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tv   Campaign 2018 Final Campaign Events  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 7:28pm-8:02pm EST

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announcer: c-span's coverage of the day before the midterm elections continues. the crowd in fort wayne, indiana, one of the key competitive states were mike braun is challenging joe donnelly. one of a number of races that could control -- determine control of the senate. we want to hear what voters say, whether you cast your ballot in early voting or will be voting tomorrow. we will watch the scene inside the convention center in fort wayne, indiana and get to your calls in a moment. we will also check in with sean sullivan, writing about the battleground states for "the washington post." ♪
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♪ >> president trump well had to missouri for his final campaign event, sean hannity and brush limbaugh also in attendance, you can see the crowd leaving in fort wayne, indiana.
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have you voted or what you about tomorrow? >> i voted. about threeblican, weeks ago but i do want to make a comment, i do not understand why the democrats want to live like this. my cousin in boston says to me, taxes went up, why do they live that way, don't they understand it is money taken out of their pocket for bogus programs that go around for decades? i hope the democrats think tomorrow and take the right worse because it is going to make their life better. thank you very much. good evening. caller: i went to thank you for showing president trump. my democratic friends will be voting republican tomorrow.
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can you hear me now? host: yes go ahead. voter: my friends will democrat tomorrow. claire mccaskill has let us down not voting republican and we want [indiscernible] joining us from massachusetts, our line for s.dependent the president heading to missouri, back in washington tomorrow. go ahead. good evening, thank you. i will vote the republican ticket and the reason is i am upset over this border issue and we have an estimated 22 million inside the country illegal aliens and another eight overons, it will save us $100 billion year and what will [indiscernible]
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make an outrage, we will up this country. we have to do something. host: democrats' line, good evening. caller: i am a longtime democrat of 20 years and my husband and i both democrats and union people of voting for a lot republicans, we will be voting both sides and that is like many of the other colors, the democratic party have given up on the american working and middle classes. they no longer want to represent our interests, they want to represent the interests of foreign nationals above american citizens and this is a huge problem they will have to confront at some point. host: thank you. have you voted or will you vote tomorrow in the senate race? voted. already i have been out of town so i voted early and everyone in my family voted early, we voted
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republican. trump has been there, everybody is working to or three jobs. it is off the chain and i don't know what is wrong with the democrats, i guess people are brainwashed. you can't put a sign in your yard unless someone goes by and atrs it up or shoot a bullet your house if you have a trump signed. it is ridiculous. do democrats have the run in the country for the last 45, the cities are atrocious, they are raggedy, they are filthy, black men are standing on the corner, they don't have a job mother don't have hope. it is ridiculous. like trump said, what do you got to lose? host: thank you for the call. the president there in fort wayne, what will happen tomorrow
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and have you voted? caller: yeah. i voted. i voted early about a week ago. i was happy to have the opportunity to do the early voting. trump came when i was working at the carrier plan. it was impressive he came home and tried negotiating. unfortunately, the workers at the other plant where i was delivering two, they end up having to go to mexico. thoseal that he made with corporate executives to get all the tax breaks did nothing. all the jobs ended up still leaving. i think carrier, they will be automated soon. wave ofll be another
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unfortunate people. he has the right idea but i think there needs to be some checks and balances where you branches ofinal government. i think that everybody, it [indiscernible] i think the independence should more attention. there is more options and more opinions. host: thanks for the call. former president obama was in fairfax, virginia and illinois last night. we will show you that in just a moment that melanie is joining us from lake butler, florida. go ahead. i am calling about an issue they do not have here in florida, i'm asking if they can look into, my husband is
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paralyzed on the left side and i had to stay home and take care of him which i am not young, we are not young people. and they had nothing, no kind of who, like mywomen husband and me, there is no help out here for me to help with medical or four may, i can't get medical because i can't work because i am taking care of my paralyzed husband. host: how will that impact your vote tomorrow? there is a competitive senate race, senator nelson chart -- challenged by rick scott. how will you vote? caller: i voted all republican. i'm not letting no democrat step in to do nothing. i tell you what and trumpeter stay there another for years and stomp them out. i am there with him. host: thank you for the call.
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now from ohio. caller: this will be my first year of voting and i excited to vote for republicans and i look forward to be voting for president trump or mike transit he choosespence if to run in 2020. host: i assume you will vote republican. caller: i am excited to be voting this year. host: former president -- vice president joe biden was in scranton. .e will go to roy next in fort wayne, indiana, how will you vote tomorrow? definitely democrat. i have already voted. host: what do you expect the outcome to be? joe donnelly seeking a spec and -- second turn.
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caller: i am hoping joe donnelly wins but my number one issue is definitely health care. i believe that for the affordable care act not one rib -- republican voted for the forrdable care act and now pre-existing conditions that they will protect. definitely like barack obama said last week. we do have former president barack obama in illinois last night earlier in dna and ingary, and fairfax virginia. here is part of what he had to say. president obama: when i was running, i did not say if i can. i said yes, we can. because the antidote to government by the powerful few
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is government by the organized, energized many syria that is what this moment is about. one election will not fix everything. sometimes young people talk about, i am not voting because nothing is changing, there is not much difference in the parties. look, let me say if somebody is listening who is cynical about voting, let me just say this. you are right that one election does not change everything. one election is not going to eliminate all the racism or sexism in the world. one election will not suddenly eliminate poverty or end all gun violence. one election is not going to bring back every job that has been lost. and election will not transform every school that is not doing enough to make sure our kids are the educated.
