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tv   Dr. Anthony Fauci Throws First Pitch at MLB Opening Day Game  CSPAN  July 23, 2020 9:45pm-9:49pm EDT

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appropriations package to fund the state department, military construction and veterans affairs. on c-span2 at 9:00 a.m., an hearing on natural disaster preparedness and the response to covid-19. at 11:30, washington post live talk to dr. anthony fauci about the pandemic. at 2:45, joe biden -- jill died biden will take part in a discussion. on thursday, major league baseball began a shortened season, becoming one of the first professional sporting events to return during the coronavirus pandemic. dr. anthony fauci was invited to the opening day game in washington dc to throughout the ceremonial first pitch. -- throw out the ceremonial first pitch. >> in an empty stadium with no acknowledgment to the fans. what you will see from baseball 2020, we get a real good feel
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for tonight. well-knownthe more washington national fans, dr. anthony fauci to throw out the first pitch. ♪ dr. anthony fauci. ♪ announcer: dr. anthony fauci now not in front of a large crowd, but certainly in front of a national television audience. i thought with how big a fan he is of baseball, that would have been something. but the man is so busy, that is probably not something he had time to practice. [laughter] dr. fauci through it a little wide, but this guy is a diehard
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baseball fan and washington nationals fan. he will certainly, like many others across the country, settle in to watch the first major league baseball game of 2020. ♪ c-span has unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events. you can watch all of c-span's public affairs programming on television, online, or listen on our free radio app. be part of the national conversation through c-span's daily "washington journal program or our social media feet. -- feed. created as a public service and brought to you today by your television provider. president trump gave an update on the federal response to the pandemic as several states face big spikes in positive cases. he announced the republican
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convention will no longer be partially held in jacksonville, florida, but delegates will still meet to cast their nomination ballots. the president addresses reopening schools, saying he wants kids to go back in the fall, but all families should be empowered to make the decision that is right for their own circumstance. thank you very much. thank you everyone. thank you. we've had a tremendous week uniting the country in our fight against the china virus. i've reminded people of the importance of masks when you can't socially distance, in particular. a strong message has been sent out to young people to stop going to crowded bars and other crowded places.


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