve tomorrow. that ide that we felt night is indescribable. the progress that we made during was amazing.y [cheers and applause] mr. pritzker: yet while the eight years of president obama's us forward, ulted the last two years of donald taken us backward. misogonyand ma
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has no place in america. a positive t become belief. republicans would reject the donald trump. not anymore. bruce rauner and his republican adopted donald trump's retrograde views. to believe that people are struggling because trying hard not enough. they want us to believe that overpaid and underworked. that ant us to believe more guns are the answer to the problem of gun violence. they want us to believe that human services like child re for seniors or care assistance is just wasteful spending. us to believe that a
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-- they want us to believe that some people are worthy of -- republicans are just plain wrong. we need democrats. we believe the moral test of our society is how we treat each other, how fair and decent we can be to one another. how we lift up those who have then left out and left behind, how we stand up for our middle class and those striving to get there. as i have traveled across 102 counties of our state can i have seen everything that is good about illinois, everything that is right about illinois, and that is you. it is the people of illinois.
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despite the challenges and setbacks, you persevere. you push forward against all the odds. you prove that progress is always possible. you understand president obama's belief that all of us can bring about real and meaningful change. we not only have the ability, we as citizens have the responsibility. illinoisans have not wavered. i have seen it in every community across our state and in every county across illinois. i have seen it when teachers like karina in springfield buy students their supplies because parents cannot afford them. i have seen it at the nonprofit cafe in chicago called sip of hope.
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not only are they creating jobs. they are a pillar of their community and they are striving to end the stigma surrounding mental health. and i have seen it at the airport, when we protested against donald trump's muslim travel ban. and in our city streets, when we marched for equality and dignity for people with disabilities. illinois, my faith in you has never been greater. this election is about what illinois can he, about what we can build. it's billed a state where working families can thrive -- let's build a state where working families can thrive and equal pay for equal work. let's build a state that expands health care to all and that
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protects health care for people with pre-existing conditions. state wherea wereerity is inclusive, people of color are not left out and left behind. it is time to build an economy that works for everybody. state thatuild a welcomes immigrants and that values the common humanity among all of us. we know that progress has not been consistent in america. history books do not document moments of silence struggle and sacrifice -- silent struggle and segments. in those times of setbacks, we strengthen our resolve. president obama understood that. cynics said his plans were to
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lofty. that did not stop him. and america moved forward. millions of jobs were created. health-care coverage was expanded. global respect was restored. and that vision for the future is on the ballot in two days. sean and laura are ready to fight for that vision. are you? are you ready to fight for that vision? stratton is ready to fight for that vision. are you? i am ready to fight for that vision, and president obama is ready to fight for that vision. so i have just one question for all of you -- are you ready for the fight?
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are you ready for the fight? i still believe in the america of barack obama, and i know you do, too. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the 44th president of the united states, barack obama. ♪
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president obama: hello, chicago. it is good to be home. it is good to be home. now, first of all, you notice my thread is a little itchy. that is because backstage i was theng to sing "glory," and -- >> mr. president -- i realize now i am not a professional's air. i was justruthfully, working hard out there because we have some work to do. back,ody -- i love you chicago.
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it is good to be home. the bears won handily. i've got some amazing friends that i have not seen in a wild are gathered here -- in a while you are gathered here. senators duckworth and durbin. we have folks like your next raul.ey general, kwame your next representatives from laurens, sean and underwood. your next lieutenant governor , juliana stratton. and you have got our next
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governor, j.b. pritzger. i was thinking on the way over here that it was 10 years ago that we had a small event in grant park. and you had just elected me the 44th president of the united states. and i remember it was an extraordinary night. you remember was like balmy. it was 65. and the mood was one of coming together.
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i remember looking out over the crowd with this extraordinary sense of gratitude, because the victory did not belong to me. it belonged to you. >> that is right. president obama: it belonged to a movement that had been made up of rich and old and poor and young and black and white and latino and asian, native american, gay, straight, democrats, republicans. americansovement of that believed we all had something to contribute, that we all had a story worthy of being shot that we all deserve a at our american dream. and when the cynics said we could not, we said, yes, we can.
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and that night we said, yes, we did. >> yes, we did. yes we did/ yes, we did. yes, we did. president obama: and look, we did not know exactly what when wees would come began the journey together, but here is what we knew. we knew that we could get through those challenges the same way that this nation at its thatalways has, with unconquerable american spirit that says we are in this together, that we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. now, a lot has happened since then.
