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tv   Campaign 2018 Conservatives Midterm Election Results  CSPAN  November 10, 2018 1:05pm-1:37pm EST

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serious this time in terms of demanding the $5 billion for his fund of all. show less text covering all those issues, scott w senior staff writer atong "the, hill." thanks for the update. good afternoon, welcome. i'm chairman of every two years i host a press conference for the press to meet important conservative...
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thank you, richard. thanks for having me here again. we've done this for several election cycles. last night the house republicans lost for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons was a failure of leadership. i'm going to talk briefly about two examples of failure of leadership. the choice not to nationalize the elections and the failure to fight the deep state. first, nancy pelosi outsmarted house republican leadership. she knew democrats would not do well if the elections were nationalize sod she advised democratic
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canadas to run what politico called hyper local campaigns on local issues. if nancy pelosi was advising candidates to run hyper local campaigns, isn't that a good sign the republicans should be running a nationalized campaign? jim jordan got it. he did his best to nationalize the election for house republicans. second, the failure to fight the deep state. rather than join president trump in working to drain the swamp, too many house republicans simply fail t.d. see the threat posed by willing agents of opposition of the opposition buried deep in the bowls of the federal bureaucracy. especially in the area of border security and immigration reform. some call this the permanent government, others call it the deep state. whatever you call it, it exists and it is actively working to undermine the president's ability to enact his agenda, the agenda that won him the presidency. this active
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opposition strikes at the core idea of our republic. it is an -- it is anti-democratic in that it refuses to acknowledge that the system of government, policies, and choices are
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supposed to be made by the winners. the words of the declaration of independence say that to secure these rights, government institute among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. that is the government is supposed to work for the governed. an it is supposed to be directed by the governed. in the way we do that work is with regular elections where we the people are given the opportunity to express our policy desires by choosing candidates. when the permanent government or the deep state says heck, i don't care what the voters want, we know better, and then works to block policy agenda the citizenry voted for, we are in trouble. it is the duty of the house of representatives to oversee the permanent government. the failure of the house g.o.p. so-called leadership to do this is intolerable. the conservative grass loots -- grassroots activists i work for wan a fighter to lead the house republicans. they want someone who know what is the deep state is up to and how to defeat their efforts to block the president's agenda. they want jim jordan to lead the house republicans. next, we are going to hear from king cuccinelli, chairman of the club for growth. i'm sorry, david mcintosh. i'm david mcintosh president of the club for growth. toicht reflect on the leches because it keys up what i think is important for next steps. our two p.a.c.'s spend nearly $30 million for candidates. we won 85% of our races. over 10 million of that was for house races. my point on the election is conservatives won last night. all of the pickups in the senate
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are conservatives and the net increase of house freedom caucus members ancon servetive fellow members was about 10%. while the republicans lost the majority. so conservatives advance. they won. even in the face of the blue wave. the establishment republican leadership in the house lost. and as president trump pointed out, the squishy members who lost their races were the ones that didn't embrace that conservative agenda. so what do we do next? first, i'm calling on the republican caucus in the house to elect new leadership, different leadership, i think jim jordan who is running for minority leader is exactly the right person to lead them back to the majority. and then lay an agenda out there that's a conservative, limited government, pro-growth agenda we want another round of tax cuts. we think that's key to
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continuing the growth in the economy. but it will take new leadership in the house to put that on the table. and that's what the club fore growth is going to turn to. we urge republicans in the house to make sure they do that. thank you. i'm going to now introduce noah wall, vice president of advocacy at freedomworks. we want to be very clear that house leadership lost this election. over the last two years, they ignored regular order in congress, passed giant spending bills, and failed to repeal obamacare. when you don't
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keep your campaign promises, you lose enthusiasm from the grass roots and when you're running a campaign without enthusiasm, it's like running with one hand tied behind your back. leadership will likely choose -- leadership positions will likely be chosen by the g.o.p. caucus next week. we want to be very clear the position of our activists is if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then a vote for kevin mccarthy for minority leader is a vote for insanity. we need new leadership, we need jim jordan to be minority leader. we need to have a breath of fresh air in how congress is run. and we need to go and retake congress in 2020 with a new leadership that will have a bold vision for the future of this country. next up we have ken cucinelli of conservative action. show less thank you for inviting me, thank freedom works for hosting us here today and all of you for coming. yesterday was an
