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tv   Campaign 2020 Massachusetts U.S. Senate Democratic Debate  CSPAN  July 26, 2020 9:34pm-10:32pm EDT

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expected by the afternoon. on their agenda, a seven bill spending package. at 1:00, there a ceremony at the capital as the casket of john lewis arrives, where he will lie in state for two days. that's live on c-span. the senate returns of 4:00 to work on a judicial nomination for the western district of pennsylvania with a vote plan for 5:30. c-span3, a conference with women members of congress, including speaker nancy pelosi, and some of the freshmen who won office in 2016, when democrats took control of the house. next, a democratic senate primary debate from massachusetts, where incumbent senator ed markey is being challenged by representative joe kennedy. this is the first of three scheduled televised debates ahead of this of timber first primary. ♪ >> live from the boston media
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center, the race for the senate. debate, senator ed markey. >> my advice today. >> congressman joe kennedy. >> our country deserves the best. >> face to face and on the record from issues that matter to you, from covid to classrooms , to police reform and immigration. it's their chance to speak directly to you. now your moderator, boston anchor latoya edwards. latoya: welcome to this primary debate, we are at the boston media center, home of nesn and nbc sports boston. we'd like to thank our guests for taking part. we'd like to start with senator markey. he has served since 2013. before that, he served massachusetts seventh district in the house of representatives since 1976. we also bracket -- all come
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congressman joe kennedy. he's served since 2014. before that, he served as assistant dirt -- assistant district attorney. we are following social distancing guidelines, as you can see. everyone, including the candidates, are spread out more than six feet apart, and panelist are not in the studio with us. they are in different locations. there's a news anchor for boston, a newsmaker for nesn, and a producer for nbc 10 boston. here are the rules. both candidates get one minute of questions, rebuttals at my discretion. 45 seconds for individual questions, with a 32nd rebuttal. -- 30 second rebuttal. they will both have one minute for closing statements. you can join right now. ate, senatorenddeb
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markey will get the first question. the past two weeks, the campaign turned ugly. they called off a fundraiser when they were scheduled to appear canceled after called out by your supporters. the kennedy campaign some of them were subjected to cyber bullying. i saw some of those tweets and they were pretty nasty. what steps have you or your campaign taken to put an end to this? sen. markey: well, a lot of young people put up pictures of themselves when they were in theater, and high school, to talk about the issues they felt were important to the broadway stars. and for them, they wanted to tell all of those people that alexandria ocasio-cortez had endorsed me, that i was the cosponsor of the green new deal with alexandria, and that that had caused a revolution of focus upon climate change in our country. it was about the issues.
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it was raising this concern about our planet, and my partnership with alexandria ocasio-cortez, not just creating a moment, but a movement, which has changed the way in which our entire country views the issue of the climate crisis. latoya: thank you for that. , rissman kennedy, you have 30 seconds to respond. rep. kennedy: thank you, and thank you for tuning in. i don't think that's what happened at all. there were supporters of mind that tried to put together an event that were targeted. one of senator markey's supporters literally tweeted that bullying worked. this is an issue not just at this event, but there's history regarding supporters in this race. he targeted sheriff steve tompkins, one of the highest profile black elected officials in the state. they've gone after four of my hispanic colleagues -- latoya: alright, we want to turn to you here. whether you like the tactics,
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all the broadway stars backed up after learning who you were challenging. is the issue less about cyber bullying than lukewarm support for your campaign? rep. kennedy: not at all. i'm proud of the support we have from progressives and from the beginning of this race. that's what i got in this race. i believe young progressives believe in change and they know we need strong leadership to deliver it. but we cannot go back to a broken system. our normal that was broken. lives lost a0 covid-19. it was a country that let george floyd die. it was politicians that went to washington and thought they could legislate from afar, telling committees back home what was best for them rather than asking what they could do. that's why i'm running, to make sure we have leaders who are connected to our communities, that are going to fight for them every single day. you cancongressman, respond to this, senator.