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and as i have been traveling around the country, i know there are people who sometimes think is that still there, is that spirit still with us from is it still true? and i'm here to report to you remains thehat abiding spirit of the american people. decency is still out there. kindness is still out there. generosity is still out there. hope is still out there. we just have to stand up and speak for it. and in two days, illinois, in days, you get to
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vote in what might be the most important election of our --etimes, maybe important more important than 2008, because america is at a crossroads right now. is a contest of ideas going on right now about who we are and what kind of country we are going to be. health care for millions is on the ballot. a fair shake for working families is on the ballot. and most importantly, the care of our nation is on the ballot. and we have been at crossroads like this before throughout our history. it has been a contest of ideas. and the good news is is that
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historically we have made the right choice, chosen our better selves. sometimes it has taken a little longer than it should have. but eventually, we abolished slavery. we overcame a great depression. women won the right to vote and workers won the right to organize and we had workers rights and women's rights and civil rights and lgbt writes and immigrants rights. but you know what? all that stuff, all those scopes that broadened the of our constitution to include thateople, not just some, did not happen because we all
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just were sitting waiting for to happen. it did not happen because a bunch of policies said i decree that good things shall happen. it happened because ordinary extraordinary someppened because housekeeper was cleaning up after somebody else and doing something else's laundry and looking after somebody else's child and said, i am going to walk instead of ride the bus and -- until i get rights. it happened because some coal miner somewhere said i am tired of seeing all my friends i because of regulations. the risk too take
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go out there and organize a movement for change. because some gay man said i am tired of being in the closet. i am going to go and be myself that i amople know worth something, i got dignity, too. did not happen because folks sat around on the couch. it happened because we mobilized and organized and devoted -- and voted. and in the closing weeks of this election, of course, we have seen repeated attempts to divide us, not bring us together,
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rhetoric designed to turn us on each other. playbook.very old it is the playbook that has been running often in u.s. history and world history. it is a playbook where privilege want to protect their power, so they will say whatever they can to protect their power. they will do whatever they can to preserve their privilege, even if it hurts the country and even if it puts people at risk, except when you vote, illinois, you can reject that kind of policy. you participate in the political process, you can be a check on bad behavior. when you vote, illinois, you can choose hope over fear.
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aen you vote, you can choose bigger, more prosperous, more generous vision of america, where all of us, whatever we look like, whoever we are, play,r we choose to whatever your last name is, however your answers years came to these -- your ancestors came to these sure some of you are part of the process of shaping the course of this country. that is what j.b. pritzger stands for. that is what the candidates who are runningg undemocratic running onllinois -- the democratic ticket in illinois are standing for. look, progress never comes
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without a fight. every time we have pulled ourselves closer to our founding ideals, that always are created equal, that god endowed our creator with certain unalienable rights, the status quo pushes back. so you win the right to form a union. goingdy out there is drawin to try to bust your union. you win the right for a higher minimum wage. congress decides he will not raise it for a decade. you win health care for people. somebody tries to take away health care for people. do not boo. votre. -- vote. the republicans do not care about your boos, but they care
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about your vote. and by the way, that is another way to try to push back. theyin the right to vote, are trying to make it hard for you to vote. they're trying to disenfranchise folks. and it is interesting him by the way. [indiscernible] president obama: i will. just relax. just settle down. [applause] look, i thinka: it is interesting, why is it that is have one party always trying to discourage people from voting? i mean, i have to tell you, look, i really disagree with the republican ideas on bunch of stuff. you never heard me say or do something designed to prevent them from voting. i always encourage them. they should vote.
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they should participate. everybody should vote. i want everybody voting. if you do not agree with me can you should still vote. why is it that we kind of take for granted, like one party that is specifically institutes programs to prevent people from voting? undemocratic ideal. --my point is this making this country better has never been easy, and we know that from experience. 10 years ago, grant park, we good, exceptgoo the republicans had been cutting the rules for the banks and the polluters, and part of the result was we got hit the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes. remember that?
