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tv   Washington Journal 12132019  CSPAN  December 13, 2019 6:59am-9:31am EST

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announcer: for 40 years, c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington, d.c., and around the country, so you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. this morning on "washingon getting yourare reaction as the house judiciary committee continues to debate the articles of impeachment against president trump. join the conversation all morning with your phone calls, emails, facebook comments, and tweets. "washingon journal" is next.
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" is next. host: this is the "washington journal" for december 13 and it is the house judiciary committee mary -- meeting at 10:00 to vote on articles of impeachment after a 14 hour debate yesterday of the articles themselves and proposed amendments by republicans, all of which were rejected. our coverage will start at 9:30 this morning and up until then, we take your comments on this latest phase of the impeachment process. here is how you can call us and let you know -- let us know your thoughts. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. and independents, 202-748-8002. atyou want to text us, do so
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202-748-8003. you can post on our fitter -- twitter feed at @cspanwj. if you want to post on our facebook, you can do that at the website is available at if you want to watch the proceedings from yesterday, 14 hours in length. a vote was expected yesterday. however, it was at the end of the session this happened. [video clip] >> there has been a long two days of consideration and it is very late at night. i want the members on both sides of the aisle to think about what has happened over these last two days and search their consciences before we search our final votes -- cast our final votes. the committee will stand in recess until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. i will move to divide the question so each of us must have opportunity to cast up or down vote. the committee is in recess. >> mr. chairman. there was no consulting for the
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ranking member on your schedule for tomorrow which you have just blown up schedules for everyone. you chose not to consult the ranking member on a schedule issue of this magnitude? so typical. this is the kangaroo court we are talking about. let's have ae, dictator, it is good to hear about that. host: 10:00 is when you can see it on c-span. if you want to listen to it and you have to go out and about, you can download it on your device and use our c-span radio app. some of the amendments yesterday, you heard from jim jordan of ohio, he offered an amendment defeated along party lines to strike the first article arguing the ukrainian
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government never announced an investigation into the bidens. it was the rhode island democrat who recounted various testimony from senior state to permit officials and other witnesses who appeared before the house intelligence committee pointing towards wrongdoing by trump. the pennsylvania republican offering an amendment to eliminate the second impeachment article. that amendment defeated 17-23 and he made the case that trump administration provided the panel thousands of documents and witnesses. that was pushed back by other members of democrats including jerry nadler defending the article saying the president's decision not to recognize congress' authority of impeachment by barring testimony rption ofr --usu congress' role.
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you, itshow it to starts at 10:00 and we will start coverage at 9:30. can follow along on the website. silly, -- granite city, illinois. you are up first. caller: good morning. moderatelitically person. therefore, i am a democrat. i am 75 years old and i remember well the nixon impeachment. my mother, at the time, was an extremely conservative republican and her attitude was there is never a situation where one should impeach the president . she believed the president, like nixon said, whatever he did isn't illegal. you elect a tyrant, in a sense. she did not understand much about the constitution or the
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congress, certainly not about the supreme court. she graduated eighth grade from a country school. host: so you don't hold that view or you do hold that view? caller: i don't. i spent 30 years teaching logic, ethics, and critical thinking in colleges, so i do not hold that view. i think there is a very good reason why in the constitution, which i have talked about a lot in classes in the section on justice in ethics classes, there is a very good reason why the founding dollars put the legislature as article 1. it is intended to be the most powerful of the 3 branches. people talk about them being equal. if you really read the forget what wed
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are used to talking about, the president of the united dates was designed to be a city manager we hire and administrator because 435 people in the house cannot administer anything, they had to have somebody to pay the bills and do those kinds of things. host: that is ken in illinois. steve in bay village, hello. caller: good morning. i think it is much ado about nothing. i think maybe trump could have behaved a little bit better, but what he is guilty of, i believe half the people in congress have done worst -- worse than he has. after spending all this money, everyone knows the house is going to impeach and the senate is going to acquit them, so what has we -- what have we received for all the money we spent? host: that is steve.
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if you go to the hill, a couple of stories taking a look at the senate's perspective on the impeachment process saying mitch mcconnell pledging he will be in "total coordination with the white house" as he plots the strategy for an impeachment trial. it was during an interview he pledged he would be in sync with the white house counsel whom he met with privately yesterday. everything i do during this time on coordinating with the white house counsel -- he was pressed in that interview about the potential for witnesses during a senate trial. in the story adding he would coordinate with trump's lawyers. a story about how republicans and democrats in the senate are looking to the potential of witnesses. democrats warned republicans will pay a political price if they cut the trial short. they want to hear from mick mulvaney, john bolton, mike
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pompeo, and possibly the office of management and budget acting director. these are obvious witnesses, that was the senate democratic whip dick durbin. it is reasonable this is going to be a trial. the story adding republicans warned democrats press for those people, they will demand joe biden and hunter testify about their possible ties to ukrainian corruption. jim, buffalo, new york. caller: i have been watching all of this nonsense and it has been so clear to me from day 1 it is get trump at any cost. i am so sorry hilary did not win, but grow up, democrats, it is over. they have done nothing but destroy this country by their sham investigations. trump has done a lot of good things for this country and he has certainly made stupid
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comments like when he mocked that reporter for being handicapped, you cannot defend that. you have to give him credit for what he has done for the economy and finally we have somebody standing up to these other countries and not letting them walk all over us. the only thing i think the democrats have accomplished is the general public of my friends and i feel maybe it is time to split the country in half and have two separate countries, let the democrats and tv personalities and movie stars have their country and the rest of us can go to our own side. host: speaking of the president for his perspective, tweeting today about the events of yesterday saying republicans -- republican house members were fantastic, it helps to have a much better case, the dams have known -- dems have no case. next from georgia, democrats line. articles watched the
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of impeachment yesterday and i am very sorry doug collins represents the state of georgia. what a horse's ass. and these people that want to keep him as the president are asking for trouble on top of trouble. that is my comment, thank you. host: kentucky is next, we will hear from mark, republican line. caller: this is mark from kentucky. i watched all of the show last night and i watched the other night. i have been watching the whole thing and to me, it is a waste of money when they could be doing good things for the country. the country has been doing good, i don't understand why they keep putting this president through all this stuff for nothing. money, it is af
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waste of money. they could have decided last night to vote on it. instead, they want to come back today, come on tv. it did not make a -- it did not make sense. host: john is next in cincinnati, ohio. issue has to do with this obstruction of congress, contempt of congress and accountability. i believe the law says contempt of congress, people shall be prosecuted. you make up your what ther and inspector general is reporting of all the failures of the fbi , would you ask like eric holder and lois lerner what the penalty is for contempt of
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congress? apparently it looks like it is nothing and you never see any of these people lose their pensions and benefits. you have to hit them in the pocket because that is all they understand and i appreciate comments. all of this hearing available at our website. we will start with madeleine dean, she drew parallels to the efforts of yesterday and the nixon watergate hearings. [video clip] >> let's go back. as has been stated today, the constitution devotes only a few sentences to impeachment. i will read one. article 1, section 2, the house of representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers and shall have the sole power of impeachment. as professor raskin told us properly, the constitution uses
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sole only -- the word twice. not shared with judiciary or executive. that means we have the sole opportunity and up -- obligation to determine what evidence is necessary for impeachment. not shared with the executive. judiciary chairman peter rodino warned president nixon about his failure to comply with subpoenas issued in the watergate impeachment inquiry. it is not within the power of the president to conduct an inquiry into his own impeachment to determine which evidence and what version or portion of that evidence is relevant and necessary to such an inquiry. these are matters which under the constitution the house has the sole power to determine, not shared with the executive, not shared with the courts. it is a civics lesson, don't let
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the other side, who have such talented constitutional attorneys over there distract you, this is not an ordinary dispute, this is a very rare, thankfully, very rare dispute. it is not an ordinary dispute where you go to the court, we don't need permission to use our constitutional rules. host: you can give us a call. 202-748-8001 for republicans. democrats, 202-748-8000. and independents, 202-748-8002. text us at 202-748-8003. carol from wyoming saying i don't understand what part the president is hiding phone calls and messages telling his people to ignore requests is not obstruction. james says i hope the american people can now see we need third-party. from kentucky, democrats line, jim, you are on. been a registered
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democrat for years and i have always voted for the person i thought was more than job.equipped to do the i don't understand what is going on. --s hillary clinton deal they don't have any reason to impeach the president and i don't know if i can vote democrat anymore. -- ares a democrat, why you saying there is no case that has been made by the democrats for impeachment? no, not really. i watched it and over and they
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.on't have a leg to stand on it is a route up system -- screwed up system. they are not letting republicans .ave their say it is very screwed up. host: francis, republican line, hi. caller: they have been after trump from the beginning. alls a democrat, but after their baloney, i said i have had enough, i am going to become a republican. i voted for trump. i am proud of what he is doing for our country. they don't have a leg to stand on. they are making up whatever they feel like and that is what i have got to say.
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thank you. host: we will continue until about 9:30 with your calls and comments on today's expected vote. you continue to call us, you can post on our social media sites and text us. a lot of other things going on in capitol hill this week, especially as time is coming short for the house and senate to take their christmas break. one of those things happening yesterday concerning the budget. joining us is caitlin emma. good morning. guest: thank you for having me. host: in essence, a deal reached when it comes to spending, walk through the big points of the deal. guest: this is a long-delayed deal. there is a dozen bills that fund the federal government. over the summer, lawmakers were able to craft a bipartisan budget deal and these bills stem from that deal.
