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tv   Washington Journal 11072018  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 6:59am-10:34am EST

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♪ now we will welcome the return from the west coast. ♪ >> democrats every gain control of the u.s. house while republicans have expanded their majority in the senate. we will have live coverage today as congressional leaders, president trump, and the candidates react to the makeup
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of the next congress. and next, live on "washington journal," your phone calls and comments on how the elections turned out. of victory and concession speeches. ♪ host: it is the "washington journal" for november 7. democrats win the night as they take control of the house, currently holding 219 seats versus 195 republican seats. republicans holding onto 51 seats with races yet to be determined. those results from last night and other results and what it means for the remainder of the first term of the trump administration up for discussion. a special extended edition -- of "washington journal."
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democrats, give us a call at 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .nd independents, 202-748-8002 you can make your thoughts on social media known about the results of last night if you want to tweet at us. @cspanwj is how you do that. and you can post on our facebook page at here are some of the headlines stemming from yesterday. some races yet to be determined. the wall street journal going with the headline split decision . if you go to the pages of the washington post, the front page, democrats claiming house is how they title that with a picture from the local race in virginia 10th featuring jennifer wexton challenging barbara comstock. the billings gazette out of montana highlighting the tight senate race that is yet to be determined between that rosen
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dale and jon tester and if you go to the pages of the arizona republic, their front page highlighting another close race, markman -- martha mcsally and kyrsten sinema. all those races and other results from last night and you can let us know what you would --what you thought about the results. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. independents,- 202-748-8002 here to help us tell the tale, is john mcardle. .> the latest start in the house. 435 seats up last night. democrats have flipped 28 republican seats. twoblicans have flipped democratic seats. that is a net of 26. all they needed was 23 to take the house and there are 23 races
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yet to be called. democrats ahead in 8 of those races. republican candidates ahead of democratic incumbents in one of those races. if those numbers hold, democrats could see gains rate upwards up 33 seats. we will check in throughout the morning. let me take you to the senate. republicans at 51 right now, so they retain their majority in the senate with victories last night over incumbent senators joe donnelly, senator claire mccaskill, heidi heitkamp, democrats with 1 gain, knocking off senator dean heller in nevada. here are three senate seats we are watching for numbers for the rest of the morning. we will keep updating you. you mentioned senator jon tester. he is behind to republican matt rosen dale in that race -- rosendale. in that race.
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a separation of about 3000 votes. in florida, over 8 million votes cast and in the senate race, senator bill nelson behind by ,ust about 30,000 votes continue watching that and arizona, you mentioned the two congresswoman running against each other -- congresswoman running against each other. martha mcsally to kyrsten sinema. almost at 100 -- 100% reporting. we are going to overtime in mississippi. yvette is the other race that has yet to been called. we will find out the results in the runoff happening later in the year. two tweets from the leaders of both parties, both claiming victory. tweet "tonighta was a win for the democrats and democracy. we won the house because
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democrats had a clear message for local families and now it is time to get to work, holding trump accountable. a tweet from the president around midnight. a tremendous success tonight, thank you to all. host: a story in the washington post this morning talking about the agenda she will set. one series of anticorruption measures and a legislative package. the other bills regarding infrastructure -- here is a bit from yesterday. [video clip] today is more than about democrats and republicans, it is about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. it is about stopping the gop and assault onnell's
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medicare, medicaid, the affordable care act, and the health care of 130 million americans living with pre-existing medical conditions. let's hear more for pre-existing medical conditions. about letting wealthy special interest free reign -- interestalthy special free reign in washington. pledge a congress that works for the people. for the people. lower the cost of health care by lowering the cost of prescription drugs. wages byaise workers rebuilding the infrastructure of america. clean up corruption to make washington work for all americans. strong take real, very legislative action to legislate
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and negotiate down the price control of prescription drugs. we will deliver a transformational investment in infrastructure to create more good paying jobs. bridges, schools, water systems, broadband networks, housing, and beyond. we will drain the swamp of dark interest. havewe do, americans greater confidence in everything there congress works on from health care to taxes that guns do clean air, clean water for our children when they know the people's interest will prevail, not the dark special interest. applause] -- [cheers and applause] public can see what is
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happening and how it affects them and that they can weigh in with members of congress and with the president of the united states. we will have accountability and strive for bipartisanship with fairness on all sides. we will have a responsibility to find our common ground where we can stand our ground -- where we can, stand our ground where we cannot. we must try. we will have a bipartisan marketplace of ideas that makes our democracy strong. a democratic congress will work for solutions that bring us together because we have all had enough of division. host: that was nancy pelosi from yesterday, expected to hold a press conference later on talking about the results from last night and we want to hear from you. matthew in washington, democrats line. what did you think of last night? caller: i thought the music selection by them was ok, but i
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think coming up, what the democratic candidate needs to use for his theme song is a song by meatloaf. to catherine. catherine is in florida. hello. .aller: hello, pedro good morning. the reason i am calling is i wanted to discuss briefly the gubernatorial race in florida. i am very glad desantis won because i am sick of people such as andrew grillo -- andrew gillum complaining about desantis being a racist just because they fall in opposite political views. i don't, myself, like being called a racist because i voted for desantis. just because we have different political views and the other candidate happens to be black,
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that just seem fair because we don't believe in the democratic candidates' opinions that we should be called racist. host: why did you vote for ron desantis? caller: i voted for him because i liked his policies when he was a congressman, but also, it was a vote against andrew gillum. maryland on our line for independents this morning talking about the results from yesterday. good morning. caller: good morning, pedro. i wanted to say i am independent in maryland. we had carden who won the senate race. i am more interested in the house. i was concerned about trump kind of possibly keeping the house of representatives and at least i hope the house doesn't try to
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impeach him. i hope they get rid of pelosi as speaker and i hope they do investigations of trump. no interest in impeachment, but keeping the checks and balances. host: when you say you don't want them to pursue impeachment, why is that? trump makes ak lot of people angry. he polarizes everybody and i think they should have some hearings and gather the facts. you are just going to make people more angry on both sides. i think they will focus on what trump -- focus on the facts and then have these hearings. i have been watching the hearings for the last 10 years since republicans had control of congress and i felt like -- i don't really trust either side. watching like
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republicans for the last eight years, they had no interest in the last two years, any facts about trump. host: about nancy pelosi, why would you not want her to become house majority leader? caller: the democrats have everybody over 70. nothing against nancy pelosi, she has never been one of my favorites. it feels like it is time to go. hillary had 30 years of people on the right tearing her down and she was not -- she just had a lot of negative opinion when she ran for president. i think pelosi is in the same place. i think harry reid also -- he had a lot of negative opinion. it is nice trying to get new -- time to get new blood in there. host: one of the tweets the president sent out was received so many congratulations from so
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many on our big victory, including 4 nations and in parenthesis, friends who were waiting the out and hoping on trade deals. now we can all get back to work and get things done. ruben in philadelphia. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, pedro. i want to congratulate the democrats on winning the house. i was born in 1965, the year the civil rights acts and the voting bill was passed and i remember my parents and grandparents telling me how caravans of whites used to attack them to stop them from voting. are stillnancy pelosi inside the house because they remember how hard it was for people who were not able to vote and i hope they get the health bill straightened out. how did joe manchin do because he seems to bounce between republicans and democrats with his votes? host: senator manchin winning
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the election last night. as far as the agenda for democrats, besides health care, what would you like to see them pursue? caller: social security, medicare. stop spending so much on our defense because our defense doesn't need that big of a budget. i think we cane, do better. i don't think we need to spend that money on space exploration. i think we can do better cleaning up our environment and economy and save more money that way and i agree with paul right about getting some of these young, urban youths off the corner. host: here is some reaction from our social media feeds. this is anne off of facebook saying so many women won, we killed it in virginia and the rest of the country will follow. it was a step forward. bonnie says two years of investigating the president, god help us our country is turning
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into a socialist state. bill says democrats have a rising star in beto o'rourke, he reminds many of fk or rfk. dems are in charge of the house, so much for the red waves, more like a red ripple. in athens, tavers georgia. independent line. caller: good morning, pedro. hello, c-span, first of all. i want to thank brian lamb. amount ofd by the consumption of celebrity the american people are consuming and diving into. the news isn't news, it is entertainment. everyone is pulling for their team, rooting for their team and
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celebrating went their team is successful. i am blown away. i wish the american people would humble themselves and try to be more stewards of the planet. we are american. we are slowly losing that beautiful, wonderful, american ideal the country was founded on. host: with that in mind, what did you think about the governor's race yesterday between brian kemp and stacey abrams? who did you vote for and how did you think it will play out? caller: it was a microcosm of the hillary clinton and trump election of 2016. i may be considered male chauvinistic, but i cannot see a woman running the state of georgia because i could not see a woman running the united states of america and it is my personal opinion because of my experiences and where we are going as a country with this
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feminine and emasculating of the men. that is my personal opinion and thank you for c-span. host: jacksonville, florida, is next. republican line. we will hear from bill. good morning. in jacksonville, florida. good morning. you are on. telling that just lady, the only way pelosi is going to drain the swamp is if she takes everybody on that stage and takes paul ryan and mcconnell with them and they retire. host: you think new leadership is necessary? caller: definitely, on both sides. host: who would you like to see on both sides of the aisle as far as leadership? i don'tbeto o'rourke want to see in leadership. no. i don't know, there is a lot of young people coming up. host: ok.
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new hampshire is next, we will hear from bill. democrats line. caller: yes. my comment is thank god pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, and west virginia. that was the reason why hillary lost. any combination of that. but the people saw the light. i think that is something in the future. i think they are going to stay democratic. i feel that. i feel they sent a strong message in pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and west virginia that trump screwed them . he lied to them. he misled them. he deceived them. he had hoodwinked to them and i believe that is wonderful because that is going to be big in the 2020 election. also, that beto o'rourke,
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doesn't he remind you a little bit like a young kennedy? like a bobby kennedy. i think he is going to be a rising star and i think the democrats really have a lot to be thankful for. thank god somebody has seen some light. host: that is bill in new hampshire. your chance if you want to talk about the results of yesterday. you can talk about the house, you arete, races watching or governors. several governors races in the mix and we will get an update. host 2: also want to let you know about some news from the white house. sarah sanders announcing the president is going to hold a press conference today at 11:30 to talk about the results of the 2018 elections. we will see what the president has to say. on the governor's races, want to
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remind viewers where we started this cycle. 46 gubernatorial seats up for election. 9 held by democrats. democrats looking for big gains. here is one of the headlines from npr. democrats gain in governor's races, but missed a chance at history. democrats projected to make modest gains against republicans in two of the marquee candidate falling short in their bids. come incandidates florida and georgia. let's start in florida where democrat andrew gillum fell about 55,000 votes short. ron desantis declared the winner , the republican congressman and to georgia, that when is not over yet. votes abrams about 75,000 behind and has not conceded the race to republican brian kemp.
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we will keep an eye on that and one of the other races that has yet to be called, alaska. the former united states senator, democrat looking to become governor of alaska and it looks like he is headed to defeat against done lady -- against dunn leavy. some of the most high profile include in kansas where republican kris kobach, who you remember the secretary of state who cochaired the president's short-lived commission on election integrity lost his bid against laura kelly for that seat. a very high profile race in wisconsin, governor scott walker losing his bid for a third term in wisconsin. that is a wrap up of the few governors races. more news to come this morning. host: on facebook, there goes productive government for two years in response to his reaction from last night.
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kevin says democrats need a speaker who is more aggressive and fighting for aggressive ideas and policies for which their constituents voted. florida voted to restore voting rights for ex felons. the red wall blocked the blue wave. twitter, you can reach us postnwj if you want to about last night. on facebook, our facebook page, from north carolina, we will hear next from edward on our independent line. caller: good morning, pedro. how are you? host: fine, go ahead. caller: very good. and from north carolina over the last two months, i would say we have been going through a lot, especially with hurricane florence relief and things of that nature.
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i am very happy to say that everything went kind of according to how i expected it except for the voter id law, which has been changed to where you have to show it -- identification when you are voting. i am taken aback by that. ise i say, north carolina home and we have a long way to go and the people in my community and everyone here, we are family. i hope to see good things coming forward in the future. host: democrats line, laurie joining us. good morning. caller: good morning. i was just relieved the democrats at least got the house i am scared of trump. i am not saying everybody on his but is racist or anything,
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he does have -- i do believe he racistst of nazis and , but i think -- host: what would you like to see democrats pursue -- now that they hold the house, what issues would you like to see them take on? caller: i would like them to investigate trump and i would like them to hold him accountable for his actions over the last two years. i don't think he should get by with as many lies as he tells. every time he opens his mouth, it is a lie. i am just ashamed to be an american with him as president. host: let's go to pennsylvania, republican line. you are next up. caller: good morning.
