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  Campaign 2018 Pres. Trump Rally in Missouri  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 10:09pm-11:53pm EST

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53 years, but i'm voting straight republican. i just love my president. >> thank you. let's go to the independent line. schenectady, new york. >> i am an independent. i am voting state -- straight democrat tomorrow. i think president trump is a disgrace to the office. how he treats women. i think he is not a gentleman. i hope every republican is unsuccessful. i think the president has done a lot of damage to this country. >> thank you. teresa is next in carrollton, texas. republican line. we are hearing from voters only. good evening. >> i wanted to thank you all for rallies, notof the
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just for the republicans, but the other rallies. you guys are so fair. i was going to say that i was a democrat for years and years and now i am a republican with the last election. i am so proud of president trump and the accomplishments that he has done for our nation. >> i will stop you there. thank you for the call. rush limbaugh, who is from cape girardeau, will be introducing president. this is the announcement that came yesterday from the. live coverage here from seized. -- c-span. ♪ >> thank you all. thank you all very much.
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what an honor. this is so exciting. i have been watching trump rallies from the very first one. and to be part of one, i will tell you it is the night of a lifetime. you all are so great. it is electric in here. you people at home. this is unreal. [applause] >> [chanting] usa, usa. that in a fewing short minutes you start chanting something else. - no?- [laughter] i was just talking to people backstage.
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somebody says that the president and all of us have been labeled by democrats and the media as divisive. [boos] divisive? that democrats haven't even accepted that they lost the election in 2016. that's what this is all about. all of this. for crying out loud. you look at what happened, two years ago, every day, every newspaper, anonymous intelligence sources confirming that trump colluded with putin to steal the election. there is no evidence for it. it didn't happen. it was made up. hillary clinton colluded with russia. rigged thatton election.
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[chanting] >> they got the message. these rallies, i have to tell you, they are the envy of washington. you realize there isn't a single elected official in either party who could do what this is tonight? other than donald trump. there's no one. no one. are jealous. they are envious. this isn't supposed to happen. you people are supposed to love them, not trump. what? they want to get in on it. bill and hillary clinton and their national stadium to her --
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tou. have you seen obama? he has been stumping in florida where i live. he's going to thousands of people. joe biden canceled a phone booth because he's looking for someone to punch out. this is incredible. a little history. when i first started watching the campaign, i watched the president and his family going down the escalator and i heard his opening remarks. i said, there no way. then i saw the first polls. then i saw the first one of these. win, said, he's going to because he has a connection. there is no other politician with a connection to voters like this. nobody has it. washington can't stand it.
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i'm not kidding. the establishment cannot stand it at all. we are a great nation at risk in the dangerous world. much of the risk we face is in turn all. they tell me that we are divisive and so forth and the haven't accepted the fact that they lost the election. look at the caravan, just for an example. they think that the president doesn't want the caravan, you don't want the caravan because we are racist or sexist. that's not it at all. it is an issue of law. why should we stand aside and let people break the law? what is so hard about this?
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we just stand aside and let them violate the law. we get all these labels thrown at us. we love our country and we want the best for everybody in it. we want the best for our kids and grandkids. we want everybody to be great. we want everybody to experience the american dream. i'm from here. i'm from cape girardeau. [applause] don't take this the wrong way. 50 years ago was the first time -- i was 16 -- the first time i was told i wasn't good enough to succeed in radio. don't misunderstand, we are all told this. we all know how to fail. we don't need to go to the library to find books on how to fail because we all do it. you will never go to the library and find a book, great moderates in american history, where great
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committees in american history. beald trump wants america to great again. it's not a slogan, it is an objective. i love you all, too. [applause] >> i asked the president if i could speak for 30 minutes, and i have a 10 minute limit here. [laughter] he said no. he can't wait to talk to you. it is an amazing thing that donald trump has done. need any of doesn't the grief he gets.
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is one of the most successful people in america and he doesn't need this. he doesn't need to put up with the abuse. he does this because he believes america is headed in the wrong track and it needs to be put back on the right track. they say we are divisive, but we are not divisive, we are defending an america that has strayed from our founding's. nothing to do with race, nothing to do with gender, nothing to do identityof these politics labels. it has to do with culture. it has to do with protecting and defending the constitution. simple. i think it is a wonderful thing you have come out here tonight. i could not be more honored to be part of these rallies.the bond that exists
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between you and everybody else that has been to a trump rally is something that politicians envy, and the people in washington have not taken the time to understand why you voted for trump, they just think you are stupid for doing so. there is so much to learn about why you have. there is so much to learn about the potential to learn why you are here, why you support trump. to they just chalk it up background, you are not educated. you are poor, you are this or that. and you are angry. you are not angry, you love people. you want your country to be the greatest it can be and you finally got someone willing to help you do it. somebody to stand up for you. somebody to stand with you. we are hanging by a thread. do you realize there is nobody -- i shouldn't say nobody.