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this has been months and months in the making and there has been a lot of partisan fighting over the border wall and other hot button issues in order to get to this point. what essentially happened yesterday afternoon is top appropriators in congress announced they have reached sort of a tentative deal, a deal in principle to pass all 12 of these bills before december 20, funding when government is expected to expire. not saying there would necessarily be a government shutdown, but we would likely be facing another continuing resolution, which would drag out current funding levels to another date, which would probably be early into next year . essentially, they are keeping the details of their agreement under tight wraps while they
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work through other issues, technicalities and trying to figure out what might ride on to some of these bills. a source told us yesterday in terms of the immigration issues, the border wall funding issues, it would flat fund the aboutent's border wall at $1.4 billion and it maintains his authority to move money around if that is what he decides to do in order to build parts of the wall. that had been a provision democrats had been seeking. the white house made very clear that if you do that, you are going to tank the president toss support for spending bills and you don't want another government shutdown over the holiday season. that is as much as we know at this point. a source told us the deal would not backfill military
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construction funding the president tried to raid in order to build a wall. a federal judge earlier this week actually blocked him from doing that. aside from that, there are a number of other hot button issues we are not sure how they have shaken out. a compromise is a compromise and the house appropriations chairwoman told reporters not everybody will be happy with this. really, we need it to pass and these bills do a lot of good for a lot of people. host: is the white house ready to sign onto this? caller: the white house has not officially signed off, that is always the big caveat. the government shutdown over christmas last year is fresh and everybody's minds. steve mnuchin has been to capitol hill twice this week, he was there yesterday morning.
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he stressed the president is supportive of appropriators in crafting a deal in their endeavor to pass all 12 bills next friday. he has sort of given this illusion of the white blessing,pport or but this is not over until we see text and congress can pass them and until the president can sign them. host: you talk about some democratic concerns over the , what aref republicans saying? caller: trip -- guest: republicans have been somewhat quiet, they have demanded more money for the president's border wall and they have said placing restrictions on his transfer authority would be a nonstarter
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and they have also thought the restoration of military construction funds the president wall.ed to build his it has been barely 24 hours at this point. i think we can expect a lot of folks to have a lot of different feelings about the way this shakes out. as the chairwoman said the other day, not everybody will get 100% of what they want. at the end of the day, you have to fund the government. host: some legislators saying the bill did not address or things they wanted to see when it comes to their interest. guest: there is sort of an interesting dynamic earlier this week it became clear kevin mccarthy, republican leader in wanted certainth items in the spending bills for
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issues back home. he was looking for a provision that would essentially allow a dam in california to hold more water while speaker pelosi wanted $10 million for a project. there was sort of this dynamic of if you get that, i should get this kind of thing and that is very common of what lawmakers typically want in a deal like this, it is about being able to bring things back home. with the final product, it is unclear how that has shaken out since details are being kept tightly under wraps. host: what happens to finalize this deal and keep the government from shutting down? said, i think lawmakers and staff will continue to work over the weekend to sort through the technicalities of putting this together.
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there is a question of what might ride along with the bills, things like that, we need to see actual text, which is a huge list for the folks putting this together, that could possibly happen maybe over the weekend, maybe monday. congress is sort of setting a -- tuesday is when we are looking at voting on all 12 bills likely in two separate .ackages called minibuses it is possible the house might have government funding taken holdingby tuesday night their breath and crossing our
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fingers. -- ons part of a huge wednesday, they are voting on articles of impeachment on the house floor and thursday they huge tradeking up deals. huge week before they leave for the holiday break. like i said, it is not over until it is over, the house passes on tuesday and that gives the senate time to do their thing and the president has to sign this by friday when government funding runs out. host: this is caitlin emma. that is the story about the deal she has been talking about, 1.3 evan trillion dollars -- $1.37 trillion. thank you for your time. host: internationally, the bbc reporting on the victory of boris johnson in the u.k., winning another term as prime minister. a big victory for the
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conservative party. the story from the bbc highlights the fact that the conservative party's comments majority is in its largest since margaret thatcher won a third term in 1987. the president of the united states congratulating boris tweet. via britain and the united states will be free to strike a massive new trade deal. this deal has the potential to be bigger and far lucrative than any deal with the e.u. there are reports of a tentative first part agreement when it comes to trade with china. we will show you stories in a few minutes. andrea continues our discussion, your comments on this vote on the articles of impeachment today. 10:00 is when that happens. andrea, maine democrats line, go ahead. state: i am a former legislature and particularly sensitive to the three branches
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of government. congress is the lawmaking branch and i think it is important to keep that in mind. it really disturbs me that mitch mcconnell is saying he will work house,ely with the white tying himself to what the president wants when he is the leader of a separate, but equal branch of government with oversight on this. if we are going to have three coequal branches of government, we have got to ask our leaders to perfect -- respect that fact. you can discuss things if the people remember you are not the dog,dent's little faithful you are the head of another branch of the government. the one other thing i wanted to say is that in my experience, i
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have really seen the horrifying influence of powerful, special interests in legislation and .overnment i would like us to recall what we all care about is fair and legal elections and the role is playing currently in our internet, because it is so skillful and their goal is to divide us and hopefully we can try to talk to ourselves about so strongly influenced by very, very harsh rhetoric. host: let's go to maryland, independent line, we will hear from bill. caller: good morning. earlier, john from cincinnati brought up the obstruction of justice charges. iswas a democrat and my view
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the democrats did not go to court to enforce the subpoenas. essentially, what they are doing is we are not going to give the president due process, just like the lady was saying before, coequal branches of government. if they had gone through due process, gone to court to enforce the subpoenas, they might have a leg to stand on, but they chose not to do that probably because it does not -- it extended their timeline and they do not want this political theater to extend too far into the election season. if somebody comes knocking on my door and says i am under investigation, i don't have to turn over my documents and have my family members become witnesses against me unless there is a warrant and essentially, the democrats never achieved what needs to be achieved to justify the articles
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for obstruction and that is my comment. host: from will in california, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. i have been watching all this and i have to say democrats make me sick to my stomach and the they were justse looking at their laptops, laughing at each other, republicans were making good, decisive arguments, they could care less what republicans had to say. they are there to do a job for us, there is a lot of legislation that needs to be passed, legislate, not impeach, this particular impeachment, i would like to talk about and that is -- they will impeach him for anything, but this particular impeachment is so blatantly obvious that they did not want biden bang -- biden to get caught.
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they were given a dog whistle saying if you investigate the bidens, we will cut off your aid, get rid of the president, take you down, hands off the bidens. donald trump was put into office to get rid of corruption and when he hears biden on video bragging about breaking our laws to bribing another country get a prosecutor fired, he has to look into that, that is his job, he is our president, he hears somebody bragging about breaking the law, he has got to investigate that. host: that is will in california calling in, one of the republicans making comment on this process was the colorado republican ken buck. he talked about what happens when the impeachment trial goes over to the senate. [video clip] >> when this moves to the
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senate, you lose the narrative because the republicans in the senate will call hunter biden, they will call the whistleblower , and you better wait and see what the american public does when all of the facts are out, you don't get to hide the facts in the basement anymore. all the facts are going to be coming out. host: if you heard caitlin emma say a potential vote on the articles of impeachment should they pass out of committee today could be on wednesday. usa today highlights outside groups and the pressure they are putting on democrats and -- insensitive districts, including andica's first policies, nonprofit arm of the pro-trump america first said it released spending districts $2.2 million on newspaper, ads.ision, and digital some democrats being targeted by
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these groups, jared golden of maine, alyssa -- andy kim of new jersey. max rose of new york, anthony brindisi of new york, kendra horn, matt cartwright, joe cunningham, ben mcadams, abigail spanberger of virginia. thomas from ohio, next, democrats line. caller: hi. democratink the think they were ahead of themselves. instead of impeachment, they should have explored the 25th amendment, the president's mental capacity. host: why go that route versus impeachment? what makes you think there is enough support to go that route? caller: i know there is no
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support within the republican party. that is why i am a democrat. he obviously has mental issues and they should have explored that first, that is all i have to say. host: what is wrong with the articles of impeachment? caller: it is kind of a week -- weak case. it is kind of amorphous. i think they should have explored that first. host: when you describe them as weak and amorphous, what do you base that on? caller: i am talking about his mental capacity. host: the articles of impeachment, you describe them as weak -- weak and amorphous. why is that? caller: obstruction of justice, how do you prove that? that? you prove obstruction of congress and
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abuse, how do you prove that? we don't have enough witnesses. from waterford, michigan, independent line. caller: good morning. how are you? -- i used toling be a democrat and i voted for time i think he is doing great things . i believe this whole thing has been against him since he to be on on that day even before they were talking about impeachment. i don't think these hearings are fair. i think what democrats are really doing is dividing this country right now and they need to wake up and let this man keep doing his job, what he has been doing. host: what is wrong with the case the democrats are making? caller: there is no case. every time they think they have something, they come up with
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bribery, that did not go through, collusion, that did not go through. everything they come up with blows up in their face and last night they are supposed to take a vote and the guy stops it at 11:30? very confusing. i don't know, it seems like a show and a circus and if the american people are smart, which they are, they should see this as a show for the democrats to be on tv and using the taxpayer dollar, it seems concerning for me. i will vote for trump again and i do not see him getting impeached read i feel like they are making this stuff up as they go along because they are upset they lost the election. host: he talked about the expected vote that was supposed to take place yesterday. the debate was stopped, pushed to today.