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sen. markey: the sunrise group, which is the heart of the green new deal, they have young people in college, in high school, middle schools, just rallying across the state, across the country. club, of that, the sierra the human rights campaign, the lgbtq groups have sided with me. they've endorsed me in this race, as has planned parenthood. so, this is a movement built around the progressive groups in our country, but led by young people who will rally because of this climate process. latoya: senator, thank you for that. we just want to let the congressman address this. rep. kennedy: thank you. of course those organizations endorsed you. they endorse incumbents. almost all of them endorsed me. you know who else? over 60 different labor unions, not national organizations, local ones who know us both and best.peth -- know us
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they want to make sure every family has food on their plate and a roof over their head. they know i will be the champion. that's why i'm in this race. sen. markey: let me say, there's a reason why the massachusetts teachers union has endorsed me. they know i side with those young people getting the education they need. janitors, thethe front-line workers who need the help the most. they are backing me in this race. latoya: we know you both are passionate about this. let's move onto my colleague. allison has the next round of questions. >> congressman kennedy, he touched on this briefly, but you have been asked many times, why are you in this race? for months, you provided a variety of answers, but it's still unclear to some. why did you decide to target the u.s. senator who is one of the boldest -- authored one of the boldest democratic and one of
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the progressive voters? you have 45 seconds. rep. kennedy: thank you. because i believe there's more theeing a senator than bills you file and the votes you cast. let's look at the 2016 election cycle. republicans had a house in the sand and the presidency -- and the senate and the presidency. now is not the time for major progressive legislating. what else can you do? i tried to campaign for other democrats so that we can regain control. senator markey went nowhere. but he wasn't at home either. you talk to folks across communities, like springfield and worchester, he wasn't there. there's so much more needed at this moment than someone who files the right bill and says enough. latoya: thank you. senator markey, do you care to respond to that? sen. markey: yeah. justi see injustice, i
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don't talk about change. i need to change. that's been my career. that's the green new deal. that's medicare for all. that's ensuring we do the research on gun safety. that's my law. that's breaking up the telecommunications monopolies and making sure the internet is on the desk of every student, rich and poor, and our country. it's why the district attorney of boston -- latoya: senator, your time is up. up, but iour time is do have a question for you. you've been in washington for more than four decades. people know your name and your record. massachusetts incumbents don't here's the face primaries. why are you perceived vulnerable enough for joe kennedy and others who dropped you out of the race to try to push you out? sen. markey: well, i can only run as a markey.
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my father drove a truck for a milk company. i drove a truck through boston college. i was the first in my family to go to college. i had the student loans that i had to carry on my back in the same way i know that kids today all across the commonwealth have to do -- >> but why do you think you are seen as vulnerable? sen. markey: again, he has every right to run. but i'm running on my record of who i am and my record of leadership, passing the big bills, making the big changes in our country that are necessary. and i think that my record is what you -- right now, leading to this incredible momentum. i'm running on the issues important. >> commerce me kennedy, i'm going -- congressman kennedy, i'm going to let you respond to that. rep. kennedy: senator markey deserves examination. the proposed integration of boston public schools. he voted for mass incarceration.
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he voted with republican extremists to fight back against the obama administration, trying to decreased detention tents. senator markey tried to ban -- supported a constitutional commitment to ban access to abortion. he voted for the iraq war. it's all part of his record. that is up for debate. when it comes to a question of who it is progressive -- >> thank you. i'm going to send it to latoya. latoya: i know you want to jump in here. i'll give you 15 seconds to respond, but we need to the going tore -- we're come back to what you are talking about. sen. markey: he's attacking me on something he cast the same boat on the same policy. give me a break. you took the same position. where we differ is where you voted to hollow out puerto rico,
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cut their education, housing programs -- you took a view that hung puerto rico in a serious way. latoya: i see you both shaking your head. hold it right there. we got to get to the coronavirus and i promise we will get back to that. so let's turn to something everybody cares about, the coronavirus pandemic. my colleague has a question on that. grace? >> good evening. i'm going to ask you both this question in spanish and in english. [speaking spanish] a question on every parents mind right now, whether to send their child to school in september. where do you stand on the folsom mr. and what is your advice -- fall semester, and what is your advice for parents?
