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Mike Pence
  Campaign 2020 Vice President Pence Remarks in Ripon WI  CSPAN  July 18, 2020 6:25am-7:00am EDT

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policy issues that impact you. this morning, our guest iscusses his group, an annual and our next guest talks about federal executions resuming, and state and federal court actions on execution. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. u.s. attorney general william appears before the house judiciary committee's general oversight hearing on the justice department on tuesday, july 28. ,atch live coverage on c-span watch anytime on, or listen on the go on the radio app. >> vice president mike pence
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spoke about the economy and trade at a campaign event in wisconsin. he also touted the administration's response to the economic shutdown in response to the pandemic. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen. the vice president of the united states, mike pence. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ vice pres. pence: hello, wisconsin. [applause] thank you for that warm welcome. to congress mingling grossman, congressman brian stiles, state senators, members of the state
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legislature, honored guests and my fellow americans, it is good on,be here in rip wisconsin, the birthplace of the republican party. [applause] and it is great to be back in the badger state with so many great americans. [applause] and thank you all for being here today. allow me to begin by bringing greetings from another great fan of the badger state, a man who loves the state of wisconsin and has been fighting to keep the promises he made to the people of the state every day for the last three and a half years and was in this state not long ago. allow me to bring greetings from the 45th as an of the united states of america, resident donald trump. president donald trump. [applause]
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in our first three years, president trump did keep every promise he made to the people of wisconsin and all across the country. the results were extraordinary. military, cut taxes across the board, rolled back regulations at a record pace, unleashed american energy, fought for free and their trade, and in our first three years alone, businesses large and small created more than 7 million new jobs across the country. [applause] fastest pace the in more than 10 years. 10 million americans were lifted out of poverty and 7 million americans were lifted out of food stamps. beyond that, we reached the highest median income in the history of united states. [applause] it was an extraordinary three
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years of progress and renewal, building our military, reviving our economy. but then the coronavirus pandemic struck our nation. president trump took unprecedented action. he put the health and safety of america first from the earliest days. before the month of january was over, he suspended travel from china and stood up the white house coronavirus task force in the days that follows, we have developed not only a whole of government which but a whole of america approach. we have marshaled the full resources of america to save lives and protect the vulnerable and support of the extraordinary work of doctors and nurses us the country. -- as make you a promise we continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, will -- we will work 24 hours a day to ensure that all states impacted, all hospitals and great health care workers have the supplies and resources they need to give
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every american the same level of care that we would want a member of our family to have. [applause] we are meeting this moment with american compassion and american resolve. we are also opening up america again. it is extraordinary to think that at the height of this pandemic, our economy lost 22 million jobs. because of the strong foundation president trump laid of less taxes and less regulation, into short months, may and june, saw record-breaking job creation. we have added 7 million jobs act to the american economy and we are just getting started. [applause] we all know, my fellow americans, that we are passing through a time of testing the american people.
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soon we will come to a time for choosing, which is what brings me here today. in 110 days, the american people have a choice to make. the choice has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher. i came here to the city of ripon , wisconsin camera where the republican party -- wisconsin, where the republican party was born, to describe that choice. they wrote that the decision to found a new political party had been "forced upon us by the slave power and in the defense of freedom." they said they would cooperate and be known as republicans, and so they have ever been. [applause] sears later, they elected the -- sixcan president,
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years later, they elected the first republican president, who ushered in the abolition of slavery and the advancement of our highest ideals. our months from now, i know party will reelect another republican president when we reelect president donald trump for four more years in the white house. [applause] i am here today, to talk about what is at stake and to talk about the choice our nation faces. recovery is on the ballot, but so are things far more fundamental and foundational to our country. america so much whether will be more conservative more liberal, more republican or democrat, more red or blue. it is whether america remains america.
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whether we will leave to our children and grandchildren a country grounded in our highest ideals of freedom, free market, the inalienable rights to life and liberty, or whether we will leave to them a country that is fundamentally transformed into something else. republicans, we stand at a crossroads of freedom. wo paths, one tew based on the dignity of every individual, and the other on the growing control of the state. our road leads to greater freedom and opportunity. there road leads to socialism -- their road lisa socialism and decline. president trump set us on a path of freedom and opportunity from the first day of this administration. [applause]
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joe biden would set america on the path of socialism and decline. america is a blessed and exceptional country, unique among the nations. we have been an asylum of hope for millions around the world yearning to breathe free, as the words on the statue of liberty declare. many of our greatest citizens have come from corners of the ruled -- of the world ruled by socialist regimes. if you ever doubt whether this country is special and unique, just talk to one of them. pandemic, president trump set our nation on that path read him an opportunity for every american regardless of race, creed or color. america's families enjoyed record low crime rates, record high prosperity, the safety and security of a government devoted
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to law-abiding citizens in this country. all of that is under threat. joe biden has referred to himself as a transition candidate. across thise asking country -- a transition to what? now we have the answer. recently, joe biden combined forces with the socialist bernie sanders and the radical left wing of the democratic party. we don't need to guess where they are planning to take america. biden and sanders recently released a document from their unity task force outlining their agenda for the country. document, i thought democrat won the primary, but looking at the
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document, it looks to me like bernie won. when you look at the agenda, the only thing it is unifying is joe biden to the radical left. contrary to their radical agenda, president trump is rebuilding the economy based on freedom and free markets and the rule of law. the american people know, president donald trump did it once before and president donald trump will do it again. [applause] at the root of the biden-sanders agenda is a belief that america is driven by in the, not aspiration. , not aspiration. that millions of americans harbor ill will toward their neighbors. the radical left believes the federal government must be
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involved in every aspect of our lives to correct those american wrongs. they believe the federal government needs to dictate how americans live, how we should work, how we should raise our children, and in the process the private our people of freedom -- ,eprive our people of freedom prosperity and security. their agenda is based on government control. our agenda is based on freedom. [applause] just look at the contrast between our record and the biden agenda. bysident trump cut taxes $5.5 trillion, the largest tax cut and reform in american history. [applause] joe biden plans to increase taxes by nearly $4 trillion over the next decade alone.
