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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Andrew Yang Rally at Lincoln Memorial  CSPAN  April 15, 2019 6:35pm-7:00pm EDT

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where most of the irs enforcement attention should be and it has not been recently. guest: the authors of the article got wrong was that in the audit rates of the largest companies, for example, $20 billion of cash flow per year, the audit rate is 58%. it is not as if the irs is not looking at these companies. and a large portion of the tax gap on the individual side of the $290 billion estimated, almost half of that -- >> thank you! thank you! thank you! yes! yes! thank you washington, d.c.. thank you. you are all beautiful, thank you, washington, d.c.
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it is incredible to be here with you. how many of you saw a cnn town hall last night? [applause] mr. yang: we get bigger every day and you are early adopters, you discover things early and yang is about to go mainstream. [applause] we are in the shadow of the washington monument, the lincoln memorial, i think near for the first time in eighth grade, how many of you had a trip to washington, d.c. in eighth grade? [applause] mr. yang: the first time you went overnight with your classmates and were nervous and trying to feign -- find roommate and prove you have friends. you go to the lincoln memorial and it sinks in, you get it, you get the gravity of what the country went through and the man
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who helped bring us back together. i brought my family here to the leak in memorial a couple of months ago for president's day. my kids are only six and three so they did not get it but -- they definitely did not get it. [laughter] mr. yang: but we get it. m.r.i. -- am i right? [applause] mr. yang: this country is going through major problems, not like civil war problems, but serious problems nonetheless. i am not a career politician. i am an entrepreneur. i ama problem solver and here to solve a problem that many americans have been struggling with for the past two plus years and the problem is, why is donald trump our president? [applause] mr. yang: if you go to the mainstream media and say, how did donald trump win in 2016?
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why do they say he won? >> russia! mr. yang: what is number two? racism. sexism. facebook. fib. -- fbi.these are the explanations we are getting but i look at the numbers. [applause] mr. yang: the reason donald trump is the president -- look mathe numbers, i love the signs and had. -- hats. make america think harder. a straight line up, the adoption of industrial roadblocks in a voting district. the reason he is our president today is we automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in
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michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, allonsin, missouri, iowa, of the swing states he needed to win and did win. how many of you are from one of those states? you know what i'm talking about. my friends in silicon valley what we did to manufacturing workers we will do to retail workers and fast food workers and truck drivers and on and on. i think you are agreeing with me. thank you, brother. how many have noticed store closings around where you live and work? why are they closing? amazon, that is right. they are a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up $20 million in business every year and stores can hang on for a while but now 30% of american malls in
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mainstream stores are going to close in the next four years. working as a retail cashier is the most common job in the united states. the average cashier is a 39 euros woman making between $10 and $11 per hour and what will she do when her store closes? yang -- vote for andriy yang --andrew yang, that is a possibility. did you see software dealing with service calls? what do you think the timeframe is for ai outperforming a call center worker? what do you think? tomorrow is what he is yelling. i know when you call a company and get their company service box, you get the same thing do, you pound the keys until you get a human. i did the same thing.
