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tv   Road to the White House 2020 President Trump Rally in Cincinnati OH  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 7:12pm-9:01pm EDT

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are trying to get the votes now but you will have to pay for it. >> another question at the end of that row. right there. >> i agree, health care -- sorry, my name is stephanie. i agree, health care costs are out of control. at the same time, when i'm sick or god forbid, one of my parents get sick, the last thing i want to do is shop around. is there a way that -- other strategies to control costs besides put placing the burden on the patient's? >> that is why you need insurance on that is why you need insurance that you pick and make decisions about what deductible you can afford, how narrow you want the networks or not. you need insurance coverage. announcer: and we will take you live now here on c-span. president trump speaking at a rally in cincinnati, ohio at the u.s. bank arena. governor of ohio, mike to wine first appear. you are watching live campaign 2020 coverage on c-span. >> good evening.
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what a night. in cincinnati. what an amazing crowd. i am told there are thousands and thousands outside. how great is it to be able to welcome back to cincinnati the president of the united states? isn't that great? [cheering] trump,wine: donald donald trump and mike pence have kept their promises. they have kept their promises. [cheering] thatdewine: they told us they would appoint a conservative judges to the federal bench and they have done it. [cheering] about this: and what
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roaring economy? [cheering] the lowest: unemployment in almost 50 years in this country. unbelievable. amazing story that is. note -- in ohio have had the opportunity to look across our border to indiana and had the opportunity to see mike pence, and see his work as governor of the state. inhave seen what he has done the united states congress and now the whole country, of course, has seen what he has done as vice president. [applause] [cheering] gov. dewine: mike pence has stood up for the sanctity of human life. [cheering]
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he has supported our military, he has supported our troops. [cheering] pence, vice mike president pence is a man of of integrity. man ladies and gentlemen, it is my high honor to introduce to you the vice president of the united states, mike pence. ♪
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>> ♪ all right now, baby all right now ♪ [cheering] vp pence: well, hello, ohio! [cheering]
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topence: the governor -- governor dewine, members of congress, my fellow americans, it is great to be back in the buckeye state. [cheering] vp pence: that i have got to tell you, we are here for one reason and one reason only, and that is that ohio and america need four more years of president donald trump in the white house! [cheering] [chanting "usa!"] vp pence: it is time for round
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two, ohio. [cheering] the campaign to keep america great is on. you know what began four years ago has grown into a movement. a movement of everyday americans from every walk of life, in every state in this nation. and here in ohio, you lead the way. -- led the way. [cheering] youence: here in ohio, believed we could be strong again. he believed we could be prosperous again. -- you believed we could be prosser -- prosperous again. 2016, andid trump, in ohio, i know you say donald trump in 2020.
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[cheering] because it is all about results. i think there is only one way you can describe the last two and a half years. it has been two and a half years of action. it has been two and a half years of results. it has been two and a half years of promises made and promises kept. but we are just getting started, ohio. i mean think about it. think about it. he promised to rebuild our military, and president trump has already signed the largest investment in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [cheering] --pence: we are real bit rebuilding our military. he promised to stand with our allies and to stand up to our
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enemies. and once again, president donald trump delivered, our nato allies are doing more than ever before, armed forces captured every last inch of isis territory in syria. [cheering] vp pence: they did it. they did it. accessised our veterans to the real-time world-class health care that you earned in the uniform of the united states, and president trump delivered. we reformed the v.a. we have run off the people that were not treating our veterans right, and veterans choice is here. [cheering] vp pence: and he promised to secure our borders.
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[cheering] vp pence: and president trump delivered. we have made historic investments in border security. mexico is doing more than ever before, and apprehensions on our southern border are already down by 30% in the last two months, and we have already started to build that wall. [cheering] vp pence: we are doing it. [chanting] wall!"]g "build that vp pence: oh, we are building it. [cheering] vp pence: and this president
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also promise to appoint principled conservatives to our federal courts and president trump has already appointed more conservatives to our federal courts in the last two years then any president in american history. -- than any president in american history. it's true. womeney are all men and who will uphold their god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution and our bill of rights, like the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [cheering] vp pence: and with leading democrats advocating late-term -- andn, and leaving
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even defending infanticide -- [booing] vp pence: i cannot be more proud to serve alongside a president who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life. [cheering] vp pence: and finally, president trump promised to revive the american economy, he cut red tape at historic levels, fought for trade deals that are fair and reciprocal, past the largest tax cuts and tax reform in american history, and the results are amazing. 6 million new jobs. unemployment is at a 50 year low. and more americans are working today than ever before in the history of this country. [cheering] vp pence: as president trump
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loves to say, our agenda is simple: jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheering] vp pence: and you know, with democrats embracing a radical and environmental agenda, this green new deal -- [booing] vp pence: and with some of their candidates making promises to actually eliminate fossil fuels from this country -- [booing] vp pence: i could not be more proud to serve alongside a president who puts american jobs and american energy first. under president donald trump, the war on coal is over. [cheering] vp pence: so, prosperity is back again. confidence is back again.
