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tv   Washington Journal 12102019  CSPAN  December 10, 2019 6:59am-9:06am EST

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programs to mitigate the impact of climate change on u.s. coastal areas. on c-span two at 8:35 a.m. eastern, several lawmakers are speaking at a women's leadership summit, hosted by politico. that's followed by the senate returning at 10:00 a.m. to consider judicial nominations for the ninth circuit court of appeals. in the evening, president trump holds a campaign rally in hershey, pennsylvania. on c-span3 at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the house oversight committee holds a hearing to consider possible changes to paid family and medical leave under current federal law. later in the day, a house foreign affairs subcommittee looks at u.s. policy in iraq with the principal deputy assistant secretary for near eastern affairs. we want your reaction to yesterday's house judiciary committee hearing on the impeachment evidence. later in the program, reaction
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from capitol hill with congressman kelly armstrong, a member of the committee. you can also join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal"" is next. ♪ host: the view of what is known as canon rotunda as we start our "washington journal" program for today. it is today house democrats will unveil two articles of a b -- of impeachment. obstruction of justice other on abuse of power. you can watch that on c-span. you can follow along at if you haven't done so already, download the radio app and listen as you are out and about. up until the time of the press conference at 9:00, we will take your calls on this move by house
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democrats on articles of impeachment and here is how you can let us know what you think. 202-748-8001 for republicans. .emocrats, 202-748-8000 and independents, 202-748-8002. if you want to text us, you can do so at 202-748-8003. post on our twitter feed at @cspanwj and you can post on facebook at here to walk us through what might be expected later on this morning as these articles are reportedly set to be unveiled is john mcardle. we will all find out together what articles of impeachment look like in about two hours. until then, here is the latest reported. the new york sources have noted plans are not finals, but officials told the
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new york times they are focused on two articles of impeachment that mr. trump violated his oath of office by putting political concerns over national interest. the charges would be announced at the 9:00 eastern rest conference taking place in the rayburn room off the house floor outside the house chamber and here is the notice of that press newshour, from pbs posting that notice from nancy notice who ise, at the hearing, the five chairman of the five key congressional committees investigating jerrold nadler -- investigating the president. jerry -- jerrold nadler, adam fromf, ohlone taking over elijah cummings after his passing earlier this fall.
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atine waters will also be that press conference, the chair of the financial services committee. there will be three democratic members from california and three democratic members from new york. in terms of the timing of what happens here, the washington post with their reporting. under the current plan, the judiciary committee would vote on articles on thursday according to two people familiar with the matter setting up a and somee next week comparative history from fox news, a tweet earlier this morning noting back to the clinton impeachment during the 1998 markup session, that ran two days. the committee approved 4 articles of impeachment, defeating 2 on the house floor. the judiciary committee
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entertained five articles for president nixon in 1974, but only approved three although some reporting today the articles of impeachment could expand. this from politico noting some democrats are still pushing for an obstruction of justice charge , which would likely encompass both the ukraine scandal and trump's multiple alleged attempts to thwart robert mueller's probe. the political story quoting jamie raskin saying there is a lot of ways imagining this, asking is an obstruction of justice charge could be added to the obstruction of charge -- of congress charge and president trump violated his oath of office. two more tweets on that subject. voteext of the resolution may have some reference to robert mueller and his investigation, but most people
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think democrats have enough on the ukraine issue and do not want to relitigate mueller. cbsmore on this topic from news, even as house democrats appear ready to focus on the two proposed articles of impeachment, some wanted the charge stemming from the mueller -- did not support ukraine -- until the host: our next hour will be two short visits with members of congress not only to talk about articles of impeachment, but questions from the department of justice. up until that time, we will hear from you on articles of impeachment action by house democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. democrats, 202-748-8000. and independents, 202-748-8002.
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you can text us at 202-748-8003. if you would, include your name, city, and state when you do that. ron, democrats line. what do you think about this action by house democrats? caller: thank you for taking my call. people are saying they are rushing it, i don't think it is being rushed. i think the president got caught trying to extort an ally at war. unlike nixon and when the republicans put the country first and they had president nixon resigned and bill clinton apologized after he got caught, these republicans are hunkered down, the sooner we get this done, the senate will not convict, but we can move on.
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you cannot have a president breaking laws. ift: do you think even articles of impeachment pass in the house, do you think there will be an ability to move on, as you describe it? caller: i think so. i think you have an election coming up, the iowa caucus is a few months away, but you have to slap the president on the wrist. likell not be man enough clinton to apologize or nixon to resign. you have to put him in check. .hat is their responsibility legislative, executive, and judicial. host: tim in michigan, you are next, hello. caller: hello. i happen to be watching msnbc yesterday and i noticed there were very few commercial breaks. immediately going into the seventh hour, they had richard paneer make a comment on the
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beginning of president trump's presidency, the articles of impeachment, he made the case for impeaching him for all the articles and i think it is noteworthy, you should put it on your screen and let people see he used to be the democrats worst nightmare. host: if you watched on our network, there would not be breaks. are you surprised there were only two articles of impeachment? caller: yes, i think he laid it all out yesterday. very, very convincing. int: let's hear from todd california, republican line. caller: i want to hear from the whistleblower. the whistleblower is protected from harassment, but not having his id revealed.
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whistleblowers have been named for decades. with staffblower met -- schiff lied about that. there whistleblower is a material witness. i know his name and you know his name. host: there has been no official whistleblower revealed. i know some people present names as far as who the suppose it whistleblower might be. what do you think that person will add to what has been testified to over the last couple weeks? caller: i think the person, eric , needs to be held accountable for exactly what he and schiff put together two weeks in advance of this.
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schiff is a liar. he did that parody. host: that is taught in california talking about several things leading up to the actions of today, the events of today, two articles of impeachment set to be unveiled by house democrats. 9:00 is when that is expected. we will show that on the network and you can watch it on monique from washington, d.c., democrats line, hi. caller: i was sitting on my hands about the impeachment of donald trump, but the more i listen to the judiciary hearing and the intelligence hearing, the democrats have their stuff together. all they asked were fact questions and the only thing republicans really did was screamed and yelled and talked about this and that and ukraine
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that. this is something that is really serious. i agree with the first couple callers that called in. the third guy rambled off nothing but conspiracy theories. if you listen, he said fox news. fox is entertainment. i would not take anything they say seriously. host: for what democrats presented yesterday, what stood out? what was a fact that stood out in your mind? caller: it was the congressman -- he was asking the attorney led this situation, all he said was trump. the question he was asking and the gentleman was saying trump. when he was asking those questions, it made me feel as if
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the gentleman was telling the truth because whenever he said -- i am losing the words. host: that is monique and washington, d.c.. if you want to watch that hearing, go to our website. we go back to john mcardle. guest: -- host 2: want to bring reactionp-to-date on from congress. democratic members of congress pretty quiet on twitter about untilexpected to be so that news conference happens at 9:00 a.m. there are reports democratic members are meeting at 8:00 a.m. in the judiciary committee to have one last discussion before that 9:00 a.m. press conference. some tweets about the articles of impeachment mostly from republicans, this is andy biggs, a member of the duty share
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committee during the afternoon saying a democrat said it is their duty to find truth, but democrats have been working on articles of impeachment, fulfilling a goal they have had for years, that is not a truth -- search for truth. this is kevin mccarthy, the minority leader in the house, the speaker ordered chairman nadler to draft articles of impeachment, but let's not pretend this hasn't been their plan from the start. this from doug collins, the ranking member on the judiciary committee saying that committee is not able to do what we need to do because democrats made as a rubber stamp. the speaker of the house said go right articles. one more from thomas massie of kentucky asking whether folks will prattle about emoluments
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after the articles of impeachment are drafted and they don't even mention emoluments. this from katherine clark replying to a tweet from president trump saying read the transcript, this is what katherine clark said, we did, that is why we are drafting articles of impeachment. some reaction from you this morning to this news we are expecting at 9:00 a.m. eastern from middleton saying the articles do not matter to trump supporters because they are dug in and will not take the truth and their excuse for the president. one more from rich saying they will focus on obstruction of justice. trump coerced his people to ignore legal subpoenas. this from glenn saying democrats are doing the exact thing that accused trump of doing, trying to interfere with an election. they always are doing what they are actively accusing others of
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doing, it is their calling card. fred saying democrats have started talking about multiple impeachment. u.s. citizens will have to not vote for democrats to end this stuff. democrats are working to destroy the usa and their efforts continue today. some reaction from twitter and facebook and members of congress, we will keep looking for more throughout the program. if you are on the line, stay on the line and if you want to continue to call on these articles of impeachment, 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. eventtalk about this yesterday, a report coming from the inspector general taking a look at actions of the fbi and joining us on the phone to talk about it is jeff murdock, has the lead story taking a look at the warrant application looking at carter page.
