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tv   Washington Journal 11012019  CSPAN  November 1, 2019 6:59am-10:04am EDT

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happens. re-airs prime time and any time >> live on friday on the c-span networks, a ceremony for the new onithsonian secretary c-span. the democratic candidates are in des moines for the iowa democratic party. at 8:00 p.m., president trump is holding a campaign rally. a.m., an three at 9:30 rapport on ways to adapt to the effects of climate change. -- report on ways to adapt to the effects of climate change. coming up on "washington journal" philip klein talks about his new book about the impact of the national debt on
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millenials. vapingok at the rise in related illnesses, and other health-related concerns facing the u.s. with dr. anne s chuchat. ♪ host: for the first time in 21 years, the u.s. house has begun a presidential impeachment gr looking into weather donald trump committed impeachable offenses. yesterday's vote lays out the steps ahead, including public hearings likely by mid-november. start the program talking about the impeachment vote and what may be ahead. here is how to be a part of our conversation, democrats use 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001.
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independents and others, 202-748-8002. you can send us a text, tell us your name, where you are texting from. on twitter, we are @cspanwj. already some posts on our facebook page, the house won't be back until mid-november anyway, out until november 12 for the veterans day break. here is where we started with a political headline that says house takes huge impeachment step. the house on thursday took a historic vote to set ground rules for the fast-moving impeachment inquiry into president donald trump, a move that essentially sets the clock for a decision on weather to -- whether to oust the president. neutralize --d to
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after the vote yesterday, we heard briefings from republican and democratic leaders including the chair of the intelligence committee, adam schiff. [video clip] >> the intelligence committee, oversight committee, and foreign been incommittee have an investigation. that worked added a great deal to our understanding of the president's conduct as evident in the debt -- in the july 25 call record and the events that preceded and followed that call. occurred behind closed doors because we have had the task of finding the facts ourselves without the benefit of the investigation that the justice department declined to undertake. despite attempts to obstruct, we have provided important testimony about the efforts to frome political favors
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reviewed ase have it is among key players which show how securing political investigations was placed at the forefront of foreign policy to ukraine. this sets the stage for the next phase of our investigation in which the american people will have the opportunity to hear from witnesses firsthand. we will conduct this inquiry with the seriousness of purpose it deserves because it is our duty and no one is above the law. host: adam schiff yesterday ahead of the vote that 200 32-196 vote authorizing and codifies and -- codifying the impeachment increase. a look you normally don't see,
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the picture of the leaderboard in the press gallery and the tally of the votes including theer pelosi voting yes -- speaker rarely votes in most cases. carl wallace, view defectors and no sign that either side will give an inch. despite having demanded a vote for weeks, two democrats spoke -- broke from the party, the start division in the 232-196 vote made clear the accelerating impeachment inquiry will continue to be partisan as it moves into its more public phase with the parties pulling ever further apart as they dig deeper in on the righteousness of their
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causes. .emocrats, 202-748-8000 republicans, 202-748-8001. all others, 202-748-8002. we will go to our others line, justin in florida. caller: i have been watching you guys for many years and you are doing a terrific public service. myave been a republican all life. this past election, i could not bring myself to follow the -- he republican party to where it is now. my concern is impeachment may not be the right path. given the proximity to the election and the amount of time it is going to take to get through the process, get to the senate, and ultimately, all of senate,y tactics in the we will be on the doorstep of
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the election. my concern is this is going to further divide the country. even if successful, you will have a segment of the country that will not believe it's and it will pure allow this decision to be cast aside. at some point i think if we truly believe this president has done things that are in proper, and i think he has, we must let the voters decide. that is my comment. host: michael on the democrats line. caller: good morning. a good job in washington and i watch your program regularly. what i am saying and to reiterate what the attorney from florida said, there is a division in our country. if we allow our sitting president to continue this
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behavior of his division and ng everything -- he denies it and these are truths and facts being wrought to the house floor. republicans just seem to align themselves and back him up no matter what. the truth is going to come out, this is why it is imperative we have a trial for this president and treat him fairly. if the republicans are going to be doing this stuff, they are the ones creating this division, democrats want to unite and bring us together. it doesn't seem they want to give an inch to republicans. host: what do you think about the previous concern over the timing of this as we get ever closer to the 2020 presidential election?
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as timeframe, what my opinion is the president is sitting in there and the damage is being done, we just cannot stop the impeachment process, we need to push ahead and see what the outcome is, no matter what it is, there will be seats lost on both sides of the aisle, i think. i think more of the truth will prevail in a trial situation in the senate and that is going to make everything come together and i think republicans need to see the light. i think they do and their constituents are worried about them not getting the votes. i think that is something they will have to worry about. that is what divides our country .
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he can't bribe another country will gain, it is against -- against the law. jonathan on our democrats line. .aller: good morning thank you for taking my call. it is about time, i think he should have been impeached long ago for emoluments clause violations. i think what they were ultimately going to do was say ukraine interfered in our election in 2016 and not russia.
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are sticking by him, i do not know. where we are at now. joshua in pennsylvania, republican line. ahead. on the air, go i am sorry about that, joe, i am calling you by the wrong name. joshua in pennsylvania, there you go. your radio ormute television and go ahead and go. caller: i am on, i am hearing you. host: you are going to have to mute that set. don't drive us crazy, here.
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that is all right, go ahead. caller: i feel as though people -- things are very unfair and i feel like there is a lot of lying on both parts. as far as the investigation goes and the doors being kept close and the public not being made aware of things, i don't feel that is doing anyone any good and i don't see how anything is going to be resolved if the truth or the facts aren't even presented. my take on things. host: matthew daly and alan frahm writing this and we will get to that in a minute. let me show you the comments of doug collins, the ranking member on the judiciary member -- judiciary committee. [video clip] >> the resolution is not about
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transparency, it's about control, it's about winning. it gives no proper way for how these abilities are transferring documents from intel to judiciary. did not know how to properly ask last night. we were told yesterday by one of the committees that we could not have access because parliamentarian said we could not. is shredding procedures every day. if members cannot have the rights they are given, we are in a sad situation.
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here is my biggest concern as ranking member, we have been here 200 plus years and our committee has been neutered. we have been completely sidelined. our chairman and others have been sidelined. they had to have the rules committee right the presidential due process and give in to us. host: the associated press on the vote, they write underscoring the pressure president trump heaped on party lawmakers, he tweeted now is the time for republicans to stand together, yet the roll call accentuated how democrats have rallied behind the impeachment inquiry after house speaker nancy pelosi spent months urging caution until evidence and public support had grown.
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you can read the resolution on our website. part of that resolution says resolve the permanent select committee on intelligence and committees on financial services, foreign affairs, and judiciary oversight and reform and ways and means are directed to continue their ongoing investigation as part of the existing house of representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the house of a it is to exercise its constitutional power to impeach president donald dion -- donald john trump. florida,pe canaveral, on the independent line, welcome . caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to let everyone know i was born in washington, d.c. in 1959. i was there when kennedy was assassinated and they buried him.
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there when they had the bay of pigs failure. i was there when -- host: joe? caller: i am trying to think of his name. and theysassinated made a big memorial for him. he gave his "i have his dream -- i have a dream" speech. host: martin luther king. caller: i was there when johnson put 5000 troops into vietnam. i was there when nixon was nominated and got us out of vietnam and made the first start.with russia to i was there when he was the .irst to go into china
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i was there throughout the carter administration. host: lots of history, give us some perspective on what you are seeing. caller: what i am trying to say why thist understand president, who has created the economical expansion in lowest inflation rate and everyone is trying to back the party of slavery. the party of slavery is the democratic party. let's go back and look at history. read it for what it is and
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understand it for what it is. the party of slavery should have been banished in 1865 at the end of the civil war. host: we go to your call next, felicia on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i just want to say what i really don't understand is the republicans standing behind donald trump. he just became a republican when he was against barack obama. before that, he was a democrat. all these republicans throwing their lifelong careers away to protect a man who would never do anything to protect them. as a matter of fact, all the ones standing beside him, put your fences and walls up because sooner or later, he is coming
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for you. the moment you go against him, you become his enemy. it is not like people can have different opinions, which is government is built on. any time you say something against this president, you are the enemy. before you give up your lifelong career and everything you have fought for your entire life, make sure the person you are standing beside would stand beside you. one other thing about waiting to them peach -- impeach donald trump for americans to vote, this is how our democracy works. we have a second branch of government in case things go wrong. host: the washington times in their reporting friday morning focuses on the political route ahead. trump takes impeachment fight to states. president trump and his allies will fight impeachment in the halls of congress and over the airwaves by attacking democrat''
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tisan voters. making their case that the president is a victim of hatred --olitical hours after house democrats approved a measure to move forward with impeachment. -- investigate joe biden while republicans cannot stop the impeachment probe, they can escalate the barrage of criticism that the investigation is illegitimate and fundamentally unfair. regardless of the vote to impeach the president, the strategy coming soon to tv will help him and a handful of states that will decide the 2020 election. spoke yesterday just ahead of the final vote on the resolution and here is what she had to say.
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[video clip] >> advancing public disclosure of deposition transcripts and outlines procedures to the transfer of evidence for the judiciary committee to use -- it enables effective public hearing setting procedures for the questioning of witnesses and continuing the precedent of giving the minority the same right questioning witnesses as the majority, which has been true at every step of this inquiry despite what you might hear. it provides the president and his counsel opportunities to participate, including presenting his case, submitting requests for testimony, attending hearings, raising objections to testimony given, cross-examining witnesses, and more. contrary to what you might have heard today, we give more opportunity to his case then was given to other presidents before
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. thank you, mr. chairman, for making that point so clearly. these open hearings seeking the truth and making it available to the american people will inform congress on the difficult decisions we will have to make in the future as to whether to impeach the president. that decision has not been made, that is what the inquiry will investigate and then we can make the decision based on the truth. i don't know why republicans are afraid of the truth. for themselves. it is about the truth and what this isake in all of nothing less than our democracy.
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luetkemeyer first from missouri saying democrats are berlin loosely pursuing the impeachment of donald trump who they have been trying to undermine since his first day in office. at today's vote and the investigation are stunts from democrats aching from the 2016 election paraded jeff duncan says democrats have been hollering for impeachment since president trump was inaugurated. this has been the verdict looking for a crime. house democrats voted to continue the impeachment sham. we have all seen the transcript, we have all seen the whistleblower report, there is nothing there. washington dems continue their mission to overturn the election. back to your calls and comments. james in indiana. we have not had constitutional money since lbj
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took us off silver. now we have a constitutional crisis because donald trump beat hillary clinton? i told your camera lady in 2010 washington journal had become nothing but a propaganda mill. you are worse now, you have been anti-trump since before the election. you have lied about climate change, you have lied about 9/11 for over 18 years. we were going to get either hillary clinton or donald trump. if you would play what tulsa tulsi gabbard had to say about hillary clinton -- maybe your channel would change. host: this is gary in west virginia, democrats line.
