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tv   Student Cam - First Prize High School East  CSPAN  April 20, 2019 6:51am-7:00am EDT

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because it is being used to convey this message. we're denying registration to -- because it is descriptive, generic, et cetera. and we simply want to be able to follow the same approach with respect to profanity. profane words can be used as part of a larger message, but we're not denying registration because of the message, it's because of the profanity. and the last thing i'd say about whether it matters, obviously, the reason mr. brunetti cares about this enough to apply for federal -- for trademark registration and appeal to the federal circuit is that he believes that federal registration will convey commercial advantages. and within the context of a program that is intended to facilitate and strengthen trademarks, congress can legitimately decide that it wants to disincentivize the use of trademarks that substantial numbers of people would find offensive and to disassociate the government from those trademarks. thank you. chief justice roberts: thank you, counsel. the case is submitted.
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>> all this month on c-span, we'll feature the winners of our c-span documentary competition answering the dwe what does it mean to be american. r winners, 11th and 12th graders at winter park high school in winter park, florida. their winning entry is entitled "comfortably numb" honoring america's right to a free press. >> it was important to capture it on documentary. it is not about journalists trying to get their agenda across. there really is a need for accountability in our journalism and the media need to appreciate that accountability. >> how much work journalists have to do. we learned interviewing people. we were at the sentinel and saw
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all of these people working as fast as they could on stories and whenever you see it in the papers, you don't understand any of the background of the story. >> we are so thankful for c-span giving us this opportunity. i think we have all made c-span films in the past but just being able to go into this topic in full depth, it was an amazing experience and we're so thankful at c-span is giving us the opportunity to find out more about this topic. >> the newspaper tri-is in big truble. land zape is shifting. >> newspapers have suffered financially as rearsd have gone online. >> you don't know if it is true, false or somewhere in between. -- re we at a fundamental
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the way we consume information? >> journalism. >> what was once a print-dominated business is now transitioning into other mediums due to the increased usage of media formats such as television and social media. >> when i got in the business, media was a strong immediate yum. -- medium. > they get their news from instagram. snap chat. twitter. >> the news matchs the views that you already have. >> a free press is one of the fundamental elements that our nation was built on. however it is important to know t every country in the world enacts the same laws.
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>> roughly 4.5 billion individuals have either a partly free or government-controlled press. >> advancing press freedom across the globe promotes and safeguards democracy. >> without freedom to me there is no press. it is nonsense. >> when you have rights, you oftentimes don't value them. therefore you quickly -- you don't realize when they are being taken away. >> we also take freedom of the press for granted. >> it is not only that. it is also because we don't really know what a life without a free suppress really like. to understand that perspective, met with rafael martinez, nominated by president george bush to serve as a public
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delegate for the u.n.'s 67th assembly. >> we lived if a small town in uba about six hours out of havana. at age 11 the change of power occurred. when i was 12 years old, everything changed. the secret police were out. the changes in freedom. we went from 152 museums in cuba to one newspaper. it was too much propaganda controlled by the government so that all the information is controlled. one television station from all the different stations that there were. the restrictions in a communist country and our freedom can't be compared. we're talking a to z. it is very exciting and something we have to protect. we have to protect the first eam and all of our freedoms. we cannot allow our freedoms to
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be edged away. that is the foundation of our country. >> i think that if you look through most of the strides that have been made in both this country and on the planet, it was often a free press that was giving light to the problems and encouraging us to do better. >> people are beginning to understand that if i don't value these things, they will no longer exest. >> part of fabric of the united states and it is something that has as a cuban-american immigrant i hold very dear because it has allowed me to have a voice in this country. >> journalism costs money. to get a story can take us hours, days, weeks, months. pizza. compare it to i don't expect to go in your store and get a free pizza. if you want to stay informed,
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please click and subscribe. >> they can't just turn on the television. they have to get out there and read not not only the front page over the new york times but the opinion pages as well and find out all viewpoints on certain subjects and it should be taught to our children so they understand why. >> you become numb to we stop trying to distinguish what is true and not true. i'm hoping what will happen is that people will make more of an effort to pay attention, to demand things of their ledge. -- legislature. >> a number of things came to mind. >> we thought of turkey at thanksgiving. >> then we thought about being american is about so much more than national pride. >> amidst the stories of fake
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news, we forget the role journalism plays in our survival. >> the industry as whole can become more reliable. >> we as americans have a role too. we need to appreciate the press freedoms that our country has. >> we can't live passively, unconcerned about where we get our news from. as a nation, we cannot be comfortably you can watch every documentary online at >> today on c-span, "washington journal" is next. then a look back at the columbine school shooting which happened 20 years ago today. and from new york university, a discussion about healthcare journalism and the cost of medical mistakes. in about an hour, we'll discuss the columbine school shooting with author dave cullen and
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later the co-director of brown university's cause of war project. ♪he discusses the u.s. good morning and welcome to "washington journal." special counsel robert mueller's report has been released in redacted form, anddemocrats havo make. let voters decide in the 2020 election? we will open our finest hours democratic viewers first. what do you think leaders should do now that they have the muelleror


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