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good morning. guest: thank you for having me. host: can you remind viewers what the exact goal of this report was when it was put into place? guest: the exact goal was to find out if the fbi abused authority when it applied for a warrant to surveilled carter page. the president and his allies spying onat lead to his campaign, democrats have dismissed that claim and they claim president trump has been politicizing the justice department and president trump has hyped this report for over a year saying this was going to be historic and expose a lot of wrongdoing and to some degree, he was right because this report is a black eye for the fbi. host: how so? guest: it found the fisa application to surveilled carter page was riddled with errors,
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keygs from they left out information, they had information that contradicted other things they put in the report and they left that out, they did not present that to the judges. there were all kinds of errors and they found for one of the renewals, and fbi lawyer had doctored evidence to make sure wiretap mr.ion to page got renewed. ort: 17 inaccuracies admissions, was their explanation from leadership on why these mistakes were being made? guest: there is no explanation nor is there an explanation from michael horowitz who spent 18 months on this investigation and he says he could find no direct evidence of bias, but also could
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not find another explanation to account for why these top agents, these high-level fbi officials, everybody in this investigation could make this many mistakes and this level of serious mistakes and that is very concerning and he even points out you have three handpicked teens of the top agents reporting to some of the highest level supervisors in an investigation, they know they would be scrutinized and at best, this was extraordinarily sloppy and that is the best you can probably say. host: the name christopher steele comes up very often. what did the report have to summarize about his actions? guest: it found his work was unreliable, he had a history of knew unreliable, the fbi his work was unreliable, they had evidence it was unreliable
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and they kept that from the fisa court, which they are required to submit all kinds of evidence that may contradict -- contradict or run counter to the evidence submitted. lindsey graham compared what the fbi did to a prosecutor withholding dna evidence or withholding fingerprint evidence that may exonerate somebody and i thought that was a good example because that points to how egregious what the fbi did. host: when it comes to what many have focused on in the release of the report, the political motivations of this activity, what was said in the report about that? guest: the report found there was no direct evidence of political bias and that means there was no documentary evidence, no testimonial evidence, but the absence of evidence is not the evidence of
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absence. accountingve another . if this was not motivated by political bias, what was the reason? and that is the explanation i think everybody wants to know. if you look at the example of the fbi lawyer who doctored evidence, he was kicked off robert mueller's team for a series of very bad anti-trump texts and emails he sent to his fbi friends. you have to wonder what his motivation was and you have to wonder why they were exaggerating christopher steele's qualifications, there was no reason to do that. you have to wonder why they had evidence and withheld it. host: if this report is out, will there ever be an s behindion of the why the mistakes or is this a done deal with the release of this
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report? guest: it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. we may get answers because michael horowitz will go before the senate committee, which is majority republicans led by it will beham, interesting to see what they ask him and what the next steps they take after that. i think everybody is waiting to see what mr. horwitz says before they move forward with whatever they want to do. whatever is going to happen will happen at the senate level because the house is focused on impeachment and controlled by the democrats. they will not call mr. horwitz to testify. host: we heard from the attorney general and john durham, what is significant about the input into this report? statement john durham is absolutely extraordinary. it is extremely rare he issues a statement, he never comes out and talks and he has never
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spoken about his investigation. that is amazing. the other thing that is interesting is he came out almost immediately and said he disagreed with one of mr. horwitz's conclusions, that the investigation into carter page at the beginning was justified, that there was evidence to open an investigation and look into took ater and he also swipe at horwitz because in his statement, he pointed out mr. horwitz, his authority is limited to justice department employees and he pointed out durham has interviewed people all over the world and also has a little more criminal prosecution authority than mr. horowitz and i thought that was kind of interesting that not only is he saying he disagrees with the conclusion, but he has done more research and
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investigating than mr. horwitz. host: have we heard anything from the current director of the fbi on this report and potentially what changes he might make because of its findings? guest: accompanied with the report is a fairly lengthy response from christopher wray and he has about a lot of reforms including overhauling the processes for pfizer and that is very key. one of the things the report found is how some of these wents happened or unchecked was because the processes in the fbi were very weak, the processes and procedures were doing things were almost as bad as anything else you could find and that is how these errors got away. one thing i think is important and important for president trump and his allies is they have been pointing the finger at people like jim comey, sally
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-- sally-- sally eight gates -- claiming they were at such a low level, he never got to them and they were unaware how bungled this investigation was and i think that goes back to what i was saying, the processes were so bad, i don't think a lot of went errors and omissions to the upper levels. host: if you want to read his story, you can find it, his analysis of the report released yesterday and the findings. thanks for your time this morning. before we go back to calls, a quick visit with john mcardle. guest: -- host 2: i want to pick question. last as you were having that conversation, president trump was tweeting about that topic, tweeting his displeasure with the reaction from christopher
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wray. i don't know what report he was reading, but it was not the one given to me, with that attitude, he will never be able to fix the justwhich is badly broken, so our viewers know, we will give you a little bit -- it was an extended statement he attached to the inspector general's report. he said the report concludes that the fbi's crossfire hurricane investigation, the investigation of the trump campaign related investigations of certain individuals were opened in 2016 for an authorized purpose and with adequate, factual dedication and the report details instances in were certain fbi personnel viewed by the office of the inspector general did not comply with existing policies and neglected to exercise appropriate diligence or otherwise fail to meet the standard of conduct the fbi
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expects of its employees and our country expects of the fbi. we are vested with specific authority and it is our obligation to ensure these authorities are exercised with objectivity and integrity. anything less falls sort of the fbi's duty to the american people. contrast christopher wray's statement and his reaction to the reaction the attorney general put out yesterday, attorney general bill barr saying the report makes clear the fbi launched an intrusive investigation of a u.s. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicion that was insufficient to justify the steps taken. the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory. the surveillance was pushed forward for the duration of the campaign and deep into president trump's administration in the rush to maintain surveillance of
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trump campaign associates, fbi officials misled the court, omitted facts from their filings and ignored information negating the reliability of their principled source, and much tougher statement from the attorney general than that from the fbi director. host: back to calls, all of the ig report taking place yesterday. today, articles of impeachment expected. we will go to todd in california, thanks for waiting, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. -- should have never gone for impeachment because apparently there is not evidence because when they bring him up on charges, he is going .o be acquitted in the senate they should have gone for for obstruction
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because he will probably win in 2020. host: glenn, good morning. y, pedro, god bless you and your family. he saw you one time in the mall. heard your voice behind me and it was you. we are looking at the tyranny of the government exposed. the conspiracy theory is two words put by the cia for inconvenient truths. a lot of the democrats and some independents call up and talk about how they feel as they watch something. feelings aren't facts. everybody in the media, including fox, they are all --hing the latest driven there is enough people in the news from politics and the government where it is no longer an independent source for
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anything. posh --end george webb george webb's citizen journal. host: as far as the actions of democrats today, you are not buying it? epsteinwhoever killed are responsible for what is going on here today, i will put two -- those two together. we are under attack, these are lobs of missiles at us and our freedoms. ronnie in texas, good morning. the lastt is funny caller would talk about tyranny because what you have in the white house is nothing but tyranny. were mistakes made, christopher wray acknowledged changes had been made.