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at 10:00 is where you will see it on c-span,, and our radio app. jim in new york saying why was the vote delayed until 10:00 this morning? democrats know more people will be watching at 10:00 and they can grandstand? a viewer did not include a name or city or state, but saying he -- thatt she supports he supports impeachment. include your name and city and state and we will take as many of those texts as we can. 9:30 is when we will keep going until. 9:30, we will show you the sights and sounds of the room. the room is empty right now, expected to fill up as the morning progresses with members of the press and other people watching the process play out. that expected vote sometimes and -- sometime next week. new york, republican line,
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frank. you are next up. .aller: thanks for having me on i would like to comment on the subject that really was not .xplored during the hearing the democrats did not want to hear it and the republicans decided not to make a big deal out of it, but it has to do with the subject of the phone call and it happens to be the bidens and the issue with the bidens, , is not joe and whether joe is a political opponent of the president or not, that will work out in the future. it happens to be his son and it happens to be the activities that the vice president undertook. 6, getting was 201 involved in the business of
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the ukrainian prosecutor. this is the infamous theersation joe had with ukrainian supplier. host: back to hunter biden and joe biden, should they be called before the senate, you think -- do you think? much wouldon't think be accomplished because what he is going to say is i did not do anything wrong. the purpose of the president's hinting that maybe internal investigation needs to be the hunteris because when called his father about the prosecutor's investigation of
7:40 am
squash, he stepped into the investigation by leveraging our federal aid to president of ukraine. host: you have probably heard from many sources that idea has been debunked. not debunked. in black-and-white, politico and the new york times reported about these things. burisma was being investigated and if hunter, being on the board, making an extravagant amount of money wasn't a questionable issue, joe would not have had to step in on behalf of his son. host: let's go to anthony in minnesota, democrats line. hello. at how i am shocked
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easily republicans can abandon the rule of law and tradition. -- looking back at the constitution, i did not believe a bunch of slaveowners 200 years ago would be able to figure out and foresee somebody coming up through politics and trying to take over this country. the thing they should really think about as republicans is you have the senate this time, what if you have a really bad time and lose the senate and the congress and the presidency? that is the reason why we have impeachment. i believe democrats should have called all of those people like the guy with the mustache -- host: john bolton? beler: those guys should
7:42 am
called. i guarantee you republicans are not going to call them themselves. we have, in this country, .bandoned the high ground all we want to see is conspiracies and somebody is taking something from us and somebody is coming here to take -- we need to get back to understanding that you have to give and take. we are not sending people making almost $200,000 a year to sit and argue and do nothing. host: melissa in south carolina, republican line. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. how are you doing? caller: i am great. pelosi and all these other clowns need to remember who they work for and the fact is we voted -- america voted trump into office and the reason we voted trump into office was because of things they are he is using abuse
7:43 am
of power, but these are the things he ran on. he ran on these things and we believe in it and we want a safe country and we want a prosperous country. we want to be able to buy the things we want and do the things we want and have freedom of speech and have our second amendment rights upheld. he ran on these things and that is why he was voted in. face to the in the american people, this impeachment hearing. it is ridiculous, a waste of time. there are so many other things we need to be focusing on and he is bringing it, the proof is in the pudding. our economy is up. our jobs are doing well. he is doing so many wonderful things for this country and they are sad and they are mad because they lost and i am so sorry. dispute facts, you
7:44 am
cannot dispute results. he is a businessman. host: that is melissa in south carolina. she spoke of speaker pelosi. she held a regular press conference yesterday on capitol hill and was asked about the narrow scope of the articles of impeachment set to be voted out of the house committee today and the full house next week. [video clip] >> the president is calling this impeachment lite because there are only two articles of impeachment and he says there are no crimes. the president is wrong. we have put forth our articles of impeachment. i am very proud of all the committees, 6 committees have been wrestling this for a very long time. there is nothing swift about it, but it is urgent. we will be bringing the articles, the committee will work on it today.
7:45 am
i don't know if it is this morning for this afternoon. host: you accused him -- >> you accused him of bribery. why did you decide not to make bribery articles of impeachment? >> i am not a lawyer. sometimes i act like one, not as often as i act like a doctor. recommendedcision by working together with our committee chairs, our attorneys, and the rest, the articles are what they are. they are very powerful, they are they are a and continuation of a pattern of misbehavior on the part of the president. host: that available to you at 9:30 is when we will start coverage. joseph, you are up next, go
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ahead. i have been following the impeachment proceedings as closely as i can. growing up in the 19 these, it is kind of like what we used to the 1960' in it is good for people to be educated about the constitution and the branches of government. i think that is the main issue here. we have separate branches of government, they are equal and the president doesn't seem to believe that. he said -- more or less he said something like i can do whatever i want, this president and that is what we have to keep a check on. there was a congressman who made a statement the other day and having grown up in new york, i think this congressman used a
7:47 am
simile i can capture and hopefully other people can and they did not get much attention, but he said something like the president ignoring all the subpoenas and the requests for records, he was giving the house of representatives the finger. i think that is basically what happened. host: let's go to new hampshire on the independent line. caller: thank you very much for taking my call. i think there is a couple room.nts in the democrats have been crying impeachment ever since trump was elected. i think it is crocodile tears to say they are mournful about the process. they have been fighting to create this situation. the soviet union in the 1930's
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until the fall were trying to interfere with our elections and --hink attorney general barr any countries trying to interfere with our elections. that is not anything new and we keep forgetting interference occurred even though president obama assured us no country could do that. here was an example of us interfering with another country, not only their elections, but the formation of their government when former vice president biden threatened to withhold $1 billion of aid unless the prosecutor was fired, that would be the same as russia saying we have to fire the attorney general and replace him or they will create an existential threat to us. to me, that is a much more
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flagrant example of a government interfering with another government than anything china or russia or cuba or any other country has been accused of. host: speaking of china, the president signing off on a phase 1 deal when it comes to trade with that country. bloomberg picks up what happens next saying the agreement hinges on china stepping up purchases of american agricultural products as much as $50 million annually preventing a crackdown on intellectual properties. so what comes next? they say more waiting for the final text. the agreement needs to be signed off by lawyers on both sides adding a political backlash from sayington's china hawks an agreement to reduce tariffs is seen as capitulation from those who want the president to continue with a hard-line. it might be a while, by splitting his deal into phases,
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the president decided to put off hard issues for another round. --t analysts are skeptical feel the need to with a u.s. election looming next november. we will go to nate in las vegas, republican line. america.ood morning, this whole thing shows how ineffective the community organizer was. .ll this happened on his watch we must get him reelected. he needs to go after all these people. when he is reelected, you will see the gloves come off and he will go after everyone. he has already crushed the bushes, he will crush the client -- clintons.
7:51 am
this man, really do not know how great he is going to be and i am telling you when you saw nancy pelosi saying she has no hate in her body, the reporter had the guts to ask the questions, but she should have followed it up as she walked away and should have called her a liar. some of your callers, they just don't get it. there is nothing in the constitution the way the president's -- the democrats have rigged the house of represented's and the next time there is a democratic president, i would drop articles of impeachment on day 1. this needs to be fixed and i am telling you. god bless america, god bless our president. let's do what we need to do in this country. james,e will hear from washington state, democrats line. caller: hello. host: you are on, go ahead.
7:52 am
caller: good morning, pedro. -- it is soans need listen a little, be more open-minded when they what thening to constitution has written. it is like they are not -- have they even read it? host: meaning what? that when itean by comes to the articles of impeachment? because no one is above the law, that is what we are trying to prove to them. they don't want to accept it. host: do you think democrats have proved it? caller: yes, by far.