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interesting day, it's not over electoral wise as we're watching montana where matt rosendale was up and hopefully will stay up but it is so close we don't know how it will come up. we saw an influx of conservatives in the senate and we saw in the vast numb of races in the house the primary trend was those who ran and fought for conservative principals survived -- principles survived. not every single one but the real wipeout was among the left side of the republican caucus that followed house leadership advice on not nationalizing the race. don't run on important principled proposals. part of the problem was they had not kept their promises from 2016. something that as you heard here from others, jim jordan has advocated strongly, you've all heard him
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say, we need to do what we said we would do. and the house leadership actually urged their members to run campaigns away from that theme. incredibly enough. and the results were predictable losses. that now leave us in a position where we are probably a week out from a leadership contest. and until the republicans commit to returning to core issues, you've heard others talk about senate conservative, focus on health care, the repeal of obamacare, absolutely critical. if you heard democrat pundits last night they were talking about health care being a top issue for voters that voted democrat. republicans -- and they tried to make pre-existing conditions an issue. but republicans largely took that off the table by what they had committed to do so what was left? the failure to repeal obamacare. and when they looked to house leadership, they need
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not only house leadership committed to actually pursuing what they campaign on but to holding the senate accountable to those promises as well. those promises were made by u.s. senate candidates who are now u.s. senators and it is the house that has rolled over for a
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senate that didn't want to keep those promises either. we expect to see a leader a new leader who will not only work within their caucus to rally republicans to keep their promises but then to hold the senate accountable for those very same commitments. we saw the results yesterday as we've seen in previous elections. the people who were believed, who ran on conservative principles and had a track record of believability largely survived. largely won. the house freedom fund was 11-11 in open seats. 11-11 in open seats. that is an incredible track record. on the house side. those were not the candidates the establishment wanted to see. and that is the expanding, growing caucus within the republican minority, now minority, and that is the future of the republican party. returning to the first principles reflected in conservative values and in real policy implementation like the repeal of obamacare. it's my opportunity to reintroduce richard, who hosted us all today, brought us all together he heads and runs the fedup p.a.c., aptly named and today is a good day for the fed up p.a.c. richard?
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thank you, ken. as ken referenced, others, jenny beth, president trump and the conservatives using conservative issues nationalized this election. and built a large red wall that brought a stop to the blue wave. republicans never win elections unless they're nationalized around conservative issues. tip o'neill's adage of about all politics is local only works for democrats because democrats can't run on their national issues. they can't run on larger government, higher taxes, open the borders to all illegal aliens. evidence of the governor candidates in florida and georgia running on hard left issues went down to defeat. a few months ago, the republicans were facing a blue tsunami because too many republican candidates and their consultants were running content-free campaigns. congressman kevin mccarthy advised republican candidates in this election to run on local issues. if that had been the case through the election of yesterday it would have been a complete wipeout of the republican candidates. fortunately, under president trump's leadership and the conservative, ecampaign began to be nationalized, a few months ago primarily under -- because of the kavanaugh issue, immigration, etc. voters never go to the polls to thank you. if
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you doubt that ask mr. churchill who was thrown out of office with his party weeks after he literally saved the british peoples lives. every election new york exception is about the future. president trump and the conservatives began to brand the democrats as mean-spirited an unfair in the kavanaugh hearings. they were branded as faring open borders, citizenship, voting rights, and welfare to tens of millions of illegals. they favored repeal of the trump tax cuts, raising taxes, increasing regulation on individuals an businesses, which will stop the current economic boom, throw america back into a recession or depression. they favored abolishing private health insurance and putting all americans into government-controlled and operated medicare. which will quickly lead to its bankruptcy especially rationing for seniors. they favor abolishing our second amendment rights, many democrats have become anti-god, anti-christian, many
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want to abolish our first amendment and rights of religious liberty. in a real sense, yesterday americans include manage former democrats cast a cultural vote against the far left agenda of the new democratic party. it's clore that republicans need new leadership in the house of representatives, the house was lost because of the failure of many, if not most, republican leaders. for many years republican leaders have been awol in the political wars including the cultural wars. conservatives are like the biblical jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until the generation of failed flawed leader had passed from
