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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Holds Rally at New Hampshire State House  CSPAN  November 10, 2019 7:33pm-8:01pm EST

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>> the vice president is going to go there. >> after following -- after filing candidacy paperwork, he spoke at a rally outside the new hampshire state house. he was introduced by his wife, john lynch, the former new hampshire governor. [cheers]
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♪ [chanting]
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[cheers and applause] joinedrnor john lynch -- by the general president of the international association of firefighters. and president of the firefighters of new hampshire. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you all for being here. president joe biden, doesn't that sound great? [cheering and applause] >> i am supporting joe biden for a number of reasons but there , are four main ones. i trust joe biden. joe biden is going to restore the soul of this country and the
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character of the white house. wouldn't that be nice? [cheering and applause] >> joe biden will bring integrity in defense of ethics and decency, and honesty to the white house. [cheering and applause] >> joe biden will be able to build a team of outstanding policy advisers, domestic policy advisers, and foreign policy advisers and staff them with competent people, something we do not see with this current white house. [cheering and applause] second reason is, i like joe biden. [cheering and applause] >> he is genuine, caring, authentic, and such a decent, wonderful person. i can't wait for him to get into the white house. [cheering and applause]
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>> the third reason i am supporting joe biden is joe biden will beat donald trump. [cheering and applause] >> the fourth reason i am supporting joe biden is dr. joe biden. -- dr. jill biden. [cheering and applause] >> jill biden has been a fierce advocate for children, women, for people who have suffered domestic abuse, for veterans, men and women in the military, and it will be great to have jill biden in the white house, won't it? it is my great pleasure to introduce dr. jill biden. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: thank you, governor lynch.
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thank you. joe and i are so happy to be back in new hampshire and especially to see you and susan again and now that we have julia, your daughter, thank you for coming. i was recently at a greek festival here in new hampshire, and we went with the lynch's, and what stood out to me was just how much admiration and affection that granite staters have for both of you. i want to thank you for your friendship and your support. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: thank you for sharing this day with us. friendship like yours is without measure. the men and women you represent are incredibly important to me and to joe. i taught a lot of firefighters over the years, and their commitment to their communities and their selflessness, their
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dedication to professionalism and especially their courage and -- their courage is what they deserve. they deserve our gratitude and our respect. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: there are so many things about my husband's career i am proud of, from the bills he passed in the senate to the work he did side-by-side with president obama for eight years. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: he demanded justice for women and lead culture change through the violence against women act. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: he stood up to the nra, and he won, twice. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: he fought for the final votes to get the affordable care act passed.
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[cheering and applause] dr. biden: and he led the moonshot effort to end cancer as we know it. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: but so many things that make me the proudest of him were not covered by the news and recorded in the congressional library. once when he was on a photo line, he met a little boy with a stutter. many of you may know that joe had a stutter as a child as well. joe gave the boy's mom a number to call so that they could visit the white house the next time that they were in d.c. a few months later, this little boy and his mom did return to the white house, and joe took them along to his speech prep, and joe showed the little boy how he would mark up his speech and use rhythm to get through it.
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he talked about how much fear he used to have himself about his own impediment and how he learned to overcome it, and he encouraged the little boy, and he said, you are so much smarter than i am. if i can do it, you can do it. joe has always been the kind of person who stops when he sees someone who is struggling. who fights for people who feel left out. even as vice president, he was never too busy to call a friend or visit a hospital of someone who was sick. his kindness, his character, it is a part of everything that he does. it is why he works so hard to make sure that the middle and working-class families don't have to worry about seeing the doctor or sending their kids to college. it is why he has had the courage to stand up for what is right again and again.
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[cheering and applause] dr. biden: sometimes, it is the unremarkable choices we make that define who we are. sometimes, it is the small kindnesses that can change someone's life forever. and in a time when our nation is drowning in cynicism and corruption and cruelty, we need that kind of character more than ever. we need a leader with experience and wisdom. someone who can bring people together and not tear families apart. [cheering and applause] dr. biden: we need a commander in chief who we can trust. a president who believes that our best days are ahead of us. and that, new hampshire, is our
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next president of the united states, my husband, joe biden. [cheering and applause] former vp biden: thank you, thank you, thank you. i am jill biden's husband, joe. [laughter] former vp biden: i want to thank you for coming out. i want to thank john and susan and the whole lynch family. you have been standing out here a while. one of my favorite things about this is that it gives me a chance to meet so many people directly. they once asked me, what was the best thing about running for president. the main thing is the number of friends you make for the rest of your life that you meet. like all of the firefighters. the firefighters led by your state president, but also by the international presidents, my buddy, and i want to thank you for all you have done for me across the country. [cheering and applause]
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former vp biden: i promise i will not keep you long because it is freezing out here. [laughter] >> welcome to new hampshire. former vp biden: i went to school in syracuse, it is even colder. but hearing your stories, the fear is that people have and the discussions that took place around kitchen tables this morning of ordinary, hard-working folks, things that i think the fellow occupying the white house has no sense of, no empathy for, and no knowledge of. the fact is, i wonder how would people sat the kitchen table today and said, who was going to tell her? we do not have the money to send her back to unh. we do not have the money to do it. or you got a ride on those tires, these are conversations in my home growing up, we have to ride on those tires another 10,000 miles. we cannot afford new tires now. practical things that affect people's everyday lives. it is about, i think is on the
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ballot right now, the character of our nation is on the ballot. it is about who we are as a country. if trump is reelected, first of all, we know that everybody is worried, can we even overcome four years of him? we can. we can overcome these four years. it is going to be hard. we need somebody to be able to reunite the country in the world but it is within our reach. , but eight years of donald trump would fundamentally change the character of this country. and that is why i am running. [cheering and applause] former vp biden: i have learned two things. one is that vladimir putin does not want me to be president. all of those bots he put out on the internet. but also, that donald trump does not want me to be the nominee.