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caller: good morning. it is amazing. read what they always the phone call was about. if they listen to what it was about, it was not a word for word transcript like they keep trying to say it was, they keep trying to put everything in a communist forefront. if they all want to look at it, opening up ourrt doors here to having communists kentucky and open up a plant for aluminum. if people don't want to understand what is going on here, it is against our constitution. if you don't want to really pay attention to what is going on, but the whole state, if they don't, they all better
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start speaking russian because we will wake up one day and there will be a russian flag over the white house. host: mike is on our republican line in virginia. caller: how are you doing? thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. caller: i have been watching this since the beginning of this trump thing or experiment, two comments i would like to say. i am very happy in america anyone can be president, this has been a very historical type thing. history will show one way or another. i think this escalation to impeachment does not revolve around this phone call stuff, i think it revolves around the pick.upreme court justice the health of one of the supreme court justices is in question and i think this revolves around stopping the next pick, which will probably change this country for the next generation.
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thank you for taking my call. host: you can send us a text, 202-748-8003. make sure you put your name and where you are texting from. this is from facebook, 100% partisan -- randy from -- republicans have never been for the constitution, did not vote for an inquiry when you had this much televised evidence is un-american, whether it leads to impeachment is yet to be seen. maggie, i was worried about the close -- how close impeachment would come to the 2020 election, cannot wait to take a stand. by waiting, we would be normalizing trump's behavior. the president has been under attack since day 1. what we see is more attacks by
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the left and left-wing media trying to take down this theident and delegitimize election. we, the people, see-through you democrats. lizzie says do you not consider this a coup and a response saying the house voted to do exactly what republicans were asking for, why didn't republicans vote for what they were asking for. is mickey, independent line. caller: good morning. . have a few issues they, it seems to me like are bringing this like under parody because they are skipping over the fact when he asked for a favor, the favor was the 2016 election, which i think is of national interest
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when you consider strzok and page and some of the behavior. secondary was biden because biden was doing questionable things. of those are of national interest. i think we should get to the bottom of both of those. i also find the fact that trump barr and approves of investigating -- and ukraine investigating the 2016 election tells me he is not worried about someone finding information that .omehow or another he colluded more investigation would leave him vulnerable if he had been doing wrongdoings. , they arebiden telling us we cannot investigate him because he is running for
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office. not only did they investigate trump while he was running for cced the fbi on him. now they can't do that because biden is running for office. think, again, they are using a parody that somehow i want a favor, so it is all about biden. let me ask you, you brought it up, the barr investigation looking into the inrce of some of the issues the 2016 campaign, the 2016 presidential election, what do you hope will come out of that investigation? caller: truth. i want the truth. i want the truth about all those issues.
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i don't care if it brings down trump or brings down the democrats or brings down the fbi. we need the truth. we need to clear the air, we endous, stop this horr gosh, the names they called him during the mueller investigation. guilty, guilty, even after mueller did not find a crime, they still claim he is guilty. shouldn't he have the right to have this investigation so that there was nefarious things going on and that he was not guilty? anybody should be allowed that. host: thanks for joining in. jim in fort lauderdale, florida, on the republican line. caller: good morning. question. who do the democrats think they are fooling?
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they did not get anything out of and now theyler are trying to impeach on the basis of a phone call that involved information already in the public arena. bidenody knew about joe stopping an investigation. if there is one thing that is crystal clear from our founding fathers, it is that they thought they wanted and impeachment to that thertisan effort evidence would be so overwhelming and the act would be so egregious that everybody would agree they should go forward and what is happening right now is everybody -- everything but that. when nancy pelosi talks about threats to our nation, she is
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the biggest threat because she is going against the constitution and the desires of our founding fathers. they are reticent -- the original bipartisan group of people involved in this nation, she is going against those people. she is the biggest threat and as far as the truth is concerned, she is the one afraid of the truth. on this phone call they are biden wasout, joe clearly an influence peddler and how do we know? because it worked. isma itee's mom -- bar was being investigated, he colded the investigation because his son was on the board. newsmakerseekly
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program is every sunday 10:00 eastern.6:00 p.m. we are joined by mike johnson louisiana. he expressed concern about what americans may think about the impeachment vote. here is some of sunday's program. [video clip] >> one of the greatest concerns, deepest concerns we have about this sham -- we keep using that americans that the people back home are losing faith in the constitution -- of the congress itself. if they don't have trust the impeachment process has been done right, they start to throw their hands up and give up on the congress itself and ultimately, on the republic. we are still an experiment. we are only 243 years into this. one thing that is presupposed is you will have fairness in the system. justice will be blind and you have the rule of law that
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applies to everyone. we have not had this week and the last few weeks and that is a concern. host: newsmakers is every sunday 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. paul king covers capitol hill for the washington post, his column with the headline the historical perspective, pardons and lines have hardened in 20 years since the last impeachment vote and a look at the tally board above the press gallery in the u.s. house, something we normally don't see because the cameras you see on our floor coverage are controlled by the house. in 1998, clinton was dramatically more popular than trump is today, his job approval rating never fell below 60% even as his personal scandal spun in the open. his highest rating, 73% came the weekend the house approved two articles of impeachment against
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him, yet democrats still did not feel loyal and worried the public was ready to punish them. house republicans brought the resolution to a vote october 8 less than a month before the midterm elections and some insiders expected 50 democrats to vote for the inquiry -- the impeachment increase. some historical perspective. back to your calls, your thoughts on the boat yesterday and what may -- vote yesterday and what may be ahead. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for republicans, it is 202-748-8001. for independents, 202-748-8002. oklahoma city, this is james. caller: thank you for taking my call. reason democrats are doing this is they had to vote to get it passed or they would not have tried it anyway. this is the only way they can get trump out before the
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election. like the other presidents that it has beened, this all democrats and all republicans. peter in utah on our democrats line. good morning. caller: hello. i just wanted to say we need to office becausef if he gets voted in for another four years, he will probably try to make himself president for life like putin. we need to warn people he lies every day and we can't trust him and he needs to be replaced by somebody we can trust. republicans, you used to be able to trump them. he wouldyour scenario,
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be replaced by vice president mike pence, do you trust the vice president? caller: no, i don't for i used to trust republicans, i was a republican, but i was so upset about trump, i switched to democrat. i am going for kamala harris, that is who i would like to be president. host: kamala harris, okay. appreciate your call. confirms he saw signs of quid pro quo on ukraine. confirmed an epicenter at the impeachment inquiry testified a top democrat -- diplomat told him a package of military assistance would not be released until the kid -- committee committed to investigations. timothy morrison said he had been told of a september call between mr. trump and gordon sondland.
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the president said he was not looking for a quid pro quo with ukraine, but went on to insist the country's president announced investigations into joe biden and his son and other democrats. morrison, for mr. resisted making the time -- type of sweeping, judgments about what was taking place that democrats have heard from other witnesses and republicans called him the most favorable witness they had heard from so far. in his opening remarks obtained by the new york times, mr. morrison did not draw conclusions about mr. trump's involvement in the pressure tactics, pointing back to mr. whoseynn -- sondland involvement he did not understand. he said he did not review the --y phone call as illegal on or improper, but he found it
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striking enough to ask john eisenberg to review it in part out of a concern a summary might leak. read more at gary on our republican line. taking myank you for call. first, i would like to say i hear plenty of democratic callers calling wondering why republicans continue to support the president. let me give an answer, we think for ourselves and we don't allow news outlets to influence our incident -- our decisions. we are informed. standards double applied by the democratically controlled house of representatives. if there is a confession of a crime and you go after the president, the house must apply those standards to members of .he senate and former vice president biden,
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let there be an impeachment. i think the process needs to follow through. let there also be equal justice under the law. nobody is above the law, nobody is beneath the law, the president deserves no less than the common man on the street. the bill of rights and the constitution guarantee our rights to the constitution. in the united states of america, we are all innocent until proven guilty. for the last three years, democrats have been trying to impeach donald trump. time after time, there has been a crisis and some impeachable offense and time after time democrats in the media have been proven wrong. one reason i would like to add -- one more reason, the energy put forth by the house of impeachtatives to president trump could have been better used attending to business for the people of the united states. where is the legislation on
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infrastructure, lowering pharmaceutical prices, conference of immigration, the budget, health care, and education? we all seek the truth. words are cheap. actions have been far and few between. we, one year left before the people, choose who will be the next people and who will be our next representatives, the process for impeachment at this time is wasteful host:. --t:that is very in arizona gary in arizona. what are your thoughts, alexander? caller: good morning. thank you for c-span and for taking my call. i have been listening to "washington journal" for quite some time and i am a little disappointed in you all lately for not cutting off some of these collars, particularly some of the republican ones coming in and commenting and some of them border on sedition and they
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sound like they are gleefully willing to go to the grave in defense of this president. onto my comment on impeachment, i would like to remind everyone and my fellow americans that what democrats are doing is perfectly granted power within the constitution and you only see one party obstructing justice and floundering and throwing their hands up and beating the table and that is republicans because the fact and the law are not on their side in this matter. -- to have congressman devices isth mobile absolutely outlandish. i have friends that work in government and family and to think that even congressman can with cell phone devices and start recording testimony is
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incredible to me. they should be all arrested, and i woulds seized like to see what they have in terms of software on those devices. that is it for this morning. frankly, we are in an interesting time in this country, so we will see where it takes us. host: the president will have a chance to speak to his supporters about the vote in the house, this is the headline in the hill, trump to hold campaign rally ahead of gubernatorial runoff. this battle is coming up next week. he is speaking tonight in mississippi. we will cover the president. that campaign rally gets under -- underway tonight at 8:00 eastern. it will be on c-span 2 at 8:00. at iowa democratic dinner 7:30 eastern and that will be here on c-span.
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let's hear from ron in new mexico. democrat. thank you for having me. this whole issue is not about impeachment. i tell people it is very simple, god is first. has been, always will and always has been. and, fear, angle -- anger, lies will continue to be, always be of the devil. that comes from the bible, the bible is a controlling issue. god is first, everybody else is second and i am third. i pray to god somebody gets control because it is not about hate, it is about love. host: also on our democrats line is susan, your thoughts on the houseboat yesterday. myler: thank you for taking call. i am very glad they took the vote for the resolution of how
7:45 am
they are going to rule over impeachment because i feel that trump has been doing putin's bidding. he was turning american against american. it was disgraceful. another thing i would like to say affecting the american people is a lot of these prophets i think they are pulling one over the american people. please believe in god. but i do in jesus, not believe these prophets that are turning these people against democrats. , theputin -- with trump
7:46 am
way he communicates is through both sides of his mouth at the same time. interpreted. to be from the beginning he walked on the american stage so that people can lie for him and he has been a disgrace doing putin's bidding. i am not surprised if he is putin's trojan horse. thank god for the democracy, the constitution, that nancy pelosi is following truth. he is -- she is trying to see through all of trump -- i don't know why he is following putin's -- i am but he has been thankful this process is moving forward because i believe in the constitution of america.
7:47 am
-- i want to have a democracy where people don't have to be one american against another. please, please try to realize we have to see the substance of the matter of president trump and not just political one side or the other. on ourhis is tess independent line. caller: thank you for having our call, this is what i wanted to say on this whole thing, this impeachment inquiry is nothing gore than another phishin expedition to find something on the president to get him out of office. it has been going on since the very first day of his job.
