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tv   Campaign 2018 Sen. Jon Tester Victory Remarks  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 6:23pm-6:40pm EST

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senators? mr. schumer: i will work with anyone i can to move the country forward but we are not going to sacrifice our principles for that. thank you, everybody. that's it. >> chuck schumer is still the minority leader. smallery getting a bit footprint as a result of the 2018 election. the balance of power in the senate was still a couple of seats to be decided. the remaining races yet to be decided. let's go to mississippi first republicans.ent they will face-off in a runoff election because neither got
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over 50%. a runoff election is set for the tuesday after thanksgiving, november 27. florida, still a tight race. the governor rick scott with a nelson'sad to bill 49.8% in the battle of the two congresswoman in arizona, martha edge at we will update you as we get in more information. later on, we will show you the president's news conference and more throughout the evening. another senate race decided this tester inis jon montana. winning a very tight race.
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president trump, his son, mike toce came out to speak supporters and reporters this afternoon. let's take a look. [applause] thank you all very much. upstairs to check a few numbers and these guys are in pieces. i appreciate it very much. we did it. you that don't know and i don't think anybody knows, the ap has just called this race. as you guys just saw, i would
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not be here without my wife. kids, my brothers, my best friends from high school. [applause] and the countless volunteers. everybody in this room, literally thousands of other people have spent incredible amounts of their free time to walk around the state and talk about how important this race was. i want to thank you for that. provides data did not for these folks did not think about what we needed to do to make sure i was able to be here for a fair charm -- hurray term. --fair term. [applause] >> this was an interesting race.
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i was happy for this race to be over. the fact is, if we turn the clock back, right after i won my , this was early in 2007. a veteran, but it is important we hear from the veterans in the state. the first meeting i had a vietnam vet stand up saying you [indiscernible] andok that to heart
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years,y for the past 12 i thought of that man. we have done everything we can -- and wehave done have a lot more promises. the fight is not over yet. we have work to do and we will do it. that is what has made this country great kiss people working together. regrets, but republicans, independents, libertarians working together the same way my grandparents did when they built that red barn you see working with their neighbors to build it. the same way my parents did when they built the community hospital. that is what makes this country great.
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i would love to tell you that this country is on the cusp of coming together, but it isn't. it may be more divided than it was yesterday. i can tell you that we need to work together in this country. we need to hold people accountable for their actions and we need to make sure we move in a way that we get the strongest middle class ever. we need policies that make sense for our middle class and small businesses. that includes things like making sure that we have public land and access to them. that includes things like social security and medicare, making sure that they are there for our kids and grandkids. that includes taking care of our veterans. it includes making sure that health insurance is affordable
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and that folks with pre-existing conditions can stay on their policies. these are issues that we all need to come together on and fight for. to work to make this country a better place. i want to congratulate matt rosen dale on a hard-fought race. this was a tough race. it was a race that broke records. the number of people who voted in our great state and the amount of money that was spent. an unprecedented amount of money was spent in this race. theas a race that saw president of the united states come here for times. his son race that saw come here that many times. the vice president came here three times. him!u beat [applause] jon: my -- montanans know the
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challenges we face. montanans know what we need in is to make sure that we can compete in the 21st century. frankly, i hope the president comes back. many times. i do. not for political rallies. to see the challenges we have in our state. to take a look at that v.a. to see howissoula undersized it is. to take a look at the v.a. clinic here to see how undermanned it is. it needs more doctors and nurses. to take a look at the broadband service, not only in indian country but throughout our rural areas. it needs to be there so we can compete in the toy for century. -- 21st century. , can assure you all of this
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and everybody that is watching. we need to get some things done in washington, d.c. we need to work together. we need to put aside the political pettiness. i will tell you why. as i have trust first -- traversed this state, the people i've talked to, the biggest issue, why can't you guys work together? we can. and we will. because theen american people are demanding it. no more divisive politics. we have an opportunity over the next six years, in my case, to do some really good work. whether it's public lands or health care, veterans care or making sure that we have government accountability and reducing the amount of money that goes into these races. it's crazy.
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these are bipartisan issues. let's get it done. ultimately, i want to say this. thank each and everyone of you. you should be sleeping. [laughter] >> but you're not. i want to say thank you, god bless you. god bless america. [applause] look. i got alove to tell you full 12 hours of sleep last night but i didn't. if you have any questions, i will try to answer them. >> you talked about working together. how do you go forward and work together with the president who made its personal -- >> the ads that we put up our true ads.
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we did that by working together. setting that example. same thing with people like mike crapo. he's a good man from idaho. working with mike, you get things done. leadership isn't about being a net go. leadership is about leading. part of leading is working with people on issues of common good. , there areround democrats and republicans, we agree on a lot more than we disagree on. find the areas you agree on and work on them. this is exactly what johnny and i did. if we disagreed, we put it in the closet. at the end of the day, there was nothing in the closet. i hope we do that in washington, d.c. find other questions -- other questions?
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election think this was a referendum on donald trump? >> i'm not a political analyst. all i know is that we call these races at 11:00 in the morning. that's all i know. >> how does that strengthens senate majority affect your job? the effect oft the matter is, the people we have, i lost some good friends this cycle. you move on. i'm sure there are some good people who will be coming in. we will be able to find common ground and work with them. that's just it. go ahead. >> have you heard from matt rosen dale? jon: it'll probably happen.
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in time. yes? hope there a message you comes out of your race? not necessarily a negative one. jon: that montana is a special state. montanans are people that speak loud. i don't think they vote for political parties, they vote for people. [applause] one more. jon: one more. mentioned the senate majority and the democrats taking the house. what is your comment on that? jon: i think the people of the state of montana. i can't thank them enough. we work hard at this job. my daughter talked about that, my son talked about that. this is not a job that is a good
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one. you are not on paid vacation. you strap it on every day and put your shoulder to the wheel . if you work really hard you can get some things done. we've gotten some things done. >> thank you all. god bless. [applause] [inaudible] >> there are your final results and that montana raise. jon tester winning 49.8% of the rate -- vote. rosendale, 47.3% of the vote.
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95% of precincts reporting in montana. we will continue throughout the evening showing you the results and briefings from today. looking ahead to tomorrow on washington journal, more about and discussions throughout the day, including at the american enterprise institute. tomorrow, the smithsonian associates are hosting a panel on the elections and what they reveal about america. average tomorrow includes c-span2 and the brookings institution with their look at the factors that produce the results we are seeing today. c-span2,discussion on journalists and analysts for a breakdown of the election outcome at 12:30 eastern. on thethat live tomorrow c-span networks.
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one more governor result to tell you about this afternoon. the associated press with this tweet. mike dunlevy winning the race for governor in alaska, defeating the former senator mark begich. one that is still too close to call is georgia. the secretary of state there has declared victory, it is still very close with 100% of the precincts reporting. 50.3 of the vote to mr. kemp. 48 .7% to stacey abrams, the democratic candidate. that race still too close to call. we will bring you any updates as they become available. after the election results, the democratic governors association held a news conference on their victories and defeats here in the 2018 election. that is coming up next. >> already? good morning.


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