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tv   Reaction to Articles of Impeachment  CSPAN  December 13, 2019 12:02pm-2:01pm EST

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>> communications and messages. the chair announces the speaker reappointment effective december 16, 2019, pursuant to section two of the civil rights commission amendment act of 1994. the house of january 3, 2019 of the following individuals on the part of the house to the commission on civil rights for a term expiring december 15, 2025. the clerk: mr. peter from cleveland, ohio. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12 had been a of rule 1, -- 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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>> there will be additional sessions tomorrow and sunday. as you heard from the end of today's very brief session, it is chairman jerry nadler announcing at the end articles of impeachment resolution that days toittee has two file the report. by holding these pro forma sessions today, tomorrow, on sunday it gives them the opportunity to file in the house. the committee will meet on the resolution that will take place at 11:00 a.m. on tuesday ahead of the floor debate expected on wednesday. some procedural things happening in the house in order to follow the rules by the house of representatives. look for some brief pro forma sessions tomorrow and sunday. then the rules committee meeting on tuesday. in the meantime, back to your phone calls.
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we also have one for independents. the president's meeting with the president of paraguay and there is a meeting with reporters in the oval office. we show you that coming up in just a couple minutes. eric in buffalo, thank you for waiting, good morning. it is past noon in washington here. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have followed donald trump since the 1970's. he's not what he says he is. they have to get into his financial records. deals,with her china jared kushner with 666 5th avenue. there is so much they could get into. democrats should hold the impeachment and just keep on bringing up more articles of
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impeachment on donald trump. there is a lot more that the american public does not know. a lot of these people calling in, you should ask what news channel they follow. a lot of these angry democrats sound like they are following fox news. what we have are the articles of impeachment, abuse of power and obstruction of congress. do you think that is too narrow? i do, i think they should open it up and bring it out. just keep on bringing articles of impeachment up against them. there is so much more we don't know. host: thank you for the call, we will go to christina next in lincoln, nebraska, democrats line. have been listening for quite some time. two of your callers brought up the bradley amendment and the johnson amendment.
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the bradley amendment has zero to do with what we are discussing today. wasjohnson amendment repealed by the trump administration. that is a fallacy. the reason i bring this up is most of the arguments i have heard on the republican side, it is nothing but fallacy. they are being led to believe things that are just absolutely not true. this goes back to the alternative facts that we were introduced to by kellyanne conway. these people are being misled and they are expecting information they know that is not true, not accurate. would like to say, thank you. host: everything you saw this week and before all of the committees involving impeachment of the president has come from c-span cameras. it means we are feeding coverage to the other broadcast and cable
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networks. it is all coming from c-span cameras. we posted all of our cameras on our homepage. process as itthis continues to unfold into the next week and next year will be available online any time be sure to follow us on the web but also listen to us on the free c-span radio app. darrell in miami, republican line. i am good. i follow the government on c-span. the extreme media will lie to you. the woman from the brassica the republicans are swallowing everything they are fed. it is the democrats that believe total lies. this impeachment should have never taken as long as it did. they knew what they were going to do from the day donald trump was elected.
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impeach 45, impeach 45, the virginia lady talking about christian, there is nothing christian about that woman either. host: thank you for the call from miami. the nbc news white house correspondent with a tweet, we mentioned earlier that the pension had -- the president had more than 100 tweets or retreats. dayer two for any single since his account started in 2015 when he tweeted 100 51 times. that according to fact-based feed. series ofent has a tweets today and that the democrats and impeachment. also a china agreement. is from indianapolis, leroy. good afternoon. welcome to the conversation. to say i just wanted love c-span.
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thank you for covering and letting us watch live and not putting any extra opinions onto it. i'm not a fan of donald trump at all. the trial, whatever you want to call it. i have not heard nothing that i could sit there and say he is guilty. i just can't. host: let's be clear, there hasn't been a trial, there have been committee hearings. the trial will take place in the senate. watchings a person this, i have not felt i could sit in a courtroom and say he is guilty. there is nothing i could sit here and say definitely he is guilty. i think this is a waste of time and i don't know why we are giving millions of dollars away when there are so many homeless children and veterans who really need the money here. host: thank you. finish your point. caller: i would want to know what they are doing with the money.
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make sure people are doing the right stuff with the money, not giving people big salaries for no reason. host: thanks for the call. david mcnamara, who covers the white house with a readout of what the president just told reporters it brief while ago, he is meeting with the president of paraguay. he called some of the fbi people horrible, referred to hillary clinton as crooked as a three dollar bill. he called adam schiff a disgrace, and he belittled lieutenant colonel alex i vindman. he had this point that he avoided military service because of bone spurs. once we have the video in-house we will show you it in its entirety. hello? . host: go ahead. caller: i want to applaud the
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lady from virginia, what he said right -- what she said right on the line. a true christian does not act like trump. all i have to say in ending this conversation is to all of you wolves ins, beware of sheep clothing. host: be sure to follow us on twitter at c-span. republican line, good afternoon. thank you for taking my call. i have been trying, trying, trying. they will impeach trump, it don't matter what he does. me because i am 71 years old. not going to have anything
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left with the democrats go to power. host: thanks for the call. judith is next in melrose. what is your view on all of this? i am very, very upset. listening to these, i am democrat in one respect but now i don't know what to be. that when you progress and tried to get your agenda taking care of through a country , like president trump has done. when you go to the president of that country and asked him to do a favor, why should another country be brought in to help go on to his post of being a
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candidate and finding out dirt on his opponent? host: thank you for the call. a lot of questions in terms of how the senate republican leader will deal with the articles of impeachment. the senate and the constitution does need to act. it is not something senate , legislationaders may move from the house and into the senate. the president speaking to reporters. a tweet quoting the president saying i will do whatever i want. i will do long or i will do short. januaryl unfold in after the articles of impeachment are voted on. nextmably in the house wednesday along a partyline vote. or could be some moderate democrats who side with republicans not to impeach the president. the hearing this morning lasted just over seven minutes as the
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judiciary committee gaveled in after a 14 hour session yesterday. votess the roll call of along the partyline, two articles of impeachment against president donald j. trump. will comery committee to order. having agreed yesterday to the amendment in the nature of a substitute of articles of impeachment against president donald j. trump. reporting quorum being present, the question is now in the motion to report the resolution 755 is amended to the house. pursuant to clause five, house rule 16, because the resolution theains two propositions question now is on article one of the resolution. the clerk will call the roll.
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mr. nadler? >> aye. >> is jackson lee. [voting]
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aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. no. >> no. no. no. >> no. >> no.
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>> no. >> no. >> no. no. >> no. >> no. no. no. voted -- hasember every member voted who wishes to vote? >> clerical reports.