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how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. go ahead. caller: i am a republican. i am glad the state won the republican vote. i am upset the house won the democratic vote, but the main reason i am calling is do not impeach trump. trump is a great president. i think he should stay a president. i think you should build a wall using american materials on american people to work on it and get it in place because it is 500,000 people coming in a legally each year. they could be terrorists and i am scared of that and they need to build the wall. each person$10 from to build the wall, let's do it, let's keep trump in america as a president. i am ok with democrats being in there. i think going forward, we should
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keep trump in place. do not impeach him. build a wall and let's get the roads and infrastructure rebuilt. let's keep america together and keep going forward, stay positive. keep businesses in america, don't let them go overseas to give them tax breaks, give them -- get them back in america. keep the other countries from overtaking us. money, wena so much need to concentrate on getting our economy back into place trillions are -- owe of dollars to china. we are owned by them, almost. trying to regulate that and fix that and he has employed more people than you can imagine in america. host: ok. that is melinda in pennsylvania giving her thoughts from last night. you heard earlier the president is expected to hold a news
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conference later this afternoon. nancy pelosi also expected to hold a news conference over last night's result. we now hear the current speaker of the house has weighed in on what happened last night. here is the statement. that2: the speaker with statement earlier this morning saying tonight, history has repeated itself. a party in power always faces tough odds in the first midterm election. it's hard to see friends and good colleagues work so hard and fall short. i am proud of the campaign our members and candidates ran. paul ryan saying i congratulate democrats on a new house majority and senate republicans for maintaining. we do not need an election to know we have a divided nation and now we have a divided washington. we must find a way to come together and find common ground and build on the success of this congress. it has been an honor to lead the house over the past three years. for that, i will
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always remain proud. the outgoing speaker, paul ryan. his statement on this post election day morning. host: the washington journal had a survey from voters who participated, opinions on key issues. when it comes to the reaction from the 2017 tax law, 47% approving versus 49% disapproving. what should happen to most illegal immigrants? most yesterday say chance for legal status, 69% versus those who said they should be deported, 29%. they asked about the importance of the brett kavanaugh confirmation. very orng that was somewhat important when going to the polls. only 25% saying it was not important at all. most ranking the condition of the economy 65% versus 34%. the last one, the reason for voting yesterday, 25% of those participating say it was to show
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support for president and 38% said it was to show opposition to president trump and those saying the president not a factor, 36%. in new jersey, john is next, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, pedro. thanks for taking my phone call. -- a thing.tle i don't think republicans have paid for all the lies they have done. where do we go from here? i know we have to have investigations on where donald this's w-2 forms went and nunez and his lies and this mitch mcconnell and his bullying people in congress to get his bills passed. where do we go from here?
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this nation is not whole. it should not be functioning as strong armumpite bullying tactic to get all of our programs in washington. what do we do now? question me ask you a while i have got you on the line, what did you think of senator bob menendez's victory last night? caller: menendez is another thing. or onek between two evil, i would rather have gone with a democrat. i am independent. i used to be a republican. reagan.for ronald i am telling you, donald trump has shamed me. all the women who call up and give you such accolades about
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him being such a wonderful person, you should look to atlantic city and see how many casinos he put in bankruptcy and see how many people he had went ahead and had dealings with that he could not pay his bills and went ahead and got corporate welfare to bail him out. int: let's go to sandra virginia, democrats line. inler: yes, i am sandra norfolk, virginia. i think this was a referendum for me on intelligence and truth. i am so proud of the state of virginia and i think the whole country could stand to look at how the state of virginia conducts itself in their election. my state, i am very proud of them this morning. i really am. -- ied for tim kaine and am proud of the state of
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virginia. host: why did you renew support for him? caller: i voted for tim kaine when he was governor of virginia because i thought tim kaine was honest. i thought tim kaine represented all the people of virginia well. facebook -- it was a big win for the red party, only lost 26 in the house where in during the obama and clinton to 59democrats lost 54 - seats. if democrats make pelosi speaker again, it will show they did not learn their what -- their lesson. of 30 seatsg a loss gained a better majority in the senate, which is far more important, adding, "it is all
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good." larry in tennessee on the republican line. what did you think about the results of the senate race? caller: i was really glad because we need our minimum wage , andin foreign county, bad it has been a long time coming. democrats talk about raising it. obama did not do it and they had their chance to do it. i have been a democrat all my life and i am voting republican all the way and i hope they change the minimum wage. ,ost: democrats, 202-748-8000 if you want to call about democrats taking control of the house. for those republicans in the audience, 202-748-8001. if you are independent, you can call at 202-748-8002. twitter also available to you if you want to post on our facebook .age,
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new york state, independent line. the next up is jim. hello. caller: good morning. a couple of quick points so you can get more callers on. i dislike the way emma kratz behaved with maxine waters calling for crowds to confront republicans if they are out to dinner and the way they behaved at the kavanaugh dinner. i am very much against the one-party rule and glad democrats took a house and if they can get over there let's get trump and every cost and kavanaugh at every cost, if they can get over that and work across the aisle and put all this bs behind us and get things done. adultsthey all act like and get something done for us. host: do you think they will get over it, as you phrased it? caller: no, i don't. host: why not? caller: they seem to be so dug
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in and entrenched. to get kavanaugh, we have to reopen the hearings. we have to get trump. i understand the hate of these guys. we have to get beyond that and do something to move this country forward. arkansas, joseph, good morning, you are on the air. caller: i would like to make a quick comment on voter suppression and my mother, my father, they could not vote because they had the poll tax. count bubbles in a bar of soap. i want everybody to know, let's bring this country together. we can do better than this and i want everyone to know -- host: when you say we can do better than this, what are you talking about? caller: i am talking about schools, gun violence,
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,nemployment, minimum wage better under kate -- better education for young people. i am talking about even the trade schools. traded to fund these schools because everybody is going to college and nobody wants to go to trade school. host: are you saying these are issues that need to be talks to amongst democrats and republicans here in washington? caller: yes, that is the question. they need to bring all of these issues up and bring them to the floor of the congress and even with infrastructure. host: that is joseph getting thoughts from yesterday and some of the things he would like to see discussed when it comes to the new congress as it gets seated next year. democrats winning the house of representatives with the senate being held on republicans even as of yesterday with those two things in play, a series of
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firsts across the nation. here is an update. host 2: time magazine referring to it as a high water mark in the midterms. turnout this 2018 midterms million votes114 cast in house races this year compared to 83 million in 2014. the republican pollster that many c-span viewers know, tweeting out his thoughts on turnouts saying we are seeing the highest nonwhite voter turnout ever for a midterm election and tweeting along with nonwhite voters, seeing the highest turnout of young voters age 18 to 29 ever in midterm elections. one of the headlines, voters elect trailblazing candidates. that is the ap story on those historic first for congress. the first openly gay man elected
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governor, jared polis in colorado. the first muslim women in congress, rashida tlaib of michigan and of -- both democrats running in blue districts. the first native american women, sharice davids of kansas and deb holland will be coming to congress in the spring -- in the new year, in january when the new congress sits. the youngest woman ever elected would be alexandria ocasio-cortez out of new york and her very blue district. those are some of the first that happened as a result of the election. we will hear from president trump at 11:30. he is tweeting already this morning. those that work with me in this incredible midterm election did very well. those that did not say goodbye.
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yesterday was a big win and all under the pressure of a nasty and hostile media. of facebook, if you want to, you can post. when it comes to what happened last night, all he says is bring on the investigation. robert says the lesson is democrats should vote for trump's scotus nominees. in florida, independent line, you are next up. good morning. caller: hi, thank you. i actually had a question because i heard someone you were talking about -- talking to before talking about being shocked about having to show your id to vote. is that a weird thing? host: that being said, what was your response. even though you could not talk to them directly. caller: i don't understand it. , in i went to vote yesterday
7:40 am
took out my drivers license and gave it to them. i thought it was normal. is it not? host: typically, every state does that, you have to show every form of id. there are provisions if you do not have one. who did you vote for and what were the results of that? caller: the person i voted for did win. at the same time, i was worried because i had lost my voter registration card because i got it several years ago and i thought i put it in my wallet and it was not there anymore. it happens. as far as the governor's race, what did you think about the results with ron desantis? caller: very, very close. i did not know who was going to win up until the absolute last minute, like i think everyone else. host: did you vote for him? caller: i did, but it was more of -- i was voting against g
7:41 am
illum and not for desantis, if you know what i mean. host: as far as rick scott -- himer: i did vote for because he was a very good governor. host: that was rick scott you put your support to? caller: yes, i have lived in florida for years and he is a good governor and i believe in him. host: talking about desantis' win yesterday. do moreis needed to than have the support of a polarized president -- ivy veteran.ucated iraq his campaign became heavily focused on the economy and public safety through the lens of gillum. step byook a risky unveiling a plan to raise the corporate tax rate. desantis warned crowds that
7:42 am
gillum would undo postrecession strides and may even impose a state income tax although gillum said he would not advocate for one. desantis repeatedly mentioned gillum's support for medicaid expansion. another floridian on the line. this is john in northport, republican line. i voted for ron desantis and i predicted he was going to win over gillum because gillum was wishy-washy. , i think thist was good victories for the state of florida and i think it was an overall win for president trump because of all the -- all the money going into the campaigns through the democratic party. i think it was close to not millions, but billions of dollars being pushed through all the states.
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i think it was a big victory for president trump with the midterm and we will see what happens. host: north carolina, independent line. david, good morning. caller: good morning. how is everything? host: fine, thanks. caller: i think the election yesterday was more about local issues more than what was happening national. are not feeling the trump greatness. -- areas went for democrats because they were given a promise and i do not hear them opening up factories anymore. host: when you went to the polls, it was strictly local issues. aside from the economy, what other things were you interested in? caller: we had -- our river was
7:44 am
polluted with gen x and that was really big going on since like the 1980's and it has been --hed on the back corner back burner and a lot of illnesses are being caused by gen x. steel and teflon to everyone was assuming it was harmless and now they are getting studies saying it causes cancer and gives you health problems and opens the body up for more infections and crohn's disease. host: are you saying a local candidate was talking about that issue? caller: it was always -- the republican running for it -- they were saying he took charge and made sure funding was certified for state cleanup and
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.e lost to harper peterson i did not think harper peterson would have won. talkingat is david about those hyper local issues in north carolina where he lives, what motivated him to vote yesterday and talk about the results of that. you can share your perspective as well if you want to talk about the large scope of national elections or bring it closer to home as you take the -- talk about the issues that represent you. eric, democrats line, hello. caller: hello, sir, how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. some ofi wanted to echo the things of the democrats have been saying. i don't think we should look into impeaching trump. we should look into defeating him in 2020. areill just look like we
7:46 am
nitpicking and they will use that as fodder and continue to roll in 2020. host: where did you stand -- it depends on your candidate, but where did you stand on the race between dave brat and abigail sandberg are? caller: i voted for spanberger because i am new to the district. i wanted to flip the district so we could help take over the house so we can control a little bit more. there is already an investigation -- the russia investigation and if anything comes through on that, maybe democrats can move closer to impeachment. if nothing is found, i don't think we should consider going down a road that his -- has already almost been investigated. host: that is eric in virginia. when it comes to election security, dustin baltz in the wall street journal under the headline no major vote interference detected. concerns about a potentially
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calamitous attack from russia and elsewhere began to subside even as government agencies and the fbi and department of homeland security remained on alert. security gaps remained in states and officials warned russia and others remain intent on interfering in american democracy. largely pushing far right content supportive of president goal ofe moscow's inflaming political divide part of the story adds in the last column that it was on tuesday that facebook said it had taken action against inaccurate voting information such as messages saying republicans vote tuesday and democrats vote wednesday. some content falsely claimed u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agents will be patrolling polling sites in an effort to find immigrants.
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kentucky is next. this is patrick from louisville, republican line. caller: yes, i want to add what you just got through saying about the russians. i am strongly -- suspicious about whether the russians or the chinese had something to do with this election here and i can give you a couple of reasons why i think that. host: what is your top reason? caller: the top reason is through the advent of higher technology and communications, uses in other countries can communication devices in reporting results of the election in the united states. there is providers do that all the time.