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some on the republican side who would attempt to do with the president has done, but for the most part there is nobody who would do what donald trump has done.nobody would buck the system. nobody would do it. if he hadn't run, who among anybody in politics could you chance have this kind of to make america great again? there wasn't anybody actually standing for this. everyone gets caught up on what's going on in washington. you were being ignored. you were not being listened to. even now, the real anger at trump is actually at you for having elected him. but he doesn't need this. he puts up with this. thank god he does. he is indefatigable. the man simply doesn't get tired. he doesn't wear out.
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indefatigable, doesn't get tired. keeps going and so forth. without any further and do, thank you so much. it has been great. [applause] ♪ >> raise the roof. here he comes, the president of the united states, donald j. trump. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >>[chanting] usa, usa.
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[cheers and applause] >> [chanting] usa, usa.
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>> thank you very much, missouri. you are incredible, incredible people. wow. rush he'ser said to got eight minutes. rush can have two hours, three hours. there's nobody like him. there never has been anybody like him. i was speaking to sean hannity backstage. we love him, by the way. and he says, there is nobody like this man. he's a real good guy. , but i tells tough
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you what, when he is on your side, there is nobody you want better. it is a really great. when he is with you. the biggest of all time at what he does. i also want to thank my good friend lee greenwood. [applause] pres. trump: we were in tennessee last night and lee was there, but this was a surprise. that song is one of the great songs, but when he sings it to you like direct, we like it. we like lee greenwood and he has been with us from the beginning. he has been with us absolutely from the beginning. while we are talking about incredible people, let's get it over with.
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i have people who are very special, they have been with us from the beginning also. i will start with sean hannity. , on up, sean hannity. on up, sean hannity. >> by the way, all those people in the back are fake news. [boos] >> mr. president, i did an opening monologue and i had no idea you were going to invite me up here. the one thing that has made and defined your presidency more than anything else, promises , four and aes kept
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half million new american jobs, 4.3 million americans off food stamps, 4 million americans out of poverty, and we are not cash to cargo planes of iranians who chant death to america. mr. president, thank you. pres. trump: and we don't mean at all to insult -- look at the size of the media. that is a lot of people. you have some very fine people back there, but you have some that aren't so fine, but we don't want to insult, but i have to do this also, because there is a woman on saturday night that treats us very, very well, and she doesn't with love and
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with passion for the country, not for me, not a passion for me, a passion for the country, and i really believe it is a passion for you, because we together formed the single greatest political movement in the history of our country. she understands that. [applause] pres. trump: and she's understood it from day one, and she did this little show, she was just going to do it, then it became this tremendous success, and she has got viewership like you wouldn't believe, and she speaks from the heart. her opening monologue is always exciting. it is always exciting and it is always brilliant and she's my friend and she's your friend. justice jenin. [applause]
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>> thank you. fact that we are now in the longest, strongest economic growth streak in american history? do you like the fact that this man is the tip of the spear, who goes out there every day and fights for us? america that he is making now, you've got to make sure you get out there tomorrow. everyone you know, your grandmother, your cousin, your kids, even your next-door neighbor, get them out to vote for donald trump and all the
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people who are running for the republican party. pres. trump: we've got to have them be very careful with those stairs. she just did a great job, but we don't want her to fall going down the stairs, because they will be decimated. jenin has been a great friend to all of us. also, we have some terrific people that have been with us, and they've worked for us, and they've taken the slings, the arrows, and they are so strong, so tough, so smart, i just want to introduce somebody, and i said today twice, in ohio, where we had a crowd like this, and outside there were thousands and thousands of people, and then we went to indiana, where we had a
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crowd like this, and there were thousands and thousands of people outside, and i just want to say, there's something happening out there, folks. [applause] now you don't know, and i'm not on the ticket, although they want to put me on the ticket -- i will say this, if we don't do so well tomorrow, they will put me on the ticket. if we do great tomorrow, they will say, he had nothing to do with it. he was not on the ticket. but that's ok. we're all getting used to each other. does that look like the academy awards back there? look how many. the academy awards. that is the academy awards. thing, weow the bad can have these massive crowds, and this is my third one today
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-- that is not supposed to happen. that is not. somebody said it is not humanly possible. i said i guess it is. but you know, these events, they say you do one a month and you recover, but you don't do three in one day -- these have been incredible. , we were iny georgia. we had the biggest crowd you've ever seen. working for the man who hopefully will become the next governor of georgia. he's a great, great person, and i think he's going to do very well. they had a lot of celebrities going out there, but the celebrities drew flies. they didn't have much of a draw. but he's going to be fantastic. but i want to introduce a person who, from day one, she was just smart, even though she's my
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daughter -- [applause] smart.rump: she was just , i'm smart also, and we are smart. don't you love it when they talk about the elites? right? when they talk about the elites, i want to tell you, this is the elites. ivanka, say a few words. [applause] hi, missouri. we love you. we love you. so much love. and we are fighting for you every single day.