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are 23chairman, there aye's and 17 no's. article two,is on trumphing donald j. for obstructing congress. >>aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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aye. >> aye. >> yes. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no.
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no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. no. no. >> no. >> no. has every member of the committee who wishes to vote voted? clerical report. are 23chairman, there
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ayes and 187 no's. >> members will have two days to submit views. it will be reported as a single amendment without objection it stands as authorized. without objection -- >> what purpose does the gentleman seek recognition. -- toiled the sentences submit dissenting views. we are adjourned. from this morning's house judiciary committee hearing, that was covered from just past 10:00 this morning east coast time. the president telling reporters in the oval office it is a very sad thing for our country that seems to be very good for me politically. that on the issue of impeachment. that from josh dawsey.
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you heard at the very end, that statement by the chair of the filing anybout additional information. there will be pro forma sessions of the house tomorrow and sunday. that is part of the house rules to get enough time to get to the rules committee, which will take of the articles of impeachment and that will get underway 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. live coverage on the two issues they will be taking up. articles of impeachment, the abuse of power, and obstruction of justice area live coverage tuesday on c-span3, on c-span radio, and on the web at 24 hours later, the house of representatives next wednesday the debate and then vote on articles of impeachment. the cameras in the house controlled by the house of representatives and we will have live coverage of what happens on the floor led by speaker nancy pelosi and republican leader
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kevin mccarthy on wednesday. we want to hear from you. some harsh partisanship on both sides of the aisle. votes onng partyline articles of impeachment to take them to the full house. jared, from collinsville virginia. caller: good afternoon. i'm 28 years old and a former eight year army veteran with a background in communication technology. i know how policy and regulation goes. completely upset with the congress that we have where the chairman of the board has no decorum and no respect for the other party. i have been watching our congress ever sense -- since the first election of barack obama. i will admit that the
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republicans did somewhat of the sort of same thing that democrats are doing now. the country isn't going to get anywhere if we have partisan lines and no one meets in the middle. the thing i have against the vote of impeachment is all the democrats voted yes and all of the republicans voted no. there was no cross. donald trump doesn't say all the right things or all of the nice things, that doesn't matter. what matters is is he getting the job done? i think so. noone democrat would've said and one republican would've been yes, that would show me bipartisan. that would show me that our congress can work together. right now it is just political gain. host: the president this morning -- by the way yesterday 123
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, 8:42 a.m.etweets how do you get impeached when you have done nothing wrong? a perfect call regarding the conversation with president zelensky. it has created the best economy in this country, and rebuild our taxesry since they cut and regulations, protected the second amendment, created jobs and so much more. clarice on democrats line, good afternoon. i have been watching from day one since inauguration. donald trump, i am native american.
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when president obama was about totake office he was about enter a recession. now, this person comes and he is taking all the praise of what president obama has done. is -- the case proves there are obstructions that he did not want to put that down. host: rebecca is next from michigan, republican line. caller: good afternoon. i have been watching this, too. i am disabled 15 years. i voted for obama. i also voted for trump.
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i'm very upset, i will not say angry over this decision. the call from virginia couple calls ago hit it right on the nail. if there had been a yes one way and another the other way it would've been bipartisan. i would've loved to see that. there is so much anger on both parties and from all the callers, they are very upset. we feel like we have been left behind. shocked. after 14.5 hours yesterday i watched. host: it was quite a hearing. thank you for the call. , the chief trial
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justice of the united states, john roberts, would preside over the trial. our next caller is from indiana, the hometown of the chief justice. vote electsmajority to the reality of who and where president trump comes from. businessman,ssful voted into office by we the people of the usa. businessman,ent 49% politician. america is great again. our next caller is from water very, connecticut. i believe that if trump did use his power for his own didonal gain and that he not really consider others, that is very sad and very wrong.
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i cannot believe a president could truly act like that. thank you. mark in rhode island. caller: i voted for trump. however, everybody has to be held accountable. your worke people in and they are being asked to provide information and they refuse, if it is pertinent to the organization, if those people refuse providing information, they will most likely lose their job. i think the greatest issue here is we are setting a very dangerous precedent not only for him should he get reelected but any future president that the power of subpoena means nothing. i'm very disappointed in my republican peers, if you will. i consider myself a republican. issue,e allowing this richard nixon was not allowed to
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get away with this. thatare not looking at point. the president met earlier with the president of paraguay. a lot about impeachment, the media, and where things are moving forward. your reaction to those in the house judiciary this morning. trump: i was finishing up the final touches on the china deal. that is going to be one of the great deals ever. it will ultimately lead to the opening of china. which is something that is incredible. market of 1.5 billion people. got to see enough of it and i spoke to my people. it is a witchhunt, it is a sham, it is a hoax. nothing was done wrong, zero was
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done wrong. a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment, which is to be used in an emergency. for a perfectis phone call where the president of that country said there was no pressure whatsoever, didn't even know what we were talking about. the relationship was perfect. i have done much more for them than obama did for them. it is a scam. it is something that should not be allowed. it is a very bad thing for our country. we are trivializing impeachment. someday there will be a democrat president and there will be a republican house and i suspect they will remember it. when you use impeachment for absolutely nothing other than to trying get political gain, with that being said, by paul numbers have gone through the roof.
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fundraising for the republican party has gone through the roof. we are setting records. nobody has ever seen anything like it. the people are disgusted. the people are absolutely disgusted. nobody has ever seen anything like this. i got to see quite a bit of it yesterday. i watched these democrats make fools out of themselves. absolute fools. i also saw them quoting all the time incorrectly. me, it wasn'tng about me, it was about us. they kept saying me instead of us. can you do us a favor, our country, our country. talked about seeing the attorney general of the united states. me, youe people to save said do me a favor. country,avor, our
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talking about elections, corruptions. the other thing nobody remembers and nobody likes to talk about, i
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my deal with them was two months ago. i said do me a favor, start buying agriculture.