7:49 am
the way you can check balance -- when i want to bed last night about 2:00, 3:00, they only had -- democrats only had one or two house seats and when i woke up this morning they had 40 or 50. that is what alerted me. host: that is patrick in kentucky talking about electric -- election security issues. a series of press conferences expected during the course of the day also from key democrats about what they hope to achieve flat -- next year as they take control of the house. host 2: plenty of stories already in the papers about what -- get control of the speakership and the 20 permanent
7:50 am
committee gavels. here is a look from politico about what they intend to do with the investigative authority thoseet with chairmanships. house democrats ready to clash with trump is the headline from politico. the story focusing in part on talk of possible impeachment of trump. nancy pelosi downplaying the prospects of impeaching, quoting judy woodruff that it is not what our caucus is about pretty she said "that is not unifying and i get criticized in my own party for not being more in support of that, but i am not." progressive democrats are unlikely to shelve the matter entirely. jerry mackler -- and elijah cummings r mapping out what tomp controversies they plan -- democrats are expected not only to pick up where mueller leaves off in his probe, but of taxpayer misuse
7:51 am
funds, trump's family separation policy and the handling of hurricane crises. trump's tax returns and any conflicts of interest between his presidency and personal business. the story notes anti-pelosi mentioned none of those in her remarks on -- nancy pelosi mentioned none of those in her remarks on tuesday. host: from lakewood, florida, republican line. dave, hello. caller: good morning. i am really happy person today. . i think it will be great for the state of florida. host: why did you support those individuals? caller: i am a conservative 72 years old and never voted any other way. i have lost a lot of elections, but i am happy to say i won this one. i have seen an article where
7:52 am
there was over $50 million put campaign from outside the state. he was going to be beholden to a lot of people. i want to congratulate senator elect scott and governor-elect desantis. thank you. going beforeantis cameras after his victory in tallahassee talked about challenges and some of the issues he plans to take on. as governor, here he is last night. [video clip] >> throughout the campaign, i knew the only thing i can fully control is how hard i worked and while i was confident achieving a victory, i was at peace knowing i worked as hard as i possibly could and left everything out on the field. when he spoke to the ohio regiment toward the end of the civil war, abraham lincoln told
7:53 am
the soldiers before him that the free government for which they were fighting provided everyone with an open field and fair chance for their industry enterprise and intelligence. lincoln was born on the front tier in obscure circumstances, yet he rose to the highest office in the land. he was living proof the ideas of the soldiers were worth the sacrifice. i think my election as governor's in the nation's third-largest state is further proof that regardless of where you start in life, if you work hard and do it for the right reasons, you can succeed in the united states of america. when casey and i launched this effort in january, the pundit class gave us no chance and even today, the political media class seemed eager to write our obituary. the great thing about our country is every two years, the
7:54 am
people have that one day in november where the elites do not call the shots and they don't get to craft a narrative and set the agenda. on election day, it is the voice of the people that rule. as governor, i will make sure florida remains a low tax state. we will hold people in government accountable. we will protect taxpayer dollars and make sure ceridian's have that open field and fair chance to realize their dreams. for those of you in high tax states who may be contemplating investing in florida, know that we will remain open for business. you an awful lot in taxes if you bring your investment to florida. host: we can only show you
7:55 am
portions of speeches throughout the morning. you can find all of those including everything that took place last night when you go to our website, south carolina is next, democrats line. we will hear from william. caller: good morning. i am calling to congratulate state senator joe cunningham from the great state of south carolina. of governor of -- hopefully he will be a good and affluent man for the state and thank you. host: one of the headlines saying he is a democrat and flipped the first district seat that has been held by republicans since 1981. caller: that is what i have heard and bring on changes. mr. cunningham, he is going to
7:56 am
lead south carolina. he is very influential for the state of south carolina. host: what makes him influential? because of what he is transpiring to do for the state of south carolina, great jobs, stop oil drilling in the state of south carolina. reasons that the main you voted for him or are there other reasons you voted for him? caller: right now, there might be some other reasons, but the main reason is he is the state senator for south carolina. be a alyssa -- it could liza, she is from staten island, new york. go ahead. yes, i found ron calls disgusting,
7:57 am
honestly. the reason i am calling is your caller who commented on trump and his activity in atlantic city is absolutely correct. people should look into that. look into governor chris christie's part in all of that. i know several attorneys who have worked on the bankruptcy and thisatlantic city same firm is working for trump, , some of thestie powers that be in new jersey and new york. host: the new york post is saying the robo calls from the president in staten island -- 55,000 of them. did not receive any robo calls, but i did vote for max roads and i congratulate him. i am actually shocked he won.
7:58 am
i really think it says something the power of democracy and democrats right now. host: why were you shocked he won? caller: staten island voted for trump. we are the only conservative bureau in -- bro in new york rough inconservative bur new york city -- we have not had a democrat representing us i believe in quite some time. is from statener island, new york, calling on our independent line this morning. the plan in an extended edition of the program today to get your input on events that happened last night on election night and for the next several hours, we would like to hear from you and get your input on races you are following, the
7:59 am
results that happened, what you would like to see on the house side as democrats take power. perhaps on the senate side as republicans hold power, you may want to take it to your local state races. all of that up for grabs in this program. if you want to give us a call, it is 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. and our independent, 202-748-8002. if you follow us on twitter, we invite you to do that @cspanwj. you can make comments and if you want to like us on facebook. our facebook page is here is an update on events from last night. host 2: closing in on 8:00 on the east coast. here is where we stand in election 2018. up, 412 races called
8:00 am
at this point. democrats, 28 seats. gained in states, pennsylvania, virginia, new jersey, even going even in republican territory including oklahoma and acn utah. democrats only needed 23 seats to flip the house. they have 26. they could add to that. we will watch those. senate republicans will hold the senate with 51 seats as of right called.eats left to be we take you to montana. toery tight race, down 48.2%, matt rosen bill at 48.9%. race for florida, bill nelson trying to hold onto his seat in florida with over 8 million votes cast, 52% for
8:01 am
republican rick scott, senator bill nelson with 49.8%. that may go for a wild today and maybe into coming days, to house of representatives running against each other. againstcsally up 49.3% democrat kristen sinema. the other race we are waiting for is in mississippi. overtime runoff, senator cindy hyde-smith facing the former secretary of state in a runoff. we will keep giving you updates all morning, including following the twitter page of the president and others who have been tweaking. -- tweeting. "to any of the pundits or talking heads who do not give us
8:02 am
credit, remember these words, fake news." "welcome to the 2020 election cycle." 727 days away. joins us inl newport, tennessee, republican. caller: i voted all three. republican for marsha blackburn for u.s. senate, democrat for the governor, independent for my state representative. but, i wanted to call. i have been watching this since 8:00 last night continuously. 12 hours. host: you have not been to bed yet? caller: not at all. say, when i listened to nancy pelosi speak last a nancy pelosi person but i respected what she
8:03 am
had to say about her wanting to work with the president. i also heard callers call in and say they wanted to impeach trump. i do not think impeachment would be the answer, to work with him would be better. when you impeach, if you go to impeach trump, i believe, with the economy, how good it is, the employment rate and everything else is good, that the people that have worked to make the economy the way it is. , you economy will go down are attacking his reporters. i supported trump in the election. i thought he was the person to do the job. but i do not think impeachment would be the way to go. i congratulate for them winning the house, i think we could get more done. we have ideas from both sides
8:04 am
instead of one side. michael, give me a reason why you voted for marsha blackburn? we had phil as governor years ago and i did not like his policies then. i saw him representing the -- i, in washington dc, thought marsha blackburn felt closer and more rooted with the people of tennessee. michael inis tennessee talking about who he voted for. if you go to the hill website, there is a story about laura ingraham mocking taylor swift because she inserted herself in that race. after the says that " candidate backed her, haters going to hate."
8:05 am
sen, likelyett destroy democrats chance of taking the senate. dallas, texas. democrat line. hermann, go ahead. caller: i am a first-time caller and i am glad i got you. i appreciate c-span. i voted, straight democrat. i am heartbroken about florida and georgia and beto o'rourke. happy about the the reason i called -- i am upset when people say to democrats are out to get tr ump/ . it is not so much that as that we want the truth.
8:06 am
i do not understand these people that have no regard for what the truth is. that is my comment. host: why did you vote for beto o'rourke? caller: mainly because i am a democrat. this is an honest person, a caring person. he listened to all sides. this is what we want beyond the saying,ship -- a guy let's get past partisanship and listen to each other. i thought that was a great message for democrats. we are angry, yeah, but we have to get over it and start thinking about uniting the country again. this is the guy who i think and do it in the future, even. host: it was ted cruz one victory over better over last night. it was ted cruz who
8:07 am
won victory over beto o'rourke last night. >> i just now have the opportunity to talk to senator toz and to congratulate him, congratulate him on his victory and to wish him well going forward. what i pledged on behalf of all of us, at this time of division, the country has been as polarized as i can remember it in my life, all this bitterness, defining so much of the national conversation -- is there anything we can do to help him in his position of public trust to ensure that texas helps to lead this country in a way that brings us back together around the big things that we want to achieve? wether that is making sure face any threats against this that means that we are therefore every single one of us who needs a helping hand so that we can live to our full
8:08 am
potential, the ability to see a doctor, go to the hospital, receive the medication you need to be alive -- i want to work so that we cane wait on that. [applause] you amazing public school educators, who work so hard and do so much for many of us -- i will work with him, anyone, anytime, anywhere, to make sure the same way you have been there for us, that now we can be there for you. says, "bringnchez on the gridlock." jeff says "mission accomplished. is onward to the next mountain." connecticut, independent line.
8:09 am
caller: good morning. well, it is interesting to look at what has taken place in isnecticut, as connecticut part of the new ups well and upsurge of women. a new influx of women into justess, as we have elected our first black congressperson ever in our history. however, the thing i am intrigued by is the governor's race. it is still up in the air, as .he result of a close election apparently, the republicans have filed an injunction in the extraordinarily liberal city of new haven, as there have been problems with young people particularly not being able to effectively mail in voter registration forms in a timely manner and in the state of connecticut it is legal for
8:10 am
young voters to register on the day of voting, on election day. that mirrors a haphazard phenomenon taking place with young voters throughout the country. there have been reports i have read from reputable news sources such as business insider, indicating that millennials, rather generation z, between 18 and 29, are failing to mail in voter registration forms to register to vote because they are "literally have no idea where to find stamps." or they are shirking their or absenteeties, ballots because they do not know how or do not have access to printers. following that it myers the electoral process in america, we are in our young
8:11 am
college educated voters under the age of 30 seem to be so lackadaisical and snarkish in their responsibility stash host: -- host: this is the headline from the hartford, connecticut. lamont poised to be governor. brett is next from nevada, republican line. caller: hey, pedro, how are you doing? host: good, go ahead. caller: i do not know how jacky rosen pulled this out. congresswoman in my district, i never even seen her. -- theas a bill, windmills, where our golden eagles are, and peregrine
8:12 am
falcons, this -- host: you did not vote for her? caller: no. i voted all republican this time. voted for senator cortez masto. she ist that now because not even speaking for the people of nevada. they want to bring nuclear waste from the east coast and dump it here because they say they only land, because they own 87% of nevada. host: when it comes to dean standingas there any reason why you were supporting him? caller: yes, he wanted to fight to get some of our land back from the federal government and
8:13 am
protect our wild horses. brett in searchlight, nevada. the republican incumbent, dean heller of the senate nevada race . >> i'm humbled by the results. i want you to know i will never forget where i came from and i will always put nevada first. [applause] i will work each and every day to represent all the people of our state, to provide first-class constituent services, to find common ground with anyone in the senate who has an idea that benefits nevada. [applause] i will have lots of fights ahead, and i am ready to stand up and keep fighting for all the issues this campaign was about. [applause] let's talk about those issues. i will tell you what we will fight for. $15 per hour minimum wage.
8:14 am
[applause] nobody in this country who works full-time should ever live in poverty. i can tell you what else we will fight for. we will fight for every student to be able to graduate from a public college or university without a crushing debt. [applause] we got a few more fights. we will fight back against plans to cut social security and medicare. [applause] i can tell you, one that i am so proud of, how we reacted in las vegas -- we will fight, we will fight to pass commonsense gun safety legislation. [applause] you know, i will take the
8:15 am
privilege of a few more fights we will work on. we will fight for civil rights. we will fight for voting rights. [applause] we need to fight for immigration reform that protects our dreamers. [applause] host: (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8002 for independents. with the coming in of a new congress next year, e-house controlled by democrats, comes the topic of who will be leaders in that body. here is john. prize the news being reported by politico, nancy pelosi expected to formally announce her run for speaker sometime today. that would give her three weeks to convince her caucus to elect her as the speaker in the hundred 16th -- the 116th
8:16 am
congress. november 28 and 29th. president trump spoke with nancy pelosi last night on the phone, congratulated her on the democratic victory in the house. they talked about bipartisanship. the conflicts ahead will be heated. president trump referring to those in his latest. "if the democrats think they will waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house be likewisell forced to consider for investigating them for all the leaks of classified information and much else at the center level. two can play that game." republican leadership elections taking place next week on the 14th of november. kevin mccarthy expected to have the inside edge. anything can happen between now and then. mary,from california,
8:17 am
democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. it was a good thing for the democrats. pelosit realize nancy had to be endorsed by her party. i am glad she is speaker of the house. the only thing i would like them to investigate is that brett kavanaugh appointment. i watched the hearings. she was not lying. lying, i do not know what a lie is. i do not want to waste time trying to impeach trump. rally thehould churches, all the churches that get tax exemptions for being a church, and maybe they should go down to the border and he can pull those soldiers away from the border. i do not like our military having to patrol our borders. that is a suggestion for him. it was a great day for america.
8:18 am
trump, he was not my choice but in many ways he is more presidential than he was. i am glad about that. i think his wife, the first lady, i think she has firsthand knowledge -- he is a little bit of a bully. she is a good first lady. about the guy that called, the republican from nevada, about his problems in the state, i can understand, wanting to dump all nuclear waste in nevada must make those people feel terrible. who wants that? we have to put it somewhere. reed wilson in his piece this morning, talked about the results. "the divide deepens. on one hand at suburban voters delivered stern rebuke to unpopular president.
