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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Campaign Events and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 1, 2020 2:55pm-3:31pm EST

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and to defeat donald trump. i've experience running complex government at a lot of experience nationally, to deal with the rest of the world. [crosstalk] >> hey guys, press, please be mindful. >> congratulations. >> i want to take a picture. >> why do you go from [indiscernible] [laughter] >> i will follow you now. >> come on. [crosstalk] yeah.h, >> campaign 2020 coverage continues. that was a former mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg, who is launching his own
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campaign, bypassing the primary's and caucuses in february, putting his efforts into the big states, beginning with super tuesday in early march. you can follow our coverage on the web at a couple of tweets we want to share with you. we appreciate those watching, including craig who points out he is watching c-span's wall-to-wall coverage of the iowa events this weekend. like being there, but staying warm. says,nother viewer who you know you are in iowa during talk a season when you're driving behind the c-span bus. if the buses in your neck of the was be sure to stop by, wave and if it is parked, get it to her. this from a local activist for pete buttigieg, prepping campaign materials for later today. listening to closing argan's and waiting anxiously to start thinking iowa. you to the caucuses many evening with coverage under way at 7:00 eastern time. a caucus in the des moines area. on c-span2 we take you to a rural area of iowa for a caucus to see the chance to see how the
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process unfolds. we will follow that with two rounds of numbers coming from the state democratic party and then the delegate totals. also we will have speeches by the candidates. that is on monday evening. tuesday is the state of the union. wednesday on c-span2, the senate expected to vote to acquit president trump. in the meantime, in new hampshire for the primary on february the 11th. this is the headline from, biden and rivals privately pitching caucus night deals. joining us on the phone is a co-author of that story, eugene daniels, in iowa on the saturday afternoon. explain what is happening behind the scenes? the story is all about the biting campaign -- the biden campaign talking with some of second-tierof the campaigns, people like andrew yang and amy klobuchar and talking with them about teaming up on the second ballot.
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and, indinating to try this area i want you to help me become viable and i will help you here, and help wherever the caucuses are happening. i think it is not super abnormal for this to be happening, when you talk to senior democratic operatives or people who are in iowa. and work with the caucuses all the time, this happens. it does speak to the fact that joe biden had in the last month or so shifted more resources here. want toooks like they make sure the expectations of them are justified, depending on how he gets out of here in iowa. because at this point he is still behind bernie sanders. >> again, as we have been saying, you need to reach that 15% threshold. let's take an andrew yang. what kinds of negotiations go on between the biden and yang
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campaigns? >> both, when you speak to the campaigns, and the people who familiar thousand conversations, they were trying to be very about how and what the conversations went on. mum about basically it was, you're knocking to do well this area, you might hit this but that's team up and then find another state for you in a different district or different county. these are the kinds of things that are happening. and i what does not just matter who is first, it matters who is second and third choice. at this point, fourth choice as well because we have a very tight race. all are within striking distance of each other. when you're in a room and it is all about persuasion and convincing people, it is a completely different set up that it is when it comes to the primary people go in and push the button for the person they want to win.