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even before the deal was signed. it is so important to us, it will be a big subject. reporter: do you prefer a short process in the senate or more extended? president trump: lindsey graham is terrific. i will do whatever i want. we did nothing wrong. i will do long or short. i think they are very much in agreement. it does not matter. i wouldn't mind a long process. i would like to see the whistleblower who is a fraud. the whistleblower wrote a false report. up, i blew hims up too because he went up in front of congress and made a statement about what i said that
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was totally false. a long time after you made it, when he got caught, he said oh was he is a corrupt politician and a disgrace. because of the fact that he is in congress, he has immunity. he made a totally false statement. the whistleblower wrote a totally false statement. the i say where is informer? he disappeared, do know why? because i release the transcript. had i not released that transcript, we would've had an informer. where is the second whistleblower? remember that? not all of us but much of the media is corrupt. they are bad people, sick people , and corrupt. we are fighting the democrats
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and the corrupt media. i asked the corrupt media, where is second whistleblower? i'm lucky we had this transcript, which has now been verified by the lt. col., lieutenant col.. he is another beauty. where is all of this stuff? once i released it, i released it quickly. once i released it, all of a sudden the second whistleblower disappeared. the first whistleblower was set to testify. he becomes this saint like figure and they don't need him anymore. the ones that everybody wanted to see was the whistleblower. once i released the text of what happened, the transcript, that was the end. everybody disappeared. there is no informer, no second whistleblower, everybody is gone. nobody ever says it. that i very strongly
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said i want nothing and no quid pro quo. nobody says that. he said it in congress. we are dealing with a lot of corrupt people. there was nothing done wrong. impeachmentower of on this nonsense is an embarrassment to this country. the president said it. it is an embarrassment to our country. thank you very much. host: from the oval office with the president, sitting next to the president of paraguay. there you could see mike pence and mike pompeo from the white house earlier today following meetings and a luncheon with the president of paraguay. let's reset what has happened over the last couple of days. the house judiciary committee gaveling in wednesday at 7:00
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eastern time for opening statements. yesterday, and often contentious hearing that lasted more than 14 hours, wrapping up before midnight. the chairman of the judiciary committee announcing the vote would take place today, rather than last night. the original boat was scheduled to take place around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. when the committee gavel been just past 10:00 this morning, a seven minute session voting on two articles of impeachment. there will be pro forma sessions tomorrow and sunday. brief sessions of the house of representatives. the house rules committee will be meeting on tuesday. all of this coming as the white house announces phase one of a deal with china. a trade agreement which has moved markets today on wall street. to house democrats agreeing usmca trade agreement.
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that expected on thursday. in agreement yesterday announced by the house democratic leader stanley hoyer which democratic leaders agree on a house spending plan. the initial deadline was next friday but now this agreement on a series of spending bills that will be voted on next week to avert a government shutdown and fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. a very busy december. back to your phone calls and reaction from all of this. jackie from michigan, democrats line, thank you for waiting. good afternoon. caller: i have a quote from a famous movie, this is how democracies died. if people don't wake up and change this in november, we will no longer be a democracy with the way things are going. from florida,lers jack on our line for independents.
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which way are you leaning? caller: i'm leaning that they are seeing the president's interview with the press. it just shows you that we are not impeaching a great american. he is not a good person. he is crude, rude, spiteful. he is not what you want to hold up to our children as a one of the qualities of a president. i also want to add that the articles of impeachment -- if you have said many times, we now go to the senate to have a trial. forming acertainly great basis for the trial. there is enough proof. he wasn'tointed that violating the emoluments clause. i'm upset there is not an
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article on violating the laws of the united states for refusing to give his taxes when requested. there is no law that says congress may ask that he has refused. finally, the obstruction documented in the mueller report . 19 individual incidents of obstruction. i think that should have been in these articles. as this goes to trial, i think there is a lot of excellent reasons for this person to be impeached. in the trial in the senate, i think we could accept bipartisanship will be ruling the day. -- partisanship will rule the day and he will not be ousted. darrell, you are next, good afternoon. that we arecan see all organizing together. i am independent.
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don't have to be faithful to the democrats or the republicans. you look at what we have going, you have a situation where we have people talking about rude and crude. i was in the marine corps. when i got out of there, i could be as rude and crude as anybody on this minute. his.d trump does not take if use trying to give himself a plus, i would say i want to reinstate my way. he doesn't do that. -- thererats basically is a script that says what is the end time? weapons,ussian nuclear chinese have nuclear weapons. even pakistan. the scripture says the love of many will grow cold.
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host: thank you for the call. your final point? democrats are coldhearted to the republicans and vice versa. that is a real tragedy. host: where in caldwell in idaho? ofler: about 20 miles east boise. it is a nice little town. california, they would shut down streets once in a while for hollywood because obama was going for the 33,000 dinners -- $33,000 dinners that people like you and me wouldn't be able to go to. host: this is a story not related to impeachment but with regard to 2020. maggie haberman with a story that is trending. will trump to bake democrat in 2020? the president's concern not so much with who he will be debating but with the commission that runs the debate.
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that is the commission on presidential debates. it has organized every debate since 1988. announcing four debate locations in 2020. three for the presidential candidates and one for the vice presidential candidates. mike is joining us from delaware. republican line. how much have you been watching this week? caller: i have been watching quite a bit, following it all along. queen orchestrated by the of the swamp, pelosi. to havenge the rules kangaroo court in the basement. then they come up with a report. ,hen it goes to the committees where's adam schiff? you wrote the report. he was a no-show. he is spineless. yesterday they went for 14 hours, no adam schiff. he was in new york city to go on
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the stephen colbert show. that is pathetic. it is enfolding -- insulting. donald trump is doing wonderful for our country. presidentpoint, barack obama said to joe biden a few months ago, you don't have to do this. i think we all know why. thank you. from cleveland, democrats line. you are next. caller: thank you, c-span, i want to thank c-span for the coverage. talkingit without the heads on some channels. what i wanted to say is i wanted people to take the time to pause and think about this impeachment process. just think of it not as a democrat or as a republican but take the time to say these facts offend me as an american.
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the president of the united states goes to another country and asks for help in another political campaign. refuse president for witnessesst and documents? think about it not as a republican or democrat, somebody who is loyal to trump, ask yourself this, do these things offend me as an american? thank you, c-span. host: another story that is trending it is available at instead of backing down, rudy giuliani is actually expanding his hunt for dirt on the bidens. saying he is searching for a, inmation about burism not just ukraine but lafayette and cyprus. that part of the story continues to unfold.
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next, calling in from ohio on the republican line, amanda, what do you want to say? i am a forever trump her and i have two points. a lot of talk about the founding others. fathers didn't think we would have career politicians. if we got rid of the career politicians like
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host: one of three main office buildings for the house of representatives, reporters gathering in the stakeout location.
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we will first hear from some republican members of the committee including representatives. they reacted to the votes in the house judiciary committee. >> this is really a sad day. everybody got dressed up, no place to go. we voted on a provision and allegation of abuse of power. abuse of power at the department of justice. there was an abuse of power at the fbi. there was an abuse of power at the court. an abuse of power in our intel community. there was an abuse of power dod was paying money. there are all kinds of abuses of power. perhaps none more so than in the house of representatives by the majority. this is an outrage. this sets the bar for any
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president, of any party for the future. to go through three years of like thise -- hell president has. this is a sad day for the country. going nowhere in the senate. i hope and pray the senate will not pick it up and dismissed it. america needs to hear from the witnesses. we didn't get to hear from them here. this was a kangaroo court. outrageous to put the country through this. we get a report. we don't even get to examine the maker of the report. it is a very sad day. i am glad i have such an incredible team i got to be on. these are really quality folks. this is a travesty for america. it is tearing america apart.