8:19 am
democrats made gains in midwestern governor races, the step to rebuilding a once favorable political terrain that trump had claimed. on the other hand, rural voters stormed the polls in unprecedented numbers, delivering for the president they voted for in 2016. a handful of critical senate and gubernatorial races in ruby red states. big schisms. rural america is much more republican than ever before. show americans are becoming more divided. is where you can find that piece. from new jersey, independent. caller: i would like to say that as frustrating as it is to pass laws in washington, that is
8:20 am
exactly the way the system was designed. the forefathers didn't want a lot of laws because laws are rules and they did not want to be ruled. they designed a system to make it hard to pass a law. what i'm saying right now is the system is working exactly the way it was designed to work. i mean, you have all the checks and balances. whenever one party controls all the branches of government, it is too easy to pass a law. you need to split up the government for the checks and balances. i think it is working exactly the way it should be working. host: when it comes to the senate, bob menendez winning reelection. what did you think? caller: i voted against him but he was elected. i will have to accept that. host: why did you vote against
8:21 am
him? caller: i think he is crooked. host: that is nikki in new jersey -- mickey in new jersey. inwill hear next from gail pennsylvania, republican line. caller: good morning. yesterday when i voted i was the first person to vote in my district and i was chatting with people in line, they were talking about politics and i said -- i have the right to vote and i will cast my ballot today. tonight, matter if i like them or not, someone will be elected. tomorrow morning, today, when i wake up, i am still a christian, american, united states marine no matter what. god bless america. host: what district he you live in? caller: 109th district in central pennsylvania.
8:22 am
host: tell us about the races you were voting in. -- did you live in? caller: governor, senator, straight republican. we had redistricting in pennsylvania. we had to revote. host: do you always vote straight republican? caller: i never did before but this year i am set up with this money coming from holly of -- i am fed up with this money coming from hollywood and george soros. i have had enough. jason on facebook says it will neede is, to go through the senate where the republicans have a final say." towardr saying "one step restoring normalcy." california next, dave in arcata. caller: arcata, california i the
8:23 am
oregon border -- by the oregon border. i am a suspicious human being when it comes to elections. electronically, we have fallen into the hands of special interests. they can flip as many votes as they need to. [indiscernible] one person sitting at a laptop conflicts hundreds -- can flip hundreds of thousands of votes. we get people who are not really there to represent us, the struggling people. us, hard think, 98% of times paying mortgages, insurance, health care, and a fraction of 1% has everything and they control the corporate elections. that is what we are up against
8:24 am
now. another, we the people had to what is happening to us. independent line, sandra. caller: hi. good morning. host: hi. caller: i am a conservative from arizona. to theck of listening fake issues, i was listening to that democrat talking about minimum wage issues. does she realize that when she hiked the rates for flipping a hamburger to $15 per hour, those people do not get 40 hours? they are still on welfare. do people not understand those are lies? we have never been more united. go to a church. it does not matter if you are black, white, hispanic. it doesn't matter. voter rights? what issues do we have with voter rights?
8:25 am
you are supposed to show id, be american to vote. these are such fake issues. how ignorantrstand people can be to vote for those kind of representatives. i get so irritated. host: tell us about the arizona senate race and how you looked at that and who you supported. caller: all republican. i vote the bible. i am not republican, democrat. i vote for what i believe. i am totally against abortion and i am sick and tired of the babies being murdered in this country. the gay issues. i do not care if you are gay. that is fine. do not push your ideas on me. do not make me go to the bathroom with a man. i have strict release and i am super conservative.
8:26 am
i'm sick of people pushing their ideas -- whoever voted democrat, i am shocked. you think makes martha mcsally falls in line with what you believe? caller: she is pro-life. she is pro-guns. she represents what i believe in. anyone that wants to add more laws to the books regarding guns and issues, so fake. we have enough gun laws on the books. they are not enforcing them. host: frank is next in virginia, republican line. hello. caller: hi. thinking, thinking you ays telling me, it would be few weeks before nancy pelosi gets the speaker of the house thing. it will be interesting to hear how many democrats that ran for election, not voting for her but how many will be liars in the
8:27 am
end. i would like to see you do a print out of the people who said they were not going to vote for her but they will. so we will know that they are professional liars. host: in the senate race, did you support corey stewart? caller: yes. host: why. > -- why? caller: i do not like the fellow that ran with hillary clinton. i thought he was the dumbest man in the world to sign up with her. virginia, is frank in thoughts from yesterday. with more from yesterday, john. host 2: i want to focus on the race in mississippi for senate. runoff.i want a to explain why . cindy hyde-smith, appointed to the seat, running against mike
8:28 am
vote they are the top getters. the runoff will take place on november 27. under state roles, the candidates advance to the runoff. the mississippi race was expected to be kicked to runoff after a poll released last month found none of the candidates had a majority of the vote. senator highsmith was competing for the republican vote -- senator cindy hyde-smith was competing for the republican vote, a recent poll had her at 38%. 12% short of the majority needed to win the seat. speaking of the senate, tweets from other members who ran yesterday including senator claire mccaskill in missouri, who lost her seat. "thank you to so many who worked
8:29 am
so hard and i am grateful for missouri for giving me the opportunity to serve so many years. i am taking a few days off. i am looking forward to what is around the corner. corner." the we will keep you updated on other races yet to be called. boyle, democrat from pennsylvania, thanking the president for his gracious message earlier. saying "we could not have won this without you. , compared to the special elections, it looks like those were predictive. democrats, outperformed by eight points in the special elections.
8:30 am
last night they won the house boat by nine points." e by nineuse vot points." choosehe democrats could legislation to help move america forward. "if there is good reason to impeach trump, he should be impeached. if there are no good reasons, he should not be impeached." we will hear from peter, democrat line. caller: how are you today? host: fine, thank you very you are on. -- thank you very much. you are on. caller: i would like to call for the resignation of the dnc chairman for his failure to unite the democrats for a more decisive victory against the republicans. i would like to see the entire
8:31 am
chain of command in the dnc removed. i would like to see the chairman, the representative, and theirchairman, failure to put together a comprehensive message. i feel like it is time the democrat party completely reinvents itself. i consider this midterm election pretty much a lackluster failure. host: let me ask you a question. you were saying, that should have been more decisive. what were you looking for? caller: quickly, you have other people. number one. it would have been a psychological victory for us to take texas and dispose of ted cruz.
8:32 am
it would have been decisive, if we got hold of florida, which is a key state if you want to win the presidency. we also lost a chance to strike byk at trump's policies getting in there beto along with the lady who was fighting tooth and nail with brian lamb in georgia, stacy adams. it is unbelievable that they are winning tactically but not strategically. host: you mentioned the leadership. what are your thoughts about nancy pelosi becoming the house speaker again? caller: i consider it toxic. they have spent so much time demonizing her, they should go ahead and cut ties with her along with hillary clinton and
8:33 am
obama and create a fresh bench. the three individuals i just named are toxic in nature and they essentially, they galvanize the opposition. they're coming to take your guns, they will take your health care, they will open up the borders, etc. host: is there a standup person and the democratic party who should be speaker -- in the democratic party? caller: i would like to see that lady from california, i apologize for not remembering her name. sorry, itit is, i am senateuh, she is on the judiciary committee. host: kamala harris? caller: i apologize for not remembering. i would like to see her as speaker. host: on the house side who would you like to be speaker?
8:34 am
in the case of the think, theynk, i should go through the ranks and find the most outspoken individual who is willing to stand up and fight for democratic principles, democratic compliments, democratic values and vision and a vision for the future. that is what we need, sir. we need leadership. we don't need to work with these people anymore. they have already proven the opposition they are against immigration, the tenets of democracy. host: that is peter in kentucky calling on the democrat line, talking about democratic leadership and the results of last night. he mentioned, in texas, the senate race with ted cruz, winning another term to the senate.
8:35 am
he spoke about that when he made comments last night. >> i want to thank, to take a moment, to congratulate beto o'rourke. he poured his heart into this campaign. he worked tirelessly, listen, listen, it is important. he worked tirelessly. he is a dad. he took time away from his kids. i want to also say, millions across the state were inspired by his campaign. they didn't prevail. i am grateful to the people of texas, that they chose a different path. [applause] but let me say to all of those who worked on his campaign, all of those who were inspired -- that i am your senator as well. my responsibility is to represent every texan. [applause] i give you my word, i will always fight for your jobs, your
8:36 am
freedom, your security. i will always fight to defend your constitutional rights, that applies to everyone in the great state of texas. [applause] we saw an assault unprecedented, race, with million hollywood coming in against the state, with the national media coming in against the state. [booing] but all the money in the world was no match for the good people of texas, the hard-working men and women across our state. [applause] host: let's hear from tim in annapolis, maryland, republican line. caller: good morning. my comment or take away is that there was no blue wave. won want the house, they the house. the margins were so little.
8:37 am
if you look at governor hogan, n,d in west virginia, manchi these guys were moderates. it is frustrating to the average voter. i hope in the upcoming elections, we see moderates coming to the table, for the future, where we can better unite as a country instead of having this divisive political campaigning we are having and that once elected in office, they can come and meet and find common ground and work and become more productive. host: give us an example. you mentioned governor hogan won reelection last night against ben jealous. why do you think he works as a moderate in maryland? caller: he is not a hardliner. he is fiscal conservative, i appreciate, he is also willing to work with the opposition party to find common ground and
8:38 am
to work together. i think marylanders as a whole, the gubernatorial race, showed that the extremist positions do not work. if you work and find common ground, you can get things done and get things accomplished, that benefits the state and the constituency. with joe manchin in west virginia, although he is democrat, i respect the man because he is willing to work with both sides and reach across and find common ground. host: tim is joining us from maryland on the republican line. if you go to the washington examiner this morning, one of their colonists writes -- "consider ofghts the three competitive races, the president reemerged from qualified private life.
8:39 am
stacey abrams was supposed to be a tight race. they finished behind republican opponents." "despite obama taking time to qualify as obama being obama in the era of trump. obama still suffers from fatal hubris. vintage obama." if you want to read more, on the washington examiner website. david is next in pennsylvania. democrats line. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i wanted to say, i had the
8:40 am
opportunity to get conor lamb in the special election and we had the change in the district. i wanted to say a couple things. i am independent that leans democrat. suburbs, as you may already leanedeople have democrat this time. that shows how the suburbs are slowly moving to the democrat side. the main issue was health care. trump dave basically -- trump gave basically 14% tax cuts to the wealthy. now he is looking to take care of that deficit by cutting social security and health care. that will be a big problem. a lot of people should start looking into that more. one last thing, i wanted to mention is, a lot of people have
8:41 am
been calling about their christian faith, they have been mentioning that a lot. i want to direct them toward proverbs 15:1. "the soft answer turns away wrath. the harsh word turns up anger." what god is saying there is to lead by kindness and understanding. do not lead by fear and hatred. trump has been leading by fear and hatred. that stirs up anger. host: david in pennsylvania talking about the result of last night. you can continue on and do the same. you can talk about specific people you may be interested in voting for, the issues you are concerned about. many across the united states voting on ballot initiatives as well yesterday. host 2: ballot initiatives is something we track through the electoral. voting rights for
8:42 am
felons in florida on the ballot. here's the story from usa today. one of the biggest democratic victories of the 2008 election, florida voted overwhelmingly to restore voting rights to 1.5 million former felons, including over 100,000 african-americans. the story noting that amendment 4 applies to felons who have served their sentences including parole and probation, and will not apply to those convicted of murder or sex offenses. ,t will influence future races the state is often seen as a swing state. another issue we are tracking, the issue of marijuana legalization, recreational and medical. here is an update tracking those results. michigan voted to legalize
8:43 am
recreational use of cannabis. utah and missouri legalize for medical use. the recreational measure in north dakota, also high profile yesterday, failed. medical cannabis remains legal in that state. who join 31 other states have gone the medical route and nine states that have gone fully recreational. the president is expected to speak at 11:30 a.m. he is giving us a good preview of what he will likely be talking about. president, the continues to use nancy pelosi as a foil. "she deserves to be chosen speaker of the house. if they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some republican votes." the washington post saying this should be easy for the gop.
8:44 am
"republicans should have had an easier night. the economy is booming. the negative consequences of the republicans tax cuts and the trade war has not hit. during the most recent election, 2010, the economy was struggling to emerge from the worst downturn since the great depression. with a different president and a different campaign, there may have been little suspense about the outcomes. instead the one trick show, divide, divide divide, the democrats have more openings than they would have had otherwise." that is the editorial section of the washington post this morning. robert in rhode island. caller: good morning, thank you for c-span. i would like for every republican to hear this. write to your congressman. the loss of the house you can put at the feet of paul ryan.
8:45 am
he never backed the president. he is not for the people, the republican party. what they have got to do to me the republican party, they cannot use, what is his name? the guy that is running? i am sorry it is at the tip of my time. host: kevin mccarthy? caller: yes. he was the underling for paul ryan. he is part of the swamp. nominate jim jordan and mark meadows. get the freedom caucus in. every republican should call their congressman to vote for jim jordan and mark meadows. paul ryan was a disaster for the republican house. he was never with the president. he was part of the swamp. that is the role he played. host: give me a specific on how he could have worked with the president? everything the
8:46 am
president -- listen. you can see when he was running with mitt romney. after he was in the house,'s arrogance to the president was terrible. he has been there too long. he was like a prior, not the prior speaker, the guy that -- the uh, they lose contact of the people. in other words, they lose contact with the voters, and all they dwell on his the people who support them, who put all the money up, the friends who try to help them. told thedent trump republican party, he wanted a tax cut for the middle class. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, no, no, no, he wanted to increase taxes on the wealthier people. they said no, no you cannot do that.