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and guess what -- hold on a second. -- democrats had to come in democrats -- [cheers] president obama: so democrats had to come in, and i had to oom and we had to get a mop and we had to clean up their mess. and it was hard, and it was slow, but we got the economy growing again. and we covered another 20 million folks with health care. and we cut our deficit i more than half -- by more than half. and we made sure that the
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wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. and by the time i left office, wages were rising, unemployment had fallen, the uninsured rate was falling, the economy created more jobs over my last 21 months than it did in the 21 months since i left office. so when you hear the republicans bragging about how good the economy is right now, where do you think that started? who do you sink did that -- who did you think did that? huh. i mean, i am telling you,
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man, sometimes just our thinking these folks have a lot of gall don't they? anyway, that is what we accomplished with a progressive agenda. now, we did not compass everything we wanted to. we could not reverse a 40-year economic trend in only eight. we wanted to do more to reduce inequality. there was still work to be done to alleviate poverty. there is still work that we had to do to bring jobs back in areas that had been abandoned. except once the republicans took over the congress, they just blocked everything we did, all that we wanted to do. said, ok, nowwe you have had two years of total control of washington. what have they done? notis not true they have
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done nothing. they have done something. they promise that they were going to take on corruption. away.d, they plundered they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team. nobody in my administration got indicted. they pledged to fight for the little guy. built out $1.5 trillion in tax cuts aimed at people making record profits. a tax cut for folks like j.b. an d me.
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i am not in the same league, but i'm doing pretty good. we were not asking for it. going to get $1.5 evenion and did not pretend to pay for them. so the differences -- deficits shot up. keep in mind when we were in the death of rescission -- recession, many of you all saw on your home values go down in the dumps, folks desperate for my we are trying to spend money people with hardhats get some jobs in providing health care. when we were trying to do that, no, we cannot spend money on working people, because that will blow up the deficit, they said. we cannot invest in health care. deficits.
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we cannot invest in early childhood education. deficits. that would be terrible. so deficits -- that was the existential threat. that was the terror. suddenly, when it comes to $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, who are doing the best they have ever matter.ficits do not is the problem with deficits? no, deficits are fine, they are ok, until they get the tax cut think it and then it gets worse. just two weeks ago, the republican leader in congress -- boo!>> president obama: don't boo. vote. leader in congress said now i am disturbed with our deficits. to bring them down, we're going to cut programs like medicare,
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medicaid, and social security. i did not make this up, by the way. look it up. he said it, he said it. he said it on tape. you know, because -- and the reason you can build up because i believe in fact-based campaigning. i believe in reality-based government. so cutting medicare, social security, and medicaid for working people to pay for tax cuts for rich folks does not sound like fun for the little guy to me. and the good news is, j.b. pritzger is not going to let that happen, and our candidates running for congress will not let that happen, as
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long as what? as long as you vote. let's talk about health care for a second. eight years ago, democrats .assed the affordable care act 850,000 helped cover people right here in illinois alone. illegal also made it for the very first time for insurance companies to discriminate against you if you have a pre-existing condition. it might be a child who has got asthma. it might be that you are a cancer survivor. you might have lupus. it might be, by the way, that you are a woman because it turns out that the insurance company
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before obamacare was passed could charge you more just for being a woman. now, it is true being a woman is a pre-existing condition, except that condition is that you can give birth and are responsible for all of us being here. so it does not seem to me like you should be charged more for mama or afor being a potential mama. so the affordable care act said, no, everybody gets insurance. you cannot be discriminated against because you have a pre-existing condition. it needs to be affordable. democrats made that happen. joinedingle republican
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this. we invited them. we said, let's make this bipartisan. i met with so many report is. what are your ideas? what you want to do? tell me how you think it will be working better? we took the republican ideas that we think can work, and not one of them voted with us, not one, zero, zilch, nada, nothing. blank. voted withhem us. not only did not one of them vote with us, they spent the next eight years trying to sabotage or repeal that law in any way they could. by the way, because of that sabotage, they were not able to actually dismantle the law, but they did increase premiums in illinois.