7:48 am
the mueller investigation was shingng more than a phi expedition for the same thing. i would like for you to find a video of donald trump after he met with barack obama in the oval office. when he came out to the news reporters and he was videoed, he cordial, theed, meeting lasted longer than they expected, he was so gracious, lead to be president and this country forward and better than it was at the time they took office. shortly after that, they found out he had been wiretapped, but actually, he was spied on by barack obama's administration. right after that, everything
7:49 am
went wrong and if you remember back, people, when donald trump inauguration -- the house of representatives did not even show up for that. from the beginning, we know even before this man became president, he was being spied on, investigated, -- before heism even have -- had his first day in office. website andon our you will find the impeachment -- read the briefings and see the house floor debate including comments from the house judiciary committee chair
7:50 am
who will be a key part of this process, jerry nadler of new york. [video clip] >> i support this resolution because no person should be permitted to jeopardize america's security and reputation for self-serving political purposes. i support this resolution because it is after a fair and thorough inquiry. the allegations are found to be true and they would represent the profound offense against the constitution and the people of this country. i support this resolution because i believe it is the duty of this house to vindicate the constitution and make it crystal clear to future presidents such conduct is an affront to the trust placed in him or her. if they are true, the constitution demands we take
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action. i support this resolution because it lays the groundwork for open hearings. the house and the american public must see all the evidence for themselves. host: you are a fraud, the one responsible for dividing america . acceptthe laws proved -- the laws. the same constitution that allows for a president's
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removal. barbara says trump gave them no other choice, they could have turned their heads and avoided the possibility of sympathy backlash. it to be true to their own is to protect the constitution. bobby is on our democrats line in capital heights, maryland. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am first time caller. i have some impeachment -- comments on the impeachment going on. i think this corruption is like a haystack and it is starting to stick out of the haystack and democrats are beginning to grab .ach type of corruption are alsohe republicans
7:53 am
like a conspiracy to the corruption because i recall when they were having a meeting concerning brett kavanaugh becoming a supreme court justice, they did not allow democrats in that meeting. it democrats had a meeting on the impeachment probe the other day and republicans stormed in the room with their phones. i think they saw like it is a conspiracy to the corruption. can barack obama run for vice president? can you answer that question for me? question, i latter am not sure -- i am pretty sure he could not because it would put him in line for the presidency. love the question. steve is next, wisconsin, on the republican line. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. a couple of comments, the one caller asked for a videotape to be shown on c-span.
7:54 am
how about this one, when barack obama addressed the u.n. and said the benghazi incident was because of the youtube tape, which we all know was a lie and he knew. jerry nadler applying some of the same conditions to barack obama, wouldn't he be impeachable for lying to the u.n. and jeopardizing united states security? you had a caller call and say he was disappointed in c-span for letting republicans talk. he was independent, he did not seem independent. how about some sources beyond the new york times and washington post that conservatives use like the american thinker, drudge report, outlets that have editorial and political comments about what is going on currently in the country? that would be great to see c-span expand and do some of that instead of a very narrow bandwidth which you seem to always have focusing on liberals
7:55 am
and democrats and their thoughts as we public and's are playing from behind. -- republicans are playing from behind. let's talk about fairness, democrats, you are not being fair at all. this is a political theater and let's recognize that and move on. -- all right, steve. charles is on our independent line, good morning. caller: i hear all this spin and to me it just seems like we see all these people coming out confirming and it says in our constitution that foreign government will not interfere in our election. that is in the constitution and we are seeing president trump doing this and all these people testifying are not a bunch of left-wing people. these are people in his administration. i can't wait to see what bolton has to say, what john kelly said
7:56 am
. all these people. i get it if it was maybe one whistleblower against trump, but this is a cascade of people stating that he did this. it just seems obvious. another thing about the biden thing, if this was so important when theainst the law republicans had the house, the senate, and the executive, why aren't they going after biden back then? they all knew this was going on about hunter biden, it wasn't a secret read why aren't they doing that? host: appreciate that. redwing, minnesota, on the democrats line. thoughts on what is ahead for the impeachment inquiry after yesterday's vote. john in minnesota.
7:57 am
i am opposed to moving forward with the impeachment hearings. i considered it a waste of time. i was more inclined to go with a censure or something on the president. when he did this business in the ukraine and threw the kurds under the bus, it is too much, going so far. i think republicans have let the country down by not raining this this man in.gning they are going to hold a trial and i expect the republican senate to support their president and find him innocent. then the problem is the next year, if he continues to violate the constitution, break the law, rake in the money from emoluments -- if he continues
7:58 am
down that road and keeps sending rudy giulianis over to europe for more money -- if he keeps that up, we are going to hold somebody responsible and that person is going to be the united states senate. i think that is really what is going to be hanging in the balance. i am more interested -- as a democrat, i am more interested in winning that senate than i am the presidency. one of two things are definitely going to happen, trump is going to win or trump is going to lose. if trump loses, we got him out. if trump wins, the republican party is stuck with that man for another four years. the off lose badly in year election because you will have 22 senators -- you will five --ther 4 or newer or 5 seats. you will lose governorship or state legislative seats.
7:59 am
withre going to lose, lose donald trump. host: john, we appreciate your call. after the voting was done yesterday after the impeachment vote and the house about to gavel out, they heard from katie hill of california and her farewell speech. fieryhill delivers farewell speech on double standard facing women in power. they issued a defiant and farewell -- forceful farewell speech resigning because of a double standard against women and vowing she will not be silenced. he'll -- hill announced her resignation after allegations of anrelationship with a staffer, a sudden downfall for a promising young lawmaker who had been ascending quickly with in-house democratic leadership, and her
8:00 am
resident -- her resignation is effective today. >> i will never shirk my responsibility, but i have to say more because this is bigger than me. i am leaving now because of a double standard. i am leaving because i no longer want to be used as a bargaining chip. i am leaving because i did not want to be peddled by papers and blogs and websites, used by shameless operatives for the dirtiest gutter politics i have ever seen, and the right wing media to drive clicks and expand their audience by disturbing intimate photos of me taken without my knowledge, let alone my consent, for the sexual entertainment of millions. i am leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures, capitalized on my sexuality, and enabled my abusive ex to continue that abuse with the entire country washing. i am leaving because of the thousands of vile threatening
8:01 am
emails, calls, and texts that made me fear for my life and the lives of the people i care about. today is the first time i have left my apartment since the photos, taken without my consent, were released, and i am scared. i am leaving because for the sake of my community, my staff, my family, and myself, i cannot allow this to continue. ed, next up in pleasant valley, new york. republican line. good morning, ed. caller: i watch your program all the way through. this all started back in the day when hillary clinton -- she should have paid for what she did and sabotaging all the government records. it started there, and look at where we are now. we are going after trump, the new guy who started with an anchor on his back. it is crazy. it started with hillary. i am in new york. she is down here south. she would not last in any other
8:02 am
state because new york is nothing but a democratic state. that is why they are here. she did nothing for us as senator. new york is falling apart by the day. so if this is where it started, it started all the way back to thetarmac in arizona when game was being played. anybody that has any sense should know that. thank you. host: here is keith calling us on the independent line. inuse me, andrew california. republican line. caller: my comment is about the process that they are using to impeach this guy. they are saying it is an open hearing, but he cannot have or unlesseak for him, they get approval or any witnesses or lawyers or anything unless he has approval to do that. it is all democrats and they did not approve anything else that they have been trying to do on this whole process here.
8:03 am
this is not right. and trump said, when he was running for office, that he did not have time to be politically correct when he speaks. the racist barack obama knew about all the problems that were going on with the elections before they even happened. and did nothing. host: andrew in california. 202-748-8000 is the line to use for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. independents and others, that is 202-748-8002. you can set up a text. to addr name, make sure where you are texting from, 202-748-8003. the day after the house approves, authorizes, and codifies their impeachment 232-196.y
8:04 am
says,t here from bo, who "when trump specified who he wanted to investigate while he was folding up funding, that is -- while he was funding -- holding up funding, that is quid pro quo. "got to be fair across the board." barbara says, "trump gave them no other choice. be true to their oath to protect the constitution, they have started down the impeachment road." "republicans are asking for transparency, why are they blocking people from testifying? what is trump hiding from the american people?" to madison, wisconsin. this is keith on the independent line. caller: good morning. i am for impeachment been but not necessarily what they are impeaching him for. this quid pro quo with the ukraine is probably one of the least worst things he has done
8:05 am
since taking office. they should have started impeachment in 2017 right after he took office. in recent memory, look at what he has done. this is a guy who marked up a weather map with a sharpie, of theg the projection hurricane recently. what about the treatment of the economic refugees on our southern border. that is also an impeachable offense. so i think this whole thing about ukraine, this quid pro quo , cutting off military aid to ukraine because they did not investigate biden's son, is an attempt to try to raise the profile of joe biden by the dnc. if this had happened to bernie sanders' son, do you think they would even care? host: you don't think the allegations, the discussion of hunter biden would be more of a burden for the biden campaign? caller: that is a good point.
8:06 am
i never thought about that, but you are right. it probably will be. he is leading in the polls, so i don't think it has hurt him too bad. host: i appreciate your input. the house of representatives big impeachment vote explained -- chamber just voted to approve procedures related to the impeachment inquiry into president trump, and they writes that the vote can be read as a sign the democrats are ready to move on with the next phase of the inquiry. they are winding down and moving into the hearings that will take place in public or the resolution makes clear who will take the lead in this phase, representative adam schiff, and an ally of how speaker pelosi. it tasks shift's committee is schiff'sthese -- committee.
8:07 am
they write further, thursday's vote is intriguing for two reasons. this is a vote that pelosi has spent all year trying to stave off, thanks to fear of house democrats being put in a tough spot. republicans have spent weeks making the laugh of this vote a key talking point -- the lack of this vote a key talking point. house rules did not require a vote to start such an inquiry, nor does the constitution. let your from jan in largo, florida. democrats line. caller: good morning. i am for impeachment, 100%. i do believe there are many times from the past in the that he has had the seat of presidency. he is a disgrace to our country. and i want to say one more thing. i do believe that the 10 -- that
8:08 am
putin interfered with the election for a purpose of his own. it is common knowledge that russia has hated the united states for years and years. sure thised to make man of business, an outsider of politics, new nothing about so hecs, to bring him in could fail this country. now the people behind president people thate brought things into this country while he was in office, as far as tax reform and things like reductions and the
8:09 am
other things that have been done. he did not do this alone. he knew nothing about politics. told what to say and do. putin is not his friend. these empty heads out there that believe that this man is honorable, that even to himself, he has not become this way since he has been in the seat of president see -- of presidency. this man has been full of hate and greed all his life. republican line, next. caller: good morning. i am going to tell you what is going to happen and what is going on. , ift of all, the democrats
8:10 am
they bloody donald trump up enough for the election, that will make a lot of people not vote for him, ok? it iswant to say, if true, all the democrats in this country, especially my people, black people, is saying that they don't know the truth about the democrats. knowhird, they don't even martin luther king was not a democrat. i used to be a democrat until i saw what barack obama was doing. and i am a person like them, i like to find out if things are true. i looked back in history for a reason. from 1919 all the way up
8:11 am
to 2009. what happened, all you democrats , once the democrats get back in they are going to destroy this country. jobs are going to start leaving. the rich people are going to start bringing their money out of here, then they will go outside the border and let all the people come in here. startsn this country going downhill, the first thing they will do, they are going to say it is the republicans' fault. and the reason the democrats do the stuff that they do -- because for years the republicans have stood back and have allowed the democrats to ,emonize them and to treat them it was the democratic party that
8:12 am
are the ones who are racist and protected the ku klux klan. 232-196 vote, a traffic -- a graphic portrayal in "usa today." 232 democrats in favor. one independent, justin amash from michigan. two democrats in "the new york the two democrats who broke ranks on impeachment. two conservative lawmakers became the only defectors of the party. jeff van drew, one of them. they write that before the house vote on thursday, endorsing the democratic led inquiry into president trump, two of the most conservative lawmakers -- whether colleagues might join them in opposing the measure. it might just be up. in the end, -- it might just be us. in the end, they were right. democrats on thursday linked arms and took the plunge into
8:13 am
the impeachment pool, as republicans unanimously opposed the resolution to a 232-196 vote. hear from betty next in lubbock, texas, on our democrats line. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i was just listening. i have been listening. our country is in such a state pittedt everybody is against each other. trump is not making it any better. since he has been in office, all he has done was spew hate. he is not a man for the democrats nor republicans or anyone except himself and putin. ensured who he has been with since the time he took office. they said when he came out of the office with obama, he had a bright smile, he was bushytailed. yeah, he was, because he finally
8:14 am
saw he had really made it to the top. you don't realize the top that he has made it to. he said that he could stand on the corner and shoot somebody and nothing would be done. if we are not careful, he is going to do exactly what he said he would do. he is going to kill you, me, and my country, and putin is going to be right there hanging on to recover everything that we have lost. getting america, united states, fed up. we are going to be a country just like russia or these foreign countries that he has been visiting. you notice he is a lover of foreign countries. -- this going to the library, and our people and whoever she think she is, she had better find out that we all our god's people first. host: to the independent line.