8:47 am
these people have lost touch of the american people. that is why you cannot have kevin mccarthy or paul ryan. supportedou know, president trump, jim jordan, mark meadows and the freedom caucus. host: that is robert giving his thoughts. house leadership elections on the republican side, expected to take place next week. kevin mccarthy up for consideration as house minority leader, amongst others. stay close to c-span to watch how that plays out. bangor, maine, democrat line. caller: thank you for taking my call. great to hear that florida voters rights are going to be restored for convicted felons. that is a huge reason why the republicans were able to win both the rick scott senate election and the gubernatorial
8:48 am
win. host: ok. facebook, "this will be a good thing. one political group should not be able to control everything." i am sorry, it is not working but i will get the comments on the facebook page. twitter, caller: i voted straight republican ticket. sick ofeing, i was so all the negative rhetoric that came out from the democratic party. the chump elections all the way through the -- the donald trump
8:49 am
elections all the way through the brett kavanaugh hearings. that was the most disgusting thing i have ever watched in my life. i would hope that both the house and senate will work together for a change, which would really be shocking, and we would get stuff done. i am tired of hearing about the president breaking the law because he has not turned in his tax returns so everyone can see it, when the law specifically states he does not have to show it. i am sick of people trying to change our laws for their own agenda. host: crystal on facebook saying "here is to at least two years of getting nothing done because all either side does at this point is uphold the party line. they have forgotten how to work across the aisle." in ohio, republican line.
8:50 am
caller: good morning. host: morning. caller: how are you? host: fine, how are you? caller: great. i love c-span. host: go ahead. caller: i have a concern for our nation. i am willing to accept any election, even when trump won and everyone was upset, we know how heavily the nation was divided. it is worrisome. people should accept elections. the thing i'm not willing to accept is -- a lot of information has come through voting,ca recipients they are not citizens. we have proof, the media is heavily dividing the people. i appreciate c-span, to be honest with you, i am not biased, i am for the law, the constitution and unwilling to step up for the constitution. trump is being treated poorly.
8:51 am
no one is being honest in the media and that is what is dividing our country. it is so crucial they report on true journalism, truth. if we are not careful, i am afraid of civil war, for our children for the future. if the media was to deliver honest news, this is not coming from rhetoric from trump. this is stuff i'm witnessing in my home. this is stuff i am hoping my children study for school. -- helping my children study for school. it is not trump's fault. he is speaking on truth. these investigations, these house representatives are going to come up with, i am scared. i am concerned for our country if we do not get our stuff together. we need to call the media out. host: apologies, thank you for calling. she was calling from ohio. as the result of elections across the united states, there
8:52 am
is bound to be some surprises. here is an update on one of them. host 2: i want to focus on the state of oklahoma, the fifth district, in what became the surprise of the night. the democrat in the race knocking off the republican commerce and. democrats, nearly 118,000 for republicans. this was the likely republican category in the race rating that came out before the election. -- russell was elected in 2014, was expected to have an easy win. this is the first time a democrat has held the seat in the fifth, and the first time a congressional seat in oklahoma the secondue since district from 2005 to 2013. . horn is one of 30
8:53 am
democrats who have flipped republican seats. host: from auburn, new york, jeffrey, democrat line. caller: good morning, pedro. it has been over a month. anyhow. the ladyike to rebut from arizona who basically uh, the bible and guns and such for her weird and support. to point to the 10 commandments, these born-again evangelists and catholics that want the 10 commandments in the public square -- how about putting them in the white house? thou shalt not commit. is. -- commit false witness.
8:54 am
you shall not covet thy neighbor's goods. if you apply four out of the 10 commandments to trump, he falls short. the second point i would like to make is the state of debate in since, probably since the tea party, but also the freedom caucus and trump himself, the state of debate is abhorrent. it is full of ad hoc, ad generalizations and true distortions of the truth, in fact. host: jeffrey in new york. mark on twitter saying "blue wave. republicans, by the time the count is complete." "calling for unity. democrats won on promises to
8:55 am
protect health care." massachusetts, marvin from brockton. hello. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. glad, thesay, i am way the house, how nancy took the house again. i am a big fan of nancy pelosi. lean towardd -- i the democrats. back in the day, democrats and republicans got along good together in the early on days. now they are at war between democrat and republican. i am scared of the republicans because trump is not fit to be president. i think there is something wrong with him. other than that, the republicans just on know-how to do their jobs. -- just don't know how to do
8:56 am
their jobs. host: do you think nancy pelosi should become speaker of the house? caller: yes, because she has everything in her willpower to do it and she worked her way to the top. you should all always vote. if you do not vote, you lose your chance of you want to win. host: paul is next, from texas. democrat line. caller: i am from outline, texas. -- alpine, texas. the 23rd congressional district is considered one of the most swing districts, because they , nbc had heard, then woke up this morning, they were 102,000 a piece. it was a small percentage point
8:57 am
separating them. the twod question is, senate elections in arizona and --tana, neither one gets 50% will it still have to be a runoff? i will take my answer of air. host: before you leave, according to the texas tribune, a story posted at 7:00 this morning, i do not know if it has updated, the headline suggesting that race, is still too close to call. yes,r: that is what, because that is what i was reading, because it was like 49% reporting. precincts as you know, pedro, they consider the texas 23rd, the
8:58 am
most swing district in the country. host: were you supporting gina ortiz? caller: yes i am. i was out putting out posters. was --rough people off arew people off was there time zones in far west texas, the mountain time zones and closer to san antonio is the central time zone. host: what is it about gina ortiz that you support most? sheer: that she is open, and willesh new ideas, has not done anything to spark
8:59 am
my interest. support trump on the like ginah, i felt ortiz put forth a valiant effort. host: this is john downstairs. host 2: the caller was asking about texas 23rd district. the latest numbers from that. congressman will hurd barely ahead. 49.1%. we aretiz, the democrat, now waiting to see what happens with provisionals. at this point it is too close to call. normally, we, would end the show. today, an extended show
9:00 am
and we will have press conferences along the way. the president is expected to press conference at 10:30 a.m.. senator we will keep going as far as we are doing when it comes to taking your calls and tweets about the elections yesterday. you can let us know what you think about the results of the democrats taking the house on one side. the senate holding on with the republican side. you can make those comments in one of many ways on her phone lines. for's (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independence. our facebook page is on now to give us the latest on some of these races that are still in flux and other information, here's john. >> still 412 races called so far
9:01 am
in the house out of 435. democrats so far have flipped 28 republican house seats. republicans have flipped to democratic seats, that's a net of 26 for democrats. all we needed was 23 to retake the house. democrats will control the house. now it's just a matter of how large that margin is. of those 23 remaining races, democrats remain ahead in eight states that are currently held by republicans. republicans are ahead in one seat currently held by democrats. democrats could push those gains upwards of 33 seats. we will continue to watch those races. republicans of course will retain control of the senate. this four races and republicans were able to take a seat of claire mccaskill. heidi heitkamp in north dakota,
9:02 am
democrats taking republican seats in nevada. the races yet to be called, montana. senator jon tester looking to hold on to his seat and behind, matt roosevelt. votesican, 202,000, 793 from at present there. -- 202,793 votes. senator bill nelson prime to hold onto his seat, over 8 million votes cast there is a little over 30,000 votes separate the two. governor rick scott at 50.2% with 100% reporting in that race. to arizona, the senate race. members running against each other currently, republican martha micheli ahead in that race -- rep. mcsally:. we will let you know when calls come in and keep you updated throughout the morning. host: in ohio, cindy.
9:03 am
high. doing?high, how are you host: fine, thank you. and i: my husband recently moved to ohio but i think the reason that we vote is because the democrats are saying of, we want to take your guns and they are not for the border. my thoughts on this is, say all the people that are due have guns, the good people protecting their house and their property and their families, you really think if we turn our guns overcome of the other bad people that are killing people out there and everything is just going to say here's my gun? i'm turning it in willingly. host: what did you think about the results of yesterday? caller: i'm happy that the republicans retained control of the senate. i wish we could have kept the house, but hopefully they can
9:04 am
work together. i don't see the democrats doing that because they hate trump so much but hopefully we can come up with a solution that everybody can work together. host: what do you think about that -- what that means for the rest of his term in office? caller: i think that trump has done a marvelous job and i think that's one reason why we kept the republicans -- republicans cap control of the senate. i really do. i think the american people recognize that. democrat hast one apologized to brett kavanaugh. host: but do you think that the results of yesterday are going to affect the rest of the term? i hope that trump gets reelected by a landslide. i know that we will be voting for him. i think that he's done very well for himself. host: kyl from a buffalo, new york. independent. caller: good morning.
9:05 am
, it was in our area shocking because mcmurray ran as a democrat but based on my following him for the last three or four or five months, he's more of an independent, middle. actually, i hate to say more of a republican. i don't think he could get on the ticket, so he ran as a democrat which i don't like when people do that. but collins, it was a little disappointed because you know, they stripped him of his committee. as a senator d.c. but doesn't really have any power or control to help us in upstate new york. some of the callers talk about the media, both sides do it. they did it to obama when he was president, fox news, cnn is doing it to president trump.
9:06 am
know, people talk about pelosi. we just need fresh blood in there because the problem is going to continue. old sides don't like the history. certain politicians have been in office for a while. who is you have somebody reasonable, they are just not going to go for them because they are party affiliated. host:host: since you said4 that, andrew cuomo getting his third term in office, did you support him? caller: i'm not a fan, but the other guy who was running, i watched the debates. it sucks because that's all i have to vote for. i didn't want to, i had to cast himllot, so i had to go for which we had, again, a better republican candidate out there. but it's tough because, you know, democratic but upstate new
9:07 am
york is primarily republican and most of the vote counts toward downstate, or at least governor elections. know, i don't think anything is going to get done because the house is now democrat and the senate's republican. it's going to be the same thing what they do to obama. host: that's kyle in new york. this is deadly in flint, michigan. democrat lie. -- this isthat he debbie. caller: i agree that nancy pelosi should be speaker. she has done a prodigious job with a great fundraiser and she keeps her caucus together which the republicans can't say. i've got to thank all the constituents that did not take back all these little posters like pete sessions, scott taylor.
9:08 am
i've got a whole list of the near. thank you, thank you, thank you for not subjecting us to these idiots. but i don't understand. there are four of them that they sent back. collins,nter, chris marsha blackburn. why would they send these clut z back to be representatives? i'd be embarrassed if i lived in those places. you can see what michigan did. michigan flipped almost all the way democratic. that's because nobody up there understands how trump ever took michigan. i'm impressed that you are in michigan but you just rattled off a list of candidates on either side in states not your own. caller: so much of what happens on the national level impacts our lives and i don't think the young people understand that until you get old. debbiehat's
9:09 am
giving her take on yesterday. some of those highlighted in the paper this morning since the -- this is the orlando sentinel. this is ron desantis race for governor, planning triumph. scott claims victory, that's a rick scott. kansas city star, highlights that josh howley the claire mccaskill. wins that u.s. senate seat. if you go to the charleston mail, it will mention winning reelection. several questions about his support for brett kavanaugh can play as this race was progressing. he won reelection. talk about that victory last night. say that i never expected this race to be the national race it turned out to be. to comeexpected trump to the state as much as he did,
9:10 am
sending vice president pence, sending his family time after time after time. and you stood tall. what you said -- [applause] >> what west virginia said aloud and clear tonight, mr. president, we want our senator, not your senator. [applause] >> i can't tell you how proud i am. i just can't tell you how proud. to stand this tall as west virginians. i make my commitment to each and everyone of you. me and thoseported who might have a voted for someone else, i take my out serious. when i raise my hand and i swear
9:11 am
to god before the constitution, that's for everybody. that is for everybody and we've got to stop this absolute toxic rhetoric going on in this country. [applause] >> we have got to stop the toxic rhetoric. he got to bring people together. mr. president, i want you to be president of the united states, not the divided. talking about the story in the washington post this morning, taking a look at the 2020 campaign of the president's strategy especially after yesterday. "the president is preparing to portray tuesday's result in the best possible light. focusing on keeping control of the senate, possibly on gubernatorial races that remain to close to call. how he wouldo says battle nancy pelosi who is on track to be out democrats in the victory tuesday after losing the majority.
9:12 am
his advisers have grown worried that he's not prepared for the onslaught. he's taken some pleasure in saying he will have a foil. the story wraps up by saying in some ways, the 2020 operation is more organized than other parties -- other parts of his white house. also, justin clark, the head of the office of public liaison expected to transition to the campaign in coming months area meanwhile, the campaign and affiliate committees have reached over 106 million. and massive summit at an earlier time that his predecessors at this point, in the presidency. michael is next from philadelphia, pennsylvania. calling on the line for republican. good morning. caller: good morning, picture taking my call. assure the to republicans, do not worry about the house democrats taking over. the only reason they won the election is because all the good republicans are retiring.
