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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Event - Part 1  CSPAN  August 12, 2019 11:51am-12:31pm EDT

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our ability to commit k. if we don't like it, we can quit. >> it seems hard to levy an accusation that big tech is a negative when somebody like dennis is getting a billion .iews >> watch the communicators tonight on c-span2. announcer: the 2020 presidential candidates made remarks at this year's iowa democratic wing ding fundraiser in clear lake. the program includes amy klobuchar, steve bullock, pete buttigieg and bernie sanders. it is just over two hours. ♪
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>> hello, good neighbors. it is great to be back here at the wing ding. last time i had 20 minutes and this time, i have 20 candidates. i get to go first. remind me, my first time i was ever in the white house, bill clinton was president and i was a young prosecutor. i had done a lot of work on hate crimes and he invited me to introducedim when he that important bill. as i stood outside, i had never been in there before. i have the president on one side outside the east room. i have janet reno on the other. -- bandtary bland starts playing hail to the chief. i start walking in and i feel this hand on my shoulder and it says i know you're going to do great out there.
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when they play that song, i usually go first. that was my first time in the white house. it won't be my last. few daysent the last on a 20 county tour. after the tragedies of this weekend, it reinvigorated me. it reinvigorated me as i stood with the flag and i thought to myself, you know what? this flag is flying over el paso today and it is flying over dayton today. that is because we are one america. there are america and not two sides. there are not when the other side is the ku klux klan and there are white supremacist. there is only one side and that is the american side. i have had so many islands approach me about gun safety and assault weapon bands and magazines that it has been unbelievable.
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i told them the story of when i sat across the president after parkland and advocated for gun safety. he said he wanted universal background checks and the next day, he goes and meets with the nra and folds. as your president, i will not fold. [applause] shouldconomic agenda unite rural and urban for this country. i have been talking about the farm bill but also childcare. we know the issues. and also about housing and education and hospitals and making sure we have enough mental health beds when there are only 64 in the state of iowa. that is not acceptable and i will end this practice of privatizing medicaid. this is wrong in the state of iowa. [cheers and applause] it all starts here, this change. you gave us the granger movement that took on the big monopolies. .ou gave us norman
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norman who believed in science. whogave us edna griffin would not take no for an answer when she wanted to be served in des moines at the height of the civil rights movement. you gave us abby and cindy and rita. we have a guy in the white house now who is afraid. he is afraid of the future. he is afraid of the nra. he is afraid of science. science.aid of equal he is afraid of equal rights. we are not afraid of equal rights. we are not afraid of the future. we are not afraid of women having a seat at the table. [applause] he is afraid of a woman in the white house. we are not afraid of that! he is afraid of working people having the same rights and chance to succeed as wealthy people.
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we are not afraid. we embrace that right. that is what this is about. he is looking back and he is afraid. we are not. and, especially not in this state. i am asking you to join me. not with fear. i am asking you to join me to build a future free of fear for the future. let's go and get it done. thank you, iowa! [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the states, montana governor, steve bullock. ♪ >> hello, iowa! about this time of year, people come and try to make some connection to iowa. i'm not going to tell you my great great grandparents settled in henry county in 1850. i'm not going to talk about the fact that my mother was born here. that is not why we gather. we gather for the sake of our nation for the sake of our ofion and for the sake america that we will pass on to the next generation. we gather to make sure that donald trump is a one term president. [applause] it is more than that.
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it is about soundly rejecting the behaviors that he is normalizing. thaties and the statements divide by race, gender and geography. the twitter tirades. we expect more out of preschoolers than we do the president of the united states. [applause] that.more than it is about soundly rejecting the crony capitalism. when the person that actually pays more than amazon and chevron in taxes, we can do a heck of a lot better. when a generation of workers has been replaced by independent contractors at the same time that union membership is half what it was in the 1980's. when environmental regulations are being added by polluters because that is what they ask abouthis election is also fighting back against citizens united and making the federal government finally work for us
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and not the koch brothers. that has been the fight of my career and it is the challenge of our time. [applause] there is a whole lot that we've got to do. you know what? first, we have to be donald trump. we have to be clear eyed. if we can't win back states that we lost or give people a reason to vote for us and not just against him, donald trump could win again. audience: no. >> i was the only democrat to at reelected statewide in state where donald trump one. he took montana by 20. 25 to 30% of might voters voted for donald trump. the path to victory is through all, michigan, wisconsin, across this country. we need to be able to be competitive both in the big areas and places just like here.
