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tv   President Meets With Cabinet  CSPAN  January 2, 2019 1:44pm-3:25pm EST

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host: will the republicans in the senate side hang together on this, do you think? guest 1: i think they will. having the backing of the president is important to them, but there are always surprises on capitol hill. [laughs] guest 2: you may see a few doing what it takes to open the government. there are a number of republican senators who are facing temperate elections. we are now in a different cycle. i expect the senate republicans to remain pretty firmly behind big president. if they adjust what they are willing to accept, that will help shape, but until that happens, we are at an impasse. >> we are going to leave this conversation and go to the white house. president trump: thank you for being here. first cabinet
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meeting of 2019. some people think it will be controversial and tough and it probably will but we are going to get a lot done. we just did a very take and very -- big and very highly touted criminal justice reform bill. whether it's tax cuts or anything else you can name. so many things we did. judges. we're going to have six more years of great success. i think this is going to be tremendous. every day border patrol encounters roughly 2000 illegal immigrants.
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trying to enter our country. 2000 and day and that's a minimum. our southern border is like a sieve. the just pours through our southern border. too much money is being made. last month 20,000 miners were illegally smuggled into the united states in the last two years vice officers arrested .35,000 criminals teargas was flying and a lot of things were happening and for the most part you've seen it. it's very sad. if they knew they had a physical , if they knew they had
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something that's going to stop him they never would have come up in the first place. if they knew they couldn't get through they wouldn't even start. another one is forming in honduras. the united states needs a physical barrier. needs a wall to stop illegal immigration. because of the internet it's the
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highest it's ever been in history and this is a world problem. the southern border is a very highly used place by people that do human trafficking. how could it get worse than that. there's a reason why politicians and wealthy people build walls around their houses. there's a reason for them. i don't blame them. we are in a shutdown because democrats refuse to fund border security. i said over the weekend to a number of people that the wall, there are some things that never get old. it's never going to change. the wall is your number one point security.
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we've done a tremendous amount of existing renovating walls and fences and brought them back into her new condition. if it didn't exist you would have hundreds of people flowing into our country. some of these are criminals. some of these will split up families by killing people. and hurting people very badly. all those people would have been able to come through. the democrats are looking to 2020. they think they're not going to win the election. i hope they're not going to win the election. they view this as an election. i actually think it's bad
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politics. we need a physical barrier. it's very minor compared to the power of the wall. it's great to have but it's 2000 .iles .ome of it with now completed
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people are going to go right through. there's nothing you can do about it unless you are willing to .uild a wall prime minister netanyahu said i don't understand why they fight you on the wall. in israel they built a wall. 99.9% it works. it would work almost 100% of the time and we would have much less of a problem and we would save money. so much money on a monthly basis. trouble he would pay for itself in a month or two. we lose pretty close to $250 billion on illegal immigration and i would say that could be on a monthly or a couple of months it would pay for the wall. the house approved $5.6 billion.
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right there you would save and you would save a lot. the new pelosi bill and by the way they are having, the big eight plus me are meeting in a little while. it's going to be 3:00 to discuss the border. they're going to make a play for the wall. they can't do it without the wall. all they can do is add many more men and women. you're going to go to a certain area you don't have the wall and they are going to walk right through like the killing took place a few days ago. the young police officer. great young beautiful person. great family. just took a picture with his son and his wife.
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a few hours later he was shot and killed somebody that just came across the border. certainly they would be happening far less. the democrats in the bill went $12 billion additional for foreign aid. it's $54.4 billion which is a lot. they want 12d billion over the $54 billion. inc. of it. 54 billion dollars. a lot of it because they want to give it. they don't even know who they are giving it to. in many cases people don't even know the name of the country. they know nothing about the country and yet they are going to give 54.4 billion in foreign aid but they want 12 billion they won'that approve $5.6 billion for a wall
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that going to pay for it will almost on a monthly basis. it's just politics, folks. it's purely politics. so we have a lot of loopholes whether it's catch and release, the world's most ridiculous loophole. you catch somebody and then he released them. what we're doing is we're catching and retaining. the problem is we have to build vast fields of rooms and places for these people to say it we're catching and it's physically not possible nor is it possible even cost wise. we're catching and retaining. you have the lottery system. into ourbring people country based on a lottery. we want to end all of this nonsense. the visa lottery system so they picked him out of the jar. we want to pick people to come into our country on the basis of
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all of thealent to companies that are moving in, we have large numbers of companies. we've seen in many years. the companies that have left our country are coming back. what's going on. our job numbers are great. we need people to come in. we can't have these loopholes. they are crazy. i have to say, we're all for daca. it has been so misreported. .e had the confines of a deal the 25 billion didn't just cover a wall. it covered a lot of border security. it's been covered very incorrect but it's confusing to a lot of people. we were close to having a daca deal and then we had a judgment from the ninth circuit. he said daca was ok even though when president obama signed it , probably can't
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sign this. probably not legal. goingody thought it was to be easily overturned by the judge and the judge amazingly ruled in favor of that signing even though president obama didn't think it was going to hold up as he signed it. and then you had it upheld in the ninth circuit on appeal and now it's going to the supreme court of the united states. we had a deal pretty close to being done and a lot of people say i backed away from the deal. i didn't back away. the minute the judge overruled the case and they allowed daca, didn't talk to us about and i don't blame them, they didn't answer the calls. they said we are not going to prove that. we won the case. i think it's going to be overturned in the united states supreme court and i think it's going to be overwhelmingly overturned.