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>> we're talking with eugene daniels and we want to get to your calls and, says whelp you're your phones are the funds are open. tell us what you think about i was role in these caucuses and what you have seen so far. 202 is the area code. 202-748-8900 202-748-8901 you at the bernie sanders rally and news came from that. >> people are excited. when we were there, the bernie backers, they are very upset with a lot of the things we have, a small group of dnc operatives who have been meeting and talking about the things they could do to make sure bernie sanders does not win. and those, what we are seeing is
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that the establishment quote unquote democrats are still very nervous about bernie sanders and about what is going to happen. out ourould point colleague ben o'connell is in iowa. sang lowe from west high school in iowa city where elizabeth warren will speak to supporters and potential caucus-goers at 4:30 p.m. eastern, live on c-span. of o'connell part of a team reducers, producers and camera operators. eugene o'connell let me ask about expectations. the bitter judge and some polls now running second or third. there is always the uncertainty that we can before of true the undecideds might shift two. >> right and we are seeing this race some times almost 50% of the islands have not made up
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their mind even the weekend of the caucuses. we talked a lot of operatives who have been doing this for decades in iowa talk about the cycle. they are just as surprised as we are that this is so [indiscernible] it is anyone's game for those four. knowy come down to, and i this is something reporters say, it may come down to turnout. and the machine they have created here in iowa. when you talk to almost anyone, looks like elizabeth worden has such a -- warren has such a good ground game in iowa. she started earlier and it's really been doing a lot of focus on eye with this entire time. depending on how things -- focus on iowa this entire time. pending on how things shake out and have a people turn out to these caucuses, it can be a very long night for us. >> let me ask about the des moines register poll coming out of it :00 eastern time tonight. at is often been a bellwether
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indicator -- coming out at 8:00 p.m. tonight. have you heard anything about what does nevers may reveal? >> not yet, [indiscernible] you said, these are the golden example of how a pole should be done and the kinds of things. it is usually really close to the answer we're going to see him caucus night here. the pole is probably going to show this is still very close race. i have been out here two weeks talking to voters and candidates and supporters and surrogates and everyone is kind of all over the place it is hard to find someone who is in one ideological lane and if they don't go for bernie they'll go for oren, i've seen club char and yang.
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the placeare all over because their focus is on electability and for them the most important thing come you see poll after poll for democrats and they still want to be donald trump. former vice president biden privately pitching caucus deals. eugene daniels on the road. where are you? >> i'm in des moines today but i will be driving around tomorrow. >> thank you for spinning time with us and we will follow your work online. eugene daniels of politico. we were live at the sanders rally last night and earlier today live in waterloo, iowa, with former south bend mayor pete buttigieg. coming up at the bottom of the hour, jane sanders from that event last night. at 4:30 p.m. eastern time, live and i was sitting with senator lisbeth worn. -- elizabeth warren. and later with joe biden who is in waterloo, iowa.
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your phone calls, starting with james. how much have you been following in light of everything happening in washington? >> i have been following it since the day the president went down the escalator. about this thoughts campaign and the iowa caucuses? oughthink the democrats to leave him alone and let him go on with the countries -- country's bidness. >> good afternoon i want to say i've not heard any of the candidates talk about the national deficit, which is $1 trillion right now. it is going to be 1.3 chilean dollars next year -- 1.3 trillion dollars. >> the overall debt is 23 trillion. >> you're right about the debt
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is increasing by that amount every time we run this deficit. i've not heard any of the candidates talk about it. that is one area where we can be donald trump because he has run this deficit up and he has run the country into the ground. thank you. >> thank you, james, for the call. michael, but public in line, knoxville tennessee. good afternoon. >> steve, i've not seen in years but you have not changed a bit. you look great. to the last colors point, this country is in fantastic point, we are running a deficit and have debt. but every president run set up. line but ipublican changed. trump i think this country is in great shape. just look at the stock market with the exception of friday. this economy is roaring. what to the democrats have to offer except a bunch of-they seem like, i don't know.
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they are not going to be trump. >> michael, thanks for the call. we were live with donald trump thursday evening in des moines, iowa, we showed early on the day pretty he will deliver his state of the union on tuesday evening. coverage gets underway at 8:00 p.m. eastern time and the speech at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the democratic response from the governor of michigan. the president will be in manchester, new hampshire the day before the new hampshire primary on monday, separate 10th. we will have coverage of that. jean on the independent line? from tennessee, i am calling in response to what happened in washington that's what i have been watching from the democrats. i know that donald trump is a brash billionaire. one thing they started accusing trump of right out of the gate was he was a liar. a liar. a liar. that is all i heard.
