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tv   Campaign 2020 John Delaney at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 10, 2019 1:38am-2:26am EDT

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there was a lot of private cancer research going on. there are some innovations. innovations that are unprecedented. some of them will not be possible without resources. it has to be sustained. >> thank you for taking the time to answer that question. >> democratic presidential candidate john delaney, a former u.s. congressman from maryland, also spoke to people attending the iowa state fair. this is about 45 minutes. -- >> thank you.
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this is such an iconic american experience and this is my second time doing it. it was a similar setting, a beautiful day, i was giving my remarks and i looked over and i noticed a gentleman who i recognize and he was wearing a very crisp golfs are -- golf shirt and i realized it was speaker john boehner and i looked at him and said mr. speaker, nice of here -- nice of you to come here and talk and he said i cannot get away from politics. it just goes to show you what an amazing privilege you all have.
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[indiscernible] [inaudible] ] thank you for having me. in about six months, you have a very important choice to make, and extraordinary choice to make the you go and choose democratic nominee for president of united and i think you have to ask yourself two questions when you do this. the first question, who can be donald trump is the number one is who can win, who can beat donald trump is the number one question democratic primary voters have to ask themselves. in my opinion can he is a reckless and lawless president
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and he needs to be retired in 2020. [cheers and applause] mr. delaney: what who can do that? to me it is someone who has a real economic vision that all americans can get behind in terms of how we create a more prosperous future and actually do things to prepare our citizens for the world. it is a candidate who is running on real solutions, solutions that are workable, and we tell you how we are going to pay for them and we tell you how we are going to get them done, not impossible promises. that is the kind of candidate you need, someone who has got real ideas and can build the
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kind of economic future that we deserve and someone who can defend their positions and go toe to toe with the president of the united states. you need someone who can build a big tent where progressives, moderates, independents, and even disaffected republicans want to vote for that candidate, because that is how democrats won the 2018 house of representatives. we put up 40 great candidates who flipped republican districts to democratic districts. two of them came from iowa. [applause] mr. delaney: the way i look at it, you did 5% of the work and you are only 1% of the violation. as always, iowa punched above its weight. but they are your model. they are common sense, problem-solving democrats who want to bring the country together. but the second question you need to ask yourself is who is going to be the next leader of the united states of america. who will reestablish our role in the world and work with our allies and lead not only here but around the world? who can bring people together and get things done? we've spent decades talking
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about stuff and we haven't been doing things. we need to build infrastructure, we need to be creating jobs in every town in this country, we need to fix a broken health-care system and lower pharmaceutical prices and deal with digital privacy. we need to get back in the transpacific partnership, which is something i commit to do in my first 20 days in office. if we were in that trade agreement today, which president obama was 100% right about, every acre of land in iowa would be worth more money, because every crop price would be higher. i can't look at farmers in the eye and say as your president, it will be better for you today i am elected -- the day i am elected. but we also need a president, let's face it, who will restore
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decency and honor and integrity to the most sacred office in the world, a president who will wake up every day and say i am not going to divide the american people. in fact, as part of my oath of office, i swear to never divide the american people, to do something in my power every single day to appeal to, as lincoln said, our better angels. i want to remind the american people that your enemy is not your fellow american. we are in this together. united we stand. as president, i will appeal to that every single day, and i will also stand up against hate and racism wherever it exists. [cheers and applause] mr. delaney: so i stand before you with great humility, because i believe i'm the right answer to those two questions. i am the person who can beat donald trump and i'm the person who can be the leader that this nation so desperately needs. i wouldn't be running for president on this i believe to that. about 10 years ago i wife, april, and i dedicated the rest of our life to public service. she is here with me. thank you, april. for me it was an amazing moment. it was that moment in my life when i realized it is not about me. for all of us can that is the best day of our lives, when we realize it is not about me, it is that you, it is by doing anything i can to serve other human beings. ice for to you that is my commitment.
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maybe my journey -- i swear to you does my commitment. maybe my journey has been different. i have lived the american dream, and i'm incredibly grateful for the magnificent opportunity this country has given to me. the opportunity to learn, to be the first in my family to go to college. the opportunity to build two businesses from scratch and create thousands of jobs as the entrepreneur in the private sector. the opportunity to be married to an amazing woman for 29 years -- 30 next week, sweetie. and have four terrific daughters. and most importantly, the opportunity to serve my country. i have lived the american dream. but the problem, it is much harder for young people today to live the life i have lived. young people today will be the first generation of americans, first generation ever, not to do better than their parents.