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but, you know what? vote can do, what election can do is make things better. [applause] president obama: your vote might been -- mean that someone who has health care who would not have had it, could save a life with your vote. election can determine whether or not we are going to make it easier for you people to go to college and maybe make it shoot for some person to of a classroom or a synagogue. your vote could make a difference. if some guy who has not had a job in a while getting a training program and getting an apprenticeship program, getting a trade and showing his son or
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daughter that he is doing right kidsem, and then those feel better and they start doing better in school and they get a job and they can support a family for future generations. your vote could make things a little bit better. [cheers and applause] that ist obama: and worth something. that means something. better is good. available onnt is our website at if you are going to vote or have already voted, we want to hear from you, dale is next. the line for republicans. how will you vote? yes, i voted republican, my whole family voted republican and the only thing we need to do is get rid of the democratic
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governor in louisiana and we may not be last and everything. host: thank you for the call. joining us from columbia, maryland, you have a senate race and a governor's race, what will happen tomorrow? is solidly aand democratic state but i still believe in the power of my vote and i have already voted for governor hogan again because he tolls to go visit my grandchildren who live six to five miles away from me and it used to cost me $16 in tolls to go and visit them. and now it only costs me 12. i am glad of that but the one thing i want to say is i just listened to everything the former president obama had said air,you just played on the and you know what? i agree with everything he said, but you know what else to my he had eight years to make it
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happen and he never did. and donald trump has been in office for two years and he has made so many of those things happen. i don't think that the democrats want anything wrong to happen to this country. i just think they don't know how to accomplish what they want to accomplish for this country, and we needed to bring in a businessman, someone who has run something on a very large scale to understand how to get things done. i voted for him and the one thing i said to myself is for for him, he is different, we have checks and balances in this country so that congress and our checks and balances will keep him from doing anything stupid, right? i am so glad that i voted for him because he is a doer and he gets things done. i voted and i cannot tell you how many presidential elections and i cannot remember one time
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that i can say i listened to campaign promises and in two , i am campaign promises checking off the list, they have been done. that has never happened before. i think it is because we have careerelected politicians who are very good at getting elected, but they are not very good at getting things done. host: we will move to the independent line. you're next. calling from tennessee. competitive senate race in your state as well. yes, i never cared for marsha blackburn but she will follow trump. i have been a libertarian since 1986. 2016 was the first time i voted outside of libertarian, i did vote for donald trump's i know he is not the republicans. they fought him all the way and he is not a democrat anymore, he
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is a libertarian but had to run under a certain party to get elected. and i am glad i voted for him and i am going to go ahead and vote republican even though i am not because he is moving the country in the correct direction , and i tried to get to my sister and coworkers and everyone i can in a nice way and the worst thing about the last eight to 10 years is the hatred that has been spread by the democratic party. not the democratic party, but the socialists that have taken over the democratic party that used to be for the working man. i want to stop the hate that is coming from mainly the left and some of it from the right, perhaps, but we need to get together as a country and unite behind someone who likes the
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idea of jobs and like the old saying, jobs, not mobs. it bothers me when the people holler usa, usa, i hated that. in the 1980's with reagan because i was a socialist in the 1980's. and frederickwin engels and karl marx and i was a true believer in marxism. 17 or 18 yearsbe old and so how much taxes were being taken out of my check to pay for these ideals, and that is when i became a libertarian. as i say, i voted republican for the first time in my life two years ago. host: thanks for the call. andocrats, 202-748-8920
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republicans 202-748-8921. 435 house seats are on the ballot, there are 35 senate races, 36 governor's races in the results on a website at and carried live on c-span radio. into the morning we will open up our phone lines to get your reaction. dan and virginia. are you going to vote tomorrow? tomorrow, i don't think, i know that, i am a u.s. army forran and i will be voting the republican ticket. i am not a republican or a democrat, however, i would call myself a constitutionalist. host: we're listening.
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caller: from their look where our country has gone -- from there, look where our country has gone. neveryears of obama, i last out against the president because he is the commander-in-chief. i did not agree with a lot of the policies that the president but we'vee, obama, got to look at the future for our children. i have children, we have to look at the future for our grandchildren, there are so many things that hang in the balance .t this point with our country the illegal aliens coming into the country bothers me quite a bit. trump needssay that
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to cut back on talking about this caravan that is coming and, that is a huge issue for me. host: thanks for the call. joining me is sean sullivan. i want to begin with the story that you have in missouri called the tale of the tape, missouri is one of the states that will determine whether or not the democrats regain control of the senate or the republicans hold onto it. what have you learned about this race between josh holly and claire mccaskill? that this is a race democrats and republicans are watching closely in the final hours before election day and it is seen as a key race because -- to see which side controls the majority along with a handful of others and when you look at the seams in this race, they embody the themes and the battle lines we have seen in other senate races.