8:15 am
here is norwalk, connecticut, and maria. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: fine, thanks. caller: that's good. i just wanted to say that i am under 60, and this is my third impeachment that i have had to suffer through. i think that is a shame. i think this is a total abuse of power by our government. it was never meant to be like this. how did we go the first 100 years with one or none, and now we have three? it is absolutely ridiculous. i really feel that the russian investigation started with a leak from comey and the media went crazy. three days after a non-convicting conclusion of the mueller report -- cleared president trump -- days later, now we have a brennan cia operative leaking ally to the press again, or making up death
8:16 am
leaking a lie to the press again lie to the press again, or making up -- we do not even know who he is. they started this entire lie, and now they are protecting him. they are not seeking him for testimony because they know he will turn red and he is lying. just like the lady before, trump is not kissing up to clued in. it is the globalists, the top 10% who are globalists. we are going to be china. i don't think anything russia here. i see tons of china. now i see are globalists making , "iot be able to tweet support hong kong's freedom" without getting torn apart? that is not freedom of speech. that is china coming to america by the rich. it is not trump.
8:17 am
trump is trying to stop this. he is trying to weaken china, strengthen america. if people who are against him would look around, they would see that he has done nothing but good. there is low unemployment. $400u know bush only made a year, he increase our way just? has increased median wage is thousand dollars a year. host: a little less than the 15 minutes left on the impeachment inquiry and the vote yesterday. we will take your phone calls and comments. from "the chicago tribune," "trump secure donors about freeing illinois governor rob look goya vetch deck rod likely vetch -- he has again approach the idea rod blago
8:18 am
a report that president trump of one today show of hand ones who supported clemency for the 62-year-old democrat. most of the 200 to 300 attendees raised their hands, "the wall street journal" reported, citing several people at monday's event. also, the teachers strike in chicago has ended. "usa today" -- teachers get back to class, the teachers strike ending thursday afternoon with the mayor and union president agreeing on one last detail. teachers and students will make up five of the 11 days lost to the historic strike. this is detroit, ramsey, who is calling on the republican line. good morning. caller: yes, i support the system the way it is going, the process, and we should continue it to the end.
8:19 am
if the truth comes out, and i believe in the system, the democratic system where everyone can voice their opinion. i look at this corruption and i have been through three impeachments, and i have been mccarthy era, using the communist party to do his dirt. ixon,here comes n johnson's negotiations for an election. then here comes reagan, and he does iran-contra. people to tryose to interfere with that election. here comes trump. he also used an outside foreign country to manipulate our elections. the corruption come slam the
8:20 am
republican senator you talk thet a corrupt party -- corruption comes from the republican party. you talk about a corrupt party, the corruption comes from the republican party. the strike in detroit, the effect it could have on the jobs numbers. "the labor department will release its broadest measure of the job market on friday, predator -- providing an update amid a broader report. adding 75,000 dollars to payrolls and unplug it rate sticking up to 3.6% with a sizable impact from the united auto workers strike, with general motors expecting to cloud the outlook that report coming out at 8:30 eastern. we will have that for you. two belle vernon, pennsylvania. this is bert on our pennsylvania line. caller: there have been three impeachment situations in the
8:21 am
past 50 years. there was one previous impeachment situation almost 200 years before that. we need a more perfect union and create domestic tranquility. we need a more exact system with separation of powers issues that should go before the supreme court. atthe republicans are right, least it should be explored may be that the due process issues that the right of counsel issues that may have been raised should also be explored. future generations, i believe, probably are going to need this type of guidance in order to really serve original stated purpose of the constitution for any of the other articles. next up,ky, independent line, calling us from jacksonville, north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to say that the
8:22 am
democrats, the reason they have to try to impeach trump is because he is standing in the way of everything that the democrats want. like elizabeth warren when she need to start having the taxpayers pay for the candidates ' elections because democrats, 80% of them do not have any money because they do not work. they live off the taxpayer dollars already. so they don't have any money to spend on campaigns. the united states does not remember the past at all. it was always republicans who people, for the lower , who stood inople front of civil rights?
8:23 am
they were all democrats. they did not want it. it was always republicans who passed legislation. host: you mean the civil rights legislation in the 1960's? caller: always, it has always been the republicans that have been for the poor people. and i want to say something, too, about this. can't read come we the texts that people text? there is no opening for that? we read them from time to time. if we read all of them, we would be here all day. caller: why can't we read them? host: i don't know if it is technologically possible. you can certainly follow our twitter stream and read all of our facebook posts, but texting
8:24 am
is another deal entirely. thanks for the call, jackie. "thery first reported in new york times," confirmed by president trump in tweets yesterday. york, issymbol of new officially a floridian now. his mar-a-lago resort is listed hisis official resident -- official residence rather than trump tower. trump stays ahead of the policy on his trail. next, thanks for joining in. good morning. caller: good morning all the way from guam. it is unfortunate that u.s. citizens from guam cannot vote for the -- if we could, i would be voting again for donald trump, that's for sure. the way i look at this impeachment thing against donald trump, it is a bunch of hypocrisy. these democrats are hypocrites, as well as the fake news media. they are wasting their time trying to impeach this
8:25 am
president. they stand on the corners like the pharisees beating their breasts, in this case using the constitution as the argument ah.olding, blah bl that is a bunch of malarkey. what we need, from all the way here in guam, we look at it like the democrats should be doing something to help america, like infrastructure, the economy, the border walls, and so forth and so on. but instead, they are all focused on this impeachment crap. i don't know, it is big deal. instead of aody smooth talking, jive talking, guy in there. that is my take on it. thank you. host: from white plains, new york, on our independent line. think everybody has to come down a little.
8:26 am
it is not the facts. with a full narrative, trump asking for dirt on biden. trump asked for an investigation he went 2.5 years with the investigation, everybody looking for something is there. he is an outsider, not looking at this as an insider. ukrainians to the create garbage, which is what schiff said. he asked them to look into it. i think we all have to cool off and look from a distance. because if you look at fox news or cnn, they will show 10 things that one side is lying about. you show the other channel, they will show 10 things that the other side is lying about. we have to balance our opinions and look at the facts. host: thanks, tom. this is "the washington examiner," their interview with the president, "fireside chat on live television."
8:27 am
president trump wants to read the transcript to the american --ple, david trump -- insisting his telephone conversation with ukrainian president zelensky was a good call. he might read it aloud to americans so they can see his point, "this is over a phone call but it is a good call," the president said sitting behind the resolute desk. some interview, he said at point i am going to sit down on live television and read the television -- the read the transcript of the call. when you read it, it is a straight call per you can read all of that interview at in atlanta, here is michelle, democrats line. caller: yes, good morning. i hope you give me as much time as you host: give these crackers. host:michelle, are you there?
8:28 am
caller: yes. i want you to give me as much people you give these that call in here every morning. now, i am a democrat. i want to tell all of my democrats, hang tight. do not worry about them calling because we kicked there but in 2018. they do not think -- we kicked butts in 2018. they think the white trash that is coming to vote in 2018 have the vote, but we know better. this is a murderer. he killed the nine black people in south carolina in the church because he could not get -- you: michelle, michelle, can have your own view of the president, but the president did not kill those people in that church. we appreciate your call, but that is absolutely incorrect.
8:29 am
more of your calls and comments here on "washington journal." we are joined next by philip klein, discussing his new book on the impact of the growing national debt upon the millennial generation. also his take on the latest from the impeachment inquiry. schuchat, on anne the rise of vaping related illnesses and health concerns in america. announcer: 40 years ago, iranian students overran the u.s. embassy in tehran and held 52 americans hostage for 444 days. sunday, watch two american history tv features on the hostage crisis. at 8:30 a.m. eastern, our guests
8:30 am
on washington journal, former carter administration official stuart eisenstadt, and john limbert, and we will be taking viewer calls and streets. on real america at 10:00 a.m., freedom,"444 days to detailing the hostage crisis. >> with no help coming, the besieged staff treated floor by floor. he was immediately blindfolded and bound. announcer: on american history tv, every weekend on c-span3. >> the house will be in order. c-spaner: for 40 years, has been providing unfiltered coverage of congress, the white
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house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington, d.c., and around the country so you can make up your own might. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. washington journal continues. are joined by philip klein, executive editor with "the washington's amer -- " washington examiner," talking about his new book. let's start with the news of the day with the election. the vote yesterday in the u.s. house to proceed with the impeachment investigation. we have read the interview that your reporters had with the president late yesterday. what do you think republican strategy -- house republicans in
8:32 am
particular -- there strategy will be? guest: i think it is clear that they will try to say, look, this is a very partisan driven .rocess democrats have been out to get trump from day one, and they are going to use whatever they can to get at him. first it was sort of the russia collusion thing, and when that failed, they moved on to ukraine . it is pretty obvious that they wanted to do that. some of our reporters visited with president trump in the white house and he was sort of very defiant, and even talked about how he might want to have a fireside chat where he reads the transcript, and so with the vote yesterday, it is clear that the battle lines have been drawn. , and is no backing off democrats are sort of dug into that position. i think particularly some of the swing states and districts,
8:33 am
republicans feel that they might be able to impress and push back against this idea that this is sort of a partisan effort to oust trump. host: and your reporters from ,hat interview, you mentioned the president says the impeachment will backfire on the democrats and we will get a first take of that tonight when the president campaigns in tupelo, mississippi. is there a downside, though, to the president resisting what the democrats are asking for in terms of testimony from officials, documents from the administration? could this lead to a constitutional crisis, if you will? obviously as a journalist i am always for more transparency. if president trump feels like he has done nothing wrong, i feel like more testimony on that would be helpful, and more
8:34 am
documents, and illuminating into what this is. yesterday we had testimony from tim morrison, who worked at the national security council, and it was sort of an interesting testimony because it would spawn sort of both sides kind of felt like it proved their point. because basically previously we had heard testimony from the u.s. diplomat in ukraine which had conflicted and had a more sort of negative portrayal of the interactions between the trump administration and the ukrainians, and he basically the trumput how administration had made clear that the white house visit and security officials were
8:35 am
consistent test were contingent on the ukraine investigating. when he came out with that testimony, they attacked him as sort of biased and out to get trump and so forth. now you have this other witness who has been a longtime republican national security staffer and official, and he substantially confirmed bill taylor's testimony. on the key points, he did say sondlandssador gordon to the e.u., has said to the ukrainians that if they want security systems to solidify that, they should investigate the firm that hunter biden works for. that clearlyk hurts trump's case because now you have multiple people saying to theis was conveyed
8:36 am
they idea of this link between security assistance and investigation. however, at the same time, morrison said that he did not see anything illegal in what was done in the call at the time. now, certainly democrats are saying, well, what a witness says is legal or illegal doesn't matter, what matters are the facts, and he confirmed a substantial fact. nonetheless, that is clearly something republicans feel that they could jump onto. for republicans basically, they should say, look, there are not going to be 20 republicans in the senate that are going to be voting to remove trump from office. so this is really about a are --al race these we that we are seeking.