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donald trump is still talking about all of this stuff and the there was no coup attempt or anything like that. as far as the impeachment, you have to consider the pattern of trump, what he has done ever ande he has been president i can't think of anything more appropriate than him to be impeached and it is insane republicans are so scared of him, they have no spine or no balls and they will not stand up and do what is right. that caller yesterday made an himself.fool of if there is ever a time another president needs to be impeached, it is now. host: texas, republican line. caller: yes.
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i want to say the american people are very upset with this impeachment deal and democrats are just grabbing for straws. everything they talk about, they are grabbing for straws and as far as the lady that said the is a corrupt- cnn one, fox news is putting the truth out. host: when you say they are grasping for straws, what makes you come to that conclusion? thatr: i just feel everything they are doing, they cannot get him on one thing, so they are moving on. they are moving on one other thing down the road. they know they are beat on this one, they move to the next one. i just don't think president trump was guilty of what they are accusing him of, talking of zelensky, the transcript is
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plain jane that he did not commit any kind of illegal act. i think he was strictly going for corruption and that is the way i think. yesterday daniel goldman, who presented evidence for the democrats talked about the conversation between president trump and the president of ukraine. [video clip] >> president trump asked president zelensky for a personal favor to investigate the investigations president trump helped could ultimately help -- hoped could help his reelection. the first investigation involved former vice president joe biden and was an effort to smear his reputation as he seeks the democratic nomination. ughtsecond investigation so to elevate a conspiracy theory promoted by vladimir putin that ukraine interfered in the last
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presidential election to support the democratic nominee. in truth, as has been made clear by your repeatable evidence from throughout the government, russia interfered in the last election in order to help then candidate trump. the allegations about vice president biden and the 2016 are patently false. that did not deter president trump during his phone call with the ukrainian president and it does not appear to deter him today. just two days ago, president trump stated publicly he hopes his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, will report to the department of justice and congress the results of mr.'s -- mr. giuliani's efforts to pursue false allegations and tarnish vice president biden. president trump's persistent and continuing effort to coerce a
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foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and our national security. host: that hearing available at linda from mississippi, democrats line. caller: good morning. i agree with the articles of impeachment. could never put enough on there to cover everything this president has done. that asked about the whistleblower, the whistleblower does not matter now. the whistleblower complaints have been confirmed and i think republicans want a king, a dictator because if this --sident cannot be impeached
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we need a constitutional remedy. host: why go the route of impeachment? why is it worth it? caller: it is in the constitution, it is a remedy and we cannot let him do what he wants to do before he is in there and you have to think about the next president. when will you stop? i think we need civics lessons back in school because some of these people do not understand the branches of the government -- equal branches of government, the executive branch does not have control over this country, we are not a dictatorship, we are a democratic republic. they need civics lessons because these republicans are ridiculous . this man stood on the tarmac in front of cameras. he only did he want ukraine,
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asked for china, too. host: that is linda in mississippi. let's hear from brent in california. caller: good morning, pedro. that is a great name, that is my great, great grandfather's name. here are the facts. real promisemp's in his administration is to get rid of the federal reserve's, the ventral -- the central banks, gold -- go back to the gold standard, get us off the fiat currency and it is the elites, people like george soros who are pushing these agendas both parties, democrats and republicans tied to this elitist establishment that wanted to keep things like
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the irs, whose sole purpose is to collect interest owed to the federal reserve. host: how does that deal with articles of impeachment and the acts of democrats this week? caller: that is just a cover-up, him an excuse to go after when the grand scheme of things is when they don't want the central banks were the federal reserve to be removed. host: president trump holds a rally in hershey, pennsylvania tonight, 7:00. he will probably address the day's events and you can see,an 2, and our radio app. independent line, we will go to william, north carolina, good morning. caller: good morning. host: you are on, go ahead. said many years ago
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the tribunal, you democrats, republicans, atheists, prime ministers -- host: to the point of the articles of impeachment, please, what do you think of those actions? to cast themoing to -- host 2: you mentioned the president's campaign rally happening tonight, i want to talk about the president schedule for he has to that event, particularly the 2:30 pm part of his schedule expected to meet with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in the low ash in the -- in the oval office plenty of reporting including from axios, their -- the talkslavrov taking place are being held one day on from the first meeting between ukrainian president
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vladimir zelensky and russian president vladimir putin amid the war over crimea. the war is taking place a day after the inspector general's findings have been released. mike pompeo confirmed to one american news network he would be attending that meeting with lavrov and he expects they would discuss a range of topics. the new york times in their story about the meeting notes likely one of the things that will be talked about will be a conversation about the last major nuclear arms treaty enforced force between the united states and russia, the obama era new start treaty, which has been a point of particular discussion between the u.s. and russia. that meeting taking place at 2:30, some reaction to that meeting, this from senator bob menendez, a senior member of the senate foreign relations
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committee, his tweet noting the meeting saying remember the fiasco from last time that happened, that meeting in 20 when president trump reportedly dive all of classified information -- divulged classified information to the minister in the oval office. the president expected not to have a press event, but at 5:00 p.m., will deport the white house from the south lawn and is expected to take press questions when he departs from the white house. a lot happening today at the white house, we will keep on top of all of it. host: in new mexico, robert is up next. caller: how are you doing? thank you for taking my call. all of this plays into trump's hands. he wanted to be the first reality tv president and he made it, he is the most popular guy on earth and all he wants is
7:41 am
attention, mission accomplished. we are spoiled in our country, the united states is the richest country in the world and we act like it. we need to humble ourselves, think about other countries that are not so for tonight. host: do you think impeachment plays into assisting the president and his 2020 reelection campaign? caller: absolutely because it is attention. host: is he going to win? caller: of course he is going to win because look who they are putting up against him, elizabeth warren, joe biden, they do not have a snowball's chance in hell. i don't care for the guy. he talks makes me mad to listen to him talk. it is playing into his hands. everything the news media is doing is playing right into his hands. host: virginia, republican line, ontario.ear from
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onler: this is my opinion impeachment and why my republican party loves me, this is a fact that has not been answered yet and that fact is why they trump withhold the aid? if he gave them aid in 2017 and 2018, why did he stop giving them aid in 2019? it cannot be beat -- it cannot be because of the hunter biden investigation. i haven't heard an answer to that. lies of the people in -- the lives of the people in war right now -- said some republicans have the president withheld aid over concerns of corruption. caller: what concerns of corruption? corruption wasn't a concern in
7:43 am
2017? it wasn't a concern in 2018? zelensky ran on anticorruption. there is no reason for withholding that aid. host: part of the presentation yesterday in front of the house judiciary committee came from the republican lawyer who was -- his take on the evidence .athered steve castor was part of the proceedings. [video clip] >> this unfair process reflects the degree to which democrats are obsessed with impeaching the president. the democrats went searching for a set of facts. the mueller report, allegations of obstruction before landing on ukraine phone call. the impeachment inquiry is
7:44 am
clearly an orchestrated effort to upend our political system. according to politico, the speaker has tightly scripted every step of the inquiry, democrats have convened focus groups to test which allegations, whether it be quid pro quo or bribery or extortion were most compelling to the american public. speaker pelosi said democrats must strike while the iron is hot on impeaching the president, the entire duration of the impeachment inquiry from the time speaker pelosi announced it on september 24 until today has been 76 days. as professor turley testified wednesday, this impeachment would stand out as the shortest proceeding with the thinnest evidentiary record and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a president. host: we will hear next from
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paul in new york, democrats line. here is the funny thing, i agree with that entirely. i think democrats are making a huge mistake rushing this along. remember benghazi. people have already come up with easily 8 articles of impeachment and why would you be rushing this through. why would democrats not want to be having trump in court for obstruction of justice not allowing his cabinet to testify and not allowing the emoluments clause to flow through with money coming through every day during the republican conventions? remember then ghazi, it was the fact it wore down hillary clinton on garbage. before you hang up, i would like to point out one important thing evangelicals who love
7:46 am
israel so much, imagine if obama had withheld aid from israel until netanyahu communicated an investigation into mitt romney's investments in israel. host: bob in new york, republican line. caller: good morning. how are you today? host: fine, thank you. caller: i was a lifelong democrat and i switched over win trump ran. if you look at the facts and joe biden was caught on tape saying he withheld $1 million from ukraine until they fired the prosecutor, he bragged about it, the problem with this impeachment charade is there is a double standard here. trump did nothing wrong, but the democrats have been saying for how long now right from the get-go that they were going to go and impeach him, this whole thing is not good for the