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for example, those premiums are going up, not because of the original design, it because they have deliberately tried to make it not work. all right, so that is bad enough. for the life of me, i will never understand why you would make it your number one cause to take away health insurance for people. because i did. that is bad enough. sense toot make t me, but that has been their policy. a have declared war on obamacare, the affordable care act, and all the provisions in it. now suddenly it is an election season. and republicans are running millions of dollars aof ads, all around the country saying we are going to protect people with
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pre-existing conditions. i mean, when i was president, pumpkins floated more than a dozen times to get rid of protections for pre-existing conditions. last year they fell just one vote short term and if they win tuesday, they might finally succeed. the good news is why the way, i should say lauren underwood, one of our candidates for congress, knows what the stakes are, because lauren worked in my administration and help us implement the law and get people covered, while her opponent voted to take away that same coverage. so the choice for voters in district could not be more clear. or could vote for lauren, vote for her opponent who try to repeal it. it could not be much clearer cut than that.
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areren underwood and sean -- not going to let republicans got orr pre-existing conditions cut your medicare to pay for tax cuts for me and j.b. that is not what they stand for. but going back to the point i so theing to make, republicans, they fought and tried to dismantle the affordable care act. and they should run on that, then. they thought that was the right thing to do. that is how democracy works. you have a policy, you try to implement your policy, and then you defended before the voters. so the republicans -- i guess they thought their tax cut for billionaires and corporations
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were the right thing to do, and i guess if they thought they were popular, they would be campaigning on. but they are not. thought thats their endless efforts to sabotage or take away your health care were popular, they would campaign on them. but they are not. suddenly, right during election cycle, all of a sudden all of a sudden, they are saying we are going to protect pre-existing conditions despite the fact that they have literally been doing the opposite. that is a lot of gaul. that is a lot of nerve. a lot of hut that brings me to a bigger
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question in this election, the on any specific policy, and that is what kind of politics do we want, and what sort of the man's do we make -- demands do we make of people who we elect? look, politicians have always made promises. most politicians try to fulfill them and sometimes in terms of the higher than they expected, some things go well, some things do not. try to put aicians spin on things. they advertise on the great stuff they did. that is the nature of things. that is not unique to politicians. all of us do that a little bit. i was telling some folks in gary, michelle came home and i am doing the dishes. and michelle would be like, i'm doing the dishes.
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she said, boy, you have not done the dishes in a month. wrong?d you do because she knows i'm trying to put some spin on something. nature of humans. we want to make ourselves look good and not talk about the things we do not do well. what we have not seen before, at least in my lifetime, our politics -- politicians who are baldly,y repeatedly, .hamelessly lying i mean, just no shame.
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look, when i was running for president and after i had won the presidency, i'm running for reelection. i run ads. i would not run ads saying, i am opposed to obamacare. because i would -- i had worked on it. that was my thing. i owned it. these guys are doing the opposite. it is like up is down and black is white and just making stuff up. advertising that you are doing something that is exactly the opposite. i have not seen that. this is not the first time they are doing it. some variation of this happens
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all the time particularly when it comes to scare voters. like to scare voters. every election, before every election, they try to terrify you. in 2010, they said that had been thinking me they were going to kill your grandma. i never really understood why would i do that question mark i mean, i like grandmothers. i love my grandmother -- i loved my grandmother. but decent people were believing that people in the tea party, sarah palin -- so in 2014, we have a serious crisis, thousands .f miles away with ebola and we respond with science. we are sending in teams. and we saved people's lives. they are running ads, ebola is going to kill us. lks thousands of miles away.
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but some people believed it. 2016, it was hillary's emails. this is a disaster. national security threat of monumental proportion. you know they did not really care about it as if they did come they would be worried about the chinese listening to our president's cell phone right now that he leaves in a golf cart. so that was not on the level. i mean, obviously, that was not on the level. they do not really care about it. .hey just wanted to scare you and so now in this election cycle, suddenly the single biggest threat to america, the -- it is not guns on the street killing our kids, it is not getting folks work and making sure our school system
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impoverishedit is shoeless immigrants, refugees a thousand miles away. that is the single thing that is going to get you. really? and what makes it worse is now they are using our brave troops, taking them away from their families for political stunt at the border, even though by law troops cannot do law enforcement, they cannot do immigration, so they are not eating doing anything down there that they should be doing. the men and women of our military deserve better than t hat. here is the thing in illinois.