8:37 am
a tough moveit is for republicans to defend trump, and somebody saying i did not see anything wrong with this call, that could be something that they could grasp onto as a talking point to make it feel like they could defend what happened. this isaying impeachable. i think that a lot of state ands in this district, where they are going to be very competitive, are going to get to a place where they say, well, it is not the way i would have preferred he would have acted, but i don't think it bears removing somebody who has been elected from office. guest,hilip klein is our the executive editor of "the washington examiner," here to talk about politics, but mainly here to talk about his new book, how it isfuture: stacked against millennials and
8:38 am
how socialism would make it worse why did you write the book? iest: this is something that wanted to write for a long time. i think millenials as a generation -- and we are talking about basically people born in the early 1980's to the mid to late 1990's, something like 1981 to 1997. basically, i feel like they often get a raw deal. they have gotten a raw deal because they often get mocked for being whiny or complaining avocadoigate or eating toast and so forth, and a lot of their economics concerns do not hear that. but when i looked at it, i found that they are basically facing two sets of challenges. one is the unprecedented federal debt. and the other is the economic challenges when it comes to personal finances.
8:39 am
massive increases in the costs of college education, housing, health care, child care, that has made it difficult for them to build wealth and families and save for the future. that will be endangered by the unsustainable nature of the federal programs. host: when you look at how millenials are in terms of relation to debt, whether it is student debt or buying a house, and you compare it to the baby boomers were, where they were at their age, what do you find? guest: first of all, the cost of housing. , mediane early 1970's income has gone up for the 25 to ityear-old age group there -- age group. about 4.5%. but the median price of a home has gone up nine it times the re that same period.
8:40 am
rent has, over the past saved past same the decades, has nearly doubled. health care has gone up 10 times. college has gone up 200% to 300%. boomers, the baby first of all there were more jobs available for people who did not have college degrees. you wanted to go to college, you could also work part time and be paying a substantial part of the tuition. that is not realistic today, costs.he massive runaway so we do see a number of data points in the book that millenials are purchasing houses .ater than early generations there are studies linking them to high student debt among other factors. millenials were obviously
8:41 am
very affected by the 2008 financial crisis. many of them coming in, graduating at college at about that age. at 2008 and after. were there similar headwinds facing baby boomers at about the same age? different.s sort of it depends on when -- if i baby boomers we are talking about those born between 1946 and 1964, certainly the 1960's was a time of a large economic expansion and very low unemployment. tooke baby boomers advantage of a long period of the same postwar expansion. obviously if somebody graduated in the late 1970's where you had high unemployment and high inflation, they would have faced a similarly poor situation.
8:42 am
but that certainly has been a big factor hurting millenials. guest is philip klein, talking about his new book, "fear the future." we welcome your calls. .emocrats, 202-748-8000 republicans, 202-748-8001. for independents and others, 202-748-8002. book, the charts in your the declining number of workers relative to beneficiaries -- in 2000, you have 3.5 workers per recipient. up to looking at 2035, 2 .5. why is this a problem, and what can millenials do about it? it is a problem because it means that when baby boomers were in the workforce, because they were a very large group of
8:43 am
people they had more with whom to share the benefit because the way social security worked is that people who were current workers paid for current retirees. so as a result of that, they had a lot more people to share the burden with, paying taxes into the system. and you were retirees. are aw the baby boomers massive retirement generation. the life expectancy is longer, so they are living longer. fewerere are relatively people in the workforce to pay for each person. so what is going to have to happen is that most likely it means that millenials are going to have to pay significantly higher taxes. we are going to have much more debt. or you are going to have to see some sort of changes to the
8:44 am
program that makes the benefits less generous. host: the current statistics on student debt -- excuse me, consumer debt. this is consumer debt. mortgages at $9.5 trillion. student loans, $1.6 trillion. card, american outstanding debt is $1 trillion. you also get into a bit of politics about this. i want to show you a poll that viewsne about americans of socialism. 36%, according to the poll, have a favorable view of socialism. a% of millenials have favorable view of socialism. 50% of millenials are somewhat likely to vote for it. vote formely likely to a socialist candidate. among theu find people you write about?
8:45 am
guest: there is definitely this trend, and i think my book helps explain why we have seen this shift. there are a number of facets. first, if you think about life experiences. millenials -- the earliest millenials were eight years old when the berlin wall fell. they do not have as much historical memory of a lot of the socialist experiment. so it does not have the same stigma as it might for later generations. the other factor is that as we just spoke about, many graduated into the great recession. as an example of the failures and excesses of capitalism. oftop of that, you have all these financial headwinds, and then you have people like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders saying, well, we will worry about housing, health care
8:46 am
-- the government can take on that burden and take it off your hands. so that is very appealing to them. and in time, the republicans are not really speaking -- and at the same time, the republicans are not really speaking to that generation. that is the reason for the shift. my fear is that basically going down that path, when you are talking about, in the case of just the health-care proposal, $34 trillion price tag, going down that path make the first of challenges, the unprecedented debt, much worse. , one of the chart first charts which i think -- it definitely backs to 1790. it is from the congressional budget office and they track it as a percentage of the economy.
8:47 am
you can get -- you can compare things fairly. host: we will find that book. our guest is philip klein. againstdeck is stacked millenials and why socialism won't work is this your first book? caller: no. -- guest: no. host: al on the independent line. caller: good morning. good morning, mr. cline. a quick question -- or comment, anyway. president trump has said this is the best economy we have ever had. he is repeating that. it is the best, the biggest, the brightest, all this crap. however, the economy is good. why are we not paying down the national debt? to pay down the national debt, you have to raise taxes. is, i am 71.t
8:48 am
when i was 21 back in the baby boomer days, i figured if i made it to 22, i was going to be lucky. between the war in vietnam and cuba and all the rest of that stuff. now i am in my retirement. i have earned it. i climbed utility poles for 30 years. my children graduated from college debt-free because they went to, instead of these big expensive colleges, they started at the community college and worked their way up into graduate programs in four-year colleges in the state university system. now, the reason why they like socialism is because, one, they have never lived under socialism. -- social that security is a flavor of socialism. it is a benevolent socialism.
8:49 am
we always think of socialism as some czar or dictator coming down the street with tanks and soldiers, pushing us around. that is not how socialism works. host: ok, the response from philip klein. guest: thank you for your comments. i think that there is a lot there. thatoint which is true is we are in a comparatively strong peace, and relative you would expect that the debt would be shrinking, and get it is still going up. doubt that if we add more tax revenue coming in, the simple math is that the deficits would be narrower. but that does not tell you most after story because even
8:50 am
the trump tax cuts, if you look at the coming decades, taxes are actually expected to meet and exceed what the historical average has been for the last 50 years. get in lineble to with the historical average, there would be plenty of tax revenues coming into be able to stabilize the long-term debt we are experiencing. however, the spending is going out of control. driven by retirement programs and health care costs. bighat is why you see this debt growing. you: we have lines for, if are a millennial, 202-748-8003. joe on our democrats lie. you are with philip klein. -- on our democrats line. you are with philip klein. caller: good morning.
8:51 am
there is snow on the ground here. i have to ask you a question. i have three millennial children. they are woke. we walked their age, around on a cloud. yourt you to talk around republican god, reagan, who destroyed this nation. republicans did nothing with intra-structure -- with infrastructure but spend all the money on our military. talk about the military budget today. want to talk about the numbers with your false promise? please talk about the military. policeout our woeful budgets. 50% of all our money goes to the police. thank you. guest: well, thank you for the call. i do, in my book, talk about the defense budget.
8:52 am
but the thing is, the defense agent as a share of our economy -- the defense budget, as a share of our economy, is substantially less than it was during the 1980's. during the cold war, it was about twice as large as it is now, and it has been shrinking to a historically low post-world war ii rate. however, spending on social security has gone up considerably, and those two programs now account for 40% of the federal budget. host: the jobs numbers are out. speaking of the economy, the u.s. economy adding 128,000 jobs in october. -- back to calls. to north carolina. good morning to william. caller: yes, good morning. to the caller of new york, i would like to say as far as the budget with the military, our
8:53 am
last president depleted our military. with everything going on in the and allhe baghdadis these types who infiltrate our country and come in here, and as far as the person who said crackers and white trash from north carolina -- i believe in our president. if people want to go down the road, go back to gas that is four dollars, five dollars, six we are a gallon, bringing companies back. whether or not you agree with it they are not coming back to america. if we could work with the democrats and help them out, we could bring companies back, employ more people to it as far as this education that we keep spending budgeted money on, we now look at the statistics that came in on millenials.
8:54 am
all these people are faltering in math, english. we are spending money in all the wrong places and not getting anything but teachers striking, begging for more money, big pensions. but by the time they leave the tenure at their schools, we have as much money going out with pensions as they were making in salary. so at some point we need to all look. every time you go to the gas station, you need to be thinking donald trump, i just paid $2.26 a gallon on fuel. you ever want to complain about fracking and all the stuff, we have created a bunch of jobs. we still have a lot of initiative in the country, that if we just unleash it and allow people to get their minds set in a way that this is one country, one people, come together and try to build on what we have, no matter how you feel about one another -- and i know our president and i voted for trump, used to be a lifelong democrat,
8:55 am
but i have to put my face in him. i know he don't speak a lot to the things like we normally would hear from an obama type person that half of us could not understand what he was saying to start with. he is trying to speak directly to us. if we could all work together -- pelosi, schumer, and everyone get together, i think we could get this country too far out reach us. hopefully we will keep good numbers coming in and everybody can work together. host: all right, william, thank you. guest: thank you, william. i think it is important -- you mentioned infrastructure and other priorities. it is important to realize we cannot have all of the above. we cannot have more taxes and more military spending and more infrastructure spending and not do anything about our entitlement programs. a lot of times this is something that president obama would talk about a lot.