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country, the whole world is looking at us and laughing. the whole thing is ridiculous and it makes us look ridiculous to the world. instead of being a front runner in respect and dignity, they are looking us look like jackasses. host: independent line, hi. caller: how are you doing? gopt of all, shame on the congressmen on the committees standing there talking about joe biden and his quid pro quo. consolidationin with the imf and the e.u., they all wanted that prosecutor gone and the prosecutor had already stopped investigating burisma. congratulation to the republican gentleman from virginia who was smart enough to note we had no
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problem giving money to the 2018 and we017 and were not worried about corruption then, but joe biden announces his candidacy and corruption is front and center. last but not least, the president stood in front of tv cameras outside of marine one that he on camera wanted ukraine to investigate biden and china should do it, too. this man has done one thing after another since he was elected that a's impeachable. it is time to stop this. host: ed in florida, republican high -- republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. many people recall during the presidency of george w. bush,
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these same democrats were chanting "bush lied, people died. " article --k times house democratic leader nancy pelosi promised when the party takes over, the new majority will not attempt to -- on june 10, 2008, robert wexler introduced house resolution 1258 with 35 articles of impeachment against -- 227 democrats and 24 republicans and 166 republicans. host: why is it relevant for today? caller: because nancy pelosi was the one that went to the
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judiciary committee and the democrat leadership stopped this impeachment. be expectedes will by house democrats at 9:00, you heard john mcardle say at least two to be discussed today with the potential of another, that announcement coming in about an hour and 10 minutes from now. we will take you to it live. terry is next from pennsylvania, democrats line. caller: good morning. how are you doing? polls.the the last 6 years, i worked the polls and i have seen a dramatic change from 2016 working that election and republicans are not smart enough to realize this man wants full control and he doesn't care what he has to do to get it, it is sad. -- in today's society, we
7:51 am
need change. criminalizing everything, putting it out for the world to see on the tarmac, on twitter, everything. host: you agree with the articles of impeachment? caller: i definitely agree with the articles of impeachment and icy yesterday was a narrative to me. i watched the 9 hours and republicans did not do nothing but narrate, democrats had facts . they stayed with evidence, they did not stray from that. republicans, everything is a sham to them. you guys are falling apart. no one can trump -- can talk when trump is not around. host: that whole hearing available to you at our website at, part of that
7:52 am
exchange was with the republican ranking member, doug collins, he challenged daniel goldman about this idea of the call logs included within the record and these were the conversations between rudy giuliani, devin nunes, and the white house and talked about why that was part of the report by the democrats. [video clip] >> two questions are hanging out that everybody is looking for an answer for. who ordered it, was that you were chairman shift -- schiff? >> i am not going to get into the deliberations of our investigation and the reason it was included in the report is werese the calls surrounding important evidence to our investigation and i think your question is directed better not at me, but the people having conversations. >> we are not going to play that game.
7:53 am
you are not answering the question. every member of the media -- when you go into the decorum of the house and looking at took ane numbers, you subpoena for 4 and decided to play that game, found numbers existme of them did not because you claimed they were from the white house budget office and they were not. are you going to go on record in front of everybody and say you will not tell who ordered this, you were mr. schiff? >> i am not going to reveal how we conducted this investigation. haveat is the problem we with this entire process. you are not answering the question, you are not being honest because you know who it is, you are just not answering. host: let's go back to john mcardle. host 2: not that we don't have enough news this morning, but
7:54 am
wanted to note we may be on the verge of a major trade deal announcement when it comes to the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. here is a story from politico, president trump and speaker pelosi on the verge of announcing a deal on the north american trade pact handing the president what they say would be a major political victory amid impeachment proceedings and giving moderate democrats in a compass meant they can sell back home. the deal remains unofficial until tuesday when trump -- top trade officials are expected to meet for an afternoon ceremony. on makingholding off the public announcement until she briefs her caucus on the policy details, which would replace nafta. democrats and organized labor have clear the way forward although the president -- who support is crucial to getting
7:55 am
democrat approval briefed his executive council on monday afternoon is willing to let the agreement move forward to people -- two people told politico. that reporting on usmca robert lighthizer led the-effort on capitol hill to- convince members of congress to join in and some reaction from members of congress when it comes to usmca this is. ladder milk from -- this is very ladder milk -- be passing usmca, which would be a shot of adrenaline into our already strong economy. we are wasting our time and your fromearned money -- this
7:56 am
--d program this is like a basketball game with 8 seconds left on the clock that will take 35 minutes to finish. off, pedro,cut me it has been a minute since i was on. i don't think this is an impeachable offense. wrong by asking them to investigate joe biden and withholding the money, i don't know why we are giving them half $1 billion a year when we are trillions of dollars in debt. saying the russians gave donald trump the election. host: why do you not think it is impeachable?
7:57 am
caller: is it really that serious? -- have all this there is a lot of stuff we should be concentrating on and another thing before you hang up , i think the democrats don't have a chance with joe biden. have you heard the statements he has been making lately? if he is the top candidate, trump will win again. host: adam, democrats line, hi. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: i am well, thanks. go ahead. caller: there is a difference
7:58 am
between biden and trump, it is not a one to one comparison in terms of both men withholding aid because biden is the vice president acting in accordance with u.s. policy at the time and the policies in the international community. the difference is trump asking ukraine to investigate the bidens has no real benefit to the u.s.. it is all for himself, for personal gain. thatamericans do not think is a problem that the president would use his office, his powers for personal gain and that is troubling. as far as the announcement of the impeachment articles, i am conflicted as to whether they dealings inde the
7:59 am
the mueller report about the 10 possible accounts of obstruction of justice because i am predicting republicans will see if they include mueller stuff, republicans will spin that as democrats casting too wide of a net. you have to know these are serious accusations, these are thorough investigations done by qualified people in our government and are you going to trust our institutions? are you going to trust our processes? are you going to trust the guy that has shown he is only interested in promoting his own agenda and doing things that can benefit himself? host: let's hear from sherry in tennessee. caller: thank you for taking my call. first of all, i want to say i do support -- i do agree with impeachment. what i want to say is we are talking about the security of u.k.ountry and the need
8:00 am
needed from the u.s., the support we needed. u.k. is on the front line, why can't the americans understand the importance of supporting their country? like i said, we do not want this fight to be over here. to -- they areg going to -- they worship satan. i am not saying trump's satan, i am saying in each one of the impeachments there is always somebody saying i don't want him to be impeached. ok. but, the thing is we have got to realize that -- we have to think about this country. host: that is sherry in clarksville, tennessee. we have about an hour to go until the press conference at 9:00 eastern -- expected to
8:01 am
announce two articles of impeachment. we will show you to that live at 9:00. you can watch on until that point, we are taking calls from you. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8000 free democrats. , (202)ndependents 748-8002. representative kelly armstrong of north dakota. good morning to you. guest: good morning. host: could you give some background or lease -- at least enlighten us -- today we see the presentation of two articles? guest: from the start of when we got back from the intelligence committee, we have not heard from one single fact witness. every witness we heard from was a partisan -- divide yesterday was congressional staff fighting with other staff. i think that was unique, not just in the process, but i'm not
8:02 am
sure that has ever been broadcast on national tv. they can't prove anything, so they are going to use everything, which is no way to prosecute a case. in my opinion, no way to run a country. host: it boils down to just two, you have a background as an attorney, what do you think about that? guest: there is going to be two proceeded, i think that is housed -- that is how it is going to move forward. they're on their artificial timeline and font to this sent over before christmas. i think both articles are incredibly flawed. -- they started with campaign finance. they knew that didn't work. and then they moved to bribery and extortion. they have a real problem there because the alleged victim of the crime is shouting from the rooftops that he is not a victim. earlier, instead -- they can't prove the elements of any of those things. it does not matter, they can't
8:03 am
prove them. prosecutory normal or normal proceeding would not proceed. but, they are using all of it and they are going to use this ambiguous abuse of power because they cannot prove any underlying crime. i do not think they have made their case to the american people. we're going to continue going there. host: one of the cases, at least the defense of obstruction of congress, at least from some democrats is about the president not allowing people to testify. is there something there? guest: we have three branches of government, not two. these are novel questions. one of the reasons they have never been decided is because prior congresses have -- they have every right politically to move forward with impeachment without waiting for the courts. what they do not have the right to do is say they are not going to wait for the courts into charge you with obstruction. in no other proceeding anywhere, civil, middle, any county courtroom in the country would
8:04 am
you get to say using your valid recourse in the legal system is going to bring more charges against you. that is not fair to the american pete -- the american people don't buy it. if my colleagues want to talk about the inefficiencies of the court system, as someone who spent 10 years in the court system i would love to have that conversation. congress does not get special treatment, they are treated like everyone else. host: as a member of the committee, when did you find out about guest: the article announcement? guest:we -- guest: we heard rumblings over the weekend, but i found out about it the same way everybody did. someone scooped it and it ended up on social media. host: you said you thought it would stick to two articles. there has been debate as to whether the mueller report will come in in any way. do you think that will happen? thet: i don't because democrats have set an artificial timeline of getting this to the senate.