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sen. markey: -- rep. kennedy: gracias. [speaking spanish] i still have deep reservations about sending my kids to school and as of now, i would not do it. but our schools need more systems. that's why i voted for and support the heroes act, which includes $3 trillion of support, including $900 billion for states and municipalities, to do things like hire more teachers, providing access to sanitation measures and resources, to make sure that we actually can create a safe place for our kids. because until we do, i think every parent is going to feel conflicted as i do. grace: thank you. senator markey, you have six he seconds.
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sen. markey: only if it's safe. and that safety is going to be determined by science. and that science isn't a date you sent kids back. it's the data. and right now, donald trump, mitch mcconnell, they're blocking any help that would go back to the communities so they don't have to lay off teachers. so they have the testing. they have the contact tracing. they have the personal protective equipment to be able to say it's safe. and moreover, and it's my legislation that if a law that puts it on the desk of every child, that's my law right now, and i'm going to fight for $4 billion additional to make sure kids get it at home. because right now, unbelievably, 12 million american kids do not have the internet at home. and that's going to lead to a homework gap, going to lead to an opportunity cap for those kids for the rest of their life. so i'm going to be leading that fight on the floor the next few
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weeks to make sure they get all the funding they week. >grace: thank you. latoya, back to you. latoya: thank you. we talked about schools for the moment. this question is for both of you. senator markey, how do you rate the job congressman kennedy has done handling the coronavirus crisis for his constituents? reminder, one minute here. sen. markey: again, the congressman has worked very hard for his constituents. and i've worked very hard for my constituents. i've fought successfully to add a program for $250 billion in order to make sure that they would be funding for the gig workers in our state. we have a quarter of a million gig workers who get no unemployment insurance. i thought hard and successfully to make sure we have $150
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billion for hospitals in the state of massachusetts. i fought successfully, partnering with elizabeth warren and the alaskan republican delegation, to add $300 million for disaster relief for the fishermen in our state. so, on issue after issue, i have stood up and fought and delivered for the people of massachusetts in the coronavirus packages thus far, and my job will be on the senate floor in an epic battle with mitch mcconnell and the republicans to make sure the additional help goes in, the health care help is there for everyone in our state. latoya: you didn't give a great. we'll -- grade. we'll get congressman kennedy. how do you rate the job senator markey has done? rep. kennedy: i think he's been fighting. we both have. i don't doubt his concern for his constituents. we have both seen the norms impact this has had. in the midst of the coronavirus, i suspended my campaign.
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we raised over $100,000 to support local organizations because we knew the need was so great to provide meals and additional resources. the senator didn't. there's more that can be done than the bills you file. i will say, i think the senator has worked hard for his constituents. but let's be clear. the reason why we have been able to deliver more for our communities is because we have democrats and control of the house of representatives. that enabled us to set the framework of this debate, because mitch mcconnell and donald trump knew they had to go through nancy pelosi and house democrats. i was out there campaigning to make sure we could put that out last cycle. senator markey literally went nowhere. this matters not because eclectic frequent fire files -- flyer miles, but -- tooya: we want to switch now police reform and social justice. both of you are on the record on black lives matter.
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give us specifics on what you have done and what you will do to show that black lives matter. this is for both of you, 60 seconds. first to you, senator markey. sen. markey: thank you. well, back when i was a state legislator in the 1970's, there was no black senate seat in massachusetts. and i had to make a decision to take on the democratic state leadership to make sure there was a black senate seat, and i did. and it hurt my career, but that's why bill owens, who became that first black state senator from massachusetts, endorsing me, and the one who led the effort in the house of representatives, that was a tough fight. i'm partnering right now with elizabeth warren to repeal qualified immunity, which is the per crushing -- protection police officers receive if they have wrongly murdered an innocent individual. that's what we saw in the florida case. i partnered with iona to make sure we have fees in boston. social justice is making sure
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people, $30,000, 30% of their income goes to paying for transportation cost. each and every one of those issues, partnering with cory booker -- the only cosponsor to overhaul the criminal justice -- latoya: senator, that's time. same question for you. give us specifics of what you've done and what you will do. rep. kennedy: latoya, when i was asked to give a response to mr. trump's first state of the union, i was one of the first democrats to declare that black lives matter. this has been at the heart of my work from the moments in congress and the first bills i passed in educational opportunities for mental health care and maternity health care. i was one of the founders of the mortality congress in washington. i support legislation, vote for legislation, like the george floyd justice in policing acts, the bills led by the black
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caucus that sets the framework for the beginning of this work. legislation with a democratic caucus chairman to make it easier to hold them accountable. i've worked hand in hand with a family from massachusetts that knows this pain directly, dj henry's family. dan and angela have become dear friends because of the work that i've done with them after their son was senselessly murdered by a police officer nearly 10 years ago. latoya: thank you. i want to push back a little bit. let's get real for a moment. there are black lives matters supporters, black mothers watching, like me, who are saying in this time of social justice, representation, optics matter. and so it's more than -- you clearly have laid out your records -- but they see two white men vying for the senate seat. listen, you don't understand may the worry your husband will not return home each and every day.