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this president, this administration, is fighting so that all americans can achieve the american dream, and that is what is happening. the economy is roaring, and tomorrow is about ensuring that it stays that way. so, really, thank you for being out here. thank you for your passion. thank you for your energy. we love you. [applause] pres. trump: be careful with those stairs, everybody. you know, they talk about the elites. the elites. well, i know all the elites.
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they are not very smart in many cases. they have a lot of hatred in their heart. i don't know about you, but many of you went to better schools than they did. we did better in the schools than they did. we have better houses, homes, do,, we do better than they we work harder than they do, we make more money than they do. why are they called the elites? be let's let them called the elites, because we are the super elites. [applause] pres. trump: we are doing well. we are doing well. but you know i said just before sean had me on, you know what is going to bring us together, this incredible success. we have to get the election over with, but at some point, they are going to say, it is time. we give in. let's all get together.
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at some point that is going to happen. but being a negotiator i have to follow it up with this. and if it doesn't, that is ok. so, three people that have helped us so incredibly, very special women that have been , ielievable from day one would like to bring up sarah --kabee sanders [applause] pres. trump: that is pretty good. she is fantastic. beautiful.
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wow, that is pretty good. how about letting her do the first part of my speech? good idea? conway.llyanne [applause] pres. trump: and a woman who was involved very early on, we had the great state of michigan, it hadn't been won in many years by a republican, it was sent to the i was told, don't
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even contend for michigan, then i met a woman who had a lot of dry and a lot of energy, and she said, i'd love to run michigan. i said i heard it was unattainable. she said, they love you in michigan and they want their car industry back, because their industry was taken to mexico and canada and other places and you don't like that. by the way, it is all coming back, folks. you see what is happening. all coming back. hard, and thatso beautiful evening in november when they started counting the florida, andwe won we won south carolina, north , and thenpennsylvania
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, and we did win indiana, that's for sure, and we won ohio, remember? say, you they used to can't win unless you win the great state of ohio. we won ohio. and bob, who ran the campaign, is here. we love ohio. at what happened was surprise, because they said, and donald trump has just won the state of -- before michigan -- wisconsin. whoa! right? they said whoa! what's this? that one was not -- where did that come from? but we done a great job and they are great people. we opened it up for the dairy farmers. we opened up canada with our new deal for the first time.
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they like us. great deal. -- this is when they started getting extremely nervous -- and a very nice guy named john king for cnn, he has the red board, and his hand is like starting to shake, because that board had so much read on it, they had never seen anything like it. right? that board was red. that board was red. carolina, when north great state, incredible people, incredible, and the opponent, let's be nice, the opponent said very strongly that that is their firewall, they cannot lose that, they haven't made, except for one problem, donald trump won the state of north carolina. but then out of the blue, out of
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oh,blue, they said, oh, oh, there were some crying, these people are very fair, they were crying, and they were not crying out of happiness, they were crying out of despair, but then out of the blue, they were saying to themselves, we've got a problem here, because donald trump has just won the great state of michigan. [applause] and that was the ballgame, folks. that was the ballgame. michigan, was that one of the greatest evenings of all time? [applause] and you know, that was every network, every cable station, look at them all back there, they are loving this,
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they are loving this, don't worry, i'm not going to mention -- i won't mention nbc or abc or cbs. not going to mention them. i'm not. i'm not going to mention that you treat us very unfairly. but i think they are getting tired of it. you know why? because we keep winning. it is driving them crazy. driving them crazy. [chanting] pres. trump: so anyway, you are right, usa, nothing like it. made in the usa. that is happening. they are all moving back. those companies are all moving back. so this young woman was incredible. womansaid, you know, that
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that did such a good job for all of us in michigan, i think we have to move her to washington, the republican national committee. there ever since and she has done a fantastic job. rhonda mcdaniel. [applause] pres. trump: and she actually is very good on television. >> you guys already heard it. the president was in michigan the night before we won in 2016. he's in missouri tonight. you need to deliver a win. [applause] thank you, folks. great job. what a group.