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years ore only three so away from not being able to tell the difference between a bot and a human and in a few year a bot will pick up the phone and ask what they can do to help. you will be, that was delightful. we are three years away from that but there are 2.5 million call-center workers in the united states making $14 per hour and when ai can outperform one of them they can outperform hundreds of thousands of them. i talk a lot about truck driving, the most common job, 3.5 million truck drivers, average age is 49. my friends in silicon valley on -- are working on trucks that can drive themselves with the american reason, money. some people are screaming, yes,
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money. oo.ike money, ti $160 billion in financial , do you-- incentives want to bet against $168 billion year in financial incentives? they tell me that they are five-tenures away, testing robot trucks in the midwest right now. takeill the truck drivers it when they see robot truck drivers pass them? there are dozens of truck drivers that protested in indiana, they did a slow roll, they drove their truck slowly on a highway and drivers were like, what is going on? why are these trucks going so slow? what were they protesting? digitally monitored. there is a 14 hour restriction they did not like being on driving a truck and after 14
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hours you have to turn the truck off or he gets mad at you. how are they going to react when competing against robot trucks that never need to stop? they will take it very poorly and only 13% of truckers are unionized today. we are talking about dramatic transportations -- transformations in our economy and i came to washington, d.c. in 2017 after donald trump won and said what will we do about the fact we are in the midst of these fundamental transformation that has brought us donald trump? this was before i was running. socouly not say the yang yet -- vote yang yet. what do you think the responses i got in washington, d.c. were when i said that? shout them out. go ahead. the responses i got from washington, d.c. where these, we
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cannot talk about that. boo! number two, we should study that further. [boos] mr. yang: and we must reeducate and retrain americans for the job of the teacher -- job of the future. that sound reasonable. i looked at the numbers. [applause] mr. yang: what do you think the success rate for federally funded retraining programs for a manufacturing position in the midwest? it was zero-15%. it does not work. when i said, i did the math and we are terrible at retraining, they said to me, i guess we will get better at it. that is a washington dc solution to a problem. had, and one meeting i
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i have a staffer and colleague with me and i said, if you did not verify this, you would not believe it but he said to me, andrew, you are in the wrong town. no one in this town will do anything about the problems you describe because this town is a count of followers and not leaders. [boos] mr. yang: and the only way to do something about it is a wave crashing down on our heads. that is the only way we will wake up. i looked at that and did not say this thought, challenge excepted accepted. [applause] how many of you saw i am pulling 3% nationwide as of today? some people still have not heard of andrew yang.
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oh, they find out about me, my gosh. the internet has me at fifth likely to win the nomination. , am proposing, as you heard the freedom dividend, $1000 per month for every american starting at age 18. [applause] mr. yang: that is right. the first time you heard of that you thought these three things, there is an asian man running for president who wants to give everybody $1000 per month. [applause] mr. yang: and that is true. them youwhen you heard thought this literally sounds fantastic, too it to be true -- too good to be true, gimmick, but this idea has been with us since the founding of this country, thomas payne was for it, he called it the citizen
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dividend and martin luther king, his birthday we celebrate every year, he called it a guaranteed minimum income and championed it in 1967, the year before he was assassinated. milton friedman and economists signed a study that said this would be tremendous for the economy. milton friedman gets applause. it was so mainstream it passed the house of at representatives twice in 1971 and 11 years later one state adopted a dividend where everybody in the state gets between $1000 and $2000 per year, no questions asked, what state is that? >> alaska. mr. yang: how do they find it? >> oil. mr. yang: what is the oil of the 21st century? >> technology. mr. yang: what we do with technology money. [applause] , they calln alaska
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it the oil checked and they love it, we will call this the tech check and we will love it. [applause] mr. yang: think what would you do with $1000 per month. where would that money go? >> college! mr. yang: it would go to college for a lot of young people. pay off the debt. credit card bills. it would stay in your local communities and you would spend it on food, bills, health care, the occasional night out, and a lot was circulate in the towns in. this is a trickle up economy for people, families, and communities. [applause] mr. yang: this is a freedom dividend that will make a stronger and healthier and mentally healthier, and if the democratic party will talk about empowering women, there are
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millions of women around the country that are in abusive or exploited johnson relationship because they lack the economic freedom to walk away and $1000 a month would help that a great deal. am i right? [applause] talk aboute can empowering women or do something about it and i choose to do something about it. [applause] mr. yang: this is a freedom dividend, how we can build an economy that works for us and there isof cizens in a democracn declaring ourselves a dividend, nothing wrong at all. we need to wake up to that power that we have as americans. you will help us wake up the rest of the country and i thank you for that. [applause] mr. yang: we cannot stop there. we have to get health care off of your backs, you are all young and beautiful and in perfect health, a lot of you, you
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nowrstand where health care is a massive weight on millions of families and individuals where if you get sick or injured, you are more stress out about navigating our labyrinth of a health care system than getting healthy or getting well. that is messed up and not moral and we can change it. [applause] towards: we can move public option to make it so that, if you get sick or injured come in the richest and most advanced country in the world, you will not worry about your bills. it sounds to good to be true but i have looked at the numbers. of our gdp to worse results than other countries and when people say, how will you pay for it? are you kidding me? and werun companies spent a ton of money on health insurance. when you are running a company, hiring someone, it is a
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disincentive to change jobs and a disincentive to start a business. how many have wanted to start a business but thought, what will i do about health care? the third thing, how many of you get excited about gdp when you wake up in the morning? [applause] mr. yang: i talk about my wife at home with their two young boys, one is artistic, what is your work value gdp every year? zero. market value? zero. the work isense, more vital than a lot of other work being done in our country and we will followcliff becauseg trucks will be great for gdp they will be terrible for a lot of people. how do we shift an economy that we would be excited about?