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and thanks to the leadership of president donald trump, america is great again. [cheering] vp pence: but to keep america great, we have to reelect the president who has been fighting for you, and we have to reelect him for four more years. [cheering] [chanting "four more years"] that's right. -- years years or jobs means more jobs.
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four more years means more judges. four more years means more support for our troops. [cheering] it isce: and you know, going to take at least four more years to drain that swamp. [cheering] [chanting "dreain that swamp!"] vp pence: you know, the choice in this election cannot be clearer. my friends, the stakes cannot be higher. today, we have a president who loves this country, who stands by our military, our workers, our values, and our freedom. he never quits.
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he never backs down. he believes in you. and i can tell you, he fights for you every single day. it's true. [applause] you have got then these democrats running for president. [booing] i mean, do you guys want that? it is kind of hard -- did you guys watch the debate this week? it is kind of hard to watch. these people were standing so far to the left, i thought that stage was going to flip over. [laughter] [cheering] did.nce: i but seriously, today's democratic party have -- is dominated by left-wing liberals who want higher taxes, open
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borders, and free health care for illegal immigrants. [booing] vp pence: and maybe worst of all, today, leading democrats openly advocate socialism. -- an economic system that has impoverished millions. the people of ohio know it was freedom, not socialism, that made america the strongest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world. [cheering] it was freedom, not ,ocialism, that ended slavery won two world awards -- two world wars, and made america a beacon of hope for all mankind. america, the moment becomes a socialist country is the moment america seizes to be america. so as the president said in his
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state of the union address, so we must say with one voice, america will never be a socialist country. [cheering] vp pence: so that is our challenge, ohio. and that is the choice. victory -- ofr the campaign for victory in 2020 is on. we need to bring all of this and thursday is him, we need you to be ready to vote, to volunteer, to voice your support. and we need you to bring faith.
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[cheering] vp pence: faith and our fellow americans, that when the american people are given a choice between more freedom and more government, they will choose freedom every time. whosein this president, drive and vision are making america great again even as we speak. and finally, have faith that he who blessed this one nation under god will keep blessing america beyond anything we could ask or imagine. let's have faith. [cheering] vp pence: ladies and gentlemen, it is great to be with you tonight. presidento tell you, donald trump is the real deal.
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he is a man who says what he means and means what he says. get upry day i see him and fight to keep the promises that he made to the american people. but now it is our turn. now it is our turn to fight for him, and take our case to every american all the way to victory on november 3, 2020. we have got to do it. [cheering] vp pence: but i have every confidence that with your support, and prayers, we are going to keep on winning. we are going to keep on making america more prosperous and secure. keepf this man will america great. and now it is my high honor, and distinct privilege, to introduce
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to you, my friend, and the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. >> ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that life -- write to me -- gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land from the likessa of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains of texas
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from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. where the pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today doubt ithere ain't no love this land god bless the usa and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free
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and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ bless the usa [cheering] [chanting "usa!"]
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thank you all, thank you very much. thank you to vice president mike pence. and hello, cincinnati. [cheering] pres. trump: you know, i used to work in cincinnati. a place called swift in the village. do you know what that is? it was good. it worked out well. and he gives you confidence when things work out well at a young age. and look what happened to all of us, right? look what happened. look what happened! but i was watching the so-called debate last night -- [booing] i also watchedd the night before, that was long, long television. and the democrats spend more time attacking barack obama than
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they did attacking me, practically. [laughter] [cheering] pres. trump: and this morning, that is all the fake news was talking about. [booing] pres. trump: that was not pretty. no, we are doing good. it's great to be back in the state that i love. i love this state. very special. [cheering] specialump: very, very on the banks of the beautiful ohio river, with the patriots of the american heartland. thank you, ohio. we love you, ohio. [cheering] pres. trump: though we have thousands of people standing outside, and i asked the officials, can we sneaks up --
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sneak some up along the aisle? but i tell you what, this is some crowd, some turnout. we have sold tens of thousands of tickets. you know what the sale price is, we keep it nice and low. we keep it nice and low. [cheering] nevertrump: but there has. . been a movement like this. this is a movement the likes of which they have never seen before. baby anywhere. but certainly in this country. they have never seen anything like this before. you came from the mountains on ie rivers, and you came -- mean look, from wherever you came from, there were a lot of you. and they showed up on election day, i will never forget, a wonderful congressman from tennessee to have early voting, one of the earliest places, great state, tennessee, and he said -- he was in pennsylvania with me, great state, and he
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said you know sir, i have been doing this for a long time, but i have never seen people like this show up for early voting. people that have not voted in a long time because they did not see anybody they wanted to vote for. he said i've never seen -- they have trump banners and trump hats and trump buttons. [cheering] pres. trump: true. in this great congressman said, i don't know, but i can tell you one thing, if the rest of the country is voting like tennessee is voting, you are going to win by a lot. and we won. and we won by a lot. [cheering] pres. trump: our nation is stronger today than ever before. [cheering] pres. trump: we have the number one economy on earth.