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i wonder why he does not want me to be the nominee. let me tell you something, i tell you what. when i announced i was running, i said we were in the battle of the soul of this country. and i meant it. we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. it is not an abstraction but , living up to our values. i talk about the soul of the nation, i talk about people lying awake at night, like my dad wondering what happened if i get sick, what happens i don't have insurance, what happens to the family what am i going to , do? or sending our kids off to school, active fire drills, live fire drills in school, sending these kids off -- how many of you did that in september? what is wrong with us. we don't have the courage to take on the nra? i have taken them on twice and beaten them twice, and i will do it again. [cheering and applause]
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believe iniden: i the but nobody says you can have second amendment, a magazine with 100 bullets in it. we protect geese more than we protect, no joke. you can only have three shotgun shells when you go shoot for geese. we protect geese better than we do our kids. folks, look. the fact is that the idea that people are worried about having their health care. look, we can build on it, i was there and helped pass obamacare. it made a gigantic difference to millions of people in america. 160 million people, and now that have insurance. the folks i am running against are ith our saying, -- with saying you can no longer have , your private insurance. i think, let them make up their own minds. if they do not want their private insurance, they can join the public option that i provided an obamacare and
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expanded. here is the point. the point of all of this is that we have to make -- anybody know who donald trump is -- they do. we have to let them know who we are. we stand for unity, not division. we stand for hope, not fear. we stand for science, not fiction. [cheering and applause] former vp biden: and democrats, we stand very straightforwardly for truth, not lies. [cheering and applause] former vp biden: i promise you, if i am your nominee, it is not only important that we defeat donald trump. we have to defeat him soundly to make it clear that the country will not tolerate another president like this for a long, long time. if you give me the nomination, i promise you, i am not only going to beat him -- i am going to beat him like a drum. [cheering and applause] former vp biden: thank you all for being here. i love you. god bless you all and may god protect our troops.
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thank you, thank you, thank you. [cheering and applause] ♪ >> thank you, joe. former vp biting: good to see -- vp biden: good to see you. god bless you. thank you. hey, man.
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[indiscernible] ♪ >> thank you so much. former vp biden: thank you for standing out here in the cold. thank you. >> you are such a role model. thank you so much for everything. can i get a selfie? vp biden: thank you.
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♪ former vp biden: i have a guaranteed to get them reduced. >> thank you. iden: where in california? >> san diego. former vp biden: sunshine in san
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diego. >> thank you so much. ♪ [indiscernible] ♪
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♪ >> hi, i wanted to meet you. thank you. [indiscernible] iden: how are you, man? how are you doing? [indiscernible]
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♪ [indiscernible]
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former vp biden: we have to stop playing games with our elections. ♪ [indiscernible]
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>> campaign 2020. watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. c-span's campaign 2020. your unfiltered view of politics. >> our c-span campaign 2020 bus team is traveling across the country, visiting key battleground states, asking voters, what issues they want presidential candidates to address during the campaign. >> an issue i want the
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candidates to focus on has to do with environmental justice and environmental rights. coming from michigan, i have seen the consequences of the flint water crisis. currently, the detroit water shutoffs, which do not get enough attention. i want to see the candidates come out strong with policies that will fight environmental racism and environmental justice. >> the next election is going to be pivotal for our nation. we are going to be looking forward to hearing about all of the things that are important in our economy. i am interested in their thoughts on national debt and health care. those are two items that are intertwined. nearly half level, of every dog -- have liver dollar we spend is on health care. we are running a massive deficit. billion over 22 dollars, trillion dollars at
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this point. that deficit is of considerable the warningsn presented by prior auditor general's chin just -- prior auditor generals. to see thelike candidates highlight climate change. we cannot do economic development if we do not have an environment within which to do it. i would like to have prioritized making certain our world is a better world in which to do economic development for our kids and grandkids in the future. >> phrases from the campaign trail. -- voices from the campaign trail. >> q&a is next. journalist susannah cahalan talks about her book, the great an experimentut
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to test the legitimacy of psychiatric hospitals. ♪ >> a group of colleagues and i gained admission to psychiatric hospitals in simulating by faking a symptom -- a simple system. we said we heard voices. .he voices said, empty, dull the moment we were admitted to the hospital, we


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