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he has told 16,000 lies in one day. nobody in their right mind can lie that much in one day, or they never can tell you anything a fact. one thing that donald trump has done since he has been in office as he has done what he said he would do. because the republican party rolled him out and omnibus budget that our military was depleted, our country was shot, we had no jobs, we had nothing. and paul ryan, good old republican paul ryan rolled out and omnibus budget including all the thomistic things the democrats need -- the domestic things the democrats need. since bill clinton has been in office this country has been shot to torment. donald trump is at least trying to bring jobs back to america. if you are crazy enough to vote for these democrats again you will get exactly what you're looking for. you are looking for crazy ideas
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of green new deals when they cannot even explain it there to their self. i agree with michael from knoxville, this economy is on fire. trump said he will tackle the budget once jobs are returned back to the united states. you cannot tackle a budget that all presidents prior and let me include this to anyone listening, $10 trillion under obama. nextlieve it go to karen in napa, california. >> hi, first time caller. part of then a country where people they be think we are elitist here. for me, i'm a social worker. my salary is pretty good. but it is really an extensive area here. housing is very difficult. excuse me, is my first time.
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>> sure. >> i get perturbed when i hear about these economic indicators that say the economy is doing well, things are good. it does not really reflect for a lot of people. in america. i work with individuals with develop mental disabilities. on socialy do depend security just to survive. and a lot of people out here just have to work two jobs in order to pay the rent or in my case, i cannot even afford housing, even though my salary is fairly decent. >> you live an extensive area, though. >> very expensive so i probably need to move. but then you leave behind to family and friends. i really enjoy c-span. i became involved with the women's march in 2017. >> did you come to washington dc for the march? >> no, on television. >> thanks for the call.
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we are taking your tweets and this is from nick. regarding the bernie sanders campaign which according to hawkeye poles is still ahead, that bernie sanders is going to win in a landslide, -- cannot wait says nick. we are going to win. to getmpaign across iowa their supporters to the primary caucuses -- to the caucuses. from jaclyn, crushing the ground for joe biden two days before the caucuses. the organizers going door-to-door making sure their supporters go to the caucuses to get underway at 7:00 local time across des moines. there are nearly 1700 locations across iowa and 99 counties. george, georgia, good afternoon? was calling, first time caller. say to someone who
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called earlier, i love that both sides have a general dislike for where the parties going in terms of, i forgot his name, the applicable report or sing people on the bernie campaign. people, we said the bernie campaign, what the dnc would put in place to stop bernie if he gets there, certain number of delegates before the convention. and two colors back, the woman was a republican congress that delayed all of comes -- all of trump's promises. it is clear people are upset with the astonishment of both sides. i think that is a great way to go. -- the establishment on both sides and i think that is probably for the best. >> i want to share headline from we heard from michael bloomberg thursday saying he would be pleased to participate in the debates. friday, the dnc announcing they are going to dispense with the
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contributions to the campaign, so michael bloomberg who is a self-funded candidate now qualifies for the debate that will take place before the caucuses. 2020 candidates are not happy about the new debate rose that seems to benefit michael bloomberg. that seem toes benefit michael luber. >> -- michael bloomberg. >> good afternoon, thank you for taking my call. i'm 71 years old. i have been voting for the last 50 years. i've never voted along party lines. i buddy for reagan. i voted for bill clinton. and i'm very interested in what goes on in the country. nowink our whole situation is disturbing. was president, to put o'neill was speaker of the house. we had strong republican -- staunch democrat.