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women areaid that smarter than men. sorry, men, but we understand it, right? no, these are great people. and they are our friends and they work hard for us. they could be doing other things, but they love what they are doing. missouri the people of are going to send josh holly to the united states senate. boomep america's economic going full speed ahead. in less than two years time, we have accomplished more than anyone could have ever imagined. we are so far ahead of schedule. if i ever said what we've done along the campaign trail, they would have never let it happen. they would have said, he's exaggerating. except for one problem. we've done far more than we ever
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said we could do. and america's extraordinary comeback is the envy of the entire world. we are the hottest nation in the world. we are the hottest. and i have great respect for china and president xi is a friend of mine, although he doesn't like me as much lately, but that is ok. he said he will have to get over it. missourirson from could say that. who said that? we are doing well. we are doing well with everything. i will say, we have to get out tomorrow, and we have to elect a republican. we have to do it. stop crying chuck
10:49 pm
pelosi fromnancy erasing everything that we've gained. our economy is setting records on a daily basis. there is no place i would rather be for the last stop of this campaign than right here in missouri with the incredible men and women who make our country run. this is my last stop. [applause]
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[chanting] pres. trump: thank you. you know we are changing the slogan. make america great again, greatest slogan of all time, but you know what, we can't use it for the second. i thought you were going to make it great? what are you doing using it again? our new slogan will be, keep america great. [applause] pres. trump: keep america great. it's true. the go wrong people follow us in office, it could all be gone. all those 401(k)s, where your wife or your husband thinks you
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are a super genius because you , my husband is a genius, but for their whole marriage of 20 years, she was screaming, cursing at him, saying you don't know what you are doing, now all of a sudden he's a genius. looking very good. but i have to say, so this is my last stop, right, i told you, left ohio, left georgia, left all these great states, montana, we left all of these great states, we covered a lot of territory -- my last thought is here. , because this is the home of rush limbaugh. [applause]
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pres. trump: and david limbaugh, thank you, david. i hear david is a great lawyer, right, david? everybody tells me. thank you, david. this is the home of rush and what he did today was fantastic. he doesn't do that. this is his home. he loves missouri. also, this is the place that josh is running. ,osh is a young, incredible guy with tremendous talent. he will serve this country so well. he will represent ms. lori so leading. he's actually he's actually leading. he's actually leading. decades, washington only
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served the powerful and the well-connected. those days are over. together, we are the voice for every citizen that has been overlooked, abandoned, neglected, ignored. you remember the words of the deplorables. that was a good speech. or theeechwriter f deplorables speech, did that person get fired? the deplorables are the greatest people on earth. they are the smartest. is there a doctor in the house? dr., please, thank you. thank you very much. take your time.
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take your time. we have plenty of time, right? thank you. take your time. thank you. take your time. don't rush.
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people one of our great right there. take your time. [applause]
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pres. trump: say hello. say a little prayer.
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that is good. say a little prayer. [applause]
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[indiscernible] [applause] [indiscernible]
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pres. trump: take your time. relax. take your time. thank you. we've got plenty of time, right? [applause] [singing "amazing grace"]
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[applause] pres. trump: that was really something. i want to just thank everybody. that was beautiful. at the end was beautiful. amazing grace. that was beautiful.
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hopefully she will be ok. hopefully she will be ok. i want to just say that tomorrow is so important. josh holly is an amazing fighter. we need to keep this jobs boom going. we need to keep our country going the way it is. you saw what was announced on friday. friday was incredible. , last monthbers alone, we added 250,000 brand-new jobs. rate is at itst lowest level in more than 50 years. 4.5 million new jobs since election day and we have lifted 4.3 million americans off of food stamps.
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, hispanicericans americans, and asian-americans unemployment have all reached their lowest levels in history. brought african-american and hispanic american poverty levels to their lowest point ever recorded. there has never been a better time for the american worker. we passed a massive tax cut for missouri workers and for the united states, and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for the middle class. and to protect your rights and your freedoms, we overcame the democrat smear campaign, and confirmed the newest member of
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the united states supreme court, justice brett kavanaugh. [applause] pres. trump: and you saw what happened on friday also. we had great jobs numbers, but we also had something else. kavanaugh, of brett a man who is a fine man, the accuser admitted she never met him, never saw him, he never touched her, talked to her, had nothing to do with her, she made up the story, it was false accusations, it was a scam, it was fake, it was all fake. and you know, when that came
11:05 pm
about, people were calling for him to immediately get out. think of that. think if he would have done that, and then we found out that it was all false accusations. false statements. . made up story and let's look at the rest of them, please. let's look at the rest of them. because that man suffered. you know, when i decided it was going to be him, and it was early, because honestly for 10 years i've been hearing about a man named judge brett kavanaugh -- i've been hearing about him for a long time, and they all and he willntastic, someday be on the supreme court. that was 10 years ago. little did i think i would be the one appointing him, but i'll never forget this, rush.
11:06 pm
i brought him to the white house. said, judgejudge, i kavanaugh, i want to congratulate you. i'm choosing you to serve on the united states supreme court. , this is the greatest honor of my life. i would like to thank you. and i said, by the way, just so you know, this is going to be so quick, so easy. you have led such an incredible, exemplary life. it is going to go so fast. no problem. and then it began. and he hung in there and i hung in there, by the way. false accusations. false accusations. they want to ruin a man or a
11:07 pm
woman, and it was headed up all by the democrats, call by the democrats, right, all by the democrats. dianne feinstein. great, brave soldier from vietnam, except he never saw , whos from danang charged up the hill, soldiers were falling left and right, and i was protecting him, except he never saw vietnam. and then he gets up and says, we demand honesty. can you believe this? this can only happen to us. , we energized the
11:08 pm
republican party with that. the democrats overplayed their hand, just as they overplayed their hand with a lot of things. like the russia nonsense. russia. russia did it. it was russia. they used it as an excuse by the democrats for losing an election that they should have won because they have a big advantage in the electoral college. they used to say, there is no way for donald trump to get 270. and they were right. we got 306. we got 306. they used that as an excuse. and they always overplay their hand. got some bad people. and you have some good people to o i have to be honest,, but you have some bad people. the contrast in the election could not be more clear.