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we have to be talking about how do we get those voters back. this isn't just about the white house. this is about your steakhouse as well. [applause] -- state house as well. [applause] >> i am a pro-choice, prounion democrat. -- that is how we win back listening, talking about the challenges of everyday americans. my legislature is more republican than yours. yes. we have been able to expand health care, expand mental health care, and control costs. we have made investments in education. we have kicked their money out of elections. that and more pure that is how we do, getting stuff down.
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only been in this race for about 10 weeks. eighth trip to iowa. the stories across this country other stories i hear from you all. for the teachers who have to work a second job for her insulin. for the person messes every time trump tweets, they lose hundreds of dollars. -- for theson retiree in ottumwa that said to me are voices missing. folks can't wait for revolution. there challenges are in the here and now. we can beat donald trump. but we needed to be able to give folks a reason to believe the economy and washington, d.c. will work for them. we can take the steps. [applause] we do not do it with plans or press releases are promising everybody free everything. what people want is a fair shot. they want to believe things can get better.
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we can tackle climate without leaving community's behind. we can actually invest in education without giving it all away. we can make people finally believe that this works for them. the core of the word progressive is making progress. iowa i would ask you to join attorney general tom miller and so many others over the next 177 days because you are the ones who actually make these decisions. please join me, go to look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. [applause] [applause] ♪
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[applause] >> come on. we can do better than that. sending jd to the congress of the united states. is about sixe months, you have an awesome. the. is, whatquestion candidate we found from. success reckless, lawless, this honorable human dishonorable human
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being out of the white house as soon as possible. [cheering] but to do that we need a candidate that has an economic vision that excites every american. whether you are in a city or a rural community rate and i have been to all 99 counties. so i know what people are talking about. you have to put forth a candidate that has real solutions to the challenges we face as a nation. not impossible promises. you have to put up a candidate that will built a big tent democratic party, like we did in 2018 on a flipped houses piping forth candidates that progressives and moderates and disaffected republicans can get excited about. the second question you have to ask yourself, is who should lead our country?
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we need leadership badly at this moment in time. we need to reestablish our moment in time. leadership role around the world. need a leader who is committed to finding common ground and getting things done that matter to hard-working americans at their kitchen table. and you know what we need more than anything >> we need an individual who will restore decency and honor to the office of the presidency. [applause] and i stand before you iowa because as the journey i've had my own life. and i'm so grateful for the opportunities this country is given me. to learn and be the first to my family to go to college. to build two businesses and create thousands of jobs.
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to be married to and extort a woman for 29 years and have four daughters. and the opportunity to serve my country in the congress of the united states. but my story is getting harder to find. young people today will be the first generation of americans that will not do better than their parents. we are also leaving them debt that they will not be able to repay. fiscal debt, and climate debts. so i do not believe what the american people need is more gridlock, more partisanship or more rigid ideology. i think you need solutions. i think we need big ideas, like my plan for universal health care. but it preserves choice.
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i think we need massive investment in our country and infrastructure and basic research, which is why am proposing the largest investment in infrastructure in and research that we have had since the building of the national highway system and the creation of nasa. i think we need real solutions to the big issues we face as a nation. and not only is that the right way to govern, it is the right way to win. in 1958, john f. kennedy looked out at the american people and said, we should not seek the republican answer. we should not seek the democratic answer. we should seek the right answer. and he was right then, and he is right today. [applause] he is right today. [applause]
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this is the calling of the democratic party. to become the party that the american people are so desperately looking for. a party that conducts itself with honor and dignity. and works for hard-working americans. and get things that done that matter in their lives. and leads not only here but around the world, by getting back in a things like the trans-pacific partnership that president obama was right about. every acre in iowa would be worth more if we were in that agreement. that is how we beat trump in iowa. [applause] but this has to be our way forward. delany:i fundamentally believe that our most important responsibility is to leave the world better than we found it. the one thing i want to tell you is this is not about me. there's a great day and all of our lives, when we realize it is not about us. it is about what we can do for other people. that is why i decided to dedicate the rest of my life to public service 10 years ago. to make a difference in the world. so i'm not running for president just to be your president. i am running for president to do the job. to lead. to get things done. and to restore dignity to the most sacred office in the united states of america, the office of not about us. the presidency. god bless you iowa. and god bless america. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen welcome colorado senator michael bennet.