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think about that. we're leaving them debt they cannot repay, both fiscal debt and climate debt, because i believe it is an immortal debt we're leaving them. i don't believe what young people need is more partisanship, more gridlock, or more rigid ideology. haven't we had enough of that? i think what the american people need israel solutions. some of my big ideas-- is real solutions. some of my big ideas are more pragmatic because i'm trying to get them done, then i am all in. maybe it was the way i was raised. my dad was a union electrician. so what that means is he wired buildings for a living. strongest man i ever knew. he could twist a rusted bolt open with his bare hands.
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it was honorable work, it was honest work. he worked hard. it wasn't glamorous, he wasn't a glamorous sky. but when you do an honest day's work, you get a building that works. you turn on a light switch, the lights go on. you turn on a faucet, the water goes out. that is the problem with our current president, he doesn't care if anything works. he only cares about himself. he doesn't want to build a building that works for the you to build a building that he can put his name on -- he doesn't want to build a building that works. he wants to build a building that he can put his name on. that is why his businesses went into bankruptcy and i am admired in the committee. and the only one running who is a leader in the private sector and public sector. he stiffed working people like my dad, literally stiffed them, where my company's were voted the best places to work. ask farmers in iowa, is the economy working for you? how is the trade were doing? asked 40% of iowans who cannot afford basic necessities like
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their rent and food and utilities. think about that, in a country as wealthy as we are. that is why we need real solutions. i have big ideas, but every one of my ideas can get on. i'm calling for universal health care were every american gets health care is a basic human right. but i also think the american people should have choices. if they want to keep their union health care and medicare advantage or medicare supplementals, they ought to be able to. that is a common sense approach to improving our health care system. i want to rebuild our country. i called for the biggest infrastructure program since the creation of the federal highway system, because infrastructure creates jobs and improve the standard of living and it makes our businesses more competitive. and i can get it done, because i was a leader on a bipartisan effort in congress to do that. i have called for a way to dealing with the climate crisis,
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but part of it is a big bet on american innovations, which we can do. we have to resolve this problem not only here, but around the world. these are the kind of solutions i will put forth as her president -- your president. you know what is even deeper than these policy discussions is how terribly divided we are closer in many ways that is the central issue facing this country, which is why i believe the challenge that the next president has to step forward and address is how we resort a sense of common purpose to who we are as a people. how do we remind the american people that this notion that we are all in this together is worth fighting for everything will they of our lives -- every single day of our lives? in 1958, john f. kennedy gave an american speech, and in it he said we should not seek the republican answer, we should not seek the democratic answer, we should seek the right answer. he went on to say that we cannot seek a fix blame for the
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problems of the past. we should own our responsibility for our future. together as americans. which is why we have got to do common sense things and get them done on gun safety. thank you, moms demand action, for being here. which is why we have got a fix our health care system, lower pharmaceutical prices, build infrastructure, and do all these things. but we have to do it together, and we need a president who understands we are not going to agree with each other on everything. we don't want to live in a country where we agree with each other on everything. what you deserve and your kids deserve and my kids deserve to live in a country where the things we don't agree with each other on our debated with the truth, with honor, and with respect. but you also deserve to live in a country where we also get some things done and we spent some time focusing on the things we agree with each other on. that is what i will do as president. will i will restore this sense of common purpose to who we are as a nation. i will resort dignity and decency to the office of the presidency. i will work every day to bring the american people together and stand up against hate. and i will work tirelessly to find the common ground that we need on all of these big issues and get things done. when i'm done being president, i want to have a long list of
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accomplishments, and i don't care if i get any credit for it. as i said a few minutes ago, this is not about me. this is about you. is about me being in service to you. i will work for you. what you want is a president who is going to solve your problems, help you pursue opportunities, dial down the noise, and restore dignity to this country and lead internationally. that is what i'm committed to do as your president. [applause] mr. delaney: i will close by saying how i think about this. i think our selling responsibility as a nation-- solemn responsibility as a nation and as leaders is to leave the world better than we found it. that is what our predecessors did, and we can do it too. this is a magnificent country,
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and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. we have every advantage any nation could possibly want to have in 2019, except for one. we are divided. it is a disease right now. trump's the symptom of the disease, but we have to cure the disease. and we need a real leader to cure the disease, someone who understands the problem and really wants to fix it. someone who is going to urge the nation to adopt national service to every young american can serve their country -- in the military, god bless, and thank you to the people web server -- or community service, or rebuilding infrastructure, or being part of a climate accord. can you imagine if a young person in reply what went down to new orleans to rebuild a levy and lived with a kid from seattle? they would realize that this notion of service is a privilege and would be instilled in them the rest of their lives. they would realize we have a lot more in common with each other than what divides us. they get the skills they need to help them make this next important decision in july. they can get huge amounts of scholarship and credits to afford college, but everyone of us would benefit because we would look at these young people and be proud of ourselves because we get something again and we would say that america is working again, we are working again because we can, and that is my commitment to you as president.