11:09 pm
democrats produce mobs. that is what has happened. republicans produce jobs. we are proudly joined by many terrific missouri republicans, including tonight, your great job,nor, done a fantastic mike parsons. mike? [applause] and mrs. parson. great job. thank you. great job. and members of congress, one of them stopped washington about three weeks ago when he started doing his little auction deal, right? billy. does anybody know billy long? i have never heard an auctioneer so good. but he's a great congressman, more importantly. and he loves the people of this
11:10 pm
state. billy long. billy. great guy. did everybody see that a month ago? he started doing the auction thing. and these were hardened political people. they've heard it all. and they just stopped in their tracks. they said, what the hell is that? and it was our friend, billy. and another congressman from missouri, always there for us, just like billy, somebody that has been there for the tax cuts, regulation, right to try, you know what right to try is, big thing, big deal, and he was there along with some really
11:11 pm
great people in the republican party to take care of our vets, to give them choice for the first time in 44 years. [applause] congressman jason smith. thank you. if you don't want to be saying the words, speaker of the house policy for the next two years, get out and vote for billy and jason. they don't really need your vote, but get out and do it anyway. that would be a story. we don't want to be complacent. get out and vote for your congressmen and women. tomorrow, the people of missouri are going to elect a truly outstanding new senator.
11:12 pm
josh holly will be a tireless champion for the great people of missouri. he is great on jobs. he is great on cutting taxes. and there is nobody tougher on crime. he shares your values and he militaryys support our , our vets, and heart rate law enforcement. josh is running against an extreme liberal democrat named claire mccaskill. she got lucky the last time. time,s way down the last and somebody running, it didn't look good. she got a pass. let's put it that way. she got a pass. it was a sad thing that happened. that whole thing was a sad thing
11:13 pm
in many ways. anyway, she got in. and now josh is actually up slightly in the polls. just came out. down, and thenng she said, the democrats are crazy, and i said, that is genius. i give her credit. she will patch that up over one lunch a day after the election if she wins, but i hope -- if she doesn't win, then she's going to have long-term trouble, but she said the democrats are crazy, and then she said, and i agree with our president on border security. all of a sudden she agrees with me. look, folks. just so you understand, the election is tomorrow. on wednesday, she will no longer agree with me on border security. no longer.
11:14 pm
a vote for claire mccaskill is a vote for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and the legendary maxine waters. voteore important, it is a for their horrible socialist agenda. claire mccaskill will be a disaster for jobs, for your families, for your state, and again, on wednesday, she will no longer remember anything she said, and she will never vote for us on the big things where we need her vote, ever. just like she didn't vote for judge kavanaugh, she's not going to vote for us, and that is the way it is. very simple. while i very much appreciate her great support out of nowhere along the border, it disappears on wednesday morning.
11:15 pm
claire voted against middle-class tax cuts. she voted against neil gorsuch. and claire joined the democratic mob in voting against justice brett kavanaugh. has one of thel most open border voting records in all of congress. no on mccaskill voted kate's law and she voted no on enhanced vetting for refugees. let's just let them in. let them in. let them in. and claire voted in favor of deadly sanctuary cities. she would rather protect criminal aliens than american citizens, which is why she needs to be voted out of office tomorrow, please.
11:16 pm
if you want jobs, and if you want safety, you have only one choice. -- i tellalented man you, i really believe this, he's going to go down as one of our great senators, josh holly. josh, come on up. >> wow. thank you. thank you very much. isn't it incredible to have donald trump in southeast missouri? know, senator claire
11:17 pm
mccaskill said that she could give up a few votes, did you hear that? i'll bet she regrets it now. the state ofmp won missouri by 20 points. how about that? 20 points. delivered for this state. you would think with a record like the president's, the career politicians would get the message, but claire mccaskill sure hasn't. she hasn't heard a word you said. president trump has been fighting to put pro-constitution judges on the bench like brett kavanaugh. but claire mccaskill voted no. president trump is securing our border, but claire mccaskill is sponsoring the most radical open
11:18 pm
borders bill in the history of the united states congress. she voted for amnesty. she voted for amnesty. she has called the border wall embarrassing. and she's marked the president. does that represent us? i don't think so. president trump lowered your taxes, but claire mccaskill voted no. she voted to raise your taxes over 200 times and president trump has fought to roll back regulations on our family farms and businesses, like the waters of the united states ruled. mccaskill voted for far left environmentalist regulation the obama administration could dream up. she even voted to keep the waters of the united states ruled. maybe senator mccaskill's record
11:19 pm
shouldn't be such a surprise, because she did say that she thought the reason president trump got elected was because of the russians. she told a journalist that. what she doesn't realize is president trump got directed -- elected because of the ns, and we are going to reelect him. -- that'sthe more right. [chanting] that's right. you know, the more i listen to claire mccaskill, the more she reminds me of another career president trump defeated in 2016.