12:54 pm
entire life, in my seen such an unfair railroad job against the president of the united states. i have known that my fellow democrats were going to go for impeachment since january of this year when they got power. , theye are today predetermined they were going to do it, and they did it. come hell or high water. they had no proof, no evidence, no crime, they did it anyway. they are tearing the country apart. they should be ashamed. the founding fathers of this country warned against a party impeachments. they had a very specific reason for warning us against that. they said it would be bitterly divisive for the country. that is what has happened now. this is the first time in the
12:55 pm
history of this nation that a president has been treated in this manner. when one party has followed and pursued a predetermined political outcome. you have to remember that before the famous july 25 phone call between president trump and president zelensky that supposedly sparked this whole charade, 95 house democrats had already voted to impeach donald trump. before any of these facts came forward. that is just not right. they said this from the date he took his oath of office. they pursued that. this is what we are left with. 14 hours yesterday and a few moments this morning. the anti-climactic end to this whole charade was fitting and appropriate. there was not much there. that is what happened here. i think the ability -- american people will go against this. polling shows they have been very frustrated. they see what is happening, they
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see the lack of evidence, they see this paperthin impeachment proceeding. what ultimately develops, there is nothing behind it. i think there will be a huge .olitical price what we are ultimately concerned about beyond the prices paid in this short-term period is what this will do going forward. the founders were right. they have divided the country even further. it will be difficult for us in this institution to put this back in the bottle. that is what we are also concerned about. in the media you should hold democrats to the standards they set for themselves. not the standards they sent back in 1998 when jerry nadler said impeachment would have to be a bipartisan group to be legitimate. look what they said themselves a few months ago. evidence would have to be
12:57 pm
overwhelming. it was either hearsay, speculation to conjecture, or the result of a policy disagreement about how to treat the ukraine. there wouldomised be some newfound animated public support. they failed to meet their burden. thewith no bipartisanship, only bipartisan vote will be a bipartisan vote against impeachment. with no evidence, no enhanced public support for impeachment, democrats will continue to visit the opportunity cost. to work onke infrastructure. on a solid reform. on policy changes that will impact the quality of life for constituents. for democrats, impeachment is the totalobsession, focus. it is deeply disappointing that they failed to meet the standards they set for themselves.
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reporter: do you guys worry about the precedent that has been set? to not comply, not operate? hashe administration cooperated with fair and reasonable oversight. when democrats made clear this was not about oversight, it was about impeachment. or not tohether validate the process. did both of the nixon and clinton administrations cooperate and provide some? >> the charge changing constantly. to understand the trump administration has cooperated. just this year, they understand congress and acknowledged it. administrationhe
12:59 pm
has testified before the judiciary committee. when the impeachment proceeding began, over 100,000 pages were submitted by the white house to congress pursuant to our requests. he immediately released the transcript of the phone call. the president has not been obstructing this at all. what he is worrying about is the process is the unprecedented charade that has gone on. adam schiff controlling this in a basement, cherry picking witnesses, denying republican questions. not allowing republican witnesses to come forward. there has been no chance for the council to participate in the early stages of this. this whole thing was rigged. i'm an attorney, many of us are. if we are advising our client, we would tell him not to participate in that because it is an ambush. we got ambushed last night on the scheduling. the democrats have tried to railroad the president. that is why he is concerned. the fact he brought an
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impeachment of obstruction is absurd. the obama administration, the one just prior to this one, went to court. they did not turn in pleadings and all the documents and witnesses that were requested in the fast and furious investigation, they went to the third branch of government. when there is a natural impact that develops between the executive and legislative branches, they have the third branch of government. they could have gotten a order to compel the production of anything else we needed, but they did not have time to do that. you know why? because they guaranteed to their radical left base that they would impede to donald trump by christmas. that is why we are here and why they did not go through the normal process. [reporters asking many questions] the democrats control the house of representatives. there are politics in this and there were politics in 1999 with
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president clinton, and we hear what you are saying, but don't they have the right to handle this in the fashion -- >> they do not have the right to abuse the process and this was a witchhunt. that is why they could not settle on a charge until they had exhausted that there was no evidence of a crime. dojme just tell you, if the and the fbi went after you and your family and your business associates, harassed them, and you find out, as the president did early on -- this was all a scam to bring him down, then you d and any attorney would say, do not help them crucify you. it would not be smart. rightesident did the thing. the obstruction of justice was course,re, while of
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doj/fbi, but hopefully the people of pay for that. >> it is not likely to bring forth what this is in the senate trials. the call for witnesses, how do you think you will get your story out? >> the senate promised to that for months now, they would have witnesses and i really understand the desire. this was a ridiculous process, a report with no witnesses here. i understand the desire to get behind us, but the country needs to hear what a farce this was. they really need to bring the witnesses. i hope they will clean this mess up. whohis is the president just yesterday called a teenager on the autism spectrum a person with an anger management problem. does that make it harder to defend him this vigorously? >> the president communicates in
1:03 pm
a unique way. he does not indicate the way that i do are the way many of us would -- wait a minute, let me answer. voted ton americans make him the president. he has an unorthodox style, but we are talking about removing the president because the democrats do not like his style. they do not like his twitter account. they do not like what he does in the office, but that is the way the system and our constitution is written. the party in charge, even if you have the majority in congress, you do not get to remove a president to because you don't like him. they did not produce evidence to support impeachment, and that is the question. that is why we are so frustrated. the president may not get a chance to put on his witnesses and put on his offense, but we are going to do it to our constituents every opportunity we have. >> is it ever ok for an american investigate a
1:04 pm
political rival and use foreign powers? why do you think that is ok?