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twice as much as hillary clinton ever proposed. president trump not only cut taxes, but we have rolled back federal red tape at a historic case -- pace. this president has repealed more federal regulations than in the president in american history, enabling economy to add a million jobs in the last two month alone. -- 8 million jobs in the last two months alone. joe biden would propose an avalanche of regulations on our economy, stifling the economy and costing american jobs. american jobs,o it was president trump who said the era of economic surrender is over, and he stood up to china. [applause] he fought for free and fair trade. just the other day, he signed an
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executive order holding china accountable for its treatment of hong kong, and we will continue to stand strong. pretends to be tough thatina but the reality is no biden has helped china all along the way, attaining most favored nation status in the wto. the obama administration did nothing when joe biden was vice president to prevent the outsourcing of millions of jobs in manufacturing to that communist nation. hasresident donald trump stood for our highest ideals at home and abroad. it was president donald trump who withdrew america from the job killing paris climate accord and saved thousands of american jobs. [applause] biden wants to join the paris climate accord again,
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placing a crushing weight on american business and the american economy. under president trump, the u.s. has achieved energy independence, no longer relying on the middle east for oil, and now america is a net exporter of energy for the first time in 75 years. [applause] biden would destroy our fossil fuel industry, return to the war on coal, prevent the development of america's immense energy reserves and pose a regime of climate change regulations on literally every new building on the united -- in the united states, every home, every business, that would drastically increase the cost of living for families and the cost of businesses, at the cost of jobs. where president trump has achieved a historic decline in the cost of prescription drugs,
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joe biden supports government takeover of health care that would set us on an inexorable path to socialized medicine. president donald trump believes in a strong border for the united states of america. [applause] as our president has said many times, don't have orders, you don't have a nation. as we stand here today, i am proud to report we have already built 200 miles of that border wall on the southern border of the united states. [applause] we have stood without apology for the courageous men and women of customs and border protection and ice every day. [applause] joe biden is for open borders. end togenda calls for an
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deportations, support for sanctuary cities, three lawyers and free health care for illegal immigrants, all paid for by american taxpayers. it is extraordinary. thisloser to home, president has been a champion for allowing every parent to choose where their children goes to school regardless of income or area code. president donald trump stands for school choice. [applause] and here in wisconsin, the birthplace of the school choice movement in america, you deserve to know. [applause] joe biden would take away the right of parents to choose where their children go to school -- public, private or parochial. you need to tell your neighbors and friends.
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joe biden wants to end school choice. those are the facts. it's not just about our economy and defending american jobs and health and educational opportunities. i cannot be more proud to be vice president to a president who has stood without apology for the sanctity of human life. [applause] by contrast, joe biden supports taxpayer funding of abortion. repealing the hyde amendment, policy that supports abortions around the world. he even supports late-term abortion, allowing innocent, unborn children to be aborted up to the moment of birth.