8:56 am
why can't we do big things anymore? he used to talk about infrastructure a lot, and often example that gets invoked is the interstate highway system. when the interstate highway system was built in the 1950's, medicare did not exist and social security was still in its relative youth as a program. there were plenty of people paying into it relative to the number of retirees. so it was a lot easier to invest in an ambitious infrastructure program. isht now, 40% of the budget easing up before a penny goes out to pay a fair -- to pay for another -- to pay for other national priorities. it is only going to get worse. it is going to be more difficult to address infrastructure. -- our caller,r
8:57 am
expressed optimism. what did you hear from millenials as far as their optimism and the future of the country? very: millenials have a negative view of their future. cite an the beginning, i poll showing that the younger generation is a lot more fearful than hopeful about their future. and i think that there is this that our bestse days are behind us. and i think that to some extent that can be chalked up to the usual typical, when people are young they sort of worry about their futures and they think that everything great happened before they were born. that there are
8:58 am
significant points of data that show that we are in sort of unprecedented territory. host: extrapolated for you. -- i do think there are, significant points of data to show we are in unprecedented territory. host: you had a new york times base and the headline was " trump's deficits are in existential threat to can serve it is him -- conservatism." here is the chart of federal data going back to 1790 as a percentage of gross domestic product. if you look beyond where we are now, the spike well above 120% of gross domestic product. of gross domestic product. what does that mean for the millennial generation? guest: it means a lot. the era we are entering in, we
8:59 am
have never seen before. the current debt, even before it starts going up even further is higher than at any point in history other than world war ii. you had ald war ii brief huge extraordinary spike but it was only for a brief period. once the war was over there was a drop. now the problem we have been talking about today in terms of retirement program and health care costs, those will potentially rich 144% of gross domestic product. in theory if you took all the economic output we have in a year and put it exclusively towards paying off the debt it would still not be enough to pay off the debt and it will continue to grow. that is a huge worry. when economists fear is known as a fiscal crisis.
9:00 am
it is now in a fiscal crisis scenario essentially markets start to become skittish about purchasing u.s. debt. maybe they demand much higher interest rates. then it becomes a vicious cycle. interestemand higher rates your borrowing costs go up and it gets harder to make a dent in the debt and it gets harder to reassure investors. make ugly choices like immediate, massive tax increases, massive severe spending cuts, you have to worry about inflation and it is an ugly place. we don't know what the magic number is, when this would happen. there is a broad consensus among economists that the larger the debt grows without any plan to do anything about it increases the likelihood we will see some sort of crisis. host: we have a phone line for millennials. (202) 748-8003.
9:01 am
millennialnd, and thank you for calling in. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am right between millennials and jen c. i find this notion of socialism among young people is about not wanting to work is off base. it is about the fact that jobs are being automated away. i know the democratic field is catering to twitter activists, i know hason allegiance to socialism, it is about the outcomes. bogeymane mad at the because they are too afraid to think about policy. because they are too afraid to think about policy. we are not going to have to deal with the negative consequences of socialism if we don't become a socialist nation but i don't think we will. conservatism has been about " owning the libs." before i was even alive. i know i am making an ideological case, but as a field or.
9:02 am
-- this is a field report. guest: thank you. certainly there are people saying that millennials are lazy, that is not the point i make in my book. how theyk i talk about get a raw deal, how many ways they have been much more practical than prior generations. things like not playing the lottery as much as prior generations. they are moral verse to credit card debt than other generations. i think they are trying to be more responsible than they are given credit for. thesere facing a lot of tremendous costs. they are tempted by the seemingly easy solutions. thatealth care proposal elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are endorsing, who
9:03 am
largetively have a contingent of support within the democratic primary field, would be disastrous. basically more income tax anded corporate taxes that we currently pay. if you double those it still would not be enough to finance this program. host: also on our millennial line, elliott. caller: thank you. i think i'm one of the few millennials that listens to c-span still. notgeneration is looking at wanting socialism altogether, we not feel like we are having enough answers for big problems and we need a socialist program. the reason we are seeing a lot of millennials getting into politics, we are starting to get 401(k)s and thinking about
9:04 am
buying houses. we are looking at the situation and we are going to see a lot more millennials getting into politics and becoming more active area thanks. -- active. thanks. guest: that is absolutely true. one of the things i point out in my book is how millennials in the coming years are going to be -- largest generation largest adult age population in the united states. to, it might not be this election but in the coming elections they are going to be the dominant force. that is why i think that republicans are making a huge mistake by often times just writing off millennials as a bunch of whiny socialists. i think that is a problematic concession to make that will hurt the party in the future. host: let's hear from our democrat line.
9:05 am
miles from new jersey. allt: -- caller: first of we need to stop denigrating each other. you talk about this and that. stop criticizing the other side. up we had onewing -- parent inuse the house who went to work to support the family. now you have to get two or three jobs just to pay the rent area nobody is home to watch the kids. are in school trying to get an education but it costs too much. you have these big companies that will hire people for less pay and then you have the people that deserve to get the right pay and they cannot get it because these companies won't charge them that. when i was growing up i had a job and i worked 40 hours a week , i got benefits from that. you 36 hours give
9:06 am
a week and then you have to get another job and another job after that. all the rent is going up, clothing is going up, food goes up. always talk about what barack obama did but they know the republican party never helped that man do a thing for this country. when the economy goes up now donald trump gets credit for it? let's get real. if we stop spending money like crazy -- ever since donald trump became president the debt went up. it is supposed to go down. it keeps going up and going up. i don't understand that. how are you going to go to school if you can't afford to pay for it? that's why a lot of kids drop out. if you look back -- if you look back at the circle of people you know who are millennials and you look back 10 years, how did they think their
9:07 am
careers and lives have progressed from where they were? do you think they are generally happy? guest: there is trepidation. measuresy objective incomes and unemployment and all of those economic indicators are improved over where they were 10 years ago. there are a lot of these difficulties in terms of trying and a delay these big life events that prior generations get used to. , gettinguying a house married, having kids and so forth. those milestones are being delayed. there is certainly various cultural change factors you can but there are also
9:08 am
these economic factors and one issue is that there are a lot more degree requirements and licensing requirements that come with in order to be able to get a decent paying job with good benefits. that means that you have to take , soore educational debt that is the difficulty they have been falling into. host: let's hear a couple more calls. from maine, joe. guest: -- caller: thanks for taking my call. this guy is talking crazy mumbo-jumbo. i lived through the 80's with reagan. reagan, there were companies in , norton u.s. steel
9:09 am
company, they hired people. i took8 years old and home a paycheck equal to my friends father. passing a $15en an hour increase, trump is. his administration, whoever you want to blame. how are you going to live on $15 an hour? you just said about how everything is going up. it is disgusting. the 1%, the owners of the the raise 470 times in pay's and the difference between a worker. mumbo-jumboall your , you can say blame everybody, putting the blame on the democrats? president trump said he is going to drain the swamp, eliminate, right? don't shake your head at me, you fool! host: philip klein we have not
9:10 am
touched on it, you write about it. the role of aarp, the retirement lobby in washington. they are an organization that not only relies on membership , they have a large lobbying presence in washington, but they also get royalties from their health plans. guest: that is most of where their money comes from. this is something i think a lot of people don't understand. people think of aarp as some club where retirees can get discounts at hotels and so forth. essentially an insurance business. they take their name and license it out to companies like united health care to sell supplemental benefits that supplement aarp likend have the
9:11 am
a good housekeeping seal of approval on it. ofy paid for that privilege licensing it. as i point out in the book, over time, thing fees have become more and more a source of their income. what aarp does is it what aarp does is it consistently uses that income to fight off changes that would reduce spending on these programs and make changes in a way that it will hurt their bottom line. host: the book is " fear your future" by philip klein. stackede deck is against millennials and how socialism would make it worse." from on we will be hearing a doctor from the cdc on the latest on the vaping issues across the country and other public health concerns.
9:12 am
for the next 20 minutes we will hear from you on the next step in the impeachment process after yesterday's vote. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 is the republican line. ents and others (202) 748-8002. ♪ >> sunday, live at noon eastern on in-depth. princeton university professor e-money harry -- joins us to talk about racial inequality. >> my mother came of age in jim crow alabama. she lived her youth through a white nationalists society. >> openly officially white nationalists society. >>. that has weird -- reared its head again. is " amost recent book
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letter to my sons." join the conversation with your phone calls, tweets and facebook messages. at 9:00 p.m. eastern, the author of " it shouldn't be this hard to serve your country" recalls his time as secretary of veterans affairs in the trump administration. he is joined by iraq and afghanistan veterans ceo. is the most effective way of honoring our nation's commitment to our veterans. that does not mean that veterans should not have the ability to go into the private sector when it is in their best interests, when the care is better or specialized care is available. i think we all believe that should be available. watch book tv every weekend on c-span two. continue taking your calls about the impeachment
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process. the house voting to continue with the impeachment investigation, public hearings likely by the middle of november. call (202) 748-8000 if you're a democrat. republicans used (202) 748-8001. for independents and others use (202) 748-8002. we will hear more about it from the campaign trail. does go a vence coming up tonight. it iowa democratic party dinner. we are covering that on c-span. that will be tonight at 7:30 eastern with a whole bunch of democratic presidential candidates. president trump is heading to mississippi, two below. he will be speaking there c-span two. on the article says after months of questioning and attacks from potus elizabeth warren released a plan on friday that addressed
9:15 am
funding for medicare for all with a promise not to raise a single penny in middle class an attempt to plug a growing hole in her narrative as the candidate who has a plan for everything except funding health care. jensen from jerry in beach, florida. caller: this is jerry, yes. the way thes that republicans are acting in this impeachment process is despicable. the way the democrats acted at the kavanaugh hearings is despicable. is $75ional debt trillion, not $22 trillion as is often said in the media. you can see that in the u.s. atancial statements reported
9:16 am
the republicans and the democrats stinks to high heaven and what the american voters should be concentrated on is amending the constitution to reduce the careerism and money in politics. nancy is culling from charlotte, north carolina on the democrats line. good morning. is this about the impeachment? host: yes ma'am. ill for twove been or three weeks. i have never watched c-span that much but i am starting to enjoy watching it. veryi am seeing is frightening. the republicans cannot say anything on their own. it is sham and witchhunt. they cannot even come up with a dialogue that might even
9:17 am
convince anybody. it is just regurgitating what trump says and it is very frightening. people cannot even think on their own. host: thanks, nancy. hope you feel better. jeff in south carolina, republican line. caller: good morning. host: go ahead, jeff. caller: i find it kind of ironic for the last couple of years adam schiff has done nothing besides tell us that he had evidence of the russia collusion. not come to play. now he is saying the investigation with the impeachment inquiry behind closed doors without any type of outside influence -- it just stinks to me. i am an independent.
9:18 am
it just kind of stinks to me that this would be allowed. in our country. --t is my viewpoint host: viewpoint. host: the new york times an update on the killing of al-baghdadi. " isis confirms his death and announces a successor days after baku on her al-baghdadi died in attacks by the u.s. forces in northern syria. .nnouncing a new leader in an audio recording uploaded the islamic state mourned the loss of mr. al-baghdadi who led the organization for nearly a decade and it spokesman who was killed a day after mr. al-baghdadi and who had widely been considered a potential successor. the audio recording was the first word from the islamic state confirming the death of its leader which president trump triumphantly announced on sunday
9:19 am
as a huge blow to the fearsome terrorist group. the islamic state announcement said mr. al-baghdadi has been by person who the identified as the caliph. must nothing is publicly known about the successor including his real name. counterterrorism analysts were scrambling on thursday to try to figure out who he is. jim is in newton, north carolina on our democrats line. caller: good morning, how are you? i wanted to give my views on this impeachment. it is nothing new. it has been going on for years between the republicans and the democrats. fighting back-and-forth and i have been forever. it is not only the politicians, it is the media that is destroying america.