1:05 pm
1:06 pm
corrupt company where his son was paid to be on the board. that is corruption. that had corruption, plain and simple. according to an obama administration person in a similar case who said that is corruption, plain and simple. i think it is the responsibility of the president of the united states before he hands over taxpayer dollars to investigate corruption, and i believe that part of that corruption was with the bidens. >> he never mentioned corruption at all in the phone call. host: debbie lesko, republican from arizona. the president tweeting representative lesko, this whole -- even nadler: today is a solemn and sad day. in a littled time over in a century and a half, the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. the house will act expeditiously. thank you. [reporters shouting questions] the: a brief statement by chairman of the committee and i just received word a moment ago that the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, spotted at the white house walking through the executive entrance
1:07 pm
through the lower level of the white house presumably to meet with administration officials, possibly the president. just want to pass that along as we have been monitoring all that has been happening on a busy friday. willie joining us on republican line from new york. willie,yes, my name is and i am one of eight brothers and one sister. we were born and raised in brooklyn, and we were very poor. we lived on the docks. my father worked three jobs to raise us. , until all democrats this stuff started to happen. five of the thompson brothers served in the vietnam war. 101stther howie with the airborne, me as the 82nd airborne. my brother in vietnam as a marine and my brothers served in germany. host: what a family. caller: i started to cry a few
1:08 pm
months back -- i lost my wife in march. from 55 years, we have been together since i have been out of the service in 1967. i served from 1964 to 1967. , asife pointed at the tv sick as she was, and she looked that pelosi -- at pelosi, and she said, lucifer. host everyeived the sunday, the minister would come from the church and administer a host to her. she believed in peace and she believed in america. she believed that each american should hug each other. if we do not see someone smiling, we should give them one of ours, because we are brothers in arms. kavanaugh whenh
1:09 pm
50 democrats, not one of them voted for him. in front of his wife and his child on something that happened 35 years ago, they tried to destroy that honorable man. an honorable judge. and i said, i am no longer a democrat. that i inrote, for the first time my life, i wrote to donald trump. host: did he reply? caller: as my president. i don't know, i put it in priority mail and i wrote it on a legal pad but i hope he gets to read my letter. it is the first time in my life i ever wanted to write my president and tell him, i never was rich. i never had money.
1:10 pm
but he does. and he could have done anything he chose in his life. he can buy whatever he wants. he could do whatever he wants. what does he do? he served his country as the president. host: i am going to stop you there, but thank you for calling and sorry about the loss of your life -- wife. thank you for your military service. congressman denny hoyer is a house democratic leader and he issued a statement referring to the moment as "solemn and somber day in our country. for only the fourth time in our nation's history, the house democratic committee has recommend articles of impeachment against the ."esident of the united states the responsibility is one that the house takes very seriously and their responsibility that we must not avoid when demanded by the overwhelming evidence presented. he pointed out what will happen in the days ahead, he said "next week, the two articles of
1:11 pm
impeachment will come to the house floor for consideration. the representatives for the american people will then vote on whether to send the case to the senate for a trial." the house democratic leader denny hoyer, following the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. from new york, jennifer, good afternoon. caller: hello. i want to start by saying, i did not vote for donald trump. i am registered as an independent, i vote for the person and not the party. thanks to the impeachment proceedings and the press and the democrats, i started wondering where my opinions about donald trump came from and why i was thinking how i was taking. host: how do you think? caller: i was thinking, he is
1:12 pm
crap. what is with all of the tweeting. i started looking closer though, because i saw the tape of joe biden bragging about firing the prosecutor, and i thought, what is that about. press, that is totally fine, do not look there. i think that the press has lost the ability -- there is one word that is missing all the time -- alleged. they do not use the word anymore, they state things as if it is fact. they have been doing that with the impeachment proceedings, too . i think the press is completely irresponsible right now. i have reevaluated and gone back and looked through things, and i do not feel the same way i did last time i voted. i am considering voting for trump now, thanks to the democrats in this totally sham impeachment process, and the
1:13 pm
unfairness of the press. willbviousness of it, they state things that are false, and they will say it's as if it is a fact. i think it has confused a lot of people. i read the transcript and when it was released by donald trump. i did not see anything, it looked like a normal call heads of state.s of it did not look like anything wrong. but i read that right when it came out, and then i watched adam schiff make up this whole farce in front of congress. it was horrible listening to him. that is not at all what it says in the readout of the call. unfortunately, a lot of people believed what schiff said, and
1:14 pm
they are going on for what he said, and they believe that trump has committed all of these awful crimes. it is really obvious that there was nothing wrong with the call. that he was just trying to check and see if zelensky was on board with anticorruption. he had lots of reasons to mistrust in ukraine. i think definitely, the russians had a stake in the last election, and they definitely meddled, and the mueller report shows that. the id report needs to be looked at because every american needs to be concerned. the abuses by the fbi, everyone should read this report. if they can do this to the president, they can do it to you. host: jennifer, thank you for the call. in case you missed it, a recap of what happened. the house judiciary committee was a marathon session last night and the chairman gaveling
1:15 pm
out that the session was resumed today for the final vote, and that happened just this morning. it is about seven and a half minutes and here's how it unfolded. judiciaryer: the committee will come to order. having agreed yesterday to the amendment and the nature of the substitute and articles of impeachment against president trump, the impending business is reporting the resolution favorably to the house. reporting quorum being president, it is to report the resolution amended favorably to the house. pursuant to because five, house rule 16, because the resolution propositions, we will divide the question between the two articles. the question now is an article i of the resolution, impeaching president trump abusing his powers. the clerk will call the role. >> mr. nadler. es ay. nadler vot
1:16 pm
ms. lofgren votes ay. ms. jackson lee votes ay. mr. cohen votes ay. vote i.son of georgia mr. deutch votes ay. .s. bass votes ay mr. richmond votes yes. mr. jeffries votes i. votes ay.ini mr. swalwell votes ay. mr. raskin votes ay. ms. demings votes ay. ay.correa votes ms. scanlan votes ay.
1:17 pm
ms. garcia votes ay. mr. nagus votes ay. mcbath votes ay. mr. stanton votes ay. dean votes ay. ms. escobar votes ay. mr. collins. mr. collins votes no. mr. sensenbrenner votes no. gomer votes no. no.jordan votes mr. buck votes no. mr. radcliffe votes no. ms. robie votes no. mr. gates votes no.
1:18 pm
louisiana votes ay. -- votes no. mr. biggs votes no. mr. mcclintock votes no. ms. lesko votes no. mr. klein votes no. armstrong votes no. mr. steube votes no. as every member voted he wishes to vote? >> chairman. -- may i ask how i was recorded? >> you are recorded as no. >> i want to make sure. chair nadler: the clear carport. -- chair nadler: the article is
1:19 pm
agreed to. the question now is an article two. impeaching president donald trump on obstructing congress. the cleric will call the role. >> mr. nadler votes ay. ms. lofgren votes ay. ms. jackson lee votes ay. mr. cohen votes ay. mr. johnson of georgia votes ay. mr. deutch votes ay. ms. bass votes ay. s.. richmond votes ye mr. jeffries votes ay. mr. cuci- llini votes ay. mr. swalwell votes ay. mr. raskin votes ay.
1:20 pm
ms. demings votes ay. mr. correa votes ay. lon votes ay. ms. garcia votes ay. mr. nagus votes ay. mcbath votes ay. mr. stanton votes ay. dean votes ay. powell votes ay/. mr. garcia votes ay. votes no.brenner mr. gomer votes no. votes no. mr. jordan votes no. mr. buck votes no.