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they worked together respectfully. and the country moved forward. the same with the clinton. he had republican majority. they worked together. they moved to the country forward. i just think we have gone from debating to arguing. and that is a lot of the problem in washington. i've been watching the democrat candidates. it troubles me, so many of them lean to the socialist point of view. let's make you dependent. let's let the government have control of your health care. let's let the government provide your housing. let's let the government subsidize her income. i do not want to lose my independence. it really bothers me. >> ok, connie, thank you for the
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call. in new orleans, republican line. how much of this campaign have you been following? >> i'm following it closely. you and the team at c-span for your coverage. it is refreshing to see a network as committed as you are to covering the small d democratic process. at its core it is who we are as a country. it is what the spirit of 76 was all about. it is a most staggering when you watch the other networks, there's a must no coverage. and you do wonder what a lot of the candidates in the second and third tiers think about that. surely they believe it is a factor. you're doing a great job. it is an exciting time. it is always an exciting time when it is election season. look forward to continuing to watch you and following your coverage. thanks. >> thank you and we will be live
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with senator warren at 4:30 p.m. eastern time. former vice president biden in waterloo, iowa at 6:30 p.m. eastern tomorrow. tomorrow we cover bernie sanders, senator elizabeth warren. live coverage with senator amy, chart and live coverage with tom steyer, who will then go on the c-span bus and take your call tomorrow afternoon as we continue crisscrossing iowa. maryland on the phone from windemere, florida. democrats line. -- maryland. >> thank you for taking my call. i want to say i am a joe biden supporter. living here in florida, i am concerned how my senators-i do not feel they reps that may. i have called an emailed. emailed, andnd clearly my concerns have fallen on deaf ears. thank you for your support. like the previous caller, just letting us all have our moment
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and sharing our views. thank you again and go joe. >> to minneapolis, jonathan, republican line. actually, i'm a democrat and i'm sorry i do not know why got other public in line. >> that's all right, you're on the air. >> my thought is this and i've been trying hard to watch impeachment trials. i am disgusted with republicans. enough said about that because if i do, my blood pressure will go up again. my question is, how many people have looked at visas to go to canada or the u.k. and as far as the campaign in iowa, my question is, how come the democrats cannot seem to get it together to pick one person already. this is been going on for most two years, as long as the impeachment trial, if you've noticed, and it is disturbing to
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me to people that are saying -let us bernie, bernie hope in 2021, when it is time to go vote, whoever the democratic party picks, they go out and vote for whoever it is. because if they do not go and vote for whoever it is, unfortunately, trump will win again. >> jonathan let me ask about your senator, any klobuchar. she is now in the polls a fourth or fifth in iowa. how important is a strong showing for her, in terms of moving forward? >> it is so important for her to do well. and i'm telling you this. and if she is a good vice president pick because she is one of the most trustworthy person you'll ever meet. one of the kindest people you will ever meet. the only problem with her is, she got a bad rap at the beginning of the selection when people started yelling at her because she was yelling at her staff. she has been doing such great
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things for the state of minnesota. we love you, amy, and hope you get together with one of the top three. it is not you and is gotta be pete buttigieg. whoever it is, 70 have to kick this man out of office. if not, i'm running to canada. -- somebody has to kick this man out of office. >> and senator elizabeth warren will have a campaign rally at west high school an hour and a half ahead of the schedule and sell for 170 people in line and so far 170 people. >> yes, i voted for republicans many times. i certainly will not vote for any republican now. they do not have the spine or to aackbone to stand up power seeking person like trump. and the deliberations they have
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just finished have given him the power to do anything he wants. poweropinion, his rise to is very similar to hitler's. i have seen what he has done with the judiciary. what he has done with the press. all of these things add up to power, power, power. he loves powerful people. like putin. democraticgrates our friends, to make himself look better in the eyes of putin, etc.. >> thanks for the call. you can follow are covered on, the free c-span radio app. we welcome listeners on c-span radio. joining us from texas, republican line, go ahead. >> i want to say thank you for taking my call.
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for pete buttigieg and i've never voted. i have never been a republican or democrat but i've been watching this since it began. to vote forg president. bush. i mean for the president. and i think he has done a great, great job since he has been in office. >> thank you for the call. stevie you are next, in los angeles. are you with us? next to jj in louisiana. >> this is jj. let me tell you, i think this charade that went on last week and has been going on for some time now, it is really disgusting. people are tired of the fight that has gone on and there's never an end to this fight. it will continue until, unless
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some but he gets elected that is going to bring this country together, and be able to accomplish jobs that we need done. we are not getting what we are paying for. these people are out there partying at night and it is a shame. they are not taking care of business. they're not doing anything for the general population. it is all about democrats and republicans. tell them to stop that humbug. >> thank you. presented ever she did play was and jane tlaib sanders who speech we will have in a couple of minutes. in tennessee, good afternoon? >> hello sir. is tv free america like radio free europe was. i think you're bringing a fair and impartial view of america to the americans. i am sorry that the democrats do and theyour country
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should move and maybe they can create a socialist state in germany or go to canada. you're not going to get free health care here because it will cost $60 trillion to give everybody in this country, which will be 400 million people in a few years, free health care. you cannot give everybody free everything because somebody has to pay for it. >> william, thank you for the call. one of the moments that got a lot of attention yesterday, we were live with rep incentive rashida tlaib a strong supporter of bernie sanders. background with hillary clinton, in a hulu program released later this spring saying really, nobody likes bernie sanders, and that brought this response from representative to leave in iowa
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last night. >> i will, we have three days. i do not know if your member last week when someone by the name of hillary clinton said that nobody, we are not going to be aware classy hair. >> i will bill, bill. boo. you all know i cannot be quiet. that's all right. the haters will shut up on monday. >> there we go. i was going to say. said, by the name of hillary clinton, we are calling out names taking shots, that nobody likes bernie sanders. >> unbelievable. >> we have three days to show the entire country how much we like bernie sanders. and it starts here in iowa. [cheers and applause] >> that moment last night and clive, iowa, getting a lot of attention today.