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we have to change the measurements. instead of gdp with this expansive number we made up almost 100 years ago, the inventor of gdp said that it is a terrible measurement for national well-being and we should never use it like that. number two he said we should include parenthood because it is so important. number three, we should not include national defense spending because it adds no economic value. [applause] mr. yang: we ignore all of those things and worship gdp that he made up almost 100 years ago. what should we be focusing on? our own health and mental health. [applause] how about how clean our air and water are? [applause] mr. yang: how about average income and affordability? [applause] mr. yang: these are the problems. gdp is at a record high on life
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expectancy has gotten shorter for the past three years. our life expectancy has gotten shorter because drug overdoses and suicides have overtaken vehicle deaths as cause of death for the first time in our history. the last time our life expectancy declined three years in a row? the great flu pandemic of 1918, the spanish flu, that is the last time our life inspect and see the client three years in a row and yet we celebrate gdp that means nothing while our people are dying earlier. we have to change the measurements to something that will reflect how we are doing, and as president, i will reflect on these numbers and present them every year at the state of the union with a powerpoint, i will be the first president to use powerpoint at the state of the union. [applause] mr. yang: that is right. you will get something out of the state of union instead of
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these bizarre performances every year. [applause] mr. yang: if people are trying to stand up and clap and not clap, like, what is this? it is so weird. numbers, that is right, i will show the numbers. this is how we can advance to the next stage of our economy. the number one criteria when the democrats now in the presence of candidate is who can beat donald trump. we all know here that our campaign is already getting former donald trump supporters and independents, republicans, libertarians, democrats, and progresses, we will build a coalition that will sweep the floor with donald trump. am i right? [applause] donald trump is our president today because he got a
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lot of the fundamental problems right. when he was going around saying, these are not great, and the counter was, things that are great, that was not the right response. there are real problems on the ground. he got that much right. but his solutions are the opposite of what we need. the solutions are we need to turn the clock back, we have to build a wall, we have to try to -- and time only moves in one direction. i want to do the opposite of donald trump, accelerate our economy and society. i want to prepare us for the true challenges of the 21st century and i am the right man for the job. the opposite of donald trump is an asian man who likes math. [applause] mr. yang: thank>> andrew yang!
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mr. yang: chant my name! i love you, thank you. thank you. thank you! up.ll come and mix it yes! thank you! good to see you again. thank you for being here. i will back off. [laughter] >> andrew yang! andrew yang! andrew yang! !ndrew yang
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announcer: tonight on the communicators, from the state of the net conference in washington kellerspeak with daphne from's -- restrictions on media platforms. >> any time a company goes into a country that is like a lucrative market and that is now going to have leverage over the platform, you are running the risk that that country is going to tell you to censor things or tell you to invade your user's privacy or turn over data to the police. and that absolutely happens with countries all over the world. it is not unique to china. announcer: watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2.
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announcer: a look at primetime schedule on the c-span network. starting up 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, a discussion on race, diversity and politics with the former los angeles mayor. --8:30 eastern on c-span2, cspan3, american history tv with the annual abraham lincoln symposium which highlights the 16th president. announcer: she spends washington journal of a live everyday with news and policy issues that impact you. tuesday morning, a discussion about the future of health care. then we will talk about the rising cost of


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