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tv   Campaign 2020 Donald Trump Jr. Hosts Virtual Campaign Event with Ted Nugent  CSPAN  May 23, 2020 10:17pm-10:56pm EDT

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nominations. watch live house coverage on c-span and the senate on c-span2. next, donald trump, jr. hosts a virtual campaign event for his father's presidential reelection campaign featuring musicians and conservative activists. they discuss their support of gun rights and conservation efforts as well is why mr. nugent is supporting president trump reelection campaign. they also talked about the covid-19 pandemic response in michigan and criticized restrictions put in place by governor gretchen whitmer who was considered to be a potential running mate for joe biden. >> hey, guys. back by popular demand, we are here was another rendition. with us today is the motor city madman, ted nugent. his is in your typical political
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show. we like to have more fun. we like to have more discourse than you probably would get on cable news. ted has done the incredible favor of dressing up incredibly well. i love that sure. is that for saatchi? -- for saatchi? >> i'm a rancher, farmer, hunter, fisherman. i have three dogs. they are completely worn out from an average day celebrating the ultimate american texas freedom stewardship conservation treats. this is all that you get. this is 100% organic. >> i love that. that's how we know each other. we know each other through the outdoors and the initiatives that we have taken as conservationist. talk about that. you are working on gathering outdoorsman. one of the things i learned in 2016, when we started talking,
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was that. you are huge with the nra. so on my. we are big and avid hunters and sportsmen and want to pass on that incredible american tradition. that there's not much overlap between those two worlds. motivating hunters to get together, realize that we have much more in common than we do apart. it has been a big part of what you are trying to do. detroit in 1948 when it was known universally as the arsenal of democracy. man wante could a free to be born after defeating the evil nazis and japanese punks than in the arsenal of democracy? utilitarian,sm, man in the arena, taking risks and sacrificing to be for your family.
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that was not just the industrial revolution of detroit i was born in. it was also when the musical revolution of old town that i was born in. most and that a clique, the definition of rugged individualism, self-sufficiency, conservation, wise use of our gifts from god, taking good care of yourself so you can provide for your family. obviousost ovulate -- in our hunting lifestyle. little richard invented this incredible, delirious soundtrack for freedom. was most ethic enjoyable, sometimes it wasn't enjoyable. he made us work so hard. in hunting camp, you realized that you gathered wood, you could be warm. if you went to the stream and got water, good cook. squirrel, youat
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learned to revere it. the protein, the energy source of life itself. that hunting lifestyle released dear to me on a true north comfort setting. it's redundant to guys like you. offocus on the heartbreak that superior rugged individualism and some sufficiently. where world of politics, we are supposed to engage, i'm heartbroken that the hunting community, the licensed hunting families have not participated responsibly. >> that's a good point. i've said it 100 times. go to hunting camps. great equalizer. we come from such different backgrounds. around the campfire, you are one in the same with everyone in there. it puts everything else by the wayside. it's about those experiences.
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it's an interesting thing to see. hunters aren't environmental. they don't care about those kinds of things. i think there's nothing further from the truth. >> absolutely. >> the hunter conservative, i don't want to mix politics with hunting and my passion. i think that's also a problem. while i understand the mentality, the other side's mentality is to take away your passion, to take away your rights. we are seeing that going on right now in america. you are seeing the left states and their governors in a massive power grab. , to wantt seem to ask to get back that power ever. , howabout a little bit hunters are the greatest conservationists we've known. the reason america has its open land and its public lands and national parks, it all started out because of hunters.
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>> the definition of conservation is the wise use. war for the a holy last 50 years because i was was leveledch hate at me because i murdered innocent animals. i guess they never heard of barbecue before. the perfection of utilizing and respecting these renewable wildlife resources is why lake erie doesn't catch on fire anymore. lake erie used to spontaneously combust when the industrial revolution was running amok. god bless the industrial revolution. we have some upgrades that are needed and how responsible we were with the foundries and production of all these goods and services. it was the sportsmen, the hunters, the duck hunters, the trappers, the fisherman that sounded the alarm. we found out who the polluters were. a great celebration.