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nobody thinks that should have happened. we think it was a fluke and it was a disgraceful situation that a judge ruled away the judge. we think it's going to be overturned. it will be in the united states supreme court. -- when that case we will be easily able to make a deal on daca and the wall is a combination. until we win that case they don't want to really talk about daca although they should because there are those that don't want to allow it. i happen to think we could do something with it. i think they are foolish if they don't want to make a deal. if we get overwritten and everyone that's been here has to leave the country. so there are a lot of things going on. we are very proud of what we
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have done with respect the wall in the renovation that we've done. it's covered a lot of territory. tremendous amount of miles. and that continues to go on. we need the wall or the security of our country. people want to see it. it's about border security and i think in the end we are going to be successful. it's going up all over. that's the money that we were given. i want to thank the military is the military has been fantastic. with atbeen working shanahan who is acting secretary of defense. who it's been such a pleasure to work for. work with. we worked really hard over the last four or five weeks and so much has been done. not only in terms of protection but in terms of helping us with respect to areas that we need help for physical barriers. the military has been really great. the army corps of engineers has an fantastic.
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-- been fantastic. i will ask pat to say a few words and then i will ask matt and kiersten to say couple of words. maybe i will start with pat shanahan. >> thank you and happy new year everyone. maybe just three points to share with all of you. we've been very closely coupled with kiersten, border control. i was speaking with general and he sends his best. the team is executing operational training every day. the collaboration has been seamless. guard know the national has been in support and active duty. maybe a shout out. manny padilla. has done an exceptional job.
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the second this restoration of the senses. building out of additional of the wall. the army corps of engineers is dialed in on doing this cost-effectively, quickly and with the right amount of urgency as to where we can build additional stand up as quickly and then get after the threat. the threat is real. the risks are real. we need to control our borders and maybe the third piece i would share with you is that we are doing additional planning to strengthen the support that we are providing to kiersten and her team. trump: you people have been fantastic. we want to finish it because you can't have a partial wall because people come through the area.
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you can't get through unless you are a world-class folder on the -- polehold falter aulter on the olympic team. we had a fantastic meeting with generals and the syria situation. i'm the only person in the history of our country that could really desolate isis. say we are bringing the troops back home over a period of time. thater said so quickly over a period of time. everyone gets the credit for decimating isis to we do that and we say we're going to bring the troops back home where they belong. back frombring troops the endless war. we are going on 19 years in the area.
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i'm going to bring them home from syria. i'm the only one that can do that and get bad publicity. they say he's bringing them home. when i took over syria they were supposed to be there for three to four months. they ended up being there for five years. so that's a little bit different than you thought. they've been there for a long time. and we have done a real job. fightcontinuing to through it we never let anybody down and it was a lot of misinterpretation but i think you will see at the end we are bringing our troops back home and we are doing things that are very excited, very exciting but i can't talk about, that i don't want to talk about. a lot of great people understood it. lindsey graham understood it. some others understood it. the right thing to do and in many respects it's very exciting
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because i like winning. when i took over syria syria was a mess. .t was riddled with isis never be says it's down to 1% of the land and sometimes you could even say less. 1%. that place was a mess. it was terrible. to have other countries fighting isis. we are helping by doing this. people say russia and iran on the we are helping them. everything we do over there helps them. i don't like seeing a sleeve. let them fight isis, too. i want to spend money in our country. we've had a tremendous success in area. we are slowly bringing people back. we are hitting the hell out of them. the isis people. and we are doing something that frankly if i would have told you to years ago when we first came into office that we would have
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had that kind of success nobody would have believed it to they would have said you are exaggerating. it's not possible to wear down to final blows. we met with the generals in iraq. they were really fantastic. they really know their business. we have a lot of exciting things to talk about militarily. fromt got a great letter those people that i have shown this letter to, they have never written letters like that. this letter is a great letter. we have made a lot of progress with north korea and kim jong-un. we really established a very good relationship with a lot of good things are happening. i never said speed. it's been this way for 80 plus years. we had our meeting six months ago in singapore. we will probably now have another meeting.
