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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  December 18, 2019 9:20pm-10:00pm EST

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the next couple days in washington. we want to hear your voice. the white house has put out a statement. here is part of it. "all these antics make clear democrats lost sight of what the country needs. their boundless animus for president trump fuels their desire to nullify the 2016 election results and improperly influence the 2020 election." we will show you in just a minute a tweet by senate democratic leader chuck schumer. first we will hear from nathan from texas on our independent line. have you been following this today? caller: yes, i have been following all day. i want to say that almost
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everyone associated with president trump has gotten themselves indicted and in jail. his personal lawyer, michael cohen, paul manafort, and everyone is in jail now. that tells me he is a crook. america needs to protect itself. i am an immigrant from ghana. i call america home. i don't want america to go down the chutes with president trump. host: jeff in michigan, republican line. jeff, you with us? caller: hello. host: jeff, you can't me. -- caught me. sorry about that. caller: i have been hearing a lot from impeachment. there is another thing people don't realize. a few this is old, but years ago, i have been hearing
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about a lawsuit that could affect the trial, now that president trump is impeached, that president trump was profiting off his businesses from saudi arabia and it is considered to be a violation of the emoluments clause. -- think if one of the senate members brings it up, it could be very interesting. it could affect president trump in a very strong way. host: another story going on in washington about the emoluments clause. in glen ellen, illinois, independent line. what did you think of today's impeachment debate? caller: i felt mostly sad. i am an independent. i am an evangelical. i support the impeachment. a naive part of me hoped
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republicans would show moral courage and vote yea based on the conduct of the president. what has been the saddest thing to me about his presidency is the amount of support he is receiving from fellow evangelicals. i want to say to them, please consider this man's conduct in his personal life and political life, and consider whether this is someone you want to represent not just your party, but your faith. host: did you see evidence when it came to abuse of power and obstruction of congress that were impeachable, in your view? caller: yes. i am concerned about the attacks on the media. host: are those impeachable offenses? caller: that he acted in his own personal interest, yes, and used his power as american president
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to his own political ends, yes. host: thank you for calling in. senator schumer sent out this tweet, that the impeachment of a president is a solemn moment for our country. he goes on to talk about the fairness in the senate, kind of related to what nancy pelosi was talking about. the president has been in battle creek, speaking at a clinical rally. here is a bit of what he had to say tonight. president trump: i think we have a vote coming in. every single republican voted for us. whoa! [cheers and applause] president trump: wow. almost 200. 229.d 198, we didn't lose one republican vote. and three democrats voted for
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us. [cheers and applause] president trump: thank you. great job. wow. has neverican party but they haveted, never been so united as they are now. never. i know the senators are great guys, women too. they are great people. they love this country. they are going to do the right thing. so i said in my letter to pelosi -- i love that. host: as the president mentioned, three democrats did vote against article two, obstruction of congress. they were geoff andrew, collin peterson, and congressman goldman, democrat of maine.
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tulsi gabbard on both articles voted present. republican line. good evening. caller: as a republican, i am both ashamed and scared for our country. nobody is going to party aside. on both sides, republican and democrat. i am sick of the two-party system. the man is a crook. talks like a duck, walks like a duck. host: republican line. this is jeffrey in metairie, louisiana, democrat. are you with us? no, we lost him. let's try eli, independent. caller: hi, thanks for having me on. i have been watching this for quite a long time, and there is so much to take in. this whole thing would have a
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lot more legitimacy by the democrats if they would not have, from the very beginning, to intend on getting rid of the president. i would be more inclined to believe their justifications are true. so far from what i have heard, everything is based on hearsay and interpretation of what his intent was in withholding of the funds. the second point i wanted to thing abouts whole making this about protecting the constitution. when i look at what has been going on with the democratic candidates, a lot are basically pandering to leftist policy, but attack the constitution itself. for an example, taking the guns away of law-abiding citizens. free speech might be under attack because leftist groups want to label certain things hate speech.
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wouldhe beginning, this have more legitimacy if they were not hell-bent on getting rid of him from the beginning. host: what do you think that no republican broke rank? caller: that is another thing. theres was bipartisan, are republicans also agree with the democrats. i would have been more inclined to believe them. from the very beginning, they are showing otherwise. that is just my main thing. they are wanting to get rid of them for the very beginning, and also, it is not being bipartisan at all. at the end of the day, everyone knows trump is going to stay president. at the end of the day, democrats are going to hate him that much more and republicans will like him more. nothing is going to change. host: that is eli in arizona,
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who mentioned the democratic presidential candidates. they were debate will happen at marymount college tomorrow in los angeles. the president is at battle creek. it is now 9:30. that is live on tuesday into if you want to -- on c-span2 if you want to listen to the president. good evening. caller: i want to respond to eli, who was on before me. democrats are not hateful. that is not why we are doing this. we are legitimately concerned about the future of our country. when we see the things that are happening, they are concerned about maintaining the balance of power. this is what our country has been based on. it is not about the party you are a member of, this is about the future of our children. i was with my kids.