8:05 am
the russia conspiracy theory is completely debunked. to deal with the 10 potential obstruction charges, one, as a defense attorney i would love to have that but two, it is going to take more time than the democrats are willing to give it. host: walk us through the process. particularly through the marking up process. guest: i am assuming it is going to be like everyone of our hearings. they will find a way to gavel us down and follow the rules only when it is convenient. it sounds like markup is going to be thursday. we are going to explain again why this is the most narrow impeachment in history, and their need to feed their base is tearing the people apart. host: can you expand upon ranking member collins and other people asking for a minority hearing and why that is important? guest: it is a role. two, -- it is a rule. the rule has not been filed by the majority whenever they think
8:06 am
-- the one thing you ever get any courtroom -- i have done this for 10 years. if i want to call a witness i get to color witness. this is the second most solemn thing we do behind sending troops to war. and every step of the way, they have tinnitus basic due process -- they have denied us basic to process. as far as some democrats made the point that the president heading -- had an invitation to give input. documentsgot 25,000 dumped on us saturday. i do know why you would proceed in the process. there is nowhere i know where they say show up in court and then we tell you what we are doing. that is not how it works. that is not how impeachment should work. host: can i ask you what you thought about the performance of mr. castor? guest: i have had the opportunity to work with him. i thought he did a good job. he has a mastery of the facts.
8:07 am
this is not boiled down into soundbites, but as a political process we are trying to do those things. we are dealing with something as solemn as this, this is not about getting your five minutes and your catchy headline. we saw that last week when a professor try to make a funny joke that blew up. there should be no jokes about this. castor did a great job. he has a master of the material. he does a good job of explaining why this should not proceed forward. tot: would you go so far as apply that to mr. burke and mr. goldman? guest: absolutely. i have no problem saying that. they are very talented guys that come at it from different lenses. it has been a different approach. we have a tremendous amount of respect for our staff, but i would put our guys up against anybody. using paid staff that have basically been rented to the democratic majority -- my biggest concern is we spent
8:08 am
nearly 3.5 hours before we heard from an elected official. that is not how any hearing should work. the: another topic, with release of this do port from the department of justice, any thoughts? -- department of justice? guest: i got to spend time with it last night. 17 violations with the highest law enforcement agency in the land, with a secret warrant should be concerning to particularly when they knew this was going to be under as much scrutiny. host: you get the sense the committees will examine the portion of why that happened? guest: we are going to call for it every single day. this is an isolated incident. even if you read the ig report about the clinton server, there were serious misgivings about how the fbi treated that material. i have worked with law
8:09 am
enforcement, they are fantastic public servants. they do a great job of keeping our communities safe. there is really a failure of leadership here. it has been done by guys who had no business doing what they were doing. now they get to go on other cable news channels and spout the same stuff. host: one more topic, the report that there possibly is work being done and possible passage of usmca. guest: we have been calling for this forever. if anything explains the better,ic majority doing usmca the same day they do impeachment. they have minor tweaks, and they are going to claim a huge victory. they are giving president trump a huge policy win. it is a huge win for the citizens of north dakota, at the same time they are going to file ambiguous articles of impeachment. host: kelly armstrong serves north dakota. he is on the issue did --
8:10 am
judiciary, oversight and reforms committees. and now john mcardle. i just wanted to remind viewers where we are when it comes to articles of impeachment. we are goinginutes to get our first look at the articles. they will be unveiled by nancy, and several top committee chairs at a press conference on capitol hill. this is the reporting from the new york times, several officials said that those articles are focused on two charges. president trump violated his oath of office by putting political concerns over the national interest command that stonewalled he congress in attempts to investigate. this is the notice of the press conference. it is being called an announcement. bycy pelosi will be joined jerrold nadler, adam schiff, waters maloney, maxine
8:11 am
and eliot engel. those are the chairs that have been leading democrat's investigations into the trump administration. the washington post, in their reporting, takes a look at the potential calendar going forward. articles of impeachment are unveiled, under the current plan, the judiciary committee could vote on the articles by thursday, according to people familiar with the matter setting up a potential vote on the floor of the house next week. the articles of impeachment, if they are past, will be sent to the senate for a trial. some reporting about whether the two articles we have been talking about, obstruction of congress and the charge that the president violated his oath of office could be expanded, this is pbs news, their white house correspondent saying the text of
8:12 am
haveesolution may reference to the mueller investigation. most people think democrats have enough in the ukraine issue and do not want to relitigate mueller. more on that discussion on whether obstruction of justice relating to the mueller investigation could be added, this is ed o'keefe of cbs, two.ry, -- his -- that has met resistance from democrats who did not support impeachment until the ukraine scandal. that is what we are inspecting -- what we are expecting coming up. there are reports that house democrats are meeting on capitol hill to finalize articles of impeachment. i want to show some of your reactions to this news about the articles of impeachment coming today. text we received from
8:13 am
joe in kentucky. democrats will keep it short and sweet but they could have at least 100 articles of impeachment. this from alan in huntington, west virginia. however, republicans are better at generating emotions like fear and anger. unfortunately, the more primitive parts of the brain kick in when people experience these emotions, and logic and reason fall by the wayside. arizona, the democrats created a nice storyline and all involved assumed what president trump's intent was. i think he's being railroaded. this is dirty washington politics at its best. one more tweet, this from the president this morning. the president's, to impeach a president who has proven through
8:14 am
results, including producing the strongest economy in history, to have one of the most successful presidencies ever who has done nothing wrong is sheer madness. host: we will hear from jim in pleasanton, kansas. caller: the money was legally appropriated by congress to aid ukrainian defense. if trump had come up with some new information that led him to believe that there was rampant corruption there, all he had to do was have a press conference and say, i have got the money, but i ain't cutting loose with it until we do an investigation. number two, republicans constantly say that they have been after the president since day one to impeach him. he has been in violation of the emoluments clause since day one. continuallylicans say the country is tired of the
8:15 am
impeachment process, and all this. trump supporters that do not want the impeachment process to go forward. the vast majority of americans want this man out of office. he is a crook. host: john is next. warrenton, virginia. caller: good morning. i have got a couple of points. first, i do hope -- even as a republican i hope that the democrats do impeach trump. legitimate trial in the senates where republicans can bring witnesses versus hearsay. has been done through the social and. what will happen is trump will be found innocent of all charges. that will actually be the final nail in the coffin for the democrats. they failed on the russia investigation, they put their money on the mueller investigation, that fell apart.
