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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Event - Part 3  CSPAN  August 12, 2019 1:10pm-1:56pm EDT

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the champ said it wasn't my fight. i've never been knocked down. i'm either up or i'm getting up. democrats are not getting knocked down. we're either up or getting up. iowa never been knocked down. you're either up or getting up. america has never ever been knocked down. we're either up or we're getting up. thank you, iowa! [applause] ♪ >> thank you all very much my
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wife, jane. let me think all of the people in this room or the important work you are doing every single day. together here in iowa and all across this country, we will defeated the most dangerous president in the history of this country. [applause] sen. sanders: together, we will end the racism and the sexism and the islamophobia and the homophobia, and all the other phobias that this president exhibits. and we will end white nationalism in this country, as well. [applause] sen. sanders: together, we will protect american democracy and the rule of law. and together, we will create an economy and a government that works for all, and not just the
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1%. [applause] but let me be as clear as i can be. we will not defeat trump unless we have an agenda that speaks to the pain and reality of the working families of this country. millions of whom are working longer hours for lower wages. we will not defeat trump unless we have the courage to take on the powerful corporate interests who dominate our economic and political life. [applause] sen. sanders: the american people want, are begging congress, for common sense gun safety legislation. and that is why we have to have the courage to take on the nra. [applause]
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sen. sanders: the american people understand that climate change is real. and that it's causing devastating problems in our country and all over the world. and that is why we have to have the courage to take on the greed and the recklessness of the fossil fuel industry. [applause] sen. sanders: the american people understand that in the year 2019, we must make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all student debt in this country. [applause] sen. sanders: but in order to do that, we are going to have to end an absurd tax system that allows wall street and major corporations to get huge tax breaks. [applause]
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sen. sanders: and the american people understand, increasingly more and more every day, that health care is a human right, not a privilege. [applause] sen. sanders: and every poll that i have seen tells me that the american people agree with many people in this room, that we must pass medicare for all. [applause] sen. sanders: but to do that, we are going to have to take on the pharmaceutical industry, which chargers us the highest prices in the world for the medicine that we need. [applause] sen. sanders: to do that, we are going to have to take on the whole health care industry, which made $100 billion in profits last year.
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and the only way i know how we take on wall street and the drug companies and the insurance companies and the fossil fuel industry and the nra, is when we have an unprecedented, grassroots movement of millions of americans standing up, fighting back, and demanding an economy and a government that works for all of us, and not just wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] sen. sanders: brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, in this unprecedented moment in american history, we need an unprecedented, grassroots movement.
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join our efforts and let us reclaim american democracy and a government that works for all people. thank you all very much. [applause] ♪ ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage new jersey senator cory booker. [applause] sen. booker: thank you. thank you. i don't want to use the five minutes in the way you normally would for an event like this. i know that 2020 doesn't stand for the year but the number of us running. [laughter] i want to point
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something out that we can't normalize. we saw a video from beto o'rourke and he is not here right now. he didn't miss this because of a family obligation or a conflict in schedule, he missed this because americans were slaughtered. that in this election as we talk about the issues that drive us, the values underneath those issues is what we need to hit on again and again. this election is not a referendum on one guy. it takes no courage or god bless america. you don't need to be a brilliant genius as the president says he is to know he's a problem. this is a referendum on us and who we are going to be to each other. this is one of those moral moments in our nation that is going to define the character of our country and this is a week
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where i will not let the slaughter of our fellow citizens disappear in the next media cycle. [applause] booker: i want to use the three minutes i have left to tell you what i believe bonds us together because we were a nation that when four girls were killed in a bombing in birmingham, we raised our moral conscience and transformed nation to a more compassionate emphatic infrastructure. when women threw themselves out the shirt fire, this has to be that moment. i want to ask you and tell you , let me use my last seconds to tell you it is not just a mass
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shootings. it is the fact that every day in america people are being slaughtered in communities like mine where the sound of gunfire is so regular. for 10 years, i lived in highrise public housing projects. the tenant of the building, her son was killed in the lobby. military andthe came home and was killed by gunfire in our country. i never forget asking her what she lived in those buildings when her son was murdered their and she said i'm in charge of homeland security. she showed the grit and toughness like what langston hughes wrote to save the dream for one, we must save the dream for all. [applause] sen. booker: i want to leave you
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with the wisdom of a gun violence survivor. the wisdom of a woman on the fifth floor of the projects. this road won't be easy. there will be weeks like this. it was 2004, and i witnessed another boy shot and try to stop him from leading -- from bleeding, but he bled out and died. i was traumatized and angry. i felt like giving up. i felt a darkness in my heart and i will never forget a morning after the shooting and i saw her. she sees me and opens her arms and i run over to her and she holds me and i feel the pain of another black teenager killed and she said two words to me. these are the two words i want to leave you with. over and over, this defiant woman that has this incredible
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love that knows you cannot leave -- lead the people if you don't love the people. she rubbed my back over and over again and said two words, stay faithful. stay faithful. stay faithful. my fellow americans, we have come this far by faith. we have overcome darker moments and now more than ever, we need american with faith in our country, faith in our ideals, faith in each other and come together again and stand together and work together and love together and overcome this darkness with our light. this is the call of our country. it is time for the united states of america to rise again. thank you.