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>> thank, iowa for having me here tonight. it has been such a privilege to spend so much time in iowa, to come to understand how seriously you take this refund ability. we have a president in the white house who got that job in a very unusual way. for america. he got that job by dividing one america from another america. bennet: he is trying to keep that power by dividing america from itself. he thinks out there there are 38% of the people that are going to stay with him no matter what. a lot of those people live in rural areas. which is why it is so important for the democratic party to compete in rural iowa and in rural america in this election. [applause] bennet: and everybody in this room knows we have a decision to make about the future of america. and the future of rural america. the future of rural colorado and
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of rural iowa. and if we decide we are good to have a future in rural iowa, we need rural hospitals in rural iowa. [applause] we need broadband in rural iowa. [applause] and we need schools in rural iowa. and when there is one group of kids that have access to preschool, and another group through no fault of their own, that do not, equal is not equal. and when one group of kids has access to teachers and another group of kids cannot even find teachers to live in the community, equal is not equal. and when one group of american children have the chance to go to college because they have guidance counselors and parents
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that went to college and they live in a city or others went to college, and another group of kids don't, equal is not equal. and that is what we have to be about as democrats in this election. [applause] bennet: that is what i have done through to tough national races in colorado. and that is why my health care plan which i wrote long before i was running for president, starts in rural america, not in urban america. that is why my climate plan starts in rural america. that is why i just introduced a broadband bill with your own congressperson in iowa. it is because i believe that we have to compete for these votes in rural america. even more important, we need to unite the rest of america and rural america. and we need a president will go to places where we will never win more than 30% of the vote, and say that we believe in you too. we need a president for whom that is not an afterthought. tthat is the principal reason is
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to take the country away from a divider in chief and put it in the hands of a uniter in chief - who knows that our future depends on everybody in this country, no matter where they come from. repeating the talking points from the cable television the night before is not going to be what will change victory for rural america. these policies will. in the end, i believe, representing a state that is as rural as the state i represent, only one state away from you, that there is much more that unites us than divides us. that americans, no matter where they live, want a government that works again. they want unity, not division.
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they want progress over gridlock. above all else, they want to know that we are not going to be the first generation of americans -- it's been said before -- to leave less opportunity, not more, to the people coming after us. that is what we need to understand is our job in this moment. we cannot put our heads down. we cannot tell ourselves how sorry we are that we are in the position that we are in. we need to see this as an american opportunity, just like our parents and grandparents, who fought to make this country more democratic, more fair and more free. that is what we need to do between now and november. if we do that, we will win and we will be able to govern the united states of america again. thank you for having me today. great to see all of you. [applause]
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome former colorado governor john hickenlooper. >> thank you and good evening. i was well known for [indiscernible-] it is clear you are also in the cattle business. i'm honored to play my part. this last week like every week for the last three years, we are once again been reminded why this campaign is so important. the immoral, unethical, dangerous president continues to divide us. even as families in el paso and dayton are mourning their love ones gunned down in mass shootings. and others in hospital beds recovering from their injuries. we as democrats might have our differences, but we all know who the real opponents is, and we cannot take our eye off the prize. i also think it will be foolish to think this would be easy. the fact is donald trump's
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approval rating is 42 today. at the same point in their presidencies, ronald reagan was a 43, barack obama was at 44. both of them were reelected. both of them where neither of them had an economy is strong as what we have today. so we need to build a strong case to be donald trump. as much as we hate all his divisive racist assaults on our values, that is not going to be enough to win. as much as we are embarrassed and ashamed by his incoherent behavior on the world stage, insulting our allies, embracing our enemies, breaking all of our agreements, that is not enough to when either. it is not nearly enough to point out is sickening, pathetic, narcissism and misogyny. his voters do not care about this. they elected him because he promised he was going to bring back an economy that worked for