7:53 am
his own people are the ones that turned out as witnesses to him doing this. host: do you think they were effective? caller: by far. host: specifically why? caller: they were under oath. just like he did, he got his hand on the bible and said he would defend the constitution, he is defending putin. andybody should get rosetta start learning russian. how about that. lofgren talking about the articles of impeachment, the idea of challenging findings of crime ahead of their time. [video clip] law,th ordinary criminal it is possible in advance to define what it is you cannot do. money, yousteal that
7:54 am
cannot hit that person. when you are talking about the abuse of presidential power, you cannot specifically define what a bad actor in the white house much -- might do and you have the term high crimes and misdemeanors and you have the abuse of presidential power. in the second article of impeachment against richard nixon, there was an article for abuse of power, the article principally addressed president nixon's use of power, including the powers vested solely in the president to aid his political allies, harm his political opponents come again improper political advantages, he used undertakennd it was for his personal, political advantage and not in furtherance of any national political
7:55 am
objective. his presidential powers were seriously incompatible with our system of constitutional government and warranted removal from office. we have a situation similar, but i want to address the issue raised by my colleague from ohio because i do agree that there can be a tendency in the country these days to immediately think i don't like that, let's go to impeachment. that is, frankly -- that has, frankly, been prevalent since the impeachment inquiry. -- since the clinton impeachment. -- is ader oath's crime, lying about sex is a shame, but neither one involves the use of presidential powers. using impeachment in that way was never the abuse of presidential power and it put in the public mind this is a tool
7:56 am
to be used for disagreements about policy. nothing could be further from the truth. tony,independent line, good morning. caller: i want to make three real quick points. number one is -- i am independent. been independent for many years. i have been watching many of the hearings, probably more than yourself. watch the is as i and all the trials and procedures, when they get out of the camera -- like an interview in front of tv cameras from the hall, republicans begin talking about this being a circus. everyone is a little heated to some degree, but i noticed the republican senators, not all of
7:57 am
them, but most of them are causing the circus because they are gathering up, talking out of turn, driving nadler probably insane. that is one point. there was a gentleman, i don't know his name, and older gentleman, he is a representative. i believe he was republican and he mentioned even if they remove president trump from office, vice president pence would be the one to take over and i thought that was interesting they may be interjecting that as a possibility and i think that would be great. i think if they did that, that would be super because they would have a fresh sort of face and he went on to say it would be the policy to do this. i think pence would be different than trump was. overall, he would go on to run
7:58 am
for office. thank you for taking my call. host: let's go to pennsylvania, republican line, john. i am republican, but i am also a never-trumper. when people call and say about the people voted half in, the -- clinton got 3 million more votes than trump did. when these people call and say these democrats were against trump from day 1, i remember it differently. i remember mitt romney coming on saying trump was a fake, fraud, and con man and there was no such thing as a trump university and we would never see donald trump's tax returns. host: how does that relate to
7:59 am
the articles of caller: we've had four impeachment trials now and we have never impeached a president. we definitely will not impeach donald trump, but i think they still should have went through with this. -- let'sinitely wrong put this in a little perspective here. about $371 million being given to the country of ukraine. billion asp got $1 an individual, $1 billion in debt relief, and immediately went on tv and said he was worth $10 billion. he got to keep his job, his helicopters, airplanes, and never pay taxes. host: that's john in pennsylvania. let's go to baltimore, maryland,
8:00 am
democrats line. hello. caller: abraham lincoln said it best. said ally would be halfway across the world before the truth gets its pans on. on.ants about joe biden firing the prosecutor, all of europe was behind it. at the time, they had bipartisan support because that prosecutor wasn't doing any prosecuting at all. money fore was taking people not to be prosecuted. that's why the united states and europe backed him up when he said that. likely, this situation is -- suppose nancy pelosi and other high-ranking democrat goes
8:01 am
to china and says, china, know what we should do? i will give you more of a favorable deal on trade on the trade situation if you do me a favor, and that is starting an investigation about donald trump's daughter who got intellectual property and the deal in china while they were both in china. wet: for that first hour, have been taking your calls on the impeachment process. to4 hour hearing yesterday mark up bill as it's called, with amendments offered by republicans, none of which have asked. today, another hearing taking place at 10:00. expected to vote on the articles of impeachment, you can see that at 10:00. we will showing and covering it at about 9:30 this morning, but if you want to watch it at 10:00, you can do it on c-span,
8:02 am, or the radio app. or taking calls. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. independents can call (202) 748-8002. carnell, hello. theogies for that, i pushed button lights. start your statement again. caller: the articles of impeachment to me are just phony and false. they got al green, the republican from texas, and that if you remember, al green was talking about impeachment two years ago and that lady was just elected in november, and she was saying we will impeach the mf. host: i think you are actually thinking of rashida taleo -- leb.ida ti
8:03 am
i think nancy pelosi is a weak leader because if she had been a strong leader, she would not have allowed this to get to this point. that lady right there, japal, she would not have let and it got to this point since she had hillary clinton people at her back. hillary clinton lost, and they went into overdrive. if i would've known all of this would have come because of hillary clinton losing the election, i would have owed for her. i didn't vote for hillary clinton or tom, but if i had -- wouldould would have to go through the last three years listening to all of the foolishness from the democrats trying to redo and undo these elections, i would have -- wouldn't have voted for hillary clinton. was: by the way, i think he
8:04 am
b.ferencing rashida talee a newly a mike did selected member said the phrase you see there. michigan, this is on the republican line. there, hello. -- linda, hello. caller: thank you for taking my call. i don't know why they can't wait until the election and put us through a 14 hour hearing yesterday, it is just uncalled for. i'm mad that you guys had it on two of your channels. host: we couple these things gavel-to-gavel as part of our mission. that is why we put the resources and other manpower in there to bring these hearings. >> but on two channels? host: sometimes that happens because one of our channels was going on to cover house and things like that, so again, that is just part of the efforts we make.
8:05 am
we not only air them to you live, you have the ability at home to see them again if you wish, if you go to our website at it is 14 hours. if you want to invest the time or see portions and highlights, you can do so at our website. also i the website as well, at 10:00 today, you can monitor expected votes on these articles of impeachment. democrats line from maryville, tennessee. this is jimmy, hi. caller: good morning, how are you all? host: i'm fine, thank you. go ahead. caller: i just wanted to call in and talk about the impeachment. the democrats are in the right and they are doing them -- doing what they elected them to do, and the republicans need to quit the winding because they impeached bill clinton because he had an affair. , and he hasne more definitely broke his oath of
8:06 am
let me say this, the republican party today is not the republican party when ronald reagan was president. russia, anding with these republicans need to get on the plane and go live in russia. that includes president trump. this has got to stop. next inidget is washington, d.c., independent line. hi. caller: hi, thank you so much for covering the hearings. you're doing a great job and everybody can hear what's ridiculous job the democrats are doing of this impeachment. i just feel trump is well within his rights to respond -- rights and responsibility as president for asking into an investigation into ukraine into thousand 16 because there was major
8:07 am
collusion between the dnc and ukraine. there was an operative working for the dnc who solicited from ukrainian officials to get dirt on trump, and they succeeded. they produced that black ledger, alleging paul manafort would begin -- they succeeded in firing paul manafort and admitted quietly he wasn't governing that ledger to begin with. if we really talk about quid pro quo, the ukrainians assumed hillary would be elected, so they were trying to curry favor with democrats. as soon as she lost, they turned around, and apologized to trump for having done that. i hope he uncovers all of this stuff in his investigation of ukraine. host: republican line from florida, gary, hello. caller: how are you? good morning and happy friday. host: go ahead, you are on.
8:08 am
thisr: i've been watching since it started, the very first one, and somehow, i don't remember whether it was schumer, or schiff. they had an interview at the beginning of this and someone was talking to him, and one of them came back and connected biden to his running mate, wherever you want -- whatever you want to call him, against trump. when they said that, they started the connection with it and it stay there ever since. people don't understand that what trump is talking about is something that happened with biden and his son that was in 2016, or whenever, before he got elected. they connected that together, and since then, he has been going against biden, and he's afraid he's going to lose and everything else. trump will beat him, hands down. he will win this election, i
8:09 am
know that for my heart because i know and believe in god, he does too, and i'm watching and thinking not one person has taken the time to say god bless hesident trump for the work has done, comparative to all of the other presidents. host: that's gary in crescent city, florida on a republican line. republican, floridian, matt gaetz, during the course of the 14 hour hearing yesterday, made several comments including the democratic effort to impeach president trump. >> i just got to come back to this interview with your mock -- they have no evidence that the this aids ever knew was withheld. they're trying to prosecute and impeachment against the president for a shakedown when the alleged people being shook
8:10 am
and didn'to pressure know it was happening. time and again you heard them in debates and press conferences and the whole circus show is going on, and you say we have this testimony from gordon sondland, we all remember gordon . gordon sondland, wondering his way to an escalator with this guy who speaks english as a second language, and gordon says maybe i said something to him about this. that was the whole deal for them. then, you talk about embarrassing, the same day they introduced their articles of impeachment that we knew they were going to introduce the moment they took the majority denies the whole thing. show me the ukrainian the new any of this was tied to any conditionality. there's no conditionality, so it is quite easy to the general --
8:11 am
answer the gentlelady's question from washington. in this case, there is no conditionality. you can't prove it, you have no frankly,of it, and even though ukrainians, even you -- your reported victims came out in the press saying if the case is wrong, their fundamental premise has been rejected. news there was also reported by usa this morning saying he proposed an amendment to the articles that proposed hunter biden's abuse issues path ups. another colleagues made references to his own past in response, he is one of the presidents fiercest defenders on capitol hill, having reading a report on hunter biden -- to showhave the ability that burisma is corrupt and the ability to show hunter biden is corrupt, and those comments,
8:12 am
followed by representative hank johnson said republicans shouldn't name -- raise accusations for substance abuse because some may have some themselves, referring to a dui after mr. gates was pulled over for speeding on suspicion. democrats line, hi. caller: good morning, america and c-span. i have three points i want to get to and i will try to make it brief. i know you don't have a lot of time for me. the first is whether you are republican or democrat, we understand right now our politics is completely corrupt in that one of the hardest issues we have is having representatives that represent the people. which leads me to the second point, they are all doing something wrong, it's just that -- i will be critical of the democrats, they went with the red scare tactic after the loss
8:13 am
of hillary clinton, who was the anointed nominee, who they never really assessed how week of a candidate she was, but even after her loss, they carried on with this miscalculation of the sentiment of the people, and how it is they would generate their theistance" against president, which brings me to the third point, the impeachment process right now. -- and rightn now there are court cases that have been progressing along, dealing with the emoluments, with the president having side businesses and profiting off of foreign people doing business with him as president, which is unconstitutional, and there is campaign finance buzz with his campaign, dealing hush money to
8:14 am
point stars. -- porn stars. that's why his former lawyer, can't remember his name right now -- host: are you saying that the democrats shouldn't have went to that route? caller: i'm saying it's telling that the democrats decided to act on and go through this whole process when the president seemed to have offended a member of the elite by going after joe biden's son. they acted on behalf of elites, but didn't stick to what was clear, unconstitutional actions by the president. host: that's daniel in maryland. we go to george, the independent line -- georgia, the independent land, joanne. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: you are on, go ahead. caller: first of all, i want to address quickly one of your democratic colors said clinton was impeached for having an
8:15 am
affair with monica lewinsky. he was impeached for lying to congress about that affair. he also abused his power by having an affair with a the presidentnd of the united states should not be doing that. members of congress had to resign for that, so he has the highest office, that is something he shouldn't have been doing. also, there was a lawsuit he was involved in, being brought by paula jones, who he also had sexual relations with, and he was trying to block that. those were the reasons he was impeached, not for just having an affair. from cheryl up next, virginia, republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. iwant to say that, one, really do feel sorry for a lot of our -- my fellow americans
8:16 am
that are democrats because they are constantly being lied to and misled. sometimes, it just seems they can't see and hear the disingenuousness of the whole impeachment. this whole thing is a farce. almost, that it appears that the republicans and democrats, especially the republicans that retired from congress, it seems they all were ,nvolved in some type of way intercepting our foreign aid and using it for their children, for their lives, their girlfriends, and it seems that when president trump got close to it, nancy pelosi jumped right in and said we have to impeach him. i think he's onto something, and i think it has a lot to do with our foreign aid. i think a lot of them have been
8:17 am
straight up stealing and raping the american taxpayer. host: that is cheryl in virginia. if you go to abc news, there is a story from the center of public and tender d -- integrity taking a look at documents that center has gotten when it comes to ukrainian 80, saying in documents released on thursday, there are conversations over email between the deputy comptroller at department of defense, and michael duffy, regarding the ukrainian aid, but the conversations are mostly redacted. the aids sent themselves reports sendaugust -- aides themselves reports from our guest and duffy followed most white house officials didn't apply best if you go to the center for republic integrity's website
8:18 am
itself, they have included some of these email exchanges, plus underlying documents, between those two people. or --s from alayna cust kusker, this shows the release of the ukrainian funding hold. showlanned responses to the response -- and it goes from there, adding the word thanks toward the end. if you want to see the documents for yourself, go to the senate republican integrity. highly redacted, but those documents are there for you to look at. speaker from yesterday, kevin mccarthy also went before the cameras to talk about impeachment, particularly looking at the politics. >> the more the democrats lay out the case, the weaker their case becomes. the dependence seem to be parting them, the president's cases against those running against him have fallen.