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>> welcome to the stage andrew yang. [applause] andrew yang: hello, iowa. it is back i owe you all so much. i was here last year, and on the way just this week, i found out that my campaign is going to be on the debate stage in the fall. so thank you, iowa. i am not a career politician. i am an entrepreneur and problem solver. i'm running to solve the biggest
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problem of our time, which is why is donald trump president? how did he win michigan, idaho, -- ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin? if you turn on cable news, you will get a series of explanations. russia, racism, facebook, hillary clinton, and some cocktail. i looked at the numbers and the numbers tell a different story. the reason donald trump is the president is we automated 4 millionn manufacturing jobs. this was in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and 40,000 right here in iowa. how many know someone that lost their job in manufacturing? unfortunately what happened to those workers will spread to retail, call centers, truck drivers through your communities. how many of you have noticed stores closing in iowa?
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why are the stores are closing? it's a one word answer. amazon. they are sucking $20 billion out of your community. how much did amazon pay in taxes last year? >> zero. andrew yang: that is right. the most common job in iowa and around the country is working as a retail cashier. the average retail cashier is a 39-year-old woman making between nine dollars. i just was at iowa 80 in davenport. there were 5000 people there. imagine trucks that never stop. how many stop there then? we are in the greatest economic transformation and it brought us
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donald trump. you have seen it on your farms and main streets. you will see it on your highways sooner. it is up to you to do something about it. as i look throughout this room, why are so many presidential candidates coming here? because you hold the future of the country in your hands. look around right now. there are about 1200 iowans in this room. i've done the math. do you know how muchany californians each iowan is worth? 1000 californians. each of you. [applause] andrew yang: i see 1.2 million californians. this is how you start a revolution. where does the revolution lead? if you have heard anything about my campaign, there's something you have heard. an asian man wants to give $1000 to everyone a month. that's true.
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it sounds like a gimmick, but this is a deeply american idea. thomas payne was for it, martin luther king was fighting for it the day he was assassinated and one state has had a dividend for 40 years where everyone gets $1000 and $2000 a year and what state is that? >> alaska. andrew yang: how do they pay for it? >> oil. andrew yang: technology, that is right. in alaska, they call it the oil check. now where does the money go? it would go right back to your communities. car repairs, day care, little league sign up, it would revitalize your economies and create 40,000 new jobs. it would help rural areas with a path forward because we know rural areas are getting sucked dry.
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this is a vision of a trickle of -- trickle up economy. unlike the nonsense out of washington, d.c., this would work. it is up to you to take the to the rest of the country for an economy that works for us, the shareholders of the society and make it real. that is why i'm here and the other candidates are here and we do not have much time. if we don't take advantage of this opportunity, we have four more years of artificial intelligence getting smarter, your stores closing, self driving trucks hitting the highways and we cannot let it happen. iowa, take that you, the vision to the rest of the country, because the opposite of donald trump is an asian man who likes math. let's make america think harder. thank you very much. [applause] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage california senator kamala harris. [applause] sen. harris: it is great to be with you. it is so great to be with you. this is historic. i can't believe i'm standing on this stage. thank you. first, i'm going to ask you, i hope to earn your support. let me just say that i think we all know this is an inflection moment in the history of our country, a moment in time that is requiring each of us to look in the mirror and ask the question, that question being -- who are we, and i think we know part of the answer is we are better than this.
