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tv   President Trump Departs White House for Camp David  CSPAN  January 6, 2019 11:38am-12:04pm EST

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>> president trump is spending today at camp david for meetings with senior white house staff members on border security, china, and other issues. on his way to boarding marine one this morning, he spoke to reporters and responded to some questions. >> mr. president. [inaudible] president trump: the job numbers it shockedtic,
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analysts, but it didn't shock me. the jobs numbers were beyond anybody's expectations. really hundreds of thousands more than your top six, so that was a great thing. one of the element of job numbers is if you remember that has to administration said he would need to bring back manufacturing jobs. manufacturing jobs are coming we had a very high level a tremendous manufacturing jobs report and we are very happy to see that. we worked very hard and we have many companies going back into the united states, many car companies going to michigan, going to pennsylvania, going to but area and other places they are coming back into the united states, they left another coming back in so we are very happy about that. will beg to camp david discussing many topics. north korea, the china trade in
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which is coming along very well, coming along very well and we obviously will be discussing [inaudible] which is desperately needed. particular couple in and they say that the surge, to come into our country, has never been stronger. it's really unfair to people who want to come and legally. the surge has never been stronger and we have to build the wall, we have to build the barrier. barrier can be steel is that of concrete if that helps people, but i'm willing to do that so are great steel companies, which are now back in business, they were doing very poorly when i took office and now they are doing very well. steelworkers have never had a chance of getting a job in
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the steel industry, because are still in history was dying and now it is vibrant. i tend to -- i intend to call the head of united states steel and a couple of other are great deal companies to have them come up with a place for the design of a useful steel product which we make here and we will use that as our barrier. we are trying to do everything possible to get money to our incredible people, but many of those incredible people are here with me and they say make sure you win this battle. it's a very important battle to win. from the standpoint of safety, number one, defining our country and who we are and also from the standpoint of dollars, this wall will pay for itself many times during the course of the year. is money we're talking about very small compared to the return. you will receive a return many
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times during the course of the year, that's the kind of numbers we're talking about. but most importantly, it's about safety. it's about security for country. it's about stopping human traffickers, about stopping drugs. we have to have it, we have no choice and finally doing this. we have no choice. we have to have it. >> [inaudible] trump: i can relate a i'm sure the people on the receiving end will make adjustments. they always do. they will make adjustments. people understand exactly what's going on. the many of those people that will be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100% with what i'm doing. 75% -- ill you and just saw poll that 75% that
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immigration is so important and it is so important is a very big issue. >> [inaudible] trump: i may declare a natural emergency depending on what happens over the next two days we have a meeting with vice president pence and we be going to a certain location and you know where that is will be having another meeting and i don't expect to have anything happen at that meeting my think some very serious talks come monday, tuesday, wednesday. we have to order security. see border security, we are going to be crime-ridden and it will get worse and worse read it was so sad watching the funeral of the slain police officer yesterday, a very sad thing. places,going on in many
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over the course of the year 2000, we have thousands of people that were killed by illegal immigration, by people coming into the country illegally and killing our citizens. we can't have it. >> [inaudible] president trump: we will see what happens. >> [inaudible] president trump: i will say this. i have tremendous support for the republican party and if you look at congress, use all of the numbers you saw yesterday, it's a very small group of people voting to open. it wasn't against. , think everybody agrees right-click on the democrats agree that you need border security. they agree that you need a barrier. i put "this morning of barack
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obama, but on a quote this morning of hillary clinton, and 2015, a few years ago, strongly saying you need a order to keep illegals out. then set -- that's what you have to have. it's not just illegal, it's criminal, it's drugs, it's a new phenomenon that has been age old and has been going on for thousands of years, but it's never been worse than now, because of the incident. human trafficking. women, put tape over their mouth, come to our border, and sell them read they don't go through a port of entry, they would be caught, but they go up and where there is no wall, they make a right and they go to mexico. we had better get smart. human trafficking is a big
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business, it's a big deal. dealing in children is a big deal. probably the most harmed by not having the wall or its equivalent. you look at the human trafficking, they grant women and they put tape over their mouth and they tied her hands and they take to another country and they go right over the border. if we had a powerful wall or its equivalent, they wouldn't be able to do it as they would have to go through ports of entry. >> how you think a compromise will look? trump: everybody is playing games that i think the democrats want to make a deal. i feel that. >> what is the deal? president trump: collins of the different, i don't the guy have to. we will call it something different. a lot of work has been done on the wall and there has been tremendous renovation. if you look at san diego, there