1:21 pm
mr. radcliffe votes no. ms. robie votes no. mr. gates votes no. mr. johnson of louisiana votes no. mr. biggs votes no. mr. mcclintock votes no. ms. lesko votes no. mr. russian -- mr. klein votes no. mr. steube votes no. is that every member of the committee who wishes to votes voted? clerical report. 17 no's.are 23 ay's,
1:22 pm
members will have two days to submit views. the resolution will be reported as a single amendment to the nature of a substitute. without objection, the staff is allowed to -- nine >> mr. chairman. i give notice of intent to follow dissenting views. chair nadler: notice is served without objection. the committee is adjourned. of thehe chair committee, jerry nadler of new york, and democrat ted lou who had a stent replaced in his heart valve, ease recovering well and will be back next week. that she is recovering well and will be back next week. recovering well and will be back next week. in a statement from the ranking republican on the committee,
1:23 pm
doug collins, who says today's vote highlights the pettiness of last night's delay and the folly of the articles of impeachment to allege no crime and establish no case. the abuse of power does not just undermine the integrity of the chamber or future presidencies, the altar one put the 2016 election they lost. saying, rather than help americans move into the future with confidence, democrats are attempting to kneecap our democracy. that is the statement from doug collins, who is the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee. the house rules committee is to can get up on tuesday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time and the full floor votes on wednesday. there is also votes on a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown on tuesday. and u.s.m.c.a., that votes is expected on thursday.
1:24 pm
if the schedule holds true, they will be out for the christmas holiday recess with the senate taking up the impeachment debate in january. a caller joining us from new haven, connecticut, democrat line. are you with us? caller: i am with you. thomas and west mineral, kansas. caller: the reason we elected donald trump is because he is a business man. not a career politician. that wehe best economy have had in history because, the united states government is the largest business in the world. trades with all of these other countries and all of that, and everything seems to be going good. the democrats are having a hard time with it because they did not be able to do it. on hown't have a limit
1:25 pm
many years they can stay in their seats. if we put limits on them like there are on the president, it would only allow another four years because they will get elected. host: we will go to linda next on the democrats line from troy, ohio. caller: good afternoon. i hope you can understand me. i have had a few strokes. i agree with the last three callers. time, ifl vote every it is a democrat, i will not vote for them. peopleise be to these that are defending him and the ones that are oh holier than thou and they really want to do this thing for our country? they are lying. they are lying. whatsoever. remorse
1:26 pm
she is casting up her religion. she has no religion. she has no religion. host: why do you say that? caller: oh, look at her. she said, oh, i am catholic. i am this, i am that. when we went into the ballot box, we won, we won, we won. nadler, he is with a heavy heart. he has been doing this for how many months? host: linda, thank you for the call. you sound great, good luck for you. thank you for making the effort to phone in. a reminder, we have a homepage with all of the impeachment to video we have covered over the last couple of months. ment
1:27 pm
it is all there as we continue to populate the events and much more next week with the floor debate in the house, and senate action in january. we will go to harold in dayton, ohio. you called on the third party line, which way are you leaning on this? caller: i have always been an independent. i have voted both republican and democrat. i even voted for front -- trump. very, very,i am very discouraged with my country. my family has served in every war since the revolution. i am not proud of being an american right now. sitting back here destroying this country because we have a president that we put in there. and i voted for him, one of my biggest mistakes in my life.
1:28 pm
does not respect anything about anybody. the only thing he respects is money and power. use.e has no i have a son that has gotten injured. i can't talk anymore. host: how is your son now? caller: pardon? host: how is he now? caller: he is getting better. he got shot up bad in vietnam. i am 80 years old. i hate this. host: harold, thank you. i have lost two lives. i raised five children. grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren, and they are coming up in a country that is nothing but garbage.
1:29 pm
and it irritates me. host: harold, do you think you can come together? no need to explain, i am sorry for your losses. do you think that collectively we can move beyond the partisanship we have been seeing? caller: i hope so. host: how do we get there? that i ohio represented watch on the committees, i have no respect for them anymore. host: who is that? caller: all they do is party line. they are not congress or representative, they are republicans or democrats. they are doing the parties. they are not doing our job. they are doing their party's j ob. and i'm sorry. host: who is your representative? caller: right now, portman, which, he has lost me forever.
1:30 pm
host: he is your senator. who is your house member? caller: my house member? they have changed so much here lately, i don't to know to be honest with you. host: harold, thank you for phoning in. caller: thank you. i appreciate it. this is the first time i have done this. host: don't be a stranger, call back, ok? caller: ok, thank you. host: we will go to don in rochester, new york. caller: thank you for taking my call. i will give you a little background. i was a grandfather, democrat for 46 years. my dad ran for political office in my small town in upstate new york. back then, you did what your parents did. you are grandfathered. over the years, and this gets lost in the fog of all of this.
1:31 pm
everybody should be taking a look at what the party stands for. i do not believe in partisan politics. i do not care if you are blue, green, yellow -- i don't care. i am always of the assumption for them going to vote very best candidate that has the best interests at heart for the american people. i don't care what you are, who you are, what party. this partisan politics that has gone on in washington dc -- these people should be ashamed of themselves. they really should. this has gone beyond anybody's comprehension. i have never, ever in all my years seen anything like this. they should be ashamed of themselves or what they have done to this guy. they never gave him a chance, right from day one. even before he took office, they
1:32 pm
were talking about impeachment. an ever, neverst ending battle to get this guy removed and not give him a chance to put this country straight. these democrats, they are never going to give him any leeway, and it is a shame. you know, the other thing,
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
leadership. caller: i forgot what the other charge was. host: bribery. caller: yes, all of a sudden they drop those two accusations, and these do not even fall under articles of impeachment, this is ludicrous. i have never seen anything honest to god, in all my years in politics, i have never seen anything like it. you know what? let the facts speak for themselves. they have been after this guy since before he even took office. it is nonstop. host: i will stop you there, thank you. from a huffington post reporter, a statement to buy chuck schumer with the following, if t yo in g some of the comments. someestion is i wonder how of the veterans felt after it came out that president trump had taken money from the veterans association with the fundraiser he had and he took the money for his own campaign. i do not see how veterans now support this president. along with all of the other things that he has done. that has nothing to do, of course, with the impeachment. it is very upsetting to me some of the things that he has done. the other comments you see on