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morning.p in d.c. this we had a chance to see the impeachment hearings. it was wonderful to show them the fabulous traditions they come from, but i am worried this is no longer going to be an option that they get to experience any more, that this kind of democracy, this wonderful democratic experiment, is going to fall. in the house of representatives this morning, listening to the debate? caller: we were. host: did you come to washington for that purpose? caller: no, we were fortunate to be up there. i got, for the first time, passes. i did not realize that was a thing you could do.
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i did not realize they were free and you can just show up and ask for them. i homeschool my children. i think they were the only children in the gallery this morning. host: thanks for calling in and sharing that with us. wilma from brooks failed, republican. what did you think of the debate? caller: i think it is a desperate, partisan attack on our president to get him out of beice so he cannot reelected. i do not agree. this has been a witch hunt, a partisan debate. thesest in awe that leftist radical democrats have to theat they have done
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best president that we have had in the united states, in my opinion. i am a transporter. i -- i am a trump supporter. i hope, when this goes to the senate, it will be overturned. i don't know if that is an option or not. i don't know if you can tell me that is an option or not. host: the house impeaches, the senate convicts. nancy pelosi said they are not sending articles of impeachment to the senate yet. managers have not been named who is prosecuting and defending in the senate. senator mcconnell tweets out that at 9:30 thursday morning on the senate floor, he will be speaking about house democrats's precedent breaking impeachment of the president.
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that will be live on c-span2 in our senate coverage. pennsylvania. did i get any of that right? caller: yes, sir. i am working right now. host: independent line. please make your comment. caller: i have been watching all day. host: you've got to turn down the tv and listen through your telephone. go ahead. we are listening to you. caller: yes, i listened all day. i am an independent. what strikes me at the end of the impeachment, after the votes were casted, none of the reporters asked speaker of the house nancy pelosi about the things she said in previous months, that if we have a vote, it has to be bipartisan.
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the only bipartisan vote i saw was no from democrats. host: so what do you think the strongest argument for or against impeachment was? caller: i don't think democrats have made the case. it was just hearsay. debate,ring today's which just ended at nearly 8:00 this evening, 240 members out of 431 spoke on the house floor. tommy is in st. louis, democrat. please go ahead. on?er: what's going
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i'm glad they finally went through the impeachment. everyone knows this is bad for america. host: what was the impeachment argument that convinced you he should be impeached? caller: the abuse of power, the argument that he is hiding a lot of documents. a lot of things work red flags -- were red flags for me. host: have you been following his presidency since 2016? caller: yes, i have. host: overall, what do you think? caller: unemployment rate is down. he has done a few things, but it does not justify the wrongs he is doing. host: that is tommy in st. louis. ohio,s willie in
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republican. caller: i think it is a wrongdoing by the democrats. i think it has been a witch hunt won the one, since he election. host: when you say witchhunt, give us some examples. caller: you see it every day. they hate him. she got off of the podium today, s he would not send over the transcripts, you know? she kept saying we will see what they do first. it is always about them. host: that is willie in newark, ohio. jeremy is in birmingham, alabama. jeremy is an independent. caller: i'm good, how are you? host: please go ahead. caller: i'm just calling in.
