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tv   Reaction to Bernie Sanders Return to Campaign Trail 2020 Presidential Race  CSPAN  October 19, 2019 3:50pm-4:12pm EDT

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>> live from queens new york, a big crowd at queens bridge park hearing from bernie sanders, his first event in the three weeks since he had a heart attack, and getting the endorsement this afternoon of congresswoman cortez, orocasio district there in queens. here on c-span, you saw the graphic on the screen, the question we ask you after this rally today, who is the strongest democratic presidential candidate? 8921,licans, 202-748-
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2-748-8920 -- 748-8920., 202- 202-748-892 two. senator sanders heads to iowa later this week, and not yet endorsing but more than likely tlaib of michigan, not yet endorsing, but bernie sanders endorsed there today by cortez andocasio also congresswoman ilhan omar. the democrats line for michael in great neck, new york. who do you think is the strongest candidate?
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>> betta was my number three -- before, my number three now it is elizabeth warren. chairwoman waters: what is it up -- it about andrew yang that puts him at the top of your list? ubi, about 2015 is when i first heard. mark zuckerberg mentioned it in speech, and elon musk is a big proponent of ubi. so it is not necessarily andrew yang, i care for ubi, universal
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basic income. st: asking this afternoon, who is the strongest presidential candidate? oh ahead, tom. -- go ahead, tom. that would be bernie sanders and his entire team. i think the coalition his team has put together is america. it looks like america. it feels like america. and it is the america i remember. i am a senior citizen, and we have suffered through some very, very, very tough times recently. and i think that senator sanders and his team that he has put arether and his values exactly what this country needs to get back on track and move forward and take us into the host: --
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into the future. a reporter says more than 25,000 for sanders, the biggest crowd for any campaign event in the 2020 cycle so far. asking you who is the strongest candidate? anthony is on the republican line in garden grove, california. go ahead. >> the strongest candidate i believe, believe it or not, is gabbard.i when i saw the debate last week, she sounded like she was the one that was less socialist, more military, and it didn't sound like she wanted to transform this country like most of the other democrats that want to transform this country. i don't think those people have
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a chance against donald trump. host: ophelia on the others' line. welcome. >> i think bernie sanders is going to be the stronger candidate out of everyone. ofot of people are afraid the socialist term, like the previous caller. but looking at the donors, looking at the volunteers, looking at the crowd today, i am probably 30,000 people were there, because they stopped the crowd at 20,000. bernie sanders looks like he's going to be the strongest democratic candidate. host: for seles next, crown point, indiana. we welcome your thoughts on who you think at this point is the strongest democratic candidate? >> bernie sanders the strongest.
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elizabeth warren would be my second choice, but i think bernie would be the strongest. he has the most credibility of them all. he has basically been saying big changes have to be made for the last 20 or 30 years. he was speaking to house chambers and senate chambers whenever buddy walked out, and he was still talking about trying to fight against every wrong decision that they were making. so i think he is the best candidate. asis just as fresh and just timely as he was 20 years ago, and i think if we stick with bernie, we are going to sweep trump out of office. host: do you think he has lost a step at all? he had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. how did he look at the podium today? >> i'm glad you said this. we saw him in person at the beginning of this new campaign and he looked tired, and i mentioned that to my husband. linde this time i saw him now,
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he looks 100% better. and i know he is feeling 100% better. because he went in, probably prevented any major heart attack that would have damaged his heart, and they put two stents in, believe me, they found anything wrong and fixed it. host: a reporter for politico we did this. he started with this morning, i am more than ready to assume the office of president, to put it bluntly, i am back. lakewood florida, the democrat'' line as well. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. host: you are on the air, go ahead. >> no doubt about it, the great senator from vermont is the best suited for the office of the president. oft: there is news out florida today, another congressional resignation, a that from the hill, news
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congressman rooney, republican from southwest florida, thinking about trump impeachment, he won't seek reelection. he said yesterday he would consider an impeachment vote, and today the news he will not seek reelection in 2020. we just saw bernie sanders, we will show you elizabeth warren in a few minutes. who is the strongest candidate? fromr democrats' line california, ruben, hello there. >> i would definitely say senator sanders is the clear frontrunner. 1.5 million individual donor base, no one is close to that. senator sanders is going to sweep america into a new day, justice for all americans. his policies benefit republicans, independents and democrats. he is the best man with the best vision for this country. host: we hear from burbank,
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california next come on the others' line. kevin. >> bernie sanders is the best. i'm 70 years old and have seen a lot of candidates, he is the best. he is a great human being, and up there with george washington. washington. host: what's going to make him stand out with many poles having him trailing not only joe biden but elizabeth warren. people have to listen to what he has to say. life --who wants a real i worked with the homeless for five years. it's a tragedy. he's going to help people. an honest, caring person. also filmmaker michael moore.