8:16 am
i think that their time will be the charm with this whole ukraine nonsense. going further into the election cycle, for 2020, this is going to break the democrats because they felt three times in a row. on personally, i think the are based on feelings and emotions are going to be violent. i am not looking forward to the 2020 cycle. host: doug in newport news, virginia. caller: i used to think al gore was the biggest cry very -- crybaby to lose an election before this. nancy pelosi can tell the american people how much money , and all of them -- host: ok. greg in wisconsin. caller: hi.
8:17 am
thank you for c-span. in terms ofment, c-span, i love all the impeachment stuff, but how much -- how about more on the ig? we have durham's report coming up. it seems like we are so focused on impeach for and there is so much more news in the cycle. everybody knows the impeachment thing is not going anywhere. the other thing would be, i love when i listen to democrats call in on republican lines, and they are free recording, reading stuff, and you let them go on and on. take care. host: david is next. oakdale, new york. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make a comment. i have been watching all of the impeachment stuff, the meaning of witness, nobody has seen the
8:18 am
actual crime. are creating an issue with trump just so that they can possibly win the 2020 election. democratsthat the have stuck to their guns, gather onether with the media pushing the false narrative. i wonder if trump can actually sue these people for this. i think a lot of the people in this country that are for the democrats and for this impeachment when there is no crime should see all of these people go to jail. host: if the democrats come back as expected in about 40 minutes and put out articles taking a look at abuse of power and obstruction, what do you think? that thereould think is going to be a trial in the senate. they are going to have to prove everything they are saying
8:19 am
inside of this chamber in front of these committees. it does not go the same way in the supreme court. they actually have to show evidence. i don't think there is a judge that is going to look at this and say, i know what is going on inside of his head. he must have investigated the 2016 elections to win 20/20. i do not believe that that is true. trial, ithere is a will be presided over by john roberts. the senators themselves will do the ash most of the work when it comes to the process. that is just a step in the process starting today as far as articles of impeachment. guests,eard some of our they will be reviewing them later on this week. need to take place in the committee and the house before you even get to a trial in the senate. look for that to play out.
8:20 am
especially about 40 minutes from now when these articles of impeachment will be rare -- be released. from council bluffs, iowa. jim republican line. caller: good morning. do you hear me? host: go ahead. i was just thinking, they are not impeaching the president, they are impeaching the americans who voted for them. for thes holding up aid country, what about nancy holding up all of this aid for the american farmers on this usmc? now all of a sudden she is in a hurry to have donald sign that. pager, a caller just a minute ago wanted us to focus more on the department of justice inspector general report. obviously, that is going to be the topic of an entire senate judiciary committee hearing
8:21 am
tomorrow. it is taking place at 10:00 a.m.. plenty of discussion and reaction, of course. i want to take viewers through some of the highlights. we talked a little bit about some of them already. finding that the fbi had an authorized purpose to launch the probe. useproviding that the fbi's of -- complied with rules. there was no finding of political bias and the fbi decision to conduct an investigation into trump campaign need. it did find significant inaccuracies and omissions in the fisa applications. they said it failed to meet the basic obligations to make sure the applications were scrupulously accurate. thatf the paragraphs president trump's allies have pointed to in that report, raising concerns about what the fbi did here in their targeting, this paragraph from that
8:22 am
inspector general report saying that we are deeply concerned that basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate hand-picked investigative teams on one of the most sensitive fbi investigations after the matter had been briefed to the highest levels of the fbi. even though the information sought through the use of fisa authority related so closely to an ongoing campaign. even though those involved that their actions would likely be subject to scrutiny. we believe this risk -- reflect a failure, not just by those who prepare the applications, but the managers and supervisors and the chain of command including senior officials were briefed as the investigation progressed. we are going to hear a whole lot more about the inspector general's report tomorrow, but that caller did note the upcoming invest -- the ongoing investigation by u.s. attorney
8:23 am
john durham. that at the behest of william barr. john durham reacted to the inspector general's request -- report that came out. here is part of his statement that john durham put out yesterday. note some of the differences. john durham saying, i have the utmost respect for the mission of the office of the inspector general and the comprehensive work that went into the report prepared by michael horowitz. however, our investigation is not limited to developing information within component parts of the justice department. our investigation is -- other entities both in the u.s. and outside the u.s. based on the evidence collected today. while the investigation is ongoing, we invited the -- we advised the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report's conclusions and how the fbi case was open.
8:24 am
we will see what those differences are when that report is released. host: from washington, d.c.. ' brent. caller: someone from south carolina was saying we have all of this news and other troubles that the country is dealing with. particularly reports that the military -- with respect to the war in afghanistan. i think this strikes directly at why the democrats are impeaching trump for instruct -- for obstruction of justice and withulent activities withholding aid money. do we really need someone in prone too is so obfuscating the truth the echo --? is he going to help in trying to determine what happened in afghanistan? does anyone expect to get the
8:25 am
truth out of him? body not get reports on counts, civilian deaths anymore. we do not get that news anymore. the congressman says that there is no proof. there is no proof because he is obstructing. -- the proof that they are looking for is -- someone to have said oh yes, he told me to frauds and this is the that we agreed to commit together. people do not commit fraud that way. everything is done in the shadows. the people who hold the evidence, who hold the smoking gun, he will not let that testify. that she will not let them testify. host: he referenced the washington post story about interviews they have conducted with officials going back to the bush administration. about reporting on afghanistan and what was told the american
8:26 am
public. you can see that on the website. barry in montana. caller: hello? host: you are on. caller: yes. i stayed up all night and watched this. this is a bunch of dog whistles. back -- we have spent two years and divided this this stuffuse of with impeachment. and the mueller report. i read some of the horwitz report and how he come up as a political bias, i do not know. i am deep into that report. host: 2020 -- host: there will be a hearing tomorrow on that report.
8:27 am
the inspector general is expected to testify. caller: i think it is going to be quite revealing. this impeachment started because i think they knew the idea -- the ig report was coming out and toy had to have something divide this nation. that is berrien montana. one of the exchanges yesterday was with the democratic counsel daniel goldman in an exchange with one of the democratic members of the country taking a look at the impeachment report. what it means for the 2020 election. >> as you can see from the deutsche bank case, or the mcgann case, it takes months to go through the appeals court. that is effectively what the president wants, to delay this as long as possible. >> let's take a look at that exact case. the mcgann case. we are all aware of it. on april 22, this committee served a subpoena for testimony to white house counsel don mcgahn.
8:28 am
after don mcgahn refused to testify on may 21, the committee filed a lawsuit on august the seventh. even though we did request expedited rulings, it was another -- it was another three and a half months before judge jackson found to the constitution does not allow the president to kneecap investigations because, as the judge wrote, "presidents are not kings." as you know, mcgann has appealed, and a hearing is set for january the third of next year. as we sit here, eight months before we issued the subpoena, would you agree it is likely will not -- we will not have an appeals court ruling for several months? >> and then there may be the supreme court. >> exactly. mcgann may appeal to the supreme court. conceivably, that could take a year or more? >> it depends on whether it is this term or gets pushed over. >> given this, illustrated by
8:29 am
the began example specifically, would you agree that if we go to court to enforce the investigative committee's subpoenas, we could face another months or years long delay to hear testimony? >> absolutely. there is an ongoing threat because the president is trying to cheat to win the next election. it is not something that happened in the past, it is continuing. we cannot delay and wait for the courts. the reason we would have to go to the courts is because the president is obstructing an investigation into himself. >> the urgency is not just about elections, but national security echo >> that is a -- national security? >> that is a critical component. caller: i could not agree with that statement any further. this president is guilty as hell. as they said, the ig report said no finding of political bias in fbi's decision to conduct
8:30 am
investigations into the trump campaign. obstructing, stopping people who he knows can nail him from testifying. we all know, when it goes to the senate, they are just going to throw it out the window. here is the problem with trump, he has a 40% approval rating. that nextise you time, in 2020, he does not have the votes. he found that out during the midterms when he lost by 9 million votes. this president will get impeached, and he will lose in 2020. host: san antonio, texas. this is dave. doesr: the question about, trump have the right to hold ,hat money back from ukraine that happens to be my relative over there working on a charitable basis.