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i think it is a really sad day for america. i will be honest, i did not vote for trump, i did not vote for obama. from what i can see, it has been a witch hunt on this man from the get-go. give the guy a chance. he is not perfect. we did not vote god into office. we need to give this man a chance to bring our country out of a slump and to clean the swamp out. i stand behind the man. i didn't vote for him, but i think people should give him a chance. he is not only fighting for our country, but he has been fighting against people in our own country. all he is doing is try to do his job. host: what do you think about
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former attorney general jeff sessions running for his seat in alabama? caller: not a real big fan of the politics arena. i kind of -- to me, it is the lesser of the two evils. from what i have seen from trump, i kind of reading between the lines, i don't understand why they are trying to get this man out of office when he has not done a terrible job. we have had presidents before who led us down a lot of dark, dark paths. this guy comes in, he does it in an unconventional way. he didn't go through the societies. i do want to get too deep -- don't want to get too deep, but america needs to let him do his job. let him make it out of the first
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term. host: that is jeremy out of alabama. democrats lines. go ahead. caller: if we are looking at the click you just showed, trump is turning a loss into a victory. we are seeing this before our eyes. if you look historically in the past four years -- i am a believer that most complicated problems can be solved by boiling it to a simple question -- is trump a man who shows compassion? what we have seen from his actions is no. a lot of the defense is surface level. people are just reporting what other people have said. the best way to go about the whole trump issue, we are watching our democracy working, but it is a democracy that is threatened. i have been watching this all
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day with my brothers. one of them pointed out, is this going to be a trend? will we see presidents impeaching each other? these rallies -- they are showing us the real side of trump. there is a quote. "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." trump has shown us time and time again. host: that is maya angelou's quote. maxine waters used that quote on the floor of the house impeachment today. republican. caller: how are you today? host: please go ahead. caller: i agree with a couple what they said has got some truth to it. at the same time, i think this country at this time is in a great divide. democrats,
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proceeding with the impeachment hearings, have set a precedent. they will split this country even farther. there are a lot of people i work weh, first responders -- kind of all get together and talk about what is going on with the country politically. you see there is a lot of disagreement between the democrats and republicans. no one can agree on anything. there is not anything getting done to help this country. there is a huge need in this country for health care reform. there needs to be some assistance for families that need to get medicines to these kids, to diabetics and things like that. there are no programs being done to help them. host: did you hear any arguments from the democrats that convinced you impeachment was a
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viable choice? week ago, they brought in a panel of people to speak, stating that trump is e vil due to the fact that he is using his power for political gain. they all use their power for political gain. the democrats just passed a bill that allows democrats to use taxpayer money to campaign. isn't that the same thing? they are using taxpayer's money for political gain? phoenix in our independent line. caller: hi. i feel like i have been living in the twilight zone, watching these hearings.
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-- and iti have seen is obvious to me. the conclusion was to impeach trump from the beginning. they cherry picked the evidence they needed to support that. it has always been about getting him out he said he was running. it is obvious, because every argument they make is emotional, the liberals. where is the republicans are coming on a factual, like, databased point of view. host: what do you do in phoenix? caller: i am a nursing student. host: has impeachment been a topic of discussion among you and your colleagues? caller: unfortunately schools are mostly liberal, so if you have viewpoints that are not liberal, you don't voice those
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unless you know that person is open to hearing other points of view. i also work at starbucks, so i either,ice that view however you find people that are like-minded and willing to hear pushedthing than what is through the liberal media. host: thank you for calling in. when nancy pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry in september -- it is now december -- everything that happened in those four months, plus all the floor speeches, house and senate, any member is available on our website, the debates, etc. it is a great resource. 431 members of congress.
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four vacancies. 240 of them spoke on the house floor today during the debate on article one, which was abuse of power. all democrats, and one voting present. that was on abuse of power. on article two, obstruction of nays,ss, 229 yea's, 198 and one voting present. three democrats voted nay on article two, collin peterson of minnesota, congressman golden of maine. they all voted nay on article two. tulsi gabbard voted present on both articles. jeff van drew and collin peterson also voted nay on article one. to bean drew is said
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converting to a republican after the impeachment vote. that is another story we will be following in washington, along with what speaker pelosi said tonight regarding sending over to the articles of impeachment. she is not doing that tonight. that is going to be a storyline to follow in washington as well. democrat. thanks for holding, you are on the air. i am a veteran. brothers to the vietnam war. i almost lost my life to the vietnam war. if your allies can't trust you and you have to go to them for is not safe for you. we did not need to go to ukraine ournybody else to deal in
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politics. that should be us, nobody else. we need to support our allies. that has to do with vietnam. it happened in the second world war. it is happening all over the world now. we don't have the competence -- the confidence of our allies. we need that. host: up next, let's hear from crystal lake, illinois, republican. caller: i just wanted to say this is a disappointing day for the republicans. the democrats wanted to impeach trump from day one. it is very disappointing that wanted all the democrats to do this from day one.
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it is disappointing that trump is being impeached. host: thank you. jacksonville, florida, independent line. you are on c-span, getting your reaction to impeachment today. caller: hello, thank you for taking my call. i wanted to say -- i am retired also, so i have seen every one of the hearings. i have downloaded the testimony and read it. people,fficult for most because they don't have time to read the information and have a good understanding of what transpired. i do believe he deserves to be impeached. he does deserve to be removed, because he is dangerous. host: as someone who has followed this, what was the strongest argument for you?
