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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Swearing- In New Members  CSPAN  May 19, 2020 6:24pm-6:43pm EDT

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die. but they knew better. the trip lasted a day and a half. there was a monsoon, there were snakes and alligators. they fled, but they like the idea. so, it came about that they would take a trip once a year. but with a little better planning so disaster would be less. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> earlier today, the u.s. house swore into new republican members. tom tiffany replaces sean duffy in wisconsin seventh district. mike garcia takes over for katie hill to represent the people of california's 24th district. the total number in the house is 432. 232 democrats, 198 republicans, and one libertarian. there are currently still three vacant seats. here is today's swearing-in ceremony.
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let us pray. compassionate and merciful god, thank you for giving us another day. women inhe men and congress during this time of social distancing to find ways of serving their constituents, and our nation, as best they can. andtheir efforts cooperative work with local government efforts helped to lift those americans who .truggle most in these days may each american rise to our shared effort to remind ourselves that we are all responsible for the greatness of our nation, and to make the sacrifices necessary to emerge better in virtue and stronger in national well-being. with your grace, o lord, may it be so. may everything done this day be for your greater honor and
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glory, amen. >> amen. >> thank you father. pursuing to section four a and house resolution 98-67. it is approved. the pledge of allegiance led by the gentleman from north carolina. i pledge allegiance to the flag to the united states of america. god,ation, under indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. speaker pelosi: the chair lays before the house communication. i had the honor to transmit the scan copy of a letter the chiefrom elections division, california secretary of state, indicating that, according to the preliminary results of the 20cial election held may 12,
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20, the honorable mike garcia was elected representative to congress for the 25th congressional district state of california. signed sincerely, cheryl l johnson. the honorable, the speaker house of representatives, madam, i have the honor to transmit with a scanned copy of a letter received from the administrator .or the elections commission indicating that, according to the preliminary results of the special election held may 12, 2020, the honorable thomas p tiffany was elected to congress for the seventh congressional district state of wisconsin. sign sincerely, cheryl l johnson. purposepelosi: for what does the gentleman from california seek recognition? the honorable mike garcia be permitted to take the oath of office today. his certificate of election has not arrived. there is no contest it has been
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raised with regard to his election. speaker pelosi: for what purpose does the gentleman from wisconsin -- >> madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent that the german from wisconsin be permitted -- gentleman from wisconsin be permitted to take the oath of office today. his certificate of election has not arrived, but there is no contest and no question has been raised with regard. speaker pelosi: will the representatives elect and the members of congress from wisconsin and california please present themselves. speaker pelosi: all members will rise and the representative elects will please raise their
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right hands. do you swallow me -- do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you pledge allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation without any mental purpose of evasion, and that you will faithfully have the duties of the office about -- upon which you are about to enter the help you god? congratulations, you are now members of congress. [applause] the gentleman from california is recognized for one minute. by tradition, the dean of the delegations introduces new members from their state and swearing-in after a special election.
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our dean, the dean of the california delegation is also the speaker of the house. well i have seen her do amazing things, i have never seen her be in two places at the same time. so i have the distinct honor of and thein for her, pleasure of introducing mike garcia, the new member from the 25th congressional district. the election has, as i noted before, not been certified, but there is no dispute about the result. ingressman garcia was born 1976 and is a native of santa clarita, california, and is a first-generation american citizen. with his mother and stepfather he moved at the age of six. mr. garcia received his bachelor's degree in political
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science from the u.s. naval academy in annapolis in 1978. he was nominated to that academy and to the navy by our longtime colleague, the former chair of the house armed services committee, our friends. he later earned a master of arts in the national security policy from georgetown university. he is a former u.s. naval officer and flew as a pilot in the navy from 1998 until 2009. after the navy, congressman garcia worked in the aerospace industry, and now owns his own real estate business. mike is the husband of rebecca garcia and the father of two children. the district that lies immediately to the south of , and the gem and who represents the district to the north is the distinguished minority leader, who i know has
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additional words to say about our new colleague. i yield to the gentleman from california. madam speaker, in the last 230 years, dating back to the founding of our republic, fewer than 11,000 americans have had the privilege to stand here as a member of congress. to date, it's my honor to welcome mike garcia. battering, a businessman, family man, and first-generation american, mike has shown a different approach to everything. if you ever want a definition of america, look to mike's life. , like ourration fathers, mothers, grandparents, wanted something better for their children so they came to america. mike dreamed at age six that one day, maybe he could become a navy fighter pilot. it would not be easy, so he applied himself and was nominated to the naval academy from this body itself.