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and i want to thank you for having me. i would love your support. in six months, you have this important decision, do you want to send someone to the top of the ticket who can beat donald trump, do you want to send someone who can unify the station, and do you want to send someone to the white house who you can look at and say there is decency again in this sacred office, we are leading not only here but around the world, and america is back and america's working? god bless you all. thank you for having me. thank you for being here. thank you for all you do for our democracy. and i think we have got five minutes, if anyone has a question. ok, i think this young lady, your hand was up. >> we do voter education, very important to us. you commit to be transferred to voters by taking our test on positions? mr. delaney: sure. what's your name? >> holly. mr. delaney: all right, holly, but we'll see each other afterwards. yes? >> [indiscernible] mr. delaney: hi, rachel.
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>> my question is what is your plan to invest in quality early education? mr. delaney: i'm so glad -- first, save the children is a great organization and it has great leadership. one of the problems of our discussion on education is it is overly focused on college, which is incredibly important, and not enough time spent on little ones. investment in early childhood education is the best investment we making our kids by any measure. by any measure. as president, i commit to make brca universal and to make-- to make pre-k universal and to make 0-3 available to every young child. poor kids in this country start kindergarten having heard a third of the words of other kids. they never catch up.
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the best investment we can make in them and in our society is to take these little ones, who in many ways are too little to fail, who people don't focus on as much because they don't vote, and make sure every young person in this country has access to early childhood and pre-k so they get to -- the s tart every one of them deserves. thank you, said the children.-- save the children. yes, sir? >> [indiscernible] mr. delaney: what's your name, sir? ken has a great question. he shared with us -- thank you, ken, for sharing this -- that his wife has alzheimer's, and he is a caregiver, and he is not reimbursed. 30% of the country are caregivers right now. they think that number will be 50%. i want to create compensation schemes so people can get paid for caregiving. people worried they will lose their jobs with technology, we will not lose jobs with technology. new ones will be created. others will be displaced. half our country will be caregivers. that's a job. if you were to care for my mom and i were to care for your
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wife, we were to switch jobs, you would have to pay me and i would have to pay you. it is a job. we should have tax-based compensation structures for you. i also want to be the president who is going to cure alzheimer's. we need a transformative investment in innovation. this is an important point, there has never been a better time to invest in basic research in the united states of america than today. you know why? because we have tools that were never available to us, computing power and big data. the things that are changing our lives in so many ways are giving basic researchers tools that they never imagined. they can make breakthroughs in a day that used to take five years. we should be having massive investments at the basic research level in life sciences and in energy research, because we have to cure alzheimer's, the most expensive disease in this
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country. we have to cure cancer. and we have to develop the technologies, battery, transmission, and carbon capture, that will save the planet. the united states of america is in a unique position to do that. we have the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, with the greatest universities in the world. what we are missing is a president who wants to invest in the future, in case, in solving-- in kids, in solving problems. i swear as president to give the biggest investment in research increase since the creation of the space program. thank you, ken. i'm going to go back -- let's go to this gentleman. [indiscernible] mr. delaney: most constructive criticism i've ever received in my life, and i will be honest with you -- i was born in a blue-collar family and the first in my family to go to college and i was the youngest ceo industry of been your stock exchange, i created two companies, ran for congress. i like doing things.