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this is a state where group -- where president trump has one and josh holly has tethered himself to the president on polly son trade, immigration, and health care. you have christmas casco -- claire mccaskill. she says i disagree with the president on different things and he is not truthful a lot of the time so this is the quintessential test of the midterms, what do voters want in these conservative states, do they want somebody who is a who is loyal to the president or someone who will work with him part of the time and part of the time will stand up on other things. when you look at the list of races that will decide the senate majority, these are the dynamics that we are seeing playing out in state after state. host: it looks like claire isaskill is one of, missouri
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one of the states along with tennessee and indiana where the president was a short while ago before he heads to florida. the senate races are within the margin of error. if you look at the polling, they question is, what can you read into that? what those now parties are looking at in the thee is a dynamic where democratic base seems to be energized and the republican base seems to be energized and turnout could be perhaps historically high in a lot of these races based on data, the early vote, of course, republican voters are more excited than democratic voters because there are a lot more republican voters but it shows you have divided the electorate is. and how divided the country is
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over the trump presidency. the cook political report came out with a summary pointing out that there are 75 competitive races in the house of representatives, 70 are republican seat, five are democratic seats. as you look at those numbers, what is your reaction for what it means for the house tomorrow? sean: holding the house it's a much more difficult task for the republicans that holding the senate. math webecause of the have, in the senate you have states like missouri, west virginia, indiana, they have voted heavily for trump but everything single house district is up, every two years. so in a lot of these areas the president is not popular, his record on regression is not popular in the things he is doing to boost turnout for conservatives in these red states may backfire in a lot of
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the swing districts in the house which concerned a lot of republicans in the battle for the house. republicans are optimistic but holding the senate but they are pessimistic about holding the house so we could be in for a split decision. host: the president day began on cleveland, he is on 4 -- air , he was in georgia and tennessee and if you look at his schedule in this map, what does that tell you about how the president will react to the results wednesday morning? sean: if their opponent and hold the senate he is likely to point to the battleground senate states that he stopped in in the final phase of the campaign and perhaps take credit for some of these victories. places where he is campaigning are the places where he mainly has battleground senate races in states that he won, staying away from the swing suburban areas where he is not that popular.
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you see it in this final stretch of campaign events. his goal is to turn out his base, turn out voters who are loyal to him but who the rest of the party has wondered, are these voters going to turn out when he is not on the ballot? if republicans hold the senate but they don't take the house, i would expect the president would point to victories that he had in the senate. there are going to be a lot of disappointed republicans if they lose control of the house and it will be interesting to see how he reacts to that if the democrats take back the house. if the democrats do regain control of the house, what do you think the next year will look like for president trump: trump?president
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deep and soill dig this could be a challenging moment for the trump presidency and it could be something that reveals new information about this administration, about the way that it has upgraded the last couple of years and that could be a challenge for republicans. there are some republicans who believe politically if you have the democrats taking control of the house, this could be somewhat of a political positive for trump heading into 2020, it could give him someone and something to campaign against and say this is what it looks like when democrats are in power. here is where you need to get me four more years so it will be a interesting couple of years if the democrats to win the house tomorrow. thank you for spending time with us.
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there is his piece about the missouri senate race. thank you for being with us. from kansas, what will happen tomorrow, you have a big governors race in kansas. caller: yeah, we do. host: how will you vote? caller: i will be 80 in march and i have been a democrat for 65 years. --ave never been so seemed so ashamed of my party. i voted straight republican except for one judge, a lady, she is a democrat and she had no one running against her. i am so mad at our public broadcasting system, channel eight, that i donated money to and was putting in my trust, i am not now. every night knocking our
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government and president, we had a boston tea party and we had a war and got rid of the brits and now they are back trying to run our government, they say the russians interfered with our last election, the brits are really interfering with this one. me, watch't believe channel eight. absolutely ridiculous. they have made me mad. host: thank you. caller: the last word from indianapolis. you are calling on the line for independence, how will you vote tomorrow? caller: i have voted republican and the reason is because of what president obama said electiveears ago about surgery. he said sometimes someone or whoever does not need to have a kneegery and i had that i was -- could not even walk on, i was going to have to have a walker or a wheelchair
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and when he said that, went to my doctor and he suggested that i have the elective surgery right away because he said i am not sure what the democrats are going to do in the future. the other thing is as far as we're letting people come through this country and taking away, not every young man can go into the service or not every young man can go to college and my grandson had to work for a dollars an hour because he worked in the landscaping business and the immigrants came in and were taking jobs and he was forced to work for a lesser .mount of money i voted in the past, i voted for the democrats, now i am voting republican, i have voted and i voted for the republican party. host: thanks for the call from
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indianapolis. ofwill have live coverage president trump, under -- in about two hours and we will come back with more of your calls in reaction to the results that will come tomorrow evening. we will have our live coverage under way at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span, on the web at and you can track the results in the speeches and on c-span radio. next, earlier today, former president barack obama in fairfax, virginia along with senator tim kaine who was among the 4 -- first to support him when he ran for president in 2008. let's watch.


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