11:20 pm
mccaskill that claire thought should be president. do you know who i'm talking about? hillary rodham clinton? amazing. [chanting] senator mccaskill has spent a lifetime in politics, just like hillary. senator mccaskill has made a boatload in federal money, just like hillary. senator mccaskill voted for amnesty just like hillary. senator mccaskill is for open borders just like hillary. senator mccaskill is for activist liberal judges just like hillary. senator mccaskill even has a
11:21 pm
phony foundation that makes millions of dollars a year and pays nothing in taxes just like hillary. tell you what. senator mccaskill said that we all ought to call hillary madam president. well, tomorrow, we're going to call senator mccaskill fired. thank you very much. god bless you. [applause] pres. trump: that's grade. voteerybody, get out and for josh hawley tomorrow. he will be one of the leaders of the senate in a short time. he's a very special person. and he will never let you down.
11:22 pm
if democrats gain power on tuesday, one of their first projects will be a socialist takeover of american health care. and your taxes are going to triple, maybe quadruple. you're not going to be happy. the democratic plan would obliterate obamacare. it will also -- which is good, but leave the bad parts behind. it will destroy medicare. by the way, did you notice we got rid of the individual mandate? nobody talks about that. nobody talks about it. nobody talks about the individual mandate, most unpopular thing, and it is going to be gone. soon obamacare will be gone. we had it, just one vote. that was a little bit of a surprise for us. but we didn't get any democrat votes. , we would havel
11:23 pm
repealed and replaced it. but it is being obliterated anyway. you're going to have great advantages with health care when you see what we are doing. we want you -- watch, if they win, they will eliminate medicare advantage for more than 411,000 missouri seniors. republicans will protect medicare for our great seniors, who earned it, and who have paid for it. you know that, right? and republicans will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions, always. we are protecting patients. the democrats plan to destroy health care also includes reading medicare to fund benefits for illegal immigrants. somehow that doesn't work well in missouri.
11:24 pm
you know it is all about common sense. they say, are you conservative? it is all common sense, folks. we have to have borders. we have to do what is right. we can't let foreign nations take advantage. for years and years, taking advantage of us. we can't allow it to happen. we can't protect rich nations, really successful rich nations. we protect them and they don't pay us for the protection, or they pay us a small fraction. it is not fair. it istell them, sorry, not fair, and we are working it out. you are talking about a lot of money.
11:25 pm
democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws and violate our borders. they want to sign them up for free welfare, free health care, free education, and most importantly, they want to give them the right to vote. i can't imagine why. democrats immigration policies are extreme, dangerous, reckless, and insane. they support catch and release. they want to free criminal aliens. they want no protections for american workers and taxpayers. and they want totally open borders, which means crime will pour into our country. illegal immigration costs our country more than $100 billion every year, and that is more than the budget of missouri,
11:26 pm
indiana, and wisconsin combined. i mention those places, you know why, because we have very important races, and we have all these academy award type cameras going back there. we want to win in those places. a nation ought to take care of its own citizens first. nearly 100% of the heroin in the united states enters through the southern border, along with roughly 90% of cocaine, the majority of meth, and a substantial portion of deadly fentanyl. these drugs kill more than 70,000 americans a year and destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. alone, our brave ice officers arrested more than 127,000 illegal aliens.
11:27 pm
and they had criminal records, including those charged or convicted of approximately 48,000 assaults, 12,000 six homicides, but0 despite that, the democrats want to abolish ice. america to be a giant sanctuary city for gang members and ms 13 killers. republicans believe america should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens, right? [chanting] pres. trump: we will always stand for the heroes of ice, border patrol, and law enforcement.