9:13 am
if the republicans didn't retire, we would have taken the house easily. a false sense of security for the democrats. they will be done in two years. they sure taking my call and don't worry about anything, republicans. host: so you are saying that no changes needed, even amongst the party of elf or the president as he finishes his term? caller: if it weren't for the president we probably would have lost the senate. he's the greatest president to ever hold the office. everything he does is good for america. all the democrats want to do is help the illegal aliens. they don't care about their citizens. are you kidding me? host: independent line in california. calling us from california. go ahead. caller: i'm an independent watching this race and laughing because a lot of us call
9:14 am
ourselves christians and a lot of us say that we love our country. and here we have military that are not taken care of properly. trump said that he would, but he hasn't. we have people saying you know, we will take the senate again, or we will take the house again or whatever. i say to myself, when are we going to become one? this country is going to hell. and china will take over us. host: you think that becoming one works on both sides and that both sides have a role to play? caller: i am so tired of this because i'm a republican, i have to vote this way. because i'm a democrat, i have to vote this way. what about the truth? i'm saying this to my christian brothers and sisters. i don't care what color you are. you need to be fighting for the truth. because that is what this country was supposed to be built
9:15 am
on. i don't know what's going on with this country, but if it doesn't stop, we are going to be out and somebody else is going to be in. host: when you say it should be about funding for the truth, how does that play out, who did you vote for? i voted for democrats. i normally vote for republican. i voted for trump because i thought trump was going to be a fresh breath of air. to me, it makes our country look like we are just going down, down, down. it doesn't make no difference how much money we make. we are going to have quality of life. the quality of life year is going down. if people don't see that, i don't understand. i don't know why people don't talk the truth. host: from california, giving her thoughts on the selection.
9:16 am
not only with the modifies across the united states paying attention, but also people in international waters. here's an update. >> the cbc with a round up of some of the international reactions. here is starting first in russia, the kremlin said on wednesday that it has no prospects for an improvement in relationships during rush and the united date. we can say with a large a lot of confidence that of course, no great prospects for normalizing russian-american relations can be seen on the horizon according to a spokesperson for the kremlin. that spokesperson saying it up to vladimir putin and trump to continue their dialogue. of course, the leaders are going to be meeting next week in paris and have a longer meeting at the g20 summit in argentina at the end of the month. out of israel, here's a statement from like a worn, israel's that a cabinet minister. former ambassador to washington. moreg the results made it
9:17 am
likely that trump would turn to international diplomacy to reach a deal with the israeli-palestinian conflict. telling the associated press there's no issues which would have a greater or corporation on the right, but in the center and parts of the west than resolving the israeli-palestinian issue. one more from that story, german foreign affairs minister calls for greater cooperation among european countries. hoping democrats would have a greater influence with the result of their control of the american house of representatives. we must find the answer to the motto america first on the side of the atlantic and to me and to us, it is clear that the response can only be europe united. that some of the latest reaction from around the world. i do want to keep you updated on some of the latest results that we are still tracking. we told you about the house races just a bit ago. i want to take you through some of the governors races starting
9:18 am
in alaska this morning. the democrat former senator from alaska looking to become ,overnor, trailing quite a bit 223,000 votes. ,lso, the connecticut race democrats hoping to hold onto that speech. to bob stefannts askey -- off s -- bob stefan owski. stacey abrams has not conceded that race. republican, 48.6% to . speaking of stacey abrams, here's a bit of what she said to her supporters last night as those results were coming in. >> in georgia, civil rights have always been an act of will and a battle for our soul. [applause] >> and because we have been
9:19 am
fighting this fight since our beginning, we have learned a fundamental truth. democracy only works when we work for it. when we fight for it. when we demanded. and apparently today, when we stand in line for hours, that's when democracy works. you votenight to tell for me to be counted. there are voices waiting to be her. across our state, folks are opening up the dreams of voters and absentee ballots and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach. it until all seize voices are heard. and i promise you tonight, we are going to make sure that every vote is counted. [applause] >> every single vote. every vote is getting counted. this: in will tell you
9:20 am
a civilized nation, the machinery of democracy should work for everyone, everywhere. not just in certain places and not just on a certain day. host: primarily, we will be hearing from you during the course of our time together. during the course of the morning, there are several press conference is scheduled. mitch mcconnell expected to speak at around 10:30 this morning. trump to speak around 11:30. we will take you to those offense as they go on. you can continue to call or tweet us. "some say it's amazing that republicans are calling for unity, doesn't that sound better than calling for resistance. it would serve the american people better. he says i bet there are folks talking about the victory yesterday. you can make thoughts on our twitter feed, our facebook page, or the phone lines. russell is in texas, line for democrats. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: i'm fine, go ahead.
9:21 am
caller: now that the election is is robert mueller's report going to come out shortly, or is it going to come out with the republicans in the senate? are they going to listen to what he has to say or begin a civil war? host: what leads you to that conclusion? caller: in listening to the other republicans calling in and thinking that trump is the greatest thing that ever walked on the earth besides jesus, they seem to think that any attempt to remove them what cause violence and i don't understand that. host: that's russell in texas. next up is kim in minnesota, republican. caller: can you name it? hi, good. i'm going to keep it simple.
9:22 am
i know our nation is divided. i'm not republican or democrat. i vote what is in my heart. i don't want babies aborted. i think marriage is between a man and a woman. i don't think i came from an ape. i can use my toilet without someone coming in. i think it's all screwed up and i think we are in a spiritual warfare. yeah. host: anthony is next from tennessee. this next election coming up is going to be more important. my grandchildren were over here having independence. because trump is definitely just who wasover everybody prejudiced in the 60's.
9:23 am
is theything about it all have their college graduates, and they all voted against trump. and i think that in this next if everybody remembers all the processing from all the groups, people in high school that are going to be 18, and all the younger generations -- i've got a granddaughter. voted for all the democrats. -- they justse don't want a liar running the country. one said it -- i'm going to be a great-grandfather, the one who is pregnant says she said not to be a bully, not to lie, not to cheat or not to steal.
9:24 am
and now we've got a president who does all of the above. naive, thesee so people calling in are the ones he's going to hurt the most. i've done well in my life. from megan.hear florida on largo, our line for democrats. good morning. caller: i was an organizer in honest, prettybe devastated with the results. elated that one point 5 million people might have a chance to go out that we are going to be on an uphill battle from nelson losing senate. i will say that in florida, where we had our campaign,
9:25 am
usually pinellas county goes for whoever wins the state, so that was really surprising. but we see that 69% of white men in florida voted for governor desantis. be an uphill battle, i think, in our state. i don't think that we are a red state. i think a lot of of people might say that after today, but i think that we are in a whole new world where we consider amendment four. there's a fight ahead and we've mobilized on the ground and i can't tell you how much i have cried, but i'm really thankful for the work that was being done. we saw his store turnout in florida. host: what it comes to andrew gillum, why did you support him? caller: i supported andrew gillum because he was the most -- i think, if anything, he was hurt by not going further left.
9:26 am
him winning the primary and him winning every single -- the top largest counties, the top seven, i think that shows that. i think he could have done more stuff for medicare for all. a lot of people were disappointed that he campaigned with hillary clinton. i think it really shows that florida is ready for somebody to counterbalance the tea party. i think the left needs to create its own coalition. it can kind of use that same populist rhetoric and organize people who have been disenfranchised. we are really proud of the work we did. host: that's megan in florida. speaking about, in part, that governors race between ron desantis and andrew gillum. we heard from ron desantis earlier. here's andrew gillum, a portion of his concession speech.
9:27 am
i'm reminded this evening that it is not about me. it's not about my wife, not kristen. it's about all of us. it's about the collective. this is about the belief that, if we all do good, we can all do good. and we can do good by doing good. and we can all get further. i still believe that to be through this evening, even in defeat. i believe that to be true. the question is, we have a choice to make tomorrow morning. and basking to wake up in sorrow and defeat? or are we going to get up and reassure ourselves of the mission at hand? are we going to fight for the things that we believe in, are we going to get up and say that we still deserve honesty at the table? look.
9:28 am
i said before that i believe that we have to have a table that is long enough, that is wide enough, that is deep enough to fit all of us. i still believe that we've got to have that table. doare just going to have to a low but more work in order to build that table. a little bit more in order to make our way to it. if there's not a chair for us, let's pull up our own folding chair. let's make sure that people know, we plan to have a seat at this thing and we will not be ignored. we will not be pushed aside. be pushed into the shadows anymore. we are here to stay. host: we are hearing from another floridian. teresa, republican line. caller: elevator, and hello world. i'm very happy today, we did sweep by with mr. scott and the santos -- and ron desantis.
9:29 am
as a republican and a conservative, i'm really pleased. gillam, he had a great personality and he worked really hard. but i don't think florida is quite ready for an extreme progressive at the helm. we have a lot of hurricanes and mr. scott has been dealing with that very well. for the has an ear president, like it or not, he's going to be in their 2-4 more years. i mean, six more years. it's good to have representative that can actually voice what we need in order. host: that's teresa in florida. you can continue calling on the phone lines, you can post on twitter and facebook. throw the morning, we have been giving you information from results last night that have been coming in. here's john. >> information as well as was going to happen in the 116th congress. some new reports on a challenge on the republican side for leadership, perhaps not
9:30 am
unexpected but one of the most well-connected capitol hill reporters with fox news saying that jim jordan has announced his bid for minority leader to challenge kevin mccarthy, republican leadership elections taking place next week , november 14. have three weeks until their leadership elections taking place november 28 and 29th. a good thing to do in the meantime is to watch what the current ranking members are saying about their priorities for next year's congress when those democratic writing members are likely to have the inside track for the chairmanship of those committees. let's go through a couple of releases from them this morning. one is of virginia, the ranking member of the education and workforce committee. he said in a statement this morning that while elections are defined by what makes us different, governing should be
9:31 am
by the aspirations we share. and affordable health care for ourselves and our families, universal values. i look forward to working with my colleagues to pursue a unifying agenda that will improve the standard of living for people from all walks of life. one more statement, just a few minutes ago. the democrat who is currently the ranking member of the science, space, and technology committee. she is saying there is much to be done and i believe that at a minimum, we need to pursue an agenda that will ensure that the united states remains a global leader in innovation that will attention that require attention to a wide a range of activities promoting underrepresented minorities and blue-collar workers and supporting a robust, federally funded enterprise area we need to address the challenge of climate change starting with technology that israel. seeking to understand what climate scientists are telling
9:32 am
us and working to understand the ways we can mitigate it. restoring the credibility of the science community would be one of her priorities as a place where "science is expected and recognized as a crucial input to good policymaking. neil threw a party and had a good time. facebook, "i'm very disappointed in my country but without the senate, democrats can do nothing." randy is in wisconsin, independent line. caller: good morning. interesting show this morning. i votedfor trump and already yesterday except for the even though scott walker is not anymore, he did a great job for the state and i hope that our new governor, if you keep the state moving forward, he's got my vote when it comes up.
9:33 am
host: do you expect them to do that? caller: i hope he does, i hope he's going to. i would love to see scott walker continue because i like what he was doing. as far as losing the house to the democrats, there's a lot of young democrats coming in. nancy pelosi has been there a lot of years. she's done a lot of good, but i think nancy pelosi has got a bit too much hate in her along with clyburn, that whole bunch. somebody is going to have to control them a little bit. we've got to have a three-part government set up of checks and balances. aftere got a good chance this next term to see how good this checks and balances work. host: brandi, why do you think scott walker did not win another term? there's so much support
9:34 am
on the democratic side in the madison and milwaukee area, there's not enough rural, i don't think. went to the him, we recall. you've got to look back and see what scott walker has done. is on a great job, he's cut taxes, he's done a lot of things for the state. evers.ony caller: i hope he keeps it up. i hope he does good. hate and person of hopefully with the democrats getting into the house of representatives, and a lot of this hate goes by. let's get together, united states. let's all get this country going and get the mainstream media back reporting the news instead of -- it's so bipartisan. maybe this country can really get going up. wisconsin,s randy in
9:35 am
he mentioned nancy pelosi who is expected to have a press conference around noon. richard in new mexico, republican line. go ahead. caller: i'm just waiting. host: richard, you are on the air. caller: high, yes. i would like to say something about democracy. ais country did not start off democracy, it started off as a republic. you know? i love trump with all my heart and i think he's doing a really good job. it's just that a lot of people out there, especially democrats, and there's a lot of republicans, don't get me wrong. but i'm going to tell you something. well with the wall because it's illegal to let anybody in this country to come by and make their way through here without going through the applications. go through those
9:36 am
applications to become an american citizen. democrats and the ones to filing his law, they should be indicted and charged with criminal charges because this country folksespecially the black that don't get a lot of honor, like the naacp, even the latinos, they don't really get a lot of honor to the union soldiers that died for them to give them their freedom to become american citizens. and they don't even remember that democracy came from the south. democrats came from the south. and they are not learning from their mistakes. host: that richard in new mexico calling on the republican line. just a reminder, if you are waiting to talk to us, turn on your television -- turn down your television, that cuts back on the feedback and lets the conversation go more smoothly.
