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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden in Dallas with Pete Buttigieg  CSPAN  March 3, 2020 12:03am-12:16am EST

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upcoming primaries and caucuses including super tuesday. there is the event cracker -- tracker, for quick and easy search of the 2020 candidates, coverage based on candidates, topics, and locations. state by state results broken down by candidate, county and district. not only for the presidential candidate but for upcoming senate, house and governor races, and schedule information. it's free and easily accessible, all at ahead of super tuesday, former vice president joe biden received the endorsement of pete buttigieg, who suspended his campaign over the weekend. the former south bend, indiana mayor spoke about his decision to endorse while appearing with biden at a
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restaurant in dallas. >> ok. [indistinct conversation] >> you are looking fabulous. right. we are so fortunate, besides the great chicken here -- [laughter] to have two great guests tonight. somebody we love and honor, may or pete. you're the best. i worked with him.
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[applause] thank you. >> it is a treat to be with mayor rawlings and mayor adler, great friends of our campaign, and an honor to be here with vice president biden. when i ran for president, we made it clear that the whole idea was about rallying the country together to defeat donald trump and win for the values we share. that was always a goal that was much bigger than me becoming president, and it is in the name of that very same goal that i am delighted to endorse and support joe biden for president. [applause] and, i do it with great pleasure, knowing just how much win,ed to do not only to which is so very important, and when i say win not just win back the white house but bring
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those vitally important house, senate and local races with us. but also, we've got to do it in a way that starts to change the toxic, divisive nature of our politics right now. we can't go on like this, and we've got a politics right now that makes it sound like being the loudest is tantamount to being right. we need a politics that's about decency, a politics that brings back dignity, and that is what we sought to practice in my campaign. that is what joe biden has been practicing his entire life. so what we see right now is an opportunity, not just to meet that imperative of getting a new, better president, but doing it with a leader who will practice that way of rallying people together, with ideas that are big enough to unite the american people. of all generations. [laughter] [applause] and if you think about it, on
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some of the most important issues affecting my generation and the next generation, climate joe bidenn violence, has been delivering on those very priorities. from taking on the nra and winning, to negotiating the paris climate accord, to shepherding the passage of the affordable care act, this is what has made it possible for us to achieve what has been achieved, and that is why i have such confidence that as president, joe biden will take the ball further as it needs to go. but it is even more than that. it's the need to bring back dignity to the white house. [applause] and the country already knows, without me having to say so, but i want you to know how unbelievably and unfailingly decent i've known vice president biden to be.
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from his visits to south bend when he was vice president, to my visit as a mayor to the white house during the obama-biden administration, to perhaps especially the experiences i've had getting to know him while competing with him. he's somebody of such extraordinary grace and kindness and empathy. from taking time to talk to somebody who struggles to speak, to taking time for a family struggling with loss, he will bring the exact empathy that is so badly lacking in this white house, and along the way, in his campaign, will draw us together as we need a leader to do. i commented last night, and have often said that politics at its best is more than policy. joining atting i'm campaign to speak so often about the soul of this nation. i don't believe the world is divided into people who are all
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good or all bad. i don't believe how you voted in the past makes you good or bad. i believe each of us can have good things and bad things drawn out of us, and that is why leadership is so important. i'm looking for a leader, i'm looking for a president who will draw out what is best in each of us, and i'm encouraging everybody who was part of my campaign to join me, because we have found that leader in vice president, soon to be president joe biden. [applause] folks -- folks.ll you what, i can't tell you how much i appreciate pete's endorsement, and i know pete's supporters, the many people here, this is also a bittersweet moment because you supported a man of enormous integrity. a fellow who has as much moral courage as he has physical courage, and i really mean that.
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there has not been a harsh word between us since we started to compete, and i think that it's clear to everyone this is a is decent.ot when i called pete when he got out, which surprised me, i did not ask pete to endorse me but i told him we needed him to stay engaged and needed him badly to be involved, because when you talk in the campaign and debates about passing the torch to the next generation, that's absolutely essential. i am absolutely confident with further exposure of the nation to pete and all he stands for and all he will do and can do, there is no limitation to what this man can get done. and the fact he's prepared to help me means a great deal to me . i don't think i've ever done this before, but he reminds me
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of my son, beau., i know that may not mean much to most people, but to me that is the highest compliment i can give to any man or woman. has as, like beau, he backbone like a ramrod. think about it. some of you heard me say this before. when i got elected, the same age peoples elected, 29, would come up to me and say they must have been some secret, what's the secret? i said there is one secret. you shouldn't get engaged unless you know what is worth losing over. knows what he got engaged, knows why he's there, he i'm absolutely confident will stay engaged. i warned pete, if i were lucky enough to get the nomination i
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would be asking him to be involved in this process, because there's a generation of leaders of pete's age like my son beau who have unlimited potential, unlimited potential. the only thing that stands in the way is access and opportunity. if pete had been around another six years, i wouldn't be standing here. i'd the endorsing pete. i really mean it. so folks, the other point i want to make is this. afterason, and we talk debates and during the interim periods, the reason i admire him so much, and the reason why i think we are so simpatico even when we represent different generations, pete knows the role of the president is not just a fight, not just to win, but to
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heal. this country needs to be healed. i really mean it. pete gets it, you know? it's all many times, about you, all about family, all about community, and it really is. never changed. when i left the vice presidency when our term ended, i thought a long time about what to do, and i had opportunities to take advantage, significant opportunities for the guy who was the poorest guy in the senate for all those years. but i decided, i will end with this, i had a conversation with my son beau, i am so sorry to talk about my son beau so much. he was my soul.
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i remember him knowing he would only have a time to live, and we'd go and have dinner friday night and spend the weekend with him. he asked his wife to take my two grandchildren upstairs, and he wanted to talk. he said, dad, i want you to even i'm going to be ok, though we knew it was a matter of months. it's going to be ok. he looked at me and said, dad, i want you to promise me you will be ok. i wrote a book about beau. that was the first book, then another about beau "promise me, dad." and what it's about is what pete is about. he said, promise me you will stay engaged. he knew i would take care of his
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family and everything, but he thought i would withdraw, move away. he looked at me and said, dad, look at me, promise me, give me your word as a biden, that you will be ok. and i knew what that meant. he didn't want me to walk away from what i've done my whole life, be engaged in policies designed to lift people up, no matter what their background, what their circumstances. i'm no hero by any stretch of the imagination, but i stayed engaged. and when i stand on the stage sometimes, and a couple people in the press have heard me say it, i just hope he's proud of me. i look over at pete in those de bates and think, you know, that's a beau. because he has such enormous character, such intellectual capacity and such a commitment to our people. and folks, i can't tell you how
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much it means to me that he would step up and endorse me. he didn't even tell me, when we spoke, that he was endorsing me. but i can't tell you how much i appreciate it. because i promise you, you will over the course of your lifetime see a hell of a lot more of mayor pete. [applause] >> [inaudible] >> thank you, mr. mayor. joe!t's go, formeraigning in texas, vice president joe biden also received the endorsement of senator amy klobuchar, who ended her campaign following a sixth place finish in the south carolina primary. they appeared together at a rally in dallas ahead of super tuesday. ♪ ♪


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