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not only did he excelled, he graduated in the top 3%, becoming a fighter pilot. of us always look to the skies to dream and wonder what it takes to become one. as he became a fighter pilot, his nature -- nation called upon him to defend our freedom. those that we uphold and he raised his hand for the constitution a few short moments ago. he excelled in that because he believes in service. into the navy,ce he worked as a businessman. he has a beautiful fan, rebecca, his son is with us on the floor and his other son up with his wife rebecca and his brother and sister-in-law. george washington once said, remember that it is the action and not the commission that makes an officer. and there is more expected from him than the title. washington was speaking about being a military officer, but
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his advice was perfectly describing what it means to be a member of congress. where a small group has a big responsibility to represent the voice of the people in washington. ultimately, it is our actions, not our titles that matter. this is not something people just assumed. yes, you have to run. yes, you have to unite people. but he did something the people on my side of the aisle have not done in more than 22 years. he did it in a manner were an election was bigger than most people thought, and they had to run these races at a time in a crisis in america where elections were different. he changed the course and a short time. if there is one person that i can believe that can unite this body, unite this nation, is a man whose life actually defines america. family comes here and dreams of a life better for their
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children. he strives and excels in public education to get nominated by the united house of representatives and his own congressman to go to the naval academy. jetxcels to become a fighter pilot and defend our nation at a time in need. and one more time his nation called upon him to serve and he rose to the occasion. ain unbelievable obstacles many did not believe he could achieve, to unite a nation and unite congress. nevada congratulates you, mike, and i look forward to what you are able to achieve. i yield back. does theelosi: gentleman yield? newest memberour of california, the honorable mike garcia. speaker pelosi: the gentleman from california is recognized. rep. garcia: thank you madam the graciousfor
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introduction. i want to thank you for being here. i want to think my beautiful bride and wife, rebecca. our two beautiful boys preston backboneor being the of my survival and the spirit of this campaign for over a year. [applause] also want toi think the 715,000 people in california's beautiful 24th congressional district to help me get here. that has beenonor bestowed upon me to represent you in this body. and withith humility performance that represents all of us in the 25th district. i can think of no better way to serve this country, to serve our district, then to be here today, taking this oath, and doing the
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job over the next several years. for 244 years this beautiful nation has thrived and survived on the back of those who showed do thehe right time, to right thing, and for the right reasons. as an american, someone who is a first-generation american, who served my country, i show up not only as a patriot, but a legislator to make sure we do what's right for our country first. to do what's right for the district i represent, and to hopefully get through this crisis as a solid, unified country, becoming stronger as we do so, more cooperative than the efforts, and hopefully making this nation the strongest the world has ever seen for strongest decades, millenniums to come. i appreciate your support, thank you for being here today, and may god bless the united states of america. speaker pelosi: thank you. [applause]
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the gentleman: from wisconsin is recognized. >> madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house. madam speaker, one of the few that dean's do around here, aside from using our in two shuttle memory, is to ask unanimous consent that people who are elected in special elections from their state be permitted to take the oath of office. today, it is my great honor, and indeed a privilege to ask that tom tiffany be able to take the oath of office and joined the list of fewer than 11,000 people that have been honored by their constituents to serve in this house. lifepent a lot of his being a successful small business man. he was elected to the wisconsin assembly in 2008.
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and two years later was elected as the first of two terms in the wisconsin senate. he has been a very strong and .ocal component the interest of people in northern and western wisconsin, and he will continue to do so on the national stage. tois now my honor to yield my new colleagues from wisconsin, tom tiffany. rep. tiffany: thank you, madam speaker. i ask for unanimous consent to extend my remarks? it's working. i would like to thank leader mccarthy and the members of the wisconsin delegation in
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attendance here today, and thank you congressman, for the kind introduction. i wish you the best as you conclude your yield -- your years serving the people of wisconsin in the halls of congress. thank you, speaker pelosi, for date -- for taking time out of your busy day to conduct his swearing-in. my message is simple. 10 years ago i was given a great theciple to represent people in wisconsin in madison. i made one commitment to them, to advance the cause of freedom and liberty. same, i make that commitment to the good people of northern and western wisconsin, to fight for the same enduring ideals that formed the foundation of the american republic. thankspeaker, i wish to my mother, virtual tiffany, who along with my deceased father, raise my seven brothers and sisters in the little town of elmwood, wisconsin, with love
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and devotion. ofm here today, mom, because the persistence and determination you have lived your life by everyday. madam speaker, i suspect that she is down in her kitchen right now, canning sauerkraut and pickles, just like she has always done as a farm girl. [applause] tiffany: and finally, to my wife chris and our three daughters, they are up in the gallery there. [applause] tiffany: i hope you are as excited as i am, as we turn the pages to a new chapter in our lives. thank you for standing with me all these years. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. >> madam speaker, i yield back
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the balance of my time. [applause] speaker pelosi: in light of the administration of the oath of office to the gentleman from california and the gentleman from wisconsin, the whole member of the house now is 432. pursuant to section four b of house resolution 957, the house stands adjourned until 11:00 a.m. on friday, may 22, 2020. out,ter the house gaveled speaker nancy pelosi participated in a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony with a newly elected republican members. tom tiffany of wisconsin and mike garcia of california. here is the ceremony. >> congratulations.


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