9:37 am
let's go to minnesota. democrat line, hello. caller: i just wanted to say that the sad thing about the election is that the republicans had to resort to gerrymandering and border suppression -- voter suppression. that they did not have the courage of their convictions to win on their own. it's not a good example for the young people to hear these things on the tv. democrat and if there would have been -- if this would have been an honest election, i would not have gotten up this morning and felt a little sad by how the other party -- host: why do that directly at the feet of gerrymandering? caller: way, way back when texas started gerrymandering, i don't remember the man that was in office, but they did so much of it and the voter suppression. a votingutting of
9:38 am
booth out in the middle of kansas. i lived in kansas for a lot of years. and i am really disappointed with what happened there. and i'm disappointed with the attempt from keeping people from voting. it just means the republicans did not win honestly. they won by doing things that were unethical. and they are supposed to be the good people in this country. and what kind of example does it show for our kids that you win anyway you can? host: that's joe in minnesota. susan of facebook says "were it not for january in a -- were it not for gerrymandering, the house would still be red" adding that "the left can only win." new york state, pat is on our independent line. caller: thanks for taking my
9:39 am
call. i wanted to say something in general. for then exciting race people in this country but my people ins how do the this country maintain control of the government by participating in a vote once every four years or two years? and voting for a candidate, and not a specific policy. how do we not get involved on a daily basis. to control this government rather than just put a president there based on promises. it confuses me. does that make? we have seen ships and powers in decades and we still are wars and we have problems with medical systems. we have to get involved with government more and the system is basically a joke. it's like the roman colosseum, it's an attention getter. but it does not achieve the
9:40 am
goals and it does not give the people the control that it should have any democracy. host: it's a representational government, what would you ask for? caller: we have computers online, we have c-span that shows us being voted on. we can represent or misrepresent ourselves now in the modern technical aids. jobs were taken away by using these tools. we have to get more involved. we can't just have free reign and do it once every four years. it's not taking part in controlling what is happening. you would not do this as a contractor if he was renovating your house. you'd give the person a contract and say this is what i want done, these are the milestones i expect. if you don't get them, you are out immediately. this would deter all these that may notbbies cross the finish line.
9:41 am
that's pat in new york. the orange county register takes a look at senator dianne thestein from california opinion section says will find find serve out her full-term? this is thomas saying that there are few doubts about feinstein's effectiveness at 85, the oldest current senator. but also as a relation opponent hammered at her cautious and awaits will approach, one question loomed over her campaign: will feinstein serve out her full-term? this goes on to say the potential appointees from the governor, in saying that they might include the state treasurer and the pasadena area congressman adam schiff. but cap and elian -- but kevin .aly on -- kevin de leon
9:42 am
campaigningle around california in part because the kavanaugh hearings cap or in hearing rooms and her her top campaign aide "the thought that of retirement never crosses your mind."\ you can read more in the pages of the orange county register. from oklahoma, republican line, bob. caller: i would like to say a few things. that president trump donates his salary for the last two years to the government. so as far as i'm concerned, the election was about two things. one, it was nationalism versus globalism. it was capitalism versus socialism.
9:43 am
and if we get away from the name-calling and get down to the facts, i think we can be more united. what makes you think that the election was about positions? thatr: first, trump said he's a nationalist. someone,ad of having the u.n. or whatever do that, you know, he wants his country to come first. that is nationalism. and capitalism, he's pulling back regulations, he's lowering taxes, making the government less. governmentthe bigger has become too much of socialists out here. free school, free medical, etc.. one other thing, a point of it like to make, is why do we have a congressional black caucus? isn't that racist?
9:44 am
why not say what other thing that unites us? to me, that seems divisive. i'm not saying whether it's good or bad, i'm saying based on race in congress can't help but divide us. host: that's bob in oklahoma calling in on the results of the election. also dealing with the balance of power and with an update on that, here's john. >> i want to focus on the governor's race for a second. we mentioned that the connecticut race was still too close to call, but in that race, the republican bob steffen nowski hasbob stefa conceded that race. "an update on my campaign a few moments ago, i called to concede the race for governor and congratulate him on a hard-fought victory. i wish both ned and the state of connecticut success of the next four years. he said while this is not result we would hope for, i'm glad we were able to draw so much attention to the tax burden in
9:45 am
this state. at the beginning we were laser focused on cutting taxes while other candidates were talking about raising taxes. he said i am hopeful that by relentless refocusing on that issue, we have started a conversation on how we can start bringing the tax burden on connecticut's families down. gubernatorialatic seat in the democratic column, democrats with five games so far among all of the gubernatorial races that were of this cycle. going to the house with some news, the associated press has the current balance of power as democrats gaining 28 seats, republicans gaining two seats. a net total of 26 for democrats but an update on one of those races, that's michigan's eighth congressional district. that features republican mike bishop trying to hold onto his district. a tweet from the newspaper
9:46 am
saying "mike bishop has conceded that race" although the ap has not called yet. he will be before committee never to lose reelection and bring the total of 20 ways and means republican members in congress next year to 12. that is of course the key tax running committee in congress. naomi covering tax and financial issues at hill newspaper. host: on our facebook page, stephen writes that better than republicans controlling everything, i wish more democrats would have one especially beto o'rourke. with 100% of the vote, why hasn't the florida senate race been called? new jersey is next on our independent line. mary lou, extra calling. caller: hi, thank you for c-span. i want to make comments on two points. my totalall, disillusion with the american voter.
9:47 am
when i watch these elections go through yesterday, i was thinking of all the important ethical, moral, and legal issues we have in our country right now. have one party in favor of abortion on demand. the other one values the sanctity of life. in terms of marriage we've got one party that values the sanctity of marriage and the democrats believe in gay marriage. immigration,llegal democrats want open borders, let them come in and take what they want. what shocked me yesterday, i watched the kavanaugh hearings. four of those democrats that were on the senate judiciary committee were put back in. feinstein, white house, and mazie hirono. i look at my state with cory booker who was also on that committee, here is a man that thinks he's spartacus and he was judging judge kavanaugh and he was accused of groping somebody. then we got menendez who was put
9:48 am
in. this man was accused of pedophilia and medicare fraud. the only reason he got elected was because chuck schumer was pouring tax money into our state. we don't even have representation in new jersey. they got the republicans kept the summit to help donald trump because the country is going down and when we have a day that people who are uninformed are putting these democrats back in the house, we are in a sorry state, pedro. host: ok. that's marylou in new jersey. alabama, democrats line. caller: thank you so much, pedro and c-span. i'm a little bit -- i have so much. anyway, abortion. i am not for abortion. i was republican because of that can bebut when you against abortion as a republican, but still you hurt
9:49 am
the seniors, medicaid for the sick who already have a problem, who have cancer, for example, and they can't have medicaid, it's just bad. another thing i wanted to say, i am democrat now, i'm not really democrat or republican. i think like senator mccain says, we should have a democrat and a republican working together because it's a problem. myon't want my taxes -- taxpayers to pay for young, irresponsible young kids, young girls and young boys to get pregnant. they needed to go out like i did in my day. i knew better than to get pregnant. you know. they play these games and they get these girls pregnant, that has to stop. i don't care if you are democrat or republican. out of alabama as well
9:50 am
yesterday, the montgomery advertiser reported that when it comes to constitutional one of them included the 10 commandments display and issues regarding rights for life. arkansas, dorothy is on our independent line. caller: good morning, i'm so n.ppy that the democrats wo i'm very happy that the democrats got the house. because it's very important to have a balance and a check system. now, they can work together in a bipartisan way. if they want to be successful they can work in a bipartisan way. they are the ones that are going to cheap -- keep checks on the president. host: why do you think of the
9:51 am
democrats will work in a bipartisan way with the president? caller: i just believe that they want to advance the country. i think they want to advance the country. host: what does that mean to you? caller: that means that health care will be worked on. see that the exit polls show health care as one of the number one items that americans are talking about. to get on the pre-existing conditions. we need to settle that once and for all. there are important things to do. is next, steve is calling on our line for republicans. hello. caller: good morning. the devils advocate suggestion, but if the progressives are really as strong as everyone seems to suggest, you don't have to be a member of the house to the speaker. so perhaps they should get beto
9:52 am
o'rourke is the speaker of the house and we can see what happened then. just a suggestion. host: why give that suggestion in the first place? caller: well, there seems to be quite a number of democrats who pledged not to vote for nancy pelosi. but if the progressives are as say, let they seem to them get a progressive elected and see if those ideas really take off. host: you're calling on a republican line, why would you advocate such a thing? caller: if those aggressive ideas that they are pushing can really convince these people. missourit was steve in calling in about the results from yesterday. mentioning nancy pelosi. again, she is expected to speak around noon today, i believe. democrats and their leadership will be the question going forward and the future especially in the house.
9:53 am
years john. >> we already know from some reporting this morning that nancy pelosi is expected to launch her speaker bid sometime today. she will have three weeks to convince her caucus to a lecture as leader of the party. the newspaper with a story about some of the other leadership positions that will be up and some of the announcements. currently, planning to stay the number two spot, that would be house majority leader and in terms of the number three spot ,n the house, south carolina currently the assistant leader. he wants to retain the number three position which would make .im congressman of the mexico, the chairman of the democrats campaign arm can now make good on the case.
9:54 am
party toher the victory, he's all but certain to jump into the race with a number four assistant leader spot. congresswoman cheri bustos and david celine have already announced their bids for the position. quoted in the newspaper as saying "that's what elections are about, what comes out on top, we will all work together. spot, the caucus chairmanship, congresswoman linda sanchez and barbara lee have already from their hat into the ring to replace outgoing cartman joseph crowley in that post throughout the primary race earlier this summer. many democrats also jump into that contest. going to be playing out over the course of the next three weeks ahead of democratic leadership elections in the house. host: the editorial on the wall street journal is entitled a democratic house.
9:55 am
the editors make an argument saying unlike richard nixon or ronald reagan, front has made no effort to build a larger coalition for the minority that helps to win the presidency narrowly over hillary clinton. instead he has played consistently to his base to his already loyal. he wants to be reelected he will have to win over more suburban republicans and independents. his closing argument on integration also looks to have been a bust. stephan miller bears much of the responsibility for this misjudgment. he advised mr. trump to walk away from a potential deal trading legislator with the so-called dreamers in return for money for border security and the wall. -- trump could have improve his chances to hold the house by accepting a deal. in connecticut, democrats line. caller: good morning.
9:56 am
some of the comments are able to frightening this morning. the thing about attacking the old killing the messenger who brings bad news. you don't like the bad news, but you kill the messenger. finallyiers to trump realizing he would be an autocratic or dictated kind of vote administration -- the first one is the constitution of the united think. which is always irritating. the second one is donald j. trump, himself. i think we got two good barriers to keep from progressing with so far. the way he talks about going after the press. read the first amendment of the
9:57 am
constitution and then go to the 14th amendment which says "any individual born in the united states is automatically a citizen. with full rights and privileges. what are we talking about here? host: let's go to stephen in louisville, kentucky. caller: how are you doing today. i will tell you, i'm a bit bittersweet about this election. i did sleep a lot better knowing last night that we are going to finally be able to rein in this monstrous chief area let me just point out something. i really hope that jackie spear is considered possible house majority leader. at one of those two women would be perfect for the position. calls,ing some of these one of the things that makes me very hopeful is that we will be
9:58 am
able to protect the mueller investigation now. because i think that the truth is going to come out that trump committed treason against this country. and when it does, the republican standing with him on capitol hill, i would love to see each and every one of them defend him then. because that was going to be the true test of all of this. as far as the stuff with immigration, the forgive amendment, i'm glad somebody brought that up. i would like to pose a question. obama's -- trump's ex-wife is not a naturally citizen until 1988 me that his children by her analyst proposal that he was putting up, would not be american citizens. does this apply to them? i think that's a very valid question. as far as all his other nonsense with pro-choice or gay marriage, let me tell you something, lady from new jersey. a person can love a person. they can.
9:59 am
it's not about whether or not they are homosexual or heterosexual. love is love. their livesd have respected. they don't need permission from you or any other self-righteous person out there telling them that they can't -- what they are doing is dirty. maybe what you are doing is dirty, lady, quite frankly. host: that stephen in kentucky. end.lly our show would we continue to take your calls and get your response from yesterday's election and results . there are several ways you can do that as we continue on. we can also do other things, the president expected as well as senator mcconnell. if you want to, and give us a call, to comment on these things, here's how you can do that. for democrats.
10:00 am
(202) 748-8001 for republican. (202) 748-8002 for independents. # you want to send us a tweet c-spanwj is how you do that. you can also post on the facebook >> just a reminder of where we stand as of 10:00 eastern this morning. 412 races called so far, officially 28 democrats have flipped republican seats, that includes four in pennsylvania, three in virginia, three in new jersey and the human in oklahoma and one in republicans where have traditionally done much better than democrats. republicans flipped to seats last night -- two seats last night. rise.atic numbers will
10:01 am
they are currently ahead in eight races in republican held seats that have yet to be officially called. those numbers could go up to as much as 33 or 34. republicans will retain control of the senate. right now, they had 51 seats. -- have 51 seats. they are likely to gain as the numbers go right now. some reaction from senators about the story of the election, digging through a couple of tweets on that front -- kiersten gillibrand of new york saying the story of last night's election, women breaking barriers. the resistance is female, intersectional, and powered by our believes in one another. senator lindsey graham with a tweet this morning about the election saying it is being referred to as the kavanaugh affect, actually called
10:02 am
kavanaugh's revenge. senator jon tester trying to hold onto his seat. he's behind republican matt rosen dealt in that race. currently 48.9% for rosen dale. bill nelson trying to hold onto his seat. senator nelson down by 30,000 votes at this point, 50.2%. arizona, to congresswoman running against each other to take jeff flake's seat -- two congresswomen running against each other to take jeff flake's seat. we will keep you updated. host: as we take your calls and
10:03 am
tweets, at 10:30 this morning, senator mitch mcconnell taking questions about yesterday. we will hear from president trump himself. at noon today, we will hear from the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, talking about the future of democratic control of the house. here's what she spoke about yesterday. [video clip] aboutay is more than democrats and republicans, it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. it's about stopping the gop and has done tocconnell assault medicare and medicaid and the health care of 130 million americans living with pre-existing medical conditions. let's do more for people with pre-existing medical conditions.
