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tv   Campaign 2020 Deval Patrick Files Candidacy Paperwork at New Hampshire...  CSPAN  November 18, 2019 5:47am-6:01am EST

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eastern, the committee will hear testimony from fiona hill. watch the first two public hearings in their entirety on our website at and you will find transcripts of witness testimony and procedures for the hearing, plus, points of interest features that identify key moments during the hearing indicated by a star in the timeline. watch live coverage of the house impeachment inquiry hearings on c-span 3,, or listen live wherever you are with the free c-span radio app. deval patrick, former democratic governor of massachusetts, filed the paperwork to be a 2020 presidential candidate in new hampshire's first of the nation primary ballot and was greeted by the new after secretary of state, who explained some of the history behind the process. here is a look.
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>> good morning. >> power you this morning? -- how are you this morning? >> great, thank you. hi, everybody.
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[indiscernible] >> he paid $10 to get his name
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on the ballot. >> i would pay $10. >> yeah, $10. from 1916 to 1928, it was only -- on the ballot. in 1929, the legislature for the -- putime had a separate on the ballot. in 1952, it was the first time that new hampshire voters would actually vote republican. president since
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then, every person has won the new hampshire primary. [laughter] yeah. the first president showed which primaries they won. this president was not elected but he won. there has been 17 presidential area, and ofthe the 17, 14 of the winners became president that year, and the other three became -- no line [indiscernible] then they won a primary.
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this one happened in 1979. this one happened in 1935. [indiscernible] el 1975 -- in 1975, there was a push to have it -- [indiscernible] this one is what changed national law. i told the mayor and the vice president, both from indiana,
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[indiscernible] really significant. by one wouldone get rid of this, but the people here wanted to keep it. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] he is the other -- he is the only one alive out of those.
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if we had to have a primary on , we have to change it by moving it up a little. that was 1972. people did not want to keep moving it up. [indiscernible] the first language had to be the governor. governor at the time said no, i will veto that because the governor will be too tempted to use it to their advantage. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. [laughter] >> so, the governor said no, and -- that is how
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it came to be. and i served with paul -- >> is that right? >> we used to have meetings in his office. >> ok. [indiscernible] >> yeah. >> you know he retired. >> that was four years ago. he asked me to come down. [indiscernible]
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>> whenever he calls me to do something, i'm there. now, he will call you. [laughter] >> he can tell you a few things. [laughter] >> do you wish to have your middle initial on the ballot? >> are you recommending that? [indiscernible] do and someidates candidates don't. so, [indiscernible]
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>> are you ready? >> i'm ready. over yet? [laughter] >> there you go. wording fromxact the u.s. constitution. there was an issue about what a candidate should have. preferencedid have a .
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[indiscernible] he admitted it right away. said, i did not know. >> yeah. [indiscernible] >> this makes it official on the ballot. candidate, when [indiscernible] some candidates put their slogans.
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goes in the archives for a long time. if somebody wants to come to see what a certain candidate said at -- time they filed [indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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>> campaign 2020, watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. c-span's campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. ♪ host: pamela constable, longtime foreign correspondent
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