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tv   Washington Journal Seth Richardson  CSPAN  May 25, 2020 8:33pm-8:44pm EDT

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-- there will be 10 solveig taking with me. thank you. figures showed everyone who katherine johnson was, what she did, and how profound she was in the pages of american history. the history of space exploration as the c-span cities tour explores the american story. >> we are checking and around the country this morning with your calls and with reporters as well from around the country, talking about reopening in various states. we want to head now to the buckeye state. we are joined by said -- seth richardson., the political reporter there. ,ne of your recent stories summer looks like it's back on at least a little bit. what is back in ohio? guest: all kinds of things are back. part of it is because governor mike dewine and the department
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of health director kind of got out in front of this pandemic at least compared to other states. as of today, most of the restaurants are allowed to salons barbershops, nail , tanning facilities. retail is back on. reopened in the next coming days we will see places of mini golf, bowling, gyms, fitness centers, public pools. evening tomorrow and limited contact sports leagues which i know has been a big case for everyone is winter sports coming back. contact sports coming back. 1, weddings june have been put on hold for a lot of people. but starting june 1, wedding venues will be allowed to have
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up to 300 people with some specific guidelines. a lot of the state has really reopened. host: for folks who haven't been tracking ohio, how much pushback as the governor gotten on the speed of this reopening process? guest: there has been a little bit for sure. the chief concern i believe with most people is the second wave. the second wave comes along and how do you get people to really comply again? if you've already had pretty much universal complicity for around two and a half to three months. there certainly is some concern but the governor has said we are not afraid to go back to shutting down. if we are not comfortable with the way numbers are going. one of the chief issues, the main pushback he's got has been not requiring masks of customers in retail settings. employees are required to wear
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masks in your viewers probably know the way masks work is it works much better when two people are wearing a mask. it protect others from you. big one been a pretty and the other, testing capacity is not where the governor said he wanted to be. it is going up and there are people worried if a second wave does occur that we won't have the testing capacity. host: the federal recommendations on one of most vulnerable populations, those in nursing homes, the vice president recommended states test all nursing home patients within two weeks. on thes the governor testing of nursing home population? he hase has -- guest: been pretty consistent in saying ohio is not can be able to do mass testing of nursing home patients.
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it's the same problem people are experiencing everywhere. what he has opted for is a more targeted kind of approach to testing nursing home facilities. symptoms or shows is it probable case of some kind , testing everybody in the facility. and anybody who is coming to contact with them. governor dewine has basically said we just don't have the best -- testing capacity to go into all these facilities and ensure everyone is tested. that doesn't seem like it will be on the table anytime soon. on your congressional delegation if you want to speak a little bit how they been with the governor as well.
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overlooking the united states capital. guest: it is certainly, it has been jarring grade -- jarring. you are used to people kind of sniping at each other back and forth. the biggest example of unity going on is senator sharad brown , he is been heaping praise on governor mike dewine. been heaping praise on governor mike dewine. they faced each other in an ugly senate race. they have always been cordial but they did certainly not shy away from criticizing each other at any stretch during their careers. so that kind of shows some of the unity so to speak that has gone on here. the president attitude towards governor dewine has been interesting because you see the governor -- see the president go after some of these other
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governors around the country, keeping the shutdown and place our masks or any number of things and these are all things mike dewine either did first or was very vocal about. notably donald trump leaves mike dewine out of that criticism when he's going after gretchen whitmer, gp just jb pritzker. that's an interesting dynamic. , the the response messaging from washington is generally at odds with messaging in ohio, there has never been any kind of splashproof everybody i talked to said governor dewine and donald trump have a good working relationship. if you are interested in the buckeye state politics from the statehouse to the capital, a good newsletter to sign up for
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is the capital letter. seth richardson, how folks sign up for that? it out at can check subscription. host: thanks so much for your time. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, the discussesonservative the use of technology in tracing those with the coronavirus. a professor at george washington role ofty on the inspectors general. watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. ♪ 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 --
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engines up and burning. 3, 2, 1, 0. liftoff. the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue the dream. >> on wednesday, nasa will launch to u.s. astronauts into space for the first time since the retirement of the spatial program in 2011. the astronauts will join the current team on board the international space station. tomorrow night at 8:00, we explore the history of space exploration as we tour the country to hear the stories of the people and places key twist development like this astronaut. >> you look black at the planet. you see the sun. it's incredible. it changed me fundamentally. it made me have a cognitive shift in the way that i think about humanity.
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>> an early flight to study the curvature of the earth. >> a record-breaking 72,000 feet. >> we take you to nasa training sites. >> the laboratory here for the cognitive communication tests. >> we still talk about the role that we played on the frontlines of the cold war. the space race was a major initiative within the cold war. 62 astronauts came here for navigation training. they needed to know the night sky better than anyone. >> an observatory in operation since 1884 that specializes in the photography of the moon. the personal stories of two women who left their mark on the nation. >> i made nine wonderful friends over the last two weeks. when that shuttle goes, they might be one body. there will be 10 souls with me.
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thank you. >> when the movie hidden figures came out, it showed everyone who katherine johnson was, what she did, how profound she was in the pages of american history. >> the history of space exploration as the c-span cities tour explores the american story. a recent story from forbes. america's beaches are open for memorial day. here's what you need to know state-by-state. the contributor who wrote that story joining us via zoom. let's talk about more restrictive states versus less restrictive states here on the east coast, the difference between a rhode island and georgia. can you walk through it. guest: is an interesting divide. rhode island and maine are completely still locked down, the beaches are not open freddie uses.


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