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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Sestak at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 11, 2019 4:28am-4:51am EDT

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de blasio. we think inslee and buttigieg's plans distinguish themselves because they contain three concrete actions. th inslee and buttigieg want to tie federal dollars used to contract all across the economy and delivery and call centers and food service, tie those public dollars for the ability for workers to be able to join together in union and have a decent wage so they can support themselves and their families. there would be no tax subsidy for corporations paying poverty wages. >> news makers with mary kay henry. the nation's second largest labor union president. today at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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now democratic presidential candidate, joe sestak of pennsylvania talks to voters at the iowa state fair. this is about 20 minutes. >> hello, i am a pennsylvania void -- >> hi, i'm joe sestak. come on board an aircraft carrier, 5,000 sailors. their average age is 19-1/2. i loved it. but i also loved it because this nation of mine invested in me for increasing commander responsibilities at sea and constantly trained me in what is integrity value. service to country to others above self and accountability in answering for one's self. m for increasing
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positions there. send me to harvard university for eight doctorate. understand how does this nation need to meld all of the elements of our power for the peace and prosperity it needs? i was assigned to be president clinton's director of policy where i was responsible for coordinating the national security which brought together all of the organizations of our power together with the power of our military and understanding the limitations upon it. i will never forget walking out of the pentagon one day. uponhed back and looked the scar that had been brought onto that building and our
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nation. shortly thereafter i found myself on the ground in afghanistan hitting the navy's strategic terrorism unit. lead yourasked to sons and daughters in harm's way. when i aircraft carrier battle group arrived in the arabian sea. we all experienced what i have seen across this vast global campus of your united states navy. with the armada twice as large as ours. the ministry of defense said america has been attacked we will be there stop we have the world with us against people. is its's greatest power power to convene. to bring together the nations and the peoples of the world for a common cause that serves us all. whether it was dire poverty, a
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human rights atrocity, global recessionary collective security agreement, we lit the flame of justice. and then we elected presidents from john f. kennedy to ronald for ourho understood peace our prosperity and our freedom here. that is why a retreat from the world would be so dastardly to our american dream and why the scope of the american office is not of an american, it is of a foreigner to remind our president that we only want our freedom because of our allies. and we can only sustain it because of them. any doubt that our global concorde and our ofdership in it -- our way life evaporates when you recognize there is nothing we can do by ourselves. even with the great new deal.
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greenhouse of the emissions come from abroad. world ready for the dangers that are arriving. running.hy i am first we need someone with the breadth and depth of global experience that actually understands how we can be in the world, unlike what democrats and republicans did when they voted for that tragic misadventure in iraq, not understanding that the military can stop a problem, they can never fix the problem. i doubt there is anybody here who thinks we can fix iraq but we did fix it ran when we convened the world with diplomatic and economic sanctions. we are going to fix it when we already have with our military. at a time ofeets
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great change. to have someone who values our allies together. someone who understands as commander in chief that when faced with a decision about whether to use our military they understand that you have to know how it will end before you even think that you should begin. forget.l never -- i will never forget that our peace and our prosperity is convened with those who have to prevent going to war. have president to understands how to go about the world at a time of change. we also need a president who can walk in the shoes of the citizens here at home. wife and iay as my stood at walter reed military
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hospital and watched as our four-year-old daughter was rolled out of surgery. we couldn't get the brain cancer they said and when asked they replied she may have 90 days. perhaps nine months. that little warrior fought on. and she beat that demon. i need us to become accountable to you. the citizens of this nation gave us a health care plan that saved our daughter's life. the 2-1ack to republican district where i was raised and became a democrat. i was elected by 14 points, the second democrat since the civil war and that i was reelected by 20 points.
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$3 millioning raised i didn't spend a dime on one campaign add. we learned how to disagree well. they also knew that we kept our office open seven days per week to 9:00 every night because they had to win that recession began. we saved over 800 homes from foreclosure. they were just like my crew on a ship. they were my people. i was called later the most productive congressman among the majority leaders. money -- movement of in 12 years. that is not the major issue. when i saw all of that, i kept querying it. how can a government of the
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people be so unaccountable to the people, particularly as i watched 470 senators and congressmen take a lobbying job. 1998, those who voted for that war have dismantled the safeguards in wall street, and have the median level income of our working class has flatlined in the last 20 years, i look back and i thought about it. i thought about those politicians who voted for the tragic war in iraq. she against sunni and sunni shia.t she -- as it metastasized, it went throughout the middle east and even copycat killing. those same politicians across the spectrum and over time removed the wall and the one place we need to want to keep greed out and accountability in. onn they took down the wall
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wall street, it was left unfettered to destroy my constituencies lives. not one politician has ever accounted for themselves to be accountable for the carnage of that war. recession.t great trump is not the problem. he is the symptom of the problem where americans no longer believe that the system works for them. choice.our hobson's not just to elect the president but to heal our country with someone who we feel will be accountable to them above party, above special interest, above oneself, or else we will never move the defining policies we
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will ever need today. gravestmate change, the danger to mankind. how hard will it be for saudi arabia to use as much energy to forr one air conditioner one decade as it exports in oil today. how can we not -- there are some of the other things that need to be done but will this nation trust us? think about childcare. when 6.5 million women moved into the workforce, our government provided childcare. the u.s. military has the best childcare in the nation, full and paid family and medical leave benefits. why aren't we doing that to mpower our workforce? think about college. our government will make $127 billion this decade because it is charging the wrong interest rate and has been for decades on
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the backs of our students. only 5% of your income needs to go to pay off your loan and for every year, and by the way i want to focus with what i was taught the other day. she says i'm the one who goes up and down the track with gps and i said that means our track will be wireless soon and she said yes. what happens to those workers? the gentleman and the gentlelady's we kick out of the coal mine. we spend less than any nation on labor training. they are the ones who should be empowered by the democratic party and the republicans. when the f-15 goes away we don't kick you out. we send you.