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no economy is close. [cheering] rebuilding: we are the awesome might of the united states military, and soon it will be stronger, relatively speaking, than at any time in our history. and when we took over, it was depleted. [cheering] pres. trump: we took over a depleted military. it is not depleted anymore, i can tell you that. our spirit is strong, our stride is back, and our stand is clear. we are finally putting america first. it is about time. [cheering]
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[chanting "usa!"] pres. trump: we have created 6 million new jobs since election day. more than 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. [cheering] and they are happy. they are happy. workers are ohio employed today than when i was elected. think of that number. [cheering] now, ohiop: and right is the most successful it has ever been in the history of our country. thank you. congratulations, ohio.
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[cheering] pres. trump: get up, mike! and you have a good governor, i want to tell you. good job, mike. unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over half a century. and unemployment for african-americans, hispanic americans, and asian americans have all reached the lowest rates ever recorded. [cheering] pres. trump: while republicans are working every day to build up our country, the rage filled democrat party is trying to tear america apart. [booing] the democrat party is now being led by four left-wing extremists who reject
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everything that we hold dear. [booing] no one has paid a higher price for the far left, destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. they have paid a dear price. you see what is happening. you see our inner cities. we've spent billions and billions and billions of four years and years and years, and it has stolen money and it has wasted money, and it is a shame. [booing] for decades, these communities have been run exclusively by democrat politicians. one-party been total control of the inner cities. for a hundred years, it has been one-party control, and look at it. we can name one after another but i won't do that. because i do not want to be controversial.
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[laughter] we want no: controversy. [cheering] pres. trump: the democrat record is one of neglect and corruption and decay. total decay. the democrats have taxed and regulated jobs and opportunity out of these cities and out of existence. they have squeezed the blood out of them. left-wing mayors and city councils have opposed school choice, trapping children and failing in government schools left and right. so many of these mayors right now, you know what they are? they are in jail. that is where they are. [cheering] republicans believe
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that every parent has the right to send their children to the school of their choice. [cheering] but the greatest betrayal committed by the democrats is their support for open borders. [booing] and these open borders would overwhelm schools and hospitals, drain public services, and flood communities with poisonous drugs. it is tough enough. and i want to thank, by the way, the country of mexico. they have 21,000 soldiers on the border right now. [cheering] pres. trump: i'm starting to like mexico a lot. they do a lot more for us than
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the democrats do, right? a lot more. [cheering] in the numbers are way down, you will see that, way, way down. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents. they put foreign citizens before american citizens. we are not going to do that. [booing] pres. trump: 572 people were murdered in chicago last year. [booing] [cheering]
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[chanting "usa!"] [cheering]
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pres. trump: democrat mayor. democrat mayor. democrat. a democrat mayor. do you have a democrat mayor? [booing] [cheering] pres. trump: come on, law enforcement. democrat mayor. [chanting]
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pres. trump: cincinnati, do you have a democrat mayor? well that is what happened. you see, there are thousands of people outside. can i said -- we set a new record tonight at this arena. but we could get -- [cheering] but we could get a few more on the floors, if you more up here. and they are outside where it is 100 degrees out. and they were not able to let us. and i said, is that run by the democrats? the answer is yes.
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you have a lot of hot people outside. but we broke the all-time record. so -- [cheering] pres. trump: the homicide rate in baltimore is significantly higher than el salvador, honduras, guatemala. --elieve it is higher than give me a place that you think is pretty bad? the guy says, afghanistan. i believe it is higher than afghanistan. in our country, think of that, i believe -- we will check the numbers, and if they are wrong, they will tell us tomorrow, they will be headlines "trump exaggerated." i do believe the rate is higher than afghanistan. want to spend
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hundreds of billions of dollars on illegal migrants instead of supporting their own struggling communities. no good. no good. [booing] conditions inhe nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable. they are deplorable. do you remember the word deplorable? you remember when hillary used the word deplorable? she used two words. she used deplorable and irredeemable, right? [booing] only being aand politician for a few years, i said, what a terrible mistake that she used the word irredeemable. but it turned out to be deplorable. deplorable was not a good day for hillary. crooked hillary. she is a crooked one. crooked.
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[cheering] pres. trump: she is crooked. nearly half of all the homeless people living in this -- in the streets of america happen to live in the state of california. what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace to our country. it is a shame. the world is looking at it. look at los angeles, with the tense and the horrible, horrible disgusting conditions. look at san francisco, look at some of your other cities, and then you have a governor, you have a governor that invites the
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whole world to come into california, we will pay for your health care. and then you wonder why so many people are coming up. they are coming up because with the hottest economic country in the world, but they are also coming up because you have people like that governor saying come on up, we will give you health care. who wouldn't come up? who wouldn't come up? how crazy is this? how crazy is this? schools, health care. today, i have a simple proposal for democrat leaders to support legislation to end illegal migration, and we will use the vast savings to rebuild our inner cities. that is the way we should be doing it. [cheering] pres. trump: by the way, you know, they keep talking about
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the voters, the voters, the voters. what about a thing called voter id? voter identification. [cheering] pres. trump: rob portman, please work on that, rob portman. you have a great senator. will you please work on that? every place i go, rob. please, rob. voter id. they give you everything they can give you except voter id and the things that matter. republicans believe that a nation was -- must care for its own citizens first. workersge to america's has secured commitments to train more than 12 million americans for the jobs of tomorrow.