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[applause] sen. harris: this is a moment in time for us to fight for the best of who we are. this is not a new fight for us. we fight for our country. that is the nature of who we are and so we are going to fight because we love our country, and we know its promise and we know we are better than this. i will tell you, i come from a family of fighters. my parents met when they were activists in the civil rights movement. my sister and i joke that we grope around adults who were merging and shouting. my mother was tough. she was all of five feet tall, but if you met her, you would think she was 10 feet tall. she was the kind of parents who if you ever came home complaining about something, our mother would look at you with a straight face, maybe one hand on the hip and say, what are you going to do about it? i decided to run for president
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of the united states. [applause] harris: there you go. let's talk about the current occupant of the white house for a moment. we must, it is context. this is a guy who came in on a campaign that was about looking backwards. this is about a guy who came in and has been in office, using the power of the president of the united states in a way that is about trying to divide us and sow hate and division among us, but we know that one of the greatest strengths about who we are as a people is in our heart. we know we have so much more in common than what separates us. we are not going to buy what he is trying to sell because we
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gotta go. dude got to go. we are going to fight knowing we have so much more in common than what separates us in the way i think about that is what i call the 3:00 in the morning thought. when you wake up in the middle of the night with the thought that has been weighing on you. the vast majority of us when we wake up thinking that thought, it is never through the lens of the party of which we are registered to vote. for the vast majority, it is never through the lens some pollster put us in. and the vast majority of us, it usually has to do with our personal health, the health of our children, parents. for so many, can i get a job, keep a job, retire with dignity, pay off student loans? for so many families, can i help
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get my family member off their opioid addiction? our farmers, can i keep my business thriving? instead of having to look at bankruptcy because of this man's fragile ego that has prompted trade policy by tweet. this is a moment in time for us to fight for the america we believe in and the america we believe in, you should only have to work one job to have a roof over your head and put food over your table. the america we believe in, we will acknowledge a climate crisis and treat it with a sense of urgency, and a woman will have power over her own body and the right to make decisions for her and her family. in the america we believe in, all people will have health care and costs will not be the barrier. in the america we believe in we , will pay our teachers their value, understanding how they are helping to raise our kids
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and we will fight because this is a fight not only for optimism and knowing what can be unburdened by what has been, this is a fight not only for the soul of our country, but this is a fight born out of knowing that this is so much worse than we ever hoped it could be, and we are better than this and i promise you we are going to win. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome
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to the stage washington governor jay inslee. [applause] gov. inslee: good evening. i'm jay inslee. the jackhammering, bulldozer operating, concrete truck driving, climate change fighting governor of the state of washington, and i'm here to say this one thing. if you put me on the debate stage with donald trump, i will beat him like a two dollar mule. i just want you to know that. now, of course we don't do that to our animals. we treat them with respect and the reason is i have never met a mule that lies like donald
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trump and never met a mule who is a white nationalist. we need to remove this guy from the white house. i'm really excited to be here tonight. i feel a kinship with a small agricultural town. my wife and i for 46 years, we raised our boys in a small red agricultural district in eastern washington. i won three out of four elections there. i know how to win small towns theif i am giving -- given honor of being the president of the united states, the party is going to invest in small towns and elections. i only won three out of four. i want to tell you about the fourth election. i was a freshman legislator and the bill came up to ban assault weapons. i knew if i voted to ban assault weapons i would lose my seat,
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but i voted to ban assault weapons, i lost my seat and i have never regretted that one second. [applause] : that was thee right vote then and it is the right vote now. now, i have the nra on the run. we have a historic place to gather tonight and we know there's something special about america, and i think you can call it a music. it is a music of diversity, of the middle class, a music of opportunity. in washington state, we are playing that music. i am proud to have been the guy with the highest minimum wage in the united states, the best paid
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family leave in the united states, the highest teacher pay raise in the united states, the best gender pay equity in the neted states, the first neutrality bill in the united states. we need to do what we are doing in the state of washington across this nation. so we have had tremendous success and as a result of doing these things, you get the best economy in the u.s. i know this. we have a challenge out there that will make all these other victories moot if we don't fight together. there is only one -- there is a woman i think of when i think of this. her name is regina. she runs dress for success in davenport. she was the victim and became much more frequent and intense.
