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  President Trump on Additional Coronavirus Economic Aid  CSPAN  July 20, 2020 8:44pm-9:03pm EDT

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be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments and text messages and tweets. join the discussion. coming up tonight on c-span, president trump meets with congressional republicans about another coronavirus relief package. dailyon desantis holds a coronavirus briefing and later the national constitution center host a discussion on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. president trump spoke about ongoing negotiations with congress for an additional economic aid package. he talked about vaccine development and when asked if he would resume -- and said he would resume coronavirus briefings soon. trouble: thank you. you.ump: thank
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we have a lot of good things happening. we have tremendous progress on vaccines and therapeutics. we are getting reports. we are studying the reports. people will be surprised with what is going on with the theines and that is always first topic. we are negotiating with democrats to try to get a plan that helps small businesses, helps people, helps this country and i think we have made a lot of progress on that and the discussions are going on. steve, do you want to say good word -- a few words? workingand i have been on what we see is the focus, kids and jobs and the recovery act. a lot of money but a lot of the $3 trillion is
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still in the economy. we think another trillion dollars will make a big impact is about kids and jobs and vaccine. we will make sure we have a tax gained by the end of the year justmergency use and we updated the president and vice president and they signed off and mark and i will be tomorrow with the republicans at the lunch to give them a full briefing and then we will reach out to the democrat to begin our discussions -- the democrats to begin our discussions. insurerse unemployment -- insurance expires, we will make sure we fix the technical effects on enhanced unemployment and we will make sure we do not pay people more money to stay at home then go to work. we want to make sure those who
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can go to work safely will do so. we will have tax credits that incentivize businesses to bring people back. we will have tax credits for safe work environments and we will have big incentives for education for schools that can open safely and do education. these are the priorities, as well as liability protection, we want to make sure servers -- frivolous lawsuits do not prevent schools from reopening. i want to say how much we in theate the leadership house and senate and today's conversation was a continuation of your commitment to do whatever it takes to get american people and communities through this challenging time. sunbelt areross the serious but because of the support we have had from leaders
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, we are meeting with expanded testing, personal protective of ointment and development -- protective equipment and development of vaccines. it is important that congress comes together and provides additional resources for families and businesses that have been impacted. we will make sure our health care workers have the resources they need but we will also continue to advance policies that will make it possible for us to open america again. i know you are working to develop -- deliver another important element of the recovery package that will keep working until we bring our
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country back until we someday put this coronavirus in the past. processrow begins the we have beeng what discussing with the administration over the last two weeks. if you are looking for a theme, liability protection for those trying to do a deal with the pandemic, we do not need an epidemic of lawsuits on the heels of the pandemic. kids in school, jobs, health care are the theme of the proposal we hope to come together. you cannot pass the bill in the senate without the democrat and we will talk with -- the democrats and we will talk with them as well. >> if you are sitting at home
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and concerned you do not have a job, we want to make sure you can come back. we want to make sure there are incentives to keep going. we want to make sure small businesses can stay open and kids can go back to school safely. we continue to make strides to make sure we get to a vaccine and when we find a cure for the virus that came from a foreign land. that is the focus we have to be part of. for schoolsamental and businesses whether they can open again. they should not have an attack from any lawsuit. we need to give the protection to rebuild and restore the country to where we were before and i know we can do it. we will be reaching out to the democrats and i hope that they so wet politics aside don't just look back on a rule thede the senate that
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minority denies the ability for america to unite and solve the problem. history will write about the warp speed. fastwill write about how we got the vaccine and that is the focus of what we are trying to do. the safety of the country for students, teachers, and businesses until we are back again. : it came from china and it never should have been allowed to come out. they could have stopped it and they would -- they could have stopped it easily and they didn't. they stopped it from going into china but they didn't stop it from going to the rest of the world. to europe, to us. they should've stopped it. they could have stopped it.
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they were not transparent. they were the opposite. it would's not good. i spoke with the president -- it is not good. i spoke with the president of france and the president of egypt and we had good conversations. i have had many conversations with leaders all over the world over the weekend and the last couple of weeks in particular that is is a pandemic flaring up all over the place. the country is in good shape and then all of a sudden they have a big flareup. i see that over the weekend i guess on friday there was a record worldwide number of tests, worldwide. because when you watch the local and and uc it is like -- you see that it is all about the s.ited state many countries.
