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tv   California Gov.- Elect Newsom Swearing- In Inaugural Address  CSPAN  January 7, 2019 5:47pm-6:19pm EST

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next, california's new governor delivers his inaugural address in sacramento. this is 25 minutes. thank you, california. democracy in action. thank you for the participants. it -- i aml for grateful. bit -- a bet that my kids would not come up.
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thank you, janet. i am humbled to be here and i want to express my appreciation to former governors and legend officials. am gratified. the story of our state is the of a dream and it is what brought my family to california some three generations ago for promises of a better life, but a bigger one. so deep does the california dream run in the history and character of our state that it can feel as enduring as our primeval forests or our majestic mountain ranges but there is , nothing inevitable about it. every dream depends on the
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it is up to us to renew the california dream for a new generation and now more than ever, it is up to us to defend it. thankfully, we have a champion in speaker nancy pelosi. andashington, administration that is clearly hostile to california values and forfornia's interest california has always helped write america's future. and we know the decisions we make would be important at any time. but
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what we do today is even more consequential, because of what's happening in our country. people's lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe they all hang in the balance. the country is watching us. the world is waiting on us. the future depends on us and we will seize this moment. california is a giant engine of congress critically have the resources to ensure a decent standard of living for all. a time when so much of america is divided, we are united. our people are bighearted and those qualities are more vital now than ever. i see that in the past few
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weeks. everythingrally lost they owned, but were still reaching out to help others. i went to san diego and met volunteers providing relief to desperate migrants. others treat them like criminals. a three-year-old girl captured my heart. i spent time with farmers in fresno. there are everyday heroes across hard toe and they work care for aging parents or newborn children or open up their homes to foster children like my mother. she was a single mom, raising two kids of her own and working three jobs and she still had room in her heart for more. that is the california i know.
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that is the one i love. that is why i'm so confident in our future. make no mistake there are powerful forces against us, not just politicians against us, but junk companies that doubt california of skyhigh prices. a gun lobby that is willing to sacrifice the lives of children to line their pockets. polluters who threaten our coastline and pay day lane lenders -- headed lenders who target are most bonobo. places, they have a tight grip. here in california, we have the power to stand up against them and we will. [applause] challenges,erious
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some that have been deferred for with a booming economy. stagnant wages, cost of rising , the basics are increasingly out of reach. it is not just inequality of wealth, it is inequality of opportunity. we have a homeless academic that should keep each and every one of us at night. an achievement cap in our schools the holds back millions of our kids. too many children know the ache of chronic hunger to read have not families who had to
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improvise where to tougher babies in at night. these are not merely policy -- as long as they persist, each and every one of us is diminished. we are all touched by the human condition, whether we are homeless or jobless or have safe drinking water at home. ownll have our vulnerabilities in our success civil -- susceptible to disasters. lesko's -- ventura and make sure theow californians share in compassion that make burden and
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anxiety easier to their -- to bear. does not always reward taking on the hardest problems. the results of our work may not be evident for very long time, but that cannot be our concern. we will prepare for uncertain times ahead and will be stewards of taxpayer dollars, me future obligations and we will build and safeguard the largest fiscal reserve of any state in american history. i want to be clear, we will be bold. we will aim high and work like hell to get there. we will prove that people of
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good faith, and firm will can still come together to achieve big things. we will offer an alternative to the corruption and incompetence in the white house. our government will be progressive, principled, and always on the side of the people. this will take courage. by no courage is -- i know courage is a word that means different things to different people. to me, courage means doing what is right even when it is hard. that will be the mission of our administration. we will be a "california for all." we won't be divided between rural and urban or north and south or coastal and inland. we will strive for solidarity and face our most threatening
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problems together. with deep faith and our state and our future, i ask you to join me in the work ahead. , buts look to the future with boundless energy. this is a time for courage and we will rise to meet it. state has been on a journey together since the worst of the great recession. and then we were in debt unemployment was north of 12%. we have the worst credit rating of any state in the nation. our economy is larger than all but four nations in the world. we have created nearly 3 million jobs and put away billions of
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dollars for a rainy day. onre washington has failed climate change, california led and sitting bull targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions and beating them. so much of this progress has happened under the leadership of governor jerry brown. it has been an honor to serve with him these past eight years and learn from him him and not
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just as lieutenant governor, but .hroughout my lifetime man who of a fullest built his house and a storm washes away, but a wise man -- when the floods came, it did not fall, for it was founded upon a rock. for eight years, california has built a foundation of rock. our job now is to not rest on the foundation, build our house upon it. we know hown ever, much a house matters and matter.