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now, lake erie doesn't catch fire anymore. conservation is what we finance, is what we manage. not only could we get medicine out of the deal, the endangered species and songbirds and nongame, people thrive because wildlife habitat brings is quality of life. >> one of the things they don't talk about, we have seen it in florida with an investment into the everglades from the trump administration. woods, ieck of the think they did 750 million dollars to fix up that watershed , to shore up those things, to better them environmentally for sportsmen and everyone to enjoy. if the trump administration does something like that, even though it is totally unprecedented,
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crickets. no one says anything. i love seeing guys like you who will be out there, who will speak the facts, even talking to sports nuts, what have you done? this administration has opened up more public land for sportsmen, sportswomen, fishermen, every other aspect of this. just recreational use. yet no one talks about those things. i know you are working on a couple initiatives. bringing the fax to those people who are buying hunting fishes -- fishing licenses. to me about it. >> i have decided all the time. we have a top-rated hunting show, conservation program for 31 years now. and we broke all the records.
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it was really controversial at the time. i don't know why food is controversial, especially organic, natural food. eventually, we got on the outdoor channel. ,'ve always celebrated especially today with his heartbreaking pandemic, the reaction is worse than the virus itself. more and more people are realizing what i've always celebrated, the healing powers of nature. experience,eansing not just around the hunting camp fire but in the kayak or planting a plot for wildlife or birdfeeders that everybody celebrates. that soothing laura of birdsong and witnessing, being piled best part of wildlife. we created a hunt the boat website. i believe it is the battle cry for 2020 so that we get god, family, country, constitution,
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freedom back. people whop of realize that the conservation families -- maybe because it is in november. we have not been a force to reckon with when it comes to voting the traditional values we believe in. our website is trying to galvanize that conservative voting army to vote their believes. god, family, freedom, the outdoor lifestyle. we could be onto something. they got spoiled. everybody gets spoiled. the worst day in america is still so wonderful that you don't think you have to earn it or fight for it. earn and fightou for the american dream. i think it is catching on. >> its incredible idea. when people start seeing those rights slip away, they get more active. that is what we have seen over the last few weeks. we take our freedoms for
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granted. we take those things for granted. especially for the outdoors community, devote those values, people will start listening. that's how you get organizations to listen. you touched on some of the things. i'm another horseman, a shooter, a hunter. year to one weekend a talk about it at a cocktail party. this is the way i choose to live my life when i'm not doing my day job. what do you think -- let's transition to michigan. i'm hearing from my friends in michigan, if you are a resident, you can go to your cabin in the upper peninsula. that's a big part of the tradition there. the governor has banned fishing and boating. >> the michigan department of natural resources saw heavy use of boat launches across the state. pandemic, assuming that
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people have no need to lock themselves in a basement, you can go out and be on a boat, socially distanced from everyone else. do something great with your family and kids. all the things i have gotten my kids into. the governor there has you can't do any of those things. people from out of state can go up to their cabins in michigan. people from out of state can go out to their cabin. what is going on there? i had a feeling you would have an opinion on this one. ted: i will not even express my opinion but i will share the facts. i am doing this communication. our little electronic camp fire of texas.reedom i have been a texan for 18 years now. we left michigan because -- we had to be treated in texas after being exposed to a terrible black hole.