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you know who is working very hard on that? you probably have never heard of her. trump.a [cheering] pres. trump: she is working very hard. she gave up a lot. she had a very easy life. but she loves doing it. people,over 12 million teaching them, their great companies of our country, teaching people how to do it. it is an incredible thing to watch. to give former prisoners a second chance at life, we pass groundbreaking criminal justice reform that nobody could have passed except us. [cheering] pres. trump: president obama tried. a lot of them tried. they couldn't get it passed.
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i got it passed with a lot of help from liberals and conservatives. the biggest beneficiary is the african-american community. the biggest beneficiary. right? [cheering] pres. trump: and something which a lot of people don't talk about but we doubled the child tax credit. doubled it. and our tax plan also created nearly 9000 opportunity zones, hottest thing going, providing mattis -- massive new investment for job creation in this -- in the stressed communities.
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you ok? take your time. take your time. doctor? doctor in the house, please. ok? thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. doctor.u, thank you. [cheering] it istrump: don't forget, 100 degrees in here. that person has been standing there for almost a day, if you think about it. i appreciate it. you know what? they will come back. they will get a little something and they will come right back. because there has never been
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anything like this. there has never been anything, right? [cheering] thank you.: incredible. we established more than 300 opportunity zones in ohio alone. these are really working out incredibly well. nationwide, nearly 8 million african live in opportunity zones, but every democrat voted against them. every single democrat. because it is the only thing they do good, they stick together. their policy is no good, they're lousy -- they are lousy politicians but they stick together like glue. the only thing they have. [booing] is the only that thing they have going. democrats deliver poverty for their constituents and privilege for themselves. republicans deliver jobs, safety, and opportunity for all americans.
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[cheering] pres. trump: and we are thrilled to be joined tonight by many terrific republican leaders, and we will start off with a man who had a very, very tough race for governor. a lot of people choke. they choke like dogs they can't breathe. they can't breathe. this guy was running against a so-called star. [booing] [cheering] . [chants of u.s.a.]
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pres. trump: so that's two night ers and tomorrow will be protesters, protesters. you know what happened to sebcod one? he looked at the guy in front of of here,e said i'm out bye. [cheers and applause] way it ump: that's the works, i guess. too bad. done a n who really has fantastic job, he campaigned so ha and this was a star right great e fields of the hon -- pocahontas who is compete her and way to the presidency. with her ded people
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credentials. she said she was indian. said i have more indian blood than she does and i have i'm sorry. and we drove her crazy. good, not she went out and had a blood came out 1 it 1,024th. back there years there may have been an indian or may have been a statistical rror because it was so small, which it was. but the guy was like from her group. you wouldn't be very happy right and we have a man that campaigned so hard, relentless came in, we did a rally where we had people like this, packed the day before the
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won ion and mike dewine that election and he won it easily. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and we have a man is running for governor of kentucky again. job.e's done an incredible sometimes you can do such a good b that not everybody praorbs appreciates it. when you correct it you make ourself a little bit less popular. but he had no choice. state.a great, great and he's turned out to be a , matt great governor
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bev bevan. -- rs clears [cheers and applause] running in he is november. because i like him so much, matt get a nice big arena, i'm going rally for and a man whose fantastic son is met, tonight who i just incredible. .hen i ran with him he was down i said, you know, rob portman is down. four weeks later he was up by 24 points. you do?hat the hell did you know what he did? he does a great job. what he did. senator rob portman.
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guy.t we have a few guys that these .re warriors a couple of them you saw them the other day. bob were questioning mueller. that was a beauty. he?as sharp, wasn't tack.s sharp as a task andy eve and warren and and greg pence happens to be a somebody i know very well. hey have been with us through thick and thin and mostly really good times because what we have no other administration in the first two and a half years has done.tory [cheers and applause]
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pres. trump: thank you, fellows. great job. a ouple of them gave grilling. all they had to do is mention over.cts and it was and also the auditor of the state of ohio, a man whose much easier because you have money pouring in, in, keith ouring favor. how is it, keith? good, right?re yeah, the numbers are good. president larry opomps. job. nice tie. i like larry's tie. people thatouple of are very, very powerful. often and i shudder.
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justices me court haron kennedy and judy french, thank you. [cheers and applause] res. trump: and please don't recuse yourself should i ever be before you. when they see you about two seconds apnd you say judge should be fair. then they say i would like to recuse myself. 29 years ago i phmet donald trump. well in een doing very the courts. we have been winning a lot of cases. ed 148 -- w appoint ed
8:07 pm
his of this -- federal judges, 148. within about two months mitch senate.l, rob portman has helped so much. listen to this. 179 179. secondage-wise it is the most -- we will never be number o one. we will never be number within. personal-wise -- number one. that is because president obama was not able for about three in, s to get his people which is a shame. came in i had 148 openings. said you are supposed to have none. how many do we have? 148. you have to be kidding. done a good job together, rob with mitch, you everybody.