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someone once said to me that velocity is her greatest strength and greatest weakness. the nice thing is, i've been at this for two years so i have not rush into this. i've been to all 99 of your counties. [cheers and applause] mr. delaney: come on, all 99 counties. the last person who did that was barack obama. [cheers and applause] mr. delaney: that is pretty good company. i make sure i took my time. my time is up and i'm sorry i didn't get to your question. i want to be respectful of "des moines register." thank you for having me. if you have questions, we can grab them offstage. enjoy the fair, and take care, everyone. [applause]
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>> thank you so much. >> this is for you. i wanted to give you a yamulke. the jewish community is with you. mr. delaney: thank you. god bless you, sir. [indiscernible] mr. delaney: listen, the president has the biggest microphone in the world, the
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biggest loudspeaker in the world, the biggest bullet public. he should be using it to stand up against racism. he has not done it. he has used it to say racist things and provide a moral equivalency to white supremacists and those who protest what to from sea. -- protest white supremacy. what else can you conclude? i conclude he loves the support of these groups and he is messaging to them all the time and that is enabling them. >> joe biden said yesterday in iowa that poor kids are just as bright as white kids. do you think that comment is racist? mr. delaney: i don't think we should do these lenses on these discussions. i believe in the innate ability
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of everything -- every single human being. no matter where they are from, no matter the color of his skin, no matter their gender. i believe in the dignity of every human being and that every human being has tremendous progress evidential in their hearts and minds. i believe that kids born in low income situations have structural disadvantages. the public schools aren't as well-funded, the health care system isn't as well-funded. the criminal justice system conspires against them. there's a disproportionate number of people of color living in poor communities in our country. that means these institutions which have a soft racial bias in them are conspiring against them. as president i'm going to fix that so every president has equal opportunity. >> do you think these comments
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from him are part of a trend -- mr. delaney: i don't comment on the vice president. i comment on my campaign. >> as a moderate voice, with four out of 10 the reds associating as--10 candidates assisted as socialist -- mr. delaney: did you look at my health-care plan, it is the greatest expansion of health care since medicare. it just happens to allow choices. these are extraordinary progressive advances in policy. they just happen to be developed in a way that is workable and i tell the american people how i'm going to get it done. my solutions are more pragmatic to achieve aggressive goals, then i am all in. most people when they have the opportunity to hear my policy, they see the progressive behind
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them. you unfortunately have when you've been in the private sector and have created thousands of jobs. reporter: you been in iowa for almost two years. you are still polling in the low single digits. what do you need to do differently in the next couple of months leading up to caucus day to break through? mr. delaney: i'm a big believer that when you think you are doing the right thing, you stick with it. andeing a truth teller talking about how i can help the lives of the american people and the donald trump, that is what iowa caucus-goers are going to look for. for me, that is the only poll that matters. we are sticking with our plan. i feel good about it. i believe in everything i'm saying and doing and what will help me is when the field get smaller. i'm not going anywhere. that will allow voters to sort
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things out. more voters are dialing in every day and i think the voters that are filing in everyday are changing the makeup of the democratic primary base and it starts coming my way. reporter: you promised to rejoin ttp immediately. why are so many of your opponents running away from -- mr. delaney: i was obama's point person on this. they are dead wrong. they are afraid of it, i don't know what it is. the problem with trade is not engaging on the global economy. the problem is we didn't do anything for communities we knew would be targeted. administrationa -- but fort tpp
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iowa workers and for our leadership in the world and ability to shape the world for good, we have to be engaged economically. authorityotion expires 20 days into the next presidency and i'm going to use those 20 days to get back into tpp and i think people who don't support it and used to, that tells you everything you need to know about whether this was pulled tested politics or what they believe. reporter: what do you plan to eat today at the fair? >> i had a poor chop on a stick and a piece of brown sugar covered bacon. i don't know where it will end, but that is what have done so far. reporter: one-stop short of calling him a white supremacist. whatin the difference and
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-- mr. delaney: it is a difference. enabling white supremacists, what other conclusion can you come to? you know, i don't know what the reason is -- that's what i'm basically saying. reporter: so say it. reporter: stop with the semantics. >> is a white supremacist. mr. delaney: he supports white supremacists. what else can you conclude? [shouting] we need a new president. reporter: my question, i want
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you to distinguish because it is very important, the difference between enabling white supremacy and being a white supremacist. that is a question a lot of americans are asking right now and we would be grateful. mr. delaney: i don't actually think there is any difference. i actually don't think there is any difference. i think it is awful. white supremacy and hate and people who enable it are no different than those who practice it. that's what i'm saying, and that is the way we've got to think about it. we got to end this scourge in our country and we need a new president to do it. >> i don't know if you know about the trucking industry. mr. delaney: i do. >> do you think the people who -- it isftsa