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i was watching freedoms and liberties get chipped away with. in michigan. honestly, everything i do when i get up in the morning in texas, i am not exaggerating, it is all against the law in michigan. so i am fighting every day to , the arsenal of democracy work ethic, rugged spirit thatm, that is alive and well in michigan. you see my blood brothers when they go to their -- protests and thatgreat hair salon gal was incarcerated by a power abusing judge shows the difference between michigan and texas when our greater j attorney general and greg abbott, our great governor, intervened and set her free. >> people have spent their life building up a business and being told to shut it down and lose everything they have and then if they do not follow every little
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fine point of all of the rules, they suddenly are subject to arrest. that is wrong. that is why i issued another executive order today saying instead of texas, -- and the state of texas no one can be put behind bars because they are not following an executive order to ted: and then she went to michigan that helps the barber by a glaringlyd corrupt power abusing administration under governor whitmer. i campaigned and explained to my fellow michiganiacs what those liberals would do in michigan. >> for any political reasons at all. it was my hairstylist will not able to feed their families. i was a months laid on my mortgage. ted: it is heartbreaking but i see resistance. i see social uprising. i am proud of my fellow michiganiacs. didn't the sheriffs say we
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will not enforce these orders? pro-laws more enforcement than the trump family but it is good to see these guys hang, because a governor says something does not mean it is constitutional. it does not mean it is right. when you see those people saying, we will enforce real not enforcewill totalitarian made up laws by power-hungry politicians. michigan has been one of the hotbeds of the resistance of the shutdown. when i see a 75-year-old barber get thrown in jail for wanting to feed his family. crazy to me. it is sad to see it. again, it seems we are seeing these things in these blue states we are not seeing in the red states like florida and texas. if you look at the statistics and mortality, if you look at the freedoms being pulled away
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from god fearing american just the man, the position between red and blue could not be more clear. guys like you and me who live and breathe this crap, we think about this stuff all day long. it will be a real rude awakening to people in blue states when they see what is going on and they see that juxtaposed against states who do not believe in freedom from leadership at the top. i love seeing the sheriff saying, not on our watch. we are not going to enforce on its -- unconstitutional laws. >> a controversial issue for many outdoorsmen. >> people are disappointed in the fact they cannot go out by themselves. arinas say thousands are usually docking their boats but instead they sit empty. bait and tackle shops are concerned about the hit this is taking to their businesses. already hurting from the loss of canceled fishing tournaments and
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charter boats unable to work. >> we had 400 entrants that are not coming into our store and not going to the lake and staying in hotels and visiting restaurants. >> the previous orders still ing but they.g boat noted the people who use motorized watercraft need secondary services. such as gasoline. and parks. increasing contact with others. ted: those are my americans. the civil disobedience is in constitutional law. logic. common sense. and the truth that these heroes of law enforcement. i was a sworn sheriff's deputy in 1983 in michigan. thatis day, i continue constitutional oaths every four years. i know these heroes of law enforcement. they are standing up because
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they remember the words to that constitutional old. and honestly, those are the heroes of today. the ones that do not adhere to their constitutional old, and they know who they are, and they are squirming right now. which is guilt. they should be ashamed of themselves because there is law and order and then there is unambiguous nonsense. to enforce the law, if someone a garden. a seed for >> we have landscaping book gardens as well. many of these companies sell for what they need for people to grow their own food, plants and vegetables. can they sell these things for curbside pickup? >> we have to design the executive order so was very clear we do not want people leaving their homes and less they will take up food or prescriptions. or they have a medical, health care appointment.
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the fact of the matter is, going to home depot to pick up garden supply sounds like a fine idea when you're at home. but the more people that are out, who are likely covid-19 is going to continue to spread. >> you have got the juxtaposition. detroit.n in i have been a texan for 18 years. and the difference in freedom and quality of life between the two states is dramatic. it isr an old detroit guy heartbreaking. the prognosis is getting better every day because you see the resistance from heroes of law enforcement and those working hard, playing hard families. .armers and cops and teachers and world war ii veterans of vietnam. and they are saying enough is enough. gretchen whitmer you are abusing power. you are assuming authority you don't have. this is a great wake-up call in
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2020. >> i think so. obviously today in michigan you have that flooding going on. terrible flooding. ing.iple dams break if gretchen focused more on michigan's infrastructure. it would be a great wake-up call nationally. this is what we have to do to put americans back to work. we have to start the infrastructure plan that my father has been wanting to implement from day one. maybe as gretchen stopped running for vp, stop trying to vp,so desperately biden's she may do a better job in michigan which would maybe justify her being of ep. as of right now i have not seen anything that would lead any tosible pops -- politician say this is someone i would put in charge of anything. talk to me about flooding. you are more familiar with michigan.
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and infrastructure. when i hear about two major dams breaking. the jeopardy that will put our incredible first responders in doing what they do every day, suiting up, to defend americans and save american lives. believes for those in michigan because on top of the pandemic you have this mess. i think if they focused more on infrastructure and a little less on encroaching on our liberties, maybe we would not have this problem. shooting, you are looking for logic here. i would try to help you out because i know it is a rare thing these days. talking, again, i have not missed a hunting season in 71 years. this would be my 72 opening day. we always opened up the season and the national forest of north michigan along the river as we headed towards gaylord.