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we've established a very good relationship to your given -- relationship. we are given no credit for it. if another administration came in instead of this administration namely mike and around thishe group table, you would be at war right now. you would be having a nice big fat war in asia and it wouldn't be pleasant. instead of that we are getting along fine. i'm not in any rush. all i know is there's no rockets, there's no testing. i watched last night pbs. just noticed, i was in the white house all by myself for six or seven days. it was very lonely. my family was down in florida. i said stay there and enjoy yourself. i felt i should be here just in case people wanted to come and negotiate the border security. but i have to say that i was watching a pbs and they really covered it accurately. they said that in chairman tim's
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they said hech wants to get together denuclearize. i covered it very nicely. i was surprised based on everything i've heard about him. i will have to start watching pbs much more. they covered it very accurately. i actually put a quote out last night about what they said. do want to do something. does that mean it's going to be done? who knows. you never really know. that could have been a world war iii to be honest with you. a lot of people get involved with that and it spread beyond asia and we someone that really wants to get on to economic development and making a lot of success and money friendly for his country. north korea has tremendous potential.
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north korea has tremendous economic potential. i look forward to our meeting with chairman ken and the setting that up in the not-too-distant future. with that i will ask secretary nielsen. we'll get back onto the border to say a few words. please. good afternoon mr. president reviewinggo record -- our border security and immigration. a you have described this is humanitarian security crisis. we're doing our best out here. i always want to take the opportunity to thank the great men and women of the border patrol. the system itself is simply overwhelmed. this is the 17th trip to the border in the last year and
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unfortunately the crisis is getting worse. let me start by saying from a dh perspective mr. president, now more than ever really the wall. today am going to talk about how it the crisis is an to fix need what frontline operators are demanding is a barrier that will keep illegal aliens, drugs, criminal terrorists from entering our country. it's not a political issue. it's an operational one. we have seen its successes evolve in el paso, san diego. under your leadership we are building the first wall in over a decade but we need more proof we need new sections of the wall. congressmanat prohibited us from doing last year and our appropriations and we need to continue to replace the old outdated and ineffective wall. them whilereplace
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that has been identified for operational. not by uninformed political restrictions. the southern border remains the principal entry point for the united states. narcotics are spiking. we have also seen an increase in fentanyl coming across the southern border which kills about 72,000 americans every year. the southern border is also the primary entry for criminals and gang members. just last year we apprehended more than 17,000 criminals and thousand gang members along the southern border. we are also concerned about potential terrorists as well. these aliens are travel patterns with other characters -- characteristics of concern.
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we need a strong border wall system to keep these threats and others out of the u.s. and i strongly support your continued effort to obtain the needed resource from congress. and if i could let me just give you a little bit more about the crisis. we need to address poorly written and outdated law. our laws allow illegal aliens into the country and allow them to stay. this must change. here's the reality of the crisis we're sinking on average about 2000 people a day try to illegally enter our country at the southern border. we will never be able to send the majority back home unless and until congress acts to close the loophole these two clerks going to stay in the country. there are three categories of illegal aliens arriving on our borders to single adult and company children. havee past single adults been the vast majority of illegal aliens.
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they are still the easiest for us to handle. we are able to detain and deport them quickly. under your administration we -- illegalically border crossings with help from the department of justice. and we will continue to do so. the demographics are changing. they make up about two thirds of those arriving at our border. because of laws it is virtually impossible to send them home. we are only allowed families for 21 days. then we have to let them go under the law. most of them then disappear into the united states. in light of -- nine out of every 10 cases judges find the families are not even eligible for asylum in the first place and should the deported. by then most of them have vanished and escape the law.
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traffickers know our immigration laws much better than many members of congress. as a fastsing this pass to get illegal aliens into america. the result is an explosion in the number of families arriving at our orders and a mess spike in the number of fake families showing up. they know if they pretend they are together they are likely to get in for good. laws weof outdated cannot send kids who show up alone back to their home countries and to their families. they have to be transferred to the department of health and human services which places them with fosters or relatives in america. the result is we see more and more of them every day. parents are making the unconscionable decision to send dangerous andng, sometimes deadly journeys to our country. we are busting at the seams. hhs is at capacity and under the law to bp must transfer these
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kids to hhs. these loopholes serve as a giant magnet which is resulting in a humanitarian catastrophe. forsystem was not built this influx of families and children. one out of three women report their sexually assaulted on the journey to our borders. kids are getting abused. they are getting's neck. very sick. many of them are being recycled and used by smugglers to get more people into the united states. nearly 70% of illegal aliens report the victims of violence along the journey. 70 percent of those traveling north to our country. it's great for families who have lost children and those affected by this violence. we are doing everything we can to ensure rapid medical care when needed. bestnd ice are doing the
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they can with what they have. they don't have the legal authority to keep up with this crisis. only congress can give them that. the bottom line is we need congress to fund and bill wall, give up the resources to deal with this crisis, terminate the grant dhsgreement and the authority to detain and remove illegal family unit aliens together and modify the tb pra so accompanied children can be returned home to their families. right now as border patrol and ice agents are spending so much of this time dealing with the overflow that we are having to pull the important national affordy cases, we can't to do this any longer. we are all working together to address the security and humanitarian crisis.