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you don't understand the warrior daughter might be the next breonna taylor. you don't understand the lack trans -- black trans worry about killings that are not being solved right now, the community there. why is your voice the right voice in this moment? what do you say to that? senator, you first. sen. markey: thank you. we're at a moment when justice is needed. the wousoul of our country is on fire, and we need justice, justice for black and brown families. we need criminal justice. we need to overhaul our police system. we need environment justice, educational justice, economic justice, health care justice. that's medicare for all. that's making sure that childcare, the sick leave is there the essential workers who
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are clearly going, who are saving all of -- having to go out every single day -- latoya: i have to jump in. i apologize for cutting you off. to keep with time, congressman, we'll give you the same time. rep. kennedy: thank you. first, those concerns are right. of course experience matters. let's be clear, we are both two privileged white men. i am extreme lately reached -- extremely privileged. how can we demonstrate we want to acknowledge our difference and fight to make sure our voices are heard? in the words of my colleague, those with the pain should have a seat at the table to inform the policy. latoya: congressman, sorry. i know you are both so passionate. we could talk about it all day. we're going to continue the conversation, but expand on it a little bit.
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my colleague has a question for congressman kennedy. >> thank you. congressman kennedy, you just permit test mentioned cumbersome in jeffrey's. he put that bill forward in 2015 to b chokeholdsan. -- to ban chokeholds. congressman kennedy, you didn't cosponsor any of those bills until last month. what do you see now that you didn't see five, six years ago? rep. kennedy: that's a great question. the bill i referenced is a bill about lowering the standard for civil rights abuses, which is a different issue. but regardless, i stand by my record, certainly when it comes to holding police officers accountable. i worked hand in glove with the henry family, try to make sure there was, in fact, justice for dj after he was killed in a police involved shooting, by a
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police officer in westchester county, new york. my work on criminal justice reform is work that i have been proud of. i'm proud of the work i've been able to do with mr. jeffries, with members of the black caucus, and ted, as well. the fact that i have been able to be endorsed by congressman john lewis, who served 25 years with senator markey -- >> that is your time. senator markey. sen. markey: we need fundamental criminal justice overhaul. that's why senator booker and i introduced an act. congressman kennedy, back in 2015, he actually voted to send military weapons to the streets of our country for the police in our country. now he says he doesn't take that position any longer. but my perspective, the question is, is that conviction or political convenience, which has
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led to the change of the position of the congressman? >> we're going to stay with you for a second. "you might be known for some things in your time. racial justice and criminal justice is not one of them." your opponent said that to you last month. championed,ally also opposed busing to segregated boston public schools. would you say you are proud of your record on racial and criminal justice? sen. markey: i'm very proud of my record. and that's why, again, the district attorney of boston has endorsed me. it's why the mayor of lawrence has endorsed me. and it's why, again, bill owens, the original black states tenor from messages -- state senator from massachusetts, i risked my career to have a black senate seat in massachusetts. so, on all of those issues, antedate, the fight -- and
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today, the fight to repeal qualified immunity, i'm leading the fight with elizabeth warren to get justice to families in our countries. we also have to overhaul sentencing guidelines four crack cocaine, for powder -- i see you are raising your hand, you want to answer. rep. kennedy: a couple of things to clarify the record. senator markey voted to create he criticizes me for voting on. this is why people get discouraged with politics and why they want change. , he wasom line is keepating to continue to against the integration of
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boston public schools. but he voted for mass incarceration and to this day has yet to apologize for that vote. sen. markey: i just have to say i did not vote to militarize the streets of the country. it did not happen. latoya: thank you very much for your passion on this topic. we have a question from a viewer. she wrote, ask them about all the defund the police movements. senator markey, do you support the finding police departments? sen. markey: i think it is absolutely imperative that we just reimagine what we are doing in our country. we need more money for health care, for education, we need more money to heal our country and not to imprison our country.