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and this statement from representative rashida tlaib is a series of tweets that reads, i am incredibly in love with the movement that our campaign of not me, us, has created. this makes me protective over and frustrated by attempts to miss the strength and diversity of our movement. representative receded to label what on to say i know what is at stake if we do not unify over one candidate to be trump and i tend to do every thing possible to make sure trump does not win in 2020. in this instance, i allowed my disappointment with secretary clinton's latest comments about senator sanders and his supporters get the best of me. you all, my sisters and service on stage and are movement deserve better. i will continue to strive to come from a place of love and not react to the same way as those who are against what we are building in this country. this is about billing a just and equable future for my two boys my children across thus building a just and equitable future for my two boys, children across the country. in minneapolis, go ahead. >> you forgot to mention
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bloomberg donated 300,000 to the dnc right before they made that change in the roles. when you going to have a show on representative l had omar committing immigration fraud i marrying her brother? and jeffrey epstein did not kill himself. >> patricia, we believe that there. page arizona, go ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. and beforependent coming here in arizona we had a special election coming up for senator. did you know that? >> we do and have been following it. >> all my just or does district of-- in my libertarian will run for that office and i think i have as good a chance as either but
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sally or mark kelly -- as either martha mcsally or mark kelly. and a erased when he million dollars combined. -- have raised. >> plus, what is your last name? mull. ou ll -- >> and you will be on the ballot? >> if i do not get the nomination i will be a write in candidate. >> les, thank you for the call. take place against around the u.s. senate to determine control of the senate. show and i'm a democrat and i will be for joe biden. i think he will be the best one to be trump. we do not need him another four years. we do not even need him another half a year. thank you very much. >> linda, thank you. we will go to waterloo, iowa.
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, brian go ahead? >> i wanted to mention i'm actually registered democrat and voted for obama twice last election i vote for trump. >> are you going to caucus monday? .> no but i'm not that got him to out my door a lot. >> what is it like to be in iowa now? how much attention are the motors getting? >> -- the voters getting? >> it drives a person crazy. >> doorknocking, ads. >> doorknocking, phone calls, endless tv commercials. it gets to the point where you do not answer your phone and you do not watch tv, a just have to wait until it was onto the next state and then life can return to normal. [laughter] that is part of the democratic process, right? that is part of how a republic works. so you just have to deal with it and move on. is, onents in general of the reasons i have left the
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democratic party is because of what i refer to as their catastrophic thinking if those they have. that if you disagree with them they're going to call your name, hater, which we just saw the other evening or heard the other evening, they're going to call you a bigot or racist or what have you. what drives democrats crazy about trump, is that he will meet them on their own ground rules and call them names as well. what he absolutely is is a reflection of themselves, they just cannot tolerate it. that is the way i see it. >> thank you for the call and keep the door locked they are knocking to try to get information. our last call is from willie in columbia, mississippi. what are your thoughts this afternoon before the iowa caucuses? >> i am a democrat. grandfather-- my
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was a republican. i am living in mississippi. time, most blacks in politics were republicans. they deserted us. off.eadership was killed was in the local cannot theyarty stop having meetings with black people. >> thank you for the call. more of a chance to take your calls in washington, by college in iowa have calls around the event of joe biden. live coverage of senator elizabeth warren is underway at 4:30 eastern time. up next


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