9:20 am
they keep us fighting with each other, even with our family and our friends and parents. they lied to us and mislead us. there ought to be a way that the american people could do something to sue them or do something or other to where they won't mislead us. the other one says this one here did that and this one here did that. don't have but just a few channels on their television. a lot of people when they get cable they only have maybe msnbc or cnn, some of us have fox. all this is tied together. hear anything positive from msnbc or cnn.
9:21 am
negativeys something about the president. it is people like what was going in and theya was were finding us for not buying let them move somewhere where they can be under him and live that kind of life. host: the headline here at politico " u.s. employers handed 128,000 jobs in october." the president liking that number. the unemployment rate went up slightly. president trump tweeting " wow, jobs numbers just out." this is far greater than expectations -- richard in west virginia on our republican line. caller: i wanted to say a couple
9:22 am
of things about the impeachment. been a long range democratic plan. you can see it on the mainstream media, they started about impeachment -- this is nothing new. i think this all comes down to -- there is definitely a quid pro quo, the thing is is it wrong and is an impeachable? if the quid pro quo was for looking into the workings of the government then that is totally legitimate. if it is for getting dirt on biden you might have a case for impeachment, whether that is impeachable would be up to the senators.
9:23 am
in the meantime all this talking -- that's what i have to say. host: bar is next from maryland on the independent line. --ler: i just wanted to say the gentleman a couple calls ago i agree with him. i think this is a humongous waste of time now. i am not a fan of this president but the way this whole process think it isng, i wasting the american taxpayers money and i don't think it will lead to anything. has been ake it process where they are just waiting for some little piece of evidence to come out so they can latch onto it. they are making something out of nothing. big waste ofo be a time for our congress to be tied up in this investigation. i think it is not going to amount to anything.
9:24 am
couple more calls come oil and to let you know about our c-span cities tour. we feature the history and literary life of laramie, wyoming on book tv and american history tv. here is the mayor of laramie talking about the city and its history. >> we call it the gem city of the planes because we are in a valley surrounded by mountains. hass a beautiful place, it a river that runs through the middle of it. university town is a beautiful campus of the university of wyoming. that has aboutwn 32,000 population. it is a western community. this became a railroad town and was a railroad town until it became a university town. the railroad is a very important part of our history. it went through all different kinds of history that comes into laramie.
9:25 am
in an election we have the territorial prison where butch cassidy was imprisoned. we have cowboys and the wild west. i think what they will find out is we still have that flavor of the west and the conservative attitude that people had but we are a very open, friendly, and inviting community for anyone who wants to come. when you come to laramie everyone says they did not want to leave, they wanted to stay because it was a friendly place to be. our cities tour this weekend on c-span two and american history tv on c-span3. the headline in the financial times on this friday morning. " trump financial hearings to be held in open, after tivo democrats build a body of
9:26 am
evidence. probe investigates alleged pressure on ukraine." some comments from twitter on elizabeth warren's health care plan. her announcement on how to pay for it. " where is warren going to find $3 trillion a year?" " the only thing corrupt is the american political system. politicians to continue to attack a president of the usa is a travesty. as an independent i am appalled. as for these people calling in to voice an opinion based on what the corrupt media and politicians are pushing is ridiculous. america, get a clue." trump deserves to be impeached because he manipulated foreign aid for his own gain which does not benefit ukrainian or american people. it also hurts our national security." alexandria, virginia, democrats line. hi there. caller: hello, good morning.
9:27 am
, what i wanted to say is i seen this much -- republicans would say always rule of law. what happened to that? i am a democrat. republican or democrat, they have their own faults. with this, seriously, everyone calling names and everything, i don't think anybody wants him to be impeached but for what he did everybody has to be punished. when i was teaching for the kids and they can get away to steal and get away, what is this
9:28 am
world coming to? host: here is brian from georgia on the independent line. caller: hello? host: you are on the air. caller: this is frank. host: go ahead. caller: from georgia. thank you for taking my call. i am calling about due process. i am an independent. to how theme democrats have basically usurped the due process of a president of the united states. if my due process was taken away and i had to have a judge, a jury, and a prosecutor be the i think we would all be very upset about that.
9:29 am
i think the democrats, and until they do give the republicans and the president of the united states fair due process, which means if adam schiff wants to be the prosecutor he has to give up the mantle of the judge. ad the jury is obviously group of democrat majority. there has got to be the quality in due process. host: i appreciate that, brian. coming up on washington journal we will speak with dr. anne ofuchat from the centers disease control, primarily to talk about the rise in dating related illnesses in the u.s. area also other public health concerns coming at the flu season and more. onr calls welcomed ahead washington journal. ♪ c-span's campaign 2020
9:30 am
coverage continues live today with president trump in iowa and mississippi. the democratic presidential contenders beget the liberty and justice celebration in des moines. speakers include joe, cory booker, governor steve bullock, , secretary julian castro, representative john delaney, kamala harris, amy klobuchar, beto o'rourke, senator bernie sanders, john stier am a senator elizabeth warren, and andrew yang. at 8:00 eastern on c-span two president trump holds a campaign rally with supporters in mississippi. atch coverage live today 7:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. c-span two.ern on
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listen on the go with a free c-span radio app. are making it easy for you to follow the impeachment inquiry on c-span's coverage for video on demand of all the congressional briefings and hearings as well as the administration's response during the impeachment process. walk onto the impeachment inquiry west page -- webpage. your fast and easy way to watch unfiltered coverage anytime. washington journal continues. us from atlanta from the centers of disease control the principal deputy director talknne schuchat to primarily about dating related illnesses the country is experiencing and other public health concerns. we will start with that issue and the vaping illnesses and
9:32 am
this brand-new chart from the cdc this past week as to where things are, showing our viewers that map of concentration of cases. particularly most of them in illinois. what is behind these illnesses, do we have a better idea of what is going on? dr. schuchat this --dr. schuchat: this is a difficult outbreak. lungve cases of acute injury associated with e-cigarette or vaping products. reported from 49 states, every state but alaska and it is a very serious illness with about half of people leaving to be treated in intensive care units. illinois and wisconsin were the first place to recognize these diseases. we have seen acute onset of difficulty breathing, cough, chest pain, leading to hospitalization. sometimes leading to a need for
9:33 am
mechanical ventilation and sadly we have had 37 people die of the illness. half of the cases are occurring in people under 25 years old. so far what we know is that most cases report using e-cigarettes that are associated with thc containing prefilled cartridges. not all, some report only nicotine use. the majority have a thc prefilled cartridge exposure. many have gotten those cartridges from informal sources, off the street or from friends or family, or online, but not from dispensaries or brick and mortar stores. there have been a number of arrests but there are continuing illnesses. we had nearly 300 additional cases reported in this past week. we have strong recommendations for individuals about how they can protect themselves and are
9:34 am
continuing to investigate what substance or substances may be in these products. that thc is illegal nationally and in many states, what challenges does the cdc face and other government agencies in terms of researching the cause of this disease, these illnesses, and regulating that industry? you mentioned informal sources for some of these products. this is very complex. the interviews of patients, people may be reluctant to tell us what kind of product they were using. 15% of cases are occurring in teenagers under 18. they may be reluctant to duck about nicotine use and thc use. it has been challenging for investigators to get the full story but we believe we are getting better data. the trace backs are complex. very diverse supply chains for illegal and illicit products.
9:35 am
there are small-scale and large-scale producers, distributors involved and there is repackaging. there is a big counterfeit market on the packages and some of the substance is. none-cigarettes in general of them are legally marketed right now. containgarettes that nicotine have not yet got the premarket approval from the fda. are in a very complex period to investigate this outbreak and try to stop it but i think we are making progress. host: we want to welcome you that use vaping products. if you use a vaping product to that line is (202) 748-8003. otherwise eastern and central (202) 748-8000. mountain pacific (202) 748-8001. we will get to your calls momentarily with dr. schuchat from the cdc. role in areadc's
9:36 am
of these lung diseases. what are you doing and trying to find out? dr. schuchat: we are working 24/7 to get to the bottom of this out rake. -- outbreak. we are tracking the disease. facilitating investigation of individual cases. we are working closely with the fda on testing products. the fda is testing e-cigarette liquids. we have a smoking machine thecity and we are testing air fall produced by these devices to understand what is in that airflow and if it is dangerous for the lungs. we have a clinical team working to invite is -- advise clinicians on how to care for individuals with these conditions. we are looking at clinical samples in our pathology lab to look at the damage that has been
9:37 am
done to the lungs and understand therer the particular -- are particular substances or chemicals that give us a hand about what the problem is. doing a number of efforts on communication and education to get information out to the public on what steps they can take to protect themselves to work with the health department to answer their questions. working with a clinical community. been on capitol hill quite a bit answering policymakers questions. host: in terms of guidance you could give to folks who do use vaping products, whether it is thc products or tobacco products , you are not the fda but what is the cdc doing to help people? based on what we know at this point we recommend e-cigarettenot use or other vaping products that contain thc. in particular we are recommending that you do not buy
9:38 am
products off the street or informal sources online. we don't have all the answers but in general regardless of outbreak wee -- don't think e-cigarettes should be ever be used by youth, young adults, or pregnant women. nicotine can be harmful to the developing brain. are developing through age 25. because we don't know what substance or ingredients in the thesets may be causing illnesses people might want to consider refraining from the use of e-cigarettes that contain nicotine. the data at this point is pointing towards c t 8 -- thc cartridges with cutting agents or some other solvents or substances. we don't have information for all the cases and products across the country. those are the recommendations today. we are learning as we go and we
9:39 am
will update the recommendations as we learn more. and it a serious illness can cause severe complications including respiratory failure. wait think it is preventable and as we learn more we will tell the public more. at this time we recommend people avoid vaping or e-cigarette products that contain thc. don't buy them off the street. >> we said we would touch on public health issues. week 42.e for according to flu view seasonal activity in the u.s. increased slightly but remained low. does the cdc track how many people are getting flu shots for the upcoming season? don't have the information yet but later this winter we will be able to track how well we are doing compared to previous years. is a great time to get a flu vaccine. we recommend that everybody six months and older get back said against the flu.
9:40 am
the flu can be serious and even healthy people can get the flu and be severely ill. it may not lead to hospitalization but you may need to stay home and miss the events you are looking forward to. for pregnant women, the elderly and very young children and people with underlying medical conditions the flu can be deadly. host: cdc deputy director dr. -- with us up to the top of the hour. for those of you who use vaping products (202) 748-8003. we will hear from nancy in austin, texas. caller: hello. a couple different things. i appreciate that you are talking about this outbreak is from thc. that you're still mentioning are complaining about nicotine in the same sentence. nicotine is not thc it has nothing to do with it. we need to separate these issues. you mentioned these were all
9:41 am
coming from black markets, most of them are. two inere instances of washington state or oregon state where the stuff came from a dispensary. that is a concern i have. i don't do thc. i only made nicotine. the cause of none of these hospitalizations. stillcerns me that it keeps being mentioned along with thc stuff. there is no reason to smear this entire industry who has saved thousands of lives by getting people off of cigarettes. this is actually something that works. it is concerning to me that you are still conflating the two. i wish you would not do that. it doesn't serve the public or those that serve all the people that are dying daily from smoking cigarettes. host: all right, nancy. dr. schuchat: thank you, nancy. very glad to hear you have gotten off of smoking cigarettes.