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we have one quarter of all the prisons in the world in the united states. we are 5% of the worlds population. we just have to change our system. we don't need more law enforcement. we need more prevention. we need more health care. we need more education. need more job-training training in our country. we just have to change the framework that we have. have not provided them with the resources they need in order to maximize their god-given abilities. and that is our responsibility for the years ahead, to make sure that we just dismantle the existing economic system that we have in our country to make sure it works for those people. samea: congressman, question to you. do you support defunding the police department? rep. kennedy: we have to
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completely reimagine how we police in this country. my major areas of focus is structural overhaul of the mental health care system. i saw how the country criminalizes mental health and substance abuse disorder. the two largest providers of mental health in the country are the jails in los angeles and chicago. in talking to the sheriffs around our state, on any given night, between 80%-90% of the havecerated individuals substance abuse disorders or mental health issues. so we lock them up. i was at a homeless camp that is the permanent camp right off route to the other day. a young man there had had a heart attack on thursday. he was back in that camp on saturday morning, because he said that was the only place that he felt comfortable to be. what an indictment on our system. that is where the focus needs to be, caring for our people. latoya: i just want to note that
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both of you said reimagine, not defined. take a quickto 62nd break. there is still so much more to get to on issues important to you and your family, including immigration reform. we will take a look at the record very closely, on both of you for climate change and we will have some rapidfire questions. open up your camera, hold it up to the screen for this qr code to learn more about the candidates and their views. we are back in one minute. ♪ welcome back to the massachusetts democratic primary debate. much more to get to with our guests, senator ed markey and congressman joe kennedy, as both men hope to persuade you to vote for them on primary day come which is tuesday, september 1,
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which is just over five weeks away. we will switch gears over to the topic of immigration. i'll start with congressman kennedy, and i'm going to ask both in spanish and in english. spanish] >> they are hanging by a thread here in the united states. they play their taxes. most of them are business owners .n massachusetts congressman kennedy, can you make a clear commitment tonight about the future, and if so, how are you going to do it? you have 60 seconds.
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rep. kennedy:[speaking spanish] ais is one of the reasons why focus on comprehensive immigration reform in washington, because we need a system that actually reflects our values. we came close back in 2013 when president obama actually put out those principles, when the senate had a majority and we could not get there in the house. it's one of the reasons why i have campaigned so hard to try to actually provide that change that we need in order to push these changes through. of presidentiority biden, and if i'm elected to the senate, i will ensure that this is going to be one of the priorities, and i will not rest until we where able to actually deliver on that change. senator markey joined with republicans and immigration what thes, siding tension is rather than -- that's
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what needs to change. >> senator markey, same question to you. you have 60 questions. sen. markey: congressman, give me a break. that's just not true. the issue you're raising is very important. daca, tps,is general,on reform in that has to be the top of the agenda. we have 11 million people in this country. all of them next you're should be placed on a pathway to citizenship. that is my goal. when i go back to the united states senate, i'm going to fight to make sure that everyone of those 11 million people, not just dhaka, not just tps, they have to get the protections but we justeserve,
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cannot have ice out there as a peace corps trying to grab people in the middle of the night. that is why the massachusetts immigration -- >> thank you, senator. thishave to push back on , since 2013, immigration hasn't really had anything solid. dot are you both going to for the dreamers who really the only step they need is to get citizenship. they have everything else. what are you going to do for them, congressman kennedy? rep. kennedy: in order to get there, we need -- we need change. i engage with republican colleagues in negotiations over two years ago to try to get this
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across the finish line. they were plagued by speaker ryan and republican leadership yet again. we've seen that republicans are not going to deliver on it. you got to go out there and fight for it, and i've been down to the border on multiple occasions. we wantwe're going to to bring in my colleague, tim caputo, from the newsroom. >> you've seen the children's in cages, the thousands of families that have been separated. right now, tonight, more than 300 children are still in ice custody away from their families , at the risk of contracting covid-19. senator markey, what are you doing to end this and prevent something like this from happening again.