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we have -- so many of our neighbors have lost theirs. a house that provides shelter to all who need it and sanctuary to all who seek it. where opportunity abounds to all. builtssed, dream so, and with the sweat of honest work. we will not have one house for the rich, and one for the poor or one for the nativeborn and one for the rest. we will build one house for one california. [applause] because what is a house but a home and california is our home. in our home, every child should
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be loved, fed, and served. my wife jennifer and i have four children. and there is nothing more important, i hope you can tell then giving them a good and happy life. kids, not just the children of a governor and a filmmaker should have a good life in california. they should not be ripped away from their parents at the border. [applause] gov. newsom: nor should they be left hungry when politicians seek to pour billions into eyewall that should never be belts. -- into a wall that should never be built. this is exactly how it was scripted. [laughter]
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we will support parents, we will support parents, they need support. trust me. [laughter] [applause] gov. newsom: so they can give their kids the love and care they need. [laughter] especially in those critical early years of life. [cheers and applause] gov. newsom: in our home, no one should live in constant fear of eviction or spend their whole paycheck to keep a roof overhead.
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launching atted to marshall plan for affordable housing and we will lift up the fight for homelessness from a local matter to a statewide mission. home, every person should have access to quality, affordable health care. [applause] far away judges and politicians may turn back our progress but we will never waver in our pursuit of guaranteed health care for all californians. we will use both our market power and our moral power to demand fair prices for prescription drugs. [applause] gov. newsom: we will stop
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stigmatizing mental health and start supporting it. and we will always protect a women's right -- a woman's right to choose. [cheering and applause] home, weom: in our believe in justice for all. and we will defend the progress we have made to reform our criminal justice system. we will continue the fight andnst over incarceration overcrowding of our prisons and we will and the outrage which is time in prison in the state of california once and for all.
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in our home, working people deserve fair pay. the right to join a union. the chance at a middle-class life. we will fight not just for growth at any cost but inclusive, sustainable growth. workll shape the future of and connect higher education and skills learning to the next generation of middle-class jobs because in a time of swift and unsettling change, all californians should be able to count on a measure of security and a shot at opportunity. and those that dream on building something on their own, a restaurant, a bookstore or a family farm, they will get our support. our small businesses help explain why california is one of the biggest economies on earth. for me, this is personal. i will never forget the day that i got a $20 tip bussing tables
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at 16 years old in ramona's .estaurant in san rafael trust me, busboys do not always get tips like that. i know it sounds strange but a quite literally changed my life. it meant that my hard work mattered and it motivated me to keep going. eight years later, i started my own business so i know how much hard work and sacrifice is behind every small business in the state and how good it feels when that hard work pays off. must never turn its back on the entrepreneurial spirit that has always defined us. and in our home, when trouble comes, we will stand together. [laughter] right? aww!