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unfortunately, they do this because sometimes it works. sometimes because andle fall for lies come sometimes people fall for being scared. are are coming up on holiday season makes me think of "peanuts" and charlie brown. i love that. piano, linus on the snoopy. but i also think about lucy. remember lucy? she always would set up the football for charlie brown and say, come on, charlie brown, ticket. and he really wanted to kick the
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football, but he always knew that lucy would pull the football out from under him and he would fall flat on his back. it this time she says it is different, and he would run up and fall flat on his back, and lucy said, i cannot believe you fell for that again. i bring that up because illinois, do not be charlie brown with the football. hoodwinked. not be bamboozled. ke.not fall for the okey-do because while they are trying to scare you into the stretch, they are robbing you blind. look, look, a caravan from and here's the tax cuts for the billionaires. look look look, run. we are sabotaging your health care.
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they are like running the old con somebody comes to your door and tell you i want to sell you a security system while some of is coming in the back, taking your stuff. anythings stop meaning tell untruths,an in fact, tell the opposite of truth, and there are no consequences, democracy cannot work. in fact, societies do not work. a marriage does not work if you are lying to your partner all the time. a business cannot work if your partners are cooking the books and making stuff up. work if there not is no check, if there's no consequences for an absence of
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truth. in illinois, it turns out that the check on this behavior is you. you and your vote. on tuesday, you can vote for politics that is decent and a politics that is honest and a politics that is lawful and a politics that will try to do .ight by people and that is what i am asking all of us to stand up for, with purpose and patriotism and moral clarity. stand up for the values that bind us to our fellow citizens. >> right. president obama: it says we are in this together, so we will look out for one another, that if i have got somebody else's child that does not have enough to eat, that is something that
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hurts me, that if i see somebody else's family being harassed because they are of a different faith, that threatens my liberty . see a young gay or lesbian person being bullied, i stand up for them because i would not for how i bullied feel and who i love. that is what americans are supposed to do. that is what america is supposed to be. we should want to be kinder and
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more generous and better, and we're not going to be -- but we can do better than this. but it only happens if you vote. it only happens if you vote. j.b. believes in that better america. juliana believes in that better america. and that is where i remain hopeful. i am hopeful that on tuesday we're going to cut through the noise and the lies and remember who we are and remember who we are called to be. i'm hopeful because out of this political darkness across this country i am seeing a great awakening of citizenship. i cannot tell you havow acreage
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i have been seen to many people getting involved. record numbers of women. we need more women -- young veterans of iraq and afghanistan. americans who never had much before in politics, but relies this time is different. this time is different. this moment is to profound to sit out. so they grabbed a clipboard and put on some marching shoes. kicked off their bedroom silvers, getting to work. -- slippers. get to work. this moment is too important. 10 years ago when i was running, i did not say yes, i can. i said, yes, we can.
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because the antidote to fewrnments by the powerful is government by the organized, energized many. that is what this moment is about. one election will not fix everything. i always have to say this to people, sometimes young people. they talk about, i am not voting because nothing is changing, there's not much difference in the parties. somebody is listening who is cynical about voting, let me just say this -- you are right that one election does not change everything. one election is not going to eliminate all the racism or sexism in the world. one election is not going to suddenly eliminate poverty or end all gun violence. one election is not going to bring back every job that has been lost.
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one election not going to transform every school that is not doing enough to make sure our kids are educated. but you know what? do, what ann election can do is make things better. vote might mean that somebody has health care who would not have had it. you could save a life with your vote. election can determine whether or not we are going to make it easier for young people to go to college and maybe make it a little harder for some person to shoot up a classroom or a synagogue. your vote could make a difference. jobome guy who is not had a
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for a while, get in a training angram and get in apprenticeship and having the dignity of having a job and showing his son or daughter and he is doing right by them, and then those kids feel better and they start doing better in school and they get a job and they can support a family for a future generation, your vote can make things a little bit better. and that is worth something. that means something. better is good. so if you do not like what is going on right now, do not complain, do not boo, do not getso if you do not like what is going on right anxious, do not d tag -- not just hash
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vote! and when you vote for the democraticillinois ticket, when you vote for j.b. and juliana and lauren and kwame, something powerful will start to happen. it will not happen overnight, but it will start to happen. with each new step that we take in t fairness and justice and equality and opportunity, things can look better. folks can start of getting in the habit of being a little kinder to each other, a little more neighborly, maybe treat others the way they want to be treated. hope begins to spread. that is the power you have, illinois. let's get to work. let's bring this home. let's vote.
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god bless you. god bless the united states of america.
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>> with the midterm election tomorrow, let take you back live to indiana tonight where president trump shortly will begin his campaign rally for republican candidate.
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