8:19 am
when i say internally, 31 democrats sit in seats president from carried. their numbers have continued to drop. having spoken to democrats, i see the nervousness of what they have. their own internals, i watched they've and reported that they have had inside of their own conferences leadership arguments and that they are not defending them. i watched bloomberg trying to get to a presidential nomination within the democrats and he just pledged $10 million for those democrats to try to defend them. i think if they were winning, michael bloomberg wouldn't have to give the democrats $10 million after he gave them $110 million in the last cycle to try to win the majority. that would be all indication they would be having trouble. host: let's go to clyde, in new york on the democrats line. hi. caller: good morning. i find this whole thing quite amusing. i sit back and watch the republicans clutching their
8:20 am
thing is,d the basic men have gone to jail for less evidence than what they are putting up against trump in this country. i heard sheila last night, the congresswoman, reiterate to the republicans -- host: sheila jackson lee from texas. caller: yes, sheila jackson lee. a message to republicans, we understand why you guys are doing it, because you are scared of trump. you are not the republican party, you are the trump party. host: to show you what the congresswoman said last night during this 14 hour hearing, this took place yesterday. allt's important to remind of those that the president abused his power and is a continuing threat not only to democracy but to our national security. we do not take this lightly. we take it very seriously.
8:21 am
i beg to differ with my dear friend, as one who was here for the impeachment proceedings in 1998 along with my colleagues mr. sensenbrenner, mr. nadler, and ms. loughran. let me be clear of the distinct difference we had then at that time. for the american people, the with anprosecutor's independent statute that allows those, during the nixon impeachment proceedings, and mr. start to have an independent process of investigation. the congress was not privy to any of that investigation. at all. they preceded. they were not interfered with. bywas -- as mr. mueller was, the doj, because he was an employee and his employer, his boss, came out and characterized his reports before he could even discuss it.
8:22 am
in the instance before the proceedings of 1998, the congress received a report, just as both our friends on the others of the aisle and we, the majority, received reports from the impeachment inquiry committee who were investigatory committee. yes, in aheir work, classified setting, as i imagine ski mr. starr and mr. draw had to do, they were like prosecutors, had witnesses that were not in the public. were fullourse, there public hearings, 17 witnesses, first-hand witnesses, who heard the call and testified not on any secondhand knowledge but first-hand knowledge. dealingear that we are with a question of continuing threat. host: let's hear from bob in new
8:23 am
york state, independent line. caller: hi. i just wanted -- you used to the the bunks as far as biden investigation goes. i for that on 60 minutes, but they were never investigating it. the investigation was stopped. the media uses the word debunked if they don't like the story. wasrussia collusion, that debunked but that has never been referred to as debunked. to see your use of debunked. host: i should have said challenged from multiple aspects. probably a poor choice of phrase on my part, but go ahead. againstnothing personal you, but it shows the media uses the term debunked if they don't like the story. it really never was investigated. host: i don't want to imply that anyway, but thank you, i
8:24 am
appreciate that. no ahead. host: from pennsylvania, a republican line, mark, hello. caller: good morning. i would like to point out glaring accuracies of this whole impeachment thing. the first thing that the false narrative was that they started west was -- with was the president started this -- did this for his own game. first of all, he had the dirt on joe biden already. there's nobody out there that can show me the ukrainians wouldn't give the president what he already didn't have. that is a false narrative. secondarily, they said why didn't he do it this year? that's a good question because that's when rudy giuliani found out about how they were trying to impact the election in 2016, so he was closely looking at what they were doing and wanted answers about that. that clears that question. secondarily, why did they not wait, the democrats, to put this together? nancy pelosi jumped the gun before she got the document of
8:25 am
the transcript, and also, adam schiff jumped the gun because they were say they were withholding aid. the eight had to be released legally by september 30, only a few weeks from when this thing started. then, he would have broke the law if he withheld the aid without going to congress, but they didn't quite. the reason is because they could use the false narrative he released the aid because of the fact he knew about the investigation. this was a complete set up on the democrat's part. it was disgraceful and there was nothing they said that was true about the whole thing. i'm disgusted with the republicans for not beating up that false narrative or lie about him abusing the power. his legal to withhold aid if he thought there was corruption. the only thing they said was joe biden's name was mentioned and you should have never did that. he had all of the dirt, and even if there wasn't an investigation, who would say that wouldn't come out and show joe biden is guilty. it might work to his benefit so the investigation could help joe
8:26 am
biden. all these narratives were false. they didn't prove any of those things in their little trial they had. i will be honest with you -- host: go ahead and finish. caller: that's all. host: thanks for calling. from connecticut, democrats line, john, hello. caller: good morning. this whole republican reply is ridiculous. trump, under pressure from the --sians, changed the gop well, when they were going during the election, the gop's platform was changed because of russian pressure. they were going to have some things against the russian invasion, pressure from russians, he took it out and asked for russian help and got russian help. he's asking for foreign interference again, blatantly in
8:27 am
our faces, he is getting it. this whole deal about the money was going to be released. ,rump has violated so many laws you don't know what this guy is going to do. the other thing is, he didn't want an investigation. all he wanted was the announcement of an investigation, to smear biden. trump really, after helsinki and the disgrace there and his love-fest with putin should have been looked at for treason. republicans need to get their act together. this guy is bad for our country. i know the economy is booming, but president obama saved the economy. it was on the rise anyway. it trump had to do was ride out and not screw it up. this guy is bad for our country. i'm sorry for the whole country, and i pray president trump do the right thing and resign before we have to go through
8:28 am
this. host: that's john from torrington, connecticut giving comment. if you go to the website, azpackreview, they have story posted about 1:30 in the process, what happened when the chairman of the judiciary committee tried to go to the elevators. confronted by people there, and a group of people were challenging him there, and the elevators closed, but then the twitter feed also showed there were a bunch of people, according to the story, saying shame on you, and other things, and there is jerry nadler trying to close the elevator doors. that's where you can see the story, on that. let's go to rosemary in pennsylvania. independent line. caller: good and thank you c-span. it is so great to listen to what's going on. all, i am an average
8:29 am
citizen, so i listen to the democrats, and i listen to the republicans, their views on this. i prefer to listen to two , andrats, professor turley professor alan dershowitz. they know constitutional law. i value their opinion, and because of what i heard them say , i'm not going along with this impeachment. host: why are you basing those things off of what they say? power, io abuse of know professor turley isn't exactly a fan of president trump, and, hopefully, this thing gets done after 10:00 today. it was ridiculous that it couldn't have gone throughout a few more hours yesterday to get a vote.