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mr. president, you have run the rule of law back to our border. the men and women of dhs could not be prouder to be given the opportunity to do the job that congress and the american people expect to but we need congress to act. we cannot continue to do more with less an attempt to secure our country with their hands tied behind our back. thank you for your leadership and your continued focus as we work with congress to try to address this. trump: thank you. really fantastic. you have been working hard. every time i call you are a different location among the border. wall or a barrier that was not penetrable you wouldn't have people making the journey and i think we can say if we had the wall people wouldn't even bother making the journey. because the journey is tremendously dangerous. horribly dangerous and children
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are getting sick. they are being accosted. you heard what the secretary said about all of the crime and rape and everything else that takes place during that horrible journey. if they thought they couldn't get in they wouldn't be making the journey. we want people coming into our country. but they have to do it through the system. they have to do it legally and we want people coming that can help our country where it can be based on merit and achievement. .eople that are going to help the companies that are coming into our country which are so many. so i want to thank you. it was a great presentation. thank you very much. we really appreciate it. acting attorney general matt whitaker. i will start by highlighting the fact that you stayed in washington, d.c. over the holidays giving up christmas with your family, new year's with your family. trying to bring an end to the
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shutdown and security to our southern border. well members of congress went on vacation and ignore the problem, you have demonstrated your dedication to delivering on this critical issue. for our country and for the american people. congress has to act. they have to fund the wall. it is undeniable that a border wall improves the security of our southern border. a wall would reduce the flow of and criminals across our border. like you highlighted the brave legal immigrant murdered by an illegal immigrant in california. it would reduce the incentives for individuals who attempt to and restorelly integrity to our system. also we need congress to close the loopholes in our immigration laws. not only do the loopholes tostrate dhs's ability enforce immigration laws
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including judicial rulings that prevent -- family units together. these loopholes overwhelmingly contribute to a substantial number of meritless cases languishing in our immigration courts. the shutdown and afterwards the department will continue to do everything within our power to support both dhs in its critical mission and address illegality at the border. illegality will not go unchecked. we will continue to prosecute committing immigration related crimes like illegal reentry and illegal record levelse at for prosecution currently in your administration and we will never let up. we will continue the efforts targeting transnational organized crime and criminal gangs. the immigration courts are working. we have been completed cases at levels we haven't seen in years. we have over 400 immigration
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judges on board and we are hiring more. we are restoring the rule of law to our immigration court system. we will continue to do everything we can and we are seeing tremendous progress. the number of cases originating from the border are overwhelming the system. we will continue to defend their actions. court as well. this administration has taken strong action to restore legality to our immigration continue todvocates try to frustrate us in federal court. we will prevail. cannot stress this more, we need congress to act. to show up. to negotiate with you and solve these challenges our country faces. the department of justice will work every day to support dhs but we need congress to do something instead of just going on vacation and avoiding the issue. we need congress to fund the
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wall, fund the government and in our laws.pholes if congress wants to have catch and release at the border and more drugs, gangs and crime to come into our country it can continue to refuse to provide the funds to build the wall. president trump: that is so true. you mentioned about chords. country wherey you come in and you have a court case. country, you end up with lawyers and judges.
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this is a system that we have an nobody pointed out until we came along. so we catch. we do paperwork. we bring him to court. you can never have enough judges because you are talking about tens of thousands of people. you end up in trials. the trials don't take place because what they have to do it because it's impossible to hold all of it. this is by law. this is the idiotic laws given us largely by the democrats. change in one hour if people got together. talking tens of thousands. 800,000 pending lawsuits. these people disappear into the united states never to show up for their case which ends up
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coming back in about three years. it is the most ridiculous system. sorry,ld be able to say you can't come in. we have done with asylum and all of this. we are trying to be the nicest people on earth and its destroying our country. i think honestly if i didn't come along nobody would even be talking about it and it would be just as bad. but our country gets even alive by what's happening at our southern border so we've got to do something about it and we are doing it now. one of the things we can do is the wall is we won't have problems. it will take care of the large number of the problems. upot of people won't come because they know they can't get through. one of the other things i would like to mention is i had a
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successful meeting about a month ago with president xi. he and i had a meeting that lasted close to four hours. very successful. china has very strong criminals. penalty.ed the death if you would criminalize fentanyl it would really help us because we are losing 80,000 people year with fentanyl. foot all stadium full of people year. he's agreed to criminalize it. he agreed daily. it was really a negotiation on trade which is coming along very well. we will see what happens.