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[cheers and applause] i am glad this is personal. we will get to this tomorrow. [laughs] cry,fires strike, kids when the earth shakes, we will be there for each other. the former mayor, i learned wisdom in an old african proverb. if you want to go fast, go alone that if you want to go far, go together. to my friends in the legislature -- [applause] to my friends in the legislature, the democrats and republicans alike, i promise you and open door and an open mind. california did not send us here to bicker. witht enough of that respect in washington. let us not forget that this is of they the corridor
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capital where change is being forged. i will partner with leaders across the state because i know the pressure that you face because i have been there. the only way to fix our problems is if you are empowered to lead the way. i intend to represent all of california. not just those that voted for me. i will be the governor of the dockworker in long beach, the small business owner in corona and a teacher. [applause] manyognize as well that members of our rural community feel that sacramento does not care about them. that we do not even see them. well, icu and i care about you and i will represent you with pride. [applause] this notion that we are all in this together is a
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powerful one. it was also how i was raised. said, -- my once father passed away just before christmas. he was the judge and justice. and for him, justice -- [cheers and applause] gov. newsom: and for him, justice was more than a title. it was in his bones. he believed to his core that all people should be treated fairly and with respect. bedrock always been a californian value for me. 15 years ago when i was a new mayor and i heard politicians in washington smearing our values and our lgbtq community. i remember the words my father -- it is never the wrong time to do the right thing and that is what we did.
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two women whoco, had been in love for nearly 50 years had the courage to stand up and say these two most powerful words, "i do." and thousands more followed. it took a long time but love won. just like 15 years ago, now is the time for courage. we will stand up for what is right and defend our people and my pledge to every californian is no matter what comes at us, i will have your back. right, theis progress we make will never be unmade. said, you cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. you cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. you cannot oppress the people
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who are not afraid anymore. there is a story that we tell about our history from sutter's mill how this is a place where anything is possible. this is the coast of dreams. that is true. but you should not have to find gold or make it in the movies or create a million startup to live the american dream. it is for everyone in california. everyone should have a good job with fair pay. [applause] child shouldevery have a great school and a teacher who is supported and respected. [applause] every person should be able to go to college without crushing debt and get the training they and every senior should
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have the ability to retire with security and live at home with dignity. [applause] gov. newsom: that is the california dream. quick or star on the big screen but to work hard and share in the rewards and to leave a better future for our kids. the work we have spoken of today cannot be the judge of a governor a loan or the legislature or even the entire government. it can only be achieved if we all share the spirit of a young dreamer that i heard recently in los angeles. she said -- i was not born in california but california was born in may. there is a spark. created.hat california , the eyes of the world are upon us and more than ever come america needs california.
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the guiding light of our progress. this is where america's future is made. this is our charge. that is our calling. now, let us get to work. thank you all very much. for indulging my kids. i am humbled and honored. thank you to each and every one of you. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tonight, on the communicators, we will discuss the race between the u.s. and china to develop artificial intelligence. with chinese technology leader, kaifu lee. >> i think the u.s. companies, the best of them tend to be phd
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driven, research driven aiming for ai to be a breakthrough and looking for applications. the best of the chinese, at least the emerging chinese they are companies, are those looking for ways to make money and build a great product. reach the greatest number of people. cost orave a lot of increase the margins or by increasing the clear if it's an see and productivity with ai and robotics versus having humans do routine tasks. i think the china approach is practical and focused on immediate usage and monetization and i think those approaches are more business driven. >> watch of the communicators tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. coming up here on c-span,
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former diplomats and defense officials on nuclear security and arms control policy. journalist robert costa on the week ahead in washington. after that, a discussion on politics and the use of social media followed by gavin newsom delivering his inaugural address. ♪ >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming tuesday morning, a discussion of the green new deal energy and environmental issues withe 116th congress heartland institutions senior fellow. then we talk about the latest with the government shutdown with christina marcos. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> sunday, on q&a, author and
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columnist james grant -- >> i make my living by writing about markets. it is much too expensive for some of the people out there. the trouble lies not so much in wall street, wall street is what it is. andas been a name, mostly influence name -- an influence name. what we ought to be more on our guard about are the institutions in the federal government that are a validly -- owedly denied in their intentions. the securities and exchange commission. benefactors. up as and the public is increasingly not so. >> james grant, sunday night on
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c-span'snce q&a -- on q&a. next, a discussion on nuclear security and arms control policy with former diplomats and defense officials. the brookings institution hosted prospect of the extending the treaty which establishes limits on nuclear weapons in the u.s. and russia. this is 90 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome to the brookings institution. i am a is frank rose and senior fellow here in the foreign policy program. at brookings. we are delighted have such a large


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