8:30 am
what they are putting the american people through is ridiculous. host: did you watch the whole thing yesterday? caller: maybe on our old pulled -- an hour all told, here and there. i appreciate what the democrats and republicans on both sides are trying to get the american people to see their point of view, but it is just -- i just can't see it. host: ok, that is rosemary in scranton, peart sylvania -- in scranton, pennsylvania. a has been on our program number of times. he appeared on a program talking about the impeachment process. you can hear more on our website. alan dershowitz will be on this program monday at 9:00, talking about the same thing. again, monday on "washington journal." demings, talking about the vote
8:31 am
today, a member of the judiciary committee -- we voted with malice toward none. let us strive to finish the work we are in. quoting abraham lincoln. radion follow along on a too. in nebraska, republican line -- go ahead. caller: good morning, and thank you for taking my call. i just have a brief statement, and i think both sides, the democratic side and the republican side, are winning, simply because the democrats have promised disruption, and they are doing just that. they are dividing this country, and they are pointing the finger at president trump, which -- my father raised us to vote, and honor the office of president regardless who won, and you
8:32 am
stand behind your president. you stand behind your country. i have found that very hard as a lifetime democrat to do that when president obama was in office. a very proud republican when a non-politician decided to run for office. god told me this man was going to do things for our country and the citizens of his constituency. he has done that despite all of the disruption, and i still .hink both sides are winning they're pushing for an impeachment they knew would not go all the way through. he was not going to be removed from office. but they are still on the disruption course. and i am afraid if president trump wins the election again in 2020, it is not going to stop,
8:33 am
and that is what worries me more than the fact that president trump keeps getting accused of breaking laws left and right with no evidence. nebraska,ene in republican line. "the new york times" reporting this morning that president trump is discussing with his advisers the possibility of sitting out the general election debates in 2020 because of misgivings about the commission that oversees them. according to two people familiar with the discussion, the president has told advisers he does not trust the commission on presidential debate, the nonprofit entity that sponsors the debate. less of a concern for mr. trump is who will it -- then who will emerge as the democratic nominee is which media personality will be chosen as debate moderator. colorado next. we will hear from chuck, democrats line. caller: good morning, pedro. sounds like the divider in chief is being a big chicken about the debates, because he knows everyone of those democrats would hand him his --on the
8:34 am
debate floor. the previous color talked about turley and dershowitz being democrats. they regularly appear on fox news channel. that is the problem we are having right now. nobody can agree on what the facts are because of ox news. it is toxic. many hospitals are now blocking fox news channel from their schedule, because patients were not getting well, and they found out that the fox news channel increases blood pressure. host: back to the articles of impeachment, what do you think of the approach both sides of taken? caller: the republicans cannot rebut the articles brought against the president because they have nothing on their side, outrage,ngage in faux name-calling, character assassination, general juvenile type disruption, complaining about the rules when they actually wrote the rules.
8:35 am
but sustaining that level of indignation is pretty difficult. they were really counting on the ig report to kind of ale them say-- bail them out and that the fbi investigation was not valid. half adderall up. put is laughing all the way to the bank. is laughing all the way to the bank. host: tip city, independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have voted in every presidential election since 1946, and i have never seen the media, both the entertainment and news media, spew so much hate. it is just unbelievable.
8:36 am
i think of what could have been done and was not. it is sickening. that i am -- i am in my 93rd trip around the sun, and i to sweep to be around donald trump into office again next november. host: bonnie is next from maryland, republican line. -- i ami can't believe almost 76 years old. ihave voted republican since was 18, because that is my right. and gets -- but i was disgusted with jim jordan. all they have in their mind is going for hunter biden's jugular vein, and it is sad.
8:37 am
they say they have nothing on trope. well, what about the money from the charity that he was using for his own piggy bank? what about the college that he had to pay $25 million because he cheated people? what about the women that he bragged about grabbing? what about when he walked into a dressing room of underage beauty pageant? the list goes on and on. host: are you saying with all of that you agree with the articles of impeachment laid against the president? caller: yes, i definitely do. i did not. i watched it, and i wanted to understand both sides, but the republicans -- all they do is scream and holler. they have no substance. anyone else that has done what trump has done has been impeached, they have been
8:38 am
censored, they have been sued -- but he gets away with it. why? is bonnie and marilyn, republican line, calling about the president. it was the president putting out tweett -- he puts out a about the fox and friends show being named the number one rated cable news show. that nbc has tanked and has zero credibility. this takes place as the host of is in thes sunday" sea at the newsy them. during his comments, he did speak about president trump, especially treatment of new media. to be clear, the president has given us plenty to work with. openly respond to him like that, when we respond with bias, we are playing his game, not ours.
8:39 am
we are not participants in what we cover. we are umpires. we are observers, trying to be objective witnesses to what is going on. if the president or anyone we are covering says something untrue or does something questionable, we can and should report it. but we should not be drawn into the fight. we should not be taking sides, as tempting as it is. we are not as good at it as they are, and we are abandoning the special role the founders gave us in this democracy. host: if you want to see more of those statements, go to our website at terry from milton, washington state, democrats line. caller: good morning. it is laughable that kevin mccarthy would come on and talk fort polls and how pulling the democrats is going bad with he talkedhment, when to cameras during benghazi
8:40 am
saying -- you know they had a hearing to hurt hillary's poll numbers. you talk about nullifying an election, how about mitch mcconnell holding up a supreme court nomination from a duly elected president for 14 months? that is nullifying an election. they talk about trump's business acumen. a billion dollars in losses, all the contractors he has stiffed in atlanta city -- atlantic city their will save money on letterheads because gop now stands for government of putin, the r stands for russia. host: senator mitch mcconnell was in the senate yesterday. sullivan will serve as the next u.s. ambassador to russia, filling an important diplomatic post during a challenging period in relations between washington
8:41 am
and moscow. mr. sullivan led dialogue between the u.s. and russia on counterterrorism and security. he previously served as general counsel and equities -- dippy secretary of the commerce department during the administration of george w. bush, and was a senior official at the justice department -- at the state department -- at the defense department and the justice department. he told members during an october 30 confirmation hearing that he was aware of the "campaign" by rudy giuliani to remove marie yovanovitch, who then was ambassador of ukraine. orlando, florida, john is up next. independent line. caller: boy, you should call me. i have worked with the last 14 presidents. historian on the white house, the white house as a symbol of
8:42 am
politics. chris wallace has interviewed me, mark levine has interviewed me. when we opened the reagan the pressalking about -- reagan could not show up. $25 million library. host: thank you for the history, but the articles of impeachment, what do you think? caller: reagan was yelled at, screamed at, and everything else. --n i think of this thing the last 44 presidents, i would love to be quoted on what everyone of them would say. cannot fail.s, i doesn't anyone hear what i hear? doesn't anybody see what i see? caller: pedro, thank you for taking my call. you know, as a former democrat and a born-again republican now
8:43 am
i just want to make this comment, that i have more to say. but the democratic party has mafia, into a political changing long-standing criteria to ham and impeachment, and the rules that have always been followed. these are high crimes, misdemeanors, and acts of treason. i believe pelosi and adam schiff should be expelled from the people's house. they have created a constitutional basis, through their lies, and it is all hearsay evidence. they do not have any moral compass anymore, and they will do anything to gain power. i want to say this to pelosi. he would not know the constitution if it hit you in the face, nancy. host: jeanette is from new york, democrats line. caller: i am disgusted with my democratic party because they
8:44 am
are selling out our country. president trump is trying to make our country better for the american people. yet everything he is trying to do for us, they want to block him. and now they want to talk about impeaching him, for what? nancy pelosi needs to be impeached. the whole democratic party needs to be impeached. they need to fight for the american people, not open the door to immigration, and not help us get this country better. trump is trying to get this country back to what it should be. they want to put blinders on the american people. host: from fort dodge, iowa. caller: how are you? thanks for taking my call. i am calling about the irrefutable evidence in the impeachment hearing that the democrats keep saying there is. i do not see any factual evidence that they have
8:45 am
.resented that can be backed up there is no pressure on both sides of the aisle between ukraine and the president. there was no conditionality. the moneys were given to them. they are saying it was because trump got caught. it was being withheld until he could find out what was going on with corruption. that is not true. he could find out more about what was happening -- whether the country was going to not let corruption continue -- whether this new president was going to do what he said he was going to do. that, they were not aware that any moneys were being withheld. host: fort dodge, iowa, is where beth was.
8:46 am
members of the house judiciary committee are commenting on twitter this morning about what they expect to play out today. escobarted veronica sing elected leaders have to make obligations, and sure america triumphs over challenges. judiciary committee is doing that to work on defending our democracy. matt gaetz in florida saying democrats bickered with us all day over something they should have gotten over with long ago. instead of resolving the matter, they are making us come back. doug collins is a ranking member of that committee, talking about the process. rep. collins: what will be known outside of the fact that this committee finally accomplished its goal after the chairman stated he wanted to since november of last year impeached the resident -- what will be known by this committee from here on out is that this committee has now sounded the death of minority rights in this
8:47 am
committee. this committee has become nothing but a rubberstamp. this committee is amazingly now in such a clock and calendar of process that they don't care. facts be damned. they don't care. they don't care that we had one witness out of three. when i asked for a second witness, i could not. i was told i was asking too late. one witness out of two panels -- that is all we had a fact witnesses. this is a travesty and a sham from day one. nobody in the majority cares. spot that is left by what happened will resonate over the years, in the since there is no fact we could come too. they had no desire to hear any fact witnesses outside of their clock-calendarn, impeachment. the chairman himself -- to sit
8:48 am
there and read that is an amazing statement and a crushing blow to this committee. there is no way to a cover from that. i wonder if the chairman would join me in making sure the rules committee next week -- they do not waive the point of order against this, but i know they will. that is the line they are going to take. i guarantee when you look into it further, this point of order would be sustained against the impeachment articles, so they are going to have to waive them next week. watch and see. they will waive any other point of order on these articles by the time it comes to the floor. host: ben is in texas, republican line. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am one of the 63 million people that did vote for trump, but guess what? i am not going to do it again. and i have a big feeling that there are a bunch of us out there. i am surprised that nobody is really bringing up the fact that all these meetings with putin --
8:49 am
and none of it is recorded. that, in my opinion, is impeachable alone. you to vote for the president the first time around? caller: well, i just could not because iillary, guess it was all the negatives. they did get us with all the negative stuff. and i just wanted to give him a chance, and i was praying that he was going to turn presidential. and it does not look like it is going to happen. host: was it the russia-related incidents that were concerning to you that changed your mind? caller: it is a lot of little stuff. it is his past dealings. it is his lying, his doing statements for his son on an airplane. it is everything. it is everything. he is just not worthy of the presidency.