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the scene. conservatives won't get to the political promised land until we get new conservative leaders. now i'd like to introduce brent bosell, president and founder of for america and for identification purposes, president of media research center. thank you, richard , my fellow wandering jew. [laughter] some are spinning this as a typical offyear result for the incumbent president's party and a referendum on president trump. but i think they're wrong. these aren't typical times and i believe republicans should have kept their majority in the house. especially running against so many leftists, funded by so many radicals, clearly out
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of the mainstream. my concern has never been for the republican party. it's been for the conservative principles it champions. i'm going to be perhaps the only conservative in town who thinks this was a good thing for them and our country. the republicans have a serious messaging problem and for one simple reason. their leaders aren't committed to the party platforms. they cannot articulate it, sell it, or enact it because they don't believe it. as opposed to the president, thear scared as hell of the media that is, i believe, their single biggest problem. on the contrary, liberals communicate the democratic party platform with ease and conviction because they genuinely believe it and the press gleefully reports it. since republicans took control of the house and senate it's been cringe worthy to watch g.o.p. congressional leaders tie themselves into pretzels
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pretending to act like conservatives while refusing to engage a left-wing news media or anyone in the democratic party that's been committed to their destruction. the republican controlled congress had the power to enact every single commitment made to the american people and the leadership failed them over and over again. there's nothing here that is conservative, even moderate, in the republican party agenda. 10 years ago, this was seen, their actions, their positions on spending, on social issue, on obamacare and everything else, everything was seen 10 years ago as reflecting a liberal agenda. not moderate, not conservative, the democratic certainly have moved even further to the extreme than this. and there you have it. this is liberals against leftists and democrat against democrat light. president trump on the other hand shows clearly his intention and his message time and again to deliver campaign promises while confronting the militantly
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anti-g.o.p. press unlike any other president ever has. for his effort -- but for his efforts to rally the g.o. perform base and the message he brought last night, i believe would have been a loss of monstrous proportions for the g.o. perform. one year ago, we stood here and predicted republicans were going to lose the majority because they abandoned their conservative principles. sadly we were right. for them to regain the faith of their constituents, the g.o.p. must find new leadership with leaders that truly believe in and are willing to fight for the conservative policies they espouse. that's why conservatives everywhere are rallying behind jim jordan as new g.o.p. minority leader. conservatives believe that wiz w his leadership, the republicans will regain the fallen majority and can do it in two year -- two years. it is then they'll fight, fight seriously, for the things they say they believe. this time, it'll be promises made and plomses kept by them as well. it shouldn't have come to this last
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night. but now after an eight-year majority failure under liberal do-nothing leadership, conservatives, we believe have a clear path moving forward. i'm introducing here my son who wants to be known as my favorite son, david bozell, president of for america. thank you. don't tell my siblings that. it's a secret. there's no magical mystery here. there's no hot take to rule them all. the republicans failed to produce and provide a solution to the most domestic -- the most important domestic issue of our time. health care. and they -- the people recognized they had
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nothing to show for it. that's a product of paul ryan and kvetch mccarthy not understanding correctly the polls to their conference. as a result i think republicans shed a lot of deadweight last night some folks that, look at ways and means committee. a lot of authors of the tax bill, even that could not save them. the fact of the matter was, these guys were -- the ultimate committee, the most prestigious committee, the committee that leadership will put you on because they want to tell voters, wow, they're on ways and means. that's got to be for something. got to be an important person in town. voters don't care about any of that stuff. they want solutions. they want doers. some of the primary authors of the tax bill could be saved last night. because why? they're do nothing, go along to get along they feel ultimate go
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along to get along crowd. so voters, i mean bill nelson in reverse the same thing. been here since 1978. i was born in 1978. 40 years. he doesn't have one single legislative achievement with his name on it. i challenge any reporter here to name one. you can't. same thing. reporters are seing how hard the president worked his tail off for hi his guy, hi party, his candidates and what doers in this town, right, left, indifferent. all the money raised, all the money spent, consultants, ads, could not save this train wreck. contrast that with the house freedom fund. 11-11. 10 guys on the house ways and means republican, 10 members lose or retired last night because they thought they were going to lose versus house freedom fund, 11-11 winners. important stat. mccarthy and ryan fell short because of their conditions tantdithering. for two years while in the majority with the president. really knowing the true pulse of its caucus. allowing the house to get bullied by the senate in coe moments. they surrendered its voice. by comparison the house looks small and inconsequential. so we're looking for fresh faces. some new blood. people who recognize the popularity of the president's message. folks who understand the value of