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her tears were just like the tears of marcia moss, a woman i met in agoura hills. her mobile home is now just a pile of aluminum because of the forest fires. and the tears of the people in miami beach because of the climate crisis. we are better than this. if you give me this high honor, i will make defeating climate crisis the number one priority of the united states of america. it needs to be the number one priority. i believe this. we have good candidates in this field, but i believe i am unique because i'm the only one who has made this statement that it has to be the top party. my plan to do so is being called the gold standard. it is the most robust plan. it does what is necessary to build 8 million good union jobs in this country and a clean energy economy. it is committed to that.
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i will mention one other thing. if we are going to beat climate crisis or do gun safety or anything else, we have to take away the filibuster from mitch mcconnell. we have to take that away from him, and i have to say, we need bold action on guns, bold action on women's rights, bold action on teacher pay, bold action on gender parity, bold action on climate change. thanks a lot. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage senator elizabeth warren. [applause]
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sen. warren: hello, iowan democrats. [cheers and applause] sen. warren: i believe democrats win when we talk about our values, and here's an important one for me. no matter where you live in america, you ought to have a chance to build a secure future for yourself, your family and be able to count on the federal government that is on your side. [applause] warren: but for decades now in rural and small-town america, that has not been the case and that is why a couple of days ago, i rolled out an expanded plan for rural america, and here is where starts. it starts with health care, the
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importance of keeping our community hospitals and doctors in business. a community loses its hospital, young families cannot move in and seniors feel like they have to leave, so here's how i see this. we start by being willing to fight against hospital mergers that cost us our local hospitals. [applause] warren: we recognize the economics, all small hospitals operate on been thin margins. -- operate on thin margins. that means everyone who comes in the door needs to be covered by health care. that is one of the reasons i support medicare for all. [applause] sen. warren: we have to be willing to put in the resources to support our rural hospitals and make sure we have enough doctors and nurses to make sure medical services are available to everyone in this country all
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across this country. [applause] warren: part two of this plan is to make sure we have access to high-speed internet everywhere in america. that is how you participate in a 21st century economy. part three, we need a plan that works for independent farmers. [applause] sen. warren: farm plans for too long have been about big ag. we need to have the courage to break up big ag and say no more sucking every last dollar on the pockets of our independent farmers. [applause] sen. warren: i support supply management, and i say it is time for a new policy, an innovative policy to bring in every single farmer, make them part of the solution to climate crisis, put them on the front lines.
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these are the people who will help take care of our land for generations to come and help us have a habitable planet for generations to come. and one more, trade war by tweet is not working for our farmers. i promise you this. when i'm president, when i negotiate a trade deal, there will be independent farmers at the table to make sure we get this right. [applause] warren: and one last point i want to make. when i talk about structural change in our economy, when i talk about the kind of changes we need to make, it is so the economy works for everyone. think about it this way. we need more power in the hands of workers.
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that means making it easier to join a union. give unions more power when they negotiate. [applause] warren: it is time for a wealth tax in this country. two cents from the top one-tenth of one percent and we can have universal childcare, universal pre-k, universal college, $50 billion for historically black colleges and universities and we can cancel student loan debt for 95% of the folks who've got it. [applause] sen. warren: we've had enough of an america where the government works better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. 2020 is our chance. we can make this government work for all of america.
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let's do this, democrats. dream big, fight hard, let's win! [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage former vice president joe biden. [applause]
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joe biden: folks, your patience exceeds your good judgment. [laughter] joe biden: the good news is i'm last. it is great to be with you all tonight. you heard from good people tonight. people all across the board. [applause] you heard from people who share one fundamental belief, that there is an existential threat if we keep donald trump for president. i'm not saying it for applause. words they sayhe matter. they can move markets, send men
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and women to war, they can make us to they can aspire reach the moon, they can appeal to our better angels, but they can also unleash the ugly side of society, and ladies and gentlemen, when donald trump -- since he has come president, that is exactly what he's done. he has unleashed a constant battle taking place in america. we have been here before. we have been here when 3000 klansmen in 1925 walked down the street of pennsylvania avenue marched in washington, d.c. wearing full garb and when there were over 30 members of the house who declared klan members.