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my threeey: i mention trips to the border to see those kids in cages on the border. it's just absolutely heartbreaking. we just got a reprieve from the supreme court on the dhaka kids, but we now have two fumigate donald trump out of the white house. he is a racist president. he says his make america great again, but he really is just .aking america hate again we have to get rid of mitch mcconnell as the majority leader . next year our agenda has to be top-of-the-line, president biden giving his inaugural address, first day up, to make sure we have an immigration bill that gives a pathway to citizenship for every one of these individuals so they don't have to worry any longer. that has to be what we're doing in order to get those families hope right now. and i can tell you that i'm
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going to fight, as i have been every single day. [indiscernible] >> congressman kennedy, what is your plan? rep. kennedy: a couple of things. one, have to take issue. to try markey continues to muddy the waters so he doesn't have to respond to his vote. he voted with public -- republican extremis against president obama and the congressional senate caucus to try to provide more detention beds to house immigrants. he's trying to muddy that was a government funding both that happened later. those are not the same thing. southern down to the border multiple times. the difference is that knowing that donald trump wasn't going to solve the problem, we raised nearly $250,000 to provide funding for legal services agencies to sue the federal government for these -- to release those kids and reunite those families. you can do more than just sign a
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letter and try to convince stephen miller that he is wrong on immigration. a bill out of the house this immigration detention. [indiscernible] congressman kennedy cast the vote on the same policy in the same light which he voted for, but moreover, just so i can make this clear, even last month when --mp was supporting reporting kids with cancer, i organize the movement to stop forced donald trump to back down, because it is children and have the deportation police come in and to take them out of our country. i took them on, i thought trump,
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and he backed down. it is very rare that trump backs down, but he had to because of the leadership that i was providing with ayanna pressley. latoya: that's get to the elephant in the room. senator markey, this week members of the congressional hispanic caucus slams u.s. being the only progressive to vote on immigrantbill beds. sen. markey: i will say again. mr. kennedy is attacking me on a vote on the very same language, the very same policy that congressman kanas he voted for himself later on that year. he did the same thing. that's on actually an issue where we disagree. the votely disagree on which congressman kennedy cast itse which is hollowing out
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health care system, the university of puerto rico -- and congressman kennedy had a decision to make, and twice he let our soldiers receive their payment and not the soldiers of puerto rico. [indiscernible] let's give the congressman 30 seconds to respond. rep. kennedy: if there was ever an example of why we need change in washington, it is to exchange you just heard. it's the politics of the past, and it does not work. -- i voted with them, because he speaks now immigration, he had a chance to stand with immigrant
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community and chose not to. that's not right. i stood strongly against it. sen. markey: that is just not accurate. he did the exact same thing. latoya: congressman, can you respond directly to that for a moment? your campus saying one thing about marky in this boat and his you had the exact same vote. rep. kennedy: there is a vote that came up about immigration, a sandal on bill. senator markey joined with a handful of conservative democrats and republicans, and keep in mind, this was in the midst of discussion around comprehensive immigration reform. he stood with republicans against the obama administration
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. obama gave instruction that he would veto the bill, and he voted with republicans against obama. because of that boat, because it insed, it got wrapped up overall funding bill to fund government months later. and every democrat, including barack obama voted for it and barack obama signed it. but he got put in there because it passed, because people like senator markey [indiscernible] he voted for it in a big package and i voted for in a big bill, but if you want to , i voted against the entire appropriations bill. i voted against it. but he voted yes in the very same language is in there. give me a break, congressman. that's just absolutely not true. rep. kennedy: there were members of the hispanic caucus that
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criticize you, not me. you can take it up with them. the fact that your campaign decided to go after them speaks volumes about how you feel about this. i understand why you would like to muddy the record here. an were in the midst of overall discussion on comprehensive immigration reform. you're also in a tough senate race. so you took about that ended up not being one that i think many of us -- [indiscernible] you.a: congressman, thank sen. markey: for the record, later on, same language. you voted for it in big package as well. so ultimately it is a non-issue. we voted the same way.