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selling this message in this digital frontier. how to use these tools like social media. these are fundamentally necessary going forward to sell your ideas, to be authentic, to be transparaphernalia, to be vocal. we're looking for leadership who can advance our priorities through digital media, who can recruit an audience who can go beyond the base. jim has proven his social media following is north of 400,000. he's one of the most engaging members of congress in the country. it should be no surprise, it's not a coincidence, that the president chose jim jordan to share the stage with him on the final day of campaigning. that is not coincidence. we're hoping that a partnership can be developed at the top level going forward, that the white house and the house get on the same page finally with regard to their domestic goals and nestic legislative agenda. that starts with electing a new leader like
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jim junior dan. thanks so much. any questions? now that republicans are in the minority, the task is easier for kevin mccarthy to be minority leader, what happens if he gets the post? what do conservatives do? what's the game plan? i think it would be much more difficult for him to become the leader of the house republicans, having failed to keep the majority. he is now someone who helped lead the failure in the selection yesterday, so i think it's going to be much more difficult for him to keep his leadership role. anybody else? i think ultimately we are not supporting jim jordan for minority leader. ultimately we want him as majority leader, as speaker of the house. the only way this is going to happen is
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if republicans recalibrate. they cannot expect different results doing the same thing. nothing will change if the present leadership stays in action. it's suicide for republicans to continue going this way. if they want to regain the majority they need better leadership, they need new leadership, and leadership that understands what the base wants. last night proved that if you address the conservative base in this country and you get behind the conservative base, the conservative base will get behind you. just, you know, there is going to be approximately 200 republican votes at issue in this leadership contest. every
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election that size, you will see a coalition's bill. an awful lot of people in that caucus are going to have to make the choice you have heard described appear. are they going to go right on the principal path or are they going to go to the left, kevin mccarthy chamber of commerce path? that is what they are choosing, and it reflects on each and every one of them the choice they make. their voters will know it. in the years i've have -- i have been involved in conservative politics at the national level, the number one need conservatives need the very most just have -- the one number --
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number one need conservatives have is leadership. if you would identify yourself please, and as her question -- after question. you have talked a lot about jim jordan today. are you calling for a more wholesale change for the whole leadership team, meaning steve scalise and cathy mcmorris rodgers as well? and if so any other names? what is your dream team look like? show less the short answer is, absolutely. david bozell commented on the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. it is not just kevin mccarthy. steve scalise owns this loss as well. cathy mcmorris rodgers, you know, the farther down you go perhaps they would distance themselves some. the reality is if you're going to choose a new unit in leadership -- a nupew path, you need new leadership. i trust the jim jordan's, mark meadows of the world to work through those challenges. it gives them an opportunity to work together with other members of the house republican minority to read the final ending point is. certainly i expect them to be getting it
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first and foremost, jim jordan. i think mark meadows should be in leadership and i think they should pick one of the conservatives endorsed. that's the new blood where they will win these races in spite of the blue wave. in addition to that list of failed house leadership, i would add the leader, paul ryan. to me he was awol in this election. he was nowhere to be seen in this
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he was critical of the president. he did that in october of 2016 as well. we already went down this path where we had a new speaker. we are looking at minority leader now, but we did that when boehner was no longer speaker. we basically replaced him with the same kind of leadership, it was paul ryan, and doing the exact same thing over and over with the same kind of people pursuing the same kind of policies, that's what has now put them in the minority. it's time for bold leadership. we can get -- we need someone who is going to stand up and fight for all americans, which jim jordan will do. any other questions? if not,
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thank you very much. see you in two years. [applause] -- [laughter] [indiscernible] democratic national committee
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chair tom perez talked about the 2018 midterm election results and the dnc's national strategy for the 2020 presidential election. held by the christian science monitor, this is an hour and 10 minutes. linda: i think we are about to start. our guest today is national committee chairman tom perez. this is his second appearance at a monitor breakfast. thank you so much are coming. the timing is pretty good. chairman perez is the sun of immigrants and grew up in buffalo, new york. he attended brown university and i am told he worked as a trash collector to help the for college. after receiving a law degree


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