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caller: it wasn't so much the phone call in itself, it was everything that preceded that and what happened after that, and giuliani's role in the entire process. that brought it together and showed there was corrupt intent. it wasn't just innocently or by accident. ftc put out a notification that it was illegal to do that, and he did it anyway. a lot of people don't look at corruption and how it can affect them in their everyday lives. femaey look at how dispenses emergency assistance, having a governor stop that until you did them a favor, something like that. or if someone was to get you
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charged with something because they don't like you, while you are traveling overseas or something like that. those things can affect you personally. host: we will leave it there. thank you for your time. the president is in battle creek, michigan at a political rally. he started speaking at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. he has been going for about two hours. vice president pence spoke before he did. this is all happening with, and it is -- live, and it is on c-span2. how much of the impeachment debate have you followed? caller: my gosh, i watched all the hearings. the really, really for impeachment. we have got a horrible problem with the fact that we were unable to see and hear from the
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witnesses that were called that trump obstructed from coming to testify. if the senate wants to repair trump's reputation for history, they had better bring those people in, or we are never going to think any good thoughts about this man. truthfully, he has been lying since the day he took the oath of office about the size of the crowds that came to witness his swearing in. he has not been truthful from the get-go, and i don't know why anyone would think he is being truthful about this now. he only released the money because he was caught. host: watertown, south dakota. tomorrow morning, 9:30 a.m., senator mitch mcconnell mcconnell will be making a statement about the impeachment process on the senate floor. that will be live on c-span2.
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if you have been with us for a while, speaker pelosi held a press conference, indicating she is not sending over the articles of impeachment to the senate just yet. the house impeaches, the senate prosecutes. those articles of impeachment have not been sent over. whether or not there is a trial or when it begins, tbd. peter, republican line. go ahead. c-span, i haveto followed the entire process of the impeachment, from those court hearings, if you want to call them that -- a better term is a kangaroo court. especiallynadler -- schiff, he set it up. he indicated he was only calling specific witnesses, and they were all anti-trump.
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we all knew impeachment was a done deal. that was given. we know it is going to happen in the senate. what your callers have indicated today is that it is dividing the country tremendously. one of your guests minutes ago indicated how much she thought trump was a liar. the economy is doing well. unemployment is low. he is working toward achieving diplomatic relationships. everyone is so concerned about putin and russia. you know russia has only one aircraft carrier? they are not the military force ago wheny were 50 years i was in college. we need to be more concerned about china. isn't he trying to work out with
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china diplomatically and north korea? those are the areas of concern we should be looking at. host: peter mentions he has been following this process. everything is contained there from start to finish, judiciary committee, intelligence committee, all the hearings and floor speeches, you can go to our website and find it there. independent. good evening. caller: thank you for having me on. i have been following this impeachment process since september, when my civics class got involved. host: can you do me a favor? we want to hear what you have to say. can you stand in one place and speak clearly on your cell phone? you are going in and out, and we really want to hear you. caller: my civics class has been
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following the impeachment process since september. overall, i definitely agree on the grounds he was impeached on. i think the call to ukraine was an obstruction. it was an abuse of his power as president. he did it in his own interests, not for the country itself. what i am most scared about is the possibility this might go through the senate and he might actually get kicked out of office. i am scared, because it could be mike pence in office. i don't know how to think about these things yet. it andowing up through experiencing it. i think it is dividing this country. it is a sad thing to be witnessing. host: how has the debate gone in your civics class, and what grade is this in?
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caller: i am in eighth grade. our class is mostly for the impeachment of trump. right now we are all just ense,ng our breaths, in a s because we don't know what is going to happen next. although it is an experience to live through, we get to see a civics lesson in front of our very eyes, it is a scary thing happening. we don't know who is going to be in charge next. host: and what has been your teacher's role? caller: he has been very helpful in guiding us through it all. he explained the differences between impeachment and being convicted. he has been able to tie it into the curriculum very well. overall, it is an experience, definitely. host: do you want to give a shout out to your teacher or
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school? caller: i would like to give him a shout out at rocky run. thank you for being an awesome civics teacher. carolina,er, south democrat. caller: yes. i am a former democrat after seeing this disgusting display from my party. it is absolutely atrocious what is going on in government right now. i am not the only one that will be jumping out of the party. host: what did you find disgusting today? caller: i find the whole way they went about this impeachment physicalg with zero evidence, just on your site. -- on hearsay. it doesn't take rocket science. host: jackie in salt lake, city.
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republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. the funny thing about this whole thing is democrats believe what they are saying. that is probably the funniest thing i can get out of this. tohusband and i listened virtually every hour of this process. they keep saying trump is doing this for his own personal gain. frome less than a year out the elections, and they keep pinpointing biden. it doesn't make sense to me that they are throwing out this argument that trump had personal gain by throwing biden out of the race when biden has enough time to throw himself out of his own race. nothing trump can do - -if it was -- if it was a 10 hour
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last-minute situation, that could play in, but right now it doesn't. there is plenty of time to make sure biden can't run again, or the higher ups on the democrat chain will kick him out anyway. host: thank you all for calling in. we enjoy getting your reaction to the full debate. we will continue getting the reaction tomorrow morning on the washington journal from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. eastern time. the house is coming in at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. they are working on the trade agreement, the usmca. we are going to get two hours of your reaction to the two articles of impeachment that you saw today. by the way, everything we have covered when it comes to impeachment is available at n


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