10:04 am
wealthyut ending special interest free reign over washington. more than anything, it's about what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hard-working americans. [applause] pledge a congress that works for the people, lowering the costs of health care, raising workers wages, rebuilding the infrastructure of america, cleaning up corruption to make washington work for all americans. [applause] there weretake real, strong legislative action to negotiate down the price control of prescription drugs for seniors and families across america. we will deliver a
10:05 am
transformational investment in america's infrastructure to create more good paying jobs, rebuilding our roads, bridges, schools, water systems, broadband networks and beyond. we will drain the swamp of special interest money. when we do, americans have greater confidence in everything there congress works on, from health-care to taxes to clean air for our children. the people's interests will prevail, not the dark special interests. [applause] >> in stark contrast to the gop congress, the democratic congress will be led with transparency and openness. whatat the public can see is happening and how it affects them and they can weigh in with the members of congress and the president of united states. we will have accountability and we will strive for bipartisanship with fairness
10:06 am
from all sides. we have a responsibility to find common ground where we can, stand our ground where we can't, but we must try. we will have a bipartisan marketplace of ideas that make our democracy strong. we will work with solutions that bring us together because we have all had enough of division. you may hear more of that later on when the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, is expected to hold a press conference at noon today. that may go a little later depending on how long trump goes. the majority leader, mitch mcconnell, expected to speak at 10:30, 20 minutes from now. austin, texas. independent line. this is leonard. hello. caller: thank you, pedro. first time caller. who was inam vet
10:07 am
route to vietnam the same weekend martin luther king was killed. i cannot vote for donald trump because he was a draft dodger. the next thing i want to say, these people calling talking about abortion, i don't know too much in the bible about abortion, but how can you allow these children to come in from central america -- they are born, and you are worried about unborn babies? what about the born? is there a solution for the people coming in from honduras, guatemala and el salvador? of course. we should have a marshall plan. the military should go down there and help those people so they can have a country that they are not afraid to come from. we need to find a real solution. host: we are talking about the
10:08 am
results yesterday. give us your take on that, especially with the texas senate race. caller: i'm very saddened that beto didn't win. this is my first time calling. i want to just tell you that the people who are saying that they are christian, the lady from arizona and new jersey, when jimmy carter was the president, he used to go in protest at churches because they wouldn't let black people in. then, when they started letting black people in, they started focusing on different stuff. you want these babies to be born but you don't feed them. feed the babies. host: stephen alaska. democrats line -- steve in alaska. democrats line. caller: good morning. c-span and you,
10:09 am
pedro, for this program. i think the american people should be aware of trump's style here. a few of us remember senator joseph mccarthy and his craziness in the senate. his lawyer was roy cohn. guess what? 1973, hees this guy in is trump's mentor, or was. he died in 1989 or 1986. teaching was -- host: how does he relate to yesterday's events? caller: it is trump's style. he lies. he dispels fear in people. he attacks, the exploits and
10:10 am
instills fear. he attacks and counterattacks and never apologizes. him.s what cohn taught think god for the american women -- thank god for the american women who took positions in our politics. the kids out there are upset. the one gentleman was talking about his family, they are tired of lying. host: here is more on the florida senate. >> breaking news out of the florida senate race. let me take you to the race board. governor rick scott looking to knock off senator bill nelson votes.ith 4,073,835 about 34,500gin of votes separating the two.
10:11 am
now, it appears to be going to a recount. said they are planning for a recount in the florida senate race. he has enlisted the help of mark alias. we will continue to update you on that race and all the others this morning. host: we will go to north carolina. republican line. this is clarence. caller: good morning. i'm a black conservative. what disturbed me about i let the democrats to vote republican for one reason. read your bible. if you read your bible, it is impossible to keep voting for democrats. if you stand for the democrats, you are complacent and everything against god.
10:12 am
you have to answer for these things. and bothers me being a preacher. some of these people calling in and saying they are christian and black and so gung ho about the democratic party -- read your bible and see what you stand for. host: with your religious background, who did you vote for yesterday in north carolina? caller: i voted for every republican. read what thets person stands for before you vote for them. host: how does that translate into voting for republicans? they stand for things that god stands for in the bible. against abortion, against all that -- god wants to change them to be who they are. host:. california.
10:13 am
independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. parties, i the democrats need to reaffirm america is a capitalist country. a socialist country. moving in a socialist direction will not work in a capitalist country. uncontrolled capitalism, giving all the benefits to the top 1% of the population will not work. the stock market growing is not reaching the majority of the united states. in two years, things will change. both parties need to be aware of these changes. this is a mini referendum.
10:14 am
kay ine will hear from misery. democrats line. -- kay in missouri. caller: i agree with the previous caller to some extent. capitalismit is a -socialism debate this country needs to have. i have the same prescription i mentioned before. in need, iy an don't want to see that fall by the wayside. no more control of public education by the schools of education, which offers the emptiest curriculum possible. public schools are a nepotism racket. number three, we need health care.
10:15 am
we need to deal with the hundred thousand doctor shortage we are facing -- 100,000 doctor shortage we are facing. the cuban system produces hundreds of doctors and sends them all over the world. host: let me ask you about claire mccaskill's defeat last night. caller: missourians will come to regret their decision. host: why is that? read sofrom what i have far, it doesn't look like they were dealt with on thi honestlyy the winner. fact, i don'tin agree with her completely, but i do believe she would have done a better job for the missouri people. holly, whois josh
10:16 am
was victorious over claire mccaskill. here's josh holly from yesterday. [video clip] >> i had a nice call with the president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president, for your leadership. tonight, the people of missouri have delivered. [applause] of missouripeople said tonight is they want a senator who stands with the people of missouri, who represents our values and our boys and will fight for us in washington, d.c., and i will. [applause] i have to say this. as i traveled around the state, we heard a lot about how divided the country is and how divided the status. -- the state is. i don't know that's really true.
10:17 am
as we have gone from every to centralhe state missouri, we have found a people who are incredibly united in the things we hold most dear. this election has been about our way of life, the heartland way of life, the way of life that built this country, the way of life that sustains this state, a way of life built around our churches and schools. this was about defending our way of life, renewing it for a new day. tonight, the people of missouri said we believe in that way of life, it is not the past, it is the future. it represents the best of america and tonight, the people of missouri have said that our way of life and our values are about to renew this country and that is what we are about what this race is
10:18 am
about. [applause] it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. the hard work begins of going to washington and standing up for our values. i said i would fight to secure our border and i will. i have said that i will be an advocate and fight for pro-constitution, from america judges on our courts and i will -- pro-america judges on our courts and i will. i said i would like to continue to bring back jobs from overseas to give wages -- get wages growing and i will. stand i will always a i willways -- i said always stand for our farmers and businessmen and i will. he was sad toer, see claire mccaskill go.
10:19 am
christopher saying if the democrats win the house, it's a reminder that the country has limits for how far right we will go. don't overreach. california is next. robin in stockton on a republican line. -- rob in stockton on our republican line. caller: everyone calling in his calling trump and liar. -- a liar. let's get back into the middle of the investigation with peter and richard steele -- let's see if there was a conspiracy to take down the newly elected president with an our fbi.
10:20 am
let's open an investigation right now. let's open it up and let everybody see for what it really was. right now, there is not one ounce of proof that trump did anything, but there's lots of proof that these guys had an agenda to take the president down. host: mississippi next. james, independent line. go ahead. aller: i just wanted to say quick statement. i wanted to let every independent, every democrat, every republican that i love you guys. i love this country. i don't have no problem with race, color or creed. you know why? when i turned my life over to jesus christ, he didn't tell me
10:21 am
i was a republican or democrat. he told me that i was a sinner. he came in and showed me. i'm telling all these religious folks out there today, read the book of proverbs. host: your thoughts on yesterday's election? caller: what i think about it now is that the democrats and republicans need to wake up. you need to wake up and figure out why did this happen. why did it happen? host: why did what happened? caller: the democrats winning the house and republicans winning the senate. he is trying to tell people to get your house in order. host: jeff in lafayette, louisiana. democrats line. caller: good morning, pedro. thank you for c-span.
10:22 am
a couple of comments. you had anile ago, african american minister who called and who was conservative and republican and talked about how africant see american christians could vote democrat and he cited abortion and same-sex marriage. lying is also a sin. bearing false witness is also a sin. adultery is also a sin. if we are going to quote the bible, let's quote the bible. god looks at all of these things equally. i am a democrat and i'm a christian. the point about yesterday's election, i'm very proud to be a democrat.
10:23 am
as i saw theause results coming in across the country, the democratic party looks like america. i'm proud to see that we had congress.going to ,e are seeing the young lady the youngest congresswoman who is latina. we are finally sending native americans to congress to represent our government. we are finally sending record numbers -- all these people look like and feel like -- the democratic party looks like america. host: that's just in louisiana. mike in tulsa, oklahoma. republican line.
10:24 am
you are on. go ahead. caller: ok. host: ignore the television and continue with your statement. caller: i think it's kind of funny that everybody is talking about the way things happened. nothing is the way it used to be. things have changed. nobody is working with anybody anymore. democrats are the same. -- democrats aren't the same. host: stop listening to the television. caller: congress voted for a bill they never read -- things are changing. i agree. host: that is mike in oklahoma. >> we've been tracking some of the leadership elections
10:25 am
positioning that's going on ahead of the 116th congress. the republican from wyoming, announcing her bid for conference chair, the fourth highest position for republicans in the house. liz cheney, the daughter of dick cheney, who served as conference chair when he represented wyoming. the caller talking about some of the historic firsts in this congress, in this election 2018, first and foremost, it will be remembered for turnout. a historic year on that front. 114 million votes were cast in the u.s. house races compared to 83 million in 2014. number stillion below recent presidential years.
10:26 am
the republican pollster with a few tweaks last night about the turnout -- tweets last night about the turnout. historic turnouts among nonwhite voters and young voters ages 18-29. here's a few more firsts from the associated press. what is already the most diverse congress ever will become even more so after the elections. if there of native american congresswomen are headed to the a pair of native american congresswomen are headed to the house. arizona and tennessee are getting their first female senators. pioneersuesday's black like lauren underwood and j on a haze were first-time candidates. ayanna pressley were political here's a few other
10:27 am
historic firsts. the first openly gay man elected governor in colorado. the youngest woman ever elected knocking off joe crowley. the first latinas from texas in andress, run a cask of our sophia garcia -- veronica escobar and sophia garcia. host: we are just a little bit away from mitch mcconnell holding a press conference. we will take that to you live when it starts. silver spring, maryland. independent line. christina, hello. caller: good morning. i was a split ticket voter. i worked on capitol hill for many years. i thought we were a bit better than this.
10:28 am
that's why i struggled last night. i was happy for governor hogan to win. i voted for him. one of the saddest things i've seen is how much hate and sexism hasracism and bad rhetoric hit both sides. you see it across the ads. that's the most disturbing thing. i hope we start working on some level of healing, talking to each other. that's what i'm praying for. it is getting pretty nasty. fellow hill staffers that are still there are struggling to talk to each other. host: what do you think about this transition of power in the house? caller: actually, i think it is
10:29 am
a good thing. a lot of people watch tv and think people don't talk. when the lights go down and people turn off their phones for just a minute, there's a lot more collegiality than people realize, particularly with the staff. i was still there in 2016. i feel positive about this, particularly in the house. host: that is christina in maryland. >> one update. bill nelson is pursuing a recount in that razor thin race with over 8 million voters having voted in florida, about a 23,000 -- a 33,000 margin in that race. the response from rick scott's camp saying "this race is over. it is a sad way for bill nelson to end his career.
10:30 am
he is desperately trying to hold onto something that no longer exists." go ahead. caller: it is pam but that is not important. i am nervous so i hope i get this out. i voted democrat, across the board. i would like to register as independent but you cannot do that in arizona. the reason i voted that way is because donald trump is a hater, racist, liar, and he needs to go. , that he haseve committed treason and he has denigrated the constitution by taking aim at reporters who work hard to do their jobs.
10:31 am
he keeps calling them fake news, fake news, they use. what is so fake about it? in thehat was your vote senate race in arizona between martha mcsally? namer: i have a special for martha mcsally and i cannot say on the phone. i voted for kyrsten sinema. i was appalled by the republican attack ads. i wish they would stop. people do not seem to vet information they hear. they believe it and they vote according to that. they did the same thing with trump. trump lied through the whole campaign. they never bothered to vet sources. they believed everything that was said about hillary clinton. she was just a terrible person. host: what was said falsely
10:32 am
about kyrsten sinema that was you saw was incorrect? caller: let me think. she had made disparaging remarks a politician in arizona. took, what they did was they took things out of as axt about her working perverts andese saying she got money, and she didn't, she didn't apologize for it until later. well every politician does that. in sun city, ann arizona, talking about that arizona senate race.
10:33 am
it has not been determined yet. what we know, in the next couple hours, we will hear from leadership throughout the course of the morning. shortly to start, is the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. he will talk about the results, what is going on in the senate, and i suspect he will address the senate races yet to be determined. at 11:30 a.m., president trump expected to speak. you have heard john talk about twitter. around noon today, the house minority leader, nancy pelosi will give comments as well. you can catch these events on c-span, stay close to right now we take you to senator mitch mcconnell, at his press conference. >> good morning everyone.


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