1:35 pm
your show are things that say the democrats have been against this president before he took office. theyder how they felt when were so against president obama , when commentsre were made that they were going to go against every policy, thing thatthat -- obama did when he took office come up so it works both ways. atlanta. in caller: i have a small comment. i am a veteran from the 1970's and i voted for trump and i will vote for him again. my comment is, when my grandkids is in second grade. i was wondering if the democrats would hire her. host: why do you ask that? caller: they are all a bunch of second and third and fourth
1:36 pm
graders. shouldn't they have at least fifth or sixth grader democrats? host: we will go to angela next in new york, republican line. caller: hi, i think the impeachment is complete crab. anything wrong. i was a democrat prior to voting for him and i will never vote for another democrat again. i simply do not trust them anymore. all they do is lie. they are coming up with whatever they can to try to impeach the one person that is trying to save our constitutional rights and our freedom. i have a question for schiff. i want to know if the $7.8 million was worth it. and i want to know why a lot of the politicians are worth millions of dollars but they make less than $200,000 a year. voted end of the day, we for him because we believe in him. host: dennis is next in
1:37 pm
michigan, democrat line. , i am ayeah construction worker, i start my e 1974.iceship sinc it seems to me the impeachment is more about policy. which way the democrats want to take the country and which way the republicans want to take it. now -- host: we are getting some feedback, but we have the essence of your statement. from cnn reporter, this tweet saying since the ukraine scandal, sources tell us -- we will come back to that to because i am not able to read it right now. spent aboutt
1:38 pm
10 minutes talking about the events of the last week, a trade deal with china, and taking aim at the lieutenant colonel lindemann and adam schiff. let's watch this. [video clip] >> mr. president, your reaction to the votes in the house judiciary report? pres. trump: i was actually doing the final touches on the china deal. that is going to be one of the great deals ever, and it is ultimately going to leave it to the opening of china, which is something that is incredible. that is a whole, big, untapped market of 1.5 billion people. i was actually doing the finals. i got to see enough of it and i spoke to my people. it is a witchhunt. it is a sham. it is a hoax. nothing was done wrong. zero was done wrong. it is a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment, which is supposed to be used in a number, and it would seem that many, many years apart, to be
1:39 pm
using this for a perfect phone call, where the president of that country said, it was no pressure whatsoever. did not even know what we were talking about. it was perfect and the relationship was perfect. i have done much more for them than obama did for them. somethingam, it is that should not be allowed, and is a very bad thing for our country. you are trivializing impeachment, and i will tell you what, someday there will be a democratic president and a republican house, and i suspect you are going to remember it. when you use impeachment for absolutely nothing other than to try to get political gain. with that being said, my poll numbers have gone through the roof. fundraising for the republican party has gone through the roof. we are setting records. nobody has ever seen anything like it. the people are disgusted.
1:40 pm
the people are absolutely disgusted. nobody has ever seen anything like this. i watched it yesterday and i got to see quite a bit of it yesterday, and i saw these democrats of the committee make full's of themselves. absolute fools out of themselves. i saw them quoting, all the time, incorrectly. they kept saying 'me.' it was not about me, it was about us. can you do us a favor? country,ry comma our then it talks about seeing the attorney general of the united states. ior these people to say 'me,' did not say that, i said do us a favor, our country. talking about the past election,
1:41 pm
talking about corruption. the other thing that nobody remembers thing, hoax you could call it, because it is a hoax, and nancy pelosi knows it. do.he way, they yesterday, and she was on an interview and she said we have been working on this or two and a half years. yearss working on it two before we ever spoke to ukraine. she said we have been working on impeachment for two and a half
1:42 pm
years. and a reporter was shocked when they got this answer because it shows you she is a liar. it is a very sad things for our country, but it seems to be very good for me politically. ofse people, i watched some the dishonest, fake media, they are saying that the polls have remained the same. no, the polls have not remained the same. i think you understand that, john. the polls have gone through the roofer trump. people, especially independent voters and numbers and swing tates, so the impeachment is a hoax, it is a sham. it started a long time ago, probably before i came down the escalator with the future first lady -- it started a long time ago. when you look at the ig report and you look at these horrible fbi people talking about, we have to get them out, insurance policies.
1:43 pm
, just inance policy case she loses, meaning crooked hillary. who is as crooked as a three dollar bill. just in case crooked hillary loses, we have an insurance policy. but we have been going through the insurance policy now for three years and it is a disgrace. then q very much, everybody. -- thank, everybody. >> do you know how much they will be buying? pres. trump: i think will be $50 billion in agriculture. >> when? pres. trump: pretty soon. they have already stepped it up. my deal with them was two months ago we had it in pretty good form. i said, do me a favor, start to buying agriculture. if you look, they are already buying. we are with the people of venezuela 100%. we are going to be discussing venezuela today. do you prefer a short process
1:44 pm
and the senate are more extended process? pres. trump: i heard lindsey graham who is terrific, and i heard his statements, and i like that. i am going to do, i will do whatever i want. look, we did nothing wrong. i will do long or short. i heard mitch, i heard lindsey, i will do whatever they want to do. it does not matter. i would not mind the long process because i would like to see the whistleblower who is a fraud. the whistleblower wrote a false report. i really blew it up when i release the transcripts of the call. gets up, and he, and i blew him up, too, because he went up in front of congress and made a statement about what i said which is totally false. a long time after he made it, and he got caught, he said, well that was parity, parity. a is a corrupt politician and
1:45 pm
disgrace and because of the fact that he is in congress, he has immunity so you cannot do anything. he went up there and made a totally false statement. the whistleblower wrote a totally false statement. it is a fraud. then i say, where is the informer, the informer who warned the whistleblower. you know why he disappeared? because i released the transcripts. where is the second whistleblower? we have breaking news. much of the media is corrupt. bad people, they are sick people, and they are corrupt. and we are fighting the democrats and we are fighting a lot of the corrupt media. but i ask of the corrupt media, where is the second whistleblower? i i had not had a transcript, am lucky we had this transcript, which by the way has been
1:46 pm
verified by the lt. col.. colonel, so where is all of this stuff that was going to happen? once i released it, and i released it quickly, but once i released it, all, the second whistleblower disappeared, the first whistleblower who is all set to testify, he all of a sudden becomes this saint like figure that they do not need them anymore. released the text of what happened, the transcript, that was the end. everybody disappeared. seconds no informer, no whistleblower, everybody is gone, and a guy like sondland, no one ever says -- he said very strongly that i said, i want, and no quid pro nobody says that. that is what he said. he said it in congress.