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in fact, there were six or seven senators who were open klan members. ladies and gentlemen, we fought back because we had people that decided that is not who we are. it has been a constant battle with us. it is not that we can't over come it. we can over come it, and we must. when you saw those people walking out in charlottesville, their contorted faces, anger, chanting anti-semitic bile, the nazi flags, accompanied by white supremacists as well as ku klux klan. the fact was what happened then was david duke talked about the president of the united states in terms of this is what we wanted him to do here he said he would return us to where he wanted us to be. we found the president who said at the time when asked when that
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young woman was killed and he said what no other president has said. he said there are very fine people on both sides. he did. this is a reality. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump offers no moral leadership. he has no interest in unifying the country. there's no evidence the presidency has awakened his conscience in any way. instead, he has publicly and unapologetically embraced the policies of hate, racism and division. ladies and gentlemen, it is up to all of us who have to do what our president can't, stand together, stand against hate and let's call it what it is. this is white nationalism. this is white supremacy.
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it is not only our values that are under assault, everything that makes america is under assault. look at the attacks on the free press, the independent judiciary , supposedly coequal branches of government. these are the guardrails that have decided we settle long ago to contain the abuse of power and ladies and gentlemen, the american creed has always been that we are created equal and we hold these truths self-evident that we the people in order to , form a more perfect union. we have never fully lived up to it, but every single generation has moved us closer to justice. [applause] joe biden: here's the deal. every generation has done it, but ladies and gentlemen, the fact we never lived up to it isn't because we can't do it. every single generation has done it. that's why it's never gathered
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dust in the history books, all that we stand for. the fact of the matter is donald trump does not get it. he doesn't understand what we are all about. four years of donald trump is going to go down in history as an aberration, but eight years of donald trump will fundamentally change who we are as a nation. ladies and gentlemen, the core values of this nation are -- nation, our standing in the world our own sense of who we , are is at stake. everyone knows who donald trump is. we choose truth over lies, unity over division, we choose that we are going to stand for what we we always have because if we do, we can take it all back tomorrow and we must. donald trump is an existential threat.
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nothing will happen, not a single thing can happen of what we care about unless we defeat donald trump, so god bless you all and may god protect our troops. let's take it back. i refuse to wait any longer. take it back now. this is america. there's nothing beyond our capacity. stand up, america. take it back. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] we will have more camping 2020 coverage tomorrow when democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg attends the attire will fair. he is expected to make remarks live tuesday at 2:30 easter.
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join us tonight when the former gates,ense, robert andrea mitchell, and journalist robin wright discuss global challenges facing the united states. here is a preview. you mentioned the city on the hill which calls to mind when i traveled to moscow with ronald reagan to meet mikael gorbachev after the first summit. to the ambassador's residence. he gave a speech to the russian people. he -- ronald reagan did not mince his words and that did not prevent him from reaching landmark arms control and nuclear reduction treaty with gorbachev. there is a balancing act. have to and some
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fundamental way be central to who we are as a country. >> tonight, on the communicators -- >> people, to me and they say, sir, i can't get you and i can't follow you. they make it impossible. these are people who are good at what they do and they make it impossible. >> we will talk about the social media summit where president trump discussed social media censorship by big tech firms and what should be done about it with the heritage foundation and the competitive enterprise institute. >> as consumers, we can certainly demand as users of facebook, twitter, and google that if we are going to be on that, we expect they will respect our ability to communicate. if we don't like it, we can quit. >> it seems hard to say that big tech is a net negative to
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conservative speech when 70 like dennis prager is getting a billion views -- when somebody like dennis prager is getting a billion views on what he puts out. ♪ for 40 years, c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington, d.c. and around the country. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. joining us from las vegas is the president of the service employees international union, mary kay henry. joining us with questioning is ginger gibson, lyrical reporter for writers and


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