8:31 am
she dated a politician in key .ave -- kyiv the politician said when it came to biden, -- the money that they are giving, the are craniums are not going to end up a four. nor is burisma. the money is going to come for -- the president at the time is going to subsidize burisma for whatever they are paying biden and pelosi. host: how does that relate to today? caller: trump certainly had a right to call that corruption. -- thatd pelosi's money is corruption. foreign aid going to ukraine, andthan -- then turn around darted at burisma to subsidize
8:32 am
them for biden and pelosi got paid, that is corruption. host: that is dave in texas. >> a little bit more on the reaction to the department of justice report that came out, i did want to note the op-ed in today's washington post, the author is james comey, the headline of his op-ed "the truth is finally out. the fbi fulfilled his mission." this is how he ends, saying the wait is over and of those who smeared the fbi are due for accounting eared particular, william barr owes the institution he leads and the american people an acknowledgment of the truth. unfortunately, it appears that will continue deriding. as a leader of an institution that is supposed to be devoted to truth, barr needs to stop acting like a trump
8:33 am
spokesperson. the inspector general has let facts to be similar to a candid world the fbi field -- fulfilled its mission upholding the constitution. now, those who attacked the fbi should admit that they were wrong. that was from today's washington post. if you want to read more, james comey is tweeting as well, saying that he offered to go on fox and friends today to answer questions. i can't change their views on donald trump, but hope to give them some actual facts about the fbi. they booked me for 8:00 a.m., they canceled yesterday at 3:45. they must've read the report. two reactions from members of congress who have been to killer the critical of james comey, mark meadows of north carolina has a "i see marconi victory lap op-ed out making it clear he did not read the
8:34 am
report. reading phist applications." >> jim jordan noting that the inspector general report found 17 significant errors or amissions in the fis applications. the dossier played a central role in the investigation. jim jordan saying, regardless of what comey thinks, errors, omissions are not the fbi mission. host: this coming out from the house speaker. host: we will show you that at 9:00. you can follow along at we will take calls up until 9:00 before we show you that.
8:35 am
brenda, saint stephen, south carolina. democrats line. your next up. caller: i agree with the impeachment process. i think that he should be impeached. i watched the hearing yesterday on the republicans did not have a defense. tried to just throw anything on the wall to see if it would stick. son is goingmp's overseas. he got clearance from the president. president trump does not respect the rule of law. he does not respect the constitution. his lawyers over there now. we have to keep the rule of law, and the law should apply to the american people as well as the president. i believe he is going to be impeached and the republicans, when it goes to the senate, they do not have to impeach him, but in 2020, the american people are going to vote him out and the
8:36 am
republicans need to be voted out as well. host: mike in north carolina. caller: good morning. believe thatd to this is a proper impeachment because yesterday adam schiff did not -- on top of that, mr. goldman would not explain the process that got us to this point. he did not have access to the whistleblower. there are no true facts. for thethis is payback thecity of investigating fisa report. thing, one party's opposition research is the other party's high crimes and misdemeanors. thank you. from lynchburg,
8:37 am
virginia. independent line. i think he should be impeached also. black talking about the vote counts two. we vote. democrats don't do no legislation, can't get mitch mcconnell to move the legislation on his desk. that's moscow mitch. all of them be in with putin. donald trump is the putin man. host: back to impeachment, why do you think the president deserves it? caller: because of all the allegations certified against him. coming people overseas to testify. because know the truth he will not let his own people come and testify. if he don't let his people
8:38 am
testify, why do the other american people have to abide by subpoena? host: ok. william in cleveland, ohio. republican line. fromr: i can honestly say personal experience in ohio, that our legislative and judicial branches of government do not abide by the constitution of the united states. they abide by their own state constitution. they have hearings and without the process. decisions are made in which an individual, kind of like what is going on with trump, can't even get into a courtroom to explain the cause of why they are there. and then, decisions are made, money is stolen, in that it's ok because it is ohio.
8:39 am
say withnted to regards to c-span in washington journal, i have been watching these impeachment hearings and inquiries. i agree, there should have been an inquiry as to whether or not something happened, but when it comes to facts -- and i am talking lack and white. -- black and white. but could be considered, hearsay evidence is not sufficient evidence in which to wring a charge. -- bring a charge. if i was under subpoena, i would have to bring evidence before a court. when hillary clinton was subpoenaed for her emails and her records, she was served notice before she destroyed the evidence. why wasn't she charged? host: that is william from cleveland. -- 9:00 is the expected
8:40 am
start time of the press conference taking a look at these articles of impeachment. two to be expect. be joinedn, we will by jim himes, it democrat from connecticut, member of the intelligence committee. thank you for joining us. guest: good morning. host: can you expand what these articles will look like? guest: i do not know for sure. shortly, there will be an announcement giving direction on that. based on what i hear, i think they are likely to be pretty narrowly focused on what is the most understandable misbehavior of this president. his use of $400 million of military aid and a white house meeting, two things that belong to the american people -- american taxpayer dollar funded -- to get the are craniums to investigate his opponents -- to get the ukrainians to investigate his opponents. the fact that that happened are
8:41 am
not in dispute. i imagine that the abuse of power associated with that will be one of the articles. i would be shocked if there were not an article about contempt of congress. this is a little more complicated, but it is important. the president has said, i will not provide one document and i will for bit my people to testify in an impeachment inquiry. people need to understand what the future looks like if that is not shut down is a concept. that is a future in which there are no checks and balances -- in which a president is essentially a king because if the president does not like the question, he or she won't have to answer. my best guess is that those are probably at the center of the article step get put forward host: do you have -- host: do have the set its -- you have the sense that the votes needed are necessary? guest: they are there.
8:42 am
i have spent a lot of time around my colleagues. the democrats, at least, recognized that the president's behavior was unacceptable. of course that will not be unanimous. we are democrats, so there will be dissent. thate 100% confidence that is where the caucuses. i have watched speaker pelosi for 11 or 12 years. she will not -- she would not be moving forward if she did not think she had the votes. host: one of the comments we heard frequently yesterday was why chairmanships did not present the report himself. guest: i do not know the answer to that ended it is -- and it is not material. i think that is the way it has always been done. the adam schiff thing is yet another distraction. the republicans are outright lying about adam schiff.
8:43 am
they are saying he knows who the whistleblower is, he does not. it is just one more distraction. it is the due process distractions ash the way they have been followed in any other impeachment -- if adam schiff knows the whistleblower identity which is not true. the question to ask is based on the republican strategy, which is to say, do not look at the president's behavior. look at adam schiff. look at all of this other stuff. look at hillary clinto's emails. that is not to the point of the president's behavior. host: the parallels going back to clinton was that ken starr would -- guest: ken starr was a special prosecutor. we did not have a special prosecutor as part of this. we had a committee. tell you exactly why it was not adam schiff. it does not really matter. the 300 pages of report is out
8:44 am
there for every american to review. the councils who presented the report yesterday were not adding anything, it is there. the question about adam schiff is designed to distract from the president's behavior. you could say that adam schiff was too harsh or too lenient, that does not matter. what matters here is the president's behavior and the facts that brynn the report that everybody can review. host: do you think the mueller report will be involved in any way? guest: i don't know. i would be giving good just my opinion here, i am not on the judiciary committee and that is a judiciary committee decision. i can't say. the buzz i hear is that the articles are likely to be pretty narrowly focused on the ukraine abuse of power and contempt of congress. just one guy talking, i think it is unlikely based on what i hear. that is a committee decision. host: are you part of the markup
8:45 am
process? guest: no. those articles will be debated and written inside the judiciary committee, then there will be passed by the judiciary committee and brought before the house of representatives. at that point con -- at that point, not judiciary members would vote. host: we saw the release of the ig report from the doj taking a look at activities there, did you have a chance to review it? guest: i have not gotten through all 400 pages of it. there are two headlines here. i am glad you asked. it is important stuff. two things. number one, and most conclusively, there was no bias in the investigation. all of the baloney the president has been putting out there for years that lisa page, or peter strzok, or jim comey or the fbi were acting out of political bias, the report says no they were not.