1:47 pm
nobody ever said that. we are dealing with a lot of corrupt people. there was nothing done wrong. to use the power of impeachment on this nonsense is an embarrassment to this country. the president just cited, and that is an embarrassment to our country. thank you, very much. --osstalk was [crosstalk] host: that exchange with reporters. you can see he was joined by the president of paraguay. back to this tweet from a cnn producer and reporter saying since the ukraine scandal, sources tell us the white house has further cracked down on who is on the president's calls with foreign leaders. pointing out in addition, the transcripts of the calls with world leaders are also disseminated to a far smaller group of people inside the white
1:48 pm
house. according to administrative officials, attempting to limit the number of people with inside information about these conversations and further narrowing the people on the call. this is the headline on, white house officials limit those on the call with trump in the wake of the ukrainian scandal. jack is with us. caller: good afternoon. on the impeachment process, let's go back to when he came and asked for theia to investigate hillary papers. that was one. then he says, he is going to our nationalove security people. that had nothing to do with politics. they are the ones are the backbone of this country to
1:49 pm
foreign countries. talk the way he is talking i cannot tell the truth from the lies he has told. he has told so many lies, it ain't funny. and all of these people say, yes, he has helped the economy. but he has hurt the farmers, he has hurt the working class people. i am retired, i was also a in aan, and i was born news about time, so i can tell you a few things about this country and he is taking the consultation of the united states and fumbled it out. thank you for your patience with me. host: thank you. democrat line, steve. good afternoon. caller: good afternoon and thank you for taking my call. would stop all of these people both democrats and republicans from babbling all
1:50 pm
the time. they just babble and you let them go. host: this is an open forum. it is a chance to really hear unfiltered what people are saying and thinking. caller: you let them just ramble and they make no sense, sir. i just watched the clip that you played with trump with the president of paraguay. used the mob statement, can you do me a favor? he just did it twice in that clip. twice, i had seen it. all the people saying that trump was a great businessman. trump never made a penny on his own, daddy gave him all of his money, he blew it. as far as being a criminal, he ripped off his own charity. a charity for veterans? he made this scam university? really? i don't know. i guess they have drank the
1:51 pm
orange makeup kool-aid, all of them, like the people have called in. and you can tell where they get all of their talking points from fox news. thank you for taking my call. host: sure. -- i just, i am not a democrat or republican. i vote for the most honest person that there is that can do the job. honestly, it is not donald trump. host: we go to florida. good afternoon. caller: good afternoon, thank you for having me on. i absolutely think our president is doing a great job. i have been listening, 14 hours, all yesterday i was watching the program. for the five to 10 minutes i watched this morning, they could have done that last night was very disrespectful for all americans. int: it was 7.5 minutes
1:52 pm
total, so very brief. caller: it is awful. it's awful. look, if he was wrong, he is wrong. if he is right, he is right. that is the way i feel. i feel that democrat or republican, whoever, republican is what ours is right now, if a president is wrong whether democrat or republican, you hold them accountable. what i've been seeing is all democrats. i have not seen him do anything wrong. hearsay, if i go into a court of law and it is hearsay and i'm getting arrested for 20 years or something that was just said, show me the facts. i am not seeing the facts is the problem i saw. another democrat had used them violence --mestic used domestic violence with the
1:53 pm
whistleblower. let me tell you something about the method violen here we got -- domestic violence, here we go. i had to be in front of my accuser even though he had done me wrong. he had a fair shot in the court to speak his piece. i think that is what should be going on here and that is what america is about. host: we will go to michael in san francisco. you mentioned the house judiciary committee, the very brief session, and democrats contended that it was delayed because of a series of r -- procedural votes yesterday. we wrapped up our live coverage around midnight with your calls and comments. today's session was only seven and a half minutes. you'll be able to see that the top of the hour, 2:00 eastern time. michael from san francisco. caller: good morning, thank you for having me. i was really, really frustrated last night when chairman nadler
1:54 pm
skipped all protocol and just steam lined his 10:00 a.m. re-vote, and i came back this morning i was watching this. they could have finished all of that up last night and i think that is what the entire committee saw at first. that was my main concern. la harris,member kama when she was elected, she was talking about the first thing she was going to do was fight trump on everything he did. from the get go when she came on, it seemed that they were going to go after him for no apparent reason. i have not really heard anything in the last few weeks with all of these hearings that i've been , i do not see anything that was really done. everything is out in the open. it is very transparent. host: the political back continues.
1:55 pm
this tweet from marshall cohen responding to what the ,resident said a while ago saying, house democrats go after mcconnell after he touted his white house coordination. representative demings saying, i think he should recuse himself. saying,tative jayapal it is outrageous for the chief juror who is organizing the trial to be courting mating with the defendant. the is based in part on comments by mitch mcconnell who was on fox news last night talking about the coordination with sean hannity. ron joining us from alliance, nebraska. democrat line. host: -- caller: my idea is this impeachment, it is totally warranted. moreave 500 or constitutional scholars that look at the same thing and say, impeachable
1:56 pm
i think i will take their word for it. you also have hundreds of psychiatrists, psychologists professionals that tell us that this president has serious mental disorders. i think i will take their word for it, too. host: thank you. final point? caller: between him and the republican party, black is white, up is down, lies are fact, facts are lies, it is just ridiculous. host: frank is joining us from atwater, california, republican line. what is your take on everything? caller: yes, i listened to several of the callers. one of the ladies you had the talk about domestic violence and her experience. the totality of what she was saying, i totally agree with. i am looking at something -- i was an air force 26 years, and i
1:57 pm
have a degree from the community college from the air force. went to college for paralegal and then i switched over for five years after 26 years in the air force and became a radiological technologist. i prepared myself, i am theicultural, raised up in african culture, the anglo school, catholic high same as bishop fulton went to -- host: really? caller: yes. the in the 1960's, i was in civil rights movement with my african-american brothers and sisters and my anglo brothers and sisters. i was raised up. anglo folks,s as we have feelings and emotions. host: thank you for the call. c-span continues to be a primary source for the proceedings as
1:58 pm
they happen and live coverage on tuesday beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three, on the web at, and the free c-span radio app, as the house rules committee takes up the two articles of impeachment. hearing toommittee impeach is expected to run 12 hours beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. every house member can speak if they want. members may be rotating in and out. that development will be live for the entire session from start to finish. next collar is from birch, michigan. frank, independent line. caller: i would like to correct the older gentleman that was very emotional. soldiers can fight and iraq and afghanistan. i would like to make that point. but the thing about the articles of impeachment.
1:59 pm
our president one by 10,000 votes. that is all this is. if they can sway enough people to vote against mr. trump, they accomplished their mission. what gets me is when obama was president, he did not give up to ukraine, but he put sanctions. the 37 roentgens that meddled in our elections, and what did he do three weeks before the presidency that she ,ave the ukrainian government $5 million, and he gave for why:? for the? -- host: thank you for the call. the vote in the house judiciary committee along party lines, ted lieu is the only democrat missing, who is recovering from
2:00 pm
a heart procedure. we had a couple of pro forma sessions over the weekend to follow house rules, and the house rules committee meeting on tuesday with a floor debate on wednesday. also a busy week on capitol hill with the house voting on a spending bill to avert a government shutdown on tuesday. and a vote on the usmca trade deal which will take place on thursday before lawmakers had out-of-town for the christmas holiday recess. and back in january, the senate will take up the articles of impeachment. our live coverage continues over the course of the next couple of days. a reminder on the web at, and take us along on the free c-span radio app. from this morning test judiciary session as that gavel came down, for a very brief session. lawmakers on the committee voting on two articles of impeachment.


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