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he agreed to criminalize it and criminalize it at the highest level which means i assume death penalty. that should have an amazing impact on the fentanyl coming into our country. which is just about the worst thing we have coming in. really brutal and really terrible. i want to thank president xi of china. rick perry is here. he knows more about the border than anybody. it's a little unexpected. i would like to have your .eelings on the barriers you know the area very well. >> i think your focus on this is really important.
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i tried with very poor results to get the previous administration to recognize the lack of support that the state and friends getting numerous operations along the border. it.alked about this is about the challenge that at the border with texas and mexico. the challenge has always been the lack of support from washington, d.c. to have a chief executive finally recognize that it's going to take washington acting to address this issue. perspective basically
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having been ignored for those eight years. the messages that come from the media, those that for whatever reason don't want to secure that border. that you can come and be rewarded. that's got to stop. and one of the ways to do that is obviously with a clear message to those that are trying to use that border as access into the united states. there's not a reward anymore. don't come. when the summertime gets here. the humanitarian issue here, mr. president that all too often doesn't get talked about to -- about. the lives that are lost in
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, in the desert southwest. that region in texas that is incredibly inhospitable. that's the heart rendering side that you are trying to address here. the lastcourse of couple of weeks there's been stories about young people who lost their lives. a couple of young people who lost their lives and our hearts go out for them. but what about literally hundreds of people who have died. trying to cross the border. because of the incentives that people have given them. all of these different incentives to come and penetrate that border. and you are standing up and saying, don't come. don't put your family in jeopardy.
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i personally would like to see the media really get focused on those stories about what you are doing to stop that kind of danger and frankly hostility to these individuals. security ist border the most powerful message that we can send. the most powerful messages from the chief executive of the united states standing up and saying congress, you've got a responsibility. to protect and defend the people of this country. i'm sitting here ready to negotiate with you. i'm sitting here ready to find the solution to deal with this tremendous condition that we find in this country. holding you to do is come and
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sit down with you, mr. president. i know where your heart is. i know where the people around the stables heart is. we are ready to find the solution to this issue of illegal immigration, drug terroristg, potential activity along the southern border and we got the expertise. all we need is the will for congress to come and we will be more than happy to find a solution and partner up with them. president trump: they will be here at 3:00. i have to say that it would be a , where people stream into the country and we've had tremendous difficulties. you look at the numbers, you look at the crimes. you look at what we do. ofusands and thousands ms 13. for example
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the gang. they use knives because they are far more painful than guns and what they do to people
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for years, we have been hearing the same numbers you are hearing. i said, if there is ever an increase, nobody knows. it is probably 35 million people . they would flow mostly from the southern border and nobody would do anything about it and a lot of problems were caused. so many different things we have an tremendous damage was done. it would have been a lot here for me to sit back and let it continue. our strong economy makes it even more difficult.
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our country is doing far better than any of a country in the world. we rarely talk of the world. we had a little glitch in the stock market, but still around elected.when i got once a couple of other things happen to actually trade deals we are making our fantastic for our country whether it is china, mexico, canada, south korea, we started negotiations with japan. we were taken advantage of by so many countries. we are providing all they want and they are not helping us. they are not helping us monetarily. i have been saying for years it is disgraceful.
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you can call them allies if you want and we have some great allies are a lot of taking advantage of our taxpayers. i could get other people to understand. they did not get what i was saying. aret of great things happening. it is a lot easier if i did nothing. eventually, at some point, really bad stuff would take proud of we are very the job we are doing. we are talking about the .igration coming up alex is doing a fantastic job. we are ready to make the big final push. it they have been trying for years.
2:34 pm done an incredible up.akes a long time to set we have gone through a big process and i think you will see a tremendous reduction in drug prices. a lot of great work was done. secretary acosta has created health care programs where the ande has really gone down some really great programs of people signing up. i would like to thank you. a very great job you have done. up great health care . if i could ask the secretary were children are coming up. they are forced to come up and
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remember, the coyote is the bad one. they are not stupid. they know our laws better than the people who wrote them. they are not with families. they are using the children and taking the children and then they dispose of the children. this has been going on for years . we want to stop this. secretary, if i can ask you to do something -- say something about the children. >> thank you. we are addressing the tragic consequences to caring for the auto company children. it is miners who arrive at the border without their parents.
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chaplain to the u.s. border is extremely dangerous with minors suffering trauma on the way to this comment -- this country. send theiruld not kids on this journey. unfortunately, more and more .iners have been arriving when they arrive, the department of homeland security custody. select a grantee to care for them until we can release them. we saw a genetic number arriving. it numbers are rising significantly. 2017, we received approximately 29,000 unaccompanied children.
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currently, there are almost 13,000 unaccompanied children in our care and we expect the number to rise. we brought more capacity online to address the situation. expandto continually capacity is a symptom of a broken system. it is also incredibly expensive. in 2018 costs about $2 billion. imagine if we secured the border and are not have to spend that $2 billion to care for the kids and where we could spend it.