8:08 pm
e at n two months we will b 179 federal judges. that's in 2 1/2 years. what elemense? judges.t supreme court great ones. and there's only one person, i think most of you must know this. who percentage-wise has done better than me with judges? tell me. i will give you a hint. 100% of the federal of the united .tates supreme court
8:09 pm
george washington. record we won't beat more than nted many -- take it tack that way. recognize somebody as the leader of the g.o.p. and my friend jane timken. paducpaducek.b i kept hearing you must win the and over.hio over
8:10 pm
you must win ohio. o i had to pick a campaign manager. nd i picked a man named bob paducek. we were tter how badly doing he said you are going to win their easily. just lost the head of the g.o.p. in ohio. he left because you have a certain governor who asked him to leave. a different governor than mike by the way. so he had to get out. just lost -- bob said don't worry about it, sir, you are going to win. in fact i think you just went up. we lost a couple of people and i said bob i'm worried about ohio. he said don't worry about it, i think you just went up. somebody i don't know much about this guy but he is most optimistic person i
8:11 pm
have ever met. true. we ended up winning ohio by close to nine points, which is unheard of. so, he was right. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: bob! also here, did he do a good job? and kimberly. job.e he did a good i heard you did a great job. a great help, they both have, and thank you very much. kimberly. our shared republican agenda is pro orker, pro jobs, family, pro growth and 100% pro america.
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[cheers and applause] pres. trump: we have eliminateed killing number of job regulations giving the average $3,000 more ehold to spend every single year. administration tried to shut down american close up, totally clean t up, american beautiful coal. that didn't work out too well. suffer. had to it didn't work but you had to ufferer a long time until i came along. you are not suffering any longer. , e previous administration they like wind mills. within two l is
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miles of your house, your house is practically worthless. they make noise, they are intermittent. birds.ll your they break down. you have to replace them every out.ars because they wear and they cost a fortune and they subsidy. other than that they are quite good. those windant one of mills within vision. you hear them. they are noisy. got a lot of problems. no, we are going to stay with great energy that is powering our businesses and solar,g so many jobs and you know what? we will live with solar but it s peanuts by comparison to what you need. we are going to stay the way we've it. we've ended the war on american energy and we are putting our miners back to work and our teel workers back to work and
8:14 pm
our auto companies back to work. last e learned over the hree years ago the incredible gold that we are sitting on top of in this country. lucky.very we are now the largest energy world, r in the entire bigger than the soviet union formerly. remember the soviet union, when the soviet ogether, uni union, when it was all together, we have to decided call ourselves russia, they be bigest in the wor world. then it became russia and they done a good job with energy a so has saudi arabia done good job with energy. but we are bigger than russia, bigger than saudi arabia
8:15 pm
by far. our country from he job killing very expensive paris climate accords. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: last year coal were up 92% compared to 2016. all over the world. to vietnam. i was in vietnam and they said from ohio, we get coal from west virginia. finest coal in the world. more than 110 110,000 new mining jobs. thanks it states like ohio the united states is now the of oil, the oducer
8:16 pm
number one producer of natural as, the number one everything having to do with energy, number one, anywhere in the world. reversing decades of policies that e our ther countries pillage jobs and devastate ohio communities and communities in every state. the era of economic surrender is over. [cheers and applause] at . trump: when you look what they have done to your jobs over a period of time. of the worst deals ever made and probably the worst deal. have empty buildings and factories but they are being knocked fast or being
8:17 pm
down and hundreds of new countries pouring into the united states. in office i was ware of one of the last sellouts that would have destroyed our automobile ndustry and manufacturing and maybe that is what president obama meant when he said you manufacturing jobs any more in the united states ecause he would have signed trans pacific partnership and he right.have been i killed it. the way, trans pofacific partnership would have destroyed the automobile industry of this country. out 30% of shipped your jobs to mexico under the usmca. that is mexico and canada. we have to get them to vote on that is in
8:18 pm
incredible deal. under the new it will be hard companies to leave you, to fire you, to make their product may be, to send it back to the united states with no tax. all away end up with is an employment and taxes and empty buildings. so they have to vote on the usmca. i took office fortune accountants ripped us -- around.s pushed us but america is not being pushed around any more. do you realize that? i got that from working in ohioto two summers, right? we have taken the toughest as on to stands,to china trade abuse and i just announced $300 r 10% tariff on
8:19 pm
billion worth of chinese products that come into our country. 25% that top of the coming of $250 billion in from china. and don't let them tell you the china devalues their into cy, they pour money their system, and because they do that you are not paying for tariffs, china is paying for those tariffs. the last 20 years china has taken hundreds of billions of our country and now we are stopping the theft of stop beingbs, we are the theft of -- stopping the heft of so many other things
8:20 pm
including intellectual property. steal our intellectual property. i think they want to try to make a deal with us but i'm not sure. the word is -- because the word is i feel they want to wait -- they are t praying, they would like to see in a year and a half so they could continue to rip off the united states like doing for the last 25 years. [booing] to . trump: they would love see a guy like sleepy joe biden what he is lue doing. they would say to sleepy joe, sure, just sign right there, oh, ok. i'll sign. e would be losing hundreds of
8:21 pm
billions of dollars a year to china. they understand that. resident xi is a good man, he understands it. until such time as there is a being the l be tax hell out -- we will be taxing of china.ut that is all there is to it. if foreign countries don't want o pay a tariff i have a solution. make your product in america. come on back to the united states. back to ohio. there's no tariff. there's no tariff. [cheers and applause]
8:22 pm
thanks to steel tariffs, hundreds of thousands think of this -- were dumped on our shores. like something else, it is not quality. they were dumping garbage. they call it sand steel, it was dirt steel. mixed up. we didn't want to use it for our holdighters and beams that up buildings. but they were dumping tremendous of steel. and what was happening is that the united states steel and all companies were going virtually out of business. and i stopped it. on a 25% tariff. billions of dollars is pouring treasury and our steel companies and our steel workers coming back. [cheers and applause] right here in ohio,
8:23 pm
company that is nucor has again $85 ced an tkwhraur million upgrade. plans to build a new 150 million steel mill in cuyahoga. and cleveland cliffs announced a million plant in a very good place that i like a lot. ohio., four years ago steel plants were closing. not building or expanding. e are building new plants in florida, knocnorth carolina, so carolina.
