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tv   White House National Economic Council Director Kudlow Talks to Reporters  CSPAN  April 15, 2019 9:57pm-10:08pm EDT

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kudlow spoke to reporters on tax day. questions focused on president returns, public perceptions around the tax plan, and eliminations for the federal reserve board. mr. kudlow: hi folks. did you pay your taxes? i'm going to take a poll. thumbs up, thumbs down? did you pay your taxes? the president is not releasing his tax forms today. i will refer you to the secretary of treasury about that. he is under audit. he has submitted hundreds of pages. you know the argument. one thing i want to say is echo the secretary of the treasury. my good friend, steve mnuchin. this administration has no intention to weaponize the irs the way the nixon administration did.
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and all of this looks too political for us. i will leave it there and refer you to the treasury secretary. that is all i have on that. no, you may not. i have nothing else to say to -- on the matter. i refer to the treasury department. the republican tax plan that passed has a perception problem. americans don't like it. why do you think that is the case? mr. kudlow: i don't know. here is the deal. poll after poll, almost 60% -- i need the umbrella. it is starting to really poor. -- pour. the wall street journal, nbc, the harvard poll, all show tremendous approval of the economy. taxes are a means towards that end. the tax debate, i don't know. i think at the end of the day you have a very prosperous america with low unemployment. blue-collar workers are doing
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higher wages than we have had in years and they are doing better than the white-collar workers. everybody is sharing in the prosperity. we are growing at 3%. we are thing terrific business investment. individual families, average families after-tax , incomes are up $2300. probably going to continue. i would say americans approve of a prosperous economy, which has been rebuilt by president trump's policies. >> draghi says he is worried about said independence. he has no intention of going up against fed independence. that has always been our view. we have opinions the president , has opinions about monetary policy. it is a free country. no reason why he should not. good story in the journal this
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weekend about the fed history and how there is nothing new about presidents having opinions. we have no intention of damaging federal reserve independence. none whatsoever. >> the perception, following up on blake's question, the perception is, the tax cuts benefited the corporations a lot more than it benefited average americans. mr. kudlow: average americans, blue-collar workers, take a look at the numbers. perceptions are lovely. i don't know what any of that means here. again, c.a. estimated this on an after-tax basis, the average american's weekly earnings and so forth up about $2300 per family household. that is a terrific gain because of lower taxes and stronger employment. you can't do better than that and that may grow over time.
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some early estimates show it will grow over time. that is what matters. what matters is a low unemployment rate. what matters is more people working and prospering. what matters is the tremendous burst in our energy industry. this is the hottest economy in the world. i will just leave it there. big corporations hire people. middle corporations, smaller companies. look at the nfib. small business surveys are still exploding with respect to employment and future investment plans and hiring. i don't buy that. i think the media is harping on that. let me come back to the polls that matter. economic performance rated at about 58% by all the major polls. you cannot hardly do better than that. tax cuts have always been a means to that end. a generalized prosperity that is surprising everybody. we are running 1% above what the average estimates were a year ago.
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we are pretty satisfied with that. >> can we get an update on the fed reserve picks? is the president making calls to the senate and does he fully support both? mr. kudlow: yes, and they are both being vetting. there is no new news on that. they are both being vetted by the fbi. we in touch with the senate banking committee and they will do their own investigation process. we are letting that run its course. >> democrats like bernie sanders say they would overturn the president's tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations to find -- fund their agenda like universal health care. what effect you think that would have on the economy? mr. kudlow: if you ran universal health care and let's say it is part of the green new deal in general, our estimates are you would percent lose 15% of gdp in 10 years. 15% of the economy would be gone because of the government
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planning collectivist socialist approach. here is what mr. sanders does not say. 180 million americans would lose their private insurance policies. 180 million. that is extraordinary. i would conclude all these socialist proposals, collectivist, central proposals, take away our liberty and take away our prosperity. the whole thing is a big poverty trap. as i say, estimates are up to 15% of gdp inside of 10 years. i think this would be a very bad approach. by the way, we are ourselves working hard to reform health care. >> seeing that the average american joe voted in this president what are you hearing , from them about the tax cuts? mr. kudlow: 58% of them think
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the economy is positive, prosperous. there is a big number -- that is a big number, a huge number. some of these polls -- i do not want to go into a kudlow dissertation on polls. some do not give you the big picture. i just leave it at that. what is happening here is growth, prosperity, jobs, wages are rising, productivity is rising. people do not expect that. businesses are investing. it is the hottest economy in the world. money is flowing here. money is just flowing. anybody i missed? yes, please. >> [indiscernible] mr. kudlow: glad you asked that. good progress. each week -- there go my cards. each week they have been meeting and making great progress. sorry.
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on really every aspect. i will get that in a second. good progress. very positive on that. i will just be an optimist about it. we are not quite there yet. we have some open issues. currency reforms look very good. there has been progress on enforcement. it is pretty much across the board. i think the key here is steady conversations since they were here and that will continue. thanks, everybody. appreciate it. >> what is the president getting involved with boeing? can you talk about bowing this morning? -- boeing this morning? mr. kudlow: thank you, appreciate it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> i think it is important on this day we continue to offer
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the people of colorado, the families involved, the sure knowledge that all of america cares for them and is praying for them. the columbineo high school shooting was one of the deadliest high school shootings in american history. friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern we look back at the shooting and provide reflection on the tragedy. >> at that time columbine had never happened. issue ofed at the violence, as something indicative of the possibility of real deterioration in thinking. >> watch our special on the 1999 columbine high school shooting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> next week here from journalists who were finalists for the annual goldsmith prize for investigating reporting. panelists posted stories on police corruption


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