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all over russia. russia has a tremendous problem. what is going on is terrible. terrible. it is a worldwide problem and we are helping a lot of countries who do not have ventilators and we are sending thousands of ventilators that i want people to understand this is a worldwide problem caused by china but it worldwide problem. countries are going through how hell and we through are going to give you a lot of briefings and i think it is important we do the vaccines and therapeutics and i think we are going to bring some of the great companies that are working varies testily in the past that have worked on these things and they are going to tell you very specifically what they are doing and how they are doing it and what we think we are doing well in that regard, those two items i think frankly therapeutic, i almost like better at this point
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to go in and make people better though we have had good luck with remdesivir which has been successful but others have been successful. we are really coming up with some very good answers, meaning they are. we are working very closely all over the world for the vaccines and therapeutics. we are going to have the heads of the companies come in, johnson & johnson is doing very well in particular and they seem to be doing very well. feel certain not totally certain but pretty certain that they will have a vaccine and therapeutics that will take place shortly and that will be a great thing to the world but this is happening all over the world, not just the united itte, -- united states, and
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is very sad when you see the death. a could have been stopped by china. if they wanted to stop it they could have stopped it. thank you. reporter: how important is the payroll tax cut in phase four? is very good. it it has been proven to be successful. a tremendous saving and i think it is incentive or companies to hire their workers back. we are working on it. i do not think there is too much dispute about the level of importance. it is a very important thing. it is one of many elements we are discussing, we are probably discussing a total of 10
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elements but payroll tax cuts is a very important one. will getopefully we there but we are talking about a lot of, not just payroll taxes. we had very successful briefings. i was doing them and we had a lot of people watching, record numbers watching, in the history of cable there has never been an nightly this -- there has never been an event like this and a lot of positive things were happening and a lot of the country is doing well but we have had a big flareup in florida, texas, a couple of other places, and so i think what we are going to do is i will get involved and we will start doing briefings. afternoon or this
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tomorrow, probably tomorrow, but i will do a briefing and last time we were nowhere with vaccines or therapeutics and let's say that ended six weeks ago and we will start again and i get is a great way to get in remission out to the public as to where we are with effect scenes, and generally speaking where we are. so i think we will start that probably starting tomorrow i will do it at five off with were doing, we had a good slot and a lot of people were watching and that's a good thing in a big kaylee will continue hers at 11 -- kaylee will continue to do hers at 11:00 like she was and i will discuss some other things perhaps what we are doing very well and so many different ways but on fortunately this is something that is very tough but we are going to get it solved and i think we were going to get it solved numerous ways but best would be vexed gains in
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therapeutics the we will do that -- best would be vaccines and therapeutics so we will do that. reporter: there is a report you troopsng to send federal to help. trump: we are sending law enforcement. the democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing. city,ere ripping down the it,roying the city, looting the level of corruption and what was going on was incredible and then the governor says, we don't need any help. how about chicago? many people killed over the weekend. we are looking at chicago and new york. all run by democrats, very liberal democrats, all run by radical left.
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we cannot let that happen to the city. the governor has to do something about it and if the governor is not going to do something about it, we will do some about it but what is happening in new york, i love your, and look at what is happening. the woman that was shot because she said, would you please not light firecrackers at certain times and she died? .hat is not our civilization and then the police are afraid to do any thing. i know new york well. i know the police very well. they are restricted from doing any thing. they can't do anything. i'm going to do something. oakland is a mess. new york, baltimore. all run by liberal democrats. we will have more federal law
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enforcement. they have done a fantastic job. they have been there three pres. trump: may grab them. a lot of people in jail. these are anarchists. these are not protesters. these people are anarchists. these are people that hate our country, and we are not going to let it go forward. i will tell you what, we governor and the mayor and the senators out there, they are afraid of these people. that is the reason they don't want us to help them. i believe they may be physically afraid of these people. because what they are doing is incredible. we did not just go there. this was not like it darted right away. we went there for 51 days. we said we cannot let that happen anymore, but these are anarchists, and politicians out there, yes, they are weak, but they are afraid of these people. they are actually afraid of these people. that is why they say we do not
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want the federal government helping. how about chicago? would you say they need help after this weekend? did you know the numbers, did you hear the numbers? many, many shots had many, many killed. i am not talking about one, two, 18 people killed! i think more than that. you added up over the summer, this is worse than afghanistan by far. this is worse than anything anyone has ever seen. all run by the same liberal democrats. and you know what? if biden got in, that would be true for the country. the whole country would go to help and we are not going to let it go to hell, thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. [crosstalk] ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, every day we are taking your calls on the air, on the news of
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the day, and we discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, american federation of teachers president discusses the union's position in the debate over reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic. and american conservative union talk -- will be on to about campaign 2020 and president trump reelection strategy. watching c-span's washington journal, at 7:00 eastern, tuesday morning, and be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, and text messages and tweet. join the discussion. watch our daily unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house. pres. trump: our countries are linked by trade and travel. >> on issues that matter to you. >> ongoing efforts to focus on a mission to save lives, meet the needs of our states, health-care workers. >> along with briefings on the
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coronavirus pandemic. supreme court oral arguments and decisions. campaignatest from 2020. be part of the conversation every day with our call-in program, washington journal. if you missed any of our live coverage, watch anytime on demand at or listen on the go with the free c-span radio app. protesters interrupted florida governor ron desantis during a coronavirus briefing monday in orlando. the governor encouraged floridians who have recovered from the coronavirus to donate plasma to meet an urgent need amid cases in that state. governor discussed reopening schools for the 2020-21 school year and questioned the validity of data regarding increased coronavirus cases in florida, citing a motor vehicle crash victim who was categorized