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among things the hill tweets this -- said, well, it's very simple, it's what the democratic party used to be. our republican line next. from your perspective who is the strongest democratic candidate? caller: as much as i love bernie, i still say tulsi gabbard. i think the way she fought back against those unfair attacks, she deserved a whole new level of admiration than any other people in this country. say tosis reports gabbard will continue to fight for her nomination until the convention. on the others' line -- caller: bernie, by far. history of being
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consistent and actually cares. >> have your views changed at all over the last few months? consistent with supporting bernie? call bank i supported a campaign with bernie into any 16 as well -- in 2016 as well. --t: caller: i think it's about the economy. if they want to get people to thatfor them, lower taxes, would be the going thing. >> we put it earlier, the washington post anyway, reporting officials in new york say nearly 26,000 people were at that rally today in new york, which would be the highest so far democratic event in this
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cycle. here is the official gop tweet on this. their agendas align. have the government take control over every aspect of american life. next in virginia, good afternoon. >> bernie is probably the best candidate to take on trump. bernie always tells the truth, authentic. carryk he will probably the midwest, michigan, wisconsin. trump'she will sweep base.
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>> bernie sanders will be heading to iowa. with rashida to leave, the congresswoman. is obviouslyders the best of all the candidates. not only for his platform and the way he shows he will pay for all these things, you really have to go to his website because in 2016 he explained how those things would be paid for. the other issue is some of the people, like one of your previous collars talked about fears of socialism. what they don't realize is the best part of our society are socialist programs such as the military, social security, the fire department. bridges.chools, roads,
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there is nothing to fear. >> i'll ask you what i asked a previous color, what does bernie have to do to climbed the ranks? >> i think he has to keep carrying his message out there and people who have doubts need to do research. criticizing things based on no knowledge. they need to get out and educate themselves. he has the best way to pay for those things. people need to educate themselves. >> we are going to re-air the bernie sanders event tonight at 8:00 eastern just a few minutes from now. we will show you last night's event with senator warren.
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we will have a conversation with two of the three gop presidential challengers. andill be bill weld congressman mark sanford. radio andspan, c-span online. california, jason on the democrat's line. >> i support bernie sanders. >> you are back, go ahead. >> bernie is genuine. he has been carrying the same message for so many years. what you see is what you get. for the people he is for
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everyone. all the way.nie i think he is the strongest candidate. >> this is tom on the others' line. you are on the air. go ahead. >> you guys are doing a great job. it should be bernie. to be honest with you i have an in a lot tosi gabbard of my conversations. i have seen a lot of things change. the republicans are not representative of what america is anymore. i think there is a populist ,ovement that got trump elected because i think people saw through hillary clinton, it wasn't the russians.
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-- tulsigabbard gabbard speaks to what needs to be done. media is notm appreciated. >> who is the strongest democratic candidate? carl, you are on the air. >> i agree with bernie sanders. candidate is a strong . on is who't agree paid for this. -- come every time you so you show sanders and warren, you show donald trump, you never show the crowd.
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i just don't understand that. >> stay on the line, you are on this eventense and some events as well, we have to -- we have two cameras. we also sent our own c-span camera, so we did have the ability to show the rest of the crowd, we have done that with president trump's event. some of them we get just from the pool. that camera is dedicated to showing just the speaker, in this case bernie sanders or president trump. we arewant to point out not trying to not show the crowd, sometimes there is just one camera there and it is impossible. >> thanks. in bremerton washington on our democrats line.
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sin -- forburning bernie sanders. people andfor the for us to have a better life. classes about the middle and the middle class has gone down. i appreciate your coverage of him. to answer that other guy's question, i have read trump does full --w you to see the he does not allow it because of the camera size. >> we are able to have an additional cam at president trump events, we always try to do that. several callers mentioned tulsi gabbard. raises --ont fundraisers off of clinton attack. challenge -- "i challenge her to face me directly.
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i remind her of all days events at we will show it to you again in its entirety tonight. fromally last night senator elizabeth warren in norfolk virginia. >> good evening, how are you? you


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