8:50 am
he does not have the class, and that is it. it looks like the republican party has sold themselves to him, and he is single-handedly going to destroy the republican party. i believe they are going to be in for a big surprise, come election time. host: in andover, new york, democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. hello? host: you are on. go ahead. aller: yes, i want to thank those people that take so much time to debate this discussion about impeachment of trump. i really appreciated listening to it. i just want to say i thought i would hear more often that the whole idea of the president making a phone call to the ukraine -- what
8:51 am
thet the next time president calls the president of turkey? also very careful to not tell anybody what he is talking about. the next thing you know, there is fighting in syria that is causing a huge number of people to be killed in syria. all am very happy if we have a chance to get rid of trump, because he is causing more fair. commercem kathy in city, colorado, independent line. caller: hello, this is kathy. host: you are on. caller: i am wondering my intimidation of witnesses was not added to the impeachment articles. host: you think they should have been? caller: yes. host: why is that? caller: because it seems like disrespect. host: what do you think about the two articles they decided
8:52 am
upon? caller: that is correct. it is good. host: why is it good, in your opinion? caller: because it is more true than false. two articles to be decided upon today, voted upon by the house judiciary committee. one of the papers saying if it does not pass the committee today, it is the fourth time in political history it does that. you can watch that play out on c-span at 10:00. our websiteso go to at you can also go to our radio lab if you are out and about during the day, starting at 10:00. at about 9:30 today, we will start showing that. at 8:52, still pretty empty. it will probably fill up in the next hour or so. you shots of those as we go throughout the morning. democrats line.
8:53 am
elaine from st. louis, missouri. caller: thank you so much, pedro. excellent show, as usual. trumpk that president should definitely be impeached. the two articles of impeachment are concise and factual. ns aremocrats' presentatio not wrapped up in negativity and disrespectful name-calling. i am so proud to be a dues paying democrat, and i think encouragel need to the democrats to stay strong, continue their calm presentations of their review of up thiss, and speed process. i enjoyed every moment yesterday, but i am overwhelmed beit, and i think it should speedy. all 14 hours watch
8:54 am
yesterday? caller: i certainly did! [laughter] caller: and i watched c-span, because i like the way c-span does not break in with comments from the commentators. host: it is our trademark. elaine, thank you for the reference, and watching it on the network. it was 14 hours that elaine watched. you can watch that if you want if you go to our website,, and we will give you all the gamble -- all the gavel when the commission comes in at 10:00 and show you that process. about expected sometime next week. political reporter or other reports saying it possibly could be on wednesday this will take place. that is yet to be determined. website and other information as this weekend goes
8:55 am
to next week. lynn in michigan, from a republican line. go ahead. you are on. lynn in michigan, hello. caller: pardon me. i could not hear you. host: you are on. go ahead. caller: i have taped every single hearing, going all the way back to when trump came down the elevator. everything, both sides. when someone says on the democratic side, makes a statement, i listen to it. if i think it is wrong, i go back, i refer to my tapes, and i find it. i find every single thing. the democrats are lying. they are not telling the truth. they are stretching stories. and i can prove it because i have every single tape on both sides. i know what is going on. i am a republicrat.
8:56 am
i will vote for the person who it's going to get the job done. last year and this year, i voted for trump. -- it is ang violation of house rules for him to look into the camera and talk. he is not supposed to do that. another thing -- everything that solomon said, i have it on tape. he is correct. the democrats have taken his words and turned his words around. -- trumpry last thing won the presidency because of this reason. for he ever became president, before he ever thought about becoming president, he was in the social circles of the , with the republicans. he knows everyone's dirty little secrets.
8:57 am
host: a question, if i may. when you say you tape everything, do you mean physical types, or do you have a dvr? caller: right off the tv, i have the new system that directv has now. host: i thought you had actual physical types. i was curious how many tapes you might have. caller: i could go all the way back. when democrats make a statement that so-and-so said this or said that -- and it did not ring true to me -- i will go back and i can find it. it is there. host: give us an example of something that has been said during this process, and how you went back and referred to the tapes to look at that. caller: that i can do. the part where the taping of the and between president trump the guy from ukraine.
8:58 am
how that was twisted. ask for -- i can't put it right into the exact words. he did not ask for them to go directly in and investigate. would do this,ou i would appreciate it. that is what he said. but then the democrats in several different areas twisted that statement around. back in yourwent tapes and looked at that thing. whatever -- what the democrats said was totally wrong, and i cannot remember who the democrat was. it was totally wrong. he twisted that all around. lynn in michigan, watching, taping these events and proceedings as they go on. the next phase today, in about an hour from now. we will show that to you when that happens. we will start showing you that
8:59 am
at about nine: 30 this morning. at 10:00, you can see the hearing of people going into the room where the hearing will take place. alexandria, virginia, independent line. hello. to say first, i want thanks for c-span. and then i got two points. what theygree with are going ahead with right now is the articles of impeachment. i cannot understand why they don't have the mueller obstruction of justice as one of the additional articles. i hope they can fit that in at this point. if i remember this correctly, over 700 prosecuting attorneys said that the evidence in the bring casesrt would against them, against individuals for obstructions of justice. the
9:00 am
resident has got troops in the sovereign state of syria with without the oil fields authorization from the congress. impeachable is an offense and there should bring him up. host: elsie from idaho. democrat lane. caller: i voted for trump when i did did, but i voted for the lesser of the two evils. he is a dictator and he is more dangerous. i'm surprised he's not gotten us into war with ukraine or any country. he's told so many lies. he dictates to everybody. everybody in the republican him there is no way he could lie. see them on tv and you can
9:01 am
look at them and think how much has trump put into them and how many did he put out of it 8,000 can he pentagon? how many in the united states put out of work and he claims he does this, he does that. are working?ions how many are unemployed. very few. he is just talking out of his ears. touting president himself on his twitter feed this morning in a couple of tweets do you get impeached we you have done nothing wrong a call, best economy, va.uilt military, fixed protect second amendment and so much more. adding the word crazy and on top at the record stock market and jobs. that is the president on his
9:02 am less than a half hour until you 10:00 he room for the start if you want to calls on the articles of market. 02-748-8001 republican, 202-748-8000 democrat, 202-748-8002 independent. international politics more reaction to boris johnson's win kim -- kingdom markel saying many were glad to see a clear result. he is cautioning that concluding a deal on the future relationship of the european complicated. very victory he convincing said many were glad it was a and not another hung parliament. the republican line in st. petersburg, florida.
9:03 am
good morning, sir. with the impeachment line and a congress person from the democrats state that it does matter what the courts have to see, we can put in whatever we want. we can do whatever we want. scary statement because democrats can do it, it.ublicans can do if republicans are complaining about it, it is just too bad. democrats complain about it, they are complaining but it all wrong. -- we as when you presidents talk to fortune how rs -- foreign leaders many conversations were taped spoke toded when obama other leaders or leaders? i doubt very few. overall to look at it
9:04 am
here you do not allow opposing sides no matter how insane some they are -- ifif is don't allow it, then it bias on one side and if you only everything it do is still bias. st. peter s stu, tersburg >> expected vote yesterday but 14 hours that meeting suddenly came to a halt. 6789 s how it played out jurisdiction it has been a long two days and it is very late. i want the members on both sides to think what has happened the and search their consciences. we will recess until tomorrow at
9:05 am
divide the will question so each has the opportunity to cast up our down each of the articles of impeachment. in is >> mr. chairman. consulting from the ranking member for tomorrow which you have blown up for everyone. you chose not to consult the anking member on a scheduling issue of this magnitude. so typical. kangaroo court. stalin stalinesque. let's have a dictator. unbelievable. host: roger from roanoke rapids, north carolina. independent line. caller: good morning. taking my call. i have been watching and keeping
9:06 am
p with the impeachment is eedings and my position this is not a two-ring circus, -ring circus. for, has lly uncalled no warrant whatsoever. they have been trying to impeach trump since the day he was the only reason is ecause they know they cannot beat him in an election next year. ancy pelosi, adam schiff and nadler are embarrassments to the democratic party. they do not tell the truth. lie. the democratic party -- i'm 72
9:07 am
-- the democratic party has changed so much over t last 20 to 30 years, they -- they are unrecognizable to what they used to be. based on what their position and what the democratic party is today today, i'm an independent and i been an end and vote for the side that would be best country. i want to do what is best for the country. now, democratic i will will tphnot -- never cast a vote for the democratic party. host: that is roger in north carolina. the supreme court reporter for tweets justices will meet today to discuss the resident's bid to shield tax returns and possibly other financial records from scrutiny
9:08 am
that could about come as soon as this afternoon. new york, brooklyn, democrat line. caller: hi. i'm calling to say how proud i democratic party. they are very professional in he impeachment and no one has endorsed name calling or do unprofessional. i don't agree with trump in all decisions and things that he does, but the republicans are themselves look really bad. if they want anybody to side yelling or th the screaming, that is not necessary. and ame calling interrupting the chairman. a joke ando me it is makes people want to impeach my opinion.n host: don is next from lanine.polis, republican
9:09 am
itler: this is don lewis and hit me what is going on and if in a sack andcrat republican in a sack they are all crooks. this has been going on since hoover. clean this going to up? the average person out here, i union, i voted democrat because they talk to you about the union. ut when are we going get to vote on whether they have lobbyists or they send the money out. crazy sending all of this money out of the country. person ike the average was like it is sickening what congress, democrat or republican, is doing it is so sickening it is dissatisfying. hear from one more legislator from yesterday the
9:10 am
state congressman talking about the topic of election interference. want to argue that the president was so concerned about corruption at that particular moment you have to look at the record of u.s. policy and our agreement that the defense would look under certain conditions before aid to ease military determine whether or not a country had satisfied those corruption. around and the department of defense released that report. that e between the time donald trump withheld aid and time he released the aid was an additional assessment required or done. in fact, the department of decided they didn't need to do another assessment because they had already done the assessment. end of the day i have only two questions for my colleagues on the other side. these are the two questions.
