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tv   Scott Wong  CSPAN  April 22, 2019 8:07pm-8:17pm EDT

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>> earlier today, the house democratic conference meant about the conference to discuss the judiciary committee subpoena of former white house counsel don mccann at what is next in the mueller report findings. we spoke with a capitol hill reporter to learn more. scott long is senior staff writer for the hill. pelosiwhy did speaker call this meeting right in the middle of the house recess? scott: this is a big deal for
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democrats and for congress and the entire country. this was the first gathering of house democrats after the robert mueller special counsel report was released last week. democrats and all lawmakers have been on a two week easter recess. they are scattered across the pelosi wanted to get everyone on the same page, which has been a difficult task, because you have liberal firebrands like al green and calling one democrats to pursue this all ofment path after these potential episodes of obstruction of justice, identified in the report about donald trump. on the other hand, you have the leadership, nancy pelosi and a lot of these committee chairman,
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like chairman another of judiciary, and elijah cummings of the oversight committee, who are saying, let's not rush into impeachment. all of thetigate various aspects of this report. we haven't even seen the full unredacted report yet. robert mueller himself, let's hear from bill barr, the attorney general, then let's proceed cautiously and deliberately and investigate every aspect of what robert mueller has put out there in his report. you have these two very disparate wings of the party that are struggling to unify in this post robert mueller report world. colleagues,our hill covering the story, this meeting, and you are tweeting about it. democratichis," leaders on conference call seek
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to reign in calls for impeachment, but some rank and file question that approach, arguing there's plenty of evidence to launch impeachment proceedings." you also note that at the same time, that subpoena by the goesiary committee chair out to former white house counsel don make again. is that a next message -- don mcgann. is that in next message? -- a mixed message? scott: i don't think that's a mixed message. there was a subpoena issued just as this meeting was underway, to send a message to the rank and file members, who are clamoring for impeachment, to say, we are going to use the robert mueller report as a guidepost. he has left a number of breadcrumbs. we have heard this analogy this week. we have to follow the breadcrumbs. going tomethodically go through this 448 page report.
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they want to subpoena the various characters that appear in this report, including don mcgann, hauled before the committees, get them on record, get them to testify in public before the national television cameras, and try to get to the , not so what happened much having to do with the russia coordination or collusion, which mueller has said, there was not enough criminal evidence to move forward on, but on the obstruction of justice aspects, democrats want to pick apart each and every one of these examples of potential obstruction of justice. 10 of them, robert mueller identified, and try to the problem. -- bottom. >> you are quoting law enforcement officials, who sits on the judiciary committee, this
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tweet, val dennings, saying" i think we have great evidence that president trump has violated any laws. i think we have enough to move to impeachment>" ,"." scott wong, when the rank and file returns, what do you think the measures they might call for? al green of texas, and rashida tlaib of michigan have have both said- they plan to move forward and file legislation calling for the impeachment of president trump. that has not happened yet. we expect, when we get back at some point, there will be a lot of discussion and debate. there will be more meetings on this, private meetings of the democratic caucus.
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we are seeing a real time of war happening within the democratic caucus. that will play out when we returned back into session next week. played out on this telephone call of all of the house democrats, with val dennings saying, we now have the robert mueller report, although a redacted version. we think we have enough here to take the first steps down that path. >> scott wong, senior reporter hill," readthe more at the scott's tweets are at @scottwongdc. thank you for that. scott: good to be with you. >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, camma and scott:
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discuss 2020, and where candidates stand on energy and environment issues. then, heather he -- heather connolly, talks about the miller report findings on russian interference in the 2016 u.s. election. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal," live at seven eastern, tuesday morning. join the discussion. here's a look at our live coverage tuesday. on c-span, white house economic adviser larry kudlow talks about the state of the u.s. economy and recent trends in the stock market. that is from the national press club at 12:30 p.m. eastern. at 7 p.m. eastern, douglas brinkley and richard norton smith talk about c-span's new presidents," where historians rank the best and worst chief executives. c-span2, the road to the
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warehouse -- white house coverage includes governor larry hean in new hampshire as considers a challenge to president trump in the 2020 presidential election. u.s. institute of peace looks at efforts to combat extremism in different parts of the world. on c-span3, afl-cio president richard trumka talks about trade policy and issues with david rubenstein from the economic club of washington dc that is at 8:40 a.m. eastern. >> president trump is skipping the annual white house correspondents dinner again this year. he will hold a campaign rally in green bay, wisconsin. watch live coverage saturday, on c-span, at 8:00 p.m. eastern, and following the rally, watch live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner with featured speaker ron churn out. -- chernow. >> bombings in sri lanka killed almost 300 people in sri lanka.
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secretary of state mike pompeo blamed the attack on islamic terrorist. he talked about the bombings at the state department, leading off the briefing of ending sanctions of countries importing oil from iran. sec. pompeo: before i make my announcement regarding our pressure campaign against the islamic campaign against iran, i want to address yesterday's attack in sri lanka. what was supposed to be a joyful easter sunday was marred by a horrific wave of islamic radical terrorist bloodshed. heartbreaking that a country which has strived so hard for peace in recent years, has been targeted by these terrorists. we mourn the loved ones of the victims, some of whom an


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