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in sann new wall built diego and other areas we've had new wall built that we can do much more if we have the money to do it. a lot of work has already been done. i don't say build the wall, i say finish the wall. we have done a lot of work. million for two years, we have language that really allows you to build a certain amount of wall but mostly renovate. we have renovated a lot of wall. >> [inaudible] president trump: we will see what happens with daca. doctors before the united states supreme court and if the court does what legal scholars think givewill do, they won't president obama wore president trump the power to do what president obama did. and if that happens, it will be
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a great thing for our country. because we will work in a deal very fast of the democrats on daca. we will work out a deal very quickly with democrats on daca. we are waiting for the supreme court decision. we will see how long the shutdown goes on. the shutdown could end of tomorrow. and it also go on for a long time. it is truly dependent on the democrats. really depending on the democrats. >> what are you looking for? see howt trump: we will did we do here. we do here. where to read today's washington post and you see where big surges of people are coming in and trying to get through the border. a lot of that is my fault. because i created such a great rollingand people are
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up to try to get jobs. we want people to come illegally. they can't come in the way they are coming in. because criminals are coming in, human traffickers are coming in, drug dealers are coming in and we can't have it. >> how long will the shutdown go ? our economy is: doing so well, nobody understands how well our economy is doing. i'm paying interest come i didn't have funny money to play with. president obama has zero interest, i have interest in a and now a lot of people that weren't getting interest on their money for many years, you understand, they are naturally getting interest on the money. he was playing with funny money because there was no interest. interest in all fairness, you're supposed to be doing. >> what do you expect with the
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china talks in beijing? trump: the china talks are going well, i really believe they want to make a deal, the tariffs have absolutely her , they'rey badly getting a lot of money through tariffs. steel tariffs and others. i think china wants to get it resolved and their economy is not doing well. they are down close to 38%, that's a lot. i think that gives them a great incentive to negotiate. we are doing very well the china. the relationship with president xi is as good as any relationship has had with the president here said with a present or leader in china and i think that things are going to happen. north korea, we are doing very well. and again, we are rocking. we are doing very well. i'm indirectly spoken to his country was
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headed towards north korea. and now have a very good dialogue going. korea, a veryorth good dialogue. i'm not going to go any further than that. i'm just going to say it's very special. me you'd beelse but in love right now. the previous administration would have been at war right now that was excited. at a nice big fat war in asia with north korea if i wasn't elected presidents. >> [inaudible] president trump: we are negotiating a location, it will be probably not too distant the future be announced. visit to the media they would like to meet and they do want to means and we want to win we will see what happens.
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the sanctions remain in full force and effect and they will until we have some very positive groups. we are doing very well with north korea and we are also doing very well with china on trade. iran is doing very poorly. once i took the horrible iran nuclear deal off, at a massive effect in iran. they are pulling back troops all over the place. they are not doing well. they want to talk. in syria, i went there when they went to syria five years ago, they were supposed to be there for three to four months and they never came out. we are pulling back in syria and we are going to be removing our troops, i never said we are doing it that quickly but we are
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decimating isis. when i was elected president two years ago, isis was all over syria and all over iraq. iraq, weown isis in why don't isis and we are doing it for two reasons. we are really doing it because we want them coming here. just that we understand. what we are doing is for a number of reasons. we are helping other countries when we do that. you have to remember, iran hates isis more than we do. if that's possible. russia hates isis more than we do. isis, maybe not as much as we do. these are countries that hate isis and they can do the fighting in the neighborhood also. we are fighting them in their neighborhood. , were pulling out of syria won't be finally pulled out until isis -- it's going quickly. >> how many months. ?
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president trump: john bolton is over there and we have two great stars and john bolton is doing a great job in mike pompeo is doing a great job. they are very strong and they work hard. and as you know, they are doing things very good. we are coming up was a very good results. in no hurry, i have acting's and my acting's are doing really great. david is doing great and mick mulvaney is doing great as chief of staff. i sort of like acting. it gives me more flexibility. do you understand that? i like acting very live a few that are acting and we have a great, great cabinet. if you look at my cabinet, we have a fantastic cabinet.