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them. it was a lie, course. but they believed him. my plan to be donald trump's to start by looking at our history. i would like to point out one important fact. no sitting senator, no sitting senator has ever beaten an incumbent president. go backwards from clinton to ragan to carter to roosevelt to woodrow wilson. all former governors. who defeated incumbent presidents. just want to make that point clear. [laughter] governors are closer to the people. [applause] we balance every budget every year and get things done. as governor of colorado we passed the country's first
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methane regulation to fight climate change. we passed universal background checks and limits on the size of magazines. we achieved near universal health care and expanded reproductive rights in the process reducing unintended pregnancy by 54%. [cheering] and we created the number one economy in the country. in each case, we created a template that could be easily modified international policy. none of the others running for president have done any of that. you are proposing medicare for
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all, plan that might cost all, plan that might cost billions of dollars. a green new deal that would guarantee a federal job for everyone. and in some cases they advocate for policies that would play right into the hands of president trump. meanwhile, this president lurches from one crisis to another. his tariff wars have cost american farmers billions of dollars. his already had to ask taxpayers for a $28 bailout. once tariffs are essentially a tax that will cost working families over thousand dollars annually in higher prices. tariff wars are for losers. [applause] trumps tax cuts enriched people with boats and second homes, but they have done nothing for
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working families who live check to check. hickenlooper: he has done nothing to lower health care costs. and in fact just wants to take it away and replaced with what? nothing. what we should be doing is raising wages, addressing the high cost of health care, tackling climate change head-on, taking on immigration, and keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. [applause] hickenlooper: but if we are going to win back pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, we need a candidate that has a vision and a record, who has created jobs and knows how to do it. i'm the only candidate that has created jobs and made a payroll in small business trade and dramatically expanded our economy and the state of colorado as governor. this is a record of achievement and i believe that will be required to be donald trump in 2020. i got the job done in colorado. and i would be honored to do it again for america. thank you. [cheering] [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen welcome tom steyer. steyer: good evening. every candidate tonight shares a few basic attributes. we are more decent, more qualified, and more patriotic than the criminal in the white house. [cheering] steyer: and we all have strong policy ideas and progressive values. but none of that matters. not unless we break the corporate stranglehold on our governments. and retake power for all the people. i am tom steyer and i am running for president to take back our democracy -- i am running for president to restore our
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democracy of, by, and for the people. for 10 years across the country i have run people first campaigns from the outside that have taken on the corrupt corporate interests, and we have one. i'm the only one in this race that can go toe to toe with mr. trump on the economy. and call him out for what he has. he is a fraud. and he is a failure. [applause] i spent 30 years of my life building a successful global
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business from scratch. it is a lot more than mr. trump ever did. [applause] his pattern of fraud is simple. he lies.
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he racks up the debt. and sticks other people with the bill. in this case, that is us. the american taxpayer. like clockwork, his policies are blowing up in his face. and you are paying the price.
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trumps trade work cost i went to billion dollars last year. that is $630 for every person in the state. - $30b he papered it over with a hand out of your hard earned tax dollars. china said they would not buy anymore u.s. tag equipment. they devalued currencies and it shook the markets. guess he got hurt? not mr. trump. not much mcconnell. i will farmers. i will families. iowa farmers. iowa families. iowans trying to make ends meet. your state continues to suffer from mr. trump's ill-conceived, ill executed and on strategic trade war. my mother taught me a basic truth, actions speak louder than words.