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such great memories. i know that region. those dams are breached. and there is tens of thousands, the numbers as tens of thousands of families have had to be of accurate. i am in touch with my musical dies, i have a heart and soul connection with the best people in america and michigan. our prayers are going out to them. before i finish that sentence, i want you to know as we pray for people hurting during the during this pandemic, we are praying for the states being persecuted, california, new york, new jersey, illinois, michigan. it is heartbreaking. i want you to know we pray for your family every day because i cannot tell you from the guy at the feed mill and the guy doing my drywall and the guy who works my hayfield, they love your dad. we pray for your family every day because he represents the heart and soul of the best americans who, again, that man
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in the arena, the sacrificing getting up early, busting our asset columnthe for family, community country and the environment, we pray for our family. do not ever forget that. he is doing gods work literally. donald trump jr.: i appreciate that. that means the world to me. i hear that. i like hearing from guys like you because you actually are in touch with real americans. it is not just an act. i have seen it. you probably realize i am somewhat that way, also. i'm the son of a billionaire from the european i do not pretend to be anything but. where i spent my time. where i choose to spend my free time, tens to be more with regular guys in middle america than in new york city at the bs cocktail parties. let's transition a little bit. you have for your entire career. i cannot believe you're 73 years old. you arehatever the hell
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doing, i would take that in a second. your energy is trump like. but, as someone who has been very vocal, but who is also in show business, let's talk about two things. have you seen the ramifications of being a vocal conservative in show business? and i would like to talk a little bit about getting the economy started back up. when you go on tour, you are talking about a mass gathering. showsing to your digitally will not be the same as it is. let's talk about both those things and what it has been like for you. how does that work in nashville, where it is a country hub, which s moretely lean conservative but the people at the top definitely are not conservative. ted: it is a heartbreak for a
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lot of entrepreneurs, working hard and playing hard families. musicians like myself are not immune to the hardships. we literally had to cancel the entire north american tour this year. the promoters across the country are rightfully fearful of such large gatherings. lighte not got the green on such large concentrations likely have at our concerts. greg smith on the bass guitar. the world's greatest rhythm section. i'm afraid i will not be about to go on tour. last week and i performed a couple songs for a charity called feeding families, where we raised money to get through to our fellow americans who need it. not to mention the hunters for the hungry programs where we donate tons of denison for homeless shelters. venison for homeless so shelters. i was on the phone with kid rock. he has got some killer music.
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the firestorm guitar looks on. i think i will head to nashville. the music is alive and well, but the artist, i have not missed a tour since 1963. back as a kid, i did not do it as extensively as i have since the 19, late 1960's. but this will be the first year since 1963 that i will not literally take my music on the road with my killer band. for any looking sympathy because i promise i will make it up next year. and i will record some new killer jams with my band in texas. it is a harder line to go. that is the lifeblood of the nugent family support network in it is my artistic beast. improviseto have to and overcome and do it locally and regionally but i will get my legs in before the opening day of deer season. donald trump jr.: otherwise i
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will feel bad for your incredible wife who puts up with all of that energy. talk to me a little bit, also, about being a bolt will conservative out there in a field that is definitely not, where that is not acceptable. it is sort of interesting. the amount of people i know. we brought up nashville. the amount of people i know in country music that are, i love everything about you guys. man, if i could do free concerts for you i would all day long but my record label will cancel me. if i even said anything. what has that been like for you? you just said you know what? screw it. i am going to say what i want. as it -- very vocal. one of the great advocates for the second amendment. and as a conservative advocate, and for our family where you have just been, incredible.
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and steadfast. in that support. in saying what you truly believe. and not being influenced by the outrage. which does, honestly, affect many people who feel similar to you but do not have the guts to say it out loud or are not willing to risk the downside. ted: i will respect my a-list ies who areudd absolutely spineless. they will not stand up to it i believe the two most controversial issues in america are hunting rights and second amendment rights. and i was first attacked for standing up. i did not realize i had to stand up. i was just celebrating a great funend of small shooting with my dad and my brothers and sisters and my mom on the river, the mystical play of the arrow marksmanship. nisoni talk about eating ve
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around the campfire some of these hippie media people would , could not believe i murdered innocent animals. i went, what thehell are you talking about? it is food, it is organic. i literally had tours canceled. i had record contracts canceled. i had everybody and my team go, you know, you might want to back it down. ing a lot of people off celebrating firearms and self-defense. anyone who wants to disarm you can drop dead. anybody was to make me on armed and helpless, people who want to create the proven places where more innocents are killed, on gun free zones, we will beat you. put you out of office. gorsuch on your machine gun. suck on my machine gun.