11:28 pm
by the way, i met a lot of your law enforcement. you have great law enforcement police in missouri. great people. underappreciated people in this country, law --orcement, among the most dangerous, tough, it is a tough job, but they are great people, and they love our country. this election is about security and this election is about prosperity. for years, you watched as we let foreign countries plunder our wealth, shutter our factories, and steal our jobs. nomura, missouri. not going to happen. america is respected again. we are respected. we have added half a million new manufacturing jobs and the election. last month, we added another
11:29 pm
32,000 manufacturing jobs. that is 1000 new manufacturing , and they single day previous administrations said it could not be done. those are among our best jobs. i recently announced we are replacing the horrible nafta deal with an incredible, brand new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement that everybody is for. the u.s. m.c.a. is a giant victory for missouri farmers, factory workers, and dairy producers. and the other thing i did and i'll just mention for those of -- hat love your children
11:30 pm
does anybody love their children in the audience? for those of you that love your children and you want to leave your small farm or your ranch or anything you have including a small business to your children, you now have no death tax to pay. you now have no estate tax to pay. so if you don't love your children or if your children treat you badly, and you have no intention of leaving your or your other valuables to your children because your children are just no good, then just forget what i just said because it is not going to help you. ut if you want to leave them that farm and you pass, what happens is they go out and have to borrow and mortgage it to the hilt -- called mortgaging
11:31 pm
the farm, an expression -- they mortgage the farm to pay the estate taxes or death taxes as it's called. they don't have to do that anymore. they don't have to do that anymore. it's gone. [cheering and applause] president trump: that's a big thing. and the democrats fought us on that one, too, but we got it by. we have taken historic action to bring back american jobs by cracking down on china's abusive trade practices. we're doing very well. we're doing very well. we're doing very, very well. we're taking in billions and billions of dollars in taxes from things that are sold to us, and china wants to make a deal, and that's fine with me. after years of rebuilding other countries, we are fainlly rebuilding our country, and we are doing it with american iron, american aluminum, and american steel.
11:32 pm
[cheering] nd thanks to our beautifully placed tariffs and very tough trade policies, american steel and aluminum mills are roaring back to life like nobody has ever seen. right here in missouri a ompany named magnitude seven metals -- whoa. whoa. that's good. that i diane expect. that's nice. you like that company, don't you? it is reopening an aluminum smelter and creating 450 brand new jobs. would never have happened. every day is promises made promises kept. we have also taken bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs.
11:33 pm
happening. happening. happening. i called up pfizer. i called them up and they were great. they rolled back their prices. that's when i realized how powerful this office is. when you can get the drug companies to roll back their increases back to where they were and i appreciate the fact that they did it. and we have just offered a new, affordable healthcare plan in the uri that 71% less than -- costs 71% less than the horrible obamacare disaster. [cheering] president trump: and there is more coming. we passed veterans choice, giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor rather than waiting online for weeks nd months to see a doctor. 44 years they tried to pass that. and i came up with that idea
11:34 pm
and i thought it was brilliant. i went back to my people and said, you know what we'll do? there is no way so many people in line, takes months and months. i said you know what we're going to do? we're going to have those people get off line, go outside, see a doctor. we'll pay for the doctor. i'm so smart. i am the most brilliant human being that has ever lived. i went to my people and i said, do this. do it. they said, sir, we've been trying to get it passed for about 44 years. i said oh, so it wasn't my idea. you know what? i'm the only one that got it passed. that's even tougher. that's even tougher. [cheering] that's even tougher. now, we also got passed the landmark v accountability law to ensure anyone who mistreats our great veterans will be held accountable. we will look at them and say, jim, you're fired. get out of here. get out. get out.
11:35 pm
get out of here. we secured $700 billion and $716 billion to fully rebuild the united states military, hich had become so depleted. and we buy everything right here in the good old u.s.a. best -- we make the best ships, the best submarines. we make the best rockets and missiles. we make the best jet fighters and bombers and tankers. we make the best tanks. we make the best everything. all here. and we gave our great warriors their largest pay raise in more than a decade. and at my direction the pentagon is now working to create the sixth branch of the
11:36 pm
american armed forces called the space force. the space force. very necessary. i withdrew the united states from the horrible, one sided iran nuclear deal. it was a disaster. and if you haven't noticed iran is a much different country right now. let's see what happens. we have recognized the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. every other president practically going back many years, every other president promised it and they never had the courage or whatever it is to get it done. i know why. everybody started calling just like they did me. they'd call and call. when i realized what they were all calling about i said tell them i'll call them back in a week. i was going to sign it in four
11:37 pm
days. so when i called them back, i said, mr. king, mr. queen, mrs. whatever. i said, listen. mr. president, mr. prime minister. what is it? >> well, we wanted to talk to you about israel and jerusalem, but you've already done it. i said oh, gee i wish you got to me sooner. because the calls were like from everybody. so i understand why other presidents didn't do it. but we did it. and it's a big thing. [cheering] together we have made extraordinary progress and we are just getting started. this is the greatest political movement in the history of our country, what you've done. the greatest. history of our country. two years ago we shocked the washington establishment and stunned the world. the entire world was stunned. we weren't stunned.