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economy, itut our is about our well-being, it is about our values. theit is also about security of our nation at home. doubt --y, don't ever president donald trump and this administration stand with the men and women of law enforcement. [applause] the president and i know that the men and women who put on the uniform of law-enforcement everyday are the best of us. they risk their lives every day. they consider our lives more organs than their own -- our
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lives more important than their own and they have our support. it is a false choice to think we have to choose between supporting law enforcement and our african-american neighbors and friends. under president donald trump, we will so law enforcement, improve the look safety, and stand with african-american families and all minorities to improve the quality of life. -- of life and our cities and towns. [applause] believesst, joe biden america is, in his words, andtemically racist," despite historically low crime rates prior to the pandemic, joe biden believes that law enforcement in america has a "implicit bias" against minorities. askedecently, when whether he would support defunding the police, joe biden
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capitulated to the radical left-wing mob. supporteded if he cutting funding to law enforcement and he replied, and i quote, "yes, absolutely." blueuld weaken the thin line that separates order from chaos. under president donald trump, we standtand with those and on the thin blue line and we will never defund the police. we will defend the police every day. this president and his administration will back the blue. [applause] the hard truth is you won't be safe and joe biden's america --
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in joe biden's america. the radical left experiment of defunding the police is failing families in cities across the country already. efforts amid defunding around america, cities are struggling with rising crime rates. atlanta saw a 19% rise in shootings, a 9% increase in murders. in chicago, a 42% rise in shootings and a 39% increase in murders. in philadelphia, 54% rise in shootings. a nearly 20% increase in murders. blasio'slt of mayor de disbanding of the anti-crime unit in new york city, which is a decision many african-american leaders are begging him to reverse, that city has already staggeringrease of a
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277 sent -- 277% and the number -- ofs skyrocketing these areyrocketing shocking numbers but not surprising. ofe in wisconsin, the city milwaukee has seen a 50% increase of nonfatal shootings and a100 percent increase in murders from the same time last year. it is on pace to break the record of the homicide rate set 30 years ago. this is a frightening preview of joe biden's agenda and action. after years of plummeting crime rates under president donald trump, joe biden will double down on the very policies that are leading to unsafe streets
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and violence in american cities. biden call foroe defunding the police, remember what is at stake -- law and order, safety, the peace of mind that you and your family and children have every right to enjoy as citizens of this country. when you consider joe biden's agenda in his embrace of the -- joe left, it is clear biden would be nothing more than a trojan horse for a radical agenda. so radical, so all-encompassing it would transform this country into something utterly unrecognizable. it is no wonder that socialist bernie sanders said that if joe biden was elected, he would, in his words, transform the country
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and be the most progressive president in a century. the biden-sanders agenda would set america on the path of socialism and decline. enduresnation this time of testing, we would do well to tell our neighbors and friends it is time for choosing. we need to tell our fellow americans that we can choose to stay on the path that starts from the belief in the goodness of the american people, that starts from the premise that america is exceptional and founded on freedom, always striving for a more perfect union. week, president trump spoke at a roundtable with a cuban immigrant named maximo alvarez. atimo escaped communist cuba
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13. he was one of the less kids to flee with a group of nuns is confident have been taken over by the communist dictator that bernie sanders has praised in the past. formo had a stark warning our country at that forum. he said, "what is happening in our backyard today i experienced as an 11-year-old." "i remembero say, vividly all of the promises , i remember the promises we hear today about free education, free health care, free land." then he recalled what his father told him about the glory of an american. he said that his father told place,on't lose that
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because if you lose that place, you will have no place to go." america is a beacon of hope and freedom for all in the world. [applause] maximo's admonition remind us of another republican president who famously reminded us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extension -- extinction. we don't pass it onto our children in the bloodstream, it must be fought for, protected, handed on for them to the same -- to do the same. -- president reagan attic, added, one day we will tell our children's children what it was like to live in the u.s. when it
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was free. we have to fight for our freedom again. president ronald reagan was right in his time. fighter inou that the white house will never stop fighting for freedom. president donald trump continue to fight for the freedom of every american. and so we must fight for him. [applause] my fellow americans, that is the choice we face. we have two paths forward. ,ne of freedom and opportunity the other of socialism and decline. we can either be true to ourselves on what has made this nation a beacon of hope for the world or we can become like the
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very places that many of our ancestors fled and that many still flee to come here. decision before us, i can't help think of the words of the great american poet, robert frost, my wife's favorite poet. "two roads diverged in a yellow wood and i took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference." the truth is, through the long and straight history of this history-- and storied of this country, americans have always chosen the road less traveled by, the road of freedom and individual responsibility. we will do so i know this because like our president and those who founded
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the republican party somebody years ago here in ripon, i believe in freedom and i know this is a freedom loving nation. [applause] i know the love of freedom's in the heart of every american and i know we will choose well again this november because i have faith. faith that every time the american people are given a choice between freedom and us freedom -- less freedom, they stand for freedom, they fight for freedom, and they choose freedom every single time. [applause] is a freedom loving nation. --is also a nation of eighth faith. it is on that hope i stand as
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well. the bible says where the spirit of the lord is, there is freedom. millions of americans believe as i do that when we stand up for the god-given freedoms of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the freedoms won and defended through our nations history, we make his work on this earth our own. and that means freedom always wins. [applause] so that is the choice we face, my fellow americans, between freedom and opportunity or socialism and decline. i have no doubt if all of us do all we can, even in these challenging times between now and november 3, we will see our way through. we will be there for neighbors and friends.
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we will heal our land and when a great victory for freedom and our very way of life. with president donald trump in the white house for more years -- four more years, we will make america great again, again. thank you. and gods wisconsin bless america. [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> the democratic and republican parties, the campaigns of president trump and joe biden, are changingplans for next political conventions. republicans meet tuesday, august 25 in jacksonville, florida, for their convention. c-span,entions, live on beginning monday, august 17, and watch anytime on unfiltered view of politics. host: on "washington journal, reaction to the death of john lewis of georgia. we will also talk with tom is schatz