8:46 am
by the way, the director of the fbi this morning is in a fight with the president on twitter because the director did something unusual for senior people in the administration and startup for his institution. -- stood up for his institution. said that this report indicated there was absolutely no deep state to conspiracy -- deep guest: the other thing it said, this is something congress needs to take notice of, it said there were instances in the fisa process, the process by which law enforcement and the intelligence community get the warrant to survey all an american, there were errors made. this is something that has been said by civil libertarians for a long time. appropriatetely the topic for congressional oversight. fisa courts are secret.
8:47 am
sloppinessfied some in a number of instances around the report, but the report was clear in saying that did not indicate in any way shape or form any sort of political bias in the investigation of donald trump's campaign. does thatccounts, number concern u.s. far something that is done on a regular basis? guest: anytime there is a failure to follow procedure in something like a court proceeding, of course it concerns me. that is serious stuff. congress needs to take a look at why the fbi made those errors. some of them are probably innocent errors. there was also an allegation that an individual may have altered an email. that would be serious. there is anding is criminal referral associated with that. anys not forget that institution the size of the fbi should -- will make mistakes.
8:48 am
they should not, but they will. that does not mean that the investigation into donald trump's campaign -- which started because one of trump's campaign was getting dirt from the russians -- that does not mean that the president's fever dream conspiracies are somehow part of a deep state that is looking to overthrow his presidency. that is not just baloney, it is dangerous. host: do think the committees will take a look specifically at a hearing about these? guest: i think we have to. when you are talking about the surveillance of american citizens, which is what is at stake here with fisa warrants commit any errors -- particularly if they are systematic errors -- need to be a subject of oversight. of course we will be taking a look at those errors just as we would take a look at the failure of something to occur in the department of defense. oversight is our job.
8:49 am
already, republicans are trying to make it sound like those errors back up the president's insane statement that there is some sort of deep state working against him. that is not true. 400 pages is a long read, but i would encourage people to read it. the selectber of committee on intelligence here to talk about the day's events. thank you for your time. guest: thank you very much. to give ournt viewers some situational awareness. -- ahead of a busy day. let's run through the schedule. first, in the house in about 10 of the hilltt long newspaper notes at 9:00 a.m., nancy pelosi, jerry nadler, the jewish erie committee, four will bemmittee chairs
8:50 am
unveiling two articles of impeachment against president trump. that press conference is not expected to go for more than an hour, because pelosi is needed at a 10:00 a.m. press conference with ways and means committee chair. they will be announcing their that they are moving forward with usmca trade deal. thehouse, the senate and white house have been working for months on this deal. we are expected to see major movement today, a day where president trump has plenty going on at the white house. is2:30, the president expected to meet with russian foreign minister lavrov. expected to be joined by secretary of state mike pompeo. a nuclear treated -- a nuclear treaty is expected to be the topic. that meeting is closed press, but president trump will depart the white house via the south lawn and is expected to likely
8:51 am
be asked questions while he is departing. we will see if he makes comments. the president is headed to hershey, pennsylvania for a 7:00 p.m. rally. we are covering that live on c-span2.o -- moving forward, looking for other announcements today on what comes next in this process of impeachment. of fox news,dash expecting the judiciary committee to announce a markup session for the impeachment articles that are going to be announced in a few minutes. a markup is where they actually craft the specific language, and entertain other proposals and debate. chat going on to note that a markup is open like a hearing, but lacks witnesses. we anticipate the mark to start tomorrow and run through thursday.
8:52 am
that means the whole house would have to debate and vote on the articles of impeachment likely next week. host: the rayburn room is ready announcement will take place. we will take you there when it starts. this is bruce in michigan. republican line. caller: i think the impeachment is a big distraction. based on russian influence in the election, but there is something going on now that everybody should be concerned about. that is the big tech platforms like facebook which are censoring those of us that are against 5g and other globalist policies. they are perching people on facebook and other platforms. host: leave it to the topic at hand. christine in texas. caller: hello. i am a democrat -- i am calling on the democrat line because that is the only side of the tribe --
8:53 am
i am a registered republican, -- what i am seeing here impeachment or not, it does not matter to me. elected official that does not honor their oath of office needs to be removed. that is the bottom line. host: we do have a republican line, it is (202) 748-8001. we will hear from another republican in silver spring, maryland. caller: hello. my bone of contention is the fact that the president is actually a businessman by nature. this impeachment hearing is actually kind of directed at somebody who will be very proficient in political understandings. what they are leveraging against the president understand the accent of his political decisions. the problem is, he is not being
8:54 am
that she has not been in the political landscape long enough to understand the actions of the decisions he is making. even if you believe this is an teachable -- this is impeachable, you should look at his track record. what he has done will show that he has created more for the country in so many ways. even in this particular way of his given the time and understanding how he has to work in the political environment, he will do even much better as a political person. unfortunately, i think they are putting too much on this impeachment that is -- that does not place -- the facts that he brings results. host: let's hear from salsberry, north carolina. while -- wow.
8:55 am
i think the president owes obama an apology. obama been telling people tapped my hotel. we know that that is a lie. everything else that comes out of his mouth. world -- if he was innocent would not try to produce some evidence to validate his statement? that lets you know that everything he is doing right now -- he is still trying to find help because the man knows he is going to lose. why would you go outside of america and don't depend on american people to help you get your vote in, and you got to go to a foreign country? he is a loser. every mega man that want to follow this loser going to find out they are also losers. host: lonnie in salisbury, north carolina. towe show you the lead up the 9:00 announcement in the rayburn room. reporters are in place.
8:56 am
treated -- tweeted out earlier. we will show you shots of the room. we will take you to oregon. dennis, hello. caller: everybody has to look at all of the stuff going on out there. they tried to impeach cavanaugh and used fake news, and the women thing. it didn't work out after -- look at the support he has. every time he has a rally, it is overwhelming. he will be the next president no matter what. we might give him a third term because he has not had his first term yet. whens been investigated, does he get a relax of old -- host: he only gets two terms, he is in his first one. the people
8:57 am
overwhelmingly stand up and say we want him again. that has happened before. host: the constitution does not let that happen. we will go to daniel in trenton, new jersey. caller: good morning. i have a great concern. i have been watching c-span. i have been watching all these different opinions and hearsay, this and that. these people are destroying us. divided, it are so is time for the people to have our representatives in the congress and the senate passed laws that anyone with pertinent information clear up this mess. do it now. for the salvation of our nation. you must do this. host: democrats line. walter is next. we are minutes away from the reported start time of 9:00 for
8:58 am
this announcement. caller: how are you doing? i am for the impeachment. i want to give the republicans advise. what does kentucky, north carolina, pennsylvania, havensin can and michigan in common? they all elected democratic governors. there will not be voter suppression this time around. host: sean is next. caller: morning. whenld like to say that you went by the ig report, the inspector general cannot panel grand jury's. i think durham's statement was interesting. host: ok. mark from plano, texas. is sad i want to say it
8:59 am
that the republicans do not have a leg to stand on because there affectsto root repeat the democrats represented. they resorted to character assassination sent claimed that the house has not worked on bills that would benefit the american people when the once they have signed go to die on the desk of mitch mcconnell. i want to give a shout out to it forthank you to redd their politics threads where a bunch of us watched the impeachment hearings together and we are allowed to talk to each other and discuss what is going on. host: let's go to jeremy. laurel, mississippi. my biggest question is sondland is their soul fact witness. he talked to the president, but
9:00 am
nobody wants to say how the democrats badgered him to change his testimony. that is their whole case right there. host: ok. caller: laurel, mississippi, jeremy. republican line, again. -- awayents ago from that start. we will let you experience the room a little bit. [indiscernible chatter]
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host: still waiting for the committee chairman, the investigation of the impeachment inquiry, to appear before cameras to talk about the reported articles of impeachment being released today. that a member of the judiciary committee was asked directly about how many articles will be released today, and he held up two fingers -- obstruction of congress and abuse of power. that is expected to start momentarily. chatter]nible


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