11:38 pm
we knew what was happening. we knew. when we defied the pundits and the critics and rejected the failures of the corrupt status quo and elected a government hat finally puts america first. every single day since, every day. the failed old ruling class have been trying so hard, oh, so hard. wouldn't you think they would like low taxes, strong military, nice borders? good schools? good health care? we'll get it done. good everything. they don't want that. they want to claw their way back into power. that's what they want. because how can they be opposed to the strongest economy we've ever had? how can they be opposed to the greatest unemployment numbers
11:39 pm
in the history of our country? including for african-americans, asians, hispanic americans? how can they be both? there has to be something else on their mind. i'll love that debate when we say we have the strongest economy in history and the person thoroughfare is going to say why they should do better. why they should do better. this is the same corrupt crew that chipped away your jobs, stole your wealth, and lined their pockets at your expense. you know that's what happened. our opponents have been on a relentless campaign to obstruct, resist, demolish, defame, and destroy. other than that they're extremely nice. but you can stop them with your votes tomorrow. got to get out there. our movement is america's movement. you are moms and dads, sons and daughters, students and
11:40 pm
workers, farmers and soldiers. you follow our laws, give back to our communities, and raise your children to be strong, upstanding citizens. you're loyal and faithful to your country. you love your country. and now, finally, you have a government and you have a president that is loyal and faithful to you. for years you watch as your leaders apologize for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america. we are standing up for your values. we are standing up for
11:41 pm
missouri. are proudly standing up for our great national anthem. from king every citizen every party, every background, every race, color, and creed, to reject the democrat politics of anger, division, destruction, and to unite behained our proud, noble, and righteous destiny as americans. it's what it is. i knead you to get your family, get your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and go out and vote for republican congress for republican senate. go out and vote republican omorrow.
11:42 pm
, in 15 minutes. we're almost into tuesday. in fact, go home and sleep. get up early. and vote. i need the people of missouri to seize this incredible moment in history by electing the great and he will be some day the great josh hawley, as your ext senator. to vote, all citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country and returning power to the american people. it's what happened.
11:43 pm
reatest movement in history. this incredible state was built by tough frontier men and strong pioneer women who braved the wilderness to build a life and home with their own two hands. they didn't have a lot of money. they didn't have a lot of luxury. but they all had one thing in common. they love their families. they love their country. nd they loved their god. these courageous americans did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears so that we could sit at home while others tried to rase their legacy, tear down our history, and destroy our proud and great american eritage.
11:44 pm
rom the boot heel of missouri, to the beautiful, big sky of montana, from the deserts of nevada to the everglades of florida, from the coal mines of west virginia to the steel ills of indiana, and for every family in every city and town across our land we are going to work. we are going to fight. e are going to win, win, win nd not stop winning. we will not bend. we will not break. we will not yield. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never, ever back down.
11:45 pm
we will never surrender. we will always fight on to victory. because we are america. and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people. one family. and one glorious nation under god. and together, with love in our hearts and hope in our souls, will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, missouri.
11:46 pm
thank you. [applause and cheering]
11:47 pm
wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet at her feet ♪s ♪ you can't always get what ou want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you nt but if you try sometime
11:48 pm
ou might find ♪ ♪ i went there to this demonstration to get my fair share of abuse ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ you can't always get what ou want you try sometimes you just try ♪
11:49 pm
>> which party will control the house and senate? watch c-span's live election night coverage starting tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern as the results come in from house, senate, and governing races around the country hear victory and concession speeches from the candidates. then wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern we'll get your reaction to the election taking your phone calls live during "washington journal." c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> the c-span bus is traveling across the country on our 50 capitals tour. during our stop in albany, new york we asked folks which party should control congress and why. >> i was asked my views on who
11:50 pm
should control the house. me, personally, i'm not more left wing or right wing based. i'm all about balance of power. right now the republicans do have the majority in all branches so i would like to see re of a democratic control take place just for that balance. especially when it comes to the tax cuts, aggressive tax cuts that helped the economy in the short term but me being a father i'm thinking about the long term. in the long term those tax cuts could affect the younger generation. so the deficit has continued to rise. we're in the trillions. yes it is a short-term fix but what about the long-term problem or the long-term cure that we're trying to fix here? >> i hope the democrats take congress because this is a city that is rich in diversity. we have people who live in this city from all walks of life. we have immigrants and refugees who are here from all over the
11:51 pm
world and i want to make sure their voices are represented in congress and i think it is particularly important that they hear leaders in washington care about them and are this for them. >> i would really like to see the democrats take the house at least. i'm from new york city so obviously the local news down there, i am thrilled that she is going to become a congresswoman from my area. so i would really like to see more democrats in congress. >> i believe that the democrats should control congress because it will keep the balance of power in check and i believe that things like universal health care, stricter gun control, is really, really important and important to the next generation. if we don't do something about it now i am worried about the future and what my children are going to go through.
11:52 pm
>> voices from the states. part of c-span's 50 capitals tour. >> california senator kamla harris attended a campaign rally this past weekend to support u.s. house candidate katie porter in california's 45th congressional district. other speemers chud lieutenant governor gavin newsom running for governor and actress and comedian chelsea handly ler. his is 35 minutes. >> please welcome to the stage chelsea handler! >> hi, hi, hi! thank you! thank you everybody for coming out and supporting great candidates for the state of california. we're all here today because o