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proud of the standard , butwe set for these kids this is an unstable -- unsustainable condition. we need a system that discourages parents to bring miners and we need it now. the great work you did with down the xi to cut flow of fentanyl to this country. on theon't get security southern border, it will redirect to mexico if we don't get the border security or the wall. >> thank you so much and thank you for what you are doing with the drug pricing. >> having spent the christmas
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you, i wantg with to thank you for the strong sense you have taken for border security, not just because you return as hed you recognize we have a crisis at our southern border and we think of officers thing immigrant being struck down by an illegal immigrant. this is the information you hear everyday and that we are made -- we are made aware of everyday.
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i know it is something that millions of parents appreciate. you gave the numbers before. 17,000 criminals have been apprehended attempting to come into this country. aliens have been in this country. we think about the tragedy along the border. of ourk the human cost society by not addressing this issue in a meaningful way. team tocted our entire reach out. we met several times before christmas. metet with leadership and
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issue and reach a compromise. they are coming here today at your invitation. our hope is that confronted with these facts and the information today is that democrats on capitol hill will join in yourans and join call to achieve real border security. tablee an offer on the that would reopen the government and achieve border security. i know other senators are ideas. about fresh we owe the american people nothing less than our best effort to reopen the government and reopen the government once
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we have the resources and make measurable progress on achieving .eal border security mulvaney to thank mick
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-- [no audio] not doing too well, but they will come back. we are doing very well, so i want to thank everybody your it i want to thank the cabinet.
2:45 pm
thank you to everybody and thank you to the media. i was only over the weekend hoping we would see some action. and work together hard, but they does hawaii over washington. i really believe they want to do something. there has been a lot of good discussions going on. some of the talent we have around the table, they have been working hard. we actually have a lot of good discussions going on. you can't have border security strong the wall, a very
2:46 pm
barrier. it has to be very powerful, something that people cannot just walk through. you have that, many of the problems we have spoken of today will disappear. nobody is going to be able to enter when we do what we are doing. we made a lot of progress and much of that is finished. out and in the process of giving out large .ontracts for many miles the country had a lot of problems and we have a lot less problems now.
2:47 pm
we have a lot of others and we are in the process that were not solvable. is don't doway anything and sit back and enjoy the presidency, but i cannot do that. this country has a great future. we have a long way to go. thank you all for coming. of the questions. there a numbers below $5 billion that you might be willing to accept to reopen the government? fit.would rather not could we do it for a little bit less -- i would rather not say it.
2:48 pm
could we do it for a little bit less? about complete. someone said we did not spend the money. we don't pay contractors before they finish the job. we like to have people do the it when it is pay job. not all the money has been paid, but the money has been used. we want to finish it up. billion approved is -- when you see the democrats 12 450 billion dollars to other countries.
2:49 pm
we give money to other countries -- $450 billion to other and they do nothing for us. greatt to have a relationship with pakistan, but they house the enemy. they take care of the enemy. we just can't do that. i look forward to meeting to the theleadership, but i ended $1.3 billion we paid. a lot of honor -- a lot of all is sent to countries that don't even vote for us in the united nations. when we want something to help
2:50 pm
certain countries, the rich countries take advantage. and take advantage of us on trade. there are countries that are we want to help. countriesave wealthy because the united states subsidizes them, they could the also take advantage of us on trade, so that is why i got elected on it would be sot easy to not do anything. if i was popular in europe, i would not be doing my job.
2:51 pm
germany pays 1%. they should be paying for i should not be popular now iope i was at 88% and am a very low number. i don't care about your. . am elected by americans a lot of them don't even understand. i will say to many of the other leaders, how did this ever happen and they go, i cannot believe it either. they have presidents and other people that allow them to get
2:52 pm
away. we have negotiations going on with numerous countries to pay a lot of money to the united states. i would not say they are thrilled. there were many years where they did not have to pay. we are doing tremendous service to those countries, so they should at least respect us. >> maybe the military has an .ngle here >> they have no angles. i know every angle. underpassry leadership was taken advantage countries. respected. has to be we are not respected when
2:53 pm
horrible things are happening on trade where we have barriers put up.nd we open our country cars were sent into our country with virtually no tax. spentere sent in and they -- they paid no tax and we are expected to pay 20% and they pay nothing. it is not in my dna. i don't know how people allow these things to happen and we are not allowing it to happen anymore. i could be the most popular person in europe. i could run for any office i wanted to. i want -- there are no angles. when a country sends us 200 on hundred iraq or
2:54 pm
soldiers from of a country to and then they say we sent one 100 --s, that is /100th of the money. i have heard past residents say they are involved because they it hasnt soldiers and cost us billions of dollars. i get along well with india, but he is constantly telling me he afghanistan.ry in that is like five hours of what
2:55 pm
we spend. being taken advantage of. [no audio] apologize for that. that is a feed the president is getting to discuss the government shutdown. technical some trouble there and we hope to get it is sent as we can. there are comments that the leaders head into.