8:24 pm
not just ohio. on issue after issue democrats is they otten who it are supposed to represent. they forgot. the job of elected officials is american citizens. even dical democrats support deadly sanctuary cities release dangerous criminals on our streets. haveany of the places that sanctuary cities and many of the people that live there, they don't want them. dangerous, they are not go good. here are just a few examples. in san francisco an illegal alien was arrested no fewer than 10 times in the span of less than one year for numerous burglary and theft but
8:25 pm
each time he was set free. and bad things happened when almost free. a sanctuary jurisdiction in recently released a critical alien from jail. month the same individual was arrested for r e beyond anything you would ever believe, a horrible he g happened but yet again was released back into your community community. after a sanctuary city in new leased -- released anal i don't know charged with omestic violence he was arrested in missouri for the murders of three people. thehe bizarre world view of hard left, they have no problem destroying the lives of innocent americans for a single thought, ly incorrect but they want to virtually -- -- they want
8:26 pm
illegal mmunity for aliens who have created horrible murder.and horrible crimes and murder. believe our cities should be a sanctuary for law americans -- law abiddi americans, not criminal aliens. [cheers and applause] withon big and we lawsuit last week. for winning yers that lawsuit is here tonight. reprieve. a little we need a lot of lawyers in white house we get sued so much unfairly but we're winning those. one of them is here. i would love to go to
8:27 pm
rally. i said i'm going to cincinnati. you deserve it. just won the lawsuit on the wall. we just won the lawsuit on the building the e wall faster and better than ever. t's time for democrats to end sanctuary cities and catch and release. ou catch them and then you release them. and you say will you please from back in four years now. but only 2% come back. why?know because they are not the smartest. they are the ones we don't want come only 2% show up. if ould end it immediately
8:28 pm
the democrats gave. so we are keeping them out altogether. we are replacing random igration and we are replacing the lottery system. how about the lottery system? [booing] pres. trump: this was chuck schumer. the name in a basket. the country puts the name in the people out ou pick of the lottery. this one is a murderer. four banks.bed say. one i better not this one another murderer. ladies and gentlemen, another murderer. of this. you think they are going to put -- they at citizens have great people like we do. do you think those people are a lottery? no. then we have these people coming in and we hold it against the country. the country is not based on that. people they put into
8:29 pm
these lotteries. it is a disgrace. we have done this so many years, it is an immigration is totally broken and we are going to win the house and win the senate and the and we are going to do a merit based immigration system. merit based. we need that because we have ompanies coming in from all over the world and we need orkers, we are down to 3.5% unemployment. we need people. but we want people to come in merit, not based on some lottery put in by a government. [cheers and applause] have trump: democrats
8:30 pm
never been further outside the mainstream. politicians want to force everybody on to the government plan. the ber the lies from previous administration. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. 28 times, one lie after another. 28 times it was said and it turned out to be a total lie. [booing] res. trump: my administration is defending your right to choose the plan and doctor that best for you. we are offering plans up to 60% care and we became will always protect patients conditions, ting always. always.