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she was a teacher from minnesota who taught in the public's goals of new york and the brooklyn house of detention. my father was the first person and his family to go to college. he stopped his career to go into the navy in world war ii. he prosecuted the nazis at nuremberg. his actions speak louder than words mean tell you what i have done. i've started one of the largest grassroots organizations in this country. i have gone toe to toe with big oil and big tobacco in the ballot box and we have one. we closed the corporate tax loophole for billions of dollars and sent it to the public schools. and we created over five under thousand union jobs. [applause] we can and we must fix the way that democracy works. that is why i called for term limits in congress. steyer: so our government works for the american people again. speaking of term limits, i have six words for you. mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, chuck grassley. [cheering] steyer: every democrat has good ideas. but he want to get anything done, we have to take on democracy first. without that come oppressive values are empty promise. without that, our policies are pipedreams. and without that, none of us is truly free. as an outsider, as a capitalist, as a progress of activist, unlike any candidate in this race, i have been in this fight here in iowa. registering voters, knocking on doors, turning people out and winning since the beginning of 2014. the secret is you. when we place the american people back in the driver seat, there's nothing we cannot achieve. the right to health care the right to free education from pre-k to college. the right to a living wage. the right to clean air and clean water. when the people are in power, our future is brighter than anyone in this audience can imagine. now we are called on to win the biggest, most sweeping victory of our lives. that is our mission. that is what we are going to do. it is what we are called to do. thank you. god bless you. [cheering]
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[applause] ♪ >> welcome welcome former pennsylvania representative joe sestak. sestak:hello. i am joe sestak. and i wear the cloth of the nation for 31 years. in war and peace. over 80 countries, including the white house when i went to work for the director of defense policy for president clinton. on the ground in afghanistan, director of the head of the navy unit. in the arabian sea waiting was in her international armada twice as large as the american carrier battle group i commanded. the minister of italy said why they had all come. america had been attacked, and we will be there for you. we have the world with us against evil. because they are in that distant see what the realization that americans greatest power is our power to convene. to bring together nations and peoples of the world for common cause. that serves us all. whether it is dire poverty. human rights atrocities.
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global recession. or collective security. we founded and let the flame of justice in a global concorde. and then presidents from john f. kennedy to ronald reagan understood that it is this global concorde that provided for our peace, our prosperity, and our freedoms here at home. that is why the soldier that is closest to the oval office today is not of an american, it is of a foreigner, to remind the president that our retreat from the world would be disastrous for american dreams. today as we come home behind walls think he we are going to be great here when we were great abroad. to protect our freedom is a danger we have. i will never forget when i was told i would to take my aircraft carrier battle group out of the arabian sea into the persian gulf, and only two of those countries what with me to the strait of hormuz. to bring great cash to begin the precursor strike against iraq. the reason only to want is that democrats and republican's alike
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who had voted for the war could not explain how it would end the four began. but those other countries new. and they knew it was not in support of our ideals. that is why we need with this world greatly changing, somebody who understands with breadth and depth this global world, to convene it once again. for its challenges of climate change. and in a liberal world order, china that believes its value of might and right should rule this world. we also need someone here at home who walks in the shoes of american citizens. i learned that. when i was still in the military, and my four-year-old daughter, we could not get the
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brain cancer they said. when asked they replied she has about 90 days. that little warrior beat that scorch. and i had to repay you back -- that scourge. i had to repay you. i changed to being a democrat and ran in a two to one district. i won and then i won my second election by 20 points with a 100% naral pro-choice record. and they reelected me by 20 points and i did not spend a dime on a campaign ad. because we learned to disagree well. called the most productive congressman. 19 pieces of partisan legislation passed. why, come aboard an aircraft carrier. understand why am really running. my daughter's brain cancer came back last year.
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that is why i am late. she is in a safe harbor today. there are 5000 sailors on an aircraft carrier pigeon new at their average ages? 19. if you do not think the youth of america are great, come aboard an aircraft carrier. they run a nuclear reactor, they fixture plane. don't even ask a question or kick the tires. then they stop you in the plane, connecting to a catapult, push that button and off you go into the night. walt disney has no ride better than that. [laughter] then they say, suddenly, stop. special forces have been ambushed. we need to get you into the f-18. then you see what america most urines four. a young 19-year-old youth from iowa comes out on that deck. at zero 200 and the morning goes into the belly of the plane. and unhooks it from its catapult. that flips you into the air. because no pilot will shut off their engine until they know they've been unhooked from the catapult you turn off your engine and suddenly they push that button. you go off for a final great ride of your life. when that youth unhooks that catapult, they walk in front of


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