2:56 pm
was in session today. they scheduled a briefing today. senate, expected in the but we are expecting senators to speeches on the government shutdown and back to president trump from earlier today. >> i was expecting something and surprise he did it as quickly. i endorsed him and he did it profusely. he agrees and i don't think anyone would be able to do the tax cuts like i did.
2:57 pm
. win.ase in texas should it was on the cap because of the individual mandate. now that it is gone, i don't know how you keep it. john mccain voted against it. repealy years, it was and replace. and a very flexible guy great judge, highly respected said the individual mandate [inaudible] supremed win at the court.
2:58 pm
obamacare's too expensive and opinions -- premiums. the deductibles are so high that tractor,u get hit by a you can even use that. obamacare is a tremendous failure. now that we won the individual mandate. i would love to -- for him to be a team player. popularity. and we did thing that for a very special person
2:59 pm
who is now going to be retiring after 42 years. our great friend and senator and also for mike lee. the people really appreciate what i did. of miles that they will be able to use, so i was surprised at mitt romney. if he is a team player, that would be great. if he fought really hard against the obama like he does against me, he would have one the election. fightsought the way he me, he would have won the election. i think he will be a team player and agrees with many of the things we've done.
3:00 pm
>> in afghanistan, you have -- in syria, your vices, but afghanistan you have isis. [inaudible] generals all the money they wanted and they did not do great job. they have been fought -- for 19g in afghanistan years. general mattis cannot believe it or it now, we are rebuilding our military. a lot of the orders for the new fighter jets and all the things we're doing including ships and missiles. thrilled,ttis was so
3:01 pm
but how has he done in afghanistan? not good. i'm not happy and i should not be, but he was very thankful .hen i got him $700 billion i wish him well. andident obama fired him essentially, so did i. i want results. we are going to do something that is right. we are talking to the taliban and a lot of different people. india is there, russia is there. be the soviet union. afghanistan made it russia. you take bankrupt, so a look trees. pakistan is there. -- so you take a look.
3:02 pm
pakistan is there. places you are reading about are no longer part of should because of afghanistan . why is it russia there, india there. why are we there at 6000 miles away. we want to help people and other nations. you do have isis. i will give you an example. the taliban his power enemy. isis is our enemy. we have an area where the taliban is here, isis is here and there fighting each other.
3:03 pm
i said why don't we let them fight? let them fight. they are both our enemy. in and they end up fighting both of them. these are two enemies that are fighting against each other. what are we doing? relationship. .e has done a fantastic job india, russia, you look at some .f the satellite countries i spoke to some of them. .ery rich country i said what would you do the united states hold out? is said
3:04 pm
we will be pulling out. i said, why are you -- they said we will be taking over. i said why are you charging us? nobody ever asked me not to. youaid we will not charge and him talking about millions and millions of dollars. i said, what would happen if we were not here. he looks at me and he says we would be overrun and yet he charges us. we don't want syria.
3:05 pm
i did when we shot missiles and and when present obama decided to violate his statement not to redline. making a threat is ok, but you always have to follow through, so syria was lost long ago. besides that, we are talking about sand and death. the kurds, it is very interesting. i did not like the fact they were selling all of this to iran .
3:06 pm
we are not thrilled about that. i'm not happy about it at all. f-15s in front of them, they fight much better. it is sad. , everyone saysis they will come to our country. you know worldly go? to iran, to russia. .e are killing russia is not happy because they like it when we are killing isis because we are killing it for stocknd killing it for a
3:07 pm
-- aside. to write thelike facts. iran is a much different country than when i became president. -- d a meeting generals been i had ever seen. every part of the middle east and other places that was under because of iran. i said to myself, well. you look at every place, saudi arabia was under siege.
3:08 pm
every place was under siege. i said how do you stop this? any of money. present obama had just given them wanted to $50 billion. billion. -- $150 plane loads of cash from five different countries. you know why from five different countries? because we did not have enough cash in the area to give them $1.8 billion. that is the real reason. said, i of that being did something called terminating the horrible iran nuclear deal. iran is no longer the same country. they are pulling people out of
3:09 pm
and pulling people out of yemen -- and pulling people out of yemen. iran is a much different country now. they are having rights bigger than they have ever had before. a lot of bad things are happening. trouble and i would love to negotiate. it is a much different country than it was when i took over. i took over, iran was going to take over the middle east.