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which is why we should be talking about what the rico.ssman did on puerto latoya: congressman, go ahead and touch briefly on puerto rico. 30 seconds. rep. kennedy: it was a bill that had come devastating consequences in puerto rico. the choice was -- on one of very few democratic colleagues that have pushed for amendments to ensure that the people of puerto rico get access to the services and resources that they need. up in leading the fight to ensure that there is equity with regard to health care funding. latoya: we are going to have to hold it right here. we want to talk about something different. allison king has the next question. >> were going to switch gears.
10:19 pm
congressman kennedy, when you were stanford university, you join the kappa alpha fraternity. this fraternity has been called out over the decades for racist behavior. the spiritual leader of the fraternity was and continue to be confederate commander robert e lee. you disaffiliated from kappa alpha. why did you choose cap alpha to begin with, and why didn't you disaffiliated in a much more public way eight long time ago. rep. kennedy: allison, thank you. it's an important question. i wish i had. but the reality is that the almost at stanford had no relationship with the national organization and had none of the behaviors or traditions of that national organization. there was diversity across race and color and creed and nationality. what i learned about it in the i realize myds, affiliation was a mistake.
10:20 pm
i have come out and publicly taken responsibility for it. i led a group of my former classmates to disaffiliated and since in a number of others have, too. i have taken responsibility for that action. i wish i could go back and tell 18-year-old me that it was going to be a mistake. sen. markey: i was a commuter to boston college so i don't really know anything about fraternities, but obviously the congressman is answering questions about it, because i think it is important, in the same way it is important that he answer questions about his change on medicare for all, on illustration of the streets, on working for district attorney o'keefe and cape cod, on marijuana, and here on ka. the question in each of these instances did he change because of conviction, or is it because of political convenience? latoya: i'm going to get the congressman 10 seconds, and then
10:21 pm
i have a question for the senator. hard to hear it's that criticism from you. commerce and john lewis served with you for 25 years. he has endorsed me in this race. that says enough. latoya: i'm going to send it over to senator markey. senator, you have been accused more than a few times over the years of spending more time in nonelection years at your home in chevy chase maryland. just today, congressman kennedy accuse you of absenteeism, which he says has diminished your effectiveness in the state. wouldid recently you provide the facts to clear up this misinformation payment no one has seen them yet. sen. markey: we are going to provide all of that information. >> but you have been saying that for months. in what form, will it be your travel records? sen. markey: my campaign is providing that information. it will be out there for the public to be able to see.
10:22 pm
>> what is taking you so long? again, i don't just fight for massachusetts, i deliver for massachusetts. i'm able to take my leadership before the united states in and make sure that on climate change, on health care issues -- about --r, this is sen. markey: that's white mayors, state representatives -- >> i'm going to let congressman kennedy take a shot at this. rep. kennedy: allison, it clearly matters where an elected official resides and where they rest their head. particularly now, we need to have elected officials that are, in fact, hearing the concerns across the country. and advocating for those voices. because of things were going as well as people in washington thought they were, we wouldn't
10:23 pm
be here. you have to be present to hear that. you have to go out and ask, not tell. you have to listen, not dictate. that is the change that we need. that is what i will bring to the u.s. senate. >> i'm going to send it back to latoya. sen. markey: i learned the lessons from my mother and toher, i bring those values the united states and every single day. families across the commonwealth struggling to pay their bills right now. is the same kind of struggle my mother and father were going through when they were trying to pay the bills for their three sons. that is what i channel every single day on the floor of the united states senate. congressman, i saw vi role. l. i saw the eye rol the issue is not
10:24 pm
whether he went to boston college or lived in malden at one point. the issue is whether his giving adequate representation and voice to the people across our commonwealth. when i got in this race, called around. i had no desire to take on an entrenched incumbent and commit political suicide. to when i called around chelsea, springfield, or worcester, they said they haven't seen him. and that representation matters. we are seeing more than anything at this moment that you're not touching the people you need. sen. markey: it's just important for me to say one more thing here. it's all the conditional districts -- congressional district. right now are endorsing me. only four who know him best in his own congressional district are endorsing him. perspective, they
10:25 pm
have all endorsed me because they know i stand up and fight for those communities. i have their back every single day on the floor of the united states senate. center, of course they endorse you. most of them endorsed you before i got in this race. and that's fine. race is not going to be one on endorsements. going to be one because there's a candidate out her saying there are challenges in our country. [indiscernible] say i'm not don't doing the job, because what you said earlier is just not happening. those people you are referring to do have my back and this race because they know i have done the job. they are saying they are not with you because there with me because i have been and continue to do the job for the people.