9:11 am
trump. about president colleagues onf my the other side say that it is an power to condition a on to condition aid, official acts? forget president trump. forget about president trump. s any one of my colleagues willing to say that it is ever for a president of the united tates of america to invite foreign interference in our elections? one of you has said that so far. aller: we can only show you portions of the hearing from yesterday. it is available at the website you can watch the proceedings of the hearing at 10:00 on the and you can put it on or espn radio app and listen to it
9:12 am
on this network as people start filtering in for 10:00. st. paul, minnesota, independent -- independent line. donna. caller: i'm calming because i when i was in call how they instilled in us to be proud and one thing they did is went through this communism is. and i'm watching these hearings am watching when they any time the and , her side had anything to say squelch them and got couldn't speak and they a thing to look at that was like and they had like so many minutes to do it. out of said you are
9:13 am
order, you are out of order. this t just dawned on me, one-sided aocommunism dictatorship and made my stomach i n and i would never -- can't even imagine -- they hould just be totally and completely ashamed of themselves and they are not. i think that the democrats used to be a great party but they been taken over by the that i just so bad can't even believe it. st. paul. is donna in talking points and another website had headlines similar to about the senate majority mitch mcconnell attacking the yesterday fox news his approach to senate hearings on impeachment will be the white with house. here is some of it. way ke a decision in the
9:14 am
forward and everything i do uring this i'm coordinating with white house counsel. there will be no difference the president's position and our position how to handle we can.the extent we don't have the kind of ball control that a typical issue house.e if i don't like it we don't take it up. but to take itce up but well work through there period of n a short time in to the coordinator nation with the white house people off and representing the president. from ohio is todd line for republicans. comment was on the articles of impeachment. f democrats are still arguing what to impeach the president ver and they still are, what exactly are they impeaching the president over and they are
9:15 am
that.arguing and as far as the person from her first year in congress and she didn't way impeach to m-tpfrber. host: she was newly elected and phrase.that caller, are you there? he hung up. garden, to jeff, weinter florida democrat line. caller: i want to make a comment hearings. i think it is almost insane how looks at the comments and this it is anything on insane conspiratorial rhetoric. people on the democratic side who are trying as ake these salient points to why the president had abused
9:16 am
over the of office with gross misconduct then what we -- these nonseco sebsecond terr nonsecond turs but i don't know. was like so we are this partisan where people can't logic and facts and lock in step with their party. we are hearing these hours of you ngs and just it makes sick. host: so you are saying nothing ou heard from republicans changed your mind or sway ed yor decision on the matter? caller: no, they will deflect. will be a coherent argument and it doesn't hold water. someone who is running scared because they know out of going to be office. but we hat was the case
9:17 am
saw brexit. for me, it sounds like a bind right e in now and they have hitched themselves to the wrong horse office will be out of soon so they are clinging to any sort of argument hoping that impeachment thing doesn't go through and they will be able beyond 2020.wer host: that is jeff in winter wintergarden, florida. one thing to be decided on in be the te who will emocrats and who will speaker ples please pelosi. plenty are jockeying by ominating themselves hoping their work impresses her. they are sensitive since looking to osi or ame fame from funds could backfire but the televised are
9:18 am
kind of o serve a audition for the most likely but rats to be appointed almost it won't be have freshmen won districts who are ost at risk adding she is likely to name at least one manager from some place from the coast that could counter the argument that it is partisan and elitist exercise. pennsylvania, dan. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. listening to callers all morning from the gentleman alleged theicut who republican party changed their platform due to putin. point we have to get rid unhinged conspiracy theories. there's no evidence to back that up. platform i platforms change every election
9:19 am
sides. voted for obama and i voted for trim. in addition already is abuse in house rules. he should have an ethics complaint filed against him. lied for the past three years. theorys conspiracy debunked is the russian co-laws. bidden was never investigated it looks uld because like there was corruption there and you have to look at it objectively. try come up with a reasonable plausible explanation of why did what he did. the explanation is that there president elected that the president in ukraine, the president of the united to gauge his ing sincerity of the platform he ran personnel reasonable not -- perfectly reasonable not
9:20 am
to mention the president of the has a states to titutional mandate proceed and ask for foreign tions on from we rnments especially these have a treaty with into any corruption or wrongdoing. not up for no dall-- democrats have quantifiable charge. 25c.f.r. and there is no quantifiable charge. teresa it washington state state sa in washington democrat line. caller: thank you for c-span. i watched all of chairman of thes hearings and all so i haveinfo on here gotten all of my information from c-span. say kudos to to
9:21 am
jeff from florida who nailed it. he was succinct in his comments and i agree with him. you showed representative jordan at the end of that meeting last his artificial outrage about why are we ending. host: representative collins. i'm other. doug collins the crazy outrage why are we stopping and my understanding from chairman nadler is that he wanted to take the talking points from the republicans and it would come if they completed everything in the wee hours the republicans be out on the media fox news. middle of the the night. everybody was asleep. nadler's words were final process
9:22 am
that could happen. why nadler did what he did and stopped it. host: we appreciate that and thank you for supporting us and ability to bring a lot of ngs of different topics. cameras out there all providing network feeds it people on rks with the front under making that appen to show you the events that start at 10:00. the articles of impeachment to be voted on today. one because of power using power of high office in solicited the interference of fortune government in ukraine in the 2020 presidential
9:23 am
and knew a scheme that includes soliciting the government to public will you a and that stigation would benefit his looks and harm the election process of opponent and influence the looks to his advantage. obstruction of congress without lawful cause he irected executive branch agencies offices and officials not to comply with subpoenas and interposed the power of residency against the lawful house of of the we go to richard in melbourne, florida. ex-military and
9:24 am
partially disabled following trump ever since he started running for president. see how the media has created him and the lies and i because i he lies went from one point to the other truth and ld tell other networks would lie apnd nw he is in office and all these ears he put up with the nonsense that came from the uld um, another guy that wo probably be a nervous wreck. he's done a lot for the military and he helped me. in nam and democrats were cutting down our resources because they were cutting the udget and didn't have the
9:25 am
money, i had to do things to my men ive and keep alive. host: how did that relate to the articles of impeachment today? first of all, they tried impeach him on a phone call he h i was listening to and like he .s. -- he saeid said and that guy gets,reading nother document that was totally screwed up the same thing he read. wife was disgusted when chiff read that and that was mentioned. then when he took the congress puts in his own kangaroo court. host: that is richard in
9:26 am
florida. jim, to west virginia, independent line. i'm a veteran from the voted in every i lection since i got out of the korean war in 1954. i followed this and seen trump television -- i mean on the news and stuff and he is a crook been a crook all of his life. his first wife took him to the andners and cleaned that up he had plenty of money from his dad to get back in business. host: how does this relate to ote on the articles of impeachment? caller: because he is a crook and i know he is a crook all his and that is why i think he should be impeached.
9:27 am
i think he is a communist sympathizer and that is another be impeached.ld host: we go to phoenix and line.a, democrats caller: good morning. with some real problems president trump. or example, he had paul manafort as his campaign chairman. works for the russian ligarchs who moved all that money out of ukraine and he comes out and he's trump's manager. so you have this russian managing the yee trump campaign and trump take he is a wonderful man. i don't mean to interrupt but how does this relate to the impeachment? caller: you can put all of this stuff in the articles of
9:28 am
mpeachment all the things he's been doing since he came down hat escalator and paid actors to clap for him when he announced the impeachment but the republicans not having a 14-hour meeting but 200-hour meeting raising amendments and objections and this and that. it.s face this guy has connections to russian. i would invite any of the republicans listening a me to please explain how russian employee, manafort, is his campaign anager and when he is put in prison trump says i hardly know him. maryville,is dorothy republican n the line. aller: i'm calling on this witch hunt. president n after
9:29 am
trump since beginning. i have been a democrat for 60 years. this is the first election i have ever voted for a republican president. i think he's done a wonderful job. they call hiswhat lie phone call is correct. when we look more into this in the future i think we will see a mistake. host: one phmore call from denn. new jersey, independent line. caller: you just will senator a little bit l on ago talking about the impeachment. his wife work in the administrati administration? she is secretary of transportation? a conflict of interest? doesn't he have a conflict of talking in terms of about it case. himself. recuse
9:30 am
final call for this journal.of washington if you want to watch the hearing so on 0:00 you can do this channel or go to the radio app. if you want to watch later go to the one te or watch from yesterday that led to the c-span.o that is at "washington on of journal" comes your way and now sites and w you sounds of the room until the start.


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