3:10 pm
when i terminated that deal, iran is a much different country ago. than it was 19 months withdrawing. we are hitting them very hard. generals inith the iraq, i said why did you not do this before and he said our commanders were telling us what to do. they are great soldiers and they listen. i sat around and they loosened up. they said this is what we should do. we were supposed to be out of syria many years ago. it your number, we went out and that was five years ago.
3:11 pm
i go to walter reed hospital and i see soldiers that are so badly injured. i don't want that. on ourto spend money military without depleting it everyday. our military is getting really strong. i could tell you about our military that i don't even want to talk about. , weof the things i'm told do these reports. does over there and they do a report telling everything that is happening and they release it to the public.
3:12 pm
the public is the enemy. the reports should be private reports and the locked up and if it member of congress wants to see it, but for these reports thing, forery single these should -- for these to be given out to the enemy is insane. it is not my fault. i did not put us there. we are getting smarter and we are winning. time, i said we will pull our soldiers out. we are getting out very
3:13 pm
powerfully. -- [inaudible] for $5.6 asking billion. this is national security we are talking about just like we talk about the military, syria afghanistan, all these are places. afghanistan more in one month then we are talking about the wall. we spend more than most countries spend. it is ridiculous. i have to tell you, the house was very impressed. they stepped up and went in and improved. she said you'll never get republicans to vote for.
3:14 pm
like mitt romney to join in that spirit. we don't need another democrat. small.6 billion is such a percentage. we are talking about national security. this is not just a border. this is national security. >> nothing below 500 --6 [indiscernible] i think we are better off waiting for the supreme court. if they vote that president , which theyong should -- by the way, if they say he is right, imagine the
3:15 pm
tremendous power if i had. >> how long do you think the government will be partially shut down? >> could be a long time. >> it is to -- it is too important a subject. i was waiting to them. i never saw so many machine guns in my life. these are great people. the don't like waves. they are all alone and i felt very safe. they are great people. hoping maybe somebody
3:16 pm
would come back and negotiate, but they didn't do that. this is something that should be .ipartisan >> [indiscernible] court i think the supreme should. if they say the president should not have done that, we will settle this whole thing, including a big immigration policy, not just border security . we would do something. and a lot of republicans are fine. docket is ok. these are people that have been in the country a long time and many cases don't even speak the language of the country from which their parents came.
3:17 pm
>> is it the education campaign? chart and nancy and others and from border patrol and local law enforcement. how bad it is, dangerous it is and why we need a wall. the vatican has the biggest wall of them all. look at all of the countries that have walls. their work ones of percent. it is never going to change. have all the drones flying around. the only thing to stop them was the wall. >> -- $25 billion.
3:18 pm
that was for much more than a wall. a lot of people saying he should have taken the 25 -- that covers a lot more. [indiscernible] >>[indiscernible] as it i could have done nothing. i could have had a lot easier --sidency and doing nothing been doing nothing, but i'm here and want to do it right. >> why do you hope mitch becomes a team player? >> i hope he does.
3:19 pm
they say imd most popular president in the history of the republican party. how do i have these numbers? people see that gasoline is way down. back, gas was at $83 per barrel. say you betterd make gasoline flow and they did. 44. it is down to i put a statement yesterday, i said to do you think it is luck? people and ird said let it flow.
3:20 pm
it was going up to one of your $25. if that had happened, then you would have had a depression, recession like in the past. i think people are upset with what he did. he has not got into office yet. happy when i'm divorced him. i don't know what changed other than we succeeded. succeeding in things that people thought were impossible hope mitti think, i romney will be a team player. if not, i will handle it. they say that bob corker retired.
3:21 pm
they say that jeff flake, wonderful guy. he was going to tell people how 2020. in work out so well because we won in 2016. he is now selling real estate, he will probably go work for cnn. -- corker bob corker was going to be a senator for another 20 years. , he hit meason because he thought it would be good publicity. a team player. we have some great republicans.
3:22 pm
if you look at the way they are standing up for security, and love them. thank you very much, everybody. president trump during a meeting with cabinet officials, again, we apologize for some of the technical issues. we are planning to bring you remarks that result from the meeting here on c-span. today, the partial government if it includes funding for the border wall. the debate continues following c-span. a divided government returns to washington with the one of
3:23 pm
116thth congress -- congress. this congress has been described as the most diverse in history with over 100 new members coming , including more women and minorities been before. thursday as it comes into session. congress, new leaders live on c-span and c-span2. new jersey sense for new members to the house of representatives for the one of congress -- the 116th congress. began my service to this
3:24 pm
country when i was 18 years old. i went on to serve for almost 10 years as a helicopter pilot and a russian policy advisor. i served at the attorneys office. lifetime ofter a service, i decided to continue my service to my country and new jersey. i'm not concerned about what is happening now, but the future. i think we need to work in a bipartisan manner to get good legislation passed. quality and affordable health care for everyone in the country and working hard to bring costs down in health care so we can grow our economy now and in the future. i have always put this cnt


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