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i think we are doing a great job in the shutdown negotiation. we have no choice. -- and totally involved. but i'm involved with principles. because ultimately, it's going to be stopped by the principal. schumer and nancy pelosi and myself can solve this in 20 minutes. if they want to. if they don't want to come it's going to go on for a long time. i will tell you this, if we don't find a solution, it's going to go on for a long time or in there is not going to be any bend right here. and the people that voted for donald trump, which are a lot of people, one of the critical elections ever, those people are for it so much. and people that didn't vote for donald trump are for it also. they want border security. they want to stop human trafficking. they want to stop drugs, they want to stop crime. >> [inaudible]
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president trump: i will be making the state of the union on january 209i look forward to it. speakingk forward to really before the world. we have a lot of great things to say. our country is doing better than any country the world right now. our military is almost completely rebuilt took over it was a mess. it was depleted. we are negotiating with europe, the european union, we are negotiating with china, which is by far the biggest of them all. we're doing very, very well. >> [inaudible] president trump: we are looking into that.
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>> [inaudible] president trump: they have to do what they have to do. many of those workers agree with me and frankly there has been very little about so far. anymore? thank you, everybody. i don't like doing this. i have no fun doing this. i was elected to protect our country. that's i'm doing. and presidents before me have all voted for this or many of them, as many of the senators are negotiating with right now have voted for this. let me tell you something. they didn't have the guts to do it. just like they didn't have the guts to move the embassy to jerusalem. in israel. they didn't have the guts to do things they should have done. just like they didn't take out isis, just like so many other things.
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i was voted 306 to 223 or something like that, by a lot. be the president partially because of security. it's a big part of what i talked about. not only the wall, the military lots of other things. i dig of done a great job. i think i have done a great job. i'm getting credit for doing a great job. about border security is a big part of that. we also have to stop drugs. we also have to stop drugs. if we don't stop drugs soon, there's never been a time over the last 10 years that got worse and worse over the last five, there's never been a time when withountry was so infested so many different drugs coming from so many different locations. inelieve the president xi
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china, when he made the commitment to meet a criminal as fentanyl, that's going to go along way from this. i'm going to camp david. thank you. >> with the government shutdown now in the 16th day, how to end border funding were topics of conversation on the sunday news shows. we hear from democrat senator doug jones from alabama and republican senator susan collins of maine.
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>> the government is shut down. our state wants the government to be open for business. i think that's the most important thing for the people of alabama right now. we have a lot of government borders in the state and we also have a lot of contractors who depend on the government work. a lot of people want for security for sure, they also won government sources and they want the government to operate. governmentlieve that workers and all those affected by government services held hostage is a way to determine how to secure our borders. heard,n't know if you you say the president wants $5.6 billion for border security which includes the wall. but is not explicitly for the wall. says she's not willing to give any money for the wall, do you think there should be a compromise made so that some money should be given to the white house for the border wall? >> initially, there was money.
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all the bill that passed congress the other night were passed by the senate, or list four of them. with a 31-0 vote. democrats and republicans in the state senate have worked and that's what people are forgetting. , i agree with that. it appears to be the president will negotiate about reopening want tont and democrats talk about border security and trying to find common ground as if there in lies the problem. we do not believe the government should be shut down and the people should be held hostage just for a political purpose that the president has. >> i can't speak for senator mcconnell but i would like to see him bring the bills to the senate floor. we could reopen much of the
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government where there is no dispute over issues involving certain departments like transportation, housing, interior. let's get those reopened while the negotiations continue. the to be fair to senator mcconnell, the fact is that unless chuck schumer and speaker pelosi agree and the president agrees to sign a bill, we can pass bills, but they won't become laws. that's why i understand the point that senator mcconnell is making about these important negotiations that are ongoing. announcer: mike pence is scheduled to meet again this afternoon with him credit and republican congressional staffers in effort to find a solution to the stalemate. watch continuing coverage of the government shutdown and negotiations here on c-span.
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