9:42 am
we agree that smoking cigarettes is very bad for people's health and most adults who smoke want to quit and we are keen to help them in any way possible. about 10% of the cases at this point do not report using vaping products that contain thc. the report only exposure to nicotine. we are trying to understand all the sources and whether that information is accurate. we can't say that the very extensive investigations that have been done in wisconsin, illinois and utah applied to all the other states because we are still gathering data. me say something about nicotine use in e-cigarettes. we know that the rate of e-cigarette use among youth is skyrocketing. we saw a 78% increase in high school students using nicotine containing e-cigarettes, an increase from 2017 to 2018.
9:43 am
our preliminary data about 2019 shows further increase. we know that many of them never used cigarettes. they went right to e-cigarettes and the flavors have been a big attractant for young people. there is a general agreement 25, butng people under definitely under 21, should not be using e-cigarettes containing nicotine. nicotine is harmful for the developing brain and it can increase the addiction to other substances. the later generation of e-cigarettes are extremely addictive and extremely attractive to teenagers based on the flavors as well as the nicotine salts. we are keen to help adults have an offramp from cigarette smoking. don't want to get another generation addicted to nicotine. we are investigating this lung injury outbreak and trying to
9:44 am
understand where the data leads. the majority of cases reported exposure to thc containing prefilled cartridges. are concerned about how those cartridges are being produced locally or nationally. and what is in them that is making people sick. host: we will hear from albert in miami, florida. caller: thank you for c-span. i wanted to thank dr. schuchat for her wonderful insights and comments. i am 21 years old myself. i am still in university and around all these teenagers. what she is saying is right. there is an epidemic, especially in big cities. all of my friends made. i have been trying to distance myself from them but i think that the reason why vaping is so common now in my city and around the united states is because of the intensifying -- i think the
9:45 am
bigger problem -- host: albert, are you there? we go to laura in new hampshire. ech -- hello i smoke cigarettes for 40 years. smoked for a year and i feel 100% better. i looked at england and other countries and these problems they were having with the vaping. think they have a highly regulated vaping industry. i am talking -- i am not talking about thc. that what i amis using is gone.
9:46 am
i have done so well with it. we can't lookhy to other countries to see what they do and why they don't have these issues. host: thanks, laura. dr. schuchat: thank you, laura. the experience in england is interesting. there is a very different environment there. both regulatory and health care systems. one thing that i am aware of is a lower level of nicotine in the products that are sold there. the cdc is not a regulatory body. we provide evidence and data to provide to policy makers about regulation but we are not in that business ourselves. the useeen to reduce at of cigarettes i'm glad to hear you were able to quit after 40 years. that is a big accomplishment. at this point the e-cigarette companies have not gotten the fda approval for use as a
9:47 am
cessation device. there is fda approval for a number of medically proven cessation devices. i believe the fda would welcome applications for review of the data on the public health situation. i think that the issue of reducing adult smoking and making it easier for adult quit cigarette smoking is crucial. it will save lives and money and improve health. the second factor is the nicotine products that are addicting a generation of teenagers that never even smoked cigarettes and are now suffering from the consequences of nicotine addiction. interest lot of shared in effective off ramps for adults. and then an interest in cutting off the on ramps for kids. scurrilousowing practices in terms of advertising or marketing in
9:48 am
schools or products that are really targeted towards the use when there are shared believes that children and young teenagers should not be using nicotine products. host: there is news this morning about the juul economic division. " out to you makes up for $.5 billion jewel write-down. increased concerns over the health effects of vaping are prompting altria group makeup $4.5 billion write-down on their the tobaccon juul. group and parent company of the company philip morris. they say the decision was driven by the cumulative effect of ebay for bands in several cities, states, and international markets and the likelihood of the fda posting curbs on flavored vaping pods." dr. schuchat, how helpful has get been in the effort to
9:49 am
to the problems with e-cigarettes and thc? juul has reached out to offer assistance in terms of any information they could provide. is beingstigation driven through the public health system. the state and local public health workers who worked tirelessly to investigate clusters, outbreaks and new concerns as well as to protect their community's health. that is the core group we have been working with. with the fda and in states other law enforcement or dea authorities. host: let's hear from william in california. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. my comment is, since we are focusing on thc containing cartridges, that any residual like propane or butane
9:50 am
that are used in the manufacturing process are converted to been seen at high temperatures. ne atnk that if -- benze high temperatures. i think if we focus on quality control with the fda we can overcome this. dr. schuchat: i have gotten emails and letters from people who have backgrounds in chemistry or engineering thinking through what might be going on. we know that e-cigarette or bathing products have fewer toxins than combustible cigarettes but there is a lot of different things in them that may be there. nicotine in the nicotine products, ultrafine products that get into the small airways and may be damaging. there are organic compounds. there can be flavorings. is associateddie with lung damage. it is called popcorn lung. that particular flavor can cause that.
9:51 am
there are also the electronic devices, the metal device related to heavy metal exposure that can be a problem after heating and aerosol is a. n. aerosolizatio what the problem is with the lung injury outbreak we are seeing we don't know but we think there is a lot to learn and the chemical changes that occur with a high temperatures in the vaping products as the device takes effect really could be harmful. we may be seeing a different set of compounds or substances causing different injuries. we are calling this an e-cigarette or vaping product but itted lung injury, may be different products or injuries. some have talked about pneumonia from oils like vitamin e acetate. others are talking about a chemical burn type of injury.
9:52 am
we are still in the state of investigation trying to link up what the lung damage looks like under the microscope with what is in the liquid or aerosol that is produced from it. your mention of some of the organic compounds is a real concern. host: our viewers and c-span radio listeners who are using vaping products, that line is (202) 748-8003. the question for you, dr. schuchat, on twitter. illness ands " death from vaping only began recently, was a relatively safe product for a decade, what changed?" dr. schuchat: that's a great question. we have enough information now to think this is new and not something we were missing the past few years. there probably were individual cases of this type of yet lung injury following vaping years but we have seen a great increase in the recent months. the market dynamics are probably different right now in terms of
9:53 am
a very lucrative market across the country and the ability for small and large business people to make a lot of money possibly by cutting agents, diluting thc oil with other products to increase their profit, using packaging that may be counterfeit from other places to make a product look like one that is more legitimate. that none ofe said the e-cigarettes have preapproval yet from the fda. nothing is really legal. case i believe there is a diverse market, whether there is cut --activity on how to on how to cut products and make more profit. speculative making theories, we have not proven any of those that are the critical driver. i do think there is a money element. host: let's hear from robert in
9:54 am
chattanooga, tennessee. my concern is that between thc and vaping, vaping has no labels on things like this. cdc, those and companies manufacture things about labels, we have labels on everything in this country. clothes, food, you name it. now how can companies get away with not labeling a product that is out there in the market? is causing so much harm to the american consumer. dr. schuchat: thank you for those comments. as the fda has taken on regulatory authority for tobacco and now has plans around the
9:55 am
e-cigarette regulatory authority. the ingredient information will need to be provided. the thc right now, the marijuana are at cannabis products this point regulated at the state level. wey of the state regulations will talk about what needs to be done in terms of testing and quality control. the consumer does not know what they are getting. you don't knowes what the compounds are that are in there intentionally. people who are altering or adulterating these products are not laboring what they are -- labeling what they are adulterating them with. it is kind of the wild west. consumers need to because just. beconsumers need to cautious. i fear that you don't know what you are getting and some people are dying from exposure to those products right now.
9:56 am
i do think that labeling and information to help people know what they are getting. and the systems that are there to enforce that the product is what it says it is can help the consumer. host: charlie is a vague consumer. he is in lafayette, tennessee. i was just wondering about secondhand smoke. -- like realt nicotine, does it affect? dr. schuchat: there are a lot of questions we get about water. it is important to realize that e-cigarette or vaping products are not producing a water vapor, they are producing an era saw beck can have a lot of different chemicals in it. 7000s many as the chemicals in combustible cigarettes. issue of secondhand exposure to e-cigarette aerosols is not well studied at this point.
9:57 am
we don't know the harms that may be associated with it. that is an element of the public tolth story as we have gone smoke-free environments, tobacco free environments, we believe there is some measurable improvement in individual and public health. what the e-cigarette aerosol produces and the harms it might produce for those in the vicinity are not understood at this point. earliere cdc reported this month, an article from the new york times reflecting that pregnant woman should get the flu and whooping cough. they may benot and endangering their babies as well as themselves. only 35% of pregnant women get both vaccines, half get one. what is the reluctance there, dr. schuchat? dr. schuchat: for many years pregnant women and clinicians for pregnant women have been cautious about the use of of anythinghe use
9:58 am
in pregnancies that might theoretically harm the developing fetus. what we have learned recently is theirregnant women and developing baby can suffer severe complications from influenza and the influenza vaccine is safe and effective in inucing hospitalizations pregnancy as well as protecting the baby during the first few months of life. we also realize now with the widespread vaccination of children that the riskiest time for whooping cough is the first couple months of life. protect aay to newborn, a young infant from whooping cough is through vaccination of the mother during pregnancy. show the safety and high efficacy of vaccinating women late in pregnancy with a vaccine that protects against whooping cough. pregnantend that all
9:59 am
women receive a flu vaccine, a flu shot and that pregnant women during the early third trimester receive a tea that vaccination every pregnancy. several years ago we were recommending that pregnant women get a tdap vaccination postpartum. then we recommended they get one during pregnancy and we thought one was enough. we have learned you need high levels of anti-bodies from the pertussis vaccine at the time of delivery for that baby to be protected for the next couple of months. that is why we recommend women get the tdap vaccine every pregnancy. a lot of women did not realize they needed that vaccine. they thought they did not need it every pregnancy but they do. whooping cough is a tragic illness for very young babies. can get hospitalized from pneumonia, dehydration and can dive.
10:00 am
we think that is a life-saving product for women to get. women askt that questions and talk to the clinician to make sure they are comfortable. taking care of people with serious influenza and seeing the nation go through whooping cough outbreaks and influenza i strongly recommend every pregnant woman get vaccinated against influenza and whooping cough. host: dr. schuchat host: dr. and shook it is the principal deputy director, joining us from atlanta. we appreciate your time with our viewers. dr. schuchat: happy to be here. host: that will do it for this morning's program. we will see you tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern here on "washington journal." [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> the unemployment rate increased slightly last month, despite employers added 128,000 jobs in october. labor department analysts say that is due to the settled general motors strike. the jobless rate is up from 3.5% to 3.6%. 3% fromhourly wages up a year ago. this with sony and hold the server money for its new secretary -- the smithsonian museum will hold a ceremony for its new secretary, on a bunch. he was the secretary for the african american museum of history and culture in washington, d.c. we will have that event at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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eastern on book tv as the c-span cities tour looks at the history and literary life of laramie, wyoming. a year ago, congress passed a law to increase security at airports. the house homeland security subcommittee met this week to ask the transportation security administration officials and homeland security officials about their progress in implementation law. they reported security improvements but problems with agency coordination and passenger screenings. >> good morning, everyone. welcome. the subcommittee on transportation and maritime security will come to order. start byike to welcoming mr. dan bishop of north carolina to the committee. >> thank you, mr. chairman.


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