8:31 pm
virtually every top democrat now supports late-term abortion. [booing] pres. trump: then you will have governor of virginia, it abortion, y late-term it is killing the baby after the baby is born. how about that? [booing] pres. trump: think of that. that is why i have asked congress to prohibit extreme abortion because republicans believe that every god. is a sacred gift from
8:32 pm
democrats are now the party high open borders,ime, late-term abortion and they are socialism.frankly of [booing] pres. trump: the republican party is the party of freedom, party of the -- we are the party of the american worker the merican family and american dream. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: i'm fighting for every day.d i had a great life. publicity.get great no better got great publicity. had such a great life, it was so easy. my great wife, the first lady, she said you have
8:33 pm
worker, you hard love to work, but your life was easier in old days. but i love it. you know why i love it? accomplishing so much. nobody ever thought it would be possible to do the things aware -- things we are doing. things like right to try. been trying to get that for years and years and years. hat is people that are really sick, terminally ill. doctors and atest clinics and technicians. g couldn't get -- they would travel it asia if money, they would travel all over the world hoping caure. if they had no money they would just go home and day.
8:34 pm
for 44 years they have been to try.o right aware so advanced -- we are so advanced in medicine. things that of possibly work but we were not allowed to give that to people sick? you know why? because they didn't want this work to hurt n't the people but the people were -- terminal i -- illinois. terminally ill. the doctors didn't want to do it. didn't want to we are it doesn't work going to get sued. said they will sign an agreement taking all liability from the united states from the rug companies, from the companies, all liability. they are terminally ill. and it has been a
8:35 pm
miracle. so many people have condition so -- have done so well. we got it done. agreement about the they had these great lawyers, they have been working on this. good idea.his is a i said how about getting it to me in about two hours. right to try. it is a great thing. e have so many things like that. i have lists that you went believe. have lists that go on for pages of this is we've done. initiative ched the to reduce precision drugs ncluding to allow companies to import lower cost drugs from other countries. system.very unfair our country pays the highest prices in the world. the first time in
8:36 pm
51 years that drug pricing for actually came down. we are going to bring it t. by a lot we are going to bring it down a lot. now so other countries -- anada pays half the price for lot of drugs that we do. governor in great the state of florida calls me up. ron de santos. he was a three and he went to 70. increase.pretty good theays you know, if you buy drugs, if we bay the drugs because this is so botched up we man, it is not a good situation. he said if i could bay the drugs -- could buy the drugs from 50%.da i could save
8:37 pm
i said do it. and if you can buy them from their system lake i remember i used to scream we i states and not getting the delegates, the drug rigged.s buy the same drug pharmaceutical canada from eastern or canada we are give t and -- we are doing it and we are giving them the right to do it. it just happened today. other thing one that, believe it or not, is bigger but you will be seeing two weeks.xt with the help of your great we have ob portman taken bold action to confront opioid epidemic and it went
8:38 pm
down 22% last year. think of that. opioid a big problem, big problem. from opioids wn 22%. nobody wants to talk about that. they don't want to talk about that. job, rob. good job. good job, mike. v.a. sed v.a. choice and accountability on behalf of our veterans. they have been trying to pass va choice for four decades. they couldn't get it done. it done.
8:39 pm
where a veteran would stand on line for three, four, six days, for three weeks, for five weeks, sometimes they they see a he time doctor they are terminally ill. i have a great idea ecause i have not been doing this that long. i have been thinking about it a lot. a what a campaign that was, right? what!at a campaign or i came back it my people -- back to my people and i said these lines for the veterans are too long. it takes them three or four weeks sometimes to see a doctor. idea. a great let's let they will go to a private doctor, we will pay the and they will be fixed up all perfect and they can do it immediately. the bill.y
8:40 pm
ought, i said man, am i smart. i'm the smartest guy to think of that. so i went before this panel of that were with me working on things. said how do you like that idea? they said we have known about it 0 years but never been able -- really? but we got it done. it could get and accountability. you couldn't fire anybody. vets y were treating our badly you couldn't fire them. steal.could they could be sadistic to or vets. they wouldn't have done that in prime time to our vets. them.ouldn't fire it was because of unions and other things.
8:41 pm
civil service. you couldn't fire anybody for almost anything. where people got caught stealing a lot of money .nd you couldn't fire them we got va accountability. jim, get the hell out of here, you are fired. military uilding our and after years of budget cuts army tank plan -- most people call it lime practice but i know lime here andbecause i came they said we are closing the plant. here?ber we i was in lima. i used to see lima. limlima. because they have it wrong on
8:42 pm
teleprompter and i would have been in big trouble but i teleprompter too much. if i did you would have been out of here a long time ago because boring we you do the teleprompter deal. said let's go see it. during the campaign i went to ee it and they make the best army tank in the world and i couldn't believe the complexity, genius. i said wait a minute, you close this you will never be able to it again. this is not like a normal situation that you can open four walls and a roof. this is genius. menwill never replace these and women that work here. and i didn't know anything at the time other than i said you closing it, they took it off the list. they kept it open and now we are making army tanks around the clock.