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saying the people that operate that, they haven't been a real truck driver over the road. they're not even a truck driver and at the end of this year, the mandateic log device goes in by december. my question is, do you think it is right for the federal government to basically be telling us truckers how we should be driving? because now the computers are telling us when we can take our half-hour breaks, when we can sleep. mr. delaney: regulations that hurt small business owners doing the job and supporting their families. i'm not for those. i don't know the specifics but if you are telling me this regulation -- i have to think of what the goal of it is, if it
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makes it harder for you to do your job -- >> it really does. mr. delaney: regulations can be overly burdensome on small businesses. with thed look further mandate because right now, it's really hard. it's killing our clock and we make per mile, and at this point in time, more truckers would be happy with an hourly wage at $35 an hour. right now, i make more than that but i'm losing my miles because of this new rule. mr. delaney: it has put a cap on how much you can drive. >> yes. i can only drive 11 hours in a 14 hour work period. shipper receiver, our 14 hours is drained. mr. delaney: you are losing three hours a day. >> more than that. i can be at a warehouse for
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eight hours. mr. delaney: how many hours do you want to drive? >> i want to drive 11 but i don't want my 14 hour clock when i am at a shipper receiver at a dock. mr. delaney: what i do know is i don't want regulation to hurt hard-working americans who are supporting their families unless there is a good reason. i would have to look at the reason behind it because i would be dishonest to you -- but i will tell you i will think about it. i think a lot of regulation in this country hurts more than it helps. i just want to make sure hard-working americans can support their families. i don't know the other side of this issue so i can't give you an answer but i promise i will get back with you. here's a card.
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i'll do a little research on the issue. >> i'll have to write down my name and number. mr. delaney: what is your name? >> jeremy walters. mr. delaney: ok, we will write that down. email.n put my female -- >> feel free to shoot me a text. >> have a question for you.
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there is a bill in congress right now that would give the federal government the ability to -- pharmaceutical companies who are raising their prices to exploitative rates. would you support a measure like that to remove? mr. delaney: i think it is an interesting idea. there are better ways. >> like what? mr. delaney: to allow the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies and we need to work with the other wealthy nations of the world and create a global price negotiation so everyone can negotiate together. you've been in a while, this is your second trip. is iowa make or break? mr. delaney: for me it is, yeah. what will matter is the caucus. >> how do you feel the message is starting to break through? mr. delaney: i feel it is starting to break through.
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an and there are a lot of candidates. i think more people are dialing in and starting to pay attention and i think it will work in my favor. >> what are your thoughts after the el paso shooting? a lot of the arrivals on the democratic stage have used the word white supremacist to describe the sitting president of the united dates. -- states. what is your description? mr. delaney: my description is, i've never met him. he uses a bully pulpit to divide the country. he creates false equivalencies between people who are protesting racism and people who are encouraging racism so he is an enabler. to me, the distinction with that is. one of the things is you are
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a centrist middle lane candidate. is that how you see it? mr. delaney: i see myself as a problem solver and that makes me more pragmatic, but my ideas are huge. credit, your next tax and the structure programs, the biggest research programs since nasa. i just have pragmatic ways of getting them done. >> you were accused in the debate of not being bold enough. not thinking big. why would someone elect you if you are not going to have these big ideas? basically what they john f. kennedy said he wanted to send someone to the moon by the end of the next decade. said by the in the next month would have been more bold.
2:15 am
if i say we should do universal health care but why should i tell them to give it up? they say you are not being bold enough. what i hear is not someone who is defending a position. -- i think some of these positions they have are indefensible. telling 80% of medicare beneficiaries, basically saying private insurance is illegal. why do you think that is a good idea? they say well, that is a talking point. no, jake tapper asked bernie sanders -- he said that is a republican talking point. every i do you have you should say how you are going to pay for it. sound like a person proposing these big ideas can win. mr. delaney: they could not get the majority of democrats in the congress to vote on it. i think running on things that not even a majority of democrats would support is not a formula
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for success in the general election. it also tells me they are not common sense ideas. if the majority of democrats don't support these things, why is it a good policy idea? >> do you worry about the direction the democratic party is moving. mr. delaney: yes, because the most important thing is beating donald trump. >> is it the green new deal? medicare for all? mr. delaney: barack obama and bill clinton were big tent democrat's. they ran on things most americans could get behind. there were good ideas but they ran on things that not a lo a majority of the american people support. >> president obama is a template, his vice president is running. what separates you? mr. delaney: i have better ideas.