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the largest community college in the nation, the air force community college. them.n we not value they rate that is lower than needed to replenish those who passed away every year since 1970. i understand protecting our borders but also our economy. we would be in a population death spiral if not for the value of all immigrants. we need them to power our economy. take the infrastructure, we need $1 trillion paid for. it will be $1.5 trillion in adjusted costs if we don't do it. don't want to get with the v.a. today? reined in by the new england journalism -- journal of medicine? or medicare for all?
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thate military, you learn piss poor planning gets piss poor outcomes. that is what i voted for but the senate failed to stand up to the industry and pulled out that public option. we needed it to build milestones toward removing the health-care industry that denied my daughter when her health care came back last year, which is why i am late into this race. toen single-digit odds survive, that warrior beaded again. we got denied -- beat it again. we got denied initially. industry.y the health understand the goal about how we treat people in trying to care for them. i could go on for small
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businesses that no one seems to care about. is 40%ulation on them more than large corporations. three major metropolitan areas. milk tothe mother's have access to invest. i am running because we need to restore global leadership in this world. to protect and expand our american dream here. i'm running because i believe we have policies that have to be advanced to mpower working families. to help the economy so we can actually begin to be competitive with infrastructure most of all i am running because
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we need to unite this country with someone who they believe is accountable to them. come aboard with me one last time on an aircraft carrier. 5000 sailors, they run a nuclear reactor at 19.5. they fix your plane and the pilot doesn't even think about it. doesn't care if they are muslim, hispanic, or white. they just know they did it right. they step back, they strap that plane into a counter pole. and what they do is they strap that plane, the engines are on and they push a button. then they flip you into the night. walt disney, no amusement park in iowa has a better ride than that. every so often they say stop,
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hold on, special forces have been ambushed. quickly, get out of that plane. they have been unhooked from that catapult. you shut off your engine. all of a sudden they push off that button and you are still attached to that catapult. off you go into the middle of the night for a great and final ride. a youth comes out on the deck. could be from anywhere. goes under the plane where the pilot cannot see and unhooks it from the plane. and then knowing the pilot cannot see it while it is in front of that plane, it gives a very simple signal. and looks at the pilot in the
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eye and doesn't move until he or she, the pilot, have shut off their engines, and got safely on deck. that youth has told us everything our country is yearning for. if i made a mistake not for my word but for my deed you are going right through me. and i am going for -- going overboard with you. i have yet to meet hardly anyone who believes that anyone in washington, d.c. would stand in front of that plane for them. there is no way we will meet the
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defining challenges of our time. without a united america, without someone who the people leave, even disagree that they trust will always be accountable to them, above any special interest. is why i am running for the office for the president of the united states of america. thank you. and i know it is hard to believe, my daughter wouldn't believe it. i didn't when they send it to race against arlen specter, as you may know. the republicans switched party. he is a man cool humiliated and i do not agree with that. i beat him but i did not win the race. i would probably be a walmart greeter. my daughter said, no one will ever get into walmart.
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the issue is i have a minute and a half, are the questions i can quickly answer? animalou prefer representative as your -- animal or it representative as your -- iral representative for your title? >> i prefer dad or joe. >> do support $15 minimum wage? > i put it in my book. i am a napoleon fan. i woulde to be in love, analyze it a by bit. if you do not raise the minimum wage above the hourly average, you do not lose jobs. what is that today? $14. you inflated that in wages go up and you get to $15. ,ased on facts, again, the book the seventh one.
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last question. yes? daughter andf your other people like her, are you willing to push the iowa democratic party to make -- susceptible? > the answer>, is yes, but how much more accessible? caucuses -- >> the caucuses are great. >> but not for people with disabilities. have a doubling website for disabilities. it will be removed to aaa. i moved into braille. yes, all the way. look, i am almost done. the last question, i have how much time left? one minute. time is up. i blend with this. the wise words of john mccain. a naval academy graduate. what he would say one time, he
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would call up, one time he called up and said, joe, i saw you on msnbc. long, said, it is too keep it shorter. [laughter] >> among the candidates new york center keers ten jill brand. this is 30 minutes fun -- >> the directf senator gillibrand: hello, everybody. i want to introduce the director of fun, henry gillibrand. this is the driver of the rv, jonathan gillibrand. >> hi, everyone. senator gillibrand: henry loves your state fair, so thank you.


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