8:43 pm
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are investing in flig ure of human space flight. americans won the race to moon race to ll now win the mars. one thing i have to say also, we are also winning the race strategic reat defense and offense, not just mars. pence is doing a great job of that, great job. america a's security i withdrew the united states from iran nuclear dale, deal.rrible stupid e gave iran $150 billion, we
8:44 pm
gave iran $1.8 billion in cash, of cash.ds i wonder what they saw when landed.lanes i wonder what happened to the cash. cash.illion in [booing] remember what i said, iran is a much different 2 1/2 years ago when i took over. it was all over. 18 different cop -- con -- conflict. want to negotiate a deal so badly. iran. iran. israel's true american d opened the embassy in jerusalem. we just a few months ago
8:45 pm
recognized the golan heights. you know that. another one, big one. for the security of israel. recognized the legitimate government of anyzuela and we condemneded of the socialist brutality taking place. what happens there. let's see what happens. we renew renew our -- our resolve that mark will never country.ial urs never will it ever be a socialist country. use tter what label they
8:46 pm
they vote for any democrat it is radical ise of socialism and the destruction of beautiful, our wonderful american dream. to let our oing country ever go down the route of socialism. that the ever forget 2020 election is about one thing. about you. the time.ll never happened before. there's never been a movement like this. they won a state. they did well in a state.
8:47 pm
we won 32 states. there's never been anything like it it. this movement is about your it is and your future and about the life and the faith of country. e begin -- look, there is a great place the we begin our campaign ampaign, and we're going to do gre great, bob. if we don't do great, bob, you are fired. it.k of our ohio campaign with the best and the the best agenda only positive vision for our nation's future. and remember this. hio is doing better today than it has ever, ever, ever done before. done.the best it has ever
8:48 pm
[cheers and applause] a guy like so, sleepy joe biden is going to say i can do better. he wants to go back it sleep. -- back it sleep. we will 10 unleashing the to our of american enterprise so every american can reach their fullest potential. tremendous has such potential. we have had the last week the in the stock market history of our country. that means 01-k's, jobs. but there's tremendous potential to go up. we've tremendous potential to go up. elect a help we'll republican congress to create a safe, modern, fair and lawful .ystem of immigration
8:49 pm
we will enact trade deals that are proudlyproducts stamped with those four the iful words, made in , you , or made in america can use either one. in the america, made u.s.a. new ll achieve breakthroughs in science and medicine. i see what they are doing. i see it. they show me the things we're in our country today. there's they have been anything it.e we'll be ending the aids epidemic shortly in america and childhood cancer very shortly. defend privacy, free speech, religious liberty and and bear arms.ep
8:50 pm
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: and just remember, democrats there is no .econd amendment you can forget about keep and bear arms. you can forget it. bass boos -- boos bass res. trump: we'll never stop fighting for the values that america.together as one we support, protect and defend united titution of the states.
8:51 pm
we stand with our heroes of law enforcement. we believe in the dignity of believe in the sanctity of life and we believe faith in family, not government and bureaucracy, are true american way. we believe that children should be taught to love our country, our history and always be pro americans.iotic [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we will always live y the words of our national motto, in god we trust. cheers clea[cheers and applause]
8:52 pm
res. trump: two days ago i spoke at the 400th anniversary f the first legislative assembly at jamestown, virginia. considerable. i -- it was incredible. great eminded of so many things in our accountacountry. with such a blessed remarkable heritage. we are the greatest republic on earth and we are going to keep it that way. we'll never pretty good our and the future belongs to us. the future belongs to all of you. belongs to the greatest movement in the history .f our country
8:53 pm
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: with your help and drive we are and going to keep on working, we are oing to keep on fighting, and won't remember going to keep -- we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. lears skiers pres. trump: we are one people one ne family saluting great american flag. we ll share the same home, all share the same heart and we of share the same love almighty god. ogether with the great and roud people of ohio, we are making america wealthy again. strong aking america
8:54 pm
aga again. awa we are making america safe again. great making america again and with your vote in 2 0 keep america great. thank you, ohio. ♪
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♪ ♪
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watch our interview with president trump as he reflects on the two years in office. >> you look at the european union they are doing poorly. china is doing poorly. at other countries they are not doing well. we are the hottest country. we are doing great economically and otherwise. military.strong hen soon i will be able to cut
8:58 pm
back but we had to rebuild our military. president view with trump saturday 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. line and listen using app.ree c-span radio saturday 8:00 p.m. on lectures in history comparisons between lincoln and andrew johnson on the constitution. you look at the whole cartoon. it is a different impression of johnson.ple thought of not that he was a defender but he didn't understand the constitution. it was above has ability and that he was acting in waleys.tutional preview of 6:00 a the 19th amendment. > women in new jersey who were america's first voters beginning a 1776 when new jersey became
8:59 pm
state, the new jersey state no mention of de sex we discussing voting qualifications. a property requirement. omen who owned enough property primarily widows and single women so not all women in new and did vote in elections at the local, state and national level. at 8:00 p.m. on the presidency thauf john farrell hor talks about nixon's early life and year. the campaigned for marshall plan. he went to every rotary club and commerce and v.f.w. and every crowd that would take them. told them he owed them his best judgment. obedience. hen the primaries were held in california in the summer of 1948 he didn't just win the nomination he won the
9:00 pm
democratic nomination. unopposed. >> explore our nation as past on american history tv every on c-span 3. >> federal aviation administration officials testified on the boeing 737 max accidents and the subsequent investigations. this is just under two hours.


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