10:26 pm
rep. kennedy: endorsements do not win races. sen. markey: if what you are saying is true and i wasn't doing the job, it's absolutely not true. rep. kennedy: this is why we need change. it is a washington thing to think that endorsement of elected officials means credibility and success. that is the politics of the past, and it does not work. if you think this is the best we can be, then by all means, support my opponent. if you think we can do better than this -- [indiscernible] latoya: we want to stick to time here. i know you both love talking about climate change. congressman kennedy, some say members of your political family use her powers to take down that
10:27 pm
project. what do you think about expanding energy off the massachusetts coast? rep. kennedy: i supported then and now. i put the development of offshore winds at the forefront of my agenda. this past week i got a bill put through the house of representatives to establish a center of excellence for offshore wind. i've been working with a congressman from rhode island to help ensure robust opportunities of development for offshore. the very first project could create enough renewable energy to power 400,000 homes. but is not just about one project. it's about the transformation we could see for a communities and the opportunity to build an entire new industry here in massachusetts that can help power the future. markey, a tight 30 seconds to respond. sen. markey: alexandria oh curcio cortez and i -- i was
10:28 pm
enterococci of cortez and i introduced the green new deal. massive deployment of wind and solar, all electric vehicles, storage battery technologies, energy conservation strategies across the country to create millions of jobs, to save all of by engaging in massive job creation. that is leadership on providing with aoc. senator anna you co-authored the green new deal, you just talked about that. actually, were going to move on to rapidfire because i want to make sure we have the time that we promise. quick question, quick answers here. if you were joe biden, who would you pick for a running mate? rep. kennedy: ed markey, and other than that i will defer to joe biden. rep. kennedy: i would pick sen. markey: -- sen. markey: i would pick elizabeth warren, and other
10:29 pm
than that, an african-american woman. should face mask be mandatory? in massachusetts >> yes, and nationally. i think it's up to the voters in massachusetts. charlie baker, should he get another term in office as governor? sen. markey: it's way too early at this point to be prognosticating, it's hard enough to predict 2020. latoya: closing statements. sen. markey: the soul of our country is on fire. we need justice in our country. we need medicare for all so there is health care for everyone. so wed the green new deal have environmental justice for everyone. we need to overhaul our criminal justice system so that black and
10:30 pm
brown families all across our country no that there will be justice for them. we need a pathway to citizenship for every immigrant in our country so that there is justice for them. oureed to overhaul childcare system so there justice for every family. thein luther king said that ark of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice. all of our hands have to be on that arc and bend it toward justice. we need to do that now. we can do it. i ask for your vote. i've spent the last several weeks crisscrossing the state, listening to the concerns of people across the commonwealth. to a restaurant owner in springfield who literally cut a hole in her wall so she could start a new take-out business.
10:31 pm
two fishermen from gloucester to new bedford, to an immigrant who is tryinger to find a way to make ends meet. two health-care workers who are still trying to find access to the ppe they need, but they show up every single day for their patients. times are tough, but our people are resilient. they are optimistic about our future, but they know that in order to deliver that future, we need change. ask for your vote on september 1. latoya: that concludes tonight's debate. we thank you senator ed markey and commerce men joe kennedy. your vote is your voice. primary day is tuesday, september 1. lisa b said, and have a great night, everyone. a please be safe, and have great night, everyone. >>


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