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why would i back it down when i watching the enemy not just hating me for promoting it but being effective in passing unconstitutional infringements on our second amendment rights? i realize i had to turn up the heat. heat, iurning up the cannot tell you how humbled and how proud i am of getting the highest votes ever at the top votes, i think behind charlton heston, on the board of directors. the national rifle association. the most important civil rights association in the world. the right of self-defense. if you do not have a right to defend yourself, you do not have any rights at all. i actually welcomed if not sherished the attacks by idiot who would be against the perfection of hunting and self-defense. so i have probably lost my
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manager did an analysis one time. it is a lot of money. donald trump jr.: by the way, i have been in that same boat. when you are from new york city and hospitality and you think about being a vocal proponent of the second amendment and a vocal sportsman, for me it was one of those things, it's like, i am not capable of doing the typical, you see it from celebrities. i am so sorry. i will never do it again. i will never follow my passion again to a piece who is on educated on the subject. could care less about you and your lifestyle or any of the science behind it. i am just not capable of doing that. i am going to fight back. you are a fighter. what do you think about those celebrities -- it happened to me a few times this week. people forgotten by time. and sort of the way to be relevant again is to try to attack trump and be part of the
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resistance. i'm trying to figure out what they are resisting. before the covid-19 crisis brought to us by the wonderful communist chinese government, who did nothing about it and have the greatest economy america has recently -- the greatest jobs numbers. have the greatest economy america has recently -- the greatest jobs numbers. not in 50 years have the greatet economy america has recently -- the greatest jobs numbers. not in 50 years -- washington bureaucrat. who does not remember where he is most of the time. but i digress. what do you think about those utantes.celeb i have got to sell a book. time to hate on trump. i am going to say it because it is so much easier to say that, to hate on trump to hate on guys like me on you than it is to stand up for what you believe in. ted: there is a lot of that.
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acall it the manifestation of cultural deprivation, where they not only pretend that the foundation of this country was based on those god-given individual constitutionally but it says -- and i do not know what motivates them because i have to get up early. i have to work hard. i like working up a sweat. i like in creative and productive. i use the term asset column. was based on those god-given individual constitutionally guaranteed rights,everybody i k. my crew, my kids, my grandkids, my brother, my management, my wife, my neighbors busts their ass to be in the asset column to be productive. why we voted for your dad is because he not only was not status quo. he was ready to crush the status quo.
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ailment american has experience, the world is experiencing, it is a direct result of the status quo traditional political machine. your dad came in with a crowbar. i always tell everybody that donald trump is the closest you will get to ted nugent and politics. the time i have spent with your dad, i consider myself a high energy guy. boy, have i learned something from your dad. i do not know where he gets it. that is my point. i am not being facetious. he is on a mission from god. a status quo crusher. i cannot think of anybody except donald trump who could have pulled it off with such effectiveness, such absolutism, and shall i say a plum? when he came down that escalator, still grinning all these years later. we can all learn lessons from your dad. we need to share, i am telling es are thenting buddi
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biggest deliveries on the planet. names not mention their because i respect their decision to cower. they send me pictures with their elk and deer and wild boar and say, don't show anybody. web, you spineless this is a chance for you to promote something you believe in. i the people who want to take it away. if you are on the wall of the alamo, you need to shoot santa anna's men you cannot just have tea and crumpets. i identified the culture war before the term became known. when i started fighting the s in 1964 and 1965. we are in a full on cultural worse than ever. hunting worldthe to vote god, family and country at huntto
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it is going to be our armory to get registered to the voting booth. people who believe by their lifestyle and they need to vote god, family and country and then we will be back on her way. donald trump jr.: i appreciate it. i love what you are doing. i love everything about it. you are a great american. a great american family. the only one better maybe your wife. she puts up with you. it is a no-brainer. it is sort of like a without question. i want to thank you for taking the time for speaking her mind as you always do. we need more like you. you are a great american. good having you want. everyone, thank you so much for tuning in to triggers we look forward to seeing you next week or the week after. we keep getting comments that people like this stuff. we will have more fun and see you all soon. truth, logic and common sense is the battle cry. god bless. donald trump jr.: be well.
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