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i'm not interested in moderation for the sake of moderation. i'm interested in big ideas that are pragmatic. i call myself a pragmatic idealist. care,mate, health infrastructure, and tax policy of fundamentally have new ideas and they are more interesting and more responsive to where the world is going and that differentiates me. >> what is the plan moving forward? certainly not leaving i'll after the state fair. >> no, i'm going to the wing ding. reporter: it is ground zero. mr. delaney: i'm all in on iowa. if i don't do well in the iowa caucus, that is not good for my campaign. reporter: you comfortable you are going to be around to compete as the field narrows come february? mr. delaney:. absolutely. . not going anywhere. i've been here three years, not going in right now. >> thank you. mr. delaney, thank you so much.
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>> we support no first strikes. thank you. i want to ask a follow-up on what he said. i understand this is really important. there are people who don't have access to insulin and at the epipens. [indiscernable conversations] >> you want to ban assault weapons. what do you define as an
2:19 am
assault weapon? a you willing to ban all a set -- assault weapons and take away our second amendment rights? mr. delaney: for nine years we had an assault weapon ban. >> and columbine happened. [various questions] be willing to talk to the iowa democratic party so people with disabilities -- mr. delaney: absolutely. [various questions]
2:20 am
[various questions] >> are we ready? great. aret of people, so you passionate, aggressive, reasonable and being pragmatic and yet it seems it is not what the democratic party is looking for. why do you think -- how much reason is in this? mr. delaney: i think we are in the middle of a social media primary right now. where extreme views are dominating. my bet is that will temper. every day, more americans tune in. more people who don't pay attention to politics all the time and are raising their families are working hard, and they tune in and tends to be
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more problem-solving, let's get things done kind of folks. the electorate goes in my favor. reporter: you heard it here. extreme language against the president and be extremely on your views, is that not a tempting thing for you to do just to make some progress? mr. delaney: you always have to look yourself in the mirror and stay true to yourself. the one thing i'm proud of is everything i've said on this campaign, i believe. i have not wavered at all from my principles. people need to, stay true to themselves. reporter: are you fine with the label of moderate? mr. delaney: i'm fine with it. i don't think these labels mean much. i'm a democrat, a lot of the things i want to achieve our progressive but i have a practical approach to getting them done because i don't
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believe in talking about stuff for 20 years. i believe in getting stuff done. reporter: when you look at the race, it seems some commentators biden -- think joe why don't you get behind him? mr. delaney: i don't think he has new ideas. i think we need new ideas and i have a better way to fix health care than he does. i have a better way to address climate change than he does. -- 80% ofetter way the venture capital in the united states was invested in 50 counties out of 3100. this is no longer a nation of opportunity. it is a nation of birthright. i have real policies to change the flow of capital to create opportunities for young people. our tone is similar, but ideas matter.
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there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. is there something about what the president has done in the last few years that he would say that is good. listen, i think having a conversation with north korea was not a terrible idea. you've got to meet with your enemies. that is the first point of diplomacy. i have probably been the least critical democratic what he has done with respect to north korea. i worry he will cut a bad deal because he will want and the korean war which i don't think he knew had intended yet, and would cut a bad deal to do that. i am very constructive on what he has done there. reporter: appreciate it very much, thank you. come on up. >> do you care if i get one? mr. delaney: not at all. do you know that medicare for
2:24 am
all would be more comprehensive for people? mr. delaney: i don't think it would be. privatehave to go buy insurance, i can barely pay my rent. mr. delaney: under my system you could do government health care. >> not everyone can do that. mr. delaney: sure they would. you get a basic government health care plan is your right and you could opt out of it and get a tax credit and do private insurance. >> why would you want to do private insurance when we can negotiate with the medicare system? that would be more efficient than doing it with private companies that we know are -- mr. delaney: the medicare for all bill specifically -- that -- you need private insurance to -- [various questions] mr. delaney: to keep hospitals
2:25 am
open, yes we do. reason hospitals are closing in this country is because they are getting disproportionate medicaid payments and less private insurance. it is basic health care economics. >> for the people without plans, they are getting much higher premiums, hired it up the. mr. delaney: that is for them to decide. under my plan, everyone would get a plan for free and they could opt out if >> more now from the fair from author and activist, marianne williamson. the iowa caucuses are set for february 3ford, the first